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{s*lilx ill* youto the197th I amdeliqhted to welcome editlonof the old BoysNotes andhope thatyouwi/ enjoy feading about recent old Haberdash eractivities, news ofsdo0eventsand achievements overthe lastyeaf andthefeature pastand articles onHaberdasher5 present.



Inkeeping wlththewoidingeneral, the0.N.A. tries to make the (see rnost 0fdigital comrnunications www.oldhabs.com). Wenow have some l200registered emailaddresses butwould liket0reach all ofyouthisway.lfyouhaven't already done so,pl€ase register 0nthe (through newHabs. Online database wwwhabsboys.orq.uk) which theo.H.A. andtheschool aresharlng andwhich akoenab es0 d Haberdashers tocortact each othef.

Inkeeping withthe0.|].43aimoffonering links amongst oldHaberdashers andbetween theschool anditsaiumni, Inaddition tothos€ aheady mentioned, I would lketothank our wecontinue to lookformore ways to connect 0d Haberdashefssecretary, lMartln Baker, theEditor of theold B0y5Notes, Simon toqether. ln [4arch, some 700 d Haberdasher accountants, bankers Gelber,Alan Phipps, ourSteward [,leHoward andhisdauqhre6 Kely andlawye6 "|] enjoyed thefirst ab5inthe0ty"evening, kindly hosted andNatalie andallthemembers ofthe0.H.A. Executive, itssub byJonathan Bakeat5.J.Berwin LLPFolowing thepopular resporse comrnittees andth€Assodated 0!bs'committees fortheirsupport thisprompted, therewillbernore business-telated events infut!re. andhardw0rk.None ofourAssociation's activitieswouid bepossib e Wewel(orne anyoffers fromoldHaberdashers to actasho(sor wrth0utthern. speakers. Alan Newman 0urregular proqramme social atthe(roxdale Road clubhouse this Pres denL 0ldHab€fdashers'Association yeafinduded a QuizNight,lazz Evening and6ourmet Dinner and "oldLagi'lunches. theslxweekly ltlanythanks aredueto Rodney (ontents Jakernan, Graharn l\.lacfar ane,ElkPurcell, Pet€rVa(herand Geoffrey Foreword totheoldBoys'Noter I Wheal fortheirhardworkin organising theseevents. Thanks aho to Andrewlarpey forrunning theannuaFathers'and SonsDinner Editorial / Website 2 where a number generatlon" of "multi 0.H.families once again 0.H.4, Benevolent Fund/ eljoled compa rngroLe,0r rtairKl"oo eype.iFtce\. Gourmet Dinner 3 l\4any of0ufmembers tellus,notsurprisingly, thattheypatk!larly enj0yevents where theycancatchupwiththeircontemporafies. Leaversfrom 1968,1978,1988 and1998 metupattheAnnua Dinner (with23frorn1978rnaking qfoup)andsome thelarqest 40frcm yearenjoyed the1968 their40Year reunion evening attheschoo . These events rey up0nindividuals intheirfeevantyeartearning up (allingthose to orqanise andcontact theirpeefs. wh0leftina year ending yourreunions in- 9rStartplanninq nowl 0urAnnualDinnerwa5 agfeatsuccess intheimpressive surroundings of the Haberdashers' Hallwhere108Haberdashers andguests good good enjoyed food, company andthewitandwisdom of ouf g!estspeakers, notably Peter Bradshaw theGuafdian ilm .fitic.I ammostgratefulto Roger Lylefof once again organising theDlnner andto lllikeJeans, (and thecurrent l\4aner ofthetompany 0.H.A. honorarymembet forhissupport.

o.H.(.C. Dinner

4-5 tathers'andSons'Dinner6-7 Jazz Evening/ 0.H,Ladies' tunches 8 0.H.4. Annual Dinner PartPresidenti'lun(h

9-10 l0

Peter Freenan M.9


The0.11. Interview




0.H,Rugby Clrb 0.H,Cri*etClub

z7 28-30

0.H.Arsodation tootball CIub o.H.8ifle(lub





0eaths andobitonries 34 A5theirreports show ourCficket, Football,Golf, Rifle andRugbydub5 andsocietiesfrmlyupholdthe0lympiantradition,thatit'stakingpart 0bitoarie5 t+39 people thatcounts. Butthemore partthe thattake better s0whether o.H.i{ews 40-44 youarean playetotjustwantan active game, occasional I encourage PartPresidents Inside ba(}@ver youto contactthe relevantcaptain soheknows 0fyourinterest.

X*31**ri;:E 0 dBoys'Notes 2008 Number 197 PS.NEWI\lAN E5q. Pfesidenr:A. HonorarySe(retary: l\4.5. BAKER E5q. |]edsorLane Bourne End Bucks 5L85EE 01628529952 Telephoner NonoraryTrcasurea J.R. PARKTR t5q. Norlhwood I l2 Du(k5 flillRoad, N,liddx. HA6 25D Telephone: 0192382710/ Editorof oldBoylNotesi E5!. 5.H. GELBER 26St.Augusline5 Road London NWl9RN 9431 Telephoie: 0207428

L o o k i nbga c ka t a s ty e asr e d i t o r liat l s wna s i n t e f e s t it no gn o t et h a tl h eq u e s t i o e dt o t iios h a s k eadst 0w h e rteh eA s s o c i naw s l l gh t p o s i t i oi tfs e li fnt h en e xfle wy e a rl n o f t h ed e t e r i onr aq tc 0 n doi tr o f t h et L u b h o u sW e . e lti h ep a s tw e l vm e o n t hhsa v e t ht a te v em r o r ei n t ol 0 c u a 5 st h e brouqh ptsh ev a g a r laensd c r e d ci tr u n c h ' t h r ouw b a dd e c l s i o mna k i nogf t h ed o r n e sat in( d i f t e r n aotfa lb a n k i ni nqd ! s t r y .

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0ubHo!5e: [ruxdale Road, Borehanrwood WD64PY HETIS 1987 Telephonei0208953 Webslte: httpJ/wwwoldhabs.(om

VisitourWebsite at www.oldhabs.com WewouldIiketo makemoreuseof e-mailto send newsandevents. information to membersaboutO.H.A. Please tell usyoure-mailaddressby sendingthe detailson sothatwe cankeep an e-mailto webmaster@oldhabs.com i n t o u c hw i t hy o u .R e m e m b et or p u t y o u rn a m ea n dp o s t a l in the e-mail! address


lj.if-i\. il*rrxt 2OO8 REPORT I amsadto report thatthewidow wehave been helping for years a number of hasrecently died. I havere(eived a letterfromhersonconfirming howvery appre(iative shewas0fthefinancial helpthatwegaveher every Christmas. Thesons letteralsospoke of hisfatherwhodiedin 1982 andwasat theSchool from1920-1932. Withrheletterare en(losed two photographs 0f numerous cups, medals and capsbecause hisfatherexcelled at athletics, rugbyand swrmmrng.

There isn0wn0current beneficiary foftheFund's resources I t i s m a n y e a rssi n cteh eF u n h d a sb e e n i n t h i sp o s i t i o n A n y 0 nweh ok n o wosf a n y0 l dB o yo r d e p e n d 0 a fnat n0 l d Boywhomayneedandqualify for modest helpshould let meknow. it4. J Bovington (roxley Fund Secretary, 1,Green Lane, Green Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 IHR

S$urur13i Theregular Gourmet Dinnetorganised byGeoffrey Wheal andexpertly c0oked by(lubsteward l,,lel Howard andhis family to0kplace 0nthe29thFebruary 2008. Attended by24 people it was0nce again voted an0utstanding su.cess.

a. I


prerent Those werer. h a. l w o o d P f € 5 i d e n t r( S

K.Bhatta(howya & 2 Guests Alexis Bowden A.(hridian R.CIarke (. (orney J.Crawford 5.(ronba(h K.Davie5 R.Downe, S.Gelber Penny Harriron J.Hills P.Hodqkin, 6.leff(ote R.i€ff(ote R,.Jones J.Kemp H.Lan(aster Lois Lan(aitef Liz0uallermain LanRi(i M.Simkins M.Sholts ll.!horts I Sto(k€r P.Spen(e D.Waflen



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Tenyear5 afterLord's irlcketGr0und be.ame thevenue lorthe0 d |]aberdarhers' Iri(ket( ub d l n n ewr e a g a i n r e t u r n e1 dol h e [ 0 m r n i t t e e Dn i n gR o 0 m o nt h e2 6 t h0 d o b e2r0 0 7 t h l r y e aor na f r i d aeyl ] e n l n q . N u m b ehrdsdi n ( r e a 50endt h ep r eov u sy e a r l attendan(eandwhethef ltl,\rasthepfox mityof the w e e k eonrd s 0 moet h enr fu e n ct he ea s s e m e db t le r iena b os t e r o m m e m b eafni dq u e sw u 5o o d a st h et m ef 0 rd l n n earp p r 0 a ( hl ewda. iq r a n d t o5 e se om el o r m epra y e a r slt h ed l n n enfo, t ayb (au5lk ,,!ho Jo(kytfal,\lfl)rd and Bhatta(harya (ome had dovr'n fromSiotland fortheevent and fromthe5(ho0 weI kn01,{'n t0 u5 , [,1keYeabr]ey al. t war,therefofe wjth5ome d lf (uty andnot (harvr'o0d a ittletimethatPfe5ident 5tephen j n ( a le de v e f y oi o n oe f d e r t h eD i nn gR o o amr d \4aited f0farespectJu s ence bef0re ay rg Grace .

p f l c ew dl n e0 s n o f f e trh en o i s ve ou m ea n d n ta rr u n n qa t m a xm u m e n j 0 y m eq nu t0 l i e w y enjoyable rel/s anda huge eveninq wa5n fu s\ang.Forsome thouqh it al became faric.i e m o t i o naan dt h es i g hot f 0 n ep a y efra5 l n c theprize0f anil icitcontraband 0f fermentec

2ndX/ awald Mnne/tahn Kenp lcent/e) yr'it. Chlk Ca/ney, Akath Chlistian and Dond,,.

q r a pj ue( ea b l ] h ve i sh e aadn d t h ep n f o mIp t f al l n qf a to nh 5 b a ( \k\ ' i r e m ainn d ebll p rn t eidn0 um r e m o fr oi eraso n tgi m (ev J 0 In t h elyo n e s yT?h)e. xt t oa 5 ul a b lreo u nodl app a u swee nut f h e abr ud\t! e ld e 5 e t v e d .

rap dttk 4:.aatd Dobrer ard tla'h

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A 5i se v etrh e( a steh e( a l e r eaBi do nt h eu 5 u a f rst(larsmeal andwithp entyofcompet t [e y


t fa// lran g'a.e.t.


Aftertheurua(li]s5 andLoyatoastlthe l,l]as President on(eaqan on hisfeett0 lve(0me everyone tothed nner andstatnq p l e a 5 e d how a n dh o n o u h r eew d a ra tb e l n q ( ub asked tobePre5jdent ofthe0ldBoy5'Cficket ar e n l i m e l hnatat p p e atfoebdea p p r 0 v0ef d b ya l t h o st eh e f S e .t e p ht h ee n fnu r t h reer q a l e d usbymentioning hlifirstba fof0.|].earierin l,\'hl(h the5ummer hehadromehow managed t0 square drivet0theboundary forfour.When order returned fol0wnqihlsane(dote thefinapart oftheevening, theawardlnq oftheprzesg0t underwayandthePre5 dent\,jasable10award rhe2ndXltrophy tolohn(enpforhisgenera aI (ontributlon r0l]nd totheteam inwhat hadbeen adiff(ultyear.

*" il "{,.{,. &}ir Thelst Xl prizewertio 5amAl whohad contributed withboth batandballinthelstXl'5 effort5 thr0uqhout 2007. Finaly thePrerident'5 (hoi(e trophy tor2007 wasaneasy al i i5not everyday thatoneoftheclubmanaqes to score 2 0 Ji*na ni n n i n gr iso,f e1 0 1f6u nd5u n r gt h e season aswela! take36wickets andto much a.(lamatlof Akash Ihr5tian re(ei!ed theIupa5a weI deserved w nner.|]ewasal5opre5ented with theHerts. League batting award forh 5 lnnir!s againn |]artngfordbury, onlythefonht mein theleague's history thata d0uble century has Deen sc0re0.

Mdtt Sholts an d Penny Ha///s on.

1norc'for the nesidenr!

rhe Prctldent awadt Akash chittian Helts. I eague b att/ng p//ze. slmon Ge/ber wth Joe Hil/t gett/ng flleDd/y wlth Akath.


President: ('74) AlanNewman ('62) TonyAlexander (Gue!0 Tin Alexander (Gue5t) PaulTrussell ('49) PhilipAlterman David Alternan {'79) {6uestJ Grahan 8ir(h('78) 0livefBir(h('08) Peter(larke(Guert) (larke{'90) Robert ('68) {eithEdelman ('98) Ni(kEdelman ('59) DavidH€asnan (6u€tt) RobHeasman Mi.haellack {'44) lnsonJa(k('75) Rodney Jakeman {'61) (Gue5t) Ri(hafd Jakeman Ri(hard lenkins('74) ('08) Dun(an Jenkins (Gu€st) Dol]9las M(Qu.id ('01) StuartIi4(Quaid ('55) AlarMorris Alexand€r 5(honfeldl (Gue5t)



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Theret something unusual about theFathefs' Somehow it lslik€ano d pair & sonsd nnef. jacket ora fav0urite wh(h a5soon as of5hoes youput0n,youfeelathome; a ittlecdmerln wofd. achanglng andconfusing

That simiarvintage, o d or young, t0 theirs. proportion such a high ofthediners arenon permanent fxture5 i5 a55urance of thefun andquaity0ftheevent, buta sothatfriendl! faces wlI greel onetim€after time. Testament to thlsisthefa( thatbothBobStagg! son! asonesleps ihrough the Such aretheemotion5 were oth€rw seengaged thisyear ourloss (lubhouse, qood ju5tfofth€cra( doortothe asthirtyJive chaps, however hestll carne a ong, (leak (n an E-Type andtrue, didonlstFebruary 2008.Ihe of lag,to boot;damn theman! t h eh i n g e ; t h e somft h e€ ll o g f i r e ; t h e ceas n d easy greeted stylishnessl). Newcomers are w th onthetabe,butmost ofa I thesmil€s onthe you faces atthebaf,turninq towards 0fthose youin.AsW.H.Auden afdwelcoming asked, "Who canbear tofeehimse f forqott€nJ" and wasa p ac€toa laysuch fears, lt is f ever th€re atthl5dinner. llel Howard andhj5teamneveldisappoint and this was no exception. Nomemade warrned thecockles ofofetheart bouilabalsre 0ntheF€bruary evening andledtosirloin steak G/ahan 8i/.h, ,n (heesecake wilhal theirirnrnings. withvanlla dndJdnle suiskind. al purrwithconteniment arda cr€am made capped offthe evenlng. hearty cheeseboard

ralpey, Ri.ha/./ Sustkind

Y0ur corresp0fdent muses, inleflect vemood, equa fratefnal warmth andlt was0urpleasure thedlnner 50p0pular. Several to welcorne onwhatmakes twonewdan5 thisyear: lenkn5 fact (father reasons canbefoundr onelsthe0bvlous andSusskind Richard being a Schoo pluscoffe€, 6overno0. thata wlnninq fo!r(ourse meaL, ndeed 0llverBirchandDun(an wines andport, cafb€had forarnere f25;what lenklns deserve special mention byvirtue of money cannol buyhowever i5mofeimportant. y not being in theupper slxthafdtechnical fanqe The ofageseavngyearsspannedsixty y€tmernbers of the0.H.A.l Natsoffto srch evefyone dedlcatlon fouryears ths timeIound a55ures tothecause. thatthere wlI always besomeone lhere of a 5tockmarkets areinturrn0il;comm0d ty pricej gripsonce-solld !ncertainty arefocketinq; as-a-fock banks. n sucha wofldof an!st, touchstones suchasthes mpe p easure of ofe another! company ln convivial settngs with€xce lentfooddnddrink areallthern0re v a l ! a b l e :dtihnneeirsi nr u dhee a l at hn dl o o k 5 years settofloulish formany t0come. fyo!aren0ialready onth€mailngllstforthis to be,p ease e-malL meat eventandwouldLike mar@atafpey.c0m. Bodney Jakendn, Phl/ip A/re/nan and David Heatnan. A// wlth bee/ in hand.



F-;t tr f*.;*

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;! rtrJ i*f t ('49) lMi(hael Possener ('82) AdrianPo$ener ('72) BobStagg Peter5tiff(5(hool) PhilStiff('99& S(hool) TimStiff('01) (5(hool) Ri(hard Susrkind ('07) Jamie Sus5kind

Du n.a n -./en ktn t Richad Jen k /ns

When ltb OK to say Ao**ocks:

pdul rtutte//, rtn 4/exandet, Me/Howad


rhe Woodpe.ke/ Might have to go!

JimTarpey {rtdS(hool) ('97) Andrâ‚Źw Tarpey

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';'.-'? I ;g*{"9

'RuleBritannia & All ThatJazz'- 0.H.A. reected before distribut ngtasting notes forea.h (lubhou5e - saturday,17th May2008 cholce wfitten upfor!s byhissonRichard. n TonyAlexander& Paity(4) a further reinforcement of the evenlng! Brt sl. members andfriends throng€d PhilipandTessaAlterman Atotalof580.|.]. [4el!ch0ke of(eak& kidney pie,wir (lub the ho!seforanotherln thisoccaslonal series theme, l\,li(hael andloanBovington stidy toffee puddlng to fo gained ow, & Party(5) appro,/a olfecital even fgs.Foftifed byanex(ellent chojce KeithandMaryCheyney of wines and1,4€l Howard! spendid food, they fiomeveryone. & Palty(3) satback andreve ledn a joumey back tot mes Aneventofthisfatureony runswiththea(tvi Rob€rt(larke past,c0rnpercd Harold byjazzhstorian andDofothy(oud andwrterPeteT support ofkeypeop e,narnely, theJakeman famlt PatCook Vacher. toncentrating onthetradltjonaljazz boom theHo\'/ard famlyandfinally, mywifePatficia, sc {enDavier & Pa{y(61 - shades olthe19605 ofBarbef, BilkafdBall, r' th mygrateful thanks are€xtended tothern a , foi David andJeanDavies appfopriate p recordings ayed if superiof sound forgettifq N.5.R. Ltd,whoruppledtheaudio g€ar Johnand(afolineEgan se€med tobeiothetaste present. 0fallthose (l) ichaelJad P€tefVacher Rodney andGillJakeman Initiaily the recordlngs 5elected fepr€sefted an (6) &Pary earlierefa andthere wasakosome part attemptto Ddvid andPatJdme! jazz G|aham pi(ture andJanet l\4adarlane anoutline ofpresent day inBritain, blt & Party(6) trulyfofthemajorlty ofthoi€preseft it wasacase AlanandPatNeMon of Brtsh trad ru es 0|(. Ihe opportunity wa5 aso & Party{4) (er pay takeft0 proper ir buteto thelateH!rnphrey JohnPa (2) Alanand.lane Phipp5 Lyttelton, whose death in lateApfi,s€erned to & Pany(6) people,jazz affectso many lovers ornot. Peter& PatriciaVa(hef Thosepresent:

Past Presid€nt Rodney Jak€man welcorn,od the g!ests, andspoke bfiefly abort thew neshehad




fF" L*'J9.".

It isa truisrn thatladles liketo unch andthe0.|].Ladies afeno except ont0thsfue.Asrnall groupof ladi€s(about20 0fus)continue to rneet every couple ofmonths foraninformaunch, andhasbeen doing soforsixyears now. Inaddt onto enjoy nga splendld mealprovided byli4e1, Kely and Natalie, together witha9lass ofwineafdsome ffiendy chat, wealso rnanage pfoitforthe tomake asrnall 0.H.A.l

Humph'lyttehon wnh 'rhe Duke E///ngton.

I r"r'1,"

Wewouldalways be delighted to wecomenewcoTners to our gatherlnq5 soif youwouldliketo knowrnorepiease contact €ith€r Tessa ofPatri(ia. 0urrextlunchis4th5€ptember afdorr Chrstrnas lunchisonI lth December.

[ontacts:Tessa At€rrnan0208346 3620 tp@alterman.(o. Patrkia Vachef 0208428 6060 p€tervacher@onetel.com

ThisyedrtDinner wasa bitmper occasion withoneof the bestevetattendances as 108 |]aberdashe15 and gue5ts filledthe Haberdashers' Hall.Theparticipati0n 0fseveral gl0ups, reunion notably 23members of the tlassof 1978'i aswellasa nurnber from'68, '88and'98leavers helped tomake thisa lively andenjoyable evening.Ihe Difnerprovides an idealopport!nity for yeargroups to qet together for 10,20,l0 even40year reunions andwehope loseethese gfow years. infuture Aftera finedinnef andthecustomary informal toastswhichenabled the Pfesident to takewinewithall the direr5, the speeches began withthe toastto the Habefdashers' [ompant Schooland 6overnors, proposed byAlan Phipps, wh0hadorganised the40year party reunion for'68 leavers. Mikelean5, formerChairman oftheBoyl5chool comrnittee, hon0rary member ofthe0.H.A. and ourhostaslMaster Habetdasher, wasableto address usinhisownright,afterhaving sp0ken at fourprevious Dinners asa substitute for others. AlanNewman, presented thePresident l\,4ike withan0.ll.A. tiejn fecognition of his support fortheAssociation yeafs. over rnany

TheHeadmaster, Peter Hamilton reported on thepast year atthe5cho0I which asusual, left theformefpupisinhisaudience amazed atthe

range 0f activities thattodaytHabefdashe15 manage topack in.Duncan Jenkins, theschool Pretident oftheAssodation: proved Vice Captain that Haberdashets Newman are A.P.S. f74) ascocky asever bynotbeing afrald to faise a Guest! oftheAsrociation: lauqh attheNeadmaster's expense. Hisfathef, M.H.V.leanr ofThe {Master (1974) Richard, wasamong thediners who HabedasheB'(ompany) (ftair- Boys'scho Mrt.D.Knjght enjoyed heafing Duncan! strictly unofficial (ommittee) anecdotes ofs(hool life. (Headmade, P.B.Hamilton (SdoolVi(eCaprain) D.Jenkins (80)(Guert P.Bradshaw spâ‚Źake, Attendeesl (62) A.J.S.Alexander A.J.Allen {Guest) D.Altemani79) (49) P.Alterman (75) S.A.Altennan (85) G.Atkins l.D.Bal'er{60) M.Eennett(67) D,G.Be't(68) Mrs.K.R.Best{Staff88-03) l. R.Binneyi48) G,M.Blaker(88) 0urguest (1980), speaker, Peter Bradshaw the (51) i,l.]. Bovington 6uardian filmcritic,liveduptoJonathan Ross's l. G.Brent{85} description 0f himasone0f ourbestcomic M.Gman(03) (aspa (78) wrlters witha veryamusing des(ription ofhis A. (. G.(heyney {Stnff6t-94) path career since hisfirstacting experiences if R.(. ftde (90) plays. Sch0ol Herecounted howthisledhimon (50) ,. Coomb$ toanEnglkhPhD. performances R.(ottle(Guertl andF0otliqhts at (ambridge and then to writingT.V. H,t. Co'l(h(54) D.E-Davies {stafi59-95) scripts withhiscontemp0rary David Baddiel ,.li4.oavk{59} before endinq up beingpaidby CDontin(85) newspapers to wat(hlotsoffilms M.Eade!(66) P.J.tsan(56) andwriteaboutthem.Niceworkif s. L tng {47) youcangetifl R.Ford(Guert) B.A.Goodman {43} Alan Newrnan concluded the 4,6.Gorti((85) evening withthankstothespeakers 0.Griflith!(sta#68-96) ll, P.Hall(73) andto Roger Lyle,theorganiser of D. Heasman {59} theDinner andtoAndrew [aspari, D.J. A.tlo<hberg {77) the toastmaster. lt4anyof the R.G.Howe{58) diners (.,Hyll'ar(79) thenenjoyed afinaldrinkat theHallbefore making theirway CR.B.Jakenar{61) R.g.Jal(eman {Goest) home. (74) R.Jenkinr n,M.lfipps{55) A.Lafierty{cuest) P.[. lawrene{88)

n.B.ryb{55) P,tyonr(85)

G.J.liladadane{61) l. a*ente (Gue!t)


i\flilu*t (63) J.J.Maqowan R.P,Mandell(88) S.H.Ma*r(88) (Guert) J.S.Mccuin D.S.Mitdell(00) A,E.Moffir(55) A.M.Newton(53) A,J.Phippti6s) x. s.Pike{a5) (49) irl. Po$ener (. Roberts (Guest) R,M.s(arles{48) A.P.Scott{58} P.C.Shielh(52) R.lu.Simon5 {60) l, C Smart(68) (Guerti A.Soloman P.Spen(e(S6, Dif.Ext.nel,)

(68) N.spi€r (721 R,Stagg J.Steinbeq(85) (42) SirJanerSwaffield l. R.Swingland 165) A.J,Taney(97) J.{.Taryey{Staff83"05) J.Tatte$all{Guert) (55) P.l. S.Vacher 0,W.Welh{48) G,T.Wheal{55) A.lvhite(85) D.l. Whitta*er(Staff64-00) N,Williamt{00) 5.Wilson{staff73-05) lil. S.Wofson(68) A.J,Woo$ord {51)


$rrrEt gr F..

l9T8neunion Attendeer: M.S.8ak€l P.Bloon S.J.(ollins l{.(onway (.C.(urtis

K.Pattinron D.W.Scott B.R.Silverter S,Styl€ M.E.Taylor

C6oodedge J.lU.Green J.W.Howad A.(. Mark l$.Mendell R.Meyer Cl. Mendoza M.R.fiitdriron


LusrsF *

Aa* Row: Rodney./akenan, 6eoff Whea', Glahdn Mada/lane, Alan Newton, A/an phipry, John Egan, MikeAovington, Aoy Klpps, Phihp A/temdn, Dav/dHeasnan, TonyAlexdnde4 Nel/ fortyth,Alan Mo/it. hont Bow: Petel Va.heL Davi./ lamet, Noman Janet, A/on Newna4 Donald We//s, E//. put.e//,


Bestwishes (again)

trom one investorin talent to another...

\TPP 27 Farm SrreetLondonW1J 5RJ.Telephone44 -20 7408 2204.Fax 44-207493 6819.



e\* E-F3.

Ella Tofiance, daughter p aroflhep0ltt.al of5rAndrewToflance, a \leritable B.WFreeman warthe ffrh of the e5hbli5hment:liberall\4.PforG arg0w(entra, [4ayorof slinqton andChairn]an lx Freernan brothe6 whoa{Iended oftheLondon(ountyCoundl. Haberdasherl at ihe turn of the 19th.and20th.(entuihi.Edrhhdd Peterand I aseiuphome at No.] Redory Rown Penarth, a pmiperou5torrn a dn nguished creer,asdd ea(hof souih weitof(ardiff. Hehadaways beenntereied in pubi( affaiB, havng theirlhree sslerl.Thefamily!oriqins founded lhe kh00ldebaiinq roclety and u5ed itto champl0n unpopularcause5 wererevea edin the5pell ng ol the ru(has(onvertngtheUntedKlngdom to metrkaton.AftertheFirstWor lulure[4Ptfri name, dWar and n his qave thebu5nesiin Grdiffand hishorn€ ln Penarth hirna ba5e fromwhi(h ethkalbe €f5andreligiou5convktioN provldinq to enterpoiUcs.Hewa5a foodeemployer, 50me 400workerw th Bernhard Willla mwasIheqnndronof ho day5 wt pay,andsi(kness benefts. n 1922heqave a we James Reykers Freeman, del(endant excurionr, publi(sed donalon to theChri5tmas tundforPenarth's unempoyed. of Dutch immlqrants, th€ manwho n 1924 (ounr (iqar hewas eleded thefirsr ever Labour member of Penarh ljrban hadfounded Dtlrkt theiamly and and5oon chaiman ofitsFreBrigade Commlfiee.ln 1926 hesupponed hba(co buslness,sn(e 1884run the(oa byhis minerlnatonanrike, whi(hhadspa rked offtheCenera strik,and wrore sonIeorqeJames, \!ho5e wifeEdith an (Stanley openletlerto the(onrervatve Prime llllnister Baldwin) Maionwa!thedaughler calngior of a Baptlst ontoendthecoal dlspute. ninner,andthu5a radica Proteftnt. arbllrat A devoled mother, sheenrured $at Hisethi(a andre iqousl/ewrwerechang ng.Ateetotalierand(desplteth y ea(hofhersons began every dayw ih business) a non 5rn0ker, he was alsoa vegeta anwh0supponed arodbath. thehurnane During 1894 andl395rhe puni5hrnent ofanmals, andoppored capital l0r hunrans. Naturaly nursedlhefamilythrough anepidemi( 5laughter enouqh, hewasa parfst.n 1917 hehadjotned thePenarlh ofdip$eria, meas er,saar etfever andtyphoid, lheosophi(d ranthebusiness, andat the 50(iety, andfrom1921 to1944 wastheGeneral endof1895 mov€d 5ecrelary 0ftheWel5h 50(et)l then{romaflatabove theprcmisel toa large house {No. (in.uding whi(h in 1925 he rcpresented aI a conierenc he d at Adyar, Madns, 6Woodbefry Down)set in tsown9r0und5 where he atenniicourtandfied adopted Indian dier and dress forihe duration ofhi5v sii. Anonqit ofrheep)on theeartside 0ffin5bury Park, otherthinqs, fromwhere Peler {alhewaldways The0s0ph st5beleved thalthe(orebehE0fea.hmajor known) r0mrn reiqi0n lupp0rted the uiedtoHaberda5hedln Hoxionandafterl398in Hampnead. achievement0funive6a brotherhood andpeace, al taught bysprituanrane6, Born on19th.oftber 1888, Peterloined theS.hoolai $e nartofftespring Sarth l/r'dbsEN tingExpr.ss, l.ldth 8, 1927. Ierm1895. Aged onyrevenbyComrnendat onDayon1oth.December, hewd5 paced yea6 30th.n fte Fjr5t Form 0f 32whose averaqe agewa510 and11 guneaschoa6hlpfor months,Hhpotentla warrecoqniredbytheawardola '1896, butherema nedintheFlri Form untlJanuary'1900 whenhejoned FIREENLINE theThlrd Form, a 12year oldlna cas5 whose averaqeaqewas l4yearsand 3 months. Herea(hed theSixth Foniin1904 andflourished:one ofthe(hoolt piayer, bestswimmer, it besttenni5 captain of bolhf00tbal anddcker,it wasalmost inevtabhthaiheb(ameschooCaptain. Bythet mehe eflin April1906hehad5hown hii aradem c abillty: f0urthn (hooloderf0rthe Universily ofLondon [4atri(ulation, hewasawarded the5choo'5 5ilver N4eda andLeavingCertifcate, t5Stokesl\/1emoria PrizeforS(ien(e,andhilnarnewd5 pla(ed ontheH0nou15 B0ard5 dispayed inthekhoolhall.

af A ttwlqa 0FtNEPENtKfltao| ltL LA9f Nla\f Heimmedlately entered thefamilybusine55and n 1907 wassenlioitl cigar t^<?tftt FtatilAn (aNAIRMAII 0, fuE ItRE 'RlL^9' makinq facory inftrdifrby'19'l0was managing aitlMlrltE) tiAta aot{MrfftE) dir(orandn 1914moved titvl fi|t filt RAI'P RAlePAltN |'lt? FrtL FTELEA'| EAgy Aa talile&tf aFAt e 6lE,E attat, AMHo'aala. prospered, it toalarger ste,Asihefarnily's bu5lne5s itsmembe6'so( d 51aru5 (barey rose.Ihey aitended Hlqhbury Congregational[hur(h a mik Quadftnt joined of whom le5u5 Christ wasbutone,Thus Peter! invekln cenlra southofiryoodberry Down).Therethey andealtern theTorran(e famit intherhurcht Eump€, ndudingSovietRusiia,confirmedhi5convcti0nthal5 mhsi0nto introdurethrift reform(ou d andiobrietylo iheadutsofBritannia Row(asum (reetabout and5houidbea(hievedby(onrtitutionalmethods. amilefufihersouih ink inqton)andtotakerhe(hildren onhealihqiving hoiday5 tolhe5ea5 de.0nl3ih.February 1914 Peter Freeman maried



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Durngthel92h thel,Velsh e(on0my wasino 5b.Thenumber of(oalm nerj rele,]ant to hs (0nsttuency andtolocialcondft onsaqriru tural wdge5, land in 5outh \{raerfel fronr271,500 io 172,900 Theperentaqe 0f roa miners drainage, ruratelephone lervre5,pubaa5sislance f0rpooraduts,providing uneJnp oyedfosefrofnbareyl% t0 a most3l%.Averaqe ,,(age industrial bo0tiandshoe5forpoor(h dren, andtheprobknr 0funemp oymeni. rates te byol/er 5010, butbe(ause pri(es algo fe bya5lnrilar per(entaqe, the purcha5 ngp0!t/ef (at r.Ihelalinq ofafulyempoyed !v0rker rema neddm0st \(/hen in Augun]9ll lheLab0ur g0lrernment spltandJellonh0vr' t0 dea prkeoflamb andw00ldamataaly redu(ed theinaome of vestl](kfarmer5 \i/ththatvery55ue hedd notlupp0rtlyacD0nald5 Naiond Governmenia ontheWe peEuad shupand5, ngthem t0for(edown,,t/orkers f/age5 nal/an n ror0rnon withm05t Lab0ur [4Pt]0nhis5eal inthegenerale e.tion hed in pt poverty atlem toa!'oid orbankruptry. Apa rttom ntrodu.ngthede rating of or1ober n N0vember (t0lhen0rtheajrofGrdiffl 1915 hestood forNevrpori agr(u lure, indu5try andtherai!/ays, andmplementing asahene t0trandel andl0n t0 the[0n5erlratire (arry,perhap5 randidate, Reginald b(au5e0l r'!'orkeB out of areai0f espe(ially highunernp oynent,Stan ey Badv/n! hr advoca(y 0f ndan ndependen(e dndunequ vo(asuppo{for parili5m qovernment [onser\ratve appeared to haveno50uti0nto theprn(ipaty\ anddisa|rnament,Ihe latrer in a r0nsttuetuy !rhose R0yal 0rdnanre fu(0ry probkfis. provided jobs.DLrrng manlmurhneeded the iter l9l0! peter trave ed ertensively and\!hin inVienna metandfel n 0!,e!/th Ee0n0re Ka5tjnqer When Baldtr'ln clleda qenera (aptan ee(l0nforf,1ay'1929 futerdefeared .onfrrm nghisrepuration as\rhatva!thenolkd a adeimanlDuringth Wedg!,/00d Batn(T0ny Benn\ fatherliorlhe Labour andidarure ofBreron and peierto Se(ond World War, whkhpersuaded modithhpa(lfrtnr. hbwjieE d pr0baby Radnor, be(aule her,/as m0re vr inqio paythe0(alparty! ele(ton appedlorand,la!granted adi!'orce ontheqround5ofh s nfdety,exp0!in expenles, en mated atbetlreen t600dndt900.Heresiqned hj d reftr+ p both olthem r0the rirkof50{idl0strar ifnandniqma. (and ofl.R. Freeman and50n5 henreforth ved0n theinrome iromhi 5hares)to devots h msefto a p0lti(a(areer. Ne!'r'0n ther0ntende!ptehimlelf Ihe [0r5er\]atir]e "Bre(on [o[ntyTmel p0nted ouiulallre,L!a5 anoltlideroppos nga o(a f]ar â‚Ź"ts hero(ihesittinq C0n5er\]atj!e, Capi. Water DAr(y Hall,l\,1.(., D.5.0.1, a pirfin n a leat\r'/hose man ':l (Breron)rr'/as tolr'/n thegarrson ofthe5outh Wde5 *4 Bordere15, anantif0xhuntnq veqetartan n the :?{'largert sheep rearinq aon!ttuenr:y n ihe llnted Kngdom, whohddmade themsiake of ca nq agr,'u tura Lforkers "ur5ki/ed'1 y, Peter F0rtunale t!a\ 5upported by rad.anrlned"Breron and Radnorhpre!5 andbythe m neriiothe5outh lrei androLrth ea5t ofthea0nntuenq, inYnradgyn i5 andBrnmawr. Afterrampa(n n9 n a threepe(e hreedsut, r'th,r'h(hhe!/oreh s0.|]t e,hebeat DArryHalbf 187votes,,r'/ththe (andtdate, Libera Capl. temtnlone5, a o(afarmer, abare145v0tel belrnd. 0n(en %rliament, where go\]ernment theLabour la(ked anoveramalority, hedevored himjefr0 Pete/ n flont ofa.ha/aban. af enp/oyees f/am the Caldtfffa.toly on a wo/k, ourtng nj severadn nrtlyperionarau5es: for example punshmenlin(h00 0pp0l|n9rorpora r,theboil ng alveofobner5 rntheHouse of[0mmon5 kitchens, and$e ujeoreepnan$ rn publrpro(ession5, andpolce vi0ence n Eombayipr0pos I g r0prdre vd5e5 or ln 1945he,ra5e\\' offRoylenkins, \irhowal ookinq fora qui(kwdynto heshflower5 fromtheRoyal Park! in theCharnber ind ts .ornrnieerl]offs. Padiament,andLlajagain ad0ptedasthe Ldbourcandidatelor No!port. nthe There inlervenlons redur:ed hil effe(il]enes5 a5a ieriou5 M.pHenieforth gen..ra ele(t0n hedinluyhebenejitedfromthenati0n \rr'deLabour ands ide the Brecon Counry Timet' referred to hinras"rhe friend 0fb0edlobner\'ln dnddefeared Reginald Cdrlyssu((e$0r, Li.Cmdr. Be]R.N.V.R., by9,rl9l \r0ies response tohi5ron(ern about eephants Arrhk|{irkwood, afello\,,,labour 4.p, n thatandsub5equenr peter eer:iions in 1950, l95t dndt9j5(ea(h 0fvr'hr(h askediilheg0vernrnenl,,f0ud"prohibt[silly]asset'theHousero(ked!,,,th wonlthe ssuelrveresimiar.IheC0niervatives aa med thateftwingextrem sts lauqhter n facthedevoted mostofhi5timeandenergy asan[4.pto js!ues su(ha5Pr0lessor Ld5kandAneurin Eevan wouldirnpose so(ai5tc0nlrol on


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pany poillcallssue5, Heu5uaLlyavoided.ontentious butlnthe 1950s opposed (a5 eft)andsupported honre ruk for cerman re-arnamentdd theLabour Servke, fullefirp oyment, andpo tkd Beverdge Report, theNatonalHealth partyopposed). Waer (whkhtheWelsh Labour lI wa55urprislng thalsu(h moderation. hadtoed theparty lineforsoLong.In Apr1956 heresigned anindvlduali5t Labour lvlPs be(ause it oppored t0lls0n as lreasurer of the We5h Gr0up of pre he continued his n Chment Atl eet Laboul Covelnment, Notinvlled lojo projeded po a Severn Bridqe, a ky he thought wou d delay or ru e outthe 0f1945 hefeturned toVienna andmarried warlntercsts. Durlng theAulumn y 0i al. 0n 19th. l\,1ay 1956 he died unexpected constru(t on of any bridqe at thefactthalawarlimea(ldenlhadcl pphdherfor ife,and Eeonore, despite pr ran(erofhis bone marrow lnaqonybe(ause,true t0his nciples, herefused to brouqhtherbacktohi5hou5e nR€rtoryRoad,Penalth,wheresome(onrituen$ takedruqstesled onanima s, ydisabkd bypolio.llechamp oned believed hertobehhfri wife,unfortunaa (onserval vegovernmenis tobringjobs Newp0rt, negotjat ngwithLab0urand At h5 memorial servi(e ln Stow|1Ll\4eihodlsl Church, Penarlh, theWerh its linkswith 50uthern Enqland by buildinq abrldge tothetown andlo improve Pet€rFreenran asone 0fits own. |] s be(friend in Labourestabli5hment( aimed projed ph whenhe a onwhchhlsbrother Ra wasworking overtheSevern, qasps Par iamenl, WlWillamr, M.P for Barons [ourt caured ofastonishment l,p€rhdp5,herontinuedhis ntereliinanlmalandhuman djedinl950.Abovea [4.P,laterto be whenhe mentoned Peter's dvoKe.George lhomas, Speaker of the|]ouse of ftmmonr, andJames [allaghan, ]!1P,a future panypol]ti(la nevera mere Prme[4inister, bothaitended. ButPeterwa5 n. 0nce regarded asan((entrlqhe(anbeseen asaprecu$or notonlyofthe (for anmaland humdn rightsmovenrenti, butof theqreenmovementand qoodor l)of(ontemporary5ocialbehaviour. JohnWigley.

R.S.PC.A.,dndtrylngto makelt illeqalf0r rights,b(ominqa eadlng lighlinlhe parenlsto dren. beallheir(hi "AnimaLs andLlen"and"6reat l]e developed hlsideasn twopamphhti, propounded athen nol/el Food Supply'iln lheatterhe Brtrin andrheW0rd! poverty:'An rianisrn toworld avelage acle arqumenl whi(hlnGdethtalvegetd about 168pounds 0fbeefina year, butthesame a.re oflandwoud produ.e pounds produ(e pounds ofpotaloes. would 2,000 i0 2,500 ofcerea or20,000 0neatinq meatb deprlvinq about 50otherpeop e of Everybody whoin5srs pra(ke wor lndivldual beliefand couLd th€rf00dsuppL, somewhere infte dl (iaL awordw debenef effe(t. thuihave to Peg ley, his l/ewpolt Petelpletentinq a /etilementglft genelal dgent who hadbeen both apac/fittanda




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'N0 BytheUpper sixth,the5ch00wanted himto tryfor0xbridge. onewouldeven have dreamed ofitafewyeanearlierl'ButAlan was Early thissummer when determined to become anaccountant, anduniver9ity woud have ' Youdidn'tneed Dawnay, Day,a 12 billion delayed hisqualif.ation. t0qotouniversity todoti, perfectlyleqitimate financjalcong omerate, therewasa aternative path." career raf intodiffc!lties after findirqitselfcaughtup Howdidteachersat Habs. react?'Theywere notirnpressedl'And in thecfeditcrunch, there itmatter, intheend,thathenevergotthat ALevelin l4aths? twould werefewsurprlseg when have been tootheoretical, hetellsme.'^,,1y carcer hasbeen about thecompanyturnedto Alan applyln! numbers,tryingto people advise based onwhatthe numbers Bloom forhelp. Boorn,who aretelling me,ratherthan aboutthetheory ofnumbefsthernse v€s. As heads upErnst & Young's much asthi5jobisabout thenumbers,lt isabout consensus buiding, corporateresttuduring theconsensls between borfower andlender, itsabout establshinq tearn,has ong since trust between alparties.' established hisreputation asa leading insolvency specialist, oneof theCity's most 5uccessfu' corporate undertakers i Aticledat Lane Heywood, Alanqualiiedin 1980. Hej0inedArrhur Young in 1981 andbecame a partner in 1988, oneyearbefore it Bloom isoneofthefewremaininq insolven(y played expertsto have became Ernst &Young. Hehasconcentrated, throughout hiscaf€er, on a prominent r0e intherecession oftheearly1990s. Hehashadto deaingwithmanagementtearns introuble. People tendtoburythe r (an.'They remain calrn inanynumber ofcrises since. Butheisbestknown, heads inthesand, Alanexplains, theyputthinqs offifthey jnthesaleofBafings perhaps, fortheparthepayed y belleve afterthe collapse h0nest whatthey'f€ saying, theythinkthatthings wjllget ofBritain's oldest rnerchant bank, andforhisroleasanadministrator better, butpeopletend topainta rosierpidurewhen indiffrculty.' folRailtrack. Atthetime,ajournalistatThe 5undubbed him"theman toputourrailways back ontrack I Andfasehope problems: creates ininsolvency situations, the 0nger youleave thing5 theworse theygelandthefeweroptions thereare There wasa lot of media interest in Bloom afterRailtrack forrestfucturlng. professional was Theroleoftherecovely istopushba(k, 'thlsdoesnl placed in administEtion. Andanintefview in onthebroadsheet 't0say, fingtrue, thatdoesn r addup'loptimism ison€ (overed newspape$ even hissch0o days at Haberdashers. According thing,Alansays, buttfyingto defygravity isanother Acertain kind totheinterviewer,'Alan\ timeatpublic s(hoolwas notparticulady ol s(epticlsm "youcannot lsrequiredt you takethings ontrust, have pupil enjoyable. flewasadlligent butnever a5raf.' youmustbewary0ftaking to have anenquifing mind, things atface valuel Alanaughs when theafticle ismentioned.'lwas forever inthe middle, attimesthelower 0fthemiddle. ButI enjoyed Habs more as Alans nrstlarge assignment wasacting asjointadministrator of years itwent on,thelastthree pia&York, espe(ialy.lwas alate devel0perand 0lym I theparent(0mpany oftheCa naryWharf developme nt, appreciated it mofe towa fdstheend.' which faced severe diffiotiesin1992 afterbanks refused toextend it5 'Thiswasthethickofthe loans. lastfecession. lt wasawastela ndover Fromtheaqe0f l6heknewthathewantedtobeanaccountant' lwas there, therewereeiqhttenants, n0ne 0fthemwerepaying tent,and influencedbyfamiyfriends, goodidea' itseerneda andhehopedto theywere alllooking t0getoutl'l,,loth baI ingthewhole CanaryWhaf 'l remember project take[,laths. A'Level. Buthisleach€rs possibility. hadother ]deas. hadbecome "Thefe a serious wasnocash frorn it being government 5aid, dont lethimd0[,laths, he's notqood enough."'50 he t0 make it asuccess. lt wasin(redibly difficult tosecure tookEcon0mi6, English and|]istoryintheSixth Form,taughtby Peier tenants. Everytenantthoughl'wi i endupinaghosttown? Wewere 5quile, Ffank Hanbidge andClive flowe. guard Andhethrivedt0thepont looking atarazorwireand dogs s(enario.' thalhehad adllemrna. ALAN Bt00M:INTERVIEW


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Alanandhisteam,however, managed tosecure twolarge tenancies during theadministrati0ntihe Daily l\4irror6foup andtheDepartrnent (anary ofTransport. Whafwasoneofthemajorcontrjbutors tothe lubileeLjne;thenegotialions thaftookpacewhileolympia &york warinadministration ailowed theextefsion t0theJubilee Lineto take prace.


guysheld Lphisphoneand said:'lvegotachap called Leepemberton o n i h e p h o n e . A n y b o d y w a n t tAonl pdef oa !krts0ehnmi o?r p leaptacrossl' LeePembertof out,was Robin Lelghpember, itturned ton, Governof ofthe Bank 0fEngland ffom 1983 to1993.

Alan n0windshimself refefred toasan'industry vet€ran'. Does he 'Experience rnind thelabell i5both a blessing anda curse. A bless AfterCanary WharlAlafbegan to enjoya snowbaling reputation: nq,beca!se prettyqood hav€a idea ofwhatwillhappef next. Buta 'almost ac.identaly, wehadbe(orne players inthemarketp acei cu|5e, becalsea otofthepeoplearound youwon't. ltwiltakepeop WhchwaswhyEfnst &Young warbfo!ghtln byBafings afterNick umetorea 5ewhatyo! knowinstindively. lt s mportant notto5eem Leesof had made his€norrnous lo55es. arrogant inthissituation. Youneed tostrikeabaldnce, provid€ gudance without patronislng. belng twasavery exctngtirne, veryffenetic. twasfantastj.forus, tr€ alyusedal thefinafcialexpertiseofthe firm.Forten days weallhad 0utside ofwork,hegoes toab0ut adozen games atTottenharn Hot oneortwohou15 seepa night.Theday before thecourt applicat]on, Spur each playl qo season, fandworks outatagymlourlmes aweek. lrernember seep nq0nasofanthelawirrnsfecepton.Wejustgot jLnkiel'l'mthebeforephot Hehasbeendescribedasa'gym upinthemorning and wentto thecourt (oncedes,'not hearing. Alan theafter.'

Desp tethereberq somuchatstake, theexp€r encehaditsllghter AndhistimeatHabefdashers fernains extremely mportant t0 him. rn0rnents. Ateamof120of110Emst andY0ung ernployees wer€fIt5th€confdence thatplace gives you,' heexpans.iwasneve voved,nclud nganumberoftralnees whoweremannjng thephon€5 arythinq iikethecleverest. Butthebreadth ofknowledg€ you it gives atBarings.'WehadaflooratBaf ngssetasidefortheadministrators. stay5 withyou.The5chool makes youfeethatyoureay have some It wasmayhem, withp€ople fushing across theroorn, andofeof0!r thing tooffer.' James Francken


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'Bigthinklng' parker2ll towerRlchmolld Road5W5lfl

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't;t.a:,,.;liil:: SPORT (ri(ket sea50n th syear, winnng TheCri(ket Club hasenjoyed another record'breaking satdnaunehigh thevastmajorityoflhegarnesplayed. Interexinth€sp0rt '( leamixtureshasqvenmoreboy5lhe andiheintrodud0n of addltional (ompetitl\le 0pp0rtunityto rcpresent Habs. in mat(he5,

t0theEaltNational Chanrpl0nship Fina 5atGreshan s5.h0ol. Welldone toa ofiheteam5 invovedL

played,0fwhich96 rndlches have haveresulted Attheimeofwriting,'127 been

Football Ihefooiba( ubexper enced adisjo medslarttothespring season, withmany pitchesand ixturesfa inqfoul0fwater oqqed heavyn n.When itwaspossibl greatrcsilhnc t0pay,ihelstXlshowed inw nnjngiive0ftheirf6t5lxga (up knockout (aptan Ed quating fortheCrusader staqes in theprocess. (ll6]\/12)was preientln [4orrjson 0ne0fthefewever theside aslnjurhstookihe rtoll,andtheLowerSixthaLo (16|12)and firany ofihegoals, withWl Galim0re Prashan (L6R2l |(ukadia indinqthenetlentlmesbetween them, in(udinq al{ukadla haftlckagain{51. Columba5.

The2ndand3rdXhfoundiheqolngmoredifficultagainn stronq opporitlon, thesolerurcer5 being a 2 0 winforthe 2nds aqainn Radhy C0liege.Ihe U16 5quad have lostjus once,the hiqhiqhtbeinq theArearn nafiinqwithamora e booninq 8 I su@ssatSt. tdwards,oxford.

Badminton Badminton has(ontinued l0 llourish thisyearwithlarge paying numbell ofboys thespol(bothatrccreauona and invctoryfor|1abs.teamr. Iheprevlousrecordof 9Swnsset n2006islikelyto .ompetilive leve.ltlanyboysentered thei]ertfordrhire Schoo15 Badm mon h fandorinq inon100winrforthefirittime be5urpais€d andtheCftket(lub As50.iatj0n T0urnament5 anda I w0np0int5 for theSchoo. Indeed, Habs gototheLJl4A ever. Manyrongratu ations slde, whi(hwon$e H.5.C.A. County retainedtheUl8 Heitfordshirc5rhoohtr0phyrheywon a5lyear. (ornpetitlon |]ertfordshirc inthenational ln2009. Cup andw n0wrepresent whonafiowly osltheirfnalby 0noctober [ornmiserations meanwhile 18ththeUl6teamtookpartintheWatford and|]ertsmere s.S.P 90totheU1]Ar, juitfourrunr. Inter-S(hooh Toumament hed alYavneh Coeqe, Borehamwood. Playing fve qamesaqaln(five schook,l1abi. wercundefeated.They a!o wontheCounty ghljghts includea LJ16 XlaqalnstSydneyC.S., back 0rherh 9l runvid0rybyan nageof theBadminton Eng andNational nter5(hoos Tournament in the Xl(thanksto l0-backwinslorthe ln Xlagainsi DougYeabsley! aseasonl besl nler'schoo5BadmintonFinals springandanendedtheNatonal Edri.h andanundef€aied century from reiurn of6lor45frorn o{frpinnerT0m inApril. f0rlheStaffXlaqaln( caphin AjaySoni)and lhe0Ld11abs. C.t.,andvictory Meadowswon luniorHouiefnaagain( thePrep khoo Parents. anexritjng Rurse swilh0neballtospare aftertwo'sixeyw€re struck offthepreviou5two Thesecond Hab5. GofTourtoVilamoura, edby[4rWard anda(compankd by delivefuil l\4r. fi4dntosh and!lr.Whahy,kkked offin February. TheKeneof ait yeat ( imax [4illennium proved to bethemonrhalenging cou6e oftheweek, gotoeveryonewho 0ftheCrkket Cub. l\^anythank5 contributes tothesu(ess probhms a5w nd5r05e wayabove expected 5peed5 andcaused many forthe gotolstXl(oa(h, Aspe(iaLmention multal5o [4i(hae]Yeab5 ey,whohave5 u5 players. Nosuchprobemsfor eader Vivek%tni(951 whowasable ), however, attheend ofthhlerm. During hstimehere hehas(ontrlbuled much, botha5a partner tocon5tru(ta magniicenlround of39pojnts, along wilhpayinq David player and(oa(h,to Hab5. Ojcket. inthehuntwltha round Fern e(9R2),whostayed oflSpoints.Ihesetwo heda pointhadoverthefield.Thefina y early 5even epresented apanicular startfor Hockey (16H1)who prcdu(ed thefeld.liwas newcomerlaln Arora thebestgo fofthe year ltsstandadsthis wlthrorne |1ab5. Hockey i5onahigh.The. ubharraGed day, tooveaulPatnitlead,ashi5llpointro buttwasnoten0ugh recodbreakinq resu t5agajnstWadord, not o5ing a5inge game, andsenior enoughto se(urethe coveted I tle. winroverHli(hin andBedford lll0dem. Highlightsa sojnduded thesu(es5of sdoohCup.We arenowCounty theUl4sandlll65,winnngtheHeftfordrhire Swimminq (hampionsfortwo oflhethree agegrouprl Thesprinq tem sawthefnalrounds ofthePanagraphlc swimminq league Thesenior sideshowed agreat strcngth indepth, witha roiation ofswimme (oached wentontoseeoffopporitlon from Iheljl4Hockeysquad, bylVr.Fenn, rehining thetrophy forlabs.This&hevement wa5followed bythejunior jtthrough Bedford Schoolin lhelasiofEngland Flna sandtheyrnade Quarler boy5 inYears 7 and8who,in a ( o5efought batthwithSt.Albans, manaqe


fr*r rr X$:trx* inthirdplarebehjnd verynrong 0pposition.YearT tooklhe tit eintheirown 'mprove6' (onrpetti0n. Boththejuni0rand nterrn€diate squadr received polntsthan trophiesfor(o nqmore thercspective sides astyear. partlcipated Inaddtion toftelocal eague, bothjun orand seniorsjdes inthe Divsion'10 ReayChampionships.The senlorsfinjshed second inthemedley and ih rdin$efreestykandthejun orsachhved fourth lnthemedhy andftird n thefieestyh. Weldonetoa theboys whohave repre5ented the5choo this

5pe(a mentionmustq0tothreeYeargboyrwhowereconsht (8()and throughoutlhe tournament |]ugo t iff(8R), Jared Baker Ryo Yamada (8R)were p amongslthe bestfve ayers atther0urnarnent. Aloftheboys on theteamdeserve ihankr forworknqsohardat th€r training andparental suppofi hararobeen strong. These areexclting time5 forWater Poo at Habs. andwiththeadvent ofatourn€xl5ummer, theboys canookforward t0fresh (hdlenge5 nextyear.

Jared Baker and|]ugoCllffhavebeeninvited to theNaionaTrain ngCamp in Water Po0whkhi510be heldat lr^liieldkhooldurinq Augu5t the (umlnaUon (dmpin of n nemonth5 training at$e A.5.A.\ regional training tugbv Bedford. Thhrepresen8 anoutnanding achievemenl andplacel theboys in TheU14Rugby squad enjoyed a fabuouslourto Bjarrilz-souionr in South theioptwemypaye6inthecountry fortheir aqegrcup.The boyrwil work !1e5tFran(e overautumn half-lem. Twomakher wereplayed against the onthercondiloninq,skilsandlactka awarenersandthi5willcontlnu (ollegede5t.JeanPiedde PortnthebeautifulBasque(ountrrwlthhonours development andreprcsent ihefri neFonthepathway yrnpic topotential0 evenbetweenkdnr€andAnghlerre.5urfrng,theAdrena ine%r(andadaytrip g 0ry. toBiarrilzwereju5Isome oflheactivii esaround therugby. [4eanwh e,0liverInow(U6(2), lJ]9vkecaptain, arhieved a ir5t lor Habs. great TheU12Rugby 5quads have enjoyed suc(esser thhyear, maknqgreat playforthe \4ater P0owhen hewa5selededto U19Engli5h Schoo 5Barbarianl play.lnlhesprinq,the 5trideslo mprovea la5peCsof A!andBstookthefeld tearn. perfoniancer Afterrepeated outnanding in goalfor the5(hoolleam again5iHaileyburyand,playinqaqalnstsomeboysfronrtheyearabove,recorded aIlheNallona s in theautumn, hewarrelected 10pay n goalagainn the twoexcellent vciorier. Theiquadwentntothenextfixture wth (onfidence 6nniham |1qh Performance Academy Squad. 0 veracquitled hirnlelf wel, andwereexcited t0rc5ltheteams'abiit atlherhanre esaqanstBerkhamsled, makinqa$ringof outstand ng5aves,IheBabarlansrccordedasurpris w l - lo- d eo f ee do r g f - r ' . d r . e Ip a 0 r / p d r ' . 1 r o_dr ' p asa result theteamwil morning sawtheA teamprodua some flowinq attackinq rugby now pay tuur mat(hes andrecorded ade(irivevid0ry by380.The B'teamwonatense nextseason andw take gdne b)onppor_ pld/.d^ rhroddole- aIonard "l 0n mur reg onatteams "-d belielto over(omeihe hl)me slde. throughoullhe sprngand 5UmmeL The iunior Rugbyfulours Dinnerin l\4archqave ML l4atthews and [1r Donaqhey the oppodunity t0 Athletic5 rccogniretheoutstandlnq aonflbotonth5season fromtheentire a Ourlil7 Hurdler won squa0. the DavldHemery Trophy ar the AchilksReays WaterPolo l\rleet ngin0xford earlyn The U14 l4ater P00 team traveled Io Walsa thesurnmer term.lames in lune n (onfidentmood f0lowing monlhs of traininq. (10H2), (llCl),Kazuhir0 Edmunds Alex 8ameft 0nq(11H1) andN4irav Vya5 (1152)dlnchedthetiteandwon [4r.]llaithews andl!lr.siiffwere deqhted withthednwwhchsawtheb0y5 byonelenthof are(ond.Thh srh€thirdtime laking onClty ofLondon f6tandfnishlng with(in9lSchoo, Grantham and years. Hab5. havewon lhetrophy intheiastri)( l\,lan.hener Gram mdrSrhool. Thef na5(ore aqanst( ty ofLondon wasawell qettinq de5ervedl I wllhHugo(liff nlomDean(9N411 onthe a Darlus Prke(8|])andFfeLJwa fo (8R) {8R)andCapla areNationa Prep. khoolAthhrl(s played rcreiheetwith thr€€ eKel€nrgoa 5.Ahhough they welagainn(E.5. Oampions afterwinninq theirevents atBrrnngham inJune, Darlu5 wonthe Birming ham,theteamwenldownI 2a5fie boy5 were(aughtonthecounter peJumpwithl0.66m.Thls Ul4Hiqhlurnpwith l.60mandEfeth€Ul4Tr sthe (hampionshlps. atta(k ol/ceto etgoa onegoa ead. Aftera goodbreak,the teamtookon fllttimethat11abs. hashadtwowinne6 inthese Botonkhoolanddispat(hedthenorthemersT l.Playlngagain5rManche5ter pu5hed 6ranrnrat llabs. (U14 (8M), rc5e tolheahaengeand theoppositon hard forlhe a Joseph Bamfod Javelin) Rufus Mdlisler lU13sholand200nr) (U13 entire ir5t haI |Jowever, theina 5(ore was6-l l0 l\4anchester Crammar, in and Rory Cartmell 800m) io represent rhe {7[,]) {7J)wereal50seected spiteofthefactlhai0urboysqaveeveryihlng nthsmatchandqainedspecial Eastern [0unties attheiamemeeting anda lgainedtop eiqhtplacings. mention fromal whowat(hed it.Thefinaqamewasaqa innoldr vals, l{ng! s(hool, 6rantham, andlt proved to beagametoo farforourboyr, whowent a Afterw nnngtheHerdordshire U]7100mhudles tit e,|{azong(11Hl) down 6-2,whi(h didnotrefle(thercative {rengths ofthetwo teams. wasseecled torepresentthe [ounlyintheNationa Schoo 5champ on5hip5 aI Gaierhead inJuly.


lJ*'rv; irgtrt (l0H2)wonthe aJdme5 Edmunds Herdord5hire u17[4uti Events championships andwenton tolinirhtenth inthe50uth EastRegional(hampionshtps. alhe ljl4andlll6leams bothwontheirarea hagues intheCounty Athietirs League. Thell14rfnished 5econd intheLeague Final,losing byonepointto School Bushey.The 0ueent Ul6sfnishedf fth.

Distrkt, hkingin the view ai lvonsal Head andthe5ights of Edale.

InApril,Rel/ercnd justtwoplacesandeightpointslhortof aTheUl4sfnished qualjfyingforthe [4a*by and Naiionalf naloftheE.5.A.A.Tra(kand Mr. Hardman FhldCup. ac(ompaniedten (71\4)i5 (hampi0n a Harylvistry the2008 boy5to Kinqs Hertfordshir€ LJll70m hurdks and Phil ipSadqrove{8tr1) hasbrokenthelJl4S(hool5hotrecordtwkethisterm. Youth Honel, Dolgellauin a HabswonYear 7,8andl0 boys'(ompetitjons lvlidWaer.They intheWatford andDistrid (lmbed onlo championshjps. Theyfnishedthirdin lhe Year9 competjtion andwere - winnefiof the the Qdairldris

overa I Boyr' trophy.Rufur (/lV) Mdli5ter wonthe Belt Performan(e rmpnymr a Year7 boyfor hi5wlnin the 200m.

peak-Later, massif,"bagg ng"six gustywlnd andalowcloud base meantthat theqroup were navigating withmap and(ompas5 above 2000ft.They dlmbed Aran Fawddwy,thehighestpeak0utsideiheSnowdonrange 5urnmitr.

Habr. Athletics CubT p Aprilsawanextremelysuc(essfu preseasonwarmweathertrainjngc toLanzarote forHab5. Alhetics Clubithe boys worked veryhard, bothonthe ta(kand intheield. pefionalb€iii Allboys rerorded inseveralevents.

Aswelasathhtics,th partkipated in otherdifferenl Port5and adviUes. Ehven L6boys spent Ea5ter in Strasbourg, staying with pupls frornthepreniqjo05 Lyc6elean slurrn In l|le (ty (entre. Thegroupmet up ea(hdayfor(ultuml vlsit5 throuqhout Al5ace. Inadditlon to visltinq theEuropean Parliament chamber, thereweretr ps to theimpressive Gothir cdthedra andthebeaut fulPetite France cana I di5vi(t, Theboyrreturned progress home, confident thattheyhadmade huge intheir language 5kilkinthecou6e ofaweek.' Habs,Mountainee ng(|ub (lub hasexpeaenced Thelvoumaineering pa(ked yearwitha an action number 0ttrhs.Inseptember, twelve boy5 spent a weekend n North Waks. peakfrom Ihey( imbedfive theogwen Valhy aswelasArenig Fawr. During autumn halfterm, Reverend [,larkbyand l\,1r. Steelhoktvvelve boystothepeak


for athhtks award€d to Rory | (71), Efe (8R),Adam


dstein(9R2)and Lehmann {'10H1) r theirpefoman(es ng the week.The nnerof the Vicror otum [up wa9

(8|1)for Price oflnqmo5tpointsin 9nqreevent, kiing

bruary half-term

aneventfulskitrlp Serre[hevaiier in musemeni, in(uding gdownabla(kfun


fr*r rr X[; er** 5hoounq downthe |1ardman kil0nrelrei lr0mthehotel andlheslght0fN4r (owboy hatflyinq offand5ubsequently slope ona bumboard, hiitrddemark boarder belngploughedintobythenextbum

wa5lh5u(cess th5yearthat theYear appreciated r0usjcal entertainment, 5uch l00k5ietto become anannualfixture nthe|Jab5.(a endaf, Tteaparty "Grimm!Taley'rthe 2008Iunior S(hool Play Department! iuperbprodu(lon of [arolAnnDuft and]im Ihe Drama ol Supp e\ adaptalion GrimmsIalesex(iled and en(lrantedts

sk ng.0ndition5, wilhbeautifu sun5bine every Theboyrenjoyed exceLent great before retthes(enefolsome day. F0dultous, ahuge 5nou4alltheweek 5kiingand 5nowboardinq.

(t.n.N. a(0mpd nedbyl\4rKerr, N4r |(ingdon andMr n Febtuary tweniyslxth-formers Nowthem05t Departmenl, vistedC.E.R.N. in Ceneva. lackron ofthePhy5lc5 jnthew0rld, (olaborative pankea(celerator c.E.R.N. r a [uropean enerqetc pl0perlie5 to nvesllgate thefundamenla of experimentaL facility designed mattelThetourin(udeda lalk,filmandvlsitto oneofthe arqeipankle (aLhd witha touraro0nd Ataii.Thevist(0ncluded detedo15 inthefacility LakeGeneva.

tvtNTs Shan bookr intoHabr. Darren in Mayto giveatalk rhldren!author, Darren Shan, vlsited flabs. Ihepopular to boys inthelunlof s.hoolaspanof a promouonatour for hls new book, The Deatht shadow ta k and readingl gavethe boys agreat inslghtlnh wrting tn e n0r0fgenrc.

eveninqs in trlay.A ot triumphant example thealre in theround, the productron was paltitulary notable pace anddynami5m. t brouqhttoqether the a5s(edby[4atthew iuperb d re(lonof N4B fi4orris-Woffe andM15Hein€n, (1612)and (L6l\42), (16H2), ALexSh€rr wthanimpr€ssivey Cowen AlexWoof (asiasweLastheexrelent younq rcw nvolved nthe veratileand taented lookandsound oftheTales. De(orated oldBoyretumr

n Mar.h,|]ab5. hadthep earure of w€roming back old Boy Major Jeremy Lamb(Joblinqr, l99l) as part ot the (.c.F. n5pection.[4ajorLambwasawardedthel1^il]tary(ros5 Blennial lroyswere(hosen 'Bfumpany inluly2006,when hewas com manding l PW.R.R.Ihis ournlraq two lnduded farnqanonslauqht ofinlen5e enemy fire,su(es5fullyie(uring fanlasti(and gory bomb making equipment infte proce55. parti(u arlyappreclated bylheaudlence.Thi5wal targetbasesandreizlnq scenesfrom shanlworkwas reision before Shan sjgned many ofthe folowed bya question-and aniwer AViiitfromthelord boys'book. invlted to a hdurcfromthe InFebruary U6boys hadiheprivihge of being Tom l\rlcNally. Leaderln the House ofLords, the Rt. Hon. Lord LlbeclDemocrat 7 Takinqtea withYeaf with twelve 5lxth form boys, he de ivered a spe(h aboutthe Hav ng had lu nch partyfortheir fomel teache$ and headlea(he6, n May,YearT hosted atea twas(earfromthenumbera historyandthefuture0frheSecond(hamber. our guesls were (ontentof people quenionsthatthirhanlsruewhi(hrcsonateswithth aft€r welllooked eventwai enjoyed byaLoftheboysinvovedandceary towhlchhe5poke.The 0y rne 00y5, ntere5tinpoltlcsandthe|Jouse0f Lords. lnspiedmanytotakeakeener who presented themwlthcards ART and tookthem ona tourofthe (hool before G.(.S.E. andA,S./Al€velPdvateview tu(King Intotea, A.t.andA LeveAfiandGrami(s [xhibfion ThePrlvate vlewoftheG.C.s.E., 5an0wt(ne5 an0 parents, pup guenr stdff and enjoyed a vlsual war held ln lrlay. 0ver 100 5, caker. Leland Hui (reativeworkintheBourneExhibtion guex (8[4) provided Ha.Ri(had(orbett(0.|1.), fea5tof lome much


FJx'r'*;fr$ru* i ,

ipeaker andpracthlng drtist, praisedthe


competition between the Navy,Royal Air Force and Army se(tions, reveallng fte strcngih of teanwork and of our itudent5 and asotheintense butfrlendly encouragedth05e boys (ourse rivalry between thesections. taking theA2 to indudedevents continuetoexploreand Hiqhllghti n cft building, tugofwar, enjoy theirartbeyond 5hooting anda ra(eover the (hool (oniidence course. Ihe overawinners of the competition weretheArmy section. The morcfomal eveniJ ofthedaynduded a parade, ma(h-past andaninoedibh dhplay of drummlng.

prkes schoo. Rkhard awarded ai6.C.S.[. kvel to lGyur6udka(10(1), Iom ough(l0cl), (10C2), Dane Lehmann Andrew Specter (10H1),Iosin (10|12), 05hlnyemi Jo5h Rose (10R2) PelerSienkowskl andDaiyaan {10R1), 6hani(11H2). At A.5.Level l\4khae Moore (16H2) prizeandlt4khael wonihe paintlng Holins(1652) thepri?efor (ulpture.sam (U6R1) (U6R2) Pnner both andNeilJunice wonawardsfora 5eie5 ofirnaginai ve,5u5tained andhighy persona wo*s,

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Debatinq (ontinuer |]abs. to gofromstlength to strength ln Debaiing. n January the (U6H2), (L6i,l1)an WodsStyle Debatet€am,compri5 ngJames Fox BenLewy (11H1), pi(tured llasan Dindjer alonq wjlhtheBrisiolllnlve6ityconveno won theBrlstoLuniversity khookDebate Competition. BenLewy alsowonforBeli Speaker.ll wasthef6ttimethatHab5. have wonthisparti(u artrophythe onlytrophyln D€bat ngthalwehadneverwon.

ArtTdptoBedin 0rqanlied by Mr. Todhunter and accompaniedby qave There wasmof€ruccess to come, James, Benand|Jassan, aswellasAarcn l\,h.Keenhyside andMrs.Herben, lheAfi t p to Bein ln iheautumn Taylor were fortheEngland Scho0h Debating Team twenty fourA Leveland G.(.5.E. A|t{udents theopportunityto vlewa wde {1111), 5eededfortrials gas5work.Theparlyvi5itedsevenqal Iheteam0ffourwas amongst43 studentsfrom around the(o(lntry whowere rangeof a,sculpture,cerarnicand eries offered trias.James toxandBenLewymadeltthroughto thesecond dayand andtheyalso tookalo0kai'fte(kpoint Charlk'and the'Fernsehturm; orradio (reated James,pidured,wa5eventually5eeftdforthefourman tower.The dnwin$andsketcher intheboyttour sketchbooks reflected year thethird(ons(utive thata Habs. student hasbeen seected fn England the!redtlevel andappre(iation 0finteren ofthewo*seen. partkipating Jame5 wil be intheWord'skhools'Debatinq Champ 0n5hips heldinWa5hington, |J.5.A., inseptember. MUSI( Hab5.(oncertBandwereinviledtopeffofinattheihirty eighth Fe5tival Nationa partkipated perforrnance In February, twoteams irom|]abs. in theRotary Youth in Birmingham, foLowlng Speak oflllu5lc forYouth a 5plendid at the (ornpriring arearcund. TheYear 9 Iniermediate Team, Akhay|(i5hen |(aria regionalfestlvalin Lambeth, where theywere de5cribed byjudges asa'well((hairman), (I4aln profcientplaylnq perforrned 0liver Anisfed Speaker)and ZakKay{Vote ofThankr, aI olled, hiqhly ma(hine'iTheConcert Band inlulyat (Years fiorn9R1, rno5t ronvncingly wonlhelmerrnediate se(1ion 7 9)onthe Symphony |]all,oneofonlyeightschoowindbands seected lo pafticipate fmm 'Happiness snotakughing Matterl a(ros5lhecountrya5paltof thefeniva.Iheyplayedtheir signaturetune,Thetopic, (U611)Hamilton Slrippet Toby Young! Bue5, whlch waswrinen fortheband (ompri5ing (Speaker)a year, IheSeniorTeam, RandalC iff(Chair), Charlie Reith earlierthis along witha Prashant Kukadia, a lfrom16R2, wereworthyrunners'up intheSenlorsectio medeyofpleces bytheDave quartet. 0nlhe subje(tWhere haveallthe|]eroes Gone?i Randal wa5votedbe5t Brubeck Ihe Band Ihaiman inlheSeniorsection. aterembarked ontheirtour ofBudapestand Vienna. (omprisinq (5peake TheYearll ieam, AaronTaylor((hair,1lll), |]asan Dlndjer (onrpeted (Questioner,1lll), 1ll11), andFreddie Fullon n thesecond rcund C.CF. oftheE.5.LJ. cornpetltion andwontheHertfordshire Utledgain5t very5tong (ompettionln l\4ar(h the C.C.[ underwentltJ Biennlal Design andTechnology Generalnspection. Thi5 TheDesign andTechnoloqy depaltmentwere invited tohavea dispay(andat saw a keenlycontested


€l:sr** theBrltish nnovaton andT(hnologySh0watAlexandra Paac ntheauiumn. the[4arter (hdrmanof oftheHaberdasheri(ompany, Nl6.Deborah Knigh! Habs. wdrtheonlyscho0 to bereprelented atth s prestiqiou5 5how asit i5 theBoy5'Sch0ol Conrmittee parent5. andvarous$affand They wer€taken ona larqelya5howcaseforentrepreneurstoeNhibittherin\lenti0n5.t0ngraiulati0n5 tourofthe(hoolbyPrehepboys, before fte unveiltng olthe(ommemorat ve (11Rllwh0warawarded to N4ile5 Kaye a g0ldmedaandtherite 0f'younq plaque. nno1/at0r oftheYear Av,,ard'for his6.C.5.t. Water Skltand.Congratulatons (lJ6RlJ mustdl5oqo1oSamlvkPhail whowasawarded arilvermedalfor hs GoingGreen (tI l]2)whowasawarded A.!.proje(androBasiLelts a bronze nredal forhis yearhasseen Thi5 theboys ln proje.t. C.t.5.t. thePrepSchoo involved in a number ol 6reenscheme' ln Exsdtec Sdence andEngineedng Fair the5pring,Year4boy5explored (1612) n 0(0berDevJoshi wasawarded theropprkeatthek(te( k en(e the impa(of waneon the andEngineerlng Prolect Dhplay Dayhed attmperial(olk9e Thedaywasthe environmeni. The projeat tulmindtion ofDev! work thi5summer 0na pa(ementat U,[,LlDepartment sucreeded n rairing awarenes5 ofBio(hemistry andlr/oe(ular Bology a5partoflheNuffield khnreBu6ary ol the needto redu(eour srhefire. Hisproj( ,r'/as entired'The Construction andScreeninq 0f a relian(e on disposab e lMetaqenomi( 50 D.N A.Library: De\l wasoneofseveml |]ab5. b0y5 whot00k packag ng. part0nthedaIa l\!onPlatnumAward5forthelrefforr5. Another 6reen(heme saw Deviarhievement ledt0 a 5p0nsored pdreto compete atthe nternat0na getting th€boys pldnrngnewtrees mudd)', andshrubs ktndy donated byihe Schncand[ngineer ngFa ir held]nAtlanenMay oneofonlyfouruK lloodlandTru(Abgthankyoutoa ofrhe boylwhopa i( pated, many of tudents5e e.tedtopa{cipate. whomareaho nvoll/ed lnotherCreen infiatves, paper induding rerydlng and Veqetalr egrorr'/inq. PRTPAND PRT PREP ThePre-Prep off ciallyopens jn(udedl\lchael ThePrePrep hadt5formal openng n June. Guen! Jeans,


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H.c. Mauhews Estabtishedre23 For theArchitect,Builder,or SelfBuilder:-

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5eason Re!ier',' 2007103 Rugby Vase in 20070ld |]aberda5he15 andl\4iddx AftefllftngtheHeri5. (lubenbarked qoa vrlhtheulimate ol eague onthe2007/03 season profn0r 0n. _0 d flabs. (anno\'l e R0ad expeien(..d in 200/at (roxda A ne\\'efa,.vas yinlernaliona nurnberof lflsh c ub.raddllonlothelarge boasllo beatru of an0lher t!eal50 have some lniernatlonah andWel5h b0ysn thetearn rlere vrththree enou!h thr rea50n 10boa(a squad k nd.0d Hab5. lucky p l'l)'haI BoIh our hlroker, Fran( s Booth and nleTnal ona ayers. cuTrenl 9eba5tan TaIlot S!r'1rer and,r,ihile 0 d Haberda5her Ben[4artn repre5enl (apiainBuoyed by a nr0fg5quad, natonal rtl remaln5 theSvredi5h a whoattended lhesch0ol, 0 d Habs enjoyed a number 0fboys ieaturing plt(h L5ea50 nonandofflhe ".sr!5u(es5fu

game al home r olvy05nglhe 0pen ngkaque |]ab5.5taned the5ea50n dthornln oursdefol theielt 0l to a llrlty |Jeirdon 5dethatNarto prove y r'r'elf0ught \!ln 2822ar,/ay 0urnexlqame lva5anexlreme andbealHarequln the5earon. Iottofan5, beat0ldStrcetonjans, Roy5ton and\{atf0fd (heshuit, f0rmo5t oflhe5eason Arnateu15 !,rho ended updomnatiiqtheeague at nthetup.Ihehighight0fthesegamesmu(ha\]ebe 5 Hab5.vr'enl tra5hlnq atthesea5on5cole andarhievedthese(ondparepr0m0tlof homevhirh 5a!,r bolhBranBuller,li(k dnd 0fWatford al,'ayffom ans,oneof the!,reaker 0 d Io110n cnftomtht gameandeasiyo\]ercame RandalWh ftkerse(ur nghattf(k5. thee\lergreen p numbel0ft0rmel ayels 0athome nfronlofa lâ‚Źams intheeaguebyll ,,\,as (Ia5hing broughll0 anendinthe ni!vnnnqslreak ythisw nf ngruf tr'arbr0ughl and50mercdwne.ThBm Llnfortunate do\rflvherl,'el/ere rlddiesex eaquelr'nre150ldStreeton!an5pr0\'ed verynextqamewhentheevenlua B0\\,1by a iier(ey stmnq Tedd nqton teari. dumped 0utofthe game5 torthe boysn magenta eavingthei:nalqameo toostrong 0.H.r,/enl0ntof,,inthenextt!!o eague promot ytheunlhinkable to5e(ure on.LJnfortuiate reason avayalRoyston embalked happened !eas0n turneda cotnef a5we Afterthisd rappointinq defeatt0lhe nedRoyrtlrn 5delealinqthe0 d andtheboyslostto a delerm (feak. During thj5charge,!e twkebeat elenlamewinning outof promol0n 0n 0nanincfedlb Boys iir rhngthesea5on n ird p aceandm sring bealthe5hunl and0 d twlce beat1,1 | ll l, onc again pont5dlfferen(e. 0ldGammaflans. qame eijoyed an of theRoynon linalydied0 d |]abr. When thetears ,rere where0n(eagdin\,/e ex(elenl toutto Stfeelin 5orne15el, ".ralmly weromâ‚Źd byWelh R.Fl: vrho ha!e1:0me10 5upport ui durngthelastyeaT Ihankyoul0 a ltlro5e (oTne 1! woud !\relcome everyone to a ongnexlyeart0 ef]0y50me'qua pr0m Next season lsdue10be\]ery sng rugby andgreal tou(hl nebantet foraw nnlngyear forthe( uba50n(eaqaif weprepare DanMtchel XV(apta n 200/i 08 oldHaberdashe15lst


;"F. {s?^-L.:t u-}rr},' Pfes dent200/ S.Charlwood (apta - 5.Gelber n 2007

(B0*), therunsn partnership withAkash before retirinq hurt w th cramp asthe0.H.crus€dhome andCoikfostefs swanned offlailsbetvreen theiregs.

0.H.(.C. Season 2007 Folowing year reegat 0nthepreviols 2007 wasto bea yeaf A f dt h e tnh er e ai t yc h e c. k..... . . 'new'.aptain of fetTenchm€nt andreappralsal under 5 Tnon N€xt upwastheal West Indian searn attack ofHotwhite Tfnlbis 6elber. Amazinqly whefthe0.H.(.C. tookthefleldonthefirst andthepace andhostillty wasa I toom!chwiththe0 d Boys Saturday in l,'lay theywere fot faced withtheusuaaftermath . ol a p s i n t og1 1 7a l lo u tw i t ho ny S u n nBya r lahn dS a mAii puttnguparyfesistance

And t h e lnt r an e d a g an . . . . . . . . . AtriptoLuton where nota baI wasbowled buta pleasart afternoon wasspent if the pub,haf a game agalnst 51.Albans West Indianandabady rainaffe(ed0ldBoylDay which rneant the5chool andC!b hadthe experenceofplayirqaTwenty/Twenty rnatch foftheTannertrophyvihichthe0 d Boys won lnthelastovef- highlights ofth€0 d Boyl jnr'rinqs comlng fromAkash Chrinian wirh57 andmaking a welcome Teappearance after yea15, several RckNarr swith17.

ofthePi..ardy battefields butwitha dry,dlstywicket rnofe remifiscent of August condltions in Devon. Infactthestfipwa5 ov€r dryandthe0ldBoy5 w€re bowl€d outforwhatappeafed to beanunder par110runt. flowevef gottowoTk, thes owbo!/lels Akash Christian and5imonCeberwefet0omLt(h for0ldOwens andiheyw€rewh o irtttfloerd9wl i t h A k a s hntga6k2 0 .

Thenin July, at astthesunstarted to shine ard a vl5ltto Hatfeld Nyde, at the t meeague eade|s, anda most impressive victory for0.H.withHyde battlng fi6t ona slghtlydamp wlcket andbeing restr dedto 141(I\'like Filer 4-34 and5im0n 6elber 4 2l). Then Akash scored hisf rstcentury of the (103'), y€ar having been badly df0pped on20asHabs. cruised home, winningby/ wl(ketr. And t h e tnh ew h e €f ke lo f f a g a i n . . . . . . . Baldo.k turn€d upatBoreharnwood andondpoof u'ick€t bowl€d LsOutfof65withonlya gutsy 22fromexpfesident Howafd Lancaster andSirn0n Gelber, 17,makngdouble figures. lt was aneasy winfofthevislto15 by8w .kets.

A n tdh e n i ts t a f t ef adi n i n g . ....... . Ihe0 d Boys nextiawacti0n three weeks laier, although the [ 4l l h li i a n 5 r n a t c h w a s m y slteedr ioofuf osny F ( ar i d a y ] u n c h A tim nd teh € n i t f a i f ead9 a i n . . . . . w ththesunb azinq y andtheforecast equalbefign forth€next Thls timeatteawiththe0 d Boys position ina verystrong 0f dayil.At0ldAlbanansona grey,drzzlydaythefewereseveral 1764 againn Langleybury andnotgetting push thechance t0 nteff!pt petered onstop aybefor€ thematch outtoavery tame forthewin.Jhefoliowng week a scrappy winaqalnst owy drawbutnotbeforeloe hl lshadcompiled asparkling 87-histop Hatch End andde5pite SamiAll's 450.H. could onlycrawto128 5C0Ie 0l tfe 5ea50n. butthenasinthefirstmatch oftheyear the0ldBoys'spinner wer€ toomuch tohand e and(hristian,4 37,and6elbef,5 25, (ockfosters Topofthetable swanned ift0[foxdale Road onthe dumped thevisitors points 0utfor79andthirty tothe0ldBoys. first5aturday inluneandwerere5tficted to 171inther 53ov€rs withSami Alltakinq a handy 4 41,afdthenhelping knock off 28

'J. tr"| "



AtNorthwood, ona beautifLl hotdaya verystrong oldBoys sidepfoduced probably itsbestpeffofrnance oftheyear. Solid batting fromPrltesh Varghela 62,Sami Ali27,Akash 64anda blittering 6lx ffomAdnan Bashir atthedeath sawHabs. to a declaration at a veryrespe(table 2626. Early wickets from (hristian andVarghela putth€OldBoys firmlyin control but stubbofn resistance fromtheNorthw0od ower order meant that vlctofyhadto beworked hardfor.Deepak Ramachandra 0pened thegate withl-l'l butveteran ]\4ike Ftlef rounded it offwith the wlnfing lbwinthepenultimate over if a4 42speL


luckrneant thatthelastthree matches a I ended indefeat dnda park dEappointing yeaf. endtothe Back fromtourat Knebworth ir unbelievable circumstan(es the0ldBoys were fofced tofield wlth9 against a stronq l(n€bworth sid€. A rnagniflcent bowling perfofrnance ona realmudpatch ofawicket 5aw thehom€ side

Thegoodf!n offorrncontlnued aqaifst Leverstock Green as 0.|].C.t. ratted!p 255-lin470v€rs withthtstimeAkash scoring (55)puttjng 169andapaftnefship with5imon Gelber 0nj99for thefirstwi(ket. Good allround b0wling sawLeverstock outf0r 202withGelber taking 3 34,5!nnyBarjh 2-26,thrisrian 2-49 andAbidNasir 2-57. Then onthesaturday before to!r a nail * b terof a match against highflying Wafton at Stone withthe o 08 o n ah o r r i b l e0pfai qw i c k e t t h a n k s t o 0 d B o ygse t t i n g1t 4 a heroic effoft fromBob(larke whobatted foral butoneover ofthelnnin95 lncompiling his44anda beligefent, un0rth0dox 45fromHow e Lancaster. I return, desplte a flying startof46 forthefirstwicket, Watton found battlng equaly diffic!lt and struggled home by1 wicket. Chrirtian 4 59and6elber 4 48 outtor157withagain Akash figuring with4,25afd supported almost sawthe0 d b0ys toa remarkable winbutan!nbroken byAbidNasr 2 42andFiler2 44butthisrimethebaitingfai ed lastwicket partne15hip ofl5 tuned thetjdefortheh0me withonlyl\lattshorts team. 29andBob(larke 22pufting upmuch resistanc€. A f dt h e inta l w e n t w f o n g . . . . . . . . . . Withpr0rnoti0n rnorethanapossibility, availability andsome Then bad offto Sandridge forthepenultimate garne 0tlneseat0n anda ca5e of whatmighthave be€n. 5andridge l5l all0ut ((hristian 5-31, Gelber 2-7,Nasjr 2 45)buttheoldBoys came upshort by15runs ina qame thatrealyshou d have been won. Finally topr0motion chasing Nertifgfordbury anda remafkab e highscorinq match onthebestwlcket oftheyearsawAkash round offth€year byoblitefating thehome attacK an0ntsown indlvidual club r€cord inscoring astunning 201*,0nly thef0urth ev€r double hundred intheleaguet hlstofy. n a second w cket paftnership of 175withSami Aliwhos.ored 63theOldBoys cornpi eda totalof2933 befofe declaring at halfway. Theold Boysattackwas, howevef, very under5tfength andwithonly one oftheregular searn attack avallable theh0me team reach€d the totainthelastovefwith5 wickets down. Akashl remarkabl inninqs with23foursand3sixes wasto eventual y earfhimthe 5ara.ens Herts. L€ague batting award. Devon Tour Asusua the0ldBoys upped sti.ks andt0okirsbatandballdown to Devon in August afdanunpromising drived0wnthrough 29


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prel!de managed 10 pubfortherertofthe rainwasnota great butIhard week.0n Thuisday theongstanding flxt!re ftermittent getawicketprepafed andthe0.H.puttogether 167-6lntheir40 Yarcombe andstockland wasa runfeast onthesrnal against tops(oring wlth55.Inrepy thafdlnan olers withRckflaffls c o u n t r y q f oPuanuE d .v e resdfl l T a n d S aAml i , 9 2 , p u t o n 2 0 7 fixtur€ wonbyI wlcket with2 bals w .ketandwithNl(k5horts adding a belig€rent exacl repllcatlon ofthe2006 forth€second tota0f tosparD e e e p a k K a p a d i a 4 - l T a r3 d4 SnaemairAylbi 3o w i n g50whl5tmore orless stand ngononeleq,the0ldBoys going to victory. 7 was a ways to be too rnuch foI the hosts and th€0 d theto!flsts 141 gothome Boys by95runs. And t h e lnt e v erna l n ei ndD e v 0 n . . . . . . . . . . Kilrnington was Andthetraditlonal Llonday fixtufeagalnst Fna ytothefanta5tic venue ofSidrnouth whereonthjsoccasion, $rhile London shivered perhap5 washed away lntheovernight ran.Then dueto ouroverwhelrning wlnif 2006, Habs. ranup (0untry forthe wetter thesunshofe intheWest c0nta n ngseven olthehome t€am's eague lstXl andqotev€n against asid€ p undefed Energ redbythesunAkash the days. restof theweek. and!nfortunately thiswasnolofe ofthe0ldBoyrbetter 0f thisoccasjon, atl€ast, wew€reputfirrnly inourplace bya horne sde. much better 5othenverymuch a season ofcontrasts son€realygood team andindvjduaperformances ash ghlghted above butat th€ same timesome al t0oobvlous sholtcornings. Poorregu aI lity,forwhalever reason byseni0rplayers ledtotoornany availab andat€cryoffsastheweekend nconsistent leamperfofmance5 plans approached disrupt€d andhada detrmentaL knock on wlththe2ndx . effect

( ubto move Cri.ket forwafd lt mlst FortheoldHaberdasher broaden ltsbase ofplayefs andbulld onihestfength andquality glv€s llkeAkash us.Nels a remarkable of r!nsthatsorneone fortunate tohave himplaylng click€tef andthe(lub i5extremely withu5.I turnheharb€c0m€ a real0ubchafacter s!pport ng doeshavetheablityto []ove uslnanywayhecan.The0LdBoys i deul fa l s t a k i t s e l f i o a h l gehveefl b u t t h i s ( a n o n l y bneddi ov n tyfortheirownperfofrnance andnotleave it onrealfesponsibil sthatdeslre realy there? tosomeone else.

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(hagford ground, onther beautiful hjI surro!nded to attack, Alan Newrnan heLped himself to thetuneofI52runs andeven From a anda lotofsplend d teaaftefwards. a crafty haf century p0slt intothegame worked th€1r wayback onof82-lChagford touring resLlt ofa lyth€rnatch ended ir thepelfeci andeventua tieat232-6 each 5lde. c osematch sawthe0 d Boys winby7 NextdayatExetef another notseengtheblgwhlte runs with[4att Shorts scoring 62before a blg wooden thingattheedge oftheb0undary andgouging inlhe holeinhlsshinandseverely restrictinq hisperformances

Sirnon Geber.

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Foranyschool eave6 interested inpayngregu lhealestdevelopmenl in aryorduring unve15ity breaks, Therclntrcdudon ofasecond learn atOld|]abs.ls (omact (aevans@worldinrnotio phase Andy Evans on07/70942520 or thefoolballdub3fortunesof late. TheClubwil nowfedtwosidesforthefK (ompeteinAfhu TomNicho s0n07861222176. lmesn(e2000.The1nXl((aptalnedbyAndyEvaisJwi an LeagueDiv 2wlththe2ndXi(captdined byJohn Genn)i Division 5. More infomation canai0 befound onourwebsitet www5panqhiish.( 0dHabedashe6/ Seaion 2007/08 wasnotabh fora hostof newfuces intheofl. ii6t team, providing reaslrefgth-in-deplhlothe5quad.Ihisprovedinvaluablea5theteam AndyEvans position hitthehalfwaypointofthe 5ea5on lnanrong hague andsiillinwith adance offufthersllverware lntheLondoi 0dBoyslun of(up.TheChfistnas socialsaw theboys impose themselves onSouth-West Lofdon withavisitto Caphafir'r notorlous Infernot nightclub.,.a memory some doseto forqel, 27-Apr08Division2 OldBrentwoods | 6 0 d llaberdashers 1 nochoice inthemalterl Nevenhehss, aoacklng nghlhadbyall. othershave 12-Apr-08Division2 oldHaberdashe6 7 OidFofester5ll0 OidNabs. coudntquite mamaln thehigh-slafdards selI thefrsihafoflhe n5te6l 0 0 d Haberdashers season followlnq the(hristmas break buitheteamnrade it to lhequaner 05Apr08 Division2 oldWestm (up 2 01d(arthuslans ll 3 linalsoftheLondon 0ldBoys Jufior wllha mlxtufe ofstyli5h andquE 29-lar-08 Divi5ion2 oldHaberdalhers peormances.Thel 0defealby0dMeadonanswasagoodeffortagajnnadub l5'lMar-08Division2 oldAldenhamiafs l 0 dHaberdashers 2 regu ll sides.. Apani(ularlyslr0ng endtothesearon ledtoalhird- 01-l\,lar-08Division2 Old(higwellian5 aryfelding ll l 01d Habedashers 2 pla(eleaqueffBh andgave risei0 mudoptimism forlheimpendlng season. 2l Feb08 Division 2 old|]aberdashers 0 0 dChlgwellanr ll 0 26Jan-08Division2 OldHaberdaiher5 0 01d BrentwoodslL 2 (ommented, Asmany teams 0d Hab5 hasitsyoungell f6t teamformany l2Jan-08luniorLeague 0ld(arthusians | 1 0 dHaberdashels l seasonr witha ot ofpotental andthe2008/09 anpalgnpromi5es lo brinq tup Ilaining sesrionr toamalgamalethetwo teams mu(h 5u(es5. arebengplanned 05Jan'08Division2 oldHaberdashen 2 OldWestmir{ers ll 1 wllbeadriving fofce andthecompettionforp ace5 innovingtheclubforward. 08-Dec-07Divi5ion 2 0 dKing\schoLaB 2 0 dHaberda5he6 l TheoldBoys neded2nrongsides alainst theSchool andwere victorous in 24Nov07 Divi5ion2 oldHaberdashers 4 oldEtoilans | 3 yearl firll X winwasftâ‚Źi6t forseveral andrevenge fora9 ] bothqames.The 17Nov07 Division 2 0 dHaberdasher5 previous 2 0 d ( i i q s 5 ( h o l2a 6 drubb ngthe seasof. 2 oldFtonlansil 1 oldHabedashers 3 Sea5on 2008/9 wlllqanforthefirstXlwilhafiendy 0nAuqu5l301h agajnst 21-0cI-07 Division 2 0 dForenersi 2 oldHaberdashe6 1 andinmid-Seplembâ‚Źrthe JimDjxof lr/lemorjal 6n-5ide al0ld 20oct07 Divlsion 0dHamptonians, Chigwellians. 29-5ep'07Division 2 oldHaberda5hers 5 oldAdenhamlansll 1 22Sep07 Divlsioi 2 0 d[arthus]ans i 5 oldHabefdasher 2 Thefirst(0mpelillvefxlurei5aLondon0ldBoys(upqarneon20thSeptember.

2007/2008 Division 2Fina Table

tiltffiffiffiEt 0ldCarthusiansll 1 6 6 ) 0ld(ing'sScholars 1 6 6 0 0ldllabefdashers 1 6 4 2 0ldEtoniansll 1641 0ldAldenhamians I 1660 oldBrentwoodsll 1 6 4 0 0 d(higwe ljansI 1632 oldForeste6ll 1641 0 dWestminstersl1 6 1


0 t5 5 5 214 1 4 2 22 123 318 143 2 26 17 1 15) 4)0 312 122 319222 6 9142


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-iti fl* {lxfu' proqrdmme Theannual of fie 0.N.R.[. corcentrates maiflyonful-borc shootjng at Birleyranges fromL4arch to septembef andindudes Pnctice Days, whkhareopen tosupervised !i5itors, andteamentiesto competiiions runbytheAssociationsto whkhweareafliliated. 0.N.R.C. isaNome Office ( Approved ub,affrliated to theHerts. R.A., roLofdon andltliddlesex Rifle (L.l\4.R.A.)Asso(iati0n wherewe keep dubrifle5, ammoaitd kit-andt0the (N.R.A.),throuqhwh0mweare Natiofal RifleAisoclation insured.

'B were7thaid lastin Round 3.Team A came 4lhinDivision I butTeam Division 2.Nordid ourteam of4fortheL.[{.R.A.Veterans achievea winthis year

TaqetShootifg isanunfathionab eadvityalthough it requircs muchof theselfditcipline andpcctice associated withorjental maBhal af5.The objective isto pla(e ihots(onsirtefty within a smallspace onthetafget irre5pective of thevariation5 inwifd andweather, elminatinq avoidab e variables, beating othe6,and imprcvjng onon€lownprevious performance. lt i5 nota sport whereonly the youngand vefyfit arcprc-eminenl, lt isa y sportwhere fflend thorewith exper ence roulinelyshare it With others, forexamp e byprovidinq windcoaching.


Thkyeafwe started in [,far.h withanopening Pradkemorning at 300yard5 folowedif the afternoon by the Hen{ordshiie (hallenge Club5 i\,latch.This isafriendy match inwhichthewinning Club hast0organiiethe nextyear's event.We came second.In l\4ay weent€red a teamfortheflerts.Astor heats, butwereunable tofeldourbe(teamand Ithad meln it.

Chns Fltzpdtli.k, Andrcw Fa/.onet, John Bldbnel, dnd

Wesupportthe L.ltl.R.A. Leaquewilh twoteams of6.Thefe wereoflytwo Divisiois, whkhrneans thatteams arelerscoseyrnatched thanif the

lhe s.hoolt'

AttheslanofJune pndce.Thi5 provides weheldourlonqrange an opporlunity forthose getto shoot whodonotnorrnaly at 900ard1000 yadt andalsoawarm-up aweekbefofe theL.l\,|.R.A. League longrange match. lt waswellsuppofted withabouta dozen ormorepeople turning

Bythetlmeyou read thiswewillhav€ hadwhatmanyconsiderthe highight ofthey€ar iheannua schoos]/eterans ^4atchdurjngthelmpeiall\4e Thisstafts at5pmontheThursday, immediatelyafterth€ Ashburton isover Asusualwehaveenteredthrceteam5indud ngmanywhoshootonlya mat(h. 50me ofu5meetintheafternoon forawam up5hoot at200yards. Th€re k an0.H.R.C. difneraftelwards, thisyeafatthe L.I\4.R.A. cubhouse. Lastyearthose takifqpannthe5cho0ls'Veteran5 iiduded(hrisFitzpatrkk, Alanl,4orri5, BobCattle, Dick,George andPeter Winney, Andrew Butcher, Andrew Fakonet David Raeburn,Julian Fuller,John Brabner, andovefher"" withtheCanada team, Peter Redstone. Thephoto shows some ofthese repr0bates. The0.H.R.(. teafiscam€ 8thoverall. Alan akoofgafised the post match dinner inapub. J0ining usforthe DinnerwasJohf Valeftine. Forthe weekend of 20rh-21fseptember 2008we haveentered pairsintheL.l\4.R.A. 0.H.R.(. Affliated Club5'match onSaturday, andwill runourlnternalcompetitionsforlhe Lyleand ParsCups onSunday. IheLye qoeslothe Cup highest(orerand PafsCup isnowawarded onahandicap ba5isio anindivldual.

There isahoa possibiit) ofafother 0.H.R.C. opefPnctice Dayt0 beheld thisyearatBlsl€y. lfyouarelnterestedintryinq0utfull-boretarg c0macIme. PeterWinney Hon.5ec.0.fl.R.C.

Yetelant Mat h,

pastwhenthercwerethree0rmore. fi4atches areinApil,Mayand]une yafds al 300/500/600 yards Rounds 1and2 andlongrafge900/1000/ in

)e wti h Olynpl. Swim n er.


*. il . Sslli

(ontadAndyWard Thelifk.ourse onthewestc0a5t0fNorfolk, playaqaln5t Please sawourSociety at 01582 469175.The €ventcommences at Hun5tanton G.C. on(€again0urteam off0urpairs were Pease onthewinningside l.lopmlaten. note thelarge buffet, andnumber ofprze5. scoringthreeagainstoneandourgenerouslunchwallomuchmoreenjoyed (rossG.C. Wehave anAutumn l\,feetiig atGerrards onFriday 3rdOctober, inthehtmosphere'ofthis win.The daywasaranged in(olabontion with 8amfor8.30am. A morniig Stableford and a traditional lunch, witha l\4ike Kenl7er, retired headmaster whohasalways ensured a memorable chan(€ ofanaftemoonTexa5scramble youindicate youareablet051ay. if dayinl,4a(h. par{inthePort€rt La5tly doc0nrider taking Park everrr runrn(afoem Thespring nreeting at Harpenden Hammonds Endwarwonby the wirhPeter Hamblet ofthehollybush Cubwhichstarts 3pmatthe0ubin orgd_6er rJopoir.. lhee lo'n Lidi9r0rLrmret Rad eltand iinishes with a dinnerth€re. wasa wif by a smallmargin 0f fourpoiftlin the stablefofd between sixof thebestfrcmthe0.f1. and During theyear ourt€am 0flow handkappeF undertheirlea TheHollybush.(193/189). 0therplacer wentto [,fike Peterl/Jarsh, partln theGrafton took fi4ofiish trophyreqonai rrF_.h '0r l5 dnaDavo Coy12.Wpapplaudpo John qualifier.Thisyear,bya handtu of shots,theydid notquitequaliry pvpingbu{etdnooflpea-ahope dlanq10dnedrlv forthe6naatHunstanton andBnncasterTheteam withafouf0r forawel attended meetinq withgoodweather aqaifin lile handkapeach,comprised P filarsh, N.Black, t.Boa, R.Paffley, Aprll2009. R.Nicklln andJayRaja.l,4u(h encouGqern€nt f0r2009. Thef,4ay triangular match with0ld i/lillhiilians and Lv0n dn\drVoorParlwd,mpro'dblp fora t. ree- wdy Lastyear's Grafton l,4orrish teaminduded Dr LiamHughes, r i F d r G v e l o o n L 5 e d ( ' . 0 u ' , d p r d r 'uenpuosrLl padl . h i cardiologistat Norfolk andNolWich. Hespentthew nter0f 2006/07 resu t andtheteriblyconvivial pradising eveniig d nner. rowing inordert0 rowwith anumb€rofhis colleague to Holland withthelntenrion of htsingupr0aIt m lonforhh (aptain, At Nendon we werewithoutfomer Nendon h0spita departmeft.Themi lionwasrcached,withc0n {rl(rdpfoLpn. O\eve d )ple,tnu-beroldyed d Mlke Wateinq .ontideft from the hospitaland locality, bulwiih hi5tralning ni lappafenthe (l"blefo d arowitf,Lorp. .ooppd !y rwolh r.ftwo\.thp entefed th e Innr Atla ntic rcwing race and he and his rcw wof.He _ ' ounrbdclres-lLed in d w forl!4tlp Ware lq tt-eB"r-. wou d be available to tellthis taleto thosedt Habs. [htree.lfh andLondon suryeon havjng a weI earned dayoff),with pas5 eventcameto I would m€etyou there. (larke, Robeft a dosese(ond. At dinner amonqst the0.H.wereRobin Matthew, Peter l\,|ackie, [,fike Fren(h, i,,larshal Lawtof, Petef Shielk and lhope likeme,thatyou lookforwad toallofth€s€ g0lfifg days. Alan N€wtof. Thesecond triangular match of theyearat l!,loor Parkwascancelled, Alan [,loni5 nrangely duet0lowavaiability bythehome team.There willbeefforts to reverse thisin2009 Inlhe5chool playatriaf match, itwa5decidedto gularmatch witheachthree (omprising aschoolboygolfef, amasterand anoldBoy.Therc followed an ouNanding winfortheboys.The naffatAldwi(kbury provided Park ahor jr tobethanked buffe!and themaster incharge, AndyWard, forhisgolfrfg example andorganising, in c0llaboration withAlanNeMon, the0.H.G.s. (aptain forrheday.Andyhasarleasthalfadozen staffheiping withschool g0lllt isn0tic€able thatoppo unities forgolfon theAlgarve ar€taken in lhespring tembreak,by anumberofboysfrom 12t018yea6 ofage. How Ilchh th€future? Thednnual [horleyWood match dueon9thJulywastrulyrained offand rcarranged forllth August2008.lheteam ofejghiwiilb€frelded byRobin

I nowhavethe opponunity to adverrise the Habs at Aldwickbury ParkG.C. withpafenh, boys, masteE andoldboys,with supporte6.


Harcld Cou.h and ./ohn lidington .ontider the

DEATHS (1938) (Tony)R. BEAult4oNI o(ober 2007 J.A. (LARK (1955)24th Lenerl. o(ober 2007 (1945) Thomasl.D. CoCHRANE 7thApil2008 (1919) 2008 stanley5. HYMAN l6thlanuaty

J.A.(Tony) R.Beaumonl(1938) in1921. oadwasbom inLondon Atonly11y€a6 ofaqehlsfatherdied afdit watlefli0 mygGndmotherio (his. sister, brifghimuptogetherwiih afterwasc0nKripted Hewaseducated at Haberdashe$ school and5oon

to fightthelapanese, whkhwouldhave intothearmyandsentto Burma beeir adreadful experief ce. Afterrecove ngfoma serious warinjury hestudied forhisa(countanq inLondon histweniesenjoyjng hiscompelitiv€ exam5 andworked during rugby andnodoubt hisfree andeasy lifestyle. Itwasinhhearlythirtiesthat hemetmymother, lizabeth, through herbrother A hurSpratt whom h€play€d rugby, andwhoiswithus weremaffied in 1956.Firstborn, Jane lowed sooiaft€rand thef myparents moved TheI\4ountin Rickmansworth, whkhproved to perfecifamily home ariheystayed th€re the thenert30 oddyea6,with myselfairdienn mingalong soon after.Theyounq couplethen more thdntheybargained forwiththearival

twins,TimandAdrian whenbothi/tumand wereintheirforties. usyfamilylifefoll0w€d wjthDadproving tobea rmbutfairfatherwho broughtu! upwithhigh nlsandintegriq. hadtnditional values andcommanded fromusall. o.H.R.EC. Xv 19Ja-39, James Beaunont is in the ba.k low fourth frcm the left.


(lark (1955) Hhpresenc€ andlarye fnmewas sometinres daunting butweallbenefified Lester fromhisparenting skilk. jnhisfamilyand Hewas always involved to0kan adiveroleinoureducation Theie ismuch to rclate about Lester, a andpursuitr. widerdnging character whom knew garagesand goingf0ra laneremembe6workinq atBerkeleySquare dinkat frcmtheageofelght. (hairman pubbefore g0ing TheTwo hometogetheron thetrain. lennie,when hercarbruke plck down, Dadwould dropever),thlngtogoand The jnspiratlonal, had worklng nerup. preliminarhs of hislife prepared hlm Asaloddler, walkingwirh Dad,Tim r€membe$always hoding hisfingera5 fora (oncentrated period ofthirt)yeaB h5hafdswere sohug€. as produ(€r, resear(hef, witer, and AndAdranre(alhdtheyears Dad5pent onthe1slRickmansworth 5(out commiltee. Buttalkiigto mysibling5 weaI have (h001, thefondest memortes ofblgfamily From a prlvate hecommenced at holidays in Cornwa L Dadwouldloadupourseven-seater carwithtwo Naberdashert Westbere Road in 194/, r0ofrack andsometimesthe dogafdleave home at4inthemomifgio mils theyeafthatl\4r.Johnl\4cNair beqan (liffpath thetraffic. Atypkalday wewoud belraipsing along the carrying teaching intheianquage depatmeft, whonowremjn dsusthatLester waj panphernalia thepkik,surfboards, tennis ra(keB andothefbeach like anablenudent,and hlsabilitysecured pace. hima(ambridge Neverthele ateamofpackhorses wouldDadnrldingfofthatthefront.Andafteran hewas anall'rcunderaf dinvolled himself lnlhelWimtringteam, being an aclionpacked dayandtoomuch sun,wewouldsitina quaintpubgafden played exponent oflhe'new'butterfly polo, stfoke, water ruqb,wasinthe drinklngcold beerssurrounded byloved one5. R.A.F. seclion andexcelled of the5taqe. Iherek onepersof heretodaywho isinourthouqhts morctharanyother, Ina (hoolrevue, withI iffNash hebrough rheh0u5€ dowibym]ming andihati5l\4um. SheandDadhadtheir50thwedd nganniversaryonlylast 'Sistersl Ne appeafed productons,and in Gilbert and Sullivan y€ar.Notonlywere wasa theyhusba ndandwife,theywere fftndt theywere 5ou I 'TheTempest' (arnbridge serious adof ln as Ferdinand. At he was agaln in mates. They helped each otherthrough thickafdthinandbrought upfive productlois Shakespeare of the [,larlowe 5ociety. veryadivechildfen good Dadwasa man.Hewjllbesorely mhsed byusall. ln NatloialSerujce hewasanR.A.lPilotoffic€rand durifgthattwoyear pe odhebrushed upLatinstudies convinced thatthhwoud helpduring Thstributet0Tony Beaumont wasmade byhis5onalthefunemon23rd yea6at Selwyn hi5 gradualed ihree Col ege, whefe he l\4.A. Hons. French 0(1ober2008 andSpanish in1961. He5eryed brieflyin the Home []vil servkeafterAdministrative Grade graduate Examinat onsfor entrythefol owngyear.

Beforc rclatlng sorl]e of hk Televhion andBroadca(ing achjevements, lt (elebratlon maybeinterestlngto describelhe ofhislif€,aservi(e held at5t. l\4ary Magdal€ne, Stoke Bi5hop, nearhis Bristolh0use. |]eused tocontribute tosufday servkewith a bible readingthere, andthh wasanachieveme if hisalteryeaB, wlthincreaslnq wearlnessfrcm a5troke andemphysema Hlsdealh in November,was followed bya cremation attended byman, including Roger Lyle,PeterVacher afdlvlfJohn i\]lcNair. Ihe.elebra|on of hislifeoccurred onJanuary26th 2008and alrhough eadbylgorClark, afd [,]jchaeWatef house ofThamesTe]evBion, wasa(urateychoreographed by Lester: A broad(aning of Beethovent AKhduke Triowasheard; lgorread Shakespeare's sonnetXXIX, andAurcnwasplayed guitarist bythefamous Juan [,lartin. Af excerptfromWind if theWi]low5followed, afd,withsome presence, payeds(hubert's Rkhafd Leigh Harris lmpromptu No.3 ir 6 flat.





*lI f $iIrt *i R0gerWilliams andRoger Nllles read"F€arno more theheatofthesui';from 5hakespeare's Cymbeline. Mkhael Waterhouse described'Working withLester atThames Television' "llEnfance There wa5ai erceptfromBerlioz! du(hrist"and KayAvilaread anexcerpt from William Bdket"Vala,0r,The Fourloal' played "Thefre andtheroseaie Richad Leigh Harris and6e0rge Hasam ofe':The introduction andlinalprayerwere byRevd. David Rit(hie 0fStoke "They Bhhop, andweretired t0 EllaFitTgerald andLouis Armstrong, cant takethataway fromme'llg0rcatered fornearlyone hundred thercafteL Lester's television wo* pro(€ded if earnest from1962 whenhewasfor twoy.oa6 atsouthern TV0r 'DaybyDayiHewo*edwithlulianPettifer, lMurie Young Davies andPeter Wlllams anffrom196+1968hewas ,Di(kie withRediffusion TVon5ch0ok br0adcastifg.

breathlessfess. N€never losthissefse ofhumour Wewere inspasmodk contact over lhey€a6, andonmany ocasions hetod mehowgnteful hewasto Haberdashers fortheopportunities it hadgiven him.Heceitainly repaidhisdebt'l (hri5tine L€ster marred in theearly sixties at Hafiow ontheNill.Her brother JohnBeckley, warknown io manyHabs. inthosedayr.TheCarlc gorandDorlan.Ihey adopted sadydivorced, andLertermar,ed Rosemarie ii (ambiidqe. Afterl\4arlborough theymoved tostokeBishop, aho zonial house repacifg a many storied veficahouse, thusallowing fortheir allments.

Peter Vacher writes aboutLester's vlsits to thedifners at Haberdashers Hal, WestSmithfeld, if rccenlyears,and hh toerance of an ac(umu atinglistof diagnoses. Peter spok€ of Lester's cultural interests There followed 24year5 withThames TV His position asAssoclate andhisbelng welli'rformed anddeiighful company. Producef andReseader andProducer, resu tedin hrtsBazaar with ll4icha€l Bentine; lllusica Tiangles withIim Rice, whefmusjc was Lerter listed thefamily, ballelopera, cassical mu5k andjaa,Eur0pean risi-te s€leded forPaLrl Tortelier, Peter Frank Trio,lamesGaway,lulianBream, hkLo,tuoped lrlprar-re. as eiti. "ndA^eri(d PeterPearsdndSimon Pr€ston; The Sloryoflobla baletforlV;'G adDay) I have spoken to thoseof hi5yearthat lfiequently meet. They areasone ac€lebratj0r0fWilliamBakeand'Nureyev)astudyofthedafcer.(hristine, andacknowledging hisloveol andachievement inthe Le5ter3 wlfehaddan(ed withNureyev andLester dalrned a considerable inbothpredkting afs. lle was held ir such high regard. Hls colleagues afd friends wil so knowledge ofdance. miss him.0ursympathetkthoughtsare withhisfamill yea6ofSadle/s Prcdudions diredly under himincluded:Three hundred persuaded WelhandNige|{ennedy at Thaxted. li 1981Lester a shy ALAN E.I\,IORRIS (ennedyto earn aidpaylt4ozart'slrdViollnCofcertoafdVivalditG oriaat 5l.lamest Pccadilly. Heheiped to devkea dramatic vefiionoflEnfdnce duChrist in 1985, and heresearched'God kfows where andPonTabot'presented byAnthony withCharlie Chester, Tommy Trinder, Alkial!'larkova, amoigst Quayle 'Afterf0on otherth€produced PluJlHeappfeciated TheAmadeus QLlaftet Lill,ogden, Marsalis, osborne, Granger, swan,Vctoria de osAnqeles, (ould Luciano Pavarotti,where westop? have been iiterested inhisnianttnislationssom€ ofwhkh have been bfoadost.F0rexample"The Grandfather"by Benito Galdos,"Maestro Peiez Ihe019ani5t"by Gustavo Adolpho Bequel"(ominq Home"by Cam€n Laforer and"The 0xaidtheAsJ'by Galdos. They w€reheard n th€years 1977 1981 [4tJohn ]\4cNair wites,"Necontinued literary andanistkthemes. li his particula spare timehetranilated darsic Spanlrllworks, y Galdos. The5e y Jacintai ar€Dickens lengthnovels. Histrandation 0f'Fortunata a work hestarted in 1968, andpubished in 1973wa5a Penguin classic of pages. onelhousand Thhworkrepresented oneaspect of histotal (ommitment to at andliterature. l'lewasa great€njoyer 0f life,and peope. ready con(ern forother Werw andadmired hjscourage and resilience in (oping in hislastyea6withtheeffects of hisstroke and


**i{Li**r}x* (1939) Stanley Samuel Hyman:

5on, qrandfatherand brothet husband, father, businels man. Whatlval his no.yl

Ih r Bthetextofaeulogy glven byNarry (1961 f ynrai l974Dec) and(live |]yman Slan eywa5 thefirtchild (nee of Harry andZipporah Hyman 6elm0sky). fe (1968 1979 De()al rher father\ funeral. wasbofn of llrh June 1924 inHghbury. Ihe funenlwasattended by a lafqe number offrends andfamt indud ng Aai Nelvman, Rerflal|5,Ddvid |]i5falher\\lasin shppingandshowing l\'lushin, a qreatdeaof hufiourlwhjch David Hyman S t a n en!h e r t egda)v e h l s s o n l h e n a m e s 5 t a n e-yma en ad nSnaqmou andlonalhan Nlet i55. (lrurse thathehadtheacronym fornearn shlp ashislnitia 5.l:

Son, brother,husband,father, (onsummate grandfather profesrional. and

5tanley's ownsen5e 0fhuTnour ne\ler deserted himandheNouldneed that sense of humour durifghi5lfe r,rhich wa5l0uched byfamily tfaqedy and these.ondWor dWar

stanley |]yman hada ong,rewardinq and5uccet5ful lfe andceeblate thr asv/emourn h5pa5sing thisveek.Stanley hadmanyr0e5 Srholaf, n.r.nLr\\.'

A i.

,{{ft,. 'l Y: i. ,- r




Hlsfatherwar pagued byil hea th suffer ngfrcmParkinsoni dlea5e pmbably ai a re5ulof injure5 rerâ‚Źived dufngtheFfn \alorld War.Th 5i ness meantthatStan ey hadto carryoutmanyduties ihat wouldha\'ebeene)(pected of a falherpart tulary lorhisbrother Bransome tweveyea6h5iuniol fleasotried10nrake sure ihaths prede.eased 5iier5h,a au'ho him ooked afterherse f andheriwo clrildren BobandGlqard!vth Branin turnhe ooked after his ong!vdowed molher Booba unti herpa5sing.

Slan eywa5a narpupii.llewon przes at hi (hoolin \{ lesden andthenin a qulteamazinq feat lor llretimelvona (hoiarsh p 10 Haberdashers Aske!s(hool, Hampnead wherehe eKeled (aihdics,crkketand at 5port5 rugbyl andhhacadem. 5tud e5(s. partku arly malhemat

This \!asa notable achievement in ilsownrightbulnrade more5oby theexstence lrfaJewish quota.lle

Stan/ey Hynan ls /n the nidd/e rcw te.ond f/on the r/ght.



gltttI*Jrt*i stan€ywas luckilyforhimandhi5family proud tooyoung tosee actlve servke stayed atHab5. untiltheouibreak ofwarinI9,10 andwasimmensely llveinLondon duingthe BljtzBy eendofthe 0fbeingaHab€rdasheLH€attendedFathers'and5on5 dinnerswthhssonsduringthewarbuthedid warhewasleaininq to flyasa R.A.F. trainee. Notsurpsingy thewarlefi andwasproud of beinqa member ofJoblngs.lleakoreqularly attended prevent€d dn indelible mark on Stanley and he neverwanted thewordto forget the theAs5o(iation Dinner andtheC.C.F. Dinners uftil i I heath hlm genocideofthelewsin atemptedindufria Europe. fromgolng. ".R^

AfterthewarStdneywa5a member of A.i.F.Xbeing ilstrea5urer anda proud standard bearerwith hisbrother Brian.

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Theift ieswasbyall acount5a depfesslnq -rationsina pla(einpostwdr England ly were abolished in1956bulforStan ey it wasa uckytimeashemethisfuture wifePaula whoasa wifeof 52years, mother andqrandmother hasshown him su(hamazing care anddedication.A man could nolhavewantedformorein awlfe. InPau a,Stanley waJ trulyblessed. Because he hadn't tuly inished his nwhenwarbroke outhehadto quallliation cornplete hisa(0uftancy bystudying at night.Hewash.Cped if thh byhlslonqstandinq friend and quaifedasa tutorlackLewls. Stanley [erliiied a(ountant in theeay sixties. Armed withthishefoufdsucc€ss inthe business withHarry Rosenthal at lTou15. Stafley andPaula travel€d siveyinthjspeiodandwent round theworldabigachlevementfor 1964. Stan/eyHynan isin the ftontlout

filst oD the /eft

AfterGlobal wastakenoverby G.IJ.S. Stanley d€cided to eave. Ihisputsevere slrain onhisdom€stk budgetc0in(iding withPaula andStafley's movefrom IheirfBImaritalhome in Honeypot Lane to Borehamwood.Through thkk Juslwherewoud Stafhy'scareerhavetakef hifi wjth a ufivelsity payingforhistwosonsto andthinthoughStanleyachieved hi5aimof qukkmindandquiteexlraordlnary andcomplete educatlon.? Hehadane ectronically theireducation atHaberdashe6 which theyhadattended in numeracy. y proud Hewasl amtoldquiet hi5stept. ofth€ira(hievements. llemade endsmeetbyworkinq eveiyhourthatGodgav€himspendirg whole


weekends onextraworkandbalandng extended trialbalances. lf nothing ekeheinculeted theworkethk inihosewho5urounded him.

tireless dedication tohimandtotheothe6whotrjedtomake hislastyearor soat|(avCoufascomfortable asoossible.

Stanley hadalsointhefiftiesplayed asubstantialamountofclub rugbyfor talingatfullback. Hemaintained hispasion forRugby intohismiddle and lateryeaBandinhisretinment Paula andhewenton severdlinternational tours.Hewasnever happief thanata5 Nations intemational ortheeveof intemational dinner withtheLords Taverners at PaftLane. Thedimaxwas hisaftendance oftheRugbyWorld Cup insouthAfica.Heknewalotabout game rugby andfollowed the untilthe verylast parenthadakotaught Slanleyt Stanley thejoysofopera andclasrical musi( through theirloveof78sandthispdssion wasonethatPaula add he5pent a largepartoftheirretirement engaged upon. Although intrue Stanley Hyman fnshion hecould neither affoidnorwanted topaytopprices thetwo0fthemwerefriends ofCovent Gaden andthe8.N.0. andattended manyperformances both intheu.K. andoverseas. What then were theessential chancte sti60fStanleyl piofussionalism, Honesty, hardworkanda desire to help0the6were amongst those thatwercmember mortAllcaried outwiththeutmost goodhum0urexcept perhap5 whendrivingl Anability toenjoy himsellVery rdrely butmemorably toex(ess. paftoflivingwithstanley. Asense ofhumourwas anessential Notperhaps patience a manwithmuch ortheability to toleate foohgladly. Within "hammer ourhousehold the technoloqy" soluiion to thecentral heating prcblems Stanley wasal5onotanostentatious mannoroneto offerpnise whenpraisewar notdue.Praisefmm Stanley wouldonlybeforajobwell done. lsaytoStanleynow-"welldoneDad"youdiditall "bdlliantly"! Wesalute you. youshouldjoi0with Today u5andcelebrate Stanley's manyachievementr in hislonqandrewading life.True hislastyeatafterhisstmkes wenbyany standards difficult. Stanley wasthoughgstubbon fghter- perhaps fighting toolongandtoohad.Hedidnlknow really know howtoquitandthisI thinkwasaduallya Hewasthough io gatetultoPaulaforher Eeatquality.


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PARTNER: EmmaHewit, a doc!meniaryf lmmaker





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*- FE(raigwrites Dean ablockbuster movie

> Lool(or.[, LarryDav, worhng Tide,Mimmu Id,ComedywriterDean Boys'School-wherehe and lBc Films.Today, craig h about to hit the wasrn lne sameyearas he divideshis nm€ be tweenLordon and tos An8eles,wheE he is rurently working on sorie degreeat th€ University scnP$iorwam€r Bros showingin25ocinemas and lohnny Depp'sPIe inahjsMinng Directedby F.an-kOz finltm Nihil. His -whosecrdit!in lude goalsinclude m estepJo rd W,,,e s,Bowfngerand Ihe Sco|"- jr chroniclesthe chaotic extended,d,stuncriona] fiDer"l. ft€ Iilm has AudienceAwardat the USComedyArtsF€stival

Ieading film-



Mr Craig,32, sa,s late2oo4.lt toofthim tellsPeorlei'Shootins

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tnesame'€ar at Habedashes,,*k.! schooljn flsree ascomedianSacha Baioncohenaddhls6Nnovel in19e6, Ngwroy,wasa neaHurobiographi .J ma oflact andffdion _ includins 'real"details Gucha5theHabsserye ,{idob9noro) whi.h des.ribs a reenagert enrryinroanEngtjsh inde pondenrschoolsixritom. Contjnuingthe narrativerhread. Surlife followedrha withhis bes l{jown worksohr ,.14you+pend.ed? 0ee), a preuivmity, salyear .o!el n whcn a Srouporyouna!ri6 bav.l to hdia! whiteft.roassM8on (2ooo) conc.medtne ser andronmtic live5 ofrixtwentysomedinglo ore6. Now,maintairing the sequence (sjve or takezoo.tt rdd r"tuerce, abouia mrscs.t 1o-ye&ld), cons vhtt*er ttokesyouHopp!.Oter 3ao pages.sutcljffetels the *ory oI rhrft


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THEPERSUADER WPPchiefexecutiveSir Martin Sorrellis the world'smostpowerfulad man - and the mostdriven.Damian\{hitworth meetsa manwho lives,breathes, eatsandsleensbusiness

Now WPP is a f78 binion entity that ernploys100,000people in 2,000 offices in 106 countsiesand servicesmorc than 3,lO of the Fortune Global 500 companies.Accodins io WPq as ma,ry as one in foll] of the adveJtjs€mentsyou will se€ anl{here in th€ world has been plamed or bought by its compaDies.Re.ent high-profile adve.tising campaigns have included Dovet "Clmpaign for Real BeautylHSBC's ciever er?loitation of differcnc€s of opinion and American Er"ressb My life. My cdd'l He is a fMolsiy handr-on. hard-dnving bosswho lea.ls ftom thelronL "Beta se I st rted the buin€$ ny attitude to it js different from anl'body els€b.Foundjng a businessis lhe closest a man can come pht'sically to sivins birth. Foundersmust be more conrnitted. WPP is not a matter of life and death. it is mo.e important the that," he says, echoing the legendary Liverpool FC mana€er Bill Shanklys famols quote.'l dont regard this as beins a jobl He looks for executives who arc. "Brighi, intellig€nt, hdd - $orking. etc. But conunitnent is very important in our 'Penistence and sp€€d is not a bad motto."And when business.

The lair of the most powertul man in global advertising is not quite what you would ex?ett. I was imaginjng lob of 8la!s and light. a rvaterfall in the lobby perhaps,an o6.e the size of a temb couit rith an enomous shrny blaci desh ,nd ihe comnunications king himelf enthroted on a fabdous piece of swivelinS Italian designertumiture Tlre entranceto lhe global HQ of $lPP is the lounh door on the left donn a mews in Ma''fair. The lobby is so s]nal that there isn t room for three *itoN a! io sit doM at on@.Atier a few min_ utes, Sir Madin Sorell himseif appears,shales my hrnd and seis ofr down a conidor "Need to fiDd somshe.e to do this. he says. ''\47eha!€ a sDac€constraint."Wbat about his omce? Nah Fdl of rubbish,' he says.openingdoon to rooms that haveleople in them Evmtually, we perch at a smal table in the offrceof one of his stafi. Sheisnt $re whether to listen politeiy or carry on $ith her worL Sonell is the founde md chief executiveofw"P, the world! secondbiggestadve.tisingand na.rketing 8roup, :nd arelably the most influential voic€ in the industry worLdwide.Hb companies se the products and shaperhe images of nany of the world3 most famous b ndt from Ame.ican E$ress to Yahool uhen he spea.krabout the global economy,his wo(ls whi.h often take th€ forrn of elaborate ealogies are po.ed over like the muin8s of an ancient oi:cle. And his osn life has a halii of making the news,whether it is bjs pay packet, his divorce setd€ment or this year3 colouftn lbel bal. I had be€nwmed by thosewtro hal€ had dealinSswiih Sorrel that he codd be 'pugilific" and was advbed to "be on laur neitle'l I wastold of runours of tehper tan_ truns. ol stuff getting throltn around. N*ot a single mjssile came my way 3nd he was charm iisell But then he doesknow a thinS or two about lmagemanagemen! Sorrell,62,wastbe financedirectorior saatchr& Saatchifor ei€lt l€a$ before he had a midlife crbis. He left Saatchisand bought a stale in wire snd PlasticProducts plc,a n$n' ,,f^ctuer of wire bdkets foi supennarketr. He r€nted to use the com!3nt as a vehicle with which to burld bis oM empire,and his anbitiom wqe immodesr The odgmal docments he fled qth the stock excbege said he wanied to build a multnationrl servic€compmy.


he doesDtget tha! do the cricket bats fly? "No cdckerbais or baseball batsfly. hanahaha." And whe.eassone chief executiv€s night foors pur€ly on broadsstrateg)Sorrel roinesdeQly into everymm€. of W?P.'Somep€oplecallme a micro,manager and thin-krhat th€y arc insultingme I thini rhar! a complimenr.' Soneiisieepsfor 6veor at nosl six bou$ a nigtt ard is in the oftce amund7amHe hasa business br$Han loraly at €ight, a rnotningof meetings, a business lunch,morem€etings, a busin€ss dii.er. H€ t?vels a]l the tine NewYo* twice a month.recolar 'ropsro Europe.6!eor.i{ triDsa yearto ChinaLarinAmerice tous oney€ar-the FarEa5tihe ne\t "EvenHore the Blackl€rryI sasfaidy impossible"Evenon holiday?"Y€ah."Doeshe everrela-f 'For short The answeris no. lf leriodr of tim€.Do I 8€t sti€ssed? ,nybodysalsth€ysuff€rstr€ss,Ijust say,'Youarenot havingfirn.'I dont think th€Ieis anysuchthing asstress:youjust arentenjoying younelf or youfeelyoucant bandlewhat'sgoingon] ''I don'tindulgein art cou€ctioD!, which oneof my prerioLs ernployeriwar partiotarly keenon,"he says,r€feningto chaiies Saaichi'I dont have&ragestuI of antiquecars_I ski a bit, piay cricketa bit Thatl aboutit ieally. Borinety,nt aI aboutthe b!sines!."Thisphenomenal focusanddrivewasinhentedfrom a father $ho wo €d sevendaysa weekin fetail. Sone! glewup in North London.and was educat€dat Haberdashm'Aske'sBoys School andChdn3 Colege,Gmbridge SimonSchainathe histori.aD and a.lose iiiend from school,nd C3mbndgqs4r that he $"3 al.ways 'yery intense"abouthisacademic work and"femdouslydriven.He tooklife by the scrufiof the ne.k' At Cambridge theysp€ntsurrurlers Faveilingtogether.to eastem EuropeandAmedca,whererhey anSledaccrediration for the 1964D€mocr.ticConventionthrou8ha contactnho put the..nin touchwith Seutor DanielPatricl Mornihan.Theyediteda naga, zme,Camrndg€Optnion,which Solrellkeptout of debr. H€ hada teamsellingad space,"recallsSchama"It evercrossed hismind crcssed hismindto do an thing bui business. That$Esstagg€ringty wasstaggerngyeccentsic in the mid-Si1ties." Sonellwenton to HarvardBusinessSchool.He wo*ed for th€sportsagentMark Mccormackamongothen.b€Io.eb€coroing 'the third brother"at what uas then Margaret ThatchertIavoudte advertisingagency.His ilrce son! apperrto have inl€rited his work ethic.'They have b€€n abEolutelyno tsouble the wholeof their exist€nce. AI investsnent bankels.Horrible.i5nr t?" he saysproudly."Al beento exactlythe sames.hoolsandworkins o etac y the sam€companr."fhey ar€ at Goldnln SacIE Ju5t about every artide about Sonelt descnt€shim as diminutiv€.'You mean refering to mlr 5ft 614in?And in eve.y sinsleprofileI insiston the extsahar inch,"he says,chorrting.He! beo describedas havinga clasricNapoieonconplex.?ctualy, Napoieonwasalso5ft 6'lirl I dont think it woni€smeparticliarly. My dcknam€at schootwas'Tn€h': He is a financepersonandsayshe do€sntvet cr€ativework although."I hav€ar olinioR just asiou do." Canl rPpsetlanythi.8? "What?No. The.e ar€ sone liluits. We pr@ucL betterCan\remrr€alousvprcduclgood? No.Ifils a 6us\ prcduct. mn:umeNmi8htbu! it on(t.butnora .e(ondUme DoesheeYertakeon loust producrsthat hewisheshehadntl ''l!'e11.it happarsell ihe time wbeE ihe prcmiseof $har boththe

clientandou.sehesthoughtwolld b€ deli!€rcd$as not delivered andp€oplethercfor€eithe. reSr€ttedhavinSdoneit or th€yfailed. votrrc got to hav€room to fail. One of the big pmbte!$ at the mommris that p€ople\rill not takerisk." Therisli oI buling the Ogilv_v 6roup,shortlyb€forean advertisingrecession hiL m'ghtharcundonelessdeterminedindividuals Schama .erdembers thetwo of thernbavinSlunchat ihe Connaughi at that time It l1asa rcry toud time.He \r"s in a lery badmood tbatday.He&"s nShdngfor thelife of hij company. t sai4 .we dont 'We'.€ haveto do ihis. H€ said.ftrough gifted teeth, btoodvwel goingto hale lunch: Hefoughthis \ray throu8hthe ps.r'idg€asjf rlurderingthe bi.d all orer again: Th€ l€ades Sone[ admirestodayindude BiI Clinton,who heseysis still veryirlluentjal despitehavingleft o{ficeandhe adds that "MIs ClintoDis vei,yefre.tiyd I think w€ can suesswhere he thinksAmencais headingHe savsjlNervyo* ;ayor Mikcj Bloombergis vert effective... B,air...Bronn?Thejury is stiDout. I guess.'He Ieelsofi a lin of cwrent bosinessleadersbut hanson. arent they3I clentsof his?H. smx*si In an increalin8v compentivewort4 the i$lortance ot differentiatingyourbrandin th€ narketplac€witl keepSorr€ltre._v busy.And he is optimisticaboutn€r,t)€ar becau* ther€vil be a Iot of sp€nding at the Obmpicsandin the USplesidentialelection. He i5 famousfor his analogiesatout recoveiesand slumDsbeine bathsnaped"WeNer€out oi tle batha longrimeaSo.We s€eml; be taking a cold sho\rerat the moment. he says,refer.ingto the liquidityc.isis. T}le twin cialenSesfor the media ale workingour howto getmoreadvstisingontothe intemetard othernervtechnotocies_ and exploitingthe markeFof Aea. particuterlyChina. He|€es China as a fantasticopportunityin the e€dium tern. with his c!mp8nj€! involvedin 14 campaignsat the Beiting Ollmpics, but he is dxunt€dby itspotentaL HereenUy satnextto a former s€cletr4 ofthe ChineseCommunj5t hrtli \4to saidthere(!uld be t.5billion rath€rthar 13billion Ct'nese ,.Thart thre€ Ur\s or two thirds of a US that we dont know abour Th€ abitityofrh€ W€n to competewith that is very limited" Sti[ if anyonelas the appetitefor rhatsort ot cammtitionit i5 Sir Marth Sonel ploningdeatsftom Malhir. Bt rht rme rhe intewiewis wnppins up he hasdecided.for whateverrc6or mar rt kill be OK for me to se€hrsof6ce.It i5 surpri<rn8t, \maU.bur leels€v€nsmal€Itlecars€ot wel. not rubbishexa.rly.burcprtainly dntter thereeft pilesof papersand bools,tablesare cov€.€dlrl pnotographs andas'drd!andhangingftom oneeal is a plasricsdr ot amour anda Superman outfit - giffj from "r],egir6- ryhowo.k ashis assishnts. On the 0oor,dozingin a basketis a b€autint r€d sette! qio :ccompanieshim to wo* whenev€rhe is in lonilon. "Het crlled S$"ge" sa)r Solfe[ And the4 in caseI've mjssedrhe imny,he adls."Becaurehe isn'r" He showsn€ his larye collectionof oicket batssisred bv naUonalteamsand "the basebaltbar rlut vou wereref,mng to: Eunnlar neer mentionedrhe basebalbat hedrd. Tlat com; oul wher buds€tsarc not met" he chuckles.


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