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FORE$rORD by llarryHyman,OHAP€sident


s e e r e r p l e a s r r reo$ e l l o m e y o ur o - l ' e l a , e . r e d i r i o n r g - v em o ' i h e oH N.e,. | \ope )oL $ l lind $e publicarion t ibforhad\e. t O n e o i m \ o b ' e . D v er,s P r e . i d e nir. r . . r , e n $ h e r r h e links between the Old Haberdashert as a body of individuals and the Bchool. Io rhe pasr, many leavds have felt tha! the Old Haberdashers'AssociatioDwas mainly con6ned to its spolts clubs. While these continue ro fhction as normal and ihese Nores featue details of their activities the A$ociarion aims ro fostel links between all Old Haberdashers)wharever rhen connection to t

I u delichted to say rhat I remember my time ar ihe school very tbtrdly. Like a number ofmy contehporaries ro whom I have spokenr I feel ir is importer Io recognise 1hat the ,chool's dnecr grant status (up ro 1976) oabled many pupils ftom lessprivileged and weu otr backgrouds to attend. Thar was ce.rainly ihe case fof both hy brothe. Clive and me. In rhese .Lificult economic times! and with the inoedible rise in school fees, my persoml objecrive is to assistthe school by Ej8ing tunds ro enable children i.om a iessweli otr backgroDd to atrend. I will be writing ro O1d Habeldashers later this yed setting out a plaD for rhis. II has been an eventtul year for the Associarion. My own year$oup ojoyed a wondertul rewiotr orguised by Alan MacKenzie ar the schoolwhich was attendedby some30 ofou classof 1924. The Annual DiMer in Maywas also a great success.TheAssocisrion is most garetul io the Master, the Beadle, rhe Headmasrer, rhe School CaFain dd the Chairmo ofrhe covernors for attending ed ldding us their supporr. We were delighred ro enjoy the Delworl.ing event Dd we look foNard ro holding turiher occasions Presenceof Profesror JeremyBlack CBE, also s 1974 leavd, who spoke on the politi$ of Jam€s Bond. His speech danaged to along ihese lines in the coming year. The regula. programme of combine wit and erudition and left one mderstuding dre reasons socid events at.he Croxdale Road Clubhouse ihis yed incilded why he is such a prolific autho!. The date of rhe 2oro dimer is a Jazz Evenin& Gouimet Dinner and fte oH's oM version of rr May. If you are iDterestediD parriciparing please send me as m Antiques Roldshow plus of couse, rhe six-weetly Old hgs e-ntl \o ihat ur !an put iou on Lheanendsle I;1. lMches- Mdy thanks de once again due to Rodney Jakmd, During the \ear. Lhe Hrb\ in the Ciry" e.oup mer agarn, Grahm MacF*laoe, PererVacher and ceofftey \X/heal for iheir courtesy of David Vogel, at Dechert LLB the City solicitore. !i(e hard work in organting ihcse evenrs. were privileged to hear Keirh Edelmd talking abour hi, rime The newslette. also includes reports 8,om the crickel, foorball as Chief Executive of Anenal FC. This was ! grear bushess golf, rifle and rugby clubs, who haae all had enjol€ble seasons. Again, if you are interested in takjng part please contact the reimnr cap air or se.rebrj in order ro re$ner you inrere.r. Iqe lve in a digital world and rhe OHA itself is keeDto help old boys get in touch wirh orho old boys the adalre$ of ou websire is uw.ol.lhabs.cfu-T\e scitool is equally keen ro fosrer inldest in its oM web site, which can be fomd at t@o-l@bsboriof&zi and there are also some Facebook collmmity groups and a Linkedln user-group for dose interested in siening up. BeinSP e.idenr of an JcriveOld Boy. a^ociarion b a grear honou bui its acrivities would not be possible wirhour rhe help of a srear ouy other people. I would like ro regisrer my thants to our Sedetdy, MartiD Baker, rhe ediror of rhe OH Nores, Ala Nelmm, Alan Phipps and David HeaMm for their work on the ground md clubhouse, and to our sreward Mel Howard dd his daughie* Kelly and Natalie for rheir hard wo.k at rhe citbhouse.I also owe a debt ofgratitude to all the membds of rhe OHA Exeorive, and to dle members of rhe sub-comitrees aEd AssociaredCtub committees fo. dEir supporr dd hard work.

coNrE lrs r.....Foreword 3.....Editorial 4 . . . . . C l u b h o u sEev e n t s 5 . . . . . O H AD i n n e r e . . . . . F a t h e& r s S o n sD i n n e r ,. . . . .Hub. in the City I

. 1974Reunion

,o....FirstOH Lord Mayor

Five Boys, "... Fiae YearsOn ". .. ProfessorJackGood Mathematicianand Code-breaker *... SimonShaps A CareerinTV *...Adam Jacobs Photographer *...Nick Ridout Defence Attache .r. . . News from Elstree +. . . Obituaries +r...Reports Rugby,Cricher,RiJles,Golf, Football,OH Lodge so...PastPresidents


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Old Lags'Lunch at rhe Clubhouse Dinner ar the AthenaeumClub Ivith guestsgeaker- Ian Roberxon HARIY HYL{N o2o 7,1517o5o ORHARTYHT'1{AN(g]N'TXUSCROUP CO,IJI(

Old Lag's ChristmasLunch at the Clubhouse !ErER vAcslR o2o 8428 6060

s the new Editor ofthe Notes, I must rhank my predecessor Simor Gelberfor his tremendous conribuion and achievmenls as Editor for the past r5 years. Simon innsformed the Notes from a plain newsletter into a magazine which is now an e$ential and highly valued pait of dre OHA'S ofttring ro membere. TheseNotes ain ro reflecrthc OH community3wide range of ages! achi.vements and intercsis both in r,\e reports on rlE OH,A.3 activities ed rhe varied feature arricles.A najoriry of ou membersare under 30, so it's fiiting that in "Five Boys, Five Years On", recent leavers (2oo4).eilecton life afterschool.Adam Jacobs,a buddins and highly laleDled photographer also shares some of his dramaric photographs of spons sradia- Nick Ridout G975) gives a fascinating description of his *periences as Brirish Delbnce AItachC in several polilical hotspots. His contemporaryr Simon Shaps, talls about his succestul c d e e r i n T V p , o d u ( - i o nd n d m a n a g e m e n i nr r n i n r e nr e w s r r l a m e sF r a n c k e n , r a a r ' D . r J o h nV / r g l e )o n r e d e a i n gives us a hisrorical perspective in his article on the life and (in somecases,secieoachievements of Profesor Jack Good, thevw2 code breaker.ViL\ Lhehelp of Lheeditors of SMalk, rhe School maguine, we include revlews ed p h o - o so f r h e S e n i o rP l a ya r d C o n c e-,. ' o - L h . 5 r { b r r . !s well as oiher News ftom Elstree. This editio! of the Noteswould havebeenimpossible widrout.lomy Burch (2oo4)who has devisedlhe excitins new layout and design- Jomy is a professional designer hd his work on the Notes exemplifies his talents. Manv thanks are aiso due to aU those who hale contibuted artlcies, repor$ and phorogmphs. I hope that you all enjoy the ftuiis of their labours.


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Gourmet Dinner at the Clubhouse f'tid4t 26rh lbbruarJr 2014 20 88647295

OHA Annual Dinner at Haberdashers'Hall EARRY ITYMAN O2O 7451 7O5O

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J. r ne$ vcorur!. L\e Clubh.use becanc

,l.r" ',o* ro.u" a*.,

of &e Andques Road Sho{. Membeb March21,2009 and L\eir f.iends brouehr along selecrcd irems, family r.casurcsand heiilooms, ro u t h t G o ) d T t h k \R r t t . i r \ r d o n r h e be etamined and valued btr olr iNited f I-Jrn\rraDon and some 6rrr A\socraoon guests,SimotrKnowles.nd Hugo I-cmon, membes and their frieDds (including rrom An$sham Au.ttun Roons. Atier our President!Harry Hyman) were dul!' an inrroducro.r talk abour ihe auctnrl tempted. lhjs $as rhe laresiin r seriesof busines, the reo expfrs rook n in turns iazzevcningscohosredbvRodneyJakeman to ld,kar anriquesllverjporcehin,picruies and Perervacher,and this rimc rhe dleme and elen a small item of tunrirurc. If rvas lhc music of New OrleaDS,in all irs ttrerf knowlcdge was ihp.essilt so \ras inJinne variery Or as nuch as could be thejf ligtrrncssof rouch as thev surprlsed accommodatedln n{o 45-minurcse$ions. nembers bol\ by setting a high vatuefor \0lur with an approp.jate sclccdon ofwlnes somc heirloomshd elincing a someBhrt lntoduced by Rodnen a jambalayacookcd reducedlinancialinrcresiln ol\es. Thcy up by Mel and Nalalie,with Tabascosauce were onlv ibred by Terry AlevDdeis at rhe readyl plus sundry posrers Md 'nscribcdclgarettecaseo.isinlilypresenred Mardi Gras be,ds, it rvrs almosr posibie to his lare g.andf.ther,a characlcracrorin to lmaglne that *â‚Ź'd bccn nansportedto 'Thc Aiches', and Rose. Pidgeo!\ space the CrescentCity. Or as ncar as you can induslrr_diiner menu signed by Ru$ian get when lou starr our ftom do*ntown asronaut Yui Gagalin. Once aganr,Mel and Nalalie provided an ex.ellenrsupper Peleis selectionof .ecoldinss ianged asthc Vacheispoured the wine. fiom Louis Amsrrong ro Ptufesrcr Innghai. via Georce Lewis and Fars Domlno. Rodneyt choice of wines rvas similarl)' cltholic, wirh Sancere, Clmpo Viejo and'fe..c dc Lrs meerlngthe exacring standardsof olr wine lorâ‚Źrs. As ever,our thanks wenr oul ro Mel and Naralie for drcir hard rvo* and their food.

I-ADIES LUNCHES hcsc contlnue to arracr a select band of OH Lrdics who br.ve the Chbhouse (and its facihics) ro enjoy a convivjal lunch gathedng. Newcomers are alwaJ_swelcome so whr- nor contact'lcssa Altermh on 112083,+63620of Paricia Vlche! o! 0208,{286060. Ulcoming dates are: 3 Seplember, 22 Ocrober and rhe Cbrismas lunch on ro Decehber.

OLD I-AGS L[,\ICHES hisratherlouchetitle concealsawellesrabllshed seriesof reunlonlunches ta. lcrired members oftheA$ociation and tbrmer memben of $e school stalT. !.or a modest cos! we are provided wirh litrl sustenlncc, dE occasbnal busr ofhumou. and a cheerful encounrer wirh ftiends, old and ncw. in our vintlgc Clubhouse. 'fhc organrzcr emeritus is Eric Pucell who can bc reached on or923 221260 rnd hh juior acol!1e is PererVacher on o2o8 42il 6060. Our remainlng luDches dis ]'eaf .un on 8 Septehber, 20 Ocrober hd we cclebrare Chaistmas on 9 December. $rll\ iake up at or near capac1ry,urgent booking

r r p o 1 r E I r . al h E n o . r o l


OHA D/AIATER u 2oo9 Annual Din.er, once again saw the Habfdashcrs Hall filled wldr over roo Haberdasheisand guesE! thanks to ihe etrorrs of ou. President,Harry Himan and his PA Alanda.Thcy workedhdrd to bring tosether! wide unge of OHs .prtug .e.r'3 d., : J-. TJ, ' m" ine rrr i, i .. visit to the Hall and the OH-{ Dinnc.. I h c H a . r ' . s a . . c . p r o \r d e d 1 r s . e l l e r ' backdrop for rhe pre dinner d.inks duing which dine$ renewedf.iendshipsand acquaiDtances. Ovcr d i n n e r .^ L - . r . . T a r e r ,A n d r . \ . . r . p a n e n u r e d $dt rhc fle,idcnr rook iin( wi-h dll De dinels wirh a numbef ofinformal toasrs. l ) t r , d M u . h n r . \r . e l r c n d . n . , p r o p o . e dd r et u . roast ro rhe Haberdashcrj Compani! School and (;o'e oh. He no.ed he .or ruing rpo run e of d1e Compdy's work in supponi.g education fi, Lel-'.. r,ring .l-u^l .L.h !. our oM S.noo. ' n d . h c n c i d ! J d ! m i c l h i c h a r eI e - p i n g, o w i d e acccs ro high qualiryeducadon. 'fbc Masro ofthc Company,Mark Powellieplied o n i . \ b c h c l la n d d e \ r . b e d f i e c o r p J n y . . r e c e r , educationalinitiatives.He was follosrd by The Herdmaster,Pete.Hamihon who updarcdus on rhe ever gro$'ing range of aciivities and achievements oJ HABS bo\.. Olner Ilo . dre S.tool Capriin. m a j n r J i n e tdh e u a d i L o r o i h i . p ' e d e e . o . i $ i . Dinn.r uith an en.ei,a,iiB I pupils'ere view ofhis schooiexperlence.

I eial; cue$ sFaks.

This yearbGuesrspeakerwasJefemyBlackCBE, Profe$or of History ar Exerci Univeniry proliic auL\o. (widr over 80 booksro hls rame) and dirct contempo ry (left 1974)ofolr Presidenr.lereny ralkedeloquendylwjrhout noreson rhc "Poliri.s of Janes Bond" one of d1c lishter subjec$ on which he has publishcd a book. He explainedhow rhe cvoluuo! of Agent oo7 from Cold W!. waffior ro foe of SPECTRE and eventullly to wodd defender agrinst mesalomaniacal focs reflecrsrhe socialdnd political chanses in rhc real world environment. Jereny also nanaged ro wcavc in arecdores of his schooldaysJ.emindingus of rhe hash dlscipljnary tacdcs of onc larger thanllfe hisftrian house-masrer lhich wouid ceruinly not be permincd now In his closingremarks,Harry Hyman reminded us thrt dre Dirccr Glant Schemehad helped to provide accc$ to the School and lts educarional opportunities for him and many Hlberdashe*' whose p'rents could nor have .troided ro pay tullcost schooliccs. He wolld be proposinswaysror Old Haberdashers ro help the Schooltu enableboys Aom less well off backgroundsto enjo,vdrc same benefitstoddy. Harry concludcdrhe eveningwlth rhanks ro Andlew Caspari, Lhe roasriDster, the caterere,thcspeakersandnorleast,all the dinerefo. attendingthe occasion.

Fathers E Sons D xnner T . d e . 3 l o ,r ob . , r i d a l i f . i o r r a t a g i n s o n e . Allow yourselfro sei own ard others'expeclatlons. canied awar by the rhoughtof whar is to come and you isk openingtourself to greardisappointmentl ir is, of.o!rse, benerro uavelrhan to afive.Yci rhe ccord snowfall carnot disrupl dle regularartendeesar L\is dlnncr (indeed,any OH'A. FathcF & Sons Dlmerl e!en! $here Md is ln thc kirchen) halc learned to Once upon a rime, rve were promised global waroing. Nor it hold high erpectations ivhich ,re neverdashed. Thc menu this year srarrcd with rocket lnd ? m lor the c Jer. r|r pi,e |ndr rhc ^, snoked haddock s,ldd and progr€scd to a meltwener weatherLhatappearsto be Lhemainsta,!of L\e Bdtish climare ls "cljmare change". Seemsa in-rhe moudl slos-cooked lamb shank wirh cL.omprnj,-gvege."bl. A e.n l.nor 'ponge Nevertheles, ir sas with some bcnusement with cusrard cleaned the palatcs fo! cheese& rhat you corespondcntsurve!€drhe sceneon 6rh biscuits,q hcrcuponcoffeeand porrwere ser!€d.All February2oo9 and, in orde. to drive down to the of LhispLuss'ine for jlsr {251 A1'ro yours trlly otrered Mel and the teAm F ' L l - e ' 6 \ o n . o r n n . , 1 J r{ e n i r B . h r o r o d , e h i . ca. oui of elShrlnchesofpurest Odordshnc snow thanks for anolher liiumphanl dinncr, rhe toast (literallr: I am sad enoughto haveboth measuled came from sons ro fathers.Darid Mushin, ViceP.csident, then kindly stood in at the last minure dd phoiographedthe factJ. The inauspiciousstart and cautious journey as Ha!.y Hlma., olr Presidcni,was floored wit-r1 down were indeed well reFdrded howevcr. For, flu. Aftei a warm lnd wnty few {ordsJ he in tun proposcdthe health of the sons.from lhe fadlere. o n \ r " . h b po ! e n ' $ c d o " i f . . l u b h o u ' e' " ' u As wc all chatted around rhc bar Lr n,me his tiends fo. Faihcn & Sons,he Nnowsthat the few hourssill warm his coldfcct,fill hrs while lonsc4 slowly the .iuel wearherbecarneles subsequent empty belly and nourishhis huma! teed for warm, importam and ive happilydifted of in ro the night, sure ro seeeach othei a r€ar latcr. convivialcompanyon a cold evening. the weathei and illness the srrails of Sadb, -Ihat had lcduced od numbers this year ro 2r. r h r ' n u m o e - , ' r e g a , d. F - n u u d l l v l o $ n tesrament to the endurirg poPulariry of the crosFgetrerauonalshjrdig. Indeed, Bob Stagg was on such sood form rhis year th.t he evcn remembered to bring a son aLong Flrh hlml Frcn Left ta Risht ki" Ac{.ndcr T -Arerr.aer A,:n r.,rmar. PaL nuiJ.

HABS INTHE Keith CITY Edelrnan t has often been suggestedrhar rhe OHA should orcdise evenrs rc enabte the large comunity of who work in rhe City of Inndon, inclding accountants,bankers, fund managers, llirrers, surveyors and company erecutives to meet and network rogether, InMdch2oo8,thisideabecde a realirywirhrhe tust "Habs in the City" reception held ar rhe of6ces of SJ BeNin LLP, the European law tum. Jonathan Blake (r97r) the Senior Parrnerkindiy hosted the evenr- Some 70 oH City men (aod two OH sirls) $err joined bi John cdrlcron, iormer second Master, and Pere! Spence, fie Schooh External Rp a iun, Direcror dnd foLnd muLh ro Lalkabourr\ r n e )! o m p a - e dn o r e sw i h t h c i rL o n . e m p o r a r iden, d madeusetulnew contacts. Fo! the second Hsbs in the City event, Keith EdeLnm, the former Managing Director ofArsenal Foo,brll Club _a\ed aboJr hi expenence.rnd views of the surcal economics of Premier Irague football unde! rhe dtle of "Is English foorbail a seriousbusinessor jusra playsroundfor billionahes? H e s d e a % \ i r a r n g r n i g h r m r o f i e l o r . e .d r n i n g up playe! ransfer prices and ply packasesas well d . p r e d : . r i n gL h e t u r f i e r p o l r l . a u o n o f l o o . b : . . beFiveen rich aDdpoor clubs. Ke-h left Haberda.heFin ,eo8 and hrc also been a Governor and parent (of Nick) at the Scl-ooH l . e u r . M a n a g r n sD t r e - r o ro f A J s e n al il o n 2ooo to 2oo8 and led the succestul fnancing and developmenrofthe clubb new Emirates Stadid and negoriarcd major sponsorship deals with Emirates Adnes and Nike. His previous busines er?elieDce inchdes being Chief Execuiire of Stolehouse plc, Mamging Directo! of Carlton Communicarions. Our hosr for this occasionwas David Vogel,a .enior pduer ar DeLherrLB dle Ciry ldw lim rl k h o s eo f f i c e k. e e n r o \ e da p l e n U t usl u p py o f d r ' n P , I am delighted that "Habs in the City" has now e ' r r b l i . h e di r . e l t a . a c o n c e pqr t h . o m e 8 0 O H , anelding one or both of rhe tust lwo events.The n e x re v e n ri , e x p erre dr o b e r q " e - r a . r i n c , o { a - L h Several people have already otrered to hosr furure evenrsand I would welcome any suggestions fof speake6. If you have ary sucigestionsor are i n . e r e " r eidn L o m i n gr o " H a b s n i h e C - y e , e " , , pleaseemallme ar ,â‚Źuzaz a@btonnect. con.



4th July 2oog oo9 marLed 35 years of "adulr" iife for the cla$ of '7,{ leavers(and/or '67 smrrers)whlch we marked on 4rh Jub with a dimer held in rhe main hall of P r . f L - l u c k . T h r n t , r. o d l ! p - J . r . , , 1 Ahn l,trckenzie aDd his fellow organisers,2T ofour v e " , s o - p . . , r l - o r r . u ! r e d L . o r p J n i F db , . c parmers and six of ou onerime reache.s enjoycd an excellent mcal and a fu evening of socialilng ud fenriniscing. Our memories Fcrc jogged bt 'om. .70 pl'oro. F T lorJrhan Rd||er. trorJ.rrl collection of images of boys, masres bd school life taken in the latc 60\ and elrly'7o's. As is tradilional on such occasioDs,dinner was l; lluked br \pcc.he . Ou \'1a. l,.l-r Ct n.on becal- kelcoming r'crvbod). 81.il flJ.hnJn lorn e Head ol frep\ enre,dinirglr crprrned hos "\e rhe pu-oo.e b' ih l-,ef S'' ool .ame rbo, - Ll-,a/. ro d !o' 'g p,. I b^\ -dmed D". e. u\o . -rrrrrl ..1\{Jr.e 'nd inc. {nrrrlkingBJ- iHddcployed 'inno\cn,l'-- ro o p e n L h eb r . ' a n o r donor eye. .^ rhc need to, ner l- p'rc'] .e. sri " srrp\'. descriprioo of L\e falllngs of the old BBC block Thosc in the audience who spent thejr Prep years Lhere'ull\ bFr'.. JlFd -hr' dno $ere pd,ri ulJrl, endous ofrhe hcilitles enjoved bt Prep boys since \hor.'n(d je Scl-J. rhe mrd ra8o\.lo\n\vi!.'. *hen }j. vea-lrorp.onf'F.d rhc Slhoo . upp,, L \ r h v e a ' e s ae d u . Jnu .nc memo, . "l "i$ t"r .ome of u. had mis.J ' r's and L l nr.. masler iegardlng sohe of the School's so called raditions- He nnlshed wirh aD excellenr treatirc on qhdr.on irJre.,re (.*nce of Hrberda.l-e! Hd, . rI'Tar. .he .itrenr OltA p,-.J nr. .ru a fei! \roids aboui dre as$ciationt plans and aspiradons.John.oncluded { irh a rcre ofrhanks r{,: Rlchard and Julja Jenkins fo. organislng rhe catering ' e r a l l o E i . i , . . q r r V | . k c n z r er o r L a - . . "nd ce ftacklne down and c.j{nins porcnrlal aiiendees, Robin Pepper, plus contributors, for ine slide-show' all the speakereand rhe School crretakins, admln

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ra lr aroietr n GJtr "o A.fir!r: Ni.l B,-re..,. lr.r 6on.iitr c=ran SDer.or


In celebrationof ]an's appoinrftent, 55 boys rnd sraff ftom rhe School) accompanicd by &e Master of rhe Company, paraded a! the 2oo8 Lord Mayor's Show in a 'walkins' floar around L\e entire route. This was rhe tust rime thal boys fiom HABS have been involved ln dr Show in their own. Desplte the pouing rain, the boys remsined cheertul and ftiendly for rhe parade rhrcugh rhe City of kndon. They were a tibure ro the school, .nd qere eniilcly unfazed by the inierestthey genclaredas rhey pased groupsof teenasegirls.

lhe Halor.raslr.6 Aols at

eg Howe G95r 1958, Ru$ells) was installedas Mrste. of dle Worehiptul Cohpany of Fa(icrs o! Thursday24th September2oo9. The Fadds' Comprn]' is oqe of ro8 City Livert' Companies and 55dr in order ofprecedence-Of all thosecompanies,the Faries are closesttotheir c.aft, and sincc deir foundation as , Fellowshipjn 1356 they hrve snivehto keepstandardshigh. In 1975the Farriers' RegistrationAcr gave the Fariers' Company stalutory responsibilityfor the maintenanceof high standards, damining apprenrice fariers (on complerion of mole rhan four yeds raining) and awarding the Diploma. The Company\ charitabie objecrs are to help tund lhe higher farriery exams rhe Asociateship and the Fellowship,ro contiibute to Continuing Prolessional Developmentand to assisrneedy farriers

Master of theFarriers' Company

and lnndon University, Reg spent most of his carcer with IBM with whom he held manageiialpositions in UK Aftica (Zmbia & Kenya) and USA and became Divisionrl Malager for Europe, I{iddle Easr & Atrica. \I/hen IBM 'reslncrured', in Lheearly 9o\, his divisio! becamerhe Lehark Corporadon and he worked in EasternEurope senlng up assenblyliDes Regt key aspi.ation during his rerm in a numbe. of countries. of office is to erhance rhe reladonship Reg has also bccn an active member bet!rccn veterinary surgeons and fdriers. of rhe HAC, which he joined in 1964, He was admifted ro rhe Livery of the and has just stepped down as Oflicef Fdriers CompaDyiD 1994.Betlqeen1996 CommlndiDg rhe Light Cavalry, HAC (the aDd 2oo2 (when the event was sold), he kdy Mayore$\ ofncial escort).Reg aDd rook responsibility for the Faderyvillase hjs wife Copper now farm beef, pigs, sheep at the Equiqe Eventheld at SroDeleigh. and pouhry in North Devon and subsdibe After beingeducaledat Haberdashers' to the Dulverton liqestFoshounds-



erhapssdprisinglyforaschool mth closeliverJcoMectrons, ir has taken Jr9 vears sincc FIABS was founded for ir ro provide rhc Ciry of London with a Lo.d Mayo.. On 8 November2oo8,laD Ludo an old boy of Snouts lnd OHA member was insralledas the 6Erst holder of rhis hisroric ofEce. Afte. learinc school in 1968, Ian resd economlcssr Universir, College, Irndon and then quafined as a charrcred accountani, specialisingi! tax, and becomins a paitner widl Arrhlr Andersenand laler crantThomton. Ian's initial involvementin civicpoliricslas asd Bedford Borough Couocil councllor fiom r976to 1999.Hcbecamea Ciry ofLoDdon Councilnan in 1995 and p.ogre$ed duoush to ,Atderman in 2oo5 and rhen SberrilT of Inndon before .eachins r,\e


$ s, \

t is hard to Le succinctalout what I haveleamt overthe !a st {i!e yea6, or how i havechanged. lleven yearsat Habsleares an indelille mark, regardless of wherher you want it to or not. Unive6iit may havehade u! my fomative yeas, lut Habscertainlyrepres.ntedmt' definingyears. UndoubtedlytheskillsI gainedat Habshelpedhe towardsmy presentcareer!aih. Yearsofdrama aad debating, of going round fo. round on .tuestjons of history and literature with such luminaries as Messrs Lemlriere,lyons, Bass,NorronandSimm,inexonbly and rclendesslypushedme into a ?rofessionwhere beingargumentatireis a virtue. It djd not comeas a staggeringshockto my ftiends ivhen I told them I was While at the Univelsity oI Notringhan I w3s lucb enoueh to take on the role of Conmercial D r o , " r 1 - . r u d " r % d r o " u ' . o , p " r\ i r g marketing, adlertising, prohotional actiyities and other contractual obligations for the statjon. The L ' . i , ! . . c . F m F ro ^ ' 1 " -' " ' p n r r ") ".rrri,F losition helped me realise that media law was the ival foNard lbr me. I will legin a taining contract at Olswang,a firn ofsolicitorsspecialislnginr€diaand enlertainhe.t law' larlicularly film, telsision and husic, ?lus copFightandtademarkissues,in March 2o'o. Longterm, I hopemy legalskillswill help he in the entertainment indrsht more generaly, pefials in tln productionand finance. Wten I left school,the Habedashers'lifestllehad Lrecomethe deEning aspectofml young life, with its clever banter,confident attitude and cararadene still lesonanttoda)rUnivemitycame as a olture sho&. It took me a \rhile to settle into ic vasrness.Perhaps this representsihe most significantchangeln he, or the most importantlessonI havehad to leam: ro rccognisethatthereis a worldoutsideElstree,butalso not to shy awayfroh what Haberdashers'taught me. Habs hal havechangedoverthe )'ea6, but Habs Bots haveunifomny enjoyeda dj.tue education.Iseeit as tremendous good fotune ihat I was luclq enough io spend such a large potion ofmy Lifethere. Fiveyea6 on, then. No longer a studenii not quite a )et working man. With so much stjll to lean ana er?edence, it is likely that the nexi five years will representan evenfrore pronouncedperiodofcnange. )p




Jrd 4.<,h!t

"Goingroundfor roundon questions of historyandliterature with suchluminaries asMessrs Lempriere, Lyons,Bass,Nortonand Simm,inexorably and pushedmeinto relentlessly a profession wherebeing argumentative is a virtue."


calllng,takesme, ihe words of f. Scoti Fitzgeraldl 'The Great catsb, and no doult lazz Age classic lhe simlltaneous jnage of an English detartmenr classroodin 2oo4,will sta)'{'ith me, and iemind me that while we ea.h have ou dreams and amlitions, our singdar pastshave helpedus to where we are no$t,and where we are going to nertl ''one day weuilL tun faster,srretchaut our dtus jrnher, jhe and ane natuiq...So we b.at ofl, baats&geinst th. .rftfi, bomeba6kceaelesq iflta thepasr.



ou would $ink, after more thsn a decade within the confnes of Habddasherv, I might've worked our sone son of pian for when rhe day 6aa11ycame to leave.

T wsr ro unneFiry becauieflerybody elsedd, rd I stldred EnelFh becauseI ua$ r Mv Bood a ' t n l d i n g e l s e I e n d e du D a r U D \ e h i r u c o l l e B e London, in spite of (or p€rhaps due to) an interview in q\ich Lhej mis.alenlv rhe eodre ride "pedr asking me sbout s book I had newr read, let alone ,rudied, No mrFer: I mr) haE berD .ernble ar ecodomi...bur I I ould be eLonomicuirh rhe rnrlr, ald managed to tudge my way on to the couse. Unfo.tunarely, before I even tlmed up to hy tust lecture, I was haviDg second troughts, having brlatrdl! derernned ro pu^ue a pa*ion I had e!!lo.ed at Habs: acting. The following thr€e yeds we.ea -LSofwa betueenmJ Enc!.h ruror,abd the que'tionabe allue of Lhebrigbr lighh o- ,rudenl Uearre. All roo predilrably. .ardboJrd ser\ and dreadtul Shakespearepioductions won the day. Aner firisbibg oy degrce. I immedralely embarked on an MA in Ciassical Acting at rhe Central Slbool ofSpeecn& Drma. whoqealumni iDclude ludy Ddct\ Laurence Olivier, and former Haberdasherjasonlsaacs.I lovedit. The €nd of fie year cmq an sgent was acqute4 and bdor long I was trying ihe parierce ofmy parents more than sd belore as I played rhe waiting game ofihe Fofesional actor. fhere is a cdtair glamou to lisring you

"Thereis a certain glamourto listing yourprofession as "actott'.

Thereis, however, not muchglamour to unemployment." profession as "actoi'. There is, however, noi much ghmour to unemplolmenr (do nol be fooled, as I was, bytl0i$lail & D. FonDately, all this wbne, a hobby that had become a habit wa3 bubbling ude that would help fill some ofthat "restillg" time. Io .roo4T bdd srdred a blog abour ml beloved Ar,sal Foolbali Club Over me.- gres ur'l evdtualy I was legularly gerring doud ro,ooo ftaders *dy day. As the site's plof,Le inqeased ,o did mine. Md beiorc long I $as bein8 a.ked ro c o m e n r o n \ d i o u s m e d i ac b a m e i ,i n r b es u i s eo t Around a yed ago I was i.uoduced to the adverrising aga1cyveiden+Kemedy ro consult on some projects widr Nike. This stdted a chain of eventsthat has led to me dd two partn€rs caring a comunciadons company that will lomally launch My time now is splir belweo acring workj football dated proiects ud oiher comuications idtiative,. I fee remdkrbh lorruoarerhar I gep a i d f o r d o m g d u S . l w o u l d u n d o L b r e d l yo o utrewarded in fact, I beliwe doi.s so nuch updd worP in rhe.e dea" ro begib wirt k wha. deared fie ^w\ of LonracrstharI's, enabledLose, Much like when I left Habs, thde is no glear plab.Ju'r ro keep"rorkDsbard lsuppo,e ttough when you're doing whal you love, it never feels like I m itill in ,oucb wid' mrn) otmy brebd, from schooi, dd e pre-emptively proud ofal ihey look



iv. ycas? Is dai all? Ir seems d lifetine ago rhar sonrc orhei peison was weding a suit and trying io skip Lhe lunch queue ar the Baiei dining hall. I was never m u ! \ , . e f o r \ e . ' - 3 3 d d . u r t . . e d L IJ" J . ( o b\ |. .b . a i . d d e r r ' o . r . h c L . l u b J rr . . .lways felt verv dctachcd ar HABS, sensing L\at life rnight onc day bccln, though not yer. \1. ulan.o pcnd J rea- in L"e p, .pJ J l-ao , l o i . . . T ^ i . s . o . o l r . \ e \ 4 i d d l .f " ' I ' r . , .1 p-o,cc. .rd-l.ed br rolu. ee in8 on r' n. JnJ r. ir'e a,l-d on J lcbb / 1Fl-d 1 b,'in\cl l r c u r n . d r o . h e U K | , . o , rn . . . oJ and!om!uo 5 i nev p : - Tl . ', e \ p a' , \p. Dre.en.ld elf d I - $c brm o. "Lhe, a f!r! .Likjg --d be. if $"nJn d e..eo Jll .,' riulple siftlns opposite me in a waitins roon.To cur . v!n or8. orpl.d.db,r ' r e - n , n r o . lr o m d n . ( sror)_sho.! she chrsed ne tu Venice shcre we fell -r ll. ," ..e rod.!racdroqe,n'r-ied iy\.Fp. There were only th.eeproblenrs in rhis bcaudtuL sasa; L\e lrst tlvo .dme nr |he form of mv paienrs 'ho q. c u")"-r ' .n$, .ir 1 rooJ. 'he.r r t e , e e rr . ' , o d T ! . ! : 1 , , n h - , , r ' r c . n J m o u r c d of r--- -l-ar.d. -'g"_ rcpe/e Jrr,. rerrl. e r_earsoldcr ihan him. The rhird problen rras rhar m ltre absolurebj toiallr, utiefl! sLinr. All rhings . J , . i J . . . u . J . . i J . J 5 - o n l r r h . n sv - . o d possibly do $a\ run away. reribly fasi. flame and T tre,e .,,g, l-.- ,,\'' rd.rnJrlan.c in '. counya.d oI e .irus sch.ol in O1d Sttcr, so ile Jrov..T p:. 'e L. a{ fe( o. r.n, npad rnd headed fo. rhe coasr. \ihcn wc fctlrDcd to ihe UK ln the sumncr 'L:oou. ue rofeo ,J B, el , c .. l r"L o oesrn mIJc",( .' Lh.l','i... . ^i5r''cr.T, J!po{rr.d o L r o s . e n r e ,d i T P \ ; / a , i r e . .u 'p ..d r- r'rru( of.Jb" e & ur the Bishtur ilnge circuit. Aftcr Flame susrained

a seriousknee lnju.y $hich dis.uprcd hf rapeze caieer \!e beE!.n tu locus more on child.en\ entert.inne,lrj slerc wc have made a name for ou$elves as "Felicity Fairy and Muddlehedd the Plxie."k amusesme ro rhjnk rharI wasprob.blv the fi$t HABS bor in my ]car ro germa.ried (aged19) dnd a\o thar I am probablythe only one working a. r Dro-' iondl .loh, /.:-j brnkcr cx.ludeJ So whrt Dow?\I/el] I finished mr- degree,Flamc ind I are both readv tbi a changeand so rve arc noving nlto our crmpcrvan and driving aroundthc *orl.t.\\ie havesomepf opfly reheasedbuskingacrs thn limc and enoughfunds to .o!er ouf dicselfbi the whole t.lp And we bope ro be in Flame'snAtn'e New Zedlandin abourlivc ,â‚Źas. MeaniineJ ifrou should be on holiday,touring round lvluocco or Tajikistanand rou happenupon t$o crrzt:lookins .rr.r* pertonne.srrying ro hlich . ride, pleasesrop ,nd gne us a ]ift, rvc'li be much oblleed-

"Tryingto solve theMiddleEast peacecrisisby volunteering on a proiect co-existence frazzledmv nerves and gettingwastedon a kibbutzfrazzledmy braincells." r5

avingleft the warm and nurrurlng bosom of Habddashert, I decided ro study phiiosophn lessbecauseI thought it could provide answersto lifet toughesrquestions and more becauseI was convinced rhar slmlng myself with an srsenal of clich6d quores would ndfe me .osd mo e n,el gen. -o rhe oppo,i'e sex. Uldmately I left without achieving eirher, but I enjoyed my three year sojourn ln rainy Brisrol ed the degree rendered me wirh some sha.pened DalFical ,hlls, the ftustatlng idiosFcrasy of questioning nearly eveating, and a nes.found ability to pick (and occasionauy win) d arelmeDl. However, despitedeveioping an atrection for Satuet nihilism and Descarrei uncertainty) I had long sidce harbored aspiratlons of another khd. I remember my philosophy rutor reacting wirh ho or, when I rold him, havlng spent an hour discussing and vehemenrly debaring rhe meri$ of redisributing global wealthJ rhar I had accepred a job in the adve.ti,iDg industry. I had got a place onv?Ph Mdketing Fellowship Program- I stiu fnd n sfange telling people I ah part ofa proemmcallediTheFellowship',convinced thar it sounds more like an udersiound movemenr in a I R. R.Tolhen novel rhan a lespecrsble ud The program lasB rhree years, and is unique wlihin the world of markering and colrDuication, atrording you rhe opportuity to work in rhree diflerenr.ostfle.. ar *.ee d'fferenrvlP rgenc,(.. erlloring three different aleasofrhe communicafton business.Itseemedalmosrroogood to be true. I spent my fir$ year as e Accout Plamel ar Grey London, an adverrising agencyin FarriDgdon, reserchiDg the lives of ou brands' targer audioce so I could help ou oearives better udersrand whar Rpes ofmessageswould convince rhe consume. thar Petene nade dreir hair softer, rhat Plingles were the tastiest crisps and rhar rhey should spend more moneyon theirvisa Cards. For the second yer of the prcgraq I moved to Manharld to work as a stiategisr ar a bourique interactive agencycsUedSchemsticwhele employees navisated ou downtoM office on s!â‚Źrebodds, and bLilt in.eralLiveweb\i'eq.iphonesp' Md inrecrcrive digilal ei?eriences fo! brsnds like ABC, trger and Nokia. After e year immersed in rhe world of digital, I emerged a certified and self-acclaimed geek,convinced thai dis medium represenreda real chink of lisht for my curody beleagueredindustry, and excited about dE inqedible poreffisr for digital techlology to improve and Edsform ou lirâ‚Źs. Having fallen in love wiih Manlutren life, I electedto eschewrhe opporruniry to work in someof t h eu o r l d s m o . re " . ' r i n cL ' r i e .I k e B e i j i n gM . Lmbai or Rio I m tully awde thar some ofyou are at rhs point questioning my sanity- and instead decided to stay aDd spend my final year ofrhe program in New York. By now, my no.th London brosue is showing signs of weakoing mder the hearT pressue of Amelice English and I now frequody refer to the


i,l-ir li(ri\ \(]


'WhenI pickup thephonefor a natterwith a friend,it is nearly alwayssomeone I sharedthose elevenschoolyearswith, and invariablyour conversations soonturn to schoolmemories. It would seemthat you cantake theboyout ofHabs,but you can'ttakeHabsoutof theboy.' mailnan, elevator, ,idewalk and dde I sar ir even (everio occasionall, soccer.I havejusr stdted ar the Advertising AAency J. V/after Thompsoq, and although ir has been a real shock to rhe system working in an of6ce of 5oo people rarher rhan 50, Iim lool.ing foryard ro rhe challensesanead, and lry role ln a newly formed elnnovarioDsi deparEn.!! exploring oppo.tuDiries to work in parmership Mrh cuentswherewe sharecosrs,.isksand alsogainson new brMd and producrlaunches. Five years caffies wirh it the illusion of seeming like an as.tulty long rime. As I write this anide nr a dingy bar ln downtoM Marnattan, it\ rempring for me ro think that my life today is as fai removed fron baked beans on roasr in the sixrh form commo! roon Dd junpers for goalposts on rhe park pitches in leaE,Herdordshire, as I could everhave expected Turns out, however, rhar despire rhe lack of geosraphical proximiry to life at Haberdashers,, !,y life rodan upon closer inspection,hasnl chdged all rhat much. I srill support the same boyish looks (this is really anorher way of sayins ihar I srilt looK like a r5 year old), when I pick up rhe phone for a natter with a ftiend, ir is nearly always someone I shared those elevenschool yearswirh, ,nd invariably ou. conversations soon turn to school menor,es. I am neely almys left widl belly-ache, laughr,s hysterically at somerhing I have beeD reminded of at least one hunahed rimes previousiy. h would seem rhat you can rake rhe boy our of Habs, bur you canl takeHabs out of rhe boy.

good lunches, I have had bad hnches. Somerlmes, $hen I hrre been .eally hun.sil, I hlr had nro lunches. tsli no Lunch hall hls ever madc as much .fa. impresslon on me rs rhe Bat.s rias. \ts I supose L\ere rfe , iiF orher rhings -e"-djle .ho I lt. p, p i, ^ r'' t. nmc. I remember rhe dirs! tha! otrl srudert did.lil. ., . g \ir9. .' ....h.m. o lio....

he lun.hes. I fencnbcr rhe hnches. Hxring ..nre lion a preparaio.y scho.l {ncfc I hid to take ln. p!.ked lunc]r crcr_! day. Ihc doughr of school lunc|cs rvas a ent ts on..!',r'.' .'l g cr ..chf . .o .. told by ffiends of rnr older brorhcr. Ir ilill come as no surpiise L\!r initiallr I was fclucranr io sal goodble ro my ve4 snan :fccnagc lluianr Herr Turdes lunchlox rlhich had sored me so treil ord dn)se earlv !ea6. ,Ucmorles ofminl cheddaN, runa -.. -. r-- opped a d (n. e Ie e, !. "no piece offruli.eminded me ofa ha!p1 ei., blr L\ere r' .e h :i.ir,. lr

3r cBr avallable olponuni1lr I iemember hiding runndg a\ray when I was suplosed Lo be taking an un{mted cla.iDer lc$on (a dlrk.hrpter in D1rllle). And to lnis rcry day i.ue n) tmdition lcopl€ srill g've ne a.asft lool< shen Lhet_hear i]rar I am a 'H!bs Bor'. Bll iD rerms of mr derelolncri as '1er'or.rle) o,.J,acrualll' imporrani h hlving shaped me hto rhc !e6on I An tdavj I lhiDk ii Fas Lhe lunches.Thosc iunmlj vumrnv l!nches.

li was rvidl g.ert rrepidiio. ihlr I enrere.l rlle Baiei dining h!11 on thar fiFr Monday. lnsantlt. T$, d (1", ,rr. .o ro. ,.b i t 8. . ,. Th--c norrf.. ''op '.-.

ro I

T ,lJ l.. e pr.o.- ..1 l} dL.r,:n ,.-o,hc |. -. o, .eI.r'. I J. (r',.

"l . foI'R. ba \'. ! ' " "d

J,. - .r'e ..l- . on d i. ..r'.o hr I ooe.d .r1 .. l. Jr" , K 1"

.otn.e-. \e l 1br good tuedsufe, dre Pani,ri sccdon.\ihen Up!e. Cfust dfired on d1e sccnc, I almosi falnLed. Since learine Habs. I hare done one .r h{o Lhings.I hare rarll€d €xrcnsiilly all oler Lhes.rld. L. rf" .,),hcLjr. Ihd.. \\illor '. '" heve corched foorball h Atiica. .nd I hr\e hrd m) l]t.ne.l \o ".!.dr. ,s r po|dcal sc'cnrlst Aom . good unileNitr. I hole jusi spenr a !ea. lning in South Arnerica. I .an no* speak $o foreig. luslages .nd perhaps rnr srear€stachicrcmcnrro dare is L\.r I trdve cuddlcd a ln n. To pur ir slig|dv difiercntl], sin.e ledvnrg Habs I h.re had lunch in olcf lifrl counrde!. I hare had


Professor Jack Good Mathematician and Code-Breaker, 1916-2009

ack Good has a very strons claim ro be Lhe most bdliidnt Haberdashers'pupll of the telnrierh cenrury, perhaps rhe onc rno had ihe srearestidpacl on its historr, but for decadesyearshis rnajor eork was ' -. oclj edbe.aJeirw" rb.ol-.) ^r'. rc.. In Mar_r94r Good afived at the Governmenr Cod and ' ipber s.hool .u, i \. ltrc t N, .od.-b.eakirg .e, e. a, B e..hler lain Bu.l, ri,hJ-.L r Bl .\rr umc fie cerrr Ail Fore and tumy Edgma codeshad been broken, b L . r h c i ! \ a \ J l E n i g aa r e n r i n p J p r J b l e m d n . d l , for rhc UK\ supply lines from No*h Amedca were , r , c d . e n e db f U b o ' r . . w l - . h i , A p r l l - a d J n k alnost Too,oooions of shlpping. Good sas phced in Hut E wirh rhe legenddy ,Al!nTuring, and Hugh Alexander,both Cambridgc mathcmadcians, who wereworklns on deciphcring C . r m r n n d v o r d o . s n . l . i n \ l o r . c . c n . r y pe d o r E r . g n d , b . h i n - . * 5 : . 1 r l e d . r m d n .b e l i ee d . o b c , o J I y . e J e . 8 . . L h .. n d . , J u l r r 9 a . H t o had masterednaval Enjsma, but itr Fcbruaryr9,12 ihe U boaa inlioduced a new sysrem rhei was undecipherable until Decembcr,$inslng rhe Battle q a - r I n . - r - o o a . .f a v o u . a n lde i J i - s , , "'d. crisismeeringsar BletchleyP.r\ graplicalh sho$'n i n r h e c . n r 5 l n " f , i s r . . T u r r g a n dA l e x a n d e ap!rcached d1e problcm wirh rhe aid of devices . " l l e d " 8 . . b " . . \ r . e d o - a . g o rh . r. -. rib. def cd bJ T' i,s r'-s J brun'h of Drobabiliry deory knoM as Bayesiansraisdcs.In etrect,Good \',a"e linng, !l|e. .aFL(a ..:.dr'. r lp(d io crack fie U boars' new Enigma, and afts dle war was regardedas one ofrhc founding fal\ers of tuoderntsarrsjanstals. Anorhertop priorit, was work on Germln no.\,1.-" Lc.prnt.Fen..pherhg no(hir(,, .- cl wereusedtbr rhc most imporranrmessases beMeen B e r l i rJ r d & e c i r C . . f q - r , C r o u p .d n d o l whole A.mies, a method nick-named"Fish". Max \ . $ n a n . a n o - h . rr d m b n d g e r . i h e n r r i . i r n . l . a d

, e ' i r . J D u n r l d M L l a . . a r O x I o , d 1 J . , i . r ' . ,, o \ . l r ' . 5 d ' i . . a , k . l n " h e sion g o r g . t J ! , , . u d , , n r c d ftom Hut 8 to lhe "Newmatuy" ro work with rMichrc and use ndcbnresro break the "Tuny" vaiety of "Fish" ilhichsas cncrypredusingInrenz ,ppararus. Tl_ f- r ,nd.hie. -Hedf R^o. .n , ir '.o{ and b . d r n r e l i d b - ea . u m r n d s a , l l l . o r u b e . r r d valres, ed paper tapes thar often snapped before r h e ) . " J l J l - " - e r d D h o r oe l e c r . r U \ . T l e . e c o n o .-olo,! . -,gxibr 5- "orld. tu nr.ti.. programmable,dlsital electioni., compure.! save the UK recllar accc$ ro top lelel statesic cerman AborcrJackGoodin 1979in nilitafy messages, so making a key coDriburion . o t h c . L L c e . .o D D a J J n d . \ e A l | e o . a I p d i g r -aun{ro.! f."gL.rr EJrooe. drr" "e.'rrn . r a_a-dmrflrn |ve.drd\r'e ngC.rmdnJ. Jack Good was born into r closc Jcrvishfamrly of I'o j h orisin and I etre.l I d.-e T,.ob duoJ1, bur r " ' . r a n c l i . i , e dt L . r a r . , . I - r n g l o h n Cood,a)d tr-. L.n,e'.rd' (no"r J J".k. De.p e \i. a 'e,1 l i r r - , - J ' - . e r e . . h e q d . . l o w o . r , - r u . e a d ,b L Lhil r

I ir bed wifi Jir,5 r'- a. rhc age o nine

oecooâ‚Źsecrâ‚Źrmessages tfansmilted overlhe radio


'r{F; i.



rerealcd nis cxtraordlnlrr malhemati.dl dbiliq, indcpcrdcndl dlscolerlne L\e irrdtunaliry of the squarcfoor of 2 and finding an infinlrr ofsolutn,ns ii rhe cqlation:r squarcd= ! squared+! r. B.vthe agcof rl hc had discolerednl|henlricrl inductun and inregraiionfor himsell r' \ p d . p gc, l e -r " G . o d j , , n r c d H a b c f d a s h c B ' i n l t a ! 1 9 2 8 .H e rn,azcdhisrnaihsrn.srerb! rorling out the ansr€rs

nbove: Lunwaflet.oops use

r€.ords re enc phered or A€lor An ei Ona nacrrine

droo p.a. Open l,larhs Scholaship toTesus Collcgc, C arnb.idgc, lbllonirg nr ihe nn)tsieps oldic Hcad of MddL, Ll.. H.C. Oliv.r. \rho in 1916 |ad rblghr ai B.' r "d..nl r'pr l,.rt\r''\i. hture secur. Good could enjo! x fcl,xcd linal yeaf in school. Hc lras a glfred.hess llaler, a rnembe. of tnc school Ches Texm rgl2-15. rhc Ches ClLtb's Joini Se.retdy r93.1-3j! and in L1e Sprine Tefm of 1935 plaled Board r for ShouB, *hich llo! rhe

'Jack Good has a very strong clairn to be the most brilliant Haberdashers'pupil of the twentieth century' ro quesdonsbeforehe hrd nni\led chalkingrhcm '



- 1.b 'd. n r,.AlP. l.^l ...;i ,9t_ he p. eJ -.t^" 5.. c nl'{. f.. ]l , r'' i ., l r " "rl.d le .l o1\^1. 19j.1 his Higher School Cerincare r.s!]r carncd '!-".r (" (..1'r lI5.]er.e o'. '

)i o". 4. .-.S.t,


8 .,.!rn.e. e H,. t r ,.,'n:prn.| ., A\rblc-.,. 1 , lr. r.. .b,.l monfi afrer |he sisnaturc of rhc Anslo Gern,n \ .. Ag.e.ner'. l . E r' .mp r, dr..:lanslon oI fie Gennan nar_ar Good sfaduaicd $irh a fl$r in 1938,won rhc Smith's Lrrizc in r9.ro, did lost-grrdlarc Fork !ndc. ,{.S. Besicorit.h and G.H. Hard!, and wes


awardcd a Ph.D. in r94r, along |he waywinnlng L\e Camb.idgeshire ChessChrmpionship. Che$ prorcd his enlree ro BletchleyPark. Manyyeas afte.Worrd \j(rai II, Good llrote that his own perconalirr s'as nor thar of an officer and ! gendeman, .ather that of a lhilosophei aod mathemarlclanj so he \rds dot cxpccred to joiD the armed forces, lnd obtained no war work until he was otreied an intervlew by Hush Alexander, whom he had known in the chesswor1d. On 27 May r9,1r, Lhe day the "Bismark" was sunL<! Alexander net Good !t Blerchley railway srarlon, explained the erciting ne\rs that rhe code breakes were just strrting to read GermaD naval Eoigma, and rook him to Hut 8. There Good joiDcd a tcan mrkins on Enigma by opcrating round the clock in 3 eighr hou shifts. Onc accoDrsuggests thal during his 6$tnisbt shiIl he took a nap on t\e floor, dnoyedTuring so muctl rhat he ttused to sleak to him. Good claimed that durins one nisht shift he became so sleepy dlai he ou, t .l'e"d d, un ^n l-. r"bl" rld had roo/e, " bur w.ke Dp to make a luckr breakLhJouel, and L\ar od anothef occasioD hc drcamed of a solurion tu d deciphcrlng operadon and woke u! to check thlt he {€s cor.ecrl He certairly m.de , qumbcr ofhichlv rechnl.al but absolutelv cfucial brcakhroughs, one speedins up decipherjngby almosr 5o!L. These endeared Good ro liring, wldl whom he gol on partimlarh we]], and rhcj" renained close until Turing\ urtimcly dcarh in 1954.They plalcd chess tosethe! (Good bcing the betrei playet and Turinc taue}lt Good L\e more diffi.ult Japanesc b o a - d B a r . G ^ . $ l . h G . " J h Ll p e d o p o p u l d n . e after rhe war. Good coDsidercd ihar Turlng was a deep .ather dran a fasr rhinkf, so his IQ $as not paiticularly lish- r d;rinclion which mighr be lepr ir nird \y 5. e de. rrg ..'roo. cnra )-e eyr r .. Michie recalled his first sight ofGood, r sm!l],sh ficlrre seemingly ftozen in meditative ycr cnquiflng reve.ie, who slowl! and deliberarely approached, right arn aDd haDd scmi-cxtended, L\en stoppedj sazed! aDd announccd io tones of quiet prcision: "I ah Goodl" He remcmbocdhow Goodwas orec b.ought urgeDdy from h; bcd in nearby lodglngs when a vitat documenr had been misiald in the middlc ola nighr shifi:Good satln a heaq overcoat over pyjamas af,d dJeNlng goqn, with a gfcy scad (woollen dnd ftinged) wrapped round his neck, d1e calm cent.e of a vortcx of actlvliy as he posed crretuUr phrased questlons about the whereabouB .l the do!u.ncn.. climindringI.BLb p, *,b F, until it was found by one of L\ose hurying to conlirm or reture his suggesrions. Good and lvtichie lmproled "Heath Robinson" J n d i L h e dr r r o i r . l m r r ' N e w n r n L e n , a e d i l 'l'bomas FLo{r6, a brllliani elecrronics enginec!, iiom the Post Office Research Statio! at Dollis HiLl. His tust machlne, "Colossus M,rkI", i.sralled early in r9,{4,had ebout r,5oo tubes or valves (.cchDically gas lilled thyratront and later models 2j5oo. Many elperts thought that ir \rould be fasr but could not bereljablc,yeifloms l<newthat lt was .eliable ifleft $lliched on all the rime, r fact thar Good rccarded

top: A stl rromKubrck's Burchamwood StudioMGM d u r n 9 l m n 9 o f 2 0 0 1G o o d actedas sci€nliicadvisor to Staney Kub.lckdurng

as one ol the grearscoers ofvorldvlr ll.Turlne, G o ' d a - d V \ h r e s o r l e d\ d f , i r r o o e \ e ,l t and rcfine Colosus. By Ma! 1945 !h{e !€re ro colo..i.Tl . Tpofldnle ro d-. UK. \.ar etro, can be judsed by rhc laci dlar 6ejr very cxisrence ^3. a .;l d op \ecre-.\'r Inrl ooo drd d r -ce ra s.,.r-n,r-r allou $e pub .1 "" o" rhe (}ood Repon onTumy", co dudrorcdby ln 1945. A I e L I - . r d , \ e $ m a n b e . 3r . H e r d o , Mathematicsar ManchesrerUnjvemiryand sei up a ComputingMachinehborato.yj wherein i9,+8Lhe s orld'sfi.sr rrulr gcneralpu.posejdisnal clccronic, . o l p u r 'I a r r . \ n r . p r o g r r - a . c " o o d c ) o Mdnchesrerjn 1947 but ln 1948 joincd Blerchley I ' a r l , - . . c e . . o " a h ( 1 . ( n h J m ,d e c ^ r . r r i . e n . CommunicadonsHeadquairers(GCHQ). ln r959 hetransfercd to iheAdmi.alty Research Labor.tory, in r96:l movedto Trinity Collesc,O:lbrd, as Senbr RcscaichFellorv,a$ociatede irh rheAdasComputer Lrbo€tory, and in 1967 was appolnrcdProfessor of Statisricsar Virginia PolrteclDlc Inslliute and Siare L'nive$ity (Virsinia t!ch.) shere he speDirhc tm,inder of his career. Good las a proli6. author. His main books

'ncluded "Probabiliq and dleVreighfis of Evidence" G95o). "The Esdnatlon of Pn,babiliries. AD E$a! o! Modern Bartslen Nterhods" (r965) and "Good Thjnl.rs. TIe fo nd" i n . 11 ,1" - q -no I . lmpljcations ' G933). His a.ddemic worL airracrcd !rofe$ion.l recognlti.n of fi e higlest ord.r. In r96 j Cambridge made hnn a Doclor ol Scicncc. lblloired ln 1964 bJ Orfo.d, in 1995 hc was elecred a Feilolv of dre Anroican Acedem! of Afts and Sciences, and iI r99E he receire.l the Confurâ‚Źf Airard of rhe lnsitute of Electric and Fll.cllonlc hglnee$.

Lc.omp e l}.' ',,doII ovIr-Lh ,,1 "2oor ,{ Spd.e Odr$e!'Hc had a mischiercus and pu.l<ish lense ofhumour share.t b! genefaions of Haberdashes': his caf number plare. oo7.l.lc, alluded io his \raf iine ..de-b.caking, end h. oli.n sisned his nurnerous acadcmic anicles by wrirjng his name bacl$afd! K. Clj. Doog. Tack Good's gr.oresi .chierenenr es hG irork during\brldv/ar II In Ap.il rgEi an inierna inal srmposium on dre "Foundaiions and Phllosophr l., bb d S r,r .r-. ' .,.,,.. ,. o h

'He often signed his nurnerous acadernic articles by

writing his narne backwards - K. Caj. Doog.' Ai the rlme ofhis dcrdr hc rqs rcgardedas one of the $orld\ le,dins cxpcin on aninclel inrelllgen.., probabiliN rnd nrrisrics. Good Fas nor r dry-as-dlsr acadenlc.Whilst rtTriniq' Colleee,h. threw panies nouble lor thc arcacdre ironen $ho arten.led,and Ieft Orford pairly be.a$e h. f.und irs aonosphcrca llide ioo stlff rnd s rir Hc adrjsed Sianler Kubd.k on

biflhdrr: \lichic fcmarked rhar "Go.d rrrs good nr the s'ar and had been geufig better crc. since, NeFman r.mcmbced L\ar Gold Fas a sorr ol "!h!,ician rno colld diagDose and .ure rinlall] an,r probleD". Good hlmsell wrote in r99l "lhe tacl'ng fiar we $ere helping, rrerhaps oirl.all[ n) s!!e much ofthe quld tion heirous ilranny rFs !

Bestwishes (again)

from one investorin talent to another...

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bohemirn quliity tu rhe flace, irvahcd indllidrahr! aDd cDicrprisc. You ilere encou.rged ro nakc $mething oflour life." A'.d j .. rhc.,..\ine r'Td" . ..r-o rh..

arc .cading thc lasr rlies lbr rhis counrryis bigsest broadcasrcs, en'ir.nment. Thcv werc an insplring, provocarr. Snnon Shaps,an Old Habcrdashcr bunch with i.cfcdibl,\' hjgh e\pecradons." The b()rs s'ho sFnr nlenrl'-nvc lrars at would do rheirbcst to n.er L\ls level ofexpectation. ITV, htre.ly as rhe Direcror of lclcvis'on- rcmains

CL (E .C





o TI

Yes, rhings are rough ln broadc.$ing as L\ey aie in man! lndusfles ighr nos: A.tleftising has collapsed, inveslrent has been slashed, iobs lavc been cui back mor agg,€ssivelythan elef before. Bui to quesdon Lhe '\'irbility of ! majo chuDk ol Bftish btuddcastirg" is lrfoDgheadcd. And ihe conrpa.isonsthar hare becn drairn r'ldr Brilain\ coal rn'ning indlsiry in the rgEos .re even widd ofthe marl<:"drere is noi a spi.al ofnlelirable decline." T\i . :, LF 1 rd, F\ '.ll ha . .o.hans. < l d. l: . n f h ' .|t. .\no..t lf\ " 2oot. Nes re.tDolosl has rher€d rhc landscar,'. But nrr the doonNdrr sccnario ro llay our. Sh.ps r,e!_. or r.rldl.rc obelie.efd |i l "1. " .- ; mo\ ngo-.J^ i de d .\d | ..- -.J recbnologi.al.hangen)bringaboDttoral disrrlacencnr. $'htt ,vou find is thail V consunpiion is unbellembiy resilien! l he.c arc grcuids for optlnism." Shars cnjol'cd a rariid iise up L\e ITV ladder in a caree. drar includcd high pronle slells as Dftctor of ]rrogrammcs !t LVrI and as Chlef Erecurne or Granada. Dut his enffr inLo the wor].i oftelelisbn afrer HaberdalheB' (which he ]eft in 1975) and Clmbridqe \rasr\ quirc so sftaighdbr\rard. He srartcd oui as a reporier at Lhe Camb.idse ' , nr 1 S b., a . c'.jng Ncn "J ^\o \er tarher, C,1rjl, an acior who ar one tlme ptuvided 'oj..o .r.lbr ]lr Lpl 18 " \, rlin!.. r',1 cakes" TV ads, was keen n)r hnn to ger a job or Le BB. '!r. L"d . ..'-: c."d p.n.ro . .l en e, Sraps jol<cs.)tslt his mierllew for L\e soueht dftel

BBC geieial raineeship hsted all of ten minutes. "Thev asked me abour dre point of public seNic. ' r-r dd-a., ,q. Anl \. '. b i', d. .d " something more commerciAl." Iostead. his T\- .a.eef began at Thames Telelisionj he work.d as a fesearcher oD Thames Nerrs, a job q'hich brouglir irs own sci ot'challcnges. s'.p

.ll n. .or\ ol., { ! rr dv'uef.j oolo"-e \er.oF.i.g..,"11 .r. .r rlr'. ' Ji p' . 1.r''., . g l-^u,. { \bro ln. p ob.n .\" l'. d '-. rr c o-d. o- In ". Keni and de orher in \,liddlesex and rhey arc miles apart. I sert dre lV cre$ ro rhc rrong ?5 q . 5 - d - l ( e \ e r e I o o p . o p . cI d e e . v o o r . E c n i n e l eo r e o f - r \ c. rf: \' 4 . ' f,6r tele snrn job had nude rlis rnisral<e.And rhcrqere all fabulous pnstakcis." Hrbe d..r .- hJo lrep"reo hrm ror d e . and r]lru$. "Ir was a.arhcr brillilnr place foi srong ]], or"\r''. I .lpo.e. he stood out.The l-. I o-e r.gl

SLr'p .rpl".n A b,, Da1f,n,dr, \. . "- fdnie f b "ho "hr.. turthera$a]'you a.e fiom rhe schoolj .tullou.dn b. . fhere sr. r "bor

"If I think back, il I look .iound the ftxrm ar rDc pcople ilho were in my clases, drey ('cr. by any sundeidsanywhere Cambidgc,alicNards about L\emostrernafkableg.o!r)ofpcollelerdmer.The grour I did EnglishA-Lcrcl with, foi exrdple.'Ihey refe not jusr bigbr. drcy iroe so inre.esLlns." ",{nd ir nerer lcli lik. a hothouse. a nachine rhar was thcre io genenie ,{ str.s. Yes, thc schooL gor rcsulis, but L\ey wer somerhing rhai happened, most of r,\e tide r)u didnl rhirk abour it. k \ras a place tla! $ou1d sdmulete, !.ovoke, nNpirc. ft was Jlsr !s imporienr 10 pla"! Hamlet iD a school llar oi io oiire sonedilg scandrlous in rhc school magazinc as it was to get stnjshtAs." Shals. \rho has been descfibed as an "ITV man L\rough.nd rhmugh", has worl<cd in all pa.rs ofthe business: "l'!e nclrr tbund a conilict belween rhc commcrcial and Lhe .ieallle side ofrelclision'. As a piogramme make.. he prcdlccd Vreekend Vb.r.1 and the London Pr.gramme; he was responsible foi poa.hlng bodl Man'n Bashli .nd Jonadan Dimbleby fton dre BBC: hc commissioned "Briraln's GotTalenf'ftr IT\i, a show rhar is e!€n nore imr.nan! tnf dc stadon\ foftuDes in loday\ muli;channcl narket: "blg bDnds becomc more raluable in a fraernentcd suld." "Over rwenty-nlt I'eaN ai ITV,I did lll Lhejobs I eref wdntcd nr do, hc c$lains. And LhedisruFn e .hlnge |hat the TV indlsrr,! is experlencins 'lus oeared some rcall,! inrdesiing opportunities". \ , . 1 ,r . e . c or . \ '^r'P "!r Sha!s emph.sises,but.onsumption is moving ados dlffe.ent llarfornN. And noiiors ofwhar it neans o be a media staf 'n drc digirai lge .re shlftfis. Slraps is Doir ivorking wlL\ Leuren Luke. a !er! new krnd of l V cel.brlry Lul<e. a 27 yeaf old snrgle mother liom South Shiclds. sraried out by selhrg polulaf brands of maNe u! on rhe lnremet sire eBay she bcgan ro record a se.les of ten-minurc rjdco chps thai elpialned hos n) appl) t|esc prodxcis, rvhich she po$ed onY)uTubc.ln 1es rhan ilo tears, her insrucrional lidcos have recelred 50 million hits liom useis ln more tr\.n 70 coundics. Luke has rgncd a book deal rvlt\ Hodder & Stoucnro!, ,- .c ' \in,.ndo . Jeo." r Io. r,,f . ,l talks about a TV show "Sher the Susan tsoltc of makc u!," Iaughs Shaps. And what of todali Sirth Forher al Habefdashcri, someone who mlght be rhinLing of a career inT\? "The kin.l ofcareer I harchad won'i ... . \r( , I c -noo, be epli, . '.'. <f"! o ..bL.o5.ve ' ap-ooJ.-r. "a. or a J dire.ro,.T\,r" .1. g"d. j^b Fcxro..rn greaier, and ihe unse of acriviries is broader. As I kee! sa]ing: rhc tulure wlll not be bu! ir will "1,rse,




Nick Ridout of a DefenceAttache

was commissioned in to rhe Royal famousSilk RoadcitiesofSamarkand,Bokharaatrd Milita{' Policeln r977.Mycareerprttern Khlva became almosr routine. Howeler, ir was nor rhelealier followed a fairly srandard one au romanceand on one lonsrrjp of35o miles ove. a f.r a lare 2orh Century Biirish Armv badlyb.oken dcsertoad, er sawprecisel'5 vehictes ollicer, alternatiDgberween service in cermury n some8 hours- and iots of horizonlAlthouch nor a n d \ o , L J - e . r k e . s n d v. i f b n c f l o r a y .- o B e t i z eI n an aspirant to join NATO, Uzbckisran was ver,akeen r 9 8 od n dL o- h . M i d d e F " n t o r d r eI r c u j l \ d , a ro dodefnise and reforn her Atmed Forces along de.adelarer.The main breakin routine wasro tedrn Vesrern llnes, so we had a rhfiing miliiary coRussianand take part h Arms CoDrrolverificalu operadonp.ogFmme wit! Brirish reamslisitjng ro missionsin the eafly r99os which las ro prove a r r u i nr n d a d q . ei e t z b e k ,r n o t - b e \ ^ i n ( e r b e i t \ e l e . r e d- J r t c n oB r i r i . ha , h r " r r r d i r d e . o r r e . i n As a .esult of rhe opentioos in AfghanistaD Europe. The overflighr nesoriarions were succe$tu] followingthe rerrorisrarraclson the USA on I r blp aDd we had regutar vislts from R{F aircraft on rhe or, Uzbekstan suddenlysssuned grelt impo.rance way io aod lrom AfglEnisrai! as well as one brief lb. the British miljrary, as we needed ro negonate nsit by Carhy and mc ro rhe B.itish Army rhen based ovedight and landing dghts, widl L\e tuture ar Mase-e-Sharlfin northernAfghanistan. possibilityof a surfaceroute too. Ii wasdecidedrhar T c e , e l J o n . h i p b - s d n . o r u - . r . r . o .o \ v i n e we needed a Defence Attache (DA) ln the Enbassy |he Rose Rcvolution in Georgia in Nov 03, wlth there md wc needed him quicklir The lormal the .eprc$ive aurhorities becoming incleasinely ,eledi^n cnd aaituB pruce* for a DA. in..rdrne distrusttulolwesrern moiivesin Cenml Asia. Co imguagerrainin& was abour 2 years.TheSecrerary operation was gradually wirhdrasn, wc tosr our o f S " . e g c \ e A 1 O D I m o n | n . , o e e . o m e o r e i n overfliehr dshts and aq- direcr coqra wirh thâ‚Ź place,sotheyhad to liDd someonee'hoaheadyspoke U75ek mi]ndy becameindeasinglydiffcllr. Then Ruslan, wrs of rhe appropriatelalk and .ou1d bc i n M a y o 5 . 1 r c . p o r . e r . , . e I o u . d i . " . b J n L c .. l releasedliom hh cuneht emplormentimmediarell Andijan in dre Ferghana\r'alle),Uzbel securiryfoices i tullilled aU rhe crireria and, bv a happy chsin of shot a large number of people ln an indisfiminale circumsraoces, wls selectedfor rhe job. I rerumed openins of tue (tuost \vesreln sou.cesagree rhat ro B.itai! liom Nofthem Ireland in Jan 02 and dound 5oo died)- As paft of ihe EU sancrioG deplolred to Uzbekistan as rhe tust (and, asir drned following the massaoe, LheliK-Uzbet milirary cooui, lasi ro d!te) Brirish DA in Tashl.â‚Źnr.The first 6 operarionprogmlrue \ras fomally suspendedand months was hecdct seitlng u! the DefenceSeclon I p e n rr L c h o I m v a { o m o n f . r . g x L n ' q . r D . g b rhe Emba$y ftom scrarch, making coliacrs wirh Andijan and Lhesurroundbg area, t.JiDg ro identii' the Uzbek milita4' and fellow DAs ftom ottrc. poreltialmassgravesigha.\le left in Dec 05 dd uy couni.ies ahd generalit geuing to Lnow rhe comlfy. rcplacementwas .cjecredbythe Uzbek aurhorirics. M]' wife, Caihy, is a Tefirorial Armr offcer and Alrer 9 months rrainine in UK $c dren drove oui commured regulady beiweo UzLrekisGn and llK, to Georgiain Sep06 forme ro tate up rhe appointmenr bur ehen in counriy her experienceand assistoce of DA toTbilisi, wirh Non-Residenrial Accrediraoon wereiNaluable-V'e would go on lons touis arolnd to Baku (Azerbaijan)and Ydevan (Arneda). .Ine dre counry, invariabl_vbr- car, and visirs to the condastscould not be grearei.ceolgja is desperate



Caspian Sea

'Exchangesof nifle fine escalated to machine gun fine, then montars, then antilleny. The next thing we knewwas that Russia had intenvened with full scale militar^v fonce and Geongiawas at wan.' ro Eer nr ro N_Al_o and io re structur. hc. Arme.l -- .o.\\.. f . ..'dnq:, \rl.i. '. I i:-r.\l; eL. r..rd,n:ro". : ''l il \',ii,n. .rr.i b,l,r . .-g ! o rrdg \\(. h .-r,rne Pr ' a.orsGz\L\l"l SouL\ Osedr, lince inc Ner occulled b:, Ru$ian .r'''l I d \, .. 1.\.'o rr ,-.. ..r. .r'\. iP,.J of\ c I Karableh, internrdonallr fe.ognis.d as !!.r of L. \. 1. , .. r[.J .n d .: Ar,., inf hFroiical an.l.lenogruFhi. rcasons.This hls dD , . ir ..cL . l ' r1..., ,,...-p.r lo ror feiarionshl! \rldr ail3 couniries a.d lhc rouline f.r Ihc nrst .outie .I lcrfs coEnsred of devel.pins ir. I P tu l'-,n r rr . rqhls ro and frorn Afsha.isra.. -{cftedlLltion nr 3 calnals melnt r gfear deal ofr.rel and _leftnrgro kn.rv d1e S.th Caucasus regiod, wirh irs sluDning sccnc.r rnd tiiendll peolle, ha5 bcen las.rnadng The 3 unrennred c.nfiins Fould flare up nolr

lnd asain. cspeclallr in dre sunnncr, bur rhe confljcr fegions afc all ! long q',,r alra! from fie capirals aDal nr nlin iolc ltes to hecp D iouch siih rhc larious i crnidonal nnmiro^ on rhc erouDd ,.d rcr..r bick. lur sunme. 2oo3 rvas ro be differ.ni. 'I nc l.rcl ofin.ldens in Sollh Oseda rr\e ar !sual .r.l..n.n_ d. j,g" ' .er' -p .f rlle n.e .scauaicd ro nuchine gun lire. dlen nutas. rhcn .itillerv.The nc\r rhin_s*e krew fas drlr R!$ia had nrtcflencd lrirh full s.rlc miharr tofc. !!d Geoqi. rva, ar *a.. I (!s kepr ltrs! iD l bilisi. aticnilins G..rgirl \1OD proglels bdeing:, helpjng wiL\ Embats! encrg.ncr' keeling Lon.loD inform.d on !rh!t hrprennlg on fic mill|a.r n!ni. ccascfirc was announ.cd, I bcgan

and !tu.educs rre rhoughr lras -{s soon ds r,re r.lelling our ro $hdr Ms going on.

ih. confll.t area\ to noniror (here L\e Russirns [.re and ,vhar dler F.rc donrs aDd ro do dundse ,s.$mcrc of Georsian milirar! mlianruc rure. ,\ldnrgh dre RGsirLrs ler u\ d,rough L\eir .hcckpoi s rn .c.u!ied ccorgia inilialh, lner g.aduall! e:p.nded dreif arca of .oDtrcl and clcruallt-

sLopped lli foad and r.il fufic





cenral Georgl., etrecdvely cuttiog rhe count.y h trvo.This becamelpparent o.e dav when, having b e ( n l r r - h r o - g hJ p a r r i c u l " !. h e . l p o r n .n e J rC o I dte p.elious day, L\e ssme youg oftcer said thar i i.ed.d , \u id- 'n" ., dip nrri J..-(J.J i r . " b e a l . o i c d p d . . l h r r n , ! d c n ra c , r r l . ! m c o c r . to t|c UN SecuriryCouncll,$hcn our Ambassador rhereasLcdin a debatebr $'har risb! wcrc Russian r . o p . d e n , r n d i n cr R r - u n r i a L o r l l o v . n c Bridsh DA io Georeia ro rralel arohd rhe counry Needlessto say,he soi no relly from his Russian



n,* V;". nr \.. 1, \'. -e&-rcd ,o or\ ,ouunâ‚Ź (if.or .rn u.e rhc \ord rouln( r. a souf LaJcJ . .o I e\r : po.rrrdl n. r! ,epo'Lirg ro the Ambrssado.! dnd Londo! akrng s'irh dereloping $e mili!!r-\' co-ope.arion programcs. Cathy iook a b r . . i ?l ' o m b e i r s D A $ e r . B o ' o L ' q $ i t n L I - e " hc.d jro phal h Ba.ra d whJu.eJ ou|o bp u r". Briti \ depl tmen, befo.ese lnAU] w Lhdre.. L.tc .onrnuc. ,o b! Inr!re.ue. .\allsgrS d d d re,enr. \xe d,e eeing pr'. r' Lh. L"rd .\rr f r i V e J . r ' r - . g e Lr o r n d $ c a r c b o l h L h o r o d e r . j

o o L

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News from Elstree

HABSWETCOMESTHE REV.JESSE JACKSON The Bqs Schooludsprou,ltu pftsentrheuorld Jdlilous.ixil ieh^ leaderTheRexernd 1.\!. Jatkson on l hutsday26th March. ReqJackson .ddresed the sch.oi on "Polirics and t\e facebook senention". Rer. Jackson touched on many lssues affecdng modern so.jet.v in his ta]l, lncludlng the ptobtem of gun and knife crime, drug n\e, dnd the histo{, of the civil ights morcmcni both nr thc USA and thc UK. He also ieminded Habs pupils rhai rhey are noi Lhe fuiure, but thrt ther_ are "Lhe here and now", lnd fiat they havc i dutr to nake the mo$ of tlrc; cducarional opportunities, and to share thei cxpc.risc rlilh othes. The tdlk was folloqed by r quesrion and Anslef sessi{D befofe Re!. Jac|son signcd a 1ew auros.aplis and posed tor phorographs wil\ Juior boys ou$lde Aldenham House.Thanks must go to Mr r' L V". \'{1, ahJi, ' . J l.( H.mc aff1rselecL conrmitteej who accompanied RelrJackson, for rn,brg t|e visit a rcaliry

ExamResults2009 A-Levels: HABSA lerel lcsuhs condnucd lheif I'eaf on ycar imp.ovcneni \vith Lhe 2oo9 resuLlsouibesr e!er.99 boys achieved ar lcasr 3A srades and r8 achieled strright A gndes ln.l subjecrs. In toial, moie |han 95%,of the 2oo9lelles we.e a*rrded A o. B gmdes. Somc subjccts wcrc panicularb strong. One hundred and sl:ieen boys sar Lhe Madls A level, with 86% saining A grades, $hile twenl}-''thEe boys sar rhe Further lvtdthemdti.s paper, of ralich 83% were awadedA gndes. Simlldf .esLltsrvefe achieled in Economics and Lrnclages.

GCSES:This vear rhe dverageHabs boy achieleddlghdy betterr|an five A* grades end iire A grades,6I% of ou! Yeai rr pulils achievedA* gradesi! r48r papers. nith rlm.st 9r% achieviDgA* or A grades ilis summc.. Our resulG aiYâ‚Źar rr were as impressirem both rhe Sciel1.esand thc Hun nities. Fof erample, r53 boys sar Ilathenrtics. of s'hom 9?.5'/ achieved A' or A gradcsiof rhe r.18 boys who sat Physics,95.9% .cccivcdAr or A grades; Geocfaphr succccdwith 96.9% Ar and A gmdeswnh 96 cnrrlesjand 94% achieved ,C' or A giadesin Enslish, r5,+out of the 164lno sarL\e eram.

SI(YLIGHT ll Old Haberdashersshould now be receiving Skylighr, ihc rcrmly Dewslette.which the School publishes siving news and informadon on events ed activilies. A quick read of any ednion of Skylight wjll confirm the enormous qudriry and range of rcndemic, spots and other er:rra-elricular acrlviries rhar rhe siatr and puplls !t HABS continueto pack in to elcryrerm. Thâ‚Ź summarythat followsis intended just to give a hiehlieht of the lasr School ,tar. IJJjU are nDl rccei.ttg Sk))lightdrd tutll lihe ra Llaso,pleate eontactthe SchaolExretaal Retananso.ff.e Dn 0248 255 t9a1 or enail sterceJatlhabsbots.ds.tk.


staffRetifements Thisyearsawihe retrenrentofseveral longservng membersof staffknownio manyOldHaberdashers, notably: MrJohn CorrallSenlorMaslef/ DeputyHead(Pastont) Mr MichaelLempriereHeadaf English Dr Mike LextonHeadof Scierce Dr John Wigley Headaf Ecanonics lrhnvi:rlb\

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School Events

OLYMPIAD SUCCESSES Chemisiry and Physics Olympiad HABS has had ao excepiionalrm in thc selecrion of students for the UK squad ar bodl the Intenational Physjcs Ollmpiad and the Internarional Chemistlr Olranpiad. The Physics Olympird Team consisrs of file members,one ofwbich is TIABS'Ben Dive (U6J2). Be! Fas also named rs jojnt winner of rhe National PhysjcsLaboratory Prize, presented ai the Royal Society in April. He wlll go on to reprcsenrrhe LIK at r,\e International Physics Olydpidd in Mexico. Chadie McTeman Gr5St was onc of five HABS boy! to win medalsat ihls year\ National Chemisry Olrmpiad before bcinc sclectedro representthe UK ar rhe




In April, six boys were awarded a Certificate of Disdnclion ln this yed\ Maths Olympiad double the number lasr year havng come in the top 25% of enran$ ln theit particular year group. These were: Prasamah Nanayakklra aod Subon Sivananthan (both rrsr), Andrew Y]u GoJ,) and Janes zhao coRt, as well as Dylon Sivam (9Cr) and Safavanansadydandha (9Ct. The vastmljoriry of rhe boysairo receivcd a mcdal lbr coming in the Top roo nadonwide. This was an oursrandlng result and tesrameni ro rhe hard work put in by the boys and Mr Haring.

Geography Photography Competition ConsErularions Io Za.he.y Kay (roRr) who won Lhemostrecentround of the competition with a picture ofrhe Christ the Redeemer starue in Rio de Janeno,and ro JeevanDhillon (roc,

who was the runner up wirh a great photograph of rhe Golden Temple iD Amritsaf, lndia. Once again,we had an *cellent idge of photoglaphs entered ftom boys acro$ rhe school.

HABS BOYAT WORLD SCHOOLSDEBATING CHAMFIONSHIP Hdbs uas a nenber oJ the Janes Fax lw Ensland Schoa^ Debatins TLam uhih won the WorLl Sthoots Debatins Champknships in Septumber2008. Thc rem lrimphed over New Zesland, who were previously mdefeated in rhe .ompetirion, in the 6nal held at the ReaganCdter, I(/ashingron DC. The fnal motion was "This House wolld expand the permanenr mehbe$hip of rhe Lrl.I Securiry Council"j Englard\ debareis spoke in opposition.Thls is the 3rd consecutive yearrhar a s ddr ftom Habs has been selecred for rhe England tem which t supported by rhe English

of their perfo.mance." MONETARY MAGIC proud In ea.h rouDd, rhe rems rook on the rolc of d1e Bank of Engiand's Monerary Policy Conniiree and HABS orce again performcd delivered ! preselrarion ro a panel of cxcellendyin L\e Bdl of England's Ba.t ofEngland judges in which they Interest Rate Challenge in 2oo9, a$esed economiccondirionsand the winning the local are! and Sourh oudook fo. i!flatio!. Consrarulations East and East of Ensland finals and ro Kishan Chorai (U6S2), Apratin becomlng one of only six schools Gaurln (U6C2), Ben Le*y (J6Mr) ro reach dre Nationai Final. As rhe and Kevin Fefiier (J6RD whose Govemor of rhe Bank of Ensland cconomicInowledgeand presenradon comenred, " 296 schoolsrook parr skllis impressedthe judges at each in Lhis compedttun, a fccord number. stage of the competition, not .o k is a great achievement ro be in rhe mention their accompanyine parenrs lasr six all the teamsshouldbe very

THE BESTARTISTSIiI THE COUNTRYI Four GCSE Art cedidates achieved rhe vdy highest marks in rhe 2oo8 saminations, pu$irg .hem ln rhe top ten m de country outof36)29.{ enfties] CongEtulatioos ro Daiyaan Ghani (U6H2), Gres steckelmache. (L6Jt, Andiew SpecterGrC2) aDd

Perer Sienkowski GrR2). Daiyaan ls one ol 6ree boys who have had their ptintings seiectedfor this year's Haberdashers' HaU Ait Elhibition. Pllntines by Jack Lloyd-Jones (OH) 2oo8) and Michael Moore (U6H2) havealsobee! chosen.

SUCCESSAT WESTMINSTER MODEL UNITED NATIONS Th* rerm\ tip to thevestmi$ter School Model United Ndtions (MUN) sau an exce enr pe,fotnance Jron the HABS .leleEaion. HABS' prelence w6 Jett in .lebdnng a tunse al ^sues,from tlxe situation in Pakistan n the problems oJ rcoeational CoDslarulations must go ro Jared Ovsiowitz (rrMr),Andrew Rosc(L6S2),Aadanh cauran (rrc2) and CaseySwerner(L6S2) for wlnnins in their comittees. The conferencc cemented H,{BS' reputation as a dominant MUN force, wi& half of all awards goihs to ll-{BS, and the GeneralAssemblyfesolurionbelng passed comirg ftom the HABS delegarion

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News frrm Elstree


i! studenrs from the Insrr 6dr ai Habshavescoopeddre top award in .his yeals narionalWings of Hope comperitjo!-TherareSahil Shah, SachinKorecha,Shiv Pabaii, Hamza Zahi4 B.anlvan Rudian and Manhew Naughron. Early in the aulumn term of each year \Ilings of Hope seis L\e challenge for srudenrsro cone up with innovativeideas ro raisemoney to supporr rhe educatlonof child.enin India. Severalteamsenteredftom

holidays, raising awarenessdiough free hugs & a chaitv dinner.For the chairydinne.the team was most generouslysponsorcdand supported by Amouage, the luury perfumes company based in Oman and affliated to the Omani Royal lamib. The ream records Its deepappreciaiionro L\e Chief Execurive, David Crickmore. Furihemore, the team irould also like to thank the Thanes Valley Council foi their support {ith the sleeping

All the team has to do now is to wait to The wimnrs tead (out of over 2oo takeup their prize aDall dpensespaid (and nationally), "Ribbon In The Sky", used sponsored) trip io India to seehow ihe tunds a mriery of initiatives inciuding Sleeping raised are used in the education of young Rough in Nordrwood dudns fie einter

PREPAND PRE.PREP HABS PREP RANKED 1ST IN srafr, suppo.ted by HABS palents THE SUNDAYTIMESGUIDETO BRITAIN'S TOP SCHOOLS For the third successive year,.the WESTENDDEBUTFORJASON P.ep School has been placed at the h was a dream come true for Prep rop of the Paretrr Powe! tables out SchoolstuderrJasonwhenhe learned of 25o schools who submitred their that he had won the pait of a youg Key Stage2 Resulrsfoi 2oo5 2oo7. prince in the West End show, The HeadteacherYvome Mercer said,"As King and L He is iookng foNard to you can imagine we are all thiilled to performing in ihe Royal ,{berr Hall to find his photo lgain receive this accolade, which dd ovNhelmed year reflects anodrer of hard work appearng on newspapersr ouses and commirmenr ftom the boys and

Long SerulceAwardswere introducedin 2007 to celebrate signiflcantmiesiones in Habs staff service. The followjngpeople reachedthese milesiones n the 2008/9 academicyear: 10 Yearst Tim Nanon, Hilaty Pullen, Batry Begelaus, Yvonne Sedgwick, Alisan Willians, Janie Ypey 20 \earct Paul Marx, David Reid, Catriana Gnggs, Stephen Tapping 25 Yearst Erik Johnsan 30 Yearst Jahn Conal, Bab Welsh, 40 \earst Frank Mattin


a t, ,

l{ews frcm Elstree

SPORT Rugby The 2oo8/9seasonwasprecededby a rou ro Argentina ard Chile in which 43 boys played 6 malches acro$ two ditrerent age groups as well as sampling thc pa$ion of kdn Americain irs variousguises.Despite rhesepreparadons, rhe rst XV expedeDced anothd frlsradng season.The QE Barncr filtde wls a crse in polnt with an opponenl scoring deep iD injury tide to deny us a However, senior rugby as a whole showed signs of imlrovemenr. Wc fielded four reams ai dris lcvcl for rhe firsr dme in mmy yeds ed dris was resramenr td rhe .ommirment of a largenumber of players. Tbe Under 16 squad continued to develop and the bors displayed powe! ald pace that wlll be of real value in senior Ngby next season.The Under rss and Undei r4s acqrired more vicrories this seasonthd last and are clearly improvlng. The Under 13 squad are physically very strcng and rhe Under 12 squadpedomed

Association Football The Club\ overall record was 19 wjnsl ro draws lnd ro lo$es- The rsr XI won 6 out of 14 matches and their first few fixtures were hit hard by the snow i! early Febnary-They beganwell wiih wins ovei St Edward's, Oxford ud Innrnuel. Bedford Moddn inflicrcd rhe only nauow defeat iD Ihe eaiiy part of the seasoqand progress ro rhe netl phasc of the LB (formerly Crusader)Cup was assuredby tenser r &aws wldl Berkham$ed ud Bedford. Captain Will GaUimore dd Simon Stanfield were the main souces of goats, wifi eleven apieceJardVice-Captain Jonny (]raham, along with goalkeeper T.isran Minall have helped to ensure one of the best defensive records of recent yeds. Coniinuity is asued for next year, with eight regular stfrers in r,\e side drawn ftom the Frts of the lower silthi Nex&ear\ Captain Miravvyas at centle nidfield and Elliott Kaye at right backhave,in paiticular, The rour to Holland was a grear success, wth Habs confortably winnins their opene! 8 - o against RKSV Olympia of Brunssm. The next test againstBSV Caterpillar in s'Herlogenbosch was sterner, widr Habs falling behind rhree tlmes before




overcoming their opponen$ wirh a superb the lorced mid season break, the resutts secondhalf displayto run out 8 - 3 viclors. of the fit-rures played were dtremcly The fnal game sawTSV Noad ofl-imburg Ar thc top cnd, rhe rsr XI beso rhe open up a 2 o half time lead over the rourists, bur Habs dug deepto ovdtdn the season wiih an impressive 6 r win over local rivals Aldennam but stugSled later dehcirand win the game4 - 2. in the sesson,endingwith a 50% win rare Cricket in ro matches. The UrsB's wele rhe rcam Even by their own hish srandards, the of the season, winning al1 niDe ol fiei 2oo9 seasonprovedto be one of the nosr matchâ‚Źs. The upcoming stds of school successtulin the history of Habs school, hockey in the shapeof ihe Ur3\ and Ur.4\ surpassing thc record brelhng 2oo8 also played exlrmely well aI seasonlosing season.Ol i,{9 marchesplayedby rhe Club jtst nine gmes between them. as a whole, rr5 or nearly8o%, resultedin wins for Habs teams, beating last year's Tennis pedormance ol ro3 wins. There were, in The depL\ in abiliry of the Senios, the addition, 3 draws (rarely an option these enrhusiasmand comiment of the Middle days), r 'ried' match and just 30 defeats. school, and L\e huge potential in the Junior Such is the slrength in depth of senior School all contributed to a successtul cickei at Habs, that we were able io field seasotrfor HABS Temis has had this term. five sidesall on the same.fternoonl The r sr The BSTA (Couty League) reams lost XI, captained by Lewis Jenkins, lost only only once this seasonshilst the Districr nvicein 20 marches,ro a srrongMCC side tetms were mberten in all threc age and to the rouring AustralianBrighton GS groups- Over sixty bots repreeenred rhc lion MelbourDe. Highlightsincludedthe school dd the standardoftennis hasbeen lirst win at Merchanr Taylors' sincc 1993 consistently high. Ar the Herrs Counry and rhe orhetrise undefeared Bancroft's- Doubles Chanpionships,dre senior firsl Thls year's Devon tour produced three pair, Kishm Cholai and Samir Majithia mo.e wins in the thfee games played were narowly defeatedin a thrilling final of agairsr..The UI5A'S had a remarkable the PlateCodpetition andYear9 studenn, season, wimiog fourreen sames overall, JoeGold and Feli: Taljaa.dwon the Urder ircluding rhe Herts Counry Cup (for a 14 Plate,beatinga talentedSt Albans pair drnd year in succe$ion), and reaching the qudter finals of the national Loid's Tave.nes Trophy Competition fter beating Golf Golf at Habs continues !o thrive.This year New coach, Dan Kdry, has akeady seesperhaps the strongest yâ‚Źd gloup we made his mark and was XI and was have ever had pas inro the ranks of the supporred by rhe ever green Doug OH. Marc Kuber reacheda handicapof2 Yeabslen who continues Io coach ar aU by the end ofhis Habs caleer, dd has won age levels. The rwo of them will be leadlng countlesstitles aloDgrhe way)including the a DevelopmentTour to Singaporeand EGU Gold Medal at \Yoo.lhal Spa aeed jusr 15.Will Gallimore is nor fd behind Malaysiaduring rhe October HlrTem. (Habs Ajay Soni Cricker captainin 2oo7 otr a hddicap of 4. Jades Ta!, Zain Arora dd 2oo8) returned to the school during and Jainin An'a have all lelreseDred the school in rhe HMC fousomes md will be the summer tern to join the coaching statr GDham Thorpe, the fomer Suftey and valuable asse6 ro OH Gor. Enelmd batsman, led a Barring Maslercla$ The HMC foursomes campaisr this attendedby a number of od coachesas year saw us reach the EasrAngiian regional well ascolleaclesfiom otherlocal schools. final, only to be pipped on the final hole of 'We also hosred m Evenlng wift Sn Gafy the match against Bedford School due to a Sobers, the greatest all romder in r,he losr ball. Next year's ream will featue some history of cricket, which was well attended new faces, although William Aldred of year 8 is aheady a veteran of the ream. William, who has aheadyreacheda h.ndicap of 4.r, has won ihe lrcssq Juioi Masrers and the Hockey This yeais hockey seasonwas rather stop Mid-Heits Junior Open agiinst boF four yeds his senior, and he is clediy desiined Io stan wfth the weather causing22 out of ror nr-tures to be cancelled. However, despite be the tust scarch gorer ar Habs in over a

Itlews from Elstree gendation. Hdry and Aidd KovetLlioslu are single figue quality golfds with mey yeds in ihe Habs tem to come, so we look fotrdd to ihe tuture elih oprimism. The ihird Overseastour to Vilamoura in Febuary 2oo9 was again a great $ccess, wirh ro bo],splus M$srs.Ivdd & Mclntosh ojoying 4 loDds in perfec weather ovd thevila Sol, Millenim, O'Connor and Old Couree layouts. David Fdni€ of Russels was ihe wiDer of ihe week on r32 points. mnowly edgiDg out Aidd Kovenldioglu Next yearl tou is on coutback.

Badminton This has been an encouagins t!a. 1or the badmiDton squad. The Ur8 rem comJortably won all of iheir marches, conceding only three gmes out of a toial of folty-five played, and A!€sh Jhunjhunwah (U6Mr) ed Alex Gomar (tJ6S2) secued vicrory in the Hdrow Five Sc.hools againsr leams Badoin oD Tolrnment including Harrow and Jolm Lyons. The U16 and Ur4 teams competed very etrecrively in School matches, both however, both rensining uddeated; reams fel1 to high quality opposition in the national knock out toumaments. A1 the Under 13 Heldordshire Schools Badmimon Association Tounameni, ihe school managed to finjsh firsl m$sing a huge 2o2 poinis againsi tle 99 points of


its closest rival, St Albtns. The quality and dthusiasm of the Ur2,/Ur3 boys bodes very well in terms of conhnuing ihe success of school badmin on is years to come. Our thanks go ro Mr wlra11ey, Dr Pybu.D and Bob lqeish for r,\eir excellent coaching throughout the yedAthletics Success fo! Habs atlletics tends aow to be judged on our progress in tbe English SchoolsTrack and Field Cup. The Under 16 teaE once again reached the National Final ol the ESAA Track and Field Cup held at Copihal Stadium Bllnet on fu]y 4ih. They had m outstanding day finishing The Under r:l aDd 16 teams both won their area leaguesin rhe Couty Athletics Irague with the Undd r6's wimins ihe If,ague FiDal by jlst 3 poins alead of St \7e had a virtual clean seep of the age goups in rhe wadord and Distdct championships wiming ih€ year 7, 8 @d 9 coEpetitions.We faished a clos€ secoDdto St Clement Danes in iheYear rot ud were . cled wimes ofthe overdi boy's dophy. Congatdarions to Miguel Pereh who havjDg won the IAPS Easrern RegioD70 m Hurdles dd the same event in rhe Helts Couty SchoolsChmpionships rent on to finish second at the Narional Pr€p schools f,eet in rhe sme time as the wimer. He

also fnished 4th iD the High jrfrp at the same meetins. Ddius Price ad Efe Umifo wele selectedfor rhe Hertfordshire Schools Ur5 tem at rhe National Schools championships snd Joe Banford was the Heldordshire Ur5 Jai€1in chmpion Sameer Atwal (Ur4 4oom), Rutus McArisid CJr4 2oom) Heffyk Hadas (Jr4 Hudles and Dis@s) JoDy Daitz (Ur3 soom) dd Tomy Alnond (Ur2 Javelin) r€presetrted the Eastem Comties at the Natioul Prep schoolschampionshipe and all Sained rop ro placirys.

Sport/The Arts

SPECTACUTAR CONCERT ATTHEBARBICAN BYHABSGIRLS'AND BOYS'SCHOOLS n Monda! March 16th 2009, the Girh' and Boys' Schookpelforned togetherat the Barbican HaIt in centrdl Londnn. The cont:ertuas a cuhnination of oaer a yedr's planning, an enormous amount of sufport Jiom the wider School communiry and someintensi e rehea$dls on the pan ol the girk and boys The concert itself opened with rhe Combined Slmplrony Olchesra a group of aboul 16lr yomg musicians,conducted by Andrelv Phiilips, Director ol Musjc at the Girls' School.They peltbrmed a challenging programme wlrich included L\e Circus Polka by Sfavinskl'. Tbe orchesta wenl on to performa vervcontrastingpiece, the Pavane for a Dead Infanra by Ravel, which grve the woodwild an opportdity to shinc.f]le brass fearuiedprominendy il rhe orchesfa\ 8nale, the Karclia Suire bt' Sibelius, tosether wirh some very iich playing ftom the srrins secrion,and some elpert work ftom rhe percu$ion secrion. The capr.ity audieqce gaverhe orchesra a rcusingreceptionand the condt therefore

srarredon a very posirivetrorc. Next oD sragewas a combinedchoir of orer Ioo youngvolcesdlnaqically dnecred in rheir rhree songs br Paul Swinden and Ros Hofler who also rook rlrns to accomplnythe choir.Thc cholr sangwirh temendous energy, great convicdon, and every word was crlsral clear. A change i! sryle as we r,hen moved on to the Boys' Schoo]Big Band (direaed br Andrew Simm. Their pogrammc olA Nighr in Tunisia aqd Counr Bubba was full of rhrthmic energy and fasr, imprssive metodicaDdensemblework in the'Bebop' tradition. The improvised solos were so impressive that the audience gave Satu Mooden Sam lreemd and J.nes Rose

Foundation Lectures -

Sir Garfield Sobers

The Foundarion Ilctue Seriesgor ofrro a splendid sran in hne when Sir GarneldSobe$ addresed an endrusiasticaudienceof b o . . . p r r e n r . .O l d B o y , a n d6 i e n d ,J r . h e. ( h o o l .

spontlneous applause,and suddcnly we were transpo.tedto ! iu nighr club.The Big Band provided a ftemendous endiDs ro The sccond half began wirh a short prosrammcofdtree piecesby thc cirls' Sr Crtherine Singds direcied by Lucy Caperon dd accompanied by ClaireColsens. The linale of the conccrt saw a choir of 2oo slnge* 6om borh schools plus the 'Gendemen\ Choir' from the cills' school. Christopher Muhley direcred dre choir with great energJ. The choir was armospherically lccompoicd by rhe CombiDedChamberOrchesta.

Sir Garlield is widely regarded as rhe grearesrall rounder to have played oicket. He was named Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1964,tnighted for services.o ficker in 1975,and selecredas one of Five Wisden Cricketere of rhe Cenrury i. 2ooo- Cricker ar IL{BS is driving dd currently cnjoying m 84% win rare (see Sporo j it Ms, n\erefore, pdricularly appropriare thar Sir carfield was ablâ‚Ź ro addJes rhe school at this time.


News from Elstree dre \vo.ld' of L\e Fley was so succcsstullt' created Lh.t I quire waircd, tor a day or t!., for 'Sherp, sharp. Thc Ling, the Ling to accompany my eleiy eolrancc inro , rx)m. A feal household iras crcarcd bclirrc ou. e,res, wirh rll irs devoiion, Lor_alq', lo!T, jealous!, cyniclsm and

lil<e The \ladne$ .f Geo.ge Ill are done. thcsc da,rs, in onl,! thre places: Thellre, fic \ational hls

drama schools aDd boyJ

schooh.ADd ir tdkes a bovs' school {irh a ver-!particularbleDdof neile and talent evento rhink or dofig it, aod ro lull ir off with sucl srrl€and panache. li is almosi ten )ers ago sin.e the responsibililyofdoing justiceto a \-orton/ Haberdashes'prcduciion \€s lasr thust upon me. Seemingl)',despnefie wondcs of L\ar perfonnance of Henfy V, talenr runs even deepci rhcsc da)s, endlllsidsn dwindlesnor ard dre HABS drrmr band rvagonhas assumcd,ifpossible,evennore rim, e{en more swaggcr. \{hrt rn eveningl 'Ihc

l{adness oI George III ls a phl', fanlasiic and a fantasti..hol.e ofpla,v for a laqe, varied, lnt€lliscnr aDd sensitile cast. In chdrtlDg rhe iemporar! m,dn€ss of George IU tr moles rhiough larious sphere! of ljfe, inresdgaiing as i! goes the lolidcal. social, rnotul and emoiional mmlncadons of lnsaniq, His sh)ckfig and brltal lreatnent and his hcarrbrcaking separation frorn hjs beioted ilifc. arc Dor onlv of hisro.ical intefest bur stlr us on a dlrccr lcvcl enbtnhal]v. Of coursc, dre scaLeof fie play alon. places a grcar de'l of pre$ure on LlS performeis; a prcsur€ doubled by fieli sfedter fesponsibiliry here fof setting thc scene, its mood and rcnrpo and especlally tbr iclling the story on such a! elegani bur sparsel,vtumished stage. ft is Lo rhe endurins cfedn of Haberdashes' drama rhai rcsouf.es, llsion. ialem and erecutlon all secm to run at such high Theie is r]re danger for a larse cast of a weak llnk, from $lich $e thing can neld qulie recovcri agarni ro such problem here. Thc cast wcnr about dreir work lrith grear aplomb. There \vcre so nany servrnrs, budcN, doclon. aftisrs, poliricians, doohen, dres.s. and rvajr'ne hdies pouring on and ofl L\e siage in a const,nt stiean ofbusiness aDdc.ldr Lhar


.orupdon. In esetrcc aD cxtremelJ strong ensemble !e.formance. Olivia Renner', as Qucen Chirl{trte, gare us an elegant and underst,ted rerfomance, perfecdi" b.Lanccd asaiDs! Gcofge\ bluster and \vit and broughr bodr coned-! aDd dcpdr to thei relatninship. Ir was ln no small part dor! to lef quiet 'nd dcvoted devastarloD L\ar dr.n crucl s€paratun wls so hea.ibreaking. A swaggering, haughry, blr nor enrirelJ despi.dble Piince of Vrales {3s gorgcousl,! brolght o life by sam Briggs. abl' manipulared wirh varling degrees of .unning and siupidiry bv his ghasrl,v

gare a leriormlncc

.fstaggering rnrturit!, subtlelv and cla.iq, Br'!el) he !l1d'ed expression ro Gcorge's .rmpant sexual .ppedie, a sourcc of grcar humouf. He made his charactcr's tamols \'hat, r'had so muchhis own L\ir shen ir reiurned io him ashe retufned to healrh 6ere \!es collecdve rcjojcjng in the audience.T(i havepldyed <l conrincingb and pcrsuasivcl,!an old man's desccnr nno madness rt such , tender age, and to havc dolc so cncompassing all dre rAge, confusion, and parhos demandcd br the pArt was no neanfeat, burhls seamless tansirion int. 'plrying' Kine Leaf rras simplv e{raordinary Borh Lcu and Gcorsc demand rhat we believe Lhat ii is po$ible to see duth in madnes.Thls performance ga\€ roice ro L\ar mosi cloqucndr. But one performance doth nor a pla! nraLe aDd credit rnust go t. the s'h.le

ent.urrg€ including r fabulousl! dense DuLc of Yorl 1..n Ale! Shet, .nd t\e delighrtulh scheming Fck Finger as Mr. Fox. r\talrhew Cor'.n. by .oni.asi, gave us rhc rcry c$cnce ofduo aDd pu+ose n1 his upsranding, .cspoDsible and tou.hing

conpant, not onb for rhcir indi dual performances bur for rhe colleciive etrorr, for ihe 6ne ensedble playing which ls la'ncntably s, rafelr found in dreatre these days.The relationships \vet so finel! Brousht and pjtched so rveil that none of ihe aclion seerned fofced at anr loirt and ihc audicncc {ere allosed ft and allo$'ed

Mr. Pitt.A strong and slurdr_Dudas liom ^\i,11 l,lNre lllyed elcellenrly opposiic Charles Rcitb\ rarher sh'dt,Thurlou Drlngi.g a labulous mirtufe ofdbsur.llt! ard hoftor wnh drcm, the king\ .loctos qrre pcrfccr. Nt end up rhdnkiog and

io care. I have meniioned ihc rclarionshlp between husban.l and qife, but speclal mcntion must a]!i be mrde of the Pirt/ Kins duo. Their scenes wefe plated qith loisc and simllicit!, never denring u! rhe chance to see bodr the gErt leNonal

admidng the uncompiomisirg Df. \vi]lis. plat'ed ('ith great pfesen.e by ulloft Ro$. unafraid ro b€ Here wls a pclfonun.e

adnreiion each had for rhc otlcr and ihc intense fruslradon on borh sides ar L\e iDpossibiliv of condu.ting consffuci]ve busjne$ra maniage ofa dilTerentkind, bur as ccntral as rhe orher rnariage in the pla!..

dislll<ed,surc oflinNelfand ofhis lufpose, enri.ell" in charactcr. Bcfore hnn we had sai through drcc of rhe nrcst terdfying so Lhan ldlors imegl,aablc, none not the f.bulous Adan Pabiani Fondertully insisdlg t\ar 'dre srool is more eloquent rhan rhe pulse'lMaFlificendy briiging Dr. Pcp-ls ro grorcsque life, he stood alongside rhe ausieie Dr. $'arcn (Sam Gdus) dnd

ThereFas sfeat'ol on stdgethtuugnout. Tle rnessree .fthe llay ls t. .io with ld,e: love as a tcndcr, cscniial andhellinsforce ln ll1€;as Gcorgc himsclfsa,!s on h,s rcrur. to healt\: 'love. L\ai is the kelnote'. This rrrcductnr neref lost sight of ihai wlt\out crcr toppling nno sentinentahr and usins

rhe idioric bur lolal houschold docr.r Sif rood Geolge Bakei (Sam Hcnlineet, bget\er onsiagc snccring and pl(nting asainlr one anol\er. Furrhcr conr€d] s'as ofered br Phllip Sio.ks as Sr Boodby Sl<]rmshir and Richad Brelslin as his nephew Ramsden who, although nute,

rhe brutal dclicdon of medical scicncc aid thc absufdiq ofdre Prince of\il]es 's

neafh nanrsed to sie.l rhe show: At d1eheart ofthe plar, ofcourec, n thc kins. Ard whar r kingl A towcring centr'l peformance fron the ouisranding Alcx \roolfwas Dor oDl! r'ondertul in irsel! bui nade L\e other p€rformances possible. He sup]rliedthe pld! nil\ irs hearr and soul aDd

end one shlchwiLL linsci in rhc mcmory

ft is ihc iob of rrroii$ional crnics r(l en.ourage audiences io see a production. life. Alas, I can't sn'en lvtddne$'shorr Nelerthclcs it \Las a qondertul €venhg

Ri.ha Coddhg n a lta|esiansl ddor, wha Da. plurl:edaut oJdnna vhoal ta play appasite sn Iab M.Kell.h in tlE last RafaLShak sleaft Contdnf ttadrrtion aJ"Tlft EaEl., antl nasbad an tmpasr. \tdn ta hts .drcet.

ThomasFinlav Graham "Fin"

ames will be remembded by many as a lively nember of the Preparatory School which he joined in 1988 md of Mesdom House. He enthusiastically threw himsef

U) (.)



cs 5


. r-{



in joiDed Villiams de Brde, the siockbrokds in 1938 ud at ihe outbreak of dre Second lgorld var in 1939, he volunreered for the RAF. Unable to IniD as a pilot due to failing the eyesighttest, he spent the war with the RAF Air Sea RescueService in various basesin England,Ircled FiD met his Danish wife, Eji in CopeDlugen at a \ e w Y e a r \ E v eo r n y r r a 4 5a r d f i e y w e r em a r r i e d r h o e i nJ s D u d )I q 4 7 .E l ' a n dF n h J dt h , e ec h i l d r e n . 4 gmndchn.ben and 2 grear-glddchildren. Fn retumed to lqillius de Brde where he remained uftil his retiremeatin I98r. Agrear sporbnr. Fio played-u8bvaDdoicke. for fte Old Haberdashds' until the ase of 40. He mrde Lfelobghrend.bip. mong the OH ir.ludine '. Ll-e_dive. Eli madeher 6Js.&iend. in Enclud ar Eistree and still attends de oH wives' lunches. Fin and Eli started their mdried life in Mill Hill aDd mo\ed ro Ridle-r in rc62. Fir ua, iDvolved widl dE local Conservatlve Association which he chaired in rhe lale r96ot. He aho took up golf and joined Portes' Park Club when his OH playins days were oEr. In 1977, Fin dd Eli moved to Esendon where r,\ey ojoyed 28 years of retirement. He continued ro play golf ar Portert Pdk culftinating in his caprainiDgthe "Commedos". Fin was also active in village life and loved to walk the dogs in the surohding woods and countr'side. Fin craham was a rrue md of his times - a senrlemm. honesr Md alwry, far. He loved his family and was loved by each of them in retun. He could perhaps, by his owD admission, be a grumpy old mro, bur widr a rwinkle 'n h . eye.H; a, erbi, wit was apprecined by all and he wili be ver-J'

rc born 5!h Thotua6 Finlay Grahd into rdious activitiesJ iDcluding Soccer GIe was a the Augct 2009 February 1921 ud died otr 81b keo Spurs fan) and the RAF Section of the CCF. He loved ro algue: he certainly challoged the i n { - u d o n aal s p e o qo f \ h o o l . b u r h e a h o d e U B h . e d in intellectul debate. The richness md sharpnes of his mind were hiehly apparent in his sixth-form s'rdie. add he proceededro EdinbuSh Uni\ernn to read Philosophl Ir is said that he rarely showedup for lectures dd iurorials, speDdinglns time reading deeplydnd posingtl'e quesdob:_why rm I hqe) . Despite his non-conformist approach to study ud erm. preparstion.br. gradurEor wirh r 2(I1 dâ‚Źgreeuderlined his obvious potential. In 2oo8 the


following citadon accompanieslhe award: 'James<vas a natural philosopher.He was an independent, oiiginal thinker who relished the challense ofnew ideasand ihe analysisofleasoning. He had a Fre ability to commmicare his iDformed, irdve udcFrandrg wiLbpr".ion.wir aod clrrir) both on paper and in discussions-The questioning rhar lies ar rhâ‚Ź heart of all good phnosophy is what lay at the centie ofJames' short life." Jmes was boin otr the 4ih May 19El and died 31]lldch 2008

band membeis - Yi.ight composedThe G.eit Gig in the Skr_and Us and Them and wenron b sell2omcopiesand speman absud 74r e€eLsiq rheAmeiicanchans. V'right contributed sigrificand! to lhe band\ elegr to Syd Ba(er.j ShineOn You Cr.zy DianNnd, fiom Wish You Vrere Here (1975), but liis rclatlonship lvith \vn€$ hit lockbonom duiing sessions for Y/ate6' nosi bombasllc brlinchild, The Vall. Vaiers Lhreatened to scrapthe enii.e pioject if Vright stared in rhc band, and rnen ihe Floyd rouredThe Wall in r98o 8t,Wrighiwas onstasenerelr asa salaiied se$ionmusician.Ironically,rhlsmeantthat Wrisht sas thc onlr one ro tum a pfofin sincc thc showswere rulnously expcnsive ro siageand the lossesnrrc born by the Lhieefull bandinembcs. Vhtes and tire orhcr membersparted company after Th€ Final Cur (1983),on in The Glard an, TuesdaySepiemberl61h 2008 which Wrisht did nor appear,but he was back behind ihe ke!'boardsfor the baidt lirst Vraters les albrm, A Momenrary ny cla$icalfeel." hpse of Reason (IgEi). Y/right had Ba.leii was easedout of the bdnd in been pursins some exracdricular wor( 1968 fbllowi.€ an .l.rmhs deterio.ariot notably his r97E solo album rffer Drcam iD his menial sraie, \!iL\ guitaris Dalid dnd a une$'hat improbablecollaborarion Glmour being drafted in as replacernen!. calledZeewirh DaveHaris, fron the Ne$' The Floyd\ music began to move asay RonraDlicbandFashion,lvhich resulrcdin ftom convenrional pop-song srrucrure an unsuccestul album, Identit] However, towrrdsexteDdediDsrrumcnialpieces!with he clearly felt more comforiable in the Wrighr co-composingL\e 12 mlnute title Pink Floyd environmeni,and co wrotefivc tack of dleir secondalbum, A Saucefful sonssf.on The Dlvlsion Beil G995). of SecreGG968), as well As chippine in ln 1996rhe sroup were inductcd inro a couple of other sonss. "Ever\onc the Rock and Roll Hall OfFame, rhe samc assumedwe rvere doing dNss, bur lhar year dlat \Vrigbr releasedhls secondsolo wasn't the case,"I(/right obscrved."Ifs a album Broken China, featu.ing locals by rnislake thinting dral dJugs supplied Pink Sinead O'ConDor aDd litics by Amhony Floyd with rhe insplration. The ones $'ho Moore, forncily rjl\ alanr gadists Slalp iook drugs were the ones {'h HapF,\'. "I qtote Ll1erunes dnd sang only noDscnsewordsi' sald \\'rightj admirrlng For r969's Ummaexmmaj Wriehr to being a lcrvous singer. "Then camc devisedL\e folr part instrumental piccc Moore aDd diessedLhemwlth the lyrics." Syslphus,which sugeestedhc had been Thc album wasdedlcatedtohis lhnd wife, llstedins to Stockhausen and orher avanr Millie, ehom he had helped rhrough a sardecomposcrs.He remainedlromlneni amonc the songrrlring oedits for Aron \Vright followed his appea.ance Heart Mother d,1d r97rt Meddlc, co- wirh Pjnk Floyd at Llve 8 by piaring on *ritjns dre larref'slrog{ock elic Echoes, Gllmour\ soloalbm.On anIslaDd(:oo6), s'hich iilled the disc'ssecoDdsidc.He was and hc toured Europe and America {'iih also ln his element$'hen lhe group irfc Gilnouis band th.r yea., cont.iburing commrssionedro writc rhc soundiracl< iocals as weLias kerbolrds.'Ihc conce.is to Barbel SchJoeder's lilm Obs.lred By Seneraiedspin{rtrCD and DVD packages Clouds.thei. recordingof which wcnr ro Ecordcd at London\ Royal Albert Hall No 6 in the UK charts and crackedd1e and in Gdansk,Poland.At rhe dnc of his AmericaDTop 50 in 1972.However,the dearh,Y/right had been workiDe on a new Flol'd were now modns inro the Waters soloalbum,which wasrhouehrro comprise eraj rvhich brouelr thcm phenomenal a seriesof insrumental pieces."He was commcrcial successar rhe elpense of such ! Ior€l! gentleJgenuinc man and ilill prolongedintehal strife.The Dark Sideof be nrissedterribly by so many \rho loved L\e Moon (1973)showcased warers'lirics ser ro muslc br_various combinatlonsof Richard Wrighr 1943- 2008

RichardSTright hough



perfonnance rr Live 3 in luly 2oo5 prompred speculationrb.u! a moic permdnentremnrn, the deadlffom canco of t|e band\ kerboardplarer Rickvricht, at the age o165, plrs paid io the notlon. Though Vrishr was even mo.e publici\aeeiseLhand1e.est oI rhe F1oyd,he $'as one ofthe grcup'sfoundins mcmbes and, particulrrlyin de carlyyca.s,wasieearded rs one of its crarivc powerhouses, evenlf the spodighrrendedrofollorv!hc ciradcally \vright qds bom in north{resr LoDdon, and afte! atteDdilg the independenr Haberdashes' Asket school, he mei tuiurc bandnarcsNicl<Mason and Roger vateN whilc studr_ingarchircciuie at whai was rhcn rhc Rcgcni Sreet Polytechnlc. Hence rhe tust band |hey formed was named the ArchirecruralAbdabs (harins brieflybeenSigma6), though the addition ofCanbeNcll Art SchoolsrudcnrBafferi promptcdaname-chanse to the Pi.kFloyd Sound, ir honour of Ameiican bluesmen Plnl<Anderson and Floyd Codcil. This changcdinro Plnk Floyd. Bairettt singulai.ompositionssucjrrs SeeEmily Pldr and tunold Laloe bccamc Lic Flo]d\ callingcards.and he srore ro of rhe rr songson their 1967debutalbun! The Piper at the Gatesof Da$'n, bur Wrighr sanglead on someracks rnd fcft inspncd br Bd ett's influence on rhe music. "It becane mor imprwised around rhc euitar and kerboards,"he iecalled."Roger si.iled pleyingdrebas asa ieadinst.ument and I started to introduce norc of

f almost everj'one in Brlrain has at least one paft of denim jeans ln L\eir wardrobe, it is largely becauseof the fashion senseand bushessflair of Ha.old Cooper. He was serving in the RAF when his farher, Morris, wasHlled in a c!. crashin rg4o.V7henhewasdcmobilisedin1945 he retuned to London, derermined to rcsoe his farher\ alling clothing companyfiom a dubious asociate who had raken the in TheTimes,December 121h2008 busines to the briDkolbankuprcy afterMorrjs Cooper\ death.It was a hatter of pride and rhe desire to savehis fadler\ name that galvdised Harold Cooper into t.aDsforming r,\e compaoy inlo what evenrually becamethe British jems lnsrirurion lf,e Cooper. Harold Cooperirrs born iD London in r9r8 and educaredat HJhedd.heF A.ke. S,hor He len ar r- 'o LJin a. a ,u\eyor and theD eDlistedin LheR {F on the ourbreak of war. Cooper\ ries to the denin riade began wirh his farher, an itrdusrrious tailor who had emigrated ftom Lidluania to South Africa to set up a businessmakins elabo.are waisrcoats.He soon reallsed thcre was a more promising mdker for workwear in England, and he moved to LoDdon. There he sefled in Brick hne, and by r9o8 he had besun producdon of overalh aDd workwear madeof dulablefabri.sIn 1937CooperopenedanewfacroryinStradofd,EasrLondon. After rhe war he took control of rhe .ompany and switched jts focusro casualwearand denim productionln parridilar. The !ffordabiLiry of denih, Coopeit flair for mlrkedng and the risc of the US inspiredrock'n'roll jean-cladlook of d1er95o, helped to popularise denim, ral.jng ir out of rhc facrory and inro the Britishleisue wardrobe.As Coopeis salesexpandedhe moved the busines ro an jnduetrial sire in E*exj and by 1955he had opcned a factory in the Nerhcrlmds. The company wenr public in 1958, and Cooper chaqed .\ rMe ro tf,c Coope- L.- wd. .ho,er be.ru.e ir \a, an Ahe.icanisedveision ofhis wife'ssurname,kigh. Dy Ann Ka? Bdtish fashion in the r96os made the tull rrdsirion ftom the drab udlitarian garments ofwairime to the colourtul flouishes of the "swinglng"decade.By rhe r98osthe companywas producins crnard Katz was born on 26th July r 927 and anended betwcen 4orooo and 45jooo garmdts a week, and its annual Haberdashe$'inCricllewoodfrom 1938to 1945.He runover exceeded,roo million. had a placero go to Cambridsero srudyEngineeiing, Frcm lf,vi\, his US .ouDterparis, Cooper Ieamr abour cutring bur thetr they gave prioriry ro retulnins noops and p , o d L . D o r L i n e r n d ( r e a u n sl d b r i , , f i a r k e ( m o r e J r a . L ' r e he went insrcad ro Edinbu.gh University ftom where he obtained than anything on offe! ilom tIK competirors, givlng hih an edge a Maste.'s desree in Psychology. On leavins univeisity, Bernard in the European markei. rvorked wirh his father in rhe fashion indlstry for a while, before The family sold irs majoriry shde in Lce Cooper in 1989.In settins up his oM businessas an import/expoft agent of (mosrly) 2ool Matalan,the discoum reraller,boushr If,e Cooper for f,45 ladies'wear. He continucdwirh dis until rhe edly r98os)when million. At the time, ils amud profits wererouer y ,4oo,ooo. Ir he fouDd a new career lecruring on Marketing and simitaf business has becone a "lfestyle" brand with salesin 70 counties. This year subiecrs.Bernard wrore mmy busine$ books, which were very mdks lhc rooth amiversary of the originai company. weli ieceiled and arc srillrefenedto.As well aslecturingar collegeJ Away ftom the business,Cooper and his wife, Daplne, created he was often invired to lecture abroad including ln Austlalia, a charitable b-ust .o linance medical research and care for rhe Singaporc,Malaysia,SourhAmdica, India, and PaListan. disabled.In 1965 Daplne contâ‚Źcred a braln iilness od was Bernard was married lwice. His firer mariage produced rbjee rendered quadriplegic- For rhe nexr 40 years Cooper divided his cb'ldren- Aldandra, Mark and Tih. Ma.k has followedBernard time between work and caring for his wife. into rhe business side, while dle other two are film produces. Despite her being cortrned to a wheelchalr, he rook her ro rhe Bernard and I mrrried ln r99o.Ve were borh retired for rhe last theafi e,ro rhe opda and out for dimd: He builr a singlelevel house few years, and spenr dme navelling, playing bridge and spendjns in North London so rhar she could move aromd relatively casily_ huch happy rime with ou. inqeasing numbcr of grandchildlcn of They celebrared rheli 6oth weddine MiveBary in 2oo5. Sit whom Bernad had fivc. He also played goLffree times a week at honths larer Cooper sufered a sffoke ftom which he never finly Eallng goif club, where he was a mcmber for many ycars. rccovered.Daphnedied in June 2006,dd he is suNivedby rheir Bernard had kepr in rouch wirh a few people jlom school. In fact a group ofsix usedro meet !t Simpson\ in the Sr.andevery3 Harold Cooper, proprietor of Lee Coope!, was born on or 4 months for lunch and to catch up wirh rheir news. Mdch 5, l9lE. He died on Norâ‚Źmber 7,2008, aged 90 Apaft Aom me and his chlldren, Bernard leaves a sister. He died on r9thApil2oo9, of pmdeatic cancer_ His illne$wasshort ro weeksaltogerher and he did lor suffer.

Harold Cooper

Bernard Katz


a i l - L )L n . \i \ i r r \

n t>a

Rugby nother grear season of rugby for all rhat were involved this year at OHRFC. Thde was an rir of disappointment with coming 4th in the League and t o r - L r "cc c o n d . e r r n a r o " m , . , n B o u ' o n p r J no r i o n by one spot however, dris was rempered with $me srear gamesJ ar poinrs duising againsrrhe top teams in the League and ar orhd times gefting stu.k in with the clys down ar rhe boftom. Such is the natule of OHJ barbaria! style of rhe beauritul game and the inevitable result of such a hish tun over of players thmughout the seasor Howevâ‚Źr, due to a league ieshuffle OH were promoted to Heris and Midda r for next season which will provjde us with a very tough season in a leape thai should be a prew


All that wls good rbout the seasonsrarred ftom the ftoni line - the foMards, notably the ftont 5, were peerles in the lâ‚Źague makins our scrums and line ours ! sure ihing wery time, which was a prililege to watch ed play behind. Adrcw Gray, Player of the Seasonand Capuin Elecr, ivas dodinant in each and evely dea of rhe park for the entirery, as were the omnipresenr Aadrew Sdderson, Radal Vhittaker Md I@ Sanderson, r/3 each of one of the most chdming ftont row combinalions rhar dle club has widessed jn receqt years. Some of the mosr impressive carries of the seasonwere laid doM by Bobby Fonest dd Jaaie Fluaso, and some of the stirling defensive work by Dan Kaufman, Tom Adams and Bo Crompton sas lion-esque. Chrh Peelwas key in both foMard and goal Hcking dutiee lnd was way ahead in rhe race for the Goiden Boot award. Andrq Fox alwaysdeployed rhe infamous "big no thalk you" to grear effect and on thei. day the pack were brutally efficienr.


tI [fl tfl

Old Habedashe6 Bugby Football

ClLb2008/2009 SeasonReport Won9, Drawn2, Losl5 Pontsior 279,Pointsagalnst182 bt DanMitche , 1stW Captain200A/2A09

A key position in rhe last 2 seasonshas been scrum-half, and Dan Gaunt continued his fne foim on the pitch, marshalling rhe foNdds well and providing a srear delivery to his number io. The btcb played someexcellenl rugby at points, but wele perhaps glil.y ofror making the most ofthe pladorm given ro them by the fbNards. Gmes such asWasps away and Mill Hill stick in fie mind for providiqg some ofthe mosr ourageous tries sinceAusrin Healey hEg up his boots, but on occssions a lack of coherence was symptomatic of Lhefailure to get the same guls our week in week our. Simon Jones wrs as always ar rhe fore, rop try scorer tor the seasondespireplaying most of the games ourside m inside centle none ro keen on passing (hence rhe inrerception count). Nadan V/lltiams continually opeDedup defencesand Toni Chan made strorg slound on the wing which sa\t him pick up Most Imp.oved Player of rhe Season.Briaq BuneNick showedus when he wasn'I in Hong Kong why he was badly missed when hc was. Many suls played in maDy posirions rhoughout the season in order Io get rhe strongest ream our and deir emhusiasm to do so was a eedit ro them and the team. The dd of seasontou! ro Cererbuy was a fitriDg finaie, with a gest tlrn out a number of srories that wele worrhy of rheii own repo.t/shon sioiies. Wlming by so mdy poinrs after a c&T brealdastloosenerwasconsideredfortunare and not ro be continued inro the seriousbusine$ ofrhe kague campaign ner.r seaso!. The retun of a fq key playds ftom injuy/overseas should make competition fierce ne^..seasor Under the leadershipofAady Giay, we are boEd for grear rhings ifir all clicks into place. I have no doubt rhar we haveall of dr requlred shlls ro playing a couple of If,agues abovewhere we de, but to achieverhis will rake contiDued enthusiasmand commitmenr ftom eachmember of the squad.




he OHRFC "4o" Club celebratedtheir 2rst annuai reuion meering and dimer at St James Resraurur, Bushey on Friday 9tli.January 2oo9. The orieinal idea of rhe "4o" chb was to have an mual "sel logether" of al players who have played for ihe OHRFC rst XV ovei the a8e of 4ol Sadly numbers have decUne4 so rhe ",to" club would welcome any new member who has played for the OHRFC aroud ihe age of 4ol The inaugural meeting of the "4o" club was held on 27dl July 1988 in the Da Remo Restauranr, Ricknmsworth at which Peter Stevensoq Chris Robinson, Jobn Parker, Tony Al*aDder and President, R y Kipps atteoded.



Otr 9th January 2oo9 rhose present we!e: - Nigel Alexander .qlso played for OHRFC rst XV over 5olTony Aldanderj Martin Baker, Chris Beech, David BroM, Andy Charles Preside.r OHRFC, Keirh Daries , Steve Downer, Tery Domes, Paul Foster, Jeny Hardy, Martin Hill) Richard Llnch, Id Mcca.dryj Joln Parker, Chis RingJ Brer Rolfe, Bob Sragg, Aleo played for OHRFC rst XV over 50! Mehrn Sreele,Rddai V,hinaker Vice PresidenrOHRFC. Apologies had been receivedftom Simon Gre$well, Peter Mackie aDd Balry Rofe. Keep a date i! you diaryj rhe next reunion meering and aMral dimer is scheduled for Fridry 8th January 2oro, or conract Tony A]exndet ^fi onr alex @utu edIosisti cs..o.uh




lstXl: HertsLeagueDivson 5 - 11ihout of 20 with304points. 6 wins,5dmwq6lossesand2 no resllis.16matchesplayed 2nd Xl: Hâ‚ŹrisLeagueDivision I 0 - 18thout of 20 with I 94 ooi.ts 3 wins. 1 draw I osses.4 ro resllts &2 void malches

Devonand Som6rs6tTour:1wi.. 1 loss& 4.o resLlts

First Eleven The 2oo8 seasonbroughr a new rsr xI Captain, wirh Man Shorts takng over the rells. A good srarr saw rhe ream win 3 oul of the tirst ,{ marches. The openlng march at home produced a vicrory against Berkamsted 2nd XI, who were boq'led oui for r22, Simon Gelber and Akash Christian borh takins 3 wickets. Habs duly beat the target, aldough at 16 for 2 it wasn't looking easy.Lraeue debutantTim Hall rop scored with 43. An emphaticro wicker awayvictory followed aglinst Luron ToM & Indihs 2nd XI. , Luton were bowledoul for ro3, SamiAli lakins 6 for,{7. - ,Atash Chrisrian made a quick tue 7r nor our and Rick Harris conribured 28 nor out so Habs relched rhe tdget otr17 overs. A home win againstNorthwood looked likely but the visitors cluns on for a diaw at 9 wickets down. Akrsh rop scored for Habs with 97. Leversrock Green 2ld XI were beaten with the O.H. accumulatingr85 and SamiAli & Atash Cnristid taking 4 wickeB eachto bowl the hostsoDt for r47. A d.awagainstKnebworih3rdXIfo owedatKnebworthPfk. Knebworth scored 2o3 and OH\ reply of rr8 for 9 was enough to achievea draw. al of rr8 for 9 was enough despite when the OH. Thc team was then beate! at home br LaDgleybury 2nd XL Atash returned Io his besr form i! Jue ar Croxdale Road, plunderins 156 against Old Elizabethans in a pdmership of r7.1 with Sami Ali who nade 8. Uz,i Ali rnen produced a devastlting spellof 6 for 4j so that Elizabethanswerebowled out for r2o- A strcns Holtwhhes side then defeated us, chasins dosn our total of 226 in the final ove. althouch Joe Hills nade a t]lically cavalier 44. A diaw followed agalnsr Sandiidge. In July, Old Albatums were easilydefeatedat Crotdale.The visitolsmade I52, with Christiantaking4 wjckets.A partnerchip of 94 betweenAlâ‚Źsh Christian(7j) andJoewilliams(5o nor our), ensued ine rarget was reached off only jr ove6. A thrillins game away at Cockfosrere then saw lhe home team qin wirh I wicker remairing, chasing a tarset of 167. More defeatsfollowed against Parkfield and Datchworth but the lot was sropped wirh a win at relegationcandidates,Chorleyivood. O.H-scored r97 and bowled the opposition out for rro with Christim & Slmon Gelbei borh lakirg ,{ wickets each. Following the Devon Tou a scrappy draw was obrained ar Northchuch. Slmon Gelber produced 5 for 4rn r7 overs,as rhe oppositionaccumulared186. Habs losi early wickers and srumbled to r27 for 6, Matl Shorts ensuring a draw with 47 nor out. At the end ofAugust, Habs enJdtained Old Owens at home, with Chistian again batting biili$ily to reach r53, as wickets fell aromd him. But the linal rolal of 22,{ was nor enough against a

9o8 rus at an averageof 60. Habs alsohad two hore playds in the leadingakrages,SamiAli scoring45o rE, (avelage:4r) and Joe',fi/illiamsmaljns 257 rms (average:36). The bowlers aho ddde ir into the top averages,Sadi Ali ratins 3r wickets at r8.5 and Simon Gelber (avs-20) and Christian(avc.r8.5) both rakins

Second Eleven Afrer beins ielesated Lhe previous season the 2nd XI again sruggled, but under the new leadership ofJomy Pdce, r nunbef ofnew playeN were reauited. The seasonstarted well with ! na.low lo$ againsrHarpenden Dolphins who linished close to promotion) . But 3 moie loses followedin a row This run endedwhen OH were awdded the hatch against St.AlbaDS4th Xl by dcfauli. The nerl match produced a 9 wicket wiD after bowling Cheshur , r d X I o r r t r , 4 6 D e s p , r len i . O H l o . ra g J r nb y r o or u D .a g s i n s Kings hngley 3rd XI, being bowled out for 50. LossescoqtiDledin the middle ofthe season, beforea goodwin agaiDstNorthwood 3!d XI, chasing doM 156 and nearly reaching a Grget of r9o againstShenleyvilage 3rd XI- Some closematches sawOld Hlbs pushingfor a coupleof wins towardsrhe .nd of rhe seasonto avoid .elegarion. In the end, despiretuishirs r8d1 only one reamwas releglted,so the 2nd XI remainedin Division ro. It was sood !o have marv new playersplay for thc O.H. in 2oo8. This was achievedthrough a combinarion of ou Presidenr, Slephen Charlwood, prodding names of S.hool players interested in Old Habs dicket dd each Captainbrjnging in both Habs & playeravailabiliryremainsa problem no!-Habs nierds. CoDsistent rhough, somerimesrhe sideshaving ro f,eld ro players.

The Devon (& Somerset) Tour The 2oo8 tod was ba.Uy atrected by rain. In the fi6t march! againstChard, we losr i! wet conditions.After 4 rain-otrs,the filal march against Sidmourh was played in s'my condlrions, Sidmouth barted tust and declded at ovd 2oo. OH duly met the rarget, loslng only r wicker rhanks to a pdmership of r52 between Christian& Clarke,with A Lashreachingr58 not out. A good end Io a very wet, i,houd enjoyable lour.

The Nobbly Tanner Metnorial Trophy -

For the final match of the seasonthe team favelled to Baldock, Old Bors' Day, Sunalay 29th Jue comfortablyplacedin the middle ofihe Divisiod- Baldockmade In this anDlal fittlre at the School, the hosts convincingh r99, Gelberand Srmi Ali taking3 wicketseach. In repty,the O.H. won the r st XI match but rhe OH 2nd team managedto defearrhe nade r59 for 5, JoeWilliams scoring 72 and the game ended Schoolso asholders,rhe OH retaiDedtheTlophy. Dous&Jacke Yeabsleyand Karen Shorrs again piovided an dcellenr barbec& Overall, it iras a good seasor! ALash Cbiistian was again ine outstanding plarer, topping the Division 5 batting lverages with



Rifle Glub he amual programe of tle OHRC concenfatcs on tull-bore shooting at Bisley ftom March ro S F p r e m b c rl r j . l u d e . P r r c r i c e D : , . "h,.i. are open ro supervisedsres.sJand OHRC ream enfties to competitions run by rhe A$ociarions io which we The seasonopened with a guesr day on r5th March ro which current Habs pupils dd masrers weie invited. Besldes shooting o! thc Short Siberia fdge in rhe moming rhe guests had rhe opportuiry to mark rt1e mrgets st the bur$. At 600 yards on Cenrlry range in rbe afternoon the etrecc of the wind were expelienced. Despite qor having shor at this longer rangc before somevdy good scoreswere achievedby rhe Habs cuesrs and a prizeawardedby DickVimey for the besrs.ore. The OHRC resllr in the Hens Clubs Challenge Match on srh April was disappointing dris year 4th our of five reMs. However, L\ere was s[ong compedrion in thar oity 5 poiD6 sepaiated On 3rst May we held ou long-lansepractice& guesrday providing an opporruniry for lhose who do not nolmally get to shoot at 9oo aDd rooo yards- We had waim dry wâ‚Źarherbur tl.icky winds - a good wdm up and resr for those takng part in ihe LMRA Irague long-range march a week larer. \ve support the LMRA Leagle wiih 2 reams of 6 one ln each ofthe 2 Divisioos.TeamAcame6dr of7 reahs in Divlsion r, a slip

ry!99 wtllg :!9!j999HBc

down ftom last ycu. Oveiall winner was Manydown RC. Team B were 4th of 6 reams in Division 2, an impiovement on lasr year. Wimer of Division 2 was Parrhians RC. OHRC enrced ou usual3 reamsof5 in dre annualSchools VereransMarch durlng the Imperlal MeetiDsbur uetlected work demands meant that we were one person shorr ofthree tull reams. Dickriqimey persuadedceorge, his brorher,who only comesro Bisley once per year, ro be in the A Tean and squeered a score of 49.5 our ol him. Both of rhem were vely pteased.Top scoreF in the ream were Chris Firzpatrick5o.8 and Alan Mofis 50.6. The team3 scorewas 24,1/3oo r5th our of 48 ..A', reams,rhe B Team was 23rd of 30 teams. Also in thc Vets rems were: Andrew Butchcr, Andrew Falconer, John Freeme, Charlie Freemd, and Duing rhe Imperjal Meering Dick Vinney coached Hertfordshire, Andy Daw was asked ro coach Holtand in the JuDior Kolapore (rhey came 6ird) and Bruce wimey coached Noninehan in rhe Univenities msrch. Alan Morrjs shor for Bucks in the Coundes on the secondTuesday. Ciuriie Ffecman was able td enter.he meetins for rhe fiNt time rhis year. He cnrered a , r " i l r o b u r q u i ,q J b e . a m ed n - O b v . ( o , i n g 4 9 . ) i n the Dule of Cambridge. Chris Firzpatrick was in the inal of the IJ tor are inretesredik fu baretaryet shoatinEtuith )HRC ple6e conta.t ne. 1il: A| 225 339 4 | 7 ar pet?4AJizwinnel,_ptus. ner



Golf ur nrsr march this ]car was held at b.acing Hunsranton, under rhe hospiraiiryrun by Mikc K e l r e r . . 5 f l r C a ! r r r n . o f i i . d n n u r l( r e n . . R . u l b { i r n - ' h e - c i d e n , . ,L h r e e rd a hil, orwoand haltWe alwayslook foNafd to.he links couse and drc nadirional carcring,and weresatisGedonccmore.The posibiiity is a iepear on the rhird Saturdarin March 2oro. AfouDd to rhe Spring meeting ,so $cll run b_\rJohn Lidington ar Harpcrden ,HammondsEnd, dird Tuesdayin April. \Ve play l b r h e S l n a \ b o p l . a n d I r e J m$ a b l e r ^ , d J e s r e s a . c . g r i . l rhe Holl)'bush reani. Ar rhe sonderfully p.escffed butrer, we amomced the winne. ofrhe rrophy,Mike Frenchwirh j4 points and secondRobe.t Clafke 3r, rhird John atsojron a counr ba.k. The siableford aggregare!?s won b)' the Habs ream r75 to r5j,iiom the besrsir on eachside. In rhe tusr riangular natch our eighr came secondro Old Lyonians add beat Old Millhllians- The Moor Park venue h ou6tandingand rhis rjme!r pla)€dthe Hieh Couse.The evening is, asexpecred,'oo7'srandard. On ihe o.her hand, the evenjns Emained rhe same on rhe

q!q!eq*d{!!tr!q1!e!eee!L 2008/2009 9easonReporl 16 hatchesplayed Won9, DEwn2, Lost5 Pohlsfor 279,Pointsagairst18?

sccondrianguh. match 2r June,bu re lcr ro borh OMT\ and UCS Old Bovs.Thanls ro PererMaclic and Es Hitchcock for mbagins our rcams. The Summer Meeting at HeDdon j'! June irent wel. The event was son by Roberr Clarke widr a score wel anead ar 37, Mike Frnch 3r, David Brcwn 30. Robclr lon rhe krnsesrdrive and Trcvor Hanis was'nearesrdrc pin.'I(e wereforrunarero be joined by OH Michael Cohenar dimer, he waspasrcapmin!t Hcndon_ He is recoyeringnicelyafre.a period ot'considemore irealmenr. There wasthe schoolmatch 4 July arAldwickblry Park. Andy 'Wa!d i/c Marhemrticsand Gor ar Habs hls half a dozenmasres to assistthe coachinsofsrudenr gofers, and n showed.The boys finishing well against both staff and Old Bors. Atan Neston is ro be tha.l<edfor disosing furue fofmarsro conrinuetlis evenr. Butrer wds much appreciared. The boys pracrisedoD the AlgaNe at half term in February. At Chodey l(ood Robin Mafthew manacedrhe teams and the dimer. The picruresshow sone ol rhe fous. The maiches were ali taken ro rhc eighreenrhhole and won by the home ream. Consraiulaiions ro rhem. This is a fearule of ou July calcndar_

F/ghtrA an Newlonplayiig Lefir an Ha (secondfrofr en) and Robedc arke(farfisht)




"Overrjo Yearsin the Property game"


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LEVERTON & SONSLTD IndependantFuneral Directors sincer789 Owned and managedby our family for generations

Keith and clive Leverton @oth old Haberdashers) ovrn and run lhis old-established professional Company, along with Clive's daughter Pippa and Keith's son Andrew' Basedin North-west London we are always on call to respond to the needs of our clients an''where in the UK or abioad, we are available to make arrangernents at our offices or your home, if preferred. We ofer Golden Charter pre-Paid Flneral Plans and are always willing to discuss tlese, without obligation. 'We

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Football he seasonbegan with high expecrarions.A secondXr had re-enteied the turhurian Leasue @ivirion 5) fo. r l - r f i = L r e a mI n i v e r . . r o i o i n L h r r . r X r p i a t r B i! Division 2. Promotionwas the soll of rhe rsr Xr foilowing the previous seasoo of underachievement) despire a coupleofenjoytble cup runs. A leam was asembled wirh a healthily you6tul averageage of 26 (despite the presen.e of veterans Evans, Kev Harris and Jmes), and competition for places buoyed by rhe reformed 2nd Xr uder the excellent caplaincy ofJobn cienn. Corgrarularions to Player of the SeasoDJames Richddson who exceued as borh mid1ield enforcer and luthles sfiker A couple of early ep vicrories provided oprimism dd ar half time in the first leaguesme, awayat Harow School old boys, rhe rst XI were leading confortably at 3-r and playing some oftheir best football- Howeler, in ! mamer which was ro epiromise rhe seasonas a whole, the wheels well ed Edy fell off i! rhe second half asHarow srormed back for a 6-3 victory.This ser back dented conlidence and there followed a seriesof draws Dd defeatsby the only goal unlil tate November saw a flur$. ofvicrories ar home snd Nay.The goalswereflowing fteely and R€idn Richaidson, Nicholls ed Joneswere batding it out for leading score..Thorghts quickly reruned ro promonon and a rerum ro rhe heights of Division r. However, the Christmas break, in.on$tent folm and rhe failure to hold on ro leads (ie a 4-r lead overruned by Aldennam in the last 20 minutes) sawthe r st Xr fliring with reiesation in rhe 6nal weeks of the season.The siruarion was worsened when rhe Laeue chose to expmge the playing record of Bradfield whom had failed ro fulfil their nxtues, cosdng s crucial 3 points in the process. Only 4 poinrs iiom away games at hish-flying Chigwell 3d Eton would retain Division 2 status. Fjrsr up, a feisry (rs ever)

OH Lodge yra, ?ooq lind. ue HdberdJ.he,. A,ker LodBe ib $ n \ n g s o o d h e d l l h .O J r c e n L e n a rm \ e e t r B p r o v e dI I ... huse su.ce.. wirh .elrbrrnon n 'rvle ar \4d'. MJ.onq' HaI in SI James'sStreer, Piccadillr- The m€ering was aftended by 76 breDren including the MedopolitaD Grand Masrer. Highlights of the day included the eacellelt ceremonial, a summary ofthe rccendy published lodge hisrc'',1 and a movlng o.atioD by rhe Meuopolilan Grmd Chaplain followed by an excelenr meal in b .rmosphere ofwam ftiendship and celebrarion. The lodge continu$ to araacr new membeB with tbee OH bdng initiated over the pasr rwelve momhs. Ou insrallarion meeting this December will seeDavid Tremaine, O1d School Staff Insrructor in charge of the cadets instalilng OH pupil Reuben Arres as the Master of the bdge for ihe forrhcoming year. The rcw lodge websire atdacts interest from masons and non-hasols .like and our ch.ity work condnues with generous sums being t-l-th(

O d Habedashe6Assoclaion FoolballCub ifounded1994) by AndyEvare,1stXl Captain

encourte! with Chigwell law a derermined performance and goals ftom Smith, Evms Md Njcholls securea 3 3 draw' wfth Keeilyside delivering a maq of the march pedormdce ftom righr wing. The season'sfilale would now be a ve.irable 6 pointer away ar Eton College Old Boys (Old Eronian9 . A draw would be enough for Habs rith only a wjn good enough to secure suvi%l fo! rhe fomer FA Cup wimers. Despite the ralk of exna training, early reDdez-vousmd proper warm-up, as l.jck otr approached Habs Dumberedonly9 Gee'team'phoro).The'keepe!complained about the netsj the toss was wotr, and ends changed. Shoelaceswe.e ried W, and re-ried. The match ball was surely roo soft ref€ree.To no avaii, Har.is\ boweis rendered him unavallable for the firsr 20 minltes and Nes'lon was stuck on rhe M25. Nevertheles, afrer a pluckt rearglard led by Reidy Sm md Jones a reveladon in a defensive role, Josh ,coled a magnlncenr solo to calm rhe nenes and despite the absence of defensive lFchpin Broderick, Habs remained resolure before Reidy Jn. clinched su ival wirh a wett Post maich celebrations were raucous Md only inrerupred by the poignanr rerirement of long-srmding goalkeeperIdgh James, to the relid ofreferees and f€llow defenders alikelThe averagelge would drop eoiher notch. T h e s i d eI - a du d d a c h r e v e dM d T U q r . u r e l va r s e r p r o r o u o n

me btual sane deainst the S.haol sau 2 uMs tnke pan on Mdtch 14th the lst Xl losinea had Jou1htsane 31, tuhilstthe 2rd XI tiunphed 1 0.Schoalledxasdretu.Lanetujaisandsha danracl TamNi.holk on A7861222176;or Ak4) hans an 07770912520. Fd further inJomaritu on rhe Anhuidh Iidsue ^it @@@.anhvianledye con


donatedto worthy causes. Th€ Ldge was founded in r9o9 as rhe Haberdashere'Old Bort Irdge udd a wahant issued by rhe United crand Lodge of England, which administere Freemasotuy in Eneland and '.|{,/ale. and rD manv place.o'e-.er.. \e mee-ior rimesa yearon a Sarurdayat Mark Masons' Ha[ ]n Sr James'sSrleer,London where our memben conrinue ro enjoy ihe ftiendship ed goodwill of likeminded sendemen in congenial suroudings. We €njoy a delighttull_\'relaxed 'Habs' style and a very i:iendly atmosphere. W. Muld tuelcaneenquries,an d,r OId Bqs axef fie age oJ 18 tieus. me Lodseecretary is PautYo4ngtuanuho ea, be contn.tzd on 47768255283ar via enail oflpddrawemafl@.allnetuk.atu.me Iaise uebsite t at tutu{.habdddshd'ashakd€e.atu tuhm fufiher .JetailsaJaM o.naiti6 inctudinEbachstuun4 dats a"d furrhet @nta.t



PastPresidents r88E-93 r893-96 ra96-97 r 8 9 79 8 r898-99 r899-r9oo

193334 J.rucas r934-35r-.r.lArsoN r935-j6 t.!-c. MooDY 1936 37 nG. MACDoNATD 1937 33 D.L.r. lvaNs 1945 46 1946-47


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1949 50 A.G.JrNXrNs i95o 5r Dr aw rAroR r95r 52 A.N. Bo\lracK

I9II-I2 L912-13 r9r3 18

1953 54 s.E.PHrr.LrPs 1954-55 r-N- McEvoY 1955 56 G. BArcHrroR r95o-57 Pc. RRooGn 1957-58 6.c. rl-olD 1958-59 F.A.JACKMAN 1960-6r Rrv. A.M. MANN r96r-62 c.c. GARDNTR 1962-63 r.H. BLEssr-BY


r93o-3r r93r 32

1963 64 r'1..t.JAc(n \N 1964-65 J.B.Br-owFELD 1965-66 D-A. Br-EssI-IY 1967-68 1968-69 1969 7o r97o-7r

E- cri!'NAn4oN J.s-Ar-EXANDBR n.r. PURcBrr N.A.H.JAMES

r97r-72 B.H. AMsrErN

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