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?002-2003 Od Hoberdoshers Assoc ot on

The Ilaberdashers' Aske's Ila*rgstead


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$cDool magazlne. sprlnqccrm,1903.

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€dirorial. nlnto ehar dangeF wotrld you Iead r.i C.$iu3, That rou fourd have re seek irio rys.ll For that vli.h i3 not in De '

T is rvith a feeling of great sympathy lor Brutus, whe! Cassiusplovoled hin inro sucb an utterance,that we plunge ilto the task of editing the lirst nurber of our School Maeazine. First a4p, prs r-e bot alsiy, u. e.-lrr. w- l,) our selves ope! !o a large amount of criticism, and even go so fa! as to irvite it. Would rhat rhe p e n o l a f e n n y - o . w " . e i ! o u r h a o d s .s d : n h o r d ( o f o r r o w n d e c o u l d ' a y r h a r ' ' t n b u t o n . r e D D i n en o n " q o l r h c i r dad s-lver hr! ;i* ro l-,ebe-rh:.es. On ib. e i. s ot rbi. firct essay, then, maylertraps be laia the fourdatio.s oi future nurber. ot bigh"r :cp:r"t on' and v:dpr " opc. 8 ., -cn -n b"r. le(L all oDr eco,rsshould bp i, .ain. rhrr nor upon rha e d i t o r " o n l y d o e qr l e ,.hool ma8d. " " - o - . o n u r , e ! , o l .a , ' n e r " r . ' t t i . o r " uR, r p ar aov-nrra- ro a chool rha- in" !i.rojies ud ldilure- of i,s membeis, bott' in,h" wo.kina aPna ald on r'" Feld ot pla). may be I'om rime ro nn" recordedi and that Dresert bovs should see for themseives the c u - r d s w h i c l - d i l : g e n . " a n o ' d o g g p d n e s c L r i D-S , o L e O l d Boy. i! ql'os" foots,.p. rhey DoN -re ,r"idine. Bur rh:s can only be doDe by aL men$r. of orr com;,nity. pa.r ald p -"nr. youbg and old. making up rnetr m nds ,hL. ea h onp r i l i d o h i s s h a , e .g F d t o r l i t r l - a . t h " c a . " n a y b e . t o e n " u r e ltp -ul-pss ot .teir Mdgrine. Few , ar br conuib lors. bur l o a l i s i l - o p p o r r u i i r y g i v F r t o t a k e a n i n r e r e s r .N h " r e b y alore ure lurpose we have at heart will be gained. Lest, howeve., we lack ever the grac€ of beirg brief, let us now turD to a fe$ itehs of general intelligence.

.4qb"ry, c L. ro.8.t. obr"in.l I e fiI.L p.a"- out oj rr) I t r . r e c e n t e \ r a i n ' r . o no f r ! e l n . r r . , r eo r c . e ! e d. \ . c o l n r n s . B r 1 v o .A { b " r y . Y o . ' . . . , \ "u r ; o " , O n r . \ . o , k r o s r v F ) o J r C o u n r r v - GJ v o l u n r " - r r i r . h e G ; r d o n H i 6 h r . , n , j d \ Td )'our idst and iret visits beforeand after,were ro-your old School.

l-,",'I:,IiT: i:"i::.".*;"'""1'f i,il;i. :?:ltrtri"::* )oL w"r ''[rr:8ra qirh B thr



clre cllc. UR ScboolMag.ziDer notion is it? Why


It ;s wiih Faeat r€s-et rhai we bave to record rbe loss r L a t r h e s i a f f o ' r h . s c b o oh l 6 s u s t a r b ebdy r h e d e p a r r u r o ef Mr. H. MacNicol to devote rhe wbole oa his ti;e to the

A @b"ideiableaea of Cra.( has been speciattypr6pded . tor lb:s yeaas .d.ket. sd wirb ihe mary adva;iaSe- rbat musl eDsuefror at la.r bei.e ab'e to DIa;virhi! rh; s.hool 'successtul-s;son. pled9cts, we hope roi a very All parenis and Liends eill be $'elcomeAas spectatorsof s.hool m;tches. Tbr, Foorbai Seasonhas nor bee! a verv ,uccessfutone for_us. bur iL is a de^idediaDrovemenron lasi ypar's record: and lext season,vhe! ihe football alransem€lts in the new b u i l do g a r e q o a l v o r s a n i . . d w . e .holld d; very1vell. Ir is. how"v"r. Dleaing ro add rhar o-r |Pam ha. beeb coospiLuoJs f o r s e D r l e m a obl y" b a v i o u ra, r d 1 " , u s h o p er h i s v a l u a b l er e c o r d will lemai! ulbroken iD time io come. The thanls of all those wlo are interested;. ine scnoollootball are due io the B-ovs'S€(rerary.A. W. Duoron, ihoce uns€lfish pertormance of his dlties. many ol Lhem di$"u-t and tedious,.dnot be too hjghly praised. There w,ll be an Old Bovs Rircr l(iD on lun. 271h. tollowedb) a rer and sociJl e"ining k:";ond." atl ;,l l o J a A o f M - . \ . c . B r e t t . u n d a '" L w ' o s e m a n a € e m p n .w . e < h o ud a l , o l i L e t o m e l t i o n , r v c ' y s u . . e s s i L l O I d B o v _ D . r L e wa" recendy h4d in Lhe Courcil Chadber rr rne- Holbo'o

yea6 aso ? lvlat'is rhe sood of it? l.ng is it ro lat ? Who riu-leeD it uD? it pay? Wbo is going to re;d iti

orher que,ttoos, si,; aid oroerwisq I . su€gFsied, bur a' you. dcd! Readc,, c , ! .<ssee4411gg t h e r d . rt o n "c ) o r s e tl t ;, l; l is rqsonabte r. 1"al the orhFrig!"',oC"ro'i". w,tl bedu\ soved&d! n m e 8 o - s o n , I h p r e i s , h o w e , e , ,s t i l l o o . q u e r i o d ,

o.en.pspre^mg sompLody! m-Dd ror a p,otonsedp€rio4 h ro bethc rerv pa i, ular A Righr..R., I i , ' e o t O u s b o o ,U - s - / i D et ' . T d e H d b e - d a s h " rC. o 6 t r

AsresHmpJeddaov; s"r-r n.:"*

i,.';iil" i""l"di

e v e o r b e a b b r e \ € t e d r o t u , , b e . H . C . A . H . B , s . F . , ,i s a t a r - c

m-mory._bsids being obscure,. mea",!g a,il u.m6id s o u i d , r b p r n e n d l y a d v F esri r b a p r & r : . - t m i n d r e c o @ e a eo(mtulmu *ord, \u(h as t\- .HcberasLam:, d , '

Haberamnediatr: but Lbe form"r soLbd, ti.e Noe'egi{. I rbe ral.er ootv invites.q.ofin8: while tie ,Appy Aaeeit -li-

_ Mr. Lvhaby. a1 OId Boy, t-js shor rte afleaion ha slrll polsesses Io! rle rhooL :n a very kindly and pGctjcat way. On Vdrch ?rL, in h- Dosir;on'as C;airmd of rhe Queen. p21t RarRe s F.c., b; enre ain"d ou! znd XL in 'be Glald S.and :I Ken3at Ri.e o! I'e occasion of a Soutbeh Leaele football tuatch with ih. Br'srot Rovers. We echo ihe feeli.gs ot thes€ boys in gi rg lin our hearty thanks.

Wbat an id.al eas ir not io

rq.. sbo L $hea wi,b ima8inaiiotr. advG

)"l'; ll symboh r:Ll. dd ofr"b a sid- , boi.e: ;"u: ir,"c",u"rq'


rr.Ee,. rhe.or-,p.'r.- .rramilrs,

t::^:x::t:..1r;,tl: o e O w L . N i o e ' a :g.ld , e *.. rt"*... , *t.:.ty ".. d Fady,n rs". a-d o,he6 so ld re " iq" iu*i-j q. e- [i ;, . Dore!. Pb'ro-opher rrtt u" r\at whe! w- aF ,o d,Ri!ulti6t o N a l u r e i o r E u i d " n . - : l e r u s r f e . e f o r pn r b raLtn -orp s.!r. - of d s\od. a plesbs;Ea m o d . t r b u r b o t t o o r o d e > l ) r i i e . A s w e m u s t c h o o s -b e t - E . or -pd. ll e brppzy bra.inS atmo.pbere :oa !e{ fome. reopt u! ro @k ro,Ea nnd rar wtpihpr qF are for-.ng fours id tb privet bound€d qladJangle, o! ta.tiDg the qlarte; nile of tt ronrrhg r1,?. \o bave year in. J-ar ouL,wearh"r ed iL h o I D e r h r r t r o g .a c h - r u b a l o f i , p p a t i n e I o . r ' . h i , d s i r e r o ] .

o n - . o ' u . , t , n a a o u r y o L - s ; p r i r " - t o , er o b . t i k eh i s ,r"fr,D8. Let u<, 'bnefor-. r€il:5"t^i""^:^fy ^1d 6-c":!an entranice exaoinition him at o'ce, and ror lim be an impertinence, ddnit him folrhwith to uur : r s m"rbe('i!. wirh all Dri.ilese,i and rt is humble

s.bnor ra€/i-e maebetu6. I'1.r"._"5:,,Tf"i."-, THF..s.nyLARrt.. .Too nmb: io-s: raJs on< oDj(rd:

t e . o m i r S l o ' h : - p : n r c e h e d c " r o w , ,d d ' Wrrbl.r' $orrd bc a brr.r rn e. and a -(ond FIls 6 hoys a." roush and w,ld and ,b rrey .bould lpam to - o F t v .a - d s o - i " h , ^ - t . ! - i r p a n d r h c ' . T u r . t ^ d o v e . :r a tlr-d rJrmur- lhat .ll Ln: wi.doF i, sooermitrded sombre, far reooved from the Irivolities so artlacrive to and w_ehear ile {Raveo' susgested in ralcous voice, ;

most beiuing title. ,,The R;ven lives foi .ver, but l\{ Pri,! . \tdr u & co, .u-tiniFd. s: soondr:ve aF, Skylar!." .Iery rell,_if !e dust go, so !e musti !e

h o q e v " r . s t i l - . . v i v p r h - a / F n d m o - n gr l - E " o q a l o n s o {

ru ue a. a

nemoryor ar,irri;,| ,j;."


n o ' e o \ e - , n "w"* il bp pv"r var:-d,alwaJi mdkihs for rappi dd.,o"o_i.qine a.Dir.!io- to$ad.lbe bigb;, aDd b; ideals. please give youi aotes and , o r n " -Th6ero.q.RedeG, SkylJ'k. .r yo,r have ary r:val. to -, up ib ci( scnd their names, adiLesses,ma t€stimonials ro rhe E&E before n€1t issue, wler a list eill be Dtrblished and d ebc I ' o n h - l d : o l . r * i . p , i n r ' F L u l t o t t ; p - n e ,t o I a € o o a -k)rark ddy erected.



to0tballcDaraclers-lsl xl.

clainim Pltgslcal Fo!

ScEooL Bols


r.nders d E i m D o n a r c et o w 1 ' l a h e d r o G l - n 6 r : ' .he ;o.it:oD of squad lerders one ot rore difri_ clltv ard imDorta.ce lhat it wa6 a iew years ba,{. tn lo; D'c.enr aai l" we rill giv.. as s\orr v F Do'. 6re, a fes seber-l d r". 'ions on r n e ; l p ' , : o n , p r e p a l a . : o d .a n d l - ! i s o f C " P . - r D s ald Leadere. T h " a h o - ' y F y ! h ( h r h c \ a l e a D P o i n r " lv l b F l o u n d h" Cuyoitbe ln tru tot. ln o.e'ii. ro r-ry ir 1'l s'oo. 'n anoLe' rb. H-"d \4a'Lerlpoont Lh'm. or 3C"'n rt may ; l-:' o! 'ol B) coD;nuallv be -he Go\erno,. $l'r e\F N p " i\llv at olg p'on iline boy< bqn- o- rh" b !dle. ol rhe iounqer nembt-". v rp'ctdl a : ii\. dir".Ll, it ,. shoqn, and by .rrefu ly to- "rins n. it c a . 5 e d e r - t o i e J r o : t - r , l p r p \ r e t r , , , h e i - " l n' (s: o D , t h e r e b y o{ mo P im' - o n : n s - o b e ' h n l a L o r i o u sr o a l l , a n d , q h a ( po',.oi". r e younR rudei! I'as 3 d"hr:te aim.p'o\ided ro' t s 't en"r.", Fo(unar'ly, by a a'rhod.' o rr" or ronr! Lror' rs po.iLh Lo rr'n iori lo- rni d rv o a v"'v 'dLi'ir rorv d c - r ' e o i e P i r i e ny . A S r e a r p o : n . L o ! F r e m e n b e e d ' L h a ' the bcst gyunasts are not of a lecessity the most suited fof leaders, Frequcntly the leverse is the case. Ca.eful, latient, unselfish boys sbould be selected, But let Ferit, Dd merit o!ly, guide ihe selectio!; and no boy should be chosen unless H"\ins -DDo.red our 'aDr'-s and hrd"6 aod lorred r'em :o o-r ;- !, rL"y Ni ,r.F;.e .p. jd. nrru, ion ...-y \Yedlesday at r.3o to 2 p-!n. in tle form of slort lectures, ilirstrated by lracticai dernorstrations ol tle respectiveexelcises and holements on the apparatus, gach pulil eill releat i! '. 1 rbe er-r'i 'fl" iD"" , oru, u'.r'l h- ndrer' tle p.'n .ovFd. .l.e r*t leror r''l i-.lud" 'h" pxpl.nd-o! ol gymnastic terns and ddmonst.atjon ol positions commo! to all classes ol rork, whether in tules or on tbe apldatus, Aitertio! $.ill be give! to impressilg the necessity fo. smarr ness in approaching and leaving the apparatus, so that a good c.dage and bearing may be attairedt ald all mtst bea! in mind that attantion to the above details saves mu.h hme to the instructo. each lcsson, othcfidsd ire is called upo! to it corr€ct many ]ittle faults of b€&i.g and snainess t!l.h shoDld be tlie dury of the caltains ard lead€F to eradicate It is from the boys individually as tbey presenl thensehes. in th€ co.rectioD ol thdse snall laults lbat tbe .eal beneit is derived fron gynrnartics, and t!. .onndenc€ of the forn i! their captains and leaders is l&:ely in.reased, Tle clltivaiior of a feeling af 61it 't' i,rfi in a form, by ssttirg the boys to tale a pride in their combined eiicie!.y and smarr ness, will b. of greai rahe, and it is very easily attaited if they are interested in tleir$ork. Btrt th. irst rule fo. su.cess i. this dir€ction corsists in resular alteltion to their osn duties, ,'Once a leader always a leader" oust be tle asliration of .v€ry boy so soo! as he is appointed, Outside lIe glnnasium and s.hooL they mlst always remenhe. that the dedit ol tleir positio., and the good name of their school, dete.d on their lersonal b€haviour, and tbdt the halits ol qri.l, cleerlnl and mquestionine obedlence tlrus lear.i at school hat reguLate their private-life. A boy may b€ enicient, a boy niy be !oprla., but his b€st ne.ii ljes in the respect in vhich he is ' ScdooL SlRcErNr.


fr."n.-. A. J. ( ap.diol: Hd b"e-,,pran lor Lo.".o 3nd}a1 d:rinsr:4dITc.I t-i p"rrv-.. " Ic devotjon to th; inte.ests oI |he iean. sllendid ton'ard, he also rlays an excellent s.me at b.clr, and no tean .ouln eish fo; a bette. caDrain.Hu_phFv.. A. \\.: Pl;:s r o,nl...d-a.g Bry- 1," leit ving, and G fanl] free rroe the hositation ryhj.h is siill far too cammoo in the team, He is a good shot, aDd Goldsnith, S. c.r A fast and ere.iive outside rjglt, ini generally a rery good shot; but he is somBtines olT his n - to l . brm". H- ha, r -rd-i J ro Dafe, R. H.: Is reliable in delence and sure ol hii kicl., blt h e i s r a i h e r t o o s l o s , e ! p e . i a 1 1 Ji ,r t r . l . l i n d .Ja l\ pl.J S t o . b r e .F , \ \ ' , N . I B n'' . l r. l " o hc bx5 been absont softetines seeFs lar. Lite Goldsmith, rdurer olteh this season, 'r B"_".hq. H. H.: s-n"'-llj a jood o ' k' b"lli:-_, 1'thou-l slac!, He usually reli* too mtrc! on his i.rck, Loudou, R. A,: His played rishrnrside i.r tlo seasons, b\t reccntly las beer more succcsslul lt half. He iq a 'jood 1 0 , r ' - d s " - e r " 1 1p . . r w - L o ' K.:

I r-",.lt.



kicl{ tor perseverins in tackljng. D l a v sa f l i l l v' c o o d e a m e .

' i " ; d , i . ,I . M

r- a .;.rt


SonretiDres,liorv.ver, be

.d ." ii ,


, l' .," : ,-, 1 . ;odd.ho.. ll" i. n"rr.- 'i \r;, P : \ r. I or,.d",-bJr r, ri-,r ,j binaiio.. He is senerally fanly btrdlrorl{ing. -'e'o ovrA h.\" , o, ,r'd o r" I\l i_to h, I. W. r.: A .^jly ho. . L, r'. He hesit.tes too n!.h, ard fxlls to lrreal{ the ollDsr.g n a r n € s , ^ , E , : H a s r c c e n t l t p h y e d r i g l r i n s i d e ,n n d s o m . lie rsu^lly Flss€s ni.cly, ald times succeddsfanly $ell. can shoot on occasion, but he is ilellc.tive in ta.tlhg Freehdn, B. W.r Plays half.badt or cente.roilrard. and ii really a very snari plate! and . good shot, but i5 at presert too lizy to succeed. In the centre he s.ldon keeFs Che;. R. L.: 7! i^klv aood halr-bacl but not persevering He does .ot take'sitficient interest in the First Elovcn. a.d prefers to pl^y for the Se.ond.

Dofic$t0 CorrasDondenB. CoDtributioN and Letters will be re.eived with lleasure ald shoutrl be addressed ro the ,,Editors, Haberdashe6 Asle s School, West Hampstead," T h o p r c e o f r b e M a t a . . i n . i " S i x p " ! - e . L P o . LS . v e n p e n c e ) , 3Dd d_v , urba of lopi"a nal bp p"id tor in adv-n,.. ALt commulicatiols should be $ritien on one side ol th.

A . \ o s r M o B s sr ,. c . I - , . **^ A. J. FRErs{\. |

- the newSchoolnaqezine. SpringTennof 1903sawthe filst pubicationof the Skylark The rroll coveol .ri5mdqdlile r'lowra reoodJcrion o lfe oriqra cover a1doi rh; otlowilq p a q c s a r e s o n r o f . r r r r a l L r e 5 0 . r t e d : n et fdr i' ro)rt - n . l r e J l l y | e r r . - l l - e dl d. tei co : a timenowlonooone.

Skylark 1903


0ne Hundred Yea|sAgo/ Contents2003


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Epiloque-50 YearsA9o lnside

I amdelighted to introduce thisyear's editlon of theold Boys' Not€s. TheAssociat on aimsto foster contact between 0ld Haberdash€rs, staffandtheSchool andtheNotes area majorelement in dojng this.I hopethemagaziire wil beenjoyable endinformative. Thispublication comes towards the endof the Presid€ntial Year, whichhasbeenstimulating and revrarding. Wehavehelda number of excellent social functions includlng a Westof England Dinner graced bynotone,buttwoprevious headmastels, Bruce McGowan andKeithDawson andth€trwives. I takethisopportunity to publicise theremaining social function of myyearwhlchistheLadies Night - bookearlyto avojd on Saturday 13thS€ptember; a blacktie dinneraboardH.M.S. Belfast disaDDointment. These arechanging timesandthe Association mustmoveforwardif it is to continue to prospeL Communication isa kevareaandtheAssociation's lvebsite - oldhabs.com - skilfuliymanaged by AlanPhipps, is a sourc€ of much interesting information andw€llwortha visit. WeareworkingwiththeSchoolto exporethe potentiafor greateruseof electroric communication to improve theeffectiveness of whatwedo, yearastheirdetailed Thesports' clubshavehadanexcellent reports show. gained prornotion 0.H.R.F.C. in a nailbitingendto theseason. Th€Cricket Clubis doingwell in its leagLre and both lst and 2nd teamswere successful against theSchool. potentialof th€ Associations Realising the development CfoxdaleRoad ground,remairsa priorityard we haveno!ry exchanged contracts to sellto a majorhousebuilderlf certaincrucialconditions canb€ met.Thefirstof these

is for theAssociaUon to secure a satisfactory newgroundandclubhouse. The p€rmisslon second isfor p anning to beobtained for development at Croxdale Road Wearecufiertlylooking at a numb.-r of possib e alternative sites. Thesignsarepositive although thereisstilla lot of workto b€don€.lf successfu we will be able to relocat€ to better facillties and , to increase therange ofsporting andotheractivities offered to m€mbels. Thanks aredueto theexpelt committee, edby Harold Couch, whichishandling theproject. I wouldliketo thanktheHeadmast€r, PetefHamilton, andtheSchool staffwhohavesuppo(ed usin a widevarietyof waysandthe liaison andco-operation between the School and the o.H.A.is exceIenr. programme 0ur extensive couldnot happerwithoutthe hardworkof flanyp€ople; the Executive Committee, eventmanag€rs, theofficers of thesports' clubsandourstewards, l\4elandPauline. My thankstoalthesepeople whohavecontributed to thesuccesses of thepastyear.In particular, my goto ourSecretary thanks Roger Lyle, whodoesso muchfor theAssociation, andto SimonGelber, whohelps in many_ways, notleastin theproduction of theseexcellent Notes.




David Brown President, 0ld Haberdash ers'Associatio n: July2003


0ne hundredyealsago !\rherthe Skylarkmade lts first appearance, educaton rem.inedveryV ctorianin ts outlookasborneout by the veryserious mindedinitlal €ditoria. TheHoxtonandHampstead esteblishments wereverydifferentplaces to the fabulous enterprise that is E5tr€e.lrdeedin 1903the Schoolhadonlyjustoccupied jn Westbere its newpremises Roadandits statusasoneof the eadng schools ln the countryremained decades avvay. However it \ryas fromthlspo nt that t statedchanging fromthe protected institution for sonsof iverymen to the competit ve,achieving establshmentthat nowsitsin the top echeonsof al the tab esof educational mersurement. TheSchoolN4agazine andth€ 0ld BoyJNoteshavebeera richcompendium of all the actv tiesrangingfromexamachlevement to sportlngvictoryto successes in the arts andto the firal sa ute with the archve of members obituaries.

Nowir 2003th€ Not€s aresupplemented by themagnificent evergrowing website andnevefhave0.H.A. rrd Schoornembers beenbetterinformed asto theactivitles at Borehamwood andEstree. Fromthos€greenshoots in 1903, JohnWigl€y traces thedeveopment of th€ House System throLrgh theEdward anyears andthenKenBless ey n anarticle thaiperhaps shouldbesub-titled lestwe forget'cheds the historyofthememorials to the 0d Boys whofellln theseveral conflicts durngthetwentieth centuryMygratefuthanks to bothofthemonceagainfor a the timespentin researching ard writlngsuch inforrnative articles. Shoud my successor as editorof the 0 d BoysNotesln 2103ook backoverthe previous yearsof magrzines (assuming hundred pri,rted matteris stillan accepted medum)| hop€hisimagination iss miary intrigued asto whatlifewasactually like in thepast.Maybe ln thebi-cent€nary edition hewi I try to brifgto thereadership a flavourof whatit vrasto be a Haberdesher at the startof the 21stcentury and hop€fully thisedltion of theold Boys' giveh m . fewclues. Notes mightjust


Newermembe6ofthe Association maynot knowthat thereisa smallfundthat exists, to quotethe Regulations draftedin I\4arch 1900,"f0r the purpose of r€ndering financialassistance to any0ld Boy, or the widowor childor children of anyold Boyor to anyperson whowasdependant uponany deceased 0ld Boyandwhois in necessitous circumstances". TheFundhasbeenoperated activelyeveryyearsince1900andthe records indicatethat not many yearshavepassed withoutthe Fundbeingcalleduponto renderworthwhile asslstance to oneor more beneficiaries. At the present timethe Fundis assisting the widowof an old Boywho hasbe€nvery gratefulfor our helpfor a numberof years. Th€Secretary will begladto hearin confidence of anyold Boyor otherdependantof an old Boy whomayqualifr/for modesthelp. - FundSecretary N4.1. Bovington I GreenLane,CroxleyGreen,Rickmansworth, Herh.WD33HR

Anotheryearhaspassed andth€ Lodgecontinues to gfowin numbers andin stature.Whereas rnany Londonbesedlodgesarestrugglinq to a certainext€ntto attractnewmembers, the Haberdashe6' Lodge isflourishing. Wearenowreceiving from0ld Boyswhoarealready enquiries nembersofother prospective Lodges aswellas newcandidates. Therearemanychanges takingplacein londonFreemasonry, the majordevelopment beingthai of present the IVetropolitan GrandLodge. Th;swill replace the LondonIVanagement Systemand will haveitsownl\,4etropolitan GrandI\,4aster. Habrrdashers' isproudto bea foundingmember ofthis new andveryexcitingventure. 0ur charityworkcontinues unabated and,underthe leadership of DavidWolff,we weredelighted to present photograph a chequefor €5,000to the Gu;deDogsfor the BlindAssociation. A presentat;on presented fromthe Association is nowon showin the cabinet, by the Lodge, in Aldenham House. our December meetingwasonceagainheldat the Schooland wasa greatsuccess with some50 members attending.ilom all overthe countryWehopeto repeatit againthisyearwhenihe meeting will beon Saturday 6th December. Wewouldwelcome visitsfromanyold BoyswhoaremembeB of otherLodg€s. TheLodgeis opento all 0ld Bo\,s, teaching andnon-teaching staff.lt hasa veryfriendlyatmosphere end wouldwelcomeenquiries for membership. Thesecretaryis DavidTremaine and he can be contacted at theSchool byeitherringing 02082661728or bywritingto him.Hecanalsobeemailed on: Tremaine_d@habsboys.org.uk. Tel/Fax 01280816805(Home)020 8266 1728(Work) 'lST I SunnwiewTingewick Road,Buckingham, l\4K18

O.H.A. WEBSITE Wearetold,butarenotpr€pared to spend thetimeto confirm, thattheo.H.A. hasore of themost comprehensive old Boywebsitesin the [J-Klt certain]y hasgrownconsiderably overth€ pasttwo years andtherearenowaround 500pages inforrnation photographs of and or thesjt€at present, Wetry to covera wid€rangeof topicsthat we believewil be of interestto formerpupis of the School, whether members of th€ 0.H.A. or not.lt includes details abouttheAssociation, includ;ng futuresocial€vefts,a comprehensive sectionon the 0.H.A.sporiingclubs,a photoarchive(of both o.H.A. andSchool teamsof the past), an obituary section that includ€s morethan100tributes to formerrnembers, anda webarchive thatincludes a collection of afticesabouttheSchool in earlier popular decades. Thelattersection hasproved to beenduringly with"Confessions of a Board€r"an amusing recollection of boarding at Haberdashers' in the late 1960sand early1970s- and - a remlnd€r "Reminiscencrs" oftimesatthe Schoolin the 1940s beingfegularmernbelsofthetop ten visitedpageseverymonth. Thereis alsoa database listing{nearly) ell schoolleaveG by yearfrom 1941to the presentdayand, (gen€rally th€mostvisited area, briefbiographies of formerpupils twoto fivelin€sperp€rson) who havetakenthetimeto emaitheirdetajls. There aremorethan600of these, andfinaly thereisthe - stll in development - that records n€w€st addition, a StaffNewssection the kave6,retirem€nts anddeaths amongtheSchool staff(bothpresent andpast)andinclud€s somemernorab e tributes takenfromSkvlarks of the Dast. Howdo we knowwhichsections areb€ingvisitedmost?Well,w€ havesoftware that tellsustheareas that arebeingvisitedbut notwhoisdoingthevisiting. Thesoftware tei s ustheircountryof residence - mainlyth€ U.K.(500/0) but wlth e goodcross-section fromthe u.S.A.(200/0). lt informsushow onq eachpe6onspends on the site- eachrnorthmorethan120 'sufers'spendat least15 minutes viewing thecontent. In total,visitors spend around 150hours onthesitepermonth. Finally,thr softwaretells us that usageof 'www.oldhabs.com" has increesed by morethan4000/0 sinc€December 2001,whichis pleasing for those involvedand providesencouragement for its future developm€nt. AlanPhipps

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NTPP 44-2074082204.Fax44-2074936819. 27 FarmStreet,London$71J5RJ.Telephone


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p r e s e n t he eda n n u a w a r d s w t h f r s t y t h e 2 n d X l b a i t i n g a w a r d g o i n g t o S t € v e C f o n b a c H €a j s o whoscorrdnearytw ceas fnanyfunsasanyone elsewhle in a coseth fg for the bowling . , r d r dU z d A . r ( r c a r r o r ' o

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wasa sinrpler choir:e withSimofGelber taking 40wlckets durinq theseason w th ro one esereachjng 20.TheCubma n of theYear waswe earned byHaroon Ahmad whonotonly 'vourteered' tocaptain theClub agan butalso forprovid rg (dragg ng 0uil)a widerange of hissub-cortinentel fan ly asp ayers durrg thecours€ of theseason.

Finaly, the President's Cupfof thr Payerof the Yearwert,for thesecond t ne in threeyears to

Simon Geberwhostarted theyearascapta r of the2ndX andended upasleadrg w ckettakern the1( Xl.

presert WiththatHoward thanked a those f0rrnak ng theDinner sucha splend d occasion andeveryore once d q r I r J f r F d o h F b d . d d d . . - - P d E 1 9d l d


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Planningand Property Consultants

Expertplanningadvice can unlockthepotentialof yourproperty -+ Applications/Appeals > Objections t LocalPlanreoresentations DavidJ BrownBSc Dio TP FRICSMRTPI Suite3, ChequersParade,Prestriood Buckinghamshire GreatMissenden, HPl6 OPN Telephone:01494890122Fax: 01494868258


nine 2002Twenty on 15thNovember tookp acefor ihesixtht meat theClubHouse Thisannuagathering Boomby iust ore or thlsoccasion mernbers outnumbering the Common withthe Associatjof assernbled (five)thistinrewhoare/were Roorn 'nembâ‚Ź|s of theCommon andafe Intefesungly thereweremofeattendees for andasothegrowing support lt ispleasing to seethatlinkstiI prospeling of theAssoaiauor. alsonembers thrsoccesron. Davld Griffith, thenew in thelifeof theAssociaUon. andspoke of events everyone DavidBrownwrlcomed Room andbrought everyone upt0 fof irvitlngtheCommon Room, thanked the0.H.A. chairnan oftheCornrnon yearat theSchool n iheLast thechanges thathadoccurred datewithmanyofthestaff(od andnew)and ln continued a I everirg. corversetion hadprepared ar excel entmeaandfriendly 0nceagain MeardPauline part ofihe evening later lnfonned ofthe most enjoyable point had to leave but was l,unfortunately, facl,at thls proved present asthediscussions to beof reluctart to leave lonqlntotheearlyhouEwiththose thattookplace suchinterest. proved success ardwe ookforwafdt0thenextonethisNovember.lfyou thisevent to bea great 0nceagain you r rg meor 01923 491841 mymajling listplease and I do not have or areinterested inattending Wilson Karen


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0n F'day29tr[]overber 20023,1of thr decade satdo'.rn to d:nferat theC ub House. Ihe Prrsldent Davd BroNf!,ras "v fl;rqe"and vtr! p eased i0 sees0 frafv ol his0!\_n frc:c0ncdcveryotco11lrn:l r'rasa fnosLcnlolabt |vcnn!.

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. f g d n a n c et a n k a f d

0r 25thlanuary2003,53 satdownat the ClubHousein Flstree for the annuaL rugby club dinner.Thiswasthe thlrd time we had usedthe venuefor this occasion, the yearsconfrmingthat it is undoubtediy success of the two previous the corfectp ace for the rugbyclubto cometogether. Theexcelrnt foodat low prices andthe flexible prlc€d profit goes backto the o.H.A., and reasonably bar,wher€ are r€asonenough alone.However, t alsoseemsrightthat the C ub ceebrates amongstthe manyand variedmemories of CroxdrleRoadratherthan the questiorab e luxuryof WestEnd even Narrowj hote s. lor And celcbrat on was lndeedright for this season. Againstthe sad background of year,th€ C ub'sfoduneshadcomplet€ly relegation at the endof the prevlous turned r€ll,our Presjdent, from SimonGr€ss, arounddueto rea lead€rship andsuperbeffort p playing andcomrntmentfromal the ayerswith the club entertaining, skilfulrugby wasa realposslbility by the time of the dinner,promotion andas report€d elsewhere, by the rnd of the season, t hadbecome a realty. gameof rugger, Theafternoonof the dinnerwitnessed a veteran's againstthe tearn, providlngan excellentwarm up for the evening. known as the SteelBodgers, Reqrettably, the Bodgers hadcleary resorted to somrform of unbecoming conduct s i n c ea s t y e a r t r a i n i r g o f s o m e s o r t o r o t h ae sra r e s u ltth e yp a y e di k e t h e r e s u t rnattered. Theywer€thus ableto avengetheir beat;ngof lastyear.Thankfully this simpe fact did not seemto deterthe talesof darng doscirculating anrongst the 20 or so vets.who had stayedon for dinn€r,and particularthanksto Simonfor organjsing thiseventas its popularlty c!eary indicates it hasalreadybecome, C ub tradltion.lntota over25 peopecontributed on the pitch,helpedlargelybya total disregard of boththe substitutlon law andcommonsens€, As is now almosttakenfor grented, end it sho! dn't be,N,4€1, PaLrline andtheirteam provlded a fabuousfve coursem€alwith lambas the maindish,a | !,rithina very reasorable budget.The after dirner sp€eches \4€rehome grown ln flavourand de ivery,with a m€raorable coftrlbuton from TonyAlexander as well as Simonand who wereableto reporton the excelient StuartSmiththe ClubCaptain, season's It was greatto seesomefacesfrom the past,suchas Keith Leverton,as wel as the regulars andspecialmentionshouldbe madeof l\,4ark Plausln who thisyearbought alongno lessthansevenguests, ircludng AndyGrayandSean[,4cNicholes. TheClub's gu€sts for the eveningincudedthe newHeadmaster, PeterHamilton andMikeDavies, masterin charg€of Schoolrugby.ljnfortunatrlyno schoolboys wereab e to join us thisyearasth€ dateappar€ntly c oshedwith Georgina's comng out partyl Thefewasthe Lsualgoodresponse to the raffe, raising alrnost 1300to besp it equally Thanksaredu€to a numberof the betw€enthe Clubandthe R.FU.charity5.P.R.E. o der members of ih€ Clubwho arenow unab€ to attendthe dlnnerbut lrevedheless verygenerously towardscostsandhe p makethe everta financial contribute success, The sil inessof the afternoon, the superbfood and drink of the dinnerand the excelent messages aftrrwards, confrm that o.H.F.R.C. s backir rudehealth.We are p ayinggreatrugbyandhavng fun,he p€din no smallmeasure by wlnnng garnes. As I writethisapproaching th€ 2003/2004 season, I am confident that our nextannual 0.H.R.FC. dinnerof 31stJanuary 2004will be an equallymemorable occason. BobStagg

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Thfty r ght d nerssat dolrn of Frday 7th Febfrary 2003totheeverpopuarFathrrs afd Sons D nnef. /hile no\t were parings, straghtf0rward the Harri\rnd Hyffanr afscompr seda fatherlnd two sonsrnd welrerede ghtedth s yâ‚Źaftr) frthefardsonln the haver grandfathef, fonnof the Cohrns. rq attre brf nadewayfora Genefalchatt ghtfu de ]lrea of pate rneba toastsend homemade mushoom solrp !,rth saad

,rith nrw roastbreastof chicken croutons; potatoes andseasona veqetabLes; brradafd burter puddin! A lvrth a n p of Ba]ryt;crerseb scuLsafd coifee. @ !!erâ‚Źunitedn the pfaise fortrr h gr quaty of theioodlvhchwehave (Paufe Ho\\rrrd cofne to rxpect fromthr CiubHouse fylnllsoo n thr ktchen on ths y. occas on)anda | \!ereafnarcd ho\,r such a d nnefcord beproduced socherp

Spccchcs aferriresh rqlybf cf at 1r s d nncrand the Pfesidcni DavidBro,/Jn :Ltoasi Ff0posed t0 5015. Andre\\r Tarpey repledn k fd Wth a toast to fathefsand the evenng disso vedp easin!Jy ntofjresdechats thosc \!ho'-Jrrrn't drv n!lInadc lul rsc ofthe blf - \\rtr tre strlwatshod ig olriunti we Fan n dnlght. f yor arenDt: feady ontre rr! nq st l0r In 5 tleft ano uould ike t0 Lc

Andrrlr Tarpey on 0l21 459 5209 or ycos.co.uk. andf e,,v trf pey@

place This neweventtook attheClub House onF.day 7thDecenrber 2002 withashort introduct or bySimon Geber or theWlres0f Anerica, Peter Vacher thergavee hugely lnformaUve, i lustrated lecture onthe€arlyyea|5 ofjazz.

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"Even Older Boysin the property game" (established rsya)

TownRoad CrownHouse z6il267Kentish London NV5 zTP Telephone ozo7267z.o7r Fa-rozo748y8488 e-mail:salter-rex.demon.co.uk

47SouthEndRoad Hampstead London NV3 zQB Telephone o:o 743rr88r Faxozo 74y 41zr www.salter-rex.co.uk

(O.H.) DavidHeasman (O.H.) PhilipAltermanF.R.l.C.s. F.R.I.c.s, M.R.LC.S. EdwardJ. Stanley TechRICS AIanHarveyBSc.

LEVERTON & SONSLTD Independent FuneralDirectorssince1789 Ownedandmanagedby the samefamily for eightgenerations.

Keith and Cliye Leverton (both Old Hab€rdashers)own and run this old-establishedprofessionalCompany. l


Basedin North-West London we are alwayson call to respondto the needsof our clients anywherein the U.K. or abroad. We ar.eayailable to make arrang€mentsat our officesor your home,if preferred, We offer Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funeral Plans and are always willing to discussthese,without obligation. We are staunchly independentand are not part of any p.l,c. or group.

W9 canbe contacted at our HcadOfficeon; Tel: 02073876075 212EversholtStreet.LondonNW1 1BD Far: 020 73835473 or throughanyofour branches listedbelow; HENDON 39 BrentSteer.NW4 3ED 02082028008 COLDERS GREEN 624FinchleyRoad,NWl1 7RR02084554992 MUSWELL HILL I DenrnarkTerrace,Fortiscreen,N2 gHG 020 84145753 HAMPSTEAD18i Haverstock Hill, NW3 4QS0207586,1221 GOSPELOAK 164MaldenRoad,NW5,1BS02074851969 KENTISH TOWN 149KentishTownRoad,NWI 8PB 02074851266 HOLLOWAY 163YorkWav.N7 9LN 020 72843359

www.levertons.co.uk e-mail: info@levertons.co.uk GOLDENCHARTERpre-arangedFuneralPIans areavailableaspart ofour servicc.

T r e l 0 l r A f n u r D f i c r o t i l r . { l l d H a b . f d a ; h e rAss s o c , t o I t o o k p a c €a t t h e n e ! ! H a b ed a s h e r 'H r o r r 3 r d l u y 2 0 0 3 .H 3 ! n q beeio r e o ' l l r eI r s tt l r n : i l r r L li f t h r 1 3 a s ty . 3 f t r a 5 t r e Li a i m o r sr : h oc r r j f a l o f c t l f r i r f c . n r a T h ur d . y e v € n i n h ! ,, r s! s o c r o v e fp o p u i a!rr 1 l 'n :i s qi flcant noe:sr n Lm b c r s r f d ! n no! ?q i! 99 l.ad .ccepted nvitatlofs ( at h o u l t ha f e " -Ir: e d i o t l r n u p ) . 0f a fife sr n ne s .!.n ro P'e;:deni D a ! d B i o r n r , r c o n e d t h e n r E r i b e ra! i L l g u e n s1 0 r r e - dr r f r r l r r G t r0 . .ga]t . r g r c c c r rot r ! a e r o v e l o k r q t h r



v e f 0 : f lr ! a d r s n tt l r s :s t r 0 . c n t f ef i e r e o f t r c \ ' l . i a e N o p kr s d e ; i ! t f e r lH r b E r d a i h e rH f a [rth a p .sfrt d € l a s a , r r o r i n . e ldl r d a I n e r r e : o i l r c n ra r p : f a q l sa r d f o r c r € d s a n o r r c o r f t o f r l r c k a ' r l 5 L n , n , r1r r Lt p l d d f q t r a ss e ! e d ,a i r . r a s r r d do!\rfrrtr ampc rrafr't.s.f e d a n d ! , r r t e ! ' ,| e . W t h c o f f e e3 ' r { l s r . . t r r 0 ! t r ( c h o c oa i e 5t o y o r a n c m eI o f t r r l 3 b e l r r f O f n r j 0 v f f t s o t t r € e v er r g c o m m e n c e 0: s v r e p r r s0 o . r Gralram f r l a c F ra r e p ' o p o s € d .he t f i r r l r i o n at f p € i o a n t o t r r Iio sh f| f:befd:shers,



G o v e f n o ra r d t o t r e S c h o o. H c t h a n k c dt h c C o n r p a ftyo t h e o u t s t a n d i nvge r u eo f t h e n e ! 1Hr a a f d t h € no r t n e dt h e i f : r c t i ivl e s , r 1 r t h e t l 3 r r i l o n s u p p o do l l r e S c h o o i !n t h er ! ! 3 r d a f s h p C o r l l n ! i q , G n r a n r e i e r f e tdo t h e € x c ee n t f e s ! l t sa t t h e S c h o o a n d i h e o f q o r q b u i d n q p f o q f a m n et h a t ! ! 3 s d L r Ieo r c o n r p e t o l n | l f y 2 0 0 , +E d u c a t o r t s e e n s h . s p f o g r e s s eI d o n q o r ! \ ! a y s l r c e L h e S c h o o l s f o u n d a l 0 nI t h e 1 6 9 0 s n t h e f | 5 t f e l p o n s eB f u c e H a c k n q ,L r e [ ' ] : s t 0 f o f t h € H a b e d 3 s h ( rC s o m p a i nn e r l l 0 n e dt h e o t h e s c l r o o st h a t h a v €: l e q a n c et o t h e C o m p a n-y n o t a by t h e G f l sS c h . o dr ?.

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T h el o a s t1 0 t h e A s s o c l a t ow n : s p r o p o s ebdy D a vd G rf f t t r u h o i s t h e c u t r ( r t C h a i f m a n o f t h e S c h oCoo m m o n R o o ma f d h e r e c ae d s o m ee v e n t !a n d c h a r a c t e o f sf h s t n r e n E s t r e ei n r h e 3 3 y r a 6 s i n c eh e j o n e dl h e S c h o on 1 9 7 0H . ep r o p o s eDda v i d sh e at h a r d w s h e dt h e A s s o c i aotn e v e f ys r c c r s si n t s f U i u f ev c f r r r c s . P r c s d e f tD a v d B f o w r s t a t € dh o , , vp e a s e dh c w a s1 0 h o l d r h e o f f c € e s p ea c l y a s h e f o l o w € dh s t a t h e rw h o h i d a s o b € e nP r e s t d e n t n r e2 7 so y e 3 6a g o .H eo u t n e dt h ed € v eo p m e n tassf a r a st h e g r o u n df € o € t i o n s c o n c e f r e d T f e s t a t eo f t h e q r o u n ds n o i n p f o v i n qa n di s h o d i n gb a c kt h € s p o r r sc t u t r sT h eC u b ' n a yb e , , f r a q r a rwr t h memoe f sb ! t i t i s o f a f o t h e ra g e . " T h a ts L a L et h d € F u g b yC u b i r u n d € r g o n gs o n r e r h i noqf a r e s u f g e n cwe r, n i n g p f o m o t t oirn a t € n s ep ; r o f f g a m €l a s ts e a s o nt h, e C f i c k €C t l u br e m an sv l b r a n a t r d h a dj u s t b e a i e itrh eS c h o ot h e p r e v i o u s w e e k e n0dn 0 l d B o y l D a y3 n dt h e s o c c e C r u b w a sf o w g e t tf q r e - e s t a b t i s h e d . F i n r y D a vd m e r t i o n e dt w o i n d i v d u as

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W th th,rtDavid thanked €veryone lor atte.ding andeIrrhrmto enjoy rhe a(lvit esthalthercn oftheI qhrpresent€d.

Grahsmjones(1943-50) writesto saythat h€ wasoneof the Liverymen present whenH.Nl.lheoueenfofmailyopened the newHabefdashers'Ha on 24thoctober2002.Thewh0leoccasion wassuperb- timedto perfectionby the organisers andcarriedthfoughwithoutanysenseof rush,despitethe challenge invo{ved in arrangingfor Herl\,4ajesty to haveso manygroupspr€s€nted to her. Alt€r unveilinga plaqu€at the entrancethe oueentoufedthe premises, and,in particular, talkedwiththe Schools'detegations. Standing alongside other rnembels of the LiveryI hadihe opportunityto sayihat I hadbeenSchool 'many. Capiainandtakenon ason Apprentice manyyearsago, and H.l\r. commrntedin replyon the Companys involvemrntin education. However, lt wasnot the time and placeto askifshe recal{ed that, asPrincess EJizabeih, she hadinspected DonLundieafd myself51 yearsago{andrecogritionwould any\rvay haveberr a problemas l hadro b€ardthen).

RetiredGentleman's l-unches

@@E From a s m a sl l e e o dfan d e ai n 1 9 9 3E r i cP u r c ral ln d Peter Vacher haveturnedtheRetired G e net m a n L' su n c h e i nst oa ne s s e n t i a l par0 t f t h e0 . H . Ad.i a r yN. o w1 0y e a r s o l da n d6 4g a t h e r i nlgast etrh e s e l u n c h t i mr eeu n i o g no sf r o m strength to strength.

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RetiredGentleman's Lunches

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TheOrign50f theHuusc Systun. t s usualy arluedthat at the rnd of tlre n nrieenth andstartof thr tventethftntufes parents p 0i publc schooboys valued lchobrsh essthansoca statusH q r aced€mlc stendards couldbeachevcdn cheap dayschools Status couldbe acquredof y by attcndlrg a pubiic schoo usuay Angcan rthleiir,b0rrding txpens vr arrdnperlal n n 0utlook andvalues Haberdashrrs, surrourded by ihe s urnsof Hoxt0n uit thcSchool novedto Hampstead in 1898andfna y orrupedits nrlr pr€nr sesin Srptemb€f1902,coud not confrr status Professor Honq'sTonr Brovfs llnversc(1977 p.275)staksb urtlythatHaberdashers"had ro dertif:rb e clrimto pubc schoostatus beforr1902.




Whenthe Taurton(Endowed Schoot C0nmssionrrs investlgatrd Habefdashers' r 1866they rrmarked d en ssvey ihattheboyswefethesorsoi w dows, tradespeop e,etc."WhentheTaunton Reporl lvaspubished n 1868t pfoposed to foundEn!ishsecordary educat or on thebass of First, Second afd IhlfdGrade Schools "Thernosturgerteducational "isforgoodsdoos ofthe ThirdGradc.Such needofthe countryt a5serted schoo s woud cat€rfor thechidrerof aftsansard sma shopkeepers by char!n! feesof no rnorcthant4 a year. Thrywoud trachlnodernsrbledsio puplls who eit at theend0i thetefm n vrhchtheyreached the a g ro f f o u r t e r en q, up p e d \ \ r i t ar t l c a s a t clerk'seducaton,ranely,athoroughkro,rJ€dqeofarthmetic,an zrblityto writee goodettel 'Schrme produced n 1873theCharitv Comnr ssloners af offca for uhai since1690hadbecnca edAskes Hospita. TheHaberdashe$ Company wasto pfovdea Boysanda Girs Schooat Halcham n S0urnLonoon anda Glr{ Schooat Hoxtor,eachnroreor essof the Second Askr\ Hosplallvasto lrecome Grade. practca afd liberaeducat Boys'Schoo HaberdasheI5' afdsupply'\oufd, on".ltsfeeswereto br n the , Hoxton,

ranqe of [2-[4 peryearandboyswererequredto eavrbytheendof thr ternrlr whichtheyreached theage offifieen. lf effect, it wasto bea sup€flor sortof Thrd Grade Schoo. qav€Haberdashers Themov€to Hampstead thechance to foilowtheexamp e of manyotherdayscfoos andqo 'up market'by adoptrqfeatures renrscentof publicschooh. Somrdayschoosbett€f-known thar Hrb€fdashers'werr cautous. Durrgthr 1890s St.Paull,a readyregarded asa publcschoo,ntroduced sx "Clubsnanred prosa ca y from A to 'E, whchwercactualydayhouses l\.4agda enCo egeSchooin Oxford d d rot introduce dayhous€s unti 1919whensixwereramedin m€mory of formerprefects ki ed nth€FIst War.l,4anchester Grrmmer Schoowatrd untl 1934,wh€nfourdayhouses werecreated andramedafter fanouso d boys, buttheyfalledto attraclthe rt€rest and oyaltyof non puplsenddidnotlongsurvvethe Srcond WorldWaf. Haberdash€rs' hadno suchhesitetions lt went up market' veryfapidy Thesystem of ertrarceexhbitons contru€d,asd d the pradce of teaching by Formralh..rthrn by Set.Thevita dlffererce wasthatanew Scheme fxedthrfresin therafgeoft4-tgprfyearand boyswere allowed to renar untitheywereseverteen (andbeyondv/lthspecap€rnissior) ThusHaberdashe|s'was a Second GradeSchool.0ryMr. n [on, (Sxth Formard Second Headmaster since1875,l\4r.Stokes l\,bst€r 5 nce1876)ard l\4r.RutseI survivrd the move q vingMr.H rtor theopportunity to Hampstrad to recruit anaimost al graduate teachngslafl

A r n o n gt h ne rw n l sl \ 4 rN. l e a d o H we s wasaverymod€standavrrypopuarmanwlthanotofiousydrysenseo hurnour, a ta ertedp ansi,a ski edproducer of GibertandSulvar mlscas,ard ro meancrickeierr 1907 hetook5 wick€ts for 26 in thel\,4asters v. lst.X ffatchHehada majorinfluence ontheorginsof theHo|se Synem.He usedtheautumr l903editorof"Skyark"to "The makea case for House System inAtheticj n a g o o d p u b l c s c h o o " . S u c h a 1 c h o o l c o u l d b e o r g a f s e d i n t oef d o uHfodui vsseaoscr cs oc rad g t o t h ei n i ta l letterof boyssurnames; A to D,t to K,L to Rard S to Z; caled BeesHornets, f,ilagp esandSwifts;eachwrtha colour Amber, Emera d,L ac,Scar et wofnasa rotette or suitabk occas ons.Each HOuS€ wouldelectitsown captain andofflcels, hod nrretings andmanage ts ownaffaIs.Theywouldd scover andnufturrathletic abllty, provdeopportunlties for boysof al ages to p ayin r€preserlat vematches, raise stendads andpromote school (thencailed sprit.By atheticsl\,1r. l\4eadows meantnot onlyathlrtcsproper sports, hence Sports 0ay),but cr cketandsocctlaswe

l\4r.[4eadows' deasprovedpopularand the House System wasexpected to beinfu I swing by theSurnmer Term of 1904. Each House wasto have a capta n ardv ce- captain in crckrland p edged soccel t0 umpire andrefrree {wherthey were notp ayrgl ardtoselect andcoach teams. ThusHaberdashers' hoped to p aceits athletcs "fl6trmorgNorihLondon Schools'.0nly on€ probemem€rged. Shou d theNouse rames spell "ASKE" ouitheacronym fromtheirn tiallettels, fof ex:npleAdmir:ls, Empe.ors, Kings, Soldels? It wrssoonsoved:boys w th surnames A to D became Crows House w th b ueastscoou6;Eto greer; I Eagles, Kto RMagpirs, red;S to ZSwifts, Haberdashers' re br!rdirg"wasnotcorfined t0 Nouses. During1905the Schooadopted an offical Hymna Prayer anda Psalm, anda School Songwith wordsby N4r. Hintonandtuneby N& Russell. Laterin in theyeartheGovernors gave [100 for a reference libraryand Mr. Hinton

desi!,ned a book plateencapsulating thr schoo 3 h story:"Give Afts.GiveAid"(said to beRobert Aske's ffotto)


wasprinted with Keep Time ardTune" motto, derived fromtheclockand organ in thehal]and ftheHoxtor "serve andobey'{theHaberdashers' Company motto,\4hlchtheSchool adopted asits own).Thisis clearly illustfated onthecover ofthefiBt ediUor of Skylerk in 1903{See thefrontcover ofthismagazine). House System TheHampstead buidings hadbeen designed for350boys, butbytheendof 1905 contained 451,soin I908work began 0r a newblockwhichwasopened eadyin 1909, afd withina yearnumbeE hadrlserto 598. ljnfortunately, lvr Hinton!healthhadfailed, so heretired ln July1909anddiedin 1911. Hissuccrssor, t\4r Spilsbury fromtheCityof Londor School, suffered a breakdown before theendoftheautumrterm.lnJanuary 1910hlssuccessor, [4r.Wag(aflanableCambr]dge gGdurte science andauihorof notedtext-books, arrived from0unde,a public school known forihequallty of itsscience teaching. Durrg 1910heandN/Jr l\,4radows discussed theHouse System. Mr.Wagstaff decided thattheaviarnames were -boydemocracy rather artlficial andcontrlved, andwassuspicious of enrbryonic schoo intheHouses, soargued thattheyreeded thefifn guidance of ta entedhousemasteE. Thusbytheendof 1910hehadr€organ sedthe (History), Houses a onginesstillrecogrisab e today. [,4rCelvet(Engiish), Mr.Henderson N4r. Jobling, [,4r. Russell, (N4athsl, N,,lr.Strouts andnatu nlly-I\,,1r. I\,4eadows wereappointedhousenasters andgavetheifownnamesto the sixrewHouses. Evidence ofthechange isto beseenontheHouse Football Shield, whlchisenqraved withihe 1906 andthe1910 rames. 'Scheme' ThenewHouse programme. system wasony partof I\,4r. yetanother Wagstalfs ln April1910 fixedthe year feesintherange oft6-12per andenabled boys to remain to theageof nlneteen, cleady allowirg themto proceed dlrectio univeBity. [,4r. Wagstafl paying cultivated specialist teaching, particular attention to science andmoderrlangurges, favouring teaching bysetfatherthrn byform.ln 1912heintroduced Prefects andir 1913theSchool v l!4.C.C. matchwasplayed for thefirsttime,a fixture\ahich stillexists. Underhisguidance Haberdashers' became a FlrstGrade School, a typewhichtheTaunton Report hadsuggested mightonedayrival publcschools. thegreat (latertheRevd.) I\,4r. Wagstaffs successor, l\,4r. Kenp, arrlved fromCliftorColegeinJanuary put 1920. Hequickly theCadets of a House basis andacademic workitselfwasgiven a Nouse biasbytheinstitution of a newtrophy. Dur:ng 1922hewase ected a nember oftheHead maste|s' Conference, finallygivirgHaberdasheE' thetemerity to callitselfa publlc school andthelncentive to change frornassoclation to rugbyfootball. Th€House system fourished. In 1925therewerefifteenHouse trophles andMeadows wonnlneof them.Thel\,4eadows House Captain said"Wearenow'offcially' thecrackHouse of theSchool. Thislsallthata House canwishfor.The summer holidays yearthatanyHouse brought to a close themostsuccessful haseverhad,"

When |\,4r. Meadows retired ir 1938, thelastof thesixeponymous Housemaste6 to leave, hecouldlookbackon - from1902to 1922- during twodecades whichhisintroductjon of theHouse system hadhelped to transfom Haberdashe6: lt coud claimto br Arglican, sportcertainly flourlshed, feeshadrisen, andboysandmasteB shared theattliudes of theday.Whether Haberdashers' wasa realpublic school remaired in d0ubt. Thetermis almost impossible to define, soit ishardto findobjective criteria. Public schoostatus liesat eastpartlyin the eyes0fthebehoder,oroftheup-ardcomingschool.lnl96lth€movetoFlstreegaveHaberd - butthedebate et leastthreemorecommorly-cited criteria-anclent grounds buildings, boarde6 andbeautifu c0nnnue0. John\,Ugley.

laterin thisarticle, thepe6onal motivatlon for writingit wasthe'mystery Aswi I become apparent However, asit developed, I feltthatit wouldbeappropriate to haveor of themissing tenniscourts. thepassage oftimecauses memories record som€thing aboutthethreeWarI\lemorials before to fede. wassitedin themainentrence at Westbere Road at thefootof thestairs Th€1914-18 WarM€morial kadinqup to the first floor,the Headmaster's studyandthe secretary's offlce.Thiswasthe access pointfor parents andothervisiiors and,unde6tandably. the school usewasrestricted to staffand perhaps prefects. Any boycaughtuslngthe stai6 latefor prayeKor on a shortcut couldexpect 'lines'or,for persistent room.Access wasalsorequired offerders, a canlngin the prefects' to Room3 throuqh thecloakrooms or dininghaI butthe]Vlemorial wasrarely noticed. lt wasof a [DrGrun€r's) rather ornate design aswasquiteoft€nthecaseat thattime:abouts€ven feetsquare u,itha wooden p asterandmetafilling, fram€, somecolour. Theschool crcstwasat thetopwithServe and0bey, and givinqthenam€s fourpanels of the 107Hab€rdashers whohadlostth€irliv€sin thatwar. Its principal functionwas naturally llnked to Remembrance Day when thisoccufied ir termtime. R e a l l y ' s e n i omr 'e m b e r s will recall the sirnpl€ seruicein the Assembly H a l lo n N o v e m b e1r1 t h witha fullattendance and, if th€y wereat Westber€ Roadin the 1920s,the strange sightof all traffic on the adjacent Mjdand linecomingto a halt at 11am.The form of the service waslittle different from today:a wreathwas laidon the Memorial and buglers of theCadet Corps, up in thegallery by Room 26,sounded Last Post. the Theunveilingof the War l\,4emorial at Chaselodge,old Boys'Day, l2th July1958 postI945, ThisM€morial, wasrenovated andrelocat€d at thebackof theHaI although somememories suggest thatthemov€ waspr€ 1939However the0ldBoys' Notes of December 1948confirm thelaterdate,probably lirk€d was to the massive bombdamage of 1940.Whenthe Schoolmovedto Elstree, the Memorial transferred to itspr€sent location ontheground floorof Aldenham House, neartheChape.-


representing 2ndtheold Boys, \,assetupto examine Earyin 1947,a jointcommittee the School proposals for the 0.H.casualties FromtheSchool, for a suitable formof memorial of 1935-45. Dr Tayor asChairrnan, with[,4essrs. Crossman, 0liverandSmall; fromtheHaberdashers' 0ld Boys' Club, W.R. ArthurKerswe I,JohnBullellard myse]f andl\lrA.J.Spirrs repres€nting theparents. As Clemens, a firststep.parents of thefalienwereinvitedto givethelrviewsend3 yearlater,theold Boys'Notes reported thatth€fi6t preference wasfor a Bookof Rem€mbrance to b€keptin the Hall.ThisBook wasdedicated at a srryice in theHalloniheev€ning of october 20th,1948andit wasconduct€d by the Chaplain. Afterthe Headrnaster hadspoken, the thenPresident of the H.o.B.C. BillCrossman, presentd th€Bookto theSchool, asking thata pageshould b€turnedeachdaybytheDutyPr€fect. I\4rSmallthenreadout the names of th€ 86 0.H.andonemaster whohadlosttheirlives:'Dickie' Registrar of the H.O.B.C. in whichofficehe hadfaithfully Smallwasat that time,the Assistant A simple maintained a record of thewarservice of all0ld Habefdashers. dedication service follow€d.

McGowan recalls to the'0ldAldenham H6use Chapel' whichwas Bruce thattheBookwasfilstmoved 'new' whentheboarding house closed in about replaced bythemuchlarger andmoresuitable Chapel its entries factualdetailthat was 1983.HealsonmembeE that duringhisyears, oftenprovided Day.Asagreed byTomTaylor backin 1948, a page incorporated in theassemblies on Remembrance to findthat the impressive case, in isstillturnedin termtimebut thewriterwasrathefslrrprised whichihe BooklsdisDlaved, waslock€d. TheADDeal hadbeenlaunched earlierin 1948andhadbeensentto all knownmembers ofthe probably parents fallen of boys at the School. As a result of the H.0.8.C., to thefamiiesof the and to families were in favour enquiry whichhadoriginally beenmade, it wasclearthatthemajority ofthe poolat Chase of an openair swimming Lodge, surrounded by a Garden of Remembrance, and estimates hadbernobtained. Sadly, ihe Committee hadto reportin theautumnof 1949that the (t9001 amountby thenreceived wasobvlously insufficient and,afterdueconsideration, it hadbeen planwasthelayingdown,at Chas€ thatthemostfeasible Lodge, of two hardt€nniscourts decided witha Garden of Remembrance. Thiswasa sadanddisappointing result evenallowing forthehardtimesin therecovery fromtheWar yea15, of a similar nature haddoneratherbetterandan urgent butit wasknownthatotherschools for furtherdonations wasmede. aoD€al for the courbanda contract wasplaced with Gazes of lwas deputed to makethe afiangemenfi 1951.DLTaylor hadagreed that0.H. Kingston whodida reasonablejob withcompletion by l\rlafch andguesiscouldusethe courtsoutside schoolhou6 and quitea few tookadvantage of this y€ars, at filstonSaturday afternoons but,in subsequent ona mid-week evening, concession, TheCommittee in the spring1950old Boys'Noteshedlnvitedoffersof plants,trees,flowersand (andlabourll the response wasdisappointing although the shrubs for the Garden but hereagain, ground help,endin M2fch1952thefe'tasa flnalappeal for a Chase Lodge staffgavesomemodest lt wouldseemthatthisdidhavesomesuccess furthert500by subscriptions limited to 0neGuinea. astheGarden wascompleted buttheSkylark didnot reponor theactualresult. itselfandit took ArthurKerswe I andJ€rryNodes arrang€d forthedesign andmaking of thememorial iheformof a qranite column withfourplates, onthreeof which!,/€re inscribed thenames of the87 casualties. a furthername(NlckTaylor, whodiedin the Falklands War)wasadded. Thefourthplate states "THISGARDEN 0F REI\,IEMBRANCE ANDTHETENNIS CoURTS AREA MEIVoRIAL T0 THEoLD HABERDASHERS WHODIED ONACTIVE SERVICE ]939-1945," \4hich the[,4emorial andGarden werenotdedicated until0ld Boys' Dayon Forreasons arenotclear, photograph in theautumneditiorof Skylarkj. lerryNodes' fecords the July12th1958(asreported (H.0.8.C. President); occasion, TomTaylorpresiding together with G.G.Lloyd famiiesandfriends withmany0.H.andthecrick€t teams. attended Whenthe moveof the Schoolto Elstree wasconfirmed, an assurance hadbeenobtairedfrom the govern06 asa wholewouldbetransfrrred to a suitable location andthat,of the thattheMemorial two wouldbe id€ntified on the plaque together with the four hardtennisqouftsto be provided, partof th€ Memorial. Garden, asan int€bral ltssitingwasappropriate, screened on threesides by a wasverydisappointing ascompared to Chase Lodge andisnowlimited to two hedge butthe'Garden' modestflowerbeds. et Elstfee butit wouldappear thata wreath waslaidfor the There isnorecord of anyre-dedication President O.H.C.C. on Maygth 1962,as captainof an Xl to playthe filst time by DonaldBlessley, peforming President thlsceremony appears School in aninaugura match. Th€'tradition' ofthe0.H.A. years have started a few later, to

I\largaret Taylorhasconfirmed that a few0.H.continued to usethecourtson a Sundav with members of the Schoolstaff,followedby a visitto the ndoorpoo. Ho\rv€ver thislastedonlvfor : shortt m€. Sincethen,the only0.H.involvernent in th€ Memor;al hasb€enthe annualwreathlayingbut inevitablynumbeEdwindledso that, apartfrom the officeBand the cricketeB, only a veryfew members dttend. Lastsummer, I hadoccasion to visitChase Lodge andI wasquitepleased to seethatthe 1950courts werein verygoodcondition, obviously well maintained and in regularuseby Camden pupils. I\loreover, muchof theGarden hadsurvived. Thisv;sitreminded meof theoriginof thecourts, and (andforthefirsttimesince1964) at theJulywreath laying I wentto lookfor thereplacement courts. LJnsuccessfully. Andthatwasthemotivation for thisalticle. I wroteto Margaret Taylor, to Brucel\,4ccowan andto KeithDawson ir the hop€sof establishing what hadhappened andKeithhasconfirrned thatth€fourcourts, on theedg€ofthe vvoods beyono rne H€admaster's housewere,in the mid-1990s grubb€d up to provide a muchne€ded hardplaying sufacefor boysin the rniddle school. Tent€nniscourtswer€laidout on thes€parate ali weather pitchforsummer hockey use,ltwouldseem thattreerootshadundermined thesurface ofth€courts whichprompts the thoughtthat the School's original landscape designer wasperhaps lacking in experience of suchpotentiasiteproblems. Whatmaybeof concern to those0.H.whowereassociat€d withthej94gAppeal {andanysurvrvrng familyof the casualties), is that the Chase Lodg€ coufsform€da significant elemertof the War Memorlal. Theymightsharemyviewthat thereshould haveb€ensomeformalindication to theo.H.A. of what wasproposed andthe reasons for th€ action.I havellttle doubithat the responsible officers at that timewould haveacc€pted that,with the passage of time,thiswasa sensible siep.However, carefulresearch by the Hon.Ser. failedto id€ntiryanyminuteor letterto thiseffectand theSchool archivts appear to b€silent. Theorig;nalconceptai Chese Lodgr,Jirnlted asit was,of thememorial itself, theGarden andthecourts, didresult in a coherent idea,nev€rreallymatched at Elstree theseparatiof of ihecourtsprobably The auther Ken Blessleywith wife Gw€nand although added to AlanMorrisat the 2000wreathlayingon 0td the lackof interest. Bovs'Dav Finally, the thirdmemorial. ArthurJenkins, in the late 1950s, had suggested that thereshouldbe a separat€ recordof o.H.R.F.C. casualties and the plaque Committee agreed. A smalJ above thefireplece in theClubHouse records tneprayers names. It wasunveiled byTomTaylor on September 20th1952witha simpJe ceremony whichpreceded the (thethirdpitchl)Jhese formalopening of the groundextension names are,of course. alsoon the l\,4emorial at Elstree playing Thepre-war strength of the Clubwasaboutg0 andthe proportion of casualties is indeed tragic.0f thosenam€d, sixhadappeared for the lst XVin the 1938/39 s€ason andthreein the first wartimeside.Possibly oneexpanationls the spontaneous anduncoordinated reactionDosti\lunich whena substantial numberjoined oneor oth€rofth€services andsower€jnvolved fromthestartof hostilities.

Endof storyandit maywellbethatsomerâ‚Źade6 whohavegotthisfarwillwonderwhybother? 50 ye2rshsvepassed andthe Elstree I\,4emorial is a sufficientreminder. However, in the perhapsunlikelyeventof a visitorto the Schdolbeingmysdfiedby the now incongruous reference on the memorial to the'Garden'and'courts'might findthâ‚Ź answer in this article(assuming ihe old BoysNotessurviveasarchives). I am indebted to thosenamedandothe6 contacted for theirpatience in satisfi/ing mycuriosity. KenBlessley

THEHABERDASHERS' ASKE'S SCHOOL, ELSTREE, HERTS. WD63AF T e l :0 2 0 8 2 6 61 7 0 0 Fax0 : 2 0 8 2 6 61 8 0 0 e-mail:office@habsboys.org.uk http: \\www.habsboys.org.uk

Headmaster: PeterB Hamilton. M.A.

Greetings and bestwishes from theSchoolto theOIdHoberdoshers' Associotion Mov the closeond worm links

between 0.H.A. ona its rootsondfuturemembers continueto flourish.

Newsfrom Elstree


Moy I offer you the very wormestof welcomesto this editionof Newsfrom Elstree.As ever the publicotioncontoinsmuch of interestonddetoilrclotingto lifeot schoolondI hopeyoufind the both po.itiveondheorl-worming. contenls I hovenow beenot Elstreefor s yeor,ond on extremelyrewoding to meetso monYof youot oneit hosbeen.It hosbeena pleosure the vsrious occosionsand functionsheld throughoutthe yeor' of yourtime spent ondmemories Yourmonydifferentperspectives hove beenof greot volue to me in setting o ot Hoberdoshers' context.Mokingthe best evenbetter'is o processthot is slowly unfoldingond plons for future wholeschooldevelopmentare well underway Thoseof you who visit (ondthereis olwoys on open invitotion to do so) will know thot new the Sclenceol]d buildingis tokingshopebeforeour eyes Geogrophy ond will be o superbodditionto the school'steochingfocilities,onceopenin the NewYeoL With oll goodwishes PeterHonilton: Heodmoster RESULIS EXAMINATION A. At at'A' levelgraded of all grades aseverwithsome690/0 results weleexcelLent Lastsummer's perfolmances were graded A'. Our league table A or sat wer€ of examinations G.C.S.E.86qo hope we can repeat the match but we statistics to arechallenging verystrong. These corsequently and comparable than we expected results aI€better thisyear.TheG,C,S.E. samesortof perlormances - 0.20lo down A. Cl is 997010 with lasty€ar'sivhich\4ereour bestevef.Theoverallpassratc(grades percentage or A is of A' andthe at A' isour besteverat 510/0 of grades on lastyear Theperceftage 86q0.

NEWS STAFF Deaths Goddard, of the School.Dennis of fiv€stalwads thatlvereportthedeaths It ls withgreatsadness to th€selong and EricCarrington.0bituaries SimonStuart,JohnWelborne TommySarderson, magazine. andthemain0.H.A. masteE canbefoundin Skylark school standing andoutstandlng

Retirements SvlviaFancv Syviawasalready knownto usasthe mother ofChrlstopher ard Stephen whenshearrived in 1989 to teachin th€ Prep. School andat onceshowed sheis an irdefaUgabie workerandan lnspired teacher. Shewasappointed asa mathematician andablemusician andhasgivencountessboysin grourding thePrep. anexcellent in ailthesubj€cts shehastaught. No-one in hergeography lessons coud fail to noliceherenthusiasm andlov€for the LakeDistrict, nor in herEnglish lessons hrr appreciation of w€ll-constructed language. Hernotes about'Swal owsandAmazons' havrjntroduced manyboysto thedelights of reading seriously andherliterature lessons havebeenfull of glorious stories andpoetry,

I ;



I\4athematics in the Pfep-hasalways be€nan important arealn the curiiculum \aiththe highest standards sought andachieved; andin theyealsSylvia Fancy hasbeenhefeshehastaughteveryboy on hiswaythroughP5 and P6 and hasshowneach,staror anxious sturnbl€r, the eegance of mathematical cofcepts andthe satisfaction of rnast€ring them.Herlunchtime Maths. clubin the Library for the lessconfident hasgivennewinsight to Library Mumsandstaffaswell:we wishwe hedbeenin herclassesl

is mostwell-known Sylvia at Haberdashers'for hermusic. Sh€hastralned, nursed, cajoled, required andinspired JuniorandSenior Choirs andin palticular theveryspecial Charnber ChoiL Anyboywho hassungwith l\,4rs. Fancy knowsthat the music(andwords) areparamount: the pefofmance is important in that it isa conduit for expressing whatth€ musicis andboyshavetheexperience of beingpartofthatchanneb€twerncomposerandaudience.Wehaveheardands€€nth€mforgetting joyfulnoise, sell andnot onlymaking a ovely, but growing in spirit.No-one whohasheard[/]rs. Fancy accompany an instrumentaljst in Prep. Assembly, or haswalked through thehallwhenshehas beenplaying Bach. willeverforgetit; andwerecail vividly theenergetic music shehasgivenir mrny productions: Prep. two'losephs', Ratsl, Catsandmanyothers. lt ishardto writetooglowingly about heroutstanding contribution probtems to Pfep. music, and€specially hardto writeof herincreasing gallantly withhearing, borneandpractically managed. Hercolleagues in the Prep. ard pafents too - knowhowmuchloveandatlention Sylvia hasput intothe nurture andsupport shehasgivento the boysin herform.lt is saidthatteaching is like gardening. lf that is so,thenshehasprovided the verybestgrowing anychildcouJd hav€:a top qualiiycompost of affectionandrigour,expectjng the bestfrom boyswho areeagerto proveher confidence in them fight,wisdomwhendealingwith apsesof behaviour \ahichthey regret, undeKtanding whendifficutiesaremorethantheycanmanage. Every boyfeelssheis on hisside; gives andsheis-Thehighest cornplirnent shecanpayis'healways of hisbest'. No appreciatior of Sylvia's workin the Pr€p. wouldbe complete withoutremembefing theyeariy Preston MontfordFieldTripswith P7andP8.ShewasI\,4edicine ManandSunogate Motherto many a valiant andhomesick boy.'Doyouthinkyourmoth€r willbehappier or lesshappywhenyouring off f youtellhowyoufeelthisfirstevening?' hasshown a number of boyshowto bekindandkeep thatcallfor a morecheerful DayTwo.Hrr roundof thebedrooms before lightsout prompted many - lvlrs.Fancy's attempts at coughing throatpastilles weredelicious. Stream-dipping andcastleclimbing, hill walking andghoststories on theStip€rston€s foundherin herelement andthe boys thrived. Enough oftheboys: hercolleagues haver€lished hercompany andwicked deed-pan utt€rances in the staffroom, and her g€nerosity and kindness in timesof stress; and haveenviedher beautiful handwriting andability to writeanapposltf repoft. Nocoleague graces oughtto beallowed allthese jt andit isa measure grateful oftheaffection Sylvia engenders thatno-one holds against her.Weare givenof herbest, thatshehasbeenin thisplace at thistime.Sh€,ind€ed, hasalways andherbestts superb,

JoanHayes loan Haves leaves usafteroverfourteenvearsasHeadof l.C.l,or l.T.asit wasfor mostof hertime. in computing anda in 1979asa laboratory technician, afteranearlycareer ShejoinedtheSchool of heroperating anearly Sheisjustlyproudofthe photographs breakto raisehersonanddaughter. I loan'sabilitiesanddedication areillustfated by the wayin Elliottcomputer, the sizeof a classroom B.A.degreein Dtcember 1984whileworkingat the School. whichsheobtainedan openUniversity on dayrelaase. Shetookup her studyingfor herPG.C.E. Afterthis,shetaughtin FurtherEducation, Depa{ment, 1988as Headof Computing withinthe lvathematics and l.l roleherein January in itsownrightin September 1989. At thistimethecornputers in Computing became a department machines, sixAppleIVlacintosh computers andan Alpha the Schoolconsisted of oneroomof B.B.C. lt wasloan'sdedication that built up the department to I\,4icra mainframe with ten bulkyterminalsl to commcrcial levelsof s€rvice. the levelwe seetoday,sothat the computing system operates whichwas andexternally, something Joanhasalwa\6strivento keepl.Tisprofilehighbothinternally repoterwho visitedthe Schoolin the mid-1990s and notedand reportedby the DailyTelegraph zeal:Thiswaspublished in the DailyTelegraph Joan'sstyle{veryaptly)as'missionary described schoolloan's Schools YearBook,andloan tooka longtimeto livethisdown.Outside Independent displsyed at activities, interests arevaried,but her prideshowsin her quiltingand embroidering Houseandthe Theupholstery of the chairsin the foyerof Aldenham schoolon manyoccasions. in 1990.For 300thanniversary chapelaltarfrontalwerethe resultof herdirectionfor the School's for dogs:oneofJoan'spartypieces for visito6departing fromher manyyealsshehashelda passion onthestaircase, where theyd€monstrated training and homewasto lineup herthreeBorder Collies ihatwouldputsomepupils hereto shame. behaviour DickNorton in duringwhichtimehehasbeentotallyinvolved DickNortonretiresafter37yealsat HaberdasheB' area.Formanyyearshe wasHousemaster of the life of the Schoolin viduallyeveryimaginable Headof French, for a timeholding both andaswellasthisdemanding task,hebecame Hendersons, years positions For twenty he ran the 2nd Xl cricket team where his enthusiasm and concurrently. playe6, place for a in Doug Yeabsley's 1st Xl, both enjoyed their dedication ensured that many striving cricketandtookit vervseriouslv beseparated; it becomes a lifestyle. 0riginally a Spanish Foralllinguists business andpleasure cannot year after an exchange in Provence, and asHead Dick'sloveof France became unstoppable specialist, France and stay in families at all lev€ls of opportunities for boysto travelto of trenchhedeveloped Die in Alsace and Chambery in the Particularly successful havebeenthejuniortripsto St. the school. andhugenumbe6of pafticipants. French Alps,bothin termsof qualityof experience of French culturewith a great Languages hehaspursued the highandlowaspects fu Headof lvlodern productions of Frenchplays,whichwere andco-ordinating two splendid senseof gusto,organising standard. Hisloveof French wine with authenticity andto an astonishing actedby A' levellinguists running ofthedepa rtmentto counteract animportani bacchanalian elementtothe hasalwaysadded Apollonian tendeltiesof thos€whotakelifetoo seriously. hisloveof hissubject overmanyyears which €xample of a manwhohasmaintained Heisa splendid to hisbeliefin the subjectandtestimony is botha tfibuteto hisstaminain teachinga demanding in professional andper50nal terms. importance of modernlanguages

Leavers LiamCanny jolnedthe Economjcs andPolitics department in September 1999.Withdegr€es from LjamCanny in the U.S.Navy,a periodaslesearch officerto the Eir€Shadow threeuniversities, fouryea15' service heseem€d to havehadseveral successful N,4inister of Foreign Affairs,andworkin the Cityof London, lt did not takelonq,howev€r, for staffandpupllsto realise that he wasalsoan careers already. giftedindividual andteacher. H€worked hardto mak€his essons a success and edhis exceptionally pupils to extracurricular aciivities. Hetooka to highstandards. Liarn alsomadea finecontribution member of theI\,4ain School SkiTrip.He fu I partin School andCornmunity Servlce andwasa valued quicklyincreased so that its companies regularly won districtand the scaleof YoungEnterprise wasto school basketball. Hehadcoach€d the county competitions. However, hismaincommitment [Jnivelsity mens Blues teamandbrought all hisformidable expertise andwill-to-win to Cembridge "there's Hisslogan no'l' in team"taughttherna lot aboutthems€lves andgav€ bearon Habs. teams. victolies, Liamleaves usto themnot ony mutualoyalty andesteem but alsomanywelldeserved andPolitics at theAmerican School in Eqham, SouthLordon. teachEconomics SimonKinder joinedtheSchool leaves School in Norfolk. Havlng SimonKinder usto takeup a postat Greshams' in 1994, Simon returned a yearlaterto a fu I timepost,having ona temporary onetermappointment Simonhasthatundeniabie abilityto inspire competedhisPG.C.E. at the UniveBlty of EastAnglia. enthuse boys in his subject and to draw the very best out of each and everyon€ of them.Heis and looking for new ways to dev€lop his teachirg style and he was instrumental ln introducing always History at Habs. In addition, he becam€ involved in cross-country running and 1.C.1to theteaching of plays for meny school and concens. He accompanied num€rous Hisiory trips, heranthe boxoffice andheestabllshed the School Rambling Club,leadlng boysand bothin thiscountry andabroad, parentron manya marvellous He was a dedicated and hugely effective Filst Fornr weekend excursion. yrars post in 2001, which befor€ beingappointed Housemaster of Russells a to tutorfof a rumberof erergyandtefiificd€dication. W€wi I misshimfor allthesequalities hebrought seerningly erdless andfor hiswarmhumour andgreatheart. JoannLetts I997andleaves usaftersixyeal5. Wequickly loannLettsjoined thePhysics Department ln September wh]lststillin hertwenties, befor€ cameto learnof [,4ls. L€tts'quality; shewasa Headof Physics to breakto haveherfamily. An outstanding classroom teacher, shehascontributed takinga cafeer prof€ssional, Thoroughly sh€hasspentfarmoretimeherethanrs lifeat Haberdashels' in manyways. withactiviti€s lik€Bridge, attending In-5€rvice strictlyif hercontract, helpng behind the scenes parttimeteaching post, courses or actingasa SixthFormTutor. Sheisto takeupanother training at theNorthLondon Colleglate School. lanRice in the Prep. Schooand WhenlanRicejoined thestaffherein 1986hecameto teachMathematics games. prep.school, froma Yorkshire lanwaskeen to makea contribution to mainschool Arriving I hadknownlanandhis to workwith olderpupilsif possible. for a change andthe opportunity particular parents needs and admirably fulfiledthe School's for manyyearsbut hisappointment figureof a man,lanis in withhisowndesire to develop hiscareer. An impressive happiycoincided giantwhohasalways A county rugbyplayer, hadtheb€stinterests of hispupils at heart. facta gentle (representing KingsLangey),hecontinued to playto a fineswimmer andpowefulclubcricketer goodstandard in theVillag€ Cricket finalat afterjoinjngHaberdash€rs', tak;ngpaft(forinstancel year. Lord's onememorable

with the rugby1stXVandcarrledon this roLewhenCliveRees GregDavies lan wassoonassistjng becamemasteri/crug-byin-1990Atthistimehealsotookchargeofswimmlngforthemaina lanmad€an invaluable andhardworking' thesportto a veryhighlevelTalented andraised schools role to the sportinglife of the schoolquiteapat fromhisteaching in the Prep contribuuon abouthim:his of theunconventionaL hasa streak lannevethel€ss conscientious, enerqetic, Reliable. forthefactthat notable ona boatontheTham€s-was w€dding-held rather moreusualbest of the woman irstead groom a best had the man,,, ANDGAI\,IES SPORTS Rugby in a demanding resulted siz€in mostagegroups A lackof physiczl 1st XV levelTheside particularly at but squads for manyof the season School game Watford Grammar against final unill the winless lr/ere our flom provlded respite a welcome Columbia tour The British of results in terms not bring success The tour did opponents. traditional The for playerdevelopment. oppoftunlty an outstanding but provided in chalacter much good and showed season a very ul6 squadhad provide They at half-time the opposiuon games tr€iling after winning hopefor nextseason. and of thepassing Some withrealcommitm€nt. andplay€d performed tl€ditably Allthejuniorsides thelr Mr Patt€rsor' standard the highest was of tour in lrelend play side on continilty by the U14 play€d (Edlassume lr€land thiswasbefor€ play". lreland try "lt waslikewatching "or.t,*"ri.jtdio England!) Cricket thishasbeena highly andexaminations' by badweather caused disruption the inevitable D€sDlte only3 The2nd and losing I matches Xl winning Club!Tith the 1st season for theCricket succesful the Old against loss b€ing only their againstschoolopposition, season Xl had an unbeaten Haberdashers, of games popular anda number extremely too Thesportremains health isin excellent Cricket Junior staiistics The December week of the first in the rainduring 2t lunchtime couldstillbeseenplaying times at all cricket to playattacking b€lowshowthattheClubendeavoured Theoverallrecordfor the Club,,,ras:Playrd 107 Won 63

Drawn 21 Lost


Abandored/ 26 Cancelled

or Hertfordshire' [,4idd1esex to the t3 boyswhorepresented Congratulations Tour2002-3 FarEastCricketand Hockey fol a threeweektour 1sthDecember on Sunday A partyof twenty-fourboYsandfourstaffdepalted always ontrinsof this Langkawi As and of Penang theisiands including to HongKongandMalaysia RoyalSelangor football club' CricketClub,the by Kowloon natureihe paltywashostedmagnificently Eve' SportsClubwherewe werehostedon NewYear's Clubandthe Penang

- re

I :


boysencountered st ff opposiiion agalnstthe mrn s sldes 1,{th greatten:c ty and pridethroughoulthe !r.rrpefiorrned iour.TheCrcketC ub won 3 and ost4- TheHockey C ub won 3 drc\.r3 and ost 2 matchcsThehighight of the touf wasa !!perb 5 5 draw with Rafna Xl contajn g slx exnlerfatonals.Spacedoesnot allowa fu 5umnrary of the Events but thosewhichwl lremalnwith us afeth€ Christmas Dry l!rnk tr p to Lrmrnrlsland,a visitto the big Buddhaon L:ntau s and the superbfood and the sheerbeautyof L:f!lkaw, shoppin!jn the markets, srorkeling/swmmifgw th sharkson an atol, waterspofts and the fantastc beach barbecue!. A bonuswas beingregaly ertedaned by Amir Jrnrc ail (0.H.'69) and playingb€foreth€ King Tufku of NegeriSmbilanwho arved n his RollsRoyceand with trn Ths matchwasreported outrlders. on the malnMalays an T.V.

S,--.-r, lt*^.

Theboysweres!perbambassadors for the School andcountryandwerevefy!ppreciatve of the lrard ,,!orkdonebylulianTruein HongKongandlan Syerir N4alaysia. Hockey

Thlsseason hash ghlighted thestrengths rnd depths of hockey throughout theSchoo . The'exposure of hockey lowerdowntheSchool prograr.me lncluding a pre-season hash.d r major[npact onthe A luniors d€shadseasons sport. bothat A and'B' evelwhichaugurs wel for thefuture. The2nd X vrere ufbeat€n forthesecond season n a rowandthelst Xlwon7 matches and ost3.Theseason sta(edvr'ith the FarEastTourandended witha successful weekend at theBathHockryFestival. n tota theC ubplayed 73,wof 36,drew13andlost24;. mostpeasing record. Association Football Thishasbeenanoutstandirg season for the lst Xl.Weentered theInaugura Crusader Cupfor Lent JermSoccefSchools ther proceeded to top ther qualf,/inqgroupwith wlnsovef Bedford, Berkhamsted, Radley College andSt EdwrrdlSchool, oxford. Thelossln thesemi-firaaganstRugby (2 1)brought School ouf8 $rifsequence to anend.Theonlypoordispaywasa 4 1 defeat to U.C.S. TheEastef tourto Barcelora wasa fltt ng climaxto theseason. Slxteen boysplustwo staffhada wondelfLrlly excltirg trlpbut rather disappo nt nglyostallthreegames narrowly. TheU16teamhavealsoenjoyed a goodseason winning seven out of ninematches beatng both Brdford andBedford Modern Schools. Theclubrecord \ras:Played32





I li:tr s 1,r, r.u.-r: or


CrossCountry Asiscustomary, thetermbeqan wlththeseason\ mostchaLenging senior fixture, theKrowe funat perforrnance Severoaks. Ourteem's waseleventh y overa| lwewrrr e ghth astyeer], andwasbroad perforrnances typicaof howthe r€stof theseason wouiddevelop somedecent lndividual but a itt e disappo ntingoveral . Wehosted theGoater Cupin February buijustmissed outonthemeda s flnishing fourth. The[,4idd]e School wasplagued by 'rjuryand unavalabilty but the perenria problem proved of encouraglng stud€nts to trairrenrained. Theluniors, however, to bea formdabe unt andthusallls notdoomandg ooml

Athletics Theseason beganwith twenty-eight athletes tminingat CIubLaSantain Lanzarote. Tra;ning twice dailyprovedto b€verybeneficial asboththe U16and[J]4 teamshbveagainqualifiedfor the Herts. teagueFinal.Theu19sideretained theWatfordandDistrictlJ20trophyconvincingly. At theAchill€s Relays, theseniors wonthe4 x 800metres andthe intermediate teamwonthe4 x 100metrehurdl€s beatingN,4illfield by onesecond. In the youngeragegroups, sevenboysreprcsented londonandthe SouthEastin theNational I.A.PS. Championships in Birmingham; threeof themgaining a thirdplace in theirrespective events. TheWatford andDistrict Championships sawcombined U16,U15,U14andU13teamsremaining the district champions.0n an individual basis AlexAnimashaun beatthecountyrecord in boththe 100 end200metres endwenton to represent Herts.in the English Championsh;ps. Badminton Badminton continuesto flourishwith largenumberof boysplayingthesportat bothrecfeational and competitive levels.Fiveboyswereselected for Hertfordshire and four boyswereselected for and partic;pated in the prestigious Badminton Association of EngiandWorld ClassStart Coaching programme. Kamran Huqwassubsequently chosen to repres€nt England at lJ15levelin Belgium. Fortherecord wewonth€Herts. U13tournament andgained second andthirdplaces in theu15and lJ18ev€nts respectively. ThelJ14teamwonthe England Schools' National Finalandthe [J16team wereplaced seventh. These results suggest thatwearenowamonq thebestbadminton schools in the country Water-Polo Thr majoroperation whichlVr.Hydehadlastsummer broughtanabruptendto the WaftrPoloClub. However, he hasrecovered sufficiently to restartit andhasdevotedhisconsiderable energyat the low€rendof the Club.Theyhavemadean unb€aten startto theseason duringthe LentTerm,gelling asa teamandshowinggoodprospects. Nolessthansevenboysrepresented theircounties andJohnBeardsworth, whoplayed for England at lJ16level, captained IViddlesex u19team. Swimming Thishasbeena tremendously successful season. TheSeniors, Intermediates andJuniors allwontheir respectives Herts.Panagraphic Leagues. TheJuniorrelayteamfinishedsth in the medleyandgth in the freestylerelayat the BazukaNationalChampionships. Thisevent is the premierschools' jn England. competition andincludes every swimming school 0ur Ull medleyrelayteamfinished second in the countryat the I.A.PS. Finals at l\,4illfield School. 0n an individual basis;Karmran Huq(|J13)finished2ndin the 50 metrebackstroke. Bridge Thishasprobably beenour b€stseason sinceinauguration. Thefirst teamwonthe mostprestigious "TheBritish trophyavailable to schools Bridge League Schools Cup"andalsothe "London Schools' BridgeLeague", beating St Paul's, Dulwich College, HarrowIVlerchant Taylols'and Loughborough Schools.The second teamwonthe"Schools'Plate" Grammar competition defeating teams around the country. A numberof the teameitherrepresented the Eastern Counti€s or Londonin competitions. Three boyshavebeenselected for thr England U20squadandwill bepiaying in theWorldJunior Championship to beheldin Tata,Hungary.

Chess (lvaths. "lf I toldyouthatthell15teemwas A quotefromJonBarres Deparimentl lastyearr€ads that the futureof chessal than the lJ]9 teamat the School, it wouldbe obvious stronger hasproved remarkably accurat€. Theteamswon Hebefdashels' isverybrightindeed'. Hisprediction Schools lJ14andUl9 divisions; alltheboysinvolved arefromthefirstthreeyeals theHe|tfofdshire Squad. In the National B.C.F. of the SchoollFourof the teamareon the fringeof ihe England The Championship we \4onthe Londorzorebut lostin the knockout stageof the tournament. andfinished seconc. SchooL failedin iisattempt to def€nd theU15National Championships THEARTS Art Art lrip to Tuscany Duringthe octoberhalf-t€rrn,30 pupilsaccompanied by thrre stafl undedook a five daytrip to Tuscany. Theyflew to Romeand visited Florence wherethe boyswerestruck nature by the beautif!llypreserved of the medieval bujldings and the a w € s o msec a l eo f ' D u o m o ' ,T h e in addition to Michelang o'ssculpturc of'Davld'vrere Accadernia Gallery andthe UffiziMusuem gothicduomo, oneof themostspectacular in admired. Thepartymoved onto Sienna withitssuperb the"cityof beautlful towers". Italy, andin th€afternoon moved onto SanGimigniano, in Rome. A Lasting Perugia andAssisl wereenjoyed onthefourthdaybefore lookirgat somanysights willbeseeing a sightof thePope in 5t.Peter's Square addressing th€rainsoaked crowds of memory pilgrlms Catholic huddedundertheirumbrelas. Art Exhibitions andDisplays of ad workandpotteryin the Throughout the LentandSumm€r Terms, therehavebeerdispleys metterhavebeen Bourn€ HallfoyelPaintings, drawings andprintscovering a wjdefangeof subject Egyptian by theschool community as hasan exhibition of ceramics andsomemarvellous enjoyed in)pired wo.l onqhowi. thedisplav cablel\ Profrssor Anihony Slinnlectured on thellfeandworkofVincertVanGoghin frontof an audience werevisited one hundr€d. As always theTatef/odernandNational Gallery by'A' level in excess of as was the Dali N,4useum. studenb Drama The,rcboysand7 girlsfromthe Girls'school Theseniorplay"iravda" wasa resounding success. play for its amazirg workedlonghou6at th€ weekends andthe will be remembered technical play Brenton a'rdHare's worksoskilfully. The wastechnically demanding and touches thatintefpret teamdes€rve a sp€ciam€ntionfor creatinga record thusthe dedicated boysof the production numberof separate sets. plays offourscript€d bytheG.C.S.E. Drama TheSpringTerm wasincredibly busywith thepresentation "The piecebytheA.S.Theatre a devised Studies students andthe highlysuccessful StaffPlay, st!dents, Hound". In addition, therewereseven theatre tripsandall forty-six boysstudying R€alInspector productlon Trestle Theaire Company's masked of Drama in theThirdForm wertto theaward-winning "Th€lsland".

TheJuniorSchoolplay"ThePhantom Tollbooth" wasdirected by RonElliottassisted by two A' Level (andsurreally) English students. The26-strong castpropelled audiences hilariously towardsa castlein ihe air.A veryenjoyable trip for bothcastandaudience. StaffCharityConcert(in aid of CancerResearch) Thebiennialeventwasheldin Mayandwith the supportof over20 membeE of staffa coupleof enjoyable evenings werehad.TheModern Languages Depaltment brought theaudience aliveduring a colourfuland amusingMorrisDancingroutine.Thestar of the showwasTrevorHyde(Maths. Department) on piano.In excess of fl,OOO wasraised. Classics DuringApril,24 boys,22 girlsand5 teachers returnedhomefrom ltalyon two differentaeroplanes fromtwo differentplaces Beramo andVerona. Thiswasnotthe resultof a rowbetween theboys'and girls'schoolbut the res!ltof an airtrafFicstrikethe daybefore. 0n thecontraryrelations werecordialthroughout a glorious trip thattookjn thesightsaroundRome, suchasthe Forum, theColosseum, theSpanish Steps, St.Peter's Basilica, theVaiicanandthe harbour townof ostiaandwentonto theBayof Naples where theyexplored Pompeii, Herculaneum andCapri. The30hourdelayin.departure allowed thegroupto visitFlorence andthedelights of N,4ichelangelo's 'David', theDuomo andtheCampanile notforgetting theumpteenih ltalianicecream!l EuroDean YouthParliament Twenty-eight drlegates, including two mixedteamsfromHaberdashers' metat the Foreign Officefor theSouth-East regional finalof theEuropean YouthParliament. During thedaya number of quickflre intelligentdebates on matteEaffectingthe E.u.wereheld.Theserangedfrom the Common Agricultufal Policy to the problems of lmmigrants in Europe. one of the resolutions wasdebated entirely in French andSpanish. 0ur CivilLiberation teamwasdeclared winners andnowgoonto the National Finals in Yorkin September. lvlod€rnLanguages Exchanges andVisits a Alsace Thisytar 35 first yearspariicipaied in the nineteenannualtrip to Alsaceaccompanied by four members of steff.Asalwaysthe boysstayedwith Frcnch families(whospeakEnglish!), theyenjoyed 'fun'activities the blendof'cultural'and andresponded wellto thevisitto the Mus€e Alsacien in Strasbourg astheydid to the falconryshowwherethe vulturesandcondors fly hair-raisingly close heads.The overtheir Chateau duHautKoenisbourg, highin themountainsand avisitdowntheSilver l\,4ines impressed the party.one of the highlighis wasbeingreceived by Jacques IVIann, winemak€r andoldfriendoflheSchool, whogaveanamusing talkonwinemaking andconcluded witha tasting of hisRiesling andGerururtztraminer. a Rome Asin the pasttwoyears, thetrip to Romeorganised by Mr.C.Nettofor hisG.C.s.E. setwrnt verywell. Culture, food,goodweatherandthe charmof thisbeautifulcity madea verywelcome breakduring th€bleakEnglish winteL a N4adrid Exchange A groupof 20boysand13girlstookpartthisyearin theexchange. Thehospitality ofthe hostfamilies yet again,a mostsuccessful andthe famousattractions of Spain's capitalcity,provided, exchange.

a WorkExperience n Dissedorf At Easter a qroupof ten 68 students spenta r,€ekin the vlbrantard bust ng city of DLjsseldort at t h e c o m n r e r chael a r t o f G e r m r n y , w h e r e t h e y n o t o n l y a c q u r e d v a L r a l l l e , , , r onrakdevxcp| €s rei € n c e placements, ranqeof intcrestng andrewardlng but a so exprrienced the richness of Germanc! ture at flrst hand.0rgarsedby a formerH!b€rdashers Germanassistart, Cafsten Hllttermafnour boys u/crewarmlyrecelved by th€irGermanhosts, the visii$rasa resound ng success. TheGerman students wil undertake simlar work p acernents ln thr North Londonareain January2004. f any old Haberdashrb coud he p !,rithp acements for the Gennrf students, !,reuou d llketo hearfromyou. P easecontactN/larsha Don:rghey n the N4odern Lanquaqes Department. a [4unich A qroupof 25 mjddleschoostudentsledby lvlrs.Chldefstore, samped thr de ghtsof l"/lun ch and ts surroundlngs !t Easter. Tripswereorgafsedto the Deutsches MusrumNeuschwar|stein Caste and Selzburg a offenburg N4eafwhile the luniolsareeagerlylookirgforwardto theirtrlp to offenbufgandthe BlackForest itr the flfstweekof the sumr.erholdays.

progrrmnre Therehasbeenthe norma bLrsy of cofcertsthroughoutthe yearincludinga seresof excelentFrday lunchtimelve concertsn which many boys rnd staff have offereda varled progrrmneof indlvldLra or ensembrperformanc€s. TheAutunrnConcertwas a spectacu ar affar. The massed vo cesof the F rst YearChoifmadea tremendous soundin theirtwo songs,whichcontrasted w th a f ne performafce of Mrndelssohn s 'Hebrides overturepayedby the Seniororch€stra. ThesuperbBrassConc€rtand the SchoolCaro Servce in St.Altlan's Abbeywer€the r.a n features ln the secondha f of ternr. The Springterrnsaw the strngs,woodurind, s€condorchestra,ntermediate band and keybo:fd concertsIn addition, wasp ayedir front of [for the f rst timeja concertat St.]ohn's,Smth Square a viftuallyfull hoLrse. The qu!lity of the musicmakingfrom 110musicjans was outstand ng in paricu ar Shostakovich\ PianoConcelto by Richard K!,/an. Theyearw!s competedby the cuitarand ParcL-rss on ard Summer Concerts anda newprogramme entitledlun of MuslcFestva . Haberdashers' SummerWorkshop Th€two weekworkshopattracted I60 c h id r e n e a c h w e e k . Eectroncs,fun w th wood,pottery, a d v e n t u r eg,o f a n d t h e m r j o r spoltsrvereb essed with clearskes, N4any thanksto a nuflberof 0 d Hrberdashe6 who he pedthe staff make this such an enjoyable

c.c.F. AcTtvnEs TheC.C.F. hrs had a busyard succcssful ye:rr.Th€anny sectionhada marveouscentr! campat Penha e n CornwaL Theh gh pointof the weekwasthe v ctoryoverth rteenothrr schools in the CampMlarch andShootCompetition. This nvolved a gruelingthfee-me Tunon a hi ly coursein f!ll combatk t andweaponry, followedbVthe accLrrate shoot!!hl st st I shortof breath.

wherethey Excellent, Portsmouth, in a sailingregattaat H.l\,4.S. TheRoyalNaWcadetscompeted "seamanship" in the racing. Theteamcamethirdoutof36 schools two daysof veryintense undertook two 33ft yachtsfor Theychartered wasspentin Brixham. In October anotherweekend competition. passage pointsofsailing fromBrixham aswellasmaking a thefiner andspenitime learning theweek Beaufort Scaleduring a force11on the andbackin force6-8 windsandencountering to Daftmouth thelastniqhtl of Flt Lt. changeof offrceFwith the retirement almosta complete sectionhasundergone TheR.A.F the sectionfor many who bothservedandsupported KarenWilsonandFlyingofficerPaulHayler, by threenewoffice6,Plt officers yea6.Thesectionis nowin the handsof Flt.Lt.ChrisBassassisted West.Duringtheyearthe sectionhasenjoyeda numberof RobWhiteman andRichard N,,lark Taylor, Theyounger cadets andwasa greatsuccess, Cosford Summer campwasat R.A.F, camps andactivities, andselfreliance W!4onandthe !vholesectionhastakenpad in leadership havebeenflyinqat R.A.F outdoorActivities CentreandAmpthillParkaswellasvariousnightexercises at Hillingdon exercises offeredby members havealsotakenpartin the manyactivitycourses Individual andglidingcourses. the C.C.F. lR.N.l OTDBOYS' NEWS who hasbeenappointedHeadof Congratulations to PatrickMoriaty(0.H184) Ask€'s GirlsSchool. SixthFormat Haberdashe6' - cla;sof 1973 30thReunion 105out contacted Adamin conjunction withtheSchool, andHamish NickSchon a champagne of 135perrsin the yeat A partyof 102including12 staff€njoyed speeches. followedby a threecoursedinnerandsomehighlyamusing reception asfriendships werere-kindled success All agreedthe eveninqwasa tremendous 0ld Boys'Dayon the Sunday. andnewonesmade.A numberalsoattended 1993Reunion A smallreunionof ihe 1993leaveKtook placeafterthe cricketmatchon old Thiswasorganis€d by PaulEve6fieldand all who camethoroughly Boys'Day. welcomes sucheventsif anyonewouldliketo emulateNickandPaul, event. The School cnjoyedthe Hamish ishappy school. Suchevents takesixnonthsto organisell please Doug Yeabsley at the contact to advise {hadam@macmillandadam.com}. /- -----------------at €6.00percopy. copies of the 2003editionof Skylark Please sendto me........... payable Boys'School to the Haberdashers'Aske's for f.......... made I enclose a cheque Name Address Aske'sBoys'School, SchoolSupportDirector,Haberdashers' Pleasereturnto Mr D. l. Yeabsley, Herts,WDG3AF Butterfly[ane,Elstree,





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2002-2003 Season Gresswell President-Simon ClubCaptain-StLart Smilh that I have stlll reelingfromth€ dramatic turnaround I sit herea yearon from rnylastinstalment Clubhaspulleditselffrom thebrink Haberdashers'Rugby witn€ssed in th€pasttwelvemonths.old just promotion in one seasonl to theeuphoria of of theabyss dueto dwindling departure fromtheleague Follo!,/ing ourpremature setaboutresurrccting the 0.H. numbers the 0ld Boys'stalwalti networkduringthe summerof 2002.Thispaid huge dividendsand thanksto sterlingwork by Costi (Club (VicrCaptain) Karayannis andSimonGresswell .erewed vigour webegan lhesraso4 \rvilh Presidenr) anda much-strengthened squad. Hendon 0ur first gameagainstold adversaries provedto be a difficultone.mainly due to our in the finalquafterof the matchwhen complacency 29 24.However we took leading29-5andwh;chfinished that we terrificteamspiritawayfromthe gameandrealised

thebackline,which hadthemakings of a greatsidein particular andclass throughoui thegamt. hadoozed confidence strongerendthe 0ctoberprovedto bea fine rnonthastesmspiritandbeliefbecame put up little resistance. in two impressive victoriesagainstRoyston and Thisculminated opposition intoNovember the onlydark As the winning streakcontinued 0.E.11 66-0and50-10respectively. whoweknewwouldbringtheirbi9 wasCuffley another of ouroldadve6aries cloudonthehorizon Thiswasnotto packto Croxdale through usastheyhaddonein thepast. Road expecting to rumble piayed /un out winners 29-10. 0ur league form hadledus mighty 0.H. outstandingly to be.Thenow jointtop clash with 0ld Grammarrans. setupa topofthetable bythebeginning ofDecemberand to fourkeyplayers wftk theteamwasmissing dueto a gruelling cupgametheprevious Unfortunately 23-3. backlineto runoutwinners andGrammarians overwhelmed theunfamiliar form continued to impress our cup form was Whilstour league Amateu15 16-0had surprising evenuslA fantasticwin overWasps withHitchin, a teamwhoonlyeightmonths setup a meeting pointragairstusat home.0n beforehadscored 98unans\4ered afternoonwe playedthe mostspiritedrugby a coldSaturday racingto a 24-0 leadin the first 20 minutes. of the season However the hugeHitchinpacktookcontrolin th€ second winners 41halfdriving overfourtimesto runout ev€ntual point level we newwecouldcompete on a higher 24.At this vigour. tookon renewed andour drivefor promotion winsover formcontinued into2003withimpressive 0ur league saw and Roystonin JanuaryFebruary old Streetonians with Cuffleywho weretirelessly the returnencounter place in theleague. Thematchwas chasing usforsecond

pLayedwith passon rareLyserf outsde of T!rick€nham; horrever the last20 mlnutes s?$rus receive 2 yr low cardsandth s left us needng (.or-ronird d.lirLo.. t p.\e.o. ti. pa h n edinpn\'bl.W r'r. p", o

1 e g a I e o . ? e \ F ? -r p ? F \ ' . F b d . t

| '

produced themoveoftheseason to allowStuart T llyto demonstrate hlspaceanddiveoverin the andseathew n 26-24. corner Thisfantasticvlctoryset us on the roadto a flnr gnmesho$'down \,/ithGrammaflans who we would have to brat to br promoted thiswasrot to be anda spirted outrght. However wasa we couldmustera thouqh!!e did scorethe asttry of the g€meleavingthe field!,rithheadshed hlgh. Finsh ng secordln the eagueput us into a play-offpostion and BesizeParkwere du€to our pointsandwin ta ly,homerdvantage. the opponents andwe hadnothng but v cioryon our minds. The26th of Apri sawa cornmtted but rervous0.H.teamtaketo the fieldand althouqhthe f rst ha f proveddifficultfor usto make nroadswemafagrd just esfrustrating to fln sh the half 12-8to the good.Thesecordperlodproved with Bes ze Parkbarelyeavng thelrhall However we failedto captrliseon it thefina whiste bl€wwe werevlctorous,beingpror.otedforthefirsttime n theClub's hrstory.

Thenetresult- a season ir whichwe averaged between fourerd fivetriese g€rne, ng 87 n amass tota anda whopplng 515pointsln competitive eague rnd cupmatches. Wltha rateof over750/0, th s hasbe€ntheslngL€ bestwinnngseason theC ub haseverhad.Specia thanks to everyone who youat Croxdale hassupported usthrough therough timesand\ryeookfor\ryard to seeing Road in the


spst{Tlp{(; $AM

President 2003:H.P.Lancaster Esq. lst Xl Captain: S.Ali Esq. A verydifferentseason for the lst Xl and2ndXl in 2002,with prornotion threatened by the flrstsandthat darkcloudof relegation hanging overtheseconds for rnostofthe season. lhe season startedbadlyb€forea ballhadbeenbowled.At thr AnnualGeneralMeetingheldin February RickHarrisannounced he wasleavingthe 0ld Boysto try hisluckpleyinga betterstandardof cricketard joinedWestHertsC.C..Soonafteruards,PaulEversfie d, who had alreadystooddownas captainat the A.G.M,decidedto join Rickandandalsothrewin hishandat WestHerts.Hencein a few shortweeks, we hadlostour captain, mainstrikebowlerandby far our mostprolificbatsman. IMany wouldszythiswas caretessl Thefilst issueto resove wasthecaptaincy. Enter,stageright,formercaptainHaroonAhmad,who wasnot prepared to seethe 0 d Boysstruggleto fill the postasthe newseason drewevercloser 'fortunate' Theseason startedundertyp;calgreyMaycloudsandthe lst Xl were enoughto playthe first threematches at a soggyCroxdale Roadwherebattingwasa challenge and 120wasa goodscore.lt was notthatthe wicketwasdangerous but beingdamptherewasconsiderable seammovement andvariable Noneof the oppositionteamscopedwell wiih the conditionsand,but for failingto scor€morethan90 againstTotteridge, the teamwouldhavestart€dwith threestraightwins.All this wasachieved without the pafticipation ofthe ma€stro of [Iay wickets,MikeFiler,whotooka restfromcricketunti Juy.Thefirst r€aldisappointrnent of the yearoccurredat NorthMyrnmswhereon the fi6t goodbattingtr3ckof the yeartheteamrnanaged to bebowled outfor 112byan average line-up, withsome additional nightmarish running between thewickets contributing to olrr dowrfall.Havingealier run himselfout, Salman Bajwaproceeded to bow quite superbly-with pace and fire but we hadjun too few runson the boardand lostby 4 wickets. Yetanotherdampwicketfollowedat Croxdae Roadwher€ar excellentperformance by the Holtwhites'openingfast bowler- he cleaned the sideout for under100,led io another4 w i c L e td e f e a l .B a d l " ( l f o l l o w e dr h e n e x t , ^ l e e "

whendueto playbottomof the eague, Braughing the matchwascalledoff very earlyld€spitep]ayingon lF!tlin!"" the side of a hill) while ali other rnatcheswere payed and pointshadgon€begging. completed in the division.30 Therefollowed whatcanbe bestdescribed asan amazing setof metches with not oneboringdrawamongthem.This (3 sequence lncludedtight winsagainstHatfieldHyde(1 wicketl,PottersBar(3 wickets)and Sandridge plusexcitingdrawsagainstBoxmoor(the opposition wickets), I down,and 2 runsshort)and old Theendresultwasthird placein the tableandin a prornotion Camdenians. spot. Som€ofthis success wasdueto a braved€cision by the s€lectors to askSimonGelberto leavehispositlon as2ndXl raptainandjointhe lst Xl fof a shoriperiod- whichendedup beingthewholeseason. Simon addedvarietyandsteadiness to the bowlingattackand endedup as leadingwickettaker- hls greatest success beingtheobllteration of theSendridge rniddle endloweroder withfigures of 5 for 9. Nowfor somerulesaboutthe useof the newball.In the Herts. league therearetwo newballsandit is possible fof thesidebowling second to startwiththe oldone.lt canthenchoose to takethe newballat anytime up to the stad of the last20 overs,bui not thereafter. Sadly,in the nexttwo games,the side's chances ofpromotionwereprofoundlyaffectedbythe d€cision whetheror notto takethe newballchefry. AgainstSt. Albans,when defendinga relativelysrnalltarget on a decentwicket,the bowlelsbowled extremey wellwith the old ballto leaveuson top if not in control.With 20 ove6to go the newballwas takenandthereafterwe bowledpoory andallowedallowingSt.Albansto win at a canterby 3 wickets.

ThenextweekagainstPottenTownthe old Boysbowed secondand,wh€nwe I on top,decldedthistirnenot to takethe newba . I\lorepoorbowing ensuedwith the sarneresuit-thh time a lossby a singlewrcket. lhe teanrthen bouncedbarkwith two excellentwinsagainsta strongCliftonsideandWestH€rts,the former againstall the oddsdue to a virtuosobatting performance frorn AbidNasiL thelattermademoreenjoyable bythewelcome presence of RickHarrisin the opposing side. It rneantthat we were Mck in the promotion places. lt also meantanotherbananaskin peformanceat Sawbddgeworth. Whenwiih manyreturning the nightbeforefrom ihe DevonTour,the astthing anyonewantedto do was to field filst on a stifling hot day. lJnfortunately, having won the toss, the skipper's b13inscrambled. Themottofrom now on mustbe SeeSawbridgeworth andbat".Weendedup scrapinga drawbut it wasfor five pointr ratherthan the 30 needed. Any lingerlnghopesof recovefing the situationwerequicky rernov€dby a rampantReedsidethat won the divisionat a canter the old Boyssuffereda heaw 150run defeatand hadclearlyrun outofsteam after an arduousbut excitingseason. However, to flnish ninth in the divisionwhenthe sidehad beengoodenoughto - with the exceptionof Reed- wasdisappointing rnatchall oppositions and did not rcflectthe team'sov€rall performances duringthe summer. Therewerernanyindividualpefformances overthe yearbut a lackof consistency. In 2001,RickHarfis(average 57-501 and HaroonAhmad(35.69)hadscoredmorethan 1,250runsbetweenthern.Thisyearno-oneaveraged morethan 27.lhe bowing wasthe same- too muchinconsistercy and,wher up againstit, too manyeasy'four balls'beinggivenaway.An honou|able exceptionwasSimoncelber,who took twiceas manywr(Ktb as aryone else.Themajordisappointment wasAshSy€d,not fully fit duringthe season, \ahobowledquicklybut eratically. yearshe hasscaredbatsmanthisyearh€ scaredthe fielders! In previous TheSerondEleven Forthe 2ndXl ii wasa toughyear,mademoredilflcult by the promotionof the captain.to the lst Xl. As with the senlorside,both the batting{with the exceptionof StephenCronbach) and the bowlingsuffercdfrom inconsiliency, but there\aeregoodperforrnances. Forexampe,the bruntof the bowlingwastakenoverby Uzair Ali andMarkCoups.In 2001thesetwo managed18 wickrtsbetwe€nthernat an average of over30.Thisyearit was59 wicketsat an average of und€r20. placesfor mostofthe s€ason, Althoughfirmlyin the r€Jegation in the endit camedownto the resultsin the fina weekend for and, a change, the old Boyscameup trumpsandthe2ndXl stayed up byjusttwo points. DevonTour TheDevonTourcontinuesto thriveboth on and off the piich.Playernumb€6w€regoodandthe Ciubput out two sideson th€ Wedresday, Thu6dayandFriday. Results weregoodtoo,with victoriesagainstSeaton. Whimple, Yarcombe, 0ttery St.IVaryandthe greatprize,a 51 run victoryagainstSidmouth. BritishofficersClub Sunday cricketis growingin popular;ty againanda highllght of the season wasa matchagainst the British Officers' Club. Philadelphia, whoweretouringin England ard based themselves at HintonI\4agna, nearLyminqtor. 8.0.C.is the clubthat SimonFriendplayedfor, whilein th€ U.S.andhe madethe introduction. Theweatherwas poor,the groundsmallbutdelightful,the foodexcellent andthe touristsv€rywelcoming.lhey woneasilybecause theyhit far moresixes thanwe did,but a highlight for the 0.H.was99 fromAlanPhipps. Alar PhiDDs

Captain hul Bollinghaus Burtons Lane LitileChalfont Buck.HP84BS Tel:01494 763698 President PeterShiells, O.B.E. 21Somerville Road Cobham SuiieyKT]12OT Tel:01372 843443

.JohnLidingtonorganised a successful SpringN4eeting at Harpenden G.C.in April. The date incorporated the HollyBushtrophy,whichwasretained by0.H.andJohnhimselfwon theSkylark Cup points; with40Stableford runner-up RobinL4atthew camein with33.0urmembers andourfriends fromtheHollyBulhweremademostwelcome. Thel\4oorParktriangularmeetings: against0ld l\,1;llhillians and0ld Lyonians weremanag€d by Ken Barker in May,andagainst0.N4.1 andU.C.S. in June,by PaulBollinghaus, our newcaptain. Thedinner andhospitality at thesewell-runeventsprovedmoresuperbthanour matchresults! RobinI\,4athew onceagainrana natchfor teamsof eightat Chorleywood G.C., with the hometeam winning thisthe20thmeeting, andthehomeclubs' evening mealbound to seeusreturninJuly2004.

0n 2ndSeptember 2003,IVlr. AndyWard,masierat Elstree, will runa golfdayfor staff,parents, boys, oldboysandsuppoders. Tee-times from2pm.In thiseventlastyear"TheElstree Trophy" waswonby secrctaryfireasurer LouisLeong(form 64l\48)with 44 Stablefordpoints.All w;shingto take part: email-ward AlanE.lvlorlis AM k Tel: 02082661784 {d;-,habsbo}6.org.u 3 Woodland Court LongPaft Chesham Bois Bucks. HP65LG Tel:01494 722385

In the 0.H.G.S. matchegeinstthe School, AndyWardwasaccompanied in a teamof sixby two other maste6, PaulDathan andMarkPatterson, andboys0liverStevens, proved Stanley LiandJaiRaja.That a winningcombination, two matches to one.Togetherwith I\,,1r. AndrewKeenleyside there is a comprehensive leadelship in golfat theSchool. Threemembe6 fromabroadremainin contactwith us:Geoffl\,,lccuiness in Florida, ChrisBellisin MadridandPaull\4organ in Sydney. I finishby writingaboutthe autumnmeeting, Friday1Othoctober2003at Gerrards Cross - tee off times8.15-8.30 am. Therewill be a 3-ball competitionboth morningand afternoon, andasusuala steakandkidneylunchwith all the accompaniments. Bookyour placewith me,Alanll,4orri.s,01494 722385. AlanIVlorris

Theyearhasbe€na mixed onesofar.Theg€ographica spread of ourmembeE hasnot nterf€red too much,manytravelingfromsomedistance to takepart,but aslastyearvr'ork andother l 9 a K e r s i n g t oG n a f d € n s comrnitm€nts haveaffected reguar attendance, Wewereaqainabe to fleldtwo 3:rh BAI 6LH (L.lVl.R.A.l teamsfor the London €t N4ldd esexRifleAssociation league. TheA' l : 0 1 2 2 53 3 9 4 1 7 Team wassecond in Dlvlsion I andthe'B'Team fifth placein Division 3 wlth Ft€MinneySl3@aol-corn David R.eburn achievinq thehi0h€st ifdividuascore. Thesmellborernatch agalnst the School wasa closerunthing,theold point y. Boysbeating theSchoobyone on TheSchool teammanaged a getting tighterrange ofscores;the 0ld Boys't€am boththehighest and lowestscores of the day.NlckWestbrook scoredhighestfor the School with92 butAndrew Faconerfor the0.H.R.C. topped thiswith94. years Ashbufon hascomeandgoreandasin previous wejustabout managed threeteams. TheN.R.A. wasableto provide uswitha 200yard practice rangein the afterroon. Thisprovided an opportun ty to test (buthopefully trustytechnique not rustyequiprnentl before the match p.m. ques at 5.30 Also,a chance to catchupof current techn of marklngWhatno pastepotsl Therrmainder of theseason incudestheLyleandpairsmaichin Septemb€r, theL.l,/l.R.A.0pen [,4eeting andthernatch for theHerts Clubs Chailenge Shield at theerd of october. Peter Winney














Season 2002-03Pr€sid€nt: AndvEvans.Caotain: N4ark Birch. 2002/3vrasa crucialonein the shorthistoryof the Football Clubwhichthiscomings€ason ente6 Season yearhadseenthe Clubstruggl€to fulfil fixtur€sand maintainits placein its tenth year.Theprevious Division1 of the ArthurianLeague. Thecloseseason broughta concerted effoft to re-groupandsawthe offormer1stXlsklpper AndyEvans asPresid€nt, former2ndXl impresario MarkBirchasClubCaptain return andmajorclubfinancier JohnBurryasTreasurer. Despite anaverage agecreepinq awayfromthe early30s, young, at 37years it wasd€cided thatthetalentavailable should withRickHarris tippingthescales once younggunsof Division againbelet loose amongstthe 1. quarter wasrounded off withe respectable finalplace at theOldWimbledoniens ennual Pre-season sevena-side Bar-B-O, andfirstupintheleague were0ldBradfieldians and0ldChomleians at home.Bothofthese beforepliedtheirtradein the Premier leagueand thesegames \aouldprovide sideshadonlythe season a game (4-0), b€nchmark for th€ restof the season....the first sawa narrowdefeat whilstin the second ihe flattefedus(0-3J.Therewasmuchto bt done.lt is however a greatcreditto everyone scoreline concerned groupedtogether, that afterthesedrubbings headsdid not dropandeveryon€ dugin andfoughtfor the (thesecond wo6tdisciplinery record in theleaque backthisupl).Indeed, theteemwentona heady cause, runof formthat sawit go unbeaten in the league fromthe endof September rightthe waythroughto the middle of February...when we nextcameup against old Br€dfleldians, andweredispatched 5-01At one pointin December place promotion possibility. with a distinct Whetherit the teamwasnestledin second wasthe excesses of the Xmasperiod,or the distinctlydauntingprospect of PremierLeaque footballat in deepest Essex, the season endedwith the desired r€sult:a creditable thirdplace. venues whilstprogress wasmade TheLeagLre recordsawa r€turnof 6 wins,6 drawsand4 defeatrfrom 16games, in boththeArthur DunnCupand theA.F.A..JuniorCup. Highlights included I\4attJackson leading th€charge (filstvictoryof theseason)i withthe firstof fourgoalsin twentyfirst halfminutes awayto I\,4alvernians Ed (2 1 vlctoryl:Birchy's first (book;ng) andlast(thelastminutewinneri'touch'awayto Aldenham Saunders' diving'header'at Witleians away;lastminute equalizers/winners fromBurryandRick'still thefittestbloke ;n the club'Harris(alsoscorerof the season's onlyhat trick againstold Hariovians); someflne freekicks penalty including a brace fromEvans at hometo Witleians; Leigh James saveagainst Chomleians; Burry's 'Bruce Shorey; Regan's defend;ng in the'Dunn'against Lee'in thetriplesending off,the returnof Fraser performances garne; KevHarris, Leigh, RichC.andPhilSamuels at Wellingboro'in the League Salopians; 'that' Gumbsy's consistency and excusel; Chuey flying down the win9...... Pulford's tackling; Nothing,however, embodies morethespirit,stubbornness, commitment andsheerflamboya nceofthe team games away against old Wellingburians; the first in the Arthur Dunn Cupandthe of 2003thanthetwo play games in deepest Noithemptonshire, second in theL€agu€. Wellingburians theirhome sometwohour TheCupgamewasplaytdin torrentialrain,as we started drivefor mostLondondwellingHaberdashe6. with ten menas KevHarriscouldnot find the ground....despite havingplayedfor the opposition for two Thegamewasa tight affairbetween two evenlymatched sidesandalthough looking wholeseasons! clawusbackmidway through thesecond hali comfortable witha 1-0halftimeleadwe lettheopposiiion with more offensive chu and latter In a boldattackingrnoveskipperBirchreplaced Cunningham the the thetiringdefenders. Withfiveminutes to go Chufed KevHarriswhoseshotwasparried startedto terrorise lookingsolidvictoryseemed by the ke€per andsii,oked ir by Evans for a 2-1 lead.With Fi€ld€n andRegan crossshotrebounded off the crossbar and inevitable until in the lastminuteof injurytimean innocuous was bundledin. Extratime loornedas the refereesignaledtime was up. As he lvasaboutto whistle fromthe restartandfromfully the halfwaylinelaunched a Pethybridge wasfed by fi6t halfscorerRussell wind torpedoed towards the by now shaky looking speculative boomupfieldwhichswirled in the and andintothenetfora dramatic opposition keeper......pandemonium ensued astheballbounced off hischest lastminute 3-2win.

Therematch wasp ayedshortly before Christmas and,having madeth€longjourney once, numberS werelooking tightthroughout thew€ek.Sotightthatonarrivait became c earthatevenwith oansigringJeffupfrontwe hadamerel0availableplaye|s.Askickoffapproacheditbecamecl€arthatofth€setenonewa problems....his girlfriend Hafiiswashaving contractual hadbeenpromised a weekend in th€country andhadnot fof footllalljng into Welllngboro' bargajned a detour frorntheirNorthamptofshire retreat! Negotiations continued in thecarparkrighiupto kickofL Tenmenvaljantly hejdofftheoppositior andlooked comfortable untilin the twentlethminutePuford wasscandalously red-carded for an innocuous Looking assault or an opposition midfielder Nlneve6us€l€ven wasgoingto bea struggle. Thlswasmad€considerably harder by thetwo quick goalsWellinboro' added befor€ thebr€ak. Withpassions highandEvans walking on a disciplinary tightrope, the players putonihe mostcou€geous senior leda rallycaI andin thesecond halfprobably battling display seenin th€ flrsttenyearsof 0.H.A.FC. Notonly!^ras thetwo goaldeficitov€rturned but,incr€dibly, with onlyseconds to go wewereleading 3-2,.-.until a lastgaspequaizerbrought abouta famous 3 3 draw pretty, It wasn't always on occasions wewerethebeneficiari€s ofsomegoodfortune, andwhilstwetooktheodd beating, inth€rnain2003wasanexcellent season of consolidation bothonandoff thepitch.Theoldhands came whenneeded, together buttheClubrecognizes thene€dfor newbloodandactively seeks newplay€rs fromthe School. Theannual flxturewiththeSchoowasenenjoyable affairandledto thefirstevervictory bytheSchool 1stXl overtheOldBoys...hopefully thjswi I bodewellfor thefutureof old Haberdashe6 footbalshould these schoolleavers acceDt the offerof 0 d Bovfootbal. I wouldliketo taketheopportunity to thankthegroundsman, [,4e] andPauline at Croxdale Road, I\lessrs Baker, Phipps, Brown, Gelber etcfromthe old BoysAssociation, the continued co-operation of the RugbyClub,and whoworetheblueandmagenta everybody strlp(andthedodgy Argentina awaykitl)ln seasor 2002/3. AndyEvans

Sorrtlrgctte & Finchley

Coctcl|es Coctches

Yourlocalchoicefor: Yourlocalchoicefor: o PrivateHireTours o DayTrips . SightSeeingo and ContractHire Fleetof 20 Coaches Available Finchley and Southgate CoachDepot 231AColneyHatchLane,LondonNl1 3DC Tel:0208368OO4O I O2O83683190 Fax:020 83611934

MARRIAGES (19931to 0n23rdAugust 2002, attheHiltonHotel, Kensington, Haroon Ahmad Shumaila NIalik. guelb Arongstrhe we'eAlanJ. Plpps11968) dndHoward La1ca5le. Old {P'esdert Haberdeshe6' Cricket Ciub).

DEATHS T.EricCARRINGT0N 1944-8]),lr4id-September 2002. lfi4aster (1952), Terence H.E.FIELD 18thAugust 2002. Prof.PrulFREELING 13thSepternbir 2002. {19461, (1935),3rd Dr.Geoffrey T.HA[,l[,40ND lt4ay 2002. (1935],2nd Robert HORTON N4.B.E. January 2003. (1934), [,4.W LE0NARD C.V.o. lr 2001. Simon STI]ART 1962-77], lgthSeptember 2002. [\4aster 0.H.(BiljlVan WEEDE sthoctober 2002. 11938), l0hnR.WEL6(1943), 25thAuqust 2002.

([.i]ASTER I EricCARRINGToN 1944-81) F r o m t h r t i m r o f E f c C a r r f q t o n s a p p o i n t n r r n L tHoilshtcoSD r ycel po ror t m enrtth e autumn ol 1944urtll h s deathin mld'septenrber 2002, a considerab e perodof that timr-37 yra$to beexact wasdevotrd to lifcin thcSchoon oneform0r anothef. Llsfq hisownbackground ln thegarnc hcsoonmadehismak onJuf or Rugby [Lower School Ru!lbyI bc cle t wasreferred to thenl.Hs nextappontmcnt|1'as to be 'nnructOrr Dril andPhys ca Tranlng n the recentyformrdA.lC.Bothof th€se actvitesheenjoyed and aterbecanre theCommardln! OffceroftheCC.F. untl hs retlremeri n I981, Erc Cafrington lvase argrmanwith| lloodstockof hjsownldeas undefhisbet He showrda qoodsense of humour enloyed by hs pups if rot necrssariy by al hs coleallLres. Yes,f he lkedsonrethlrg or somrbody, hesaidso,afd if hed dn'themade hisfee rgsquk obvious. E r c s r e a c t o n s t o t h e c h ra ft qh er i o r mo f t h e S c h oNo r l a g a zi ni nl 9e 6 l w e r ei h o s c quotab whcharrnotreally e here AfterP,:ar, his\\'fe andh s fanliybouqht theRvieraLodge Hotelin Mawqan Porih, Cornwa , heneyedon n Radlett andoperatrd froma varlous nrmberof resdences. Hs att tudes andmanner, hollever, refna nedconstrnt, andh s contribut onsto life I theSchool arrundoubted. sha fiissh m too,asa frirndof manyyears. GeoffHickman



PROFESSOR PAULFREELING Pfofessor of general pmctice who transformed medical training and did much to improve the heatmeni of depression


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Date25l09l2OO2 FromTheTimes

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Rob€{ Horto4 MBE, r4"s bom in Lndon on Jury 5,lgl7 He di€d or Jaruart 2, 2003, aged 85. Bob Horton w,3 bom in lrndon, the son of a scienceteacher.He wa! €ducatedat the Haberdashen' Ask€'6 School and cuy's HospiialMedicalSchool,and qurlifred in January1939. At the start of the war, he was po*€d asm€dicalofficerto an anti-aircraftunit in the East End of london. For brav€ry workins with civiliar casalties of the bombh-gin I)40, he 9s alpointed MBE (milit ry). L€t€r he was depLoyedin India and Bffma. H€ took pan in the Aratan canlai8n and went on to com' mand amob e $lrgical urit in ihe ftont line.

At the end of the wal h€ was appointed otrcer in chargeof rhe surgicaldivision ol a military hoQital in Rarsoon @bnel in chan€ of Ranandfnalvafi goons 8;eral hospitai.Afrer siy },earE' sen4ce,he s€r awamm me nonorary rank of lieuterant-colonel. In Januarl 1951Ho.ton wasappointed seniorlectuer in su4ery at tle llniveuity of B.istol, later becominga consultant surseonat the Unit€d Bristol Ho$itarr. H€ wa.ga pioneer in the fi€ld of vaecllar su4err, using8ratu bosle Iegs &om amputation, ard his first re6ults were lublhhed in the EritiJh M€dicni Joumal ii 1956In Bristol be abo tFgan the treahnmt of hemia llnd€I local a.aesthesiaa! day cases.He wasappointed clinical de:n of Bristol University in

a modemhationpro196land€stablish€d srammefor the teachingclnicltum. In 1960the Royal Colege of Suigeons appohted him ,n examinerfor lhe pdmary FRCSexam. In 1967he was apDointedto the Court of Examinersof the Col€se, and he b€cam€chainnanof the court in 1972.In 1966he was awarded the Erarnus Wilson Demonstration, Royal Colege of Surgeons,and in IY3 he sas nude the Hunteiian Profe.sorof th€ Royal Colege, reading a paper on the ll!€ of vein erafrsto tl€st 8an8r€ne, pleviously treated by anputation of the limh

Date25lo2lo3FromTheTimes (Master 1962-77) Simon STUART 2002 aftera longillness 1962 and1977 anddiedon1gthSeptember Schoolbetween Smorwasateacheratthe Hisson, Corin, writes: to writehissecord book, when hetooka sabbatical "HewasanEng flon 1962 urtil1975 lshteacher at Habefdashers 'NewPhoerlx He fetulned to hit fiat book, Say' wh le stlll teaching. Wings'. Hehadwritten hewanted to devote hi5ifeto witingandleftinwirter1977. butsoordecided teachin 1976, glv€nbytheRevdl\,4ark a close famivfriendand Orkley, Address Funeral. 2002at Slmon Stuart's Covert Garden 0nlst October Vlcafof StPaul's Church, extras at "Youmaynotbeableto see,butI emblushing slightly. Smondidnotwantanypious Prayer wiihits takerfromtheBookof Comnon thefuneral serulce hisfuneral.Hewented for a ater Srnonwantedotherwoldsto be reserued stark,beautifuresonErces. simple, ButyouknowaswelLasI dothatpeopleikeSmoralereverlaldto rest memorial service. in theairithislove,rtspect andfrlerdship andadmiration There k too muchaffection easily. agreement, some thirgs given to and, wiih Simon'sfamily's hereand voice needs to becaptured welaySimon nextto hisfatherln thechurchyard. to besaidbefore doneed Simon wasborrandwhele of miles away ftomwhere course, isjust a couple "This churchyard,0f al in onthewermemor hegrewup,theyounge(0f fourboys(thetwoelde(aferernembeled hebegan to deepen hisove Carnbrldge where wentuptoTrinity, thischurch). AfterEtonSimon that ove,andto a lfetrne. Hewasableto iranslate literaiure, a lovethatlasted of EngLish gifts glfts that somanyhave Ard t s fol those generaie his asa teacher. it in othe6,through wascharismatic asheledyou it cleaf:Simon inspired, encouraqd, letters havernade to bethankfu . Recent hadcause remembered textswerenot ofquotations, andthese Hismindwasa storehouse intothenecessit esof iterature. deeper endhisbeng Weareayingto theywerea partof hisurdeBtanding to showoff butbecause keptthereto beused searching mird energet c,ercyclopedic, rnda writer, withanincfedlbly a teacher resta greatteacher,

"Simonwasnotjusta persor practical of ideas, though, hewasa lover of theenvlrorneni andtheeenh, welbefore garden, others were, ardhislove ofWlrdyr dgeandhisfemarkab evegetable oftheworld's life-forms fromdragonflies, grasses ardbifds to spidels, bees andmushrooms, made itself known indetailed carefu workasa natumlist. lt seems planted ony rightthenthrt Simon's coffnhasbeenmade outof woodthatfel in theestate, fromlarches bySimon himsellAndit isto theearththath s bodylscommitted. "Simon livedwlihmuchi Iness through hislife,fiBtfallngi I n 1S58.Hespertyea6ondial).sis andhewasalways so verygfateful to allthose whohelped himstayaliveandwholooked afterh m whenheneeded lt most, including those whoworked wlthhimat Windyridge. Specal mentiormustbemade,ofcourse,ofthedonorofthekidneythatqa Simonanotherl5yealsof ifeandtherefor€ a glftthatreached outto thewhoe family. Thedororrnd thedonor's family6rcverymuchin ourthoughts andprayeE today. "Simon alwayssaid thathecoudr'tb€arthethoughtofnotseeing growupandthe?ansplanthappilytook hischildren away thatfear.Everyone hereknows howmuchSmonloved hisboys, ardhowtheyloved him,andit h a greatwitness to theirreationship thatSinonbloves andinterests havebecome theirownovestoo. lrdeed, those of uswhoknow justlydieda proudman,a proudfather.Andwesurrourd Thornas, CorinandTristranr krowthatSlmon them,and Deborah endPetandhisfamivwithourove. ''Sn0r: oving,nterested in people, Windyfidge host,engaglng, analytical, sometimes severe, widenlng thevirwonto Chaucer, Shakespezre, architecture, music, natural history sometlmes contradictory anddifficult, butrlwa\Arlivewlth ideas andpassions. Acharsmatictalentedteacher,anenvirormertallst,ahosbandandfather,afrend.si gavehiswater-bottle hisNationa Seruice, serued in l\,,lalaya andln oneincident to aninjufed enemy soldier, andthen helped himto rest.Simon alwaysjoked thatthisincident wouldgethimlntoheaven. Simon believed thatdeathwas 'onelongdafksleep'lI hopethathewillforgive thispriest for onepiousexira.lt isa hope thathesleeps row in peace " where, ir thewords of lohnDonre,thereshallbenodarkness nordazzling, butoneequallight;nonoise nor possession; sierce, butoneequamusic; nofealsnorhopes, butoneequal noends norbeginrirgs, butoneequal eternity. "Letus,then,laySimon intheearthin peace." lohnR.WELIS {19431 (1940-46). Johndledon25thAugust, 2002,aged77,threeyea6afterthedeathof hisyourg€r brother Douglas His (1940-481 youngest brother Donald however stillremrirs active withinthe0.H.A. John's death fol owed er illness whose canprobably origins betraced backto December 1949whenh€wasinvovedir a y necessitating motorcycle accident, ultlmaie theamputation of hisleftlegbelow the kree, place Joining theSchool in 1935underanassisted fromtheHaberdasheE'Company, whose liveryhewasto join30yea|5 later,hiseducation wasnrtunllyinterrupted by theWar. HelefttheSchool in 1943, wascomnissioned intotheRoyal Atileryandserved ir Burma withthe8th Mahratta Anti-Tank Regiment of the Indian Army. Although iempted tostaylr thelrdian Army, iohrreturned to Erglard in 1948, tookupA(ices withPeat, I\,4arwick Mitchelardjoinedboththe0.H.Cricket andRugby Clubs. Hls yearsady brought sedous accidert thefollowlrg anendto hissportjng ambitions but hisdetcfminatior enabled himto walkagain uneided. years. Heremained withPeats fof22yea6, belrga patnef forthefinaleiqht Hiswork boughthifi intocontact withlargeinternationa c ientsin5wtzerandardSpain, the latter irvovinga case atihelnternationa CoudofJusticeintheHague.

Leaving theprofession ii 1970hejoined Nottingham N4anufacturers, thenone0f thelargest andmostefficient manlfacture|s goods of woollen in theU.K., asFinance Director. Although hefoundtheworksdnulating, he missed theCityanditswiderintâ‚Źrnetional horizons andreturned to London in 1975tojointheCostain Group asFinance Director. Heb(ameheavily involved intheirworld-wide operations, travelling extensively inspiteof thed;fficultiâ‚Źs occasioned byhisdamaged limb,andinvolving himself withtheCityinstitutions onacquhitions planning. andfinancial 0n retirement fromfull-timeemploymrnt in 1985, hetookupa number of non-executive directoKhips with comDanies. Dublic Hisfinancial expertise wasnot,howevel restricted to professional firmsandbigbusiness: hestronqly believed in givingbackto theconmunity, some of histimeandtalentln 1962hehadbeen, in hisownwods,thefinancial "midwife" at thebirthof theljnitedWorldCollege of Atlantic, a residential mixed sixth-form college witha wo/d-wide student intake. Hebecame a Governor in 1981andcontinued hisassociation withthecollege until guidance 1992. Heprovided financial andadvice to TleRoyal StarandGader Honefordisabled ex-service men purposrs andwomen asa Govemor from1982until 1995.Hewaschairman of the FinanftandGeneral Committee forsomryea|5, wastheflrstvice-Chairma n everappointed bytheHomrand,at hisdeath, wasavice President. From1988t0 2001hewasa mrmber of theexecutive committee andjointTreasurer for Oueen Elizabethl Foundation for Disabled People notfar fromhisownhomein Cobham. Another charitywhich benefited fromhisfinancial advice andgeneral expertise wasthe Church of England Soldiers' SailoEand AirmenlClubs. Hisintcrcsis wercnottonfinedto workandcharity for in addition to hismembeBhip of the Haberdashe6 Company hewasa Mason anda member of oneof theCobham Probus lJntilrecently societies. hewasa very active member of allofthese buthiswobening particularly health, overthelasttwoyea15, made it more difficult for himto befullyinvolved. A wellattended Service ofThankgiving forhislifeinSt.Andrew's Church, Cobham on4thSeptember2002 heard I\,,largaret fEkine,a colleague for manyyea6at bothCostains andJheRoyal StarandGarter Home, drlivera moving address to hismemory Inaddition present to fanilymembcE oftheo.H"A. at theService, ColinHoggandNeilF06!,th, contenporaries present ofJohnat theSchool, werealso Donald Wells




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Best stateschoolsoutstrip the rewardsof private education


(1947-55)movedto RICHARD {DICK)HANDSCOI.,IBE Spainsomeeightyearcagoandrnjoysa veryactjve outdoorretirement. Rugbyand athleticsk now teplaced by mountainwalkingwhichincludedin 1998a 52 dayhikefromthe Bayof B;scay to the IVeditenanean viathâ‚Źh/renees withhisnewpartner Clodagh who he subsequently maftiedin October 2001.D;ckwouldloveto hearfrom any of his contemporaries passingalongthe A7 motofway between Alicante andValencia. (Tel:0034-96-280-7083) for a glassof localvintage andtapasl (1953-61) VICToR HANDSCoI\,48E rcceny retired and nowlivesin l\,,latlock andremains an ardenttrout fisherman. BERNARD HANDSC0MBE livesnrar Adeleide inAushalia andisnowa wellknown aftisan



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yeara bunchof formermathematicians Forthesecond metat theVictory Services CJub underthebanner of the j 729 club 0nceagainthe€vening, christencd the Nullabor Dinner, wasexperfly organised by Dougwhittaker ard Nauman lshaq. Anexcellent timewashadbyall,helped bythevsct veryreasonable barprices.Dougs wide-ranging andamusing speech wasa particular highlight. Thedinnerprovides anexcel entopportunity forformermathematicians notstudvino {ofeventhos€whohavereqretted it)to catchupin informal sufroundings. Thisyearit willtakeplace or 20thSeptember at theVictoty-services Club. 6i/79 seymour Street, TnndonWi.Theeveningbeginsat 7pmandthedresscodeisjacket€ttie.Tores€rue yourplace at thisy€afsdinner senda cheque (no.2 accourtl" for E32payable to 'DI whittaker at thefollowinq address: 1 Ryecroft CounHatfied RoadSt.AlbansAIAoSW

Fromthe Skylark- 50 YearsAgo A Salut€ to a WoEd€rful



OId LadY

Mrs. Ediih Mdion lreenan was a hundrcd yea{ old on Sarurday, 24th.tanutuy. Sbe is tlE moiher of nine cbildren and n6 si{ sors veE educated ar rh€ S.hdol, some of inem ai Hoxlon and latef, 3Jter its .cmoval it 1903, ai Hanp{ead. d!. eldest so!, vas at Habddanres Mr. Donald Frdan, Mr. Edwad f.om l3a6 t. 1391 and went itrto iL€ family busin€$. F.eeman wno wd a! Sc!@l from 1836 to 1395 t'ocamc an elecuical €ngne€. and conracor, vho vas ar Sciool f|on Tne lhird $n, Sir Ralph Frtrnan, 1333 to 1897, d€ngled tle sreat Sydney Harbou. 9ridge and di€d The aoufrh son, M.. Amold Freeman, alicnded iLe School f.on 1892 ro 190.1, and .t thc aq. of 76 is siiu r Dircctor of the Sh.6eld Lntb Theahe and Wafden of the Shem€ld City SetleMr, Pei€r Frce]un, Nolpoft (Mon). andM

fte 6fth son, is Menber of Pa.lianed! a!thc Scn.oL lrom 1895 to 1906,


Mr. Fran! Ir€efu., the youngesl soni atrerded the S.hodl . n, \ , diari q,sh"Jc',hie 3o? 'o l90r ""d Tle span of llme colcred by the lreenar lanily at Ge School is tldelore 22 yea^, md the ag8regaie iotal 56 yean. 'om

The fader of tlc Freeman iimny, Mr. Ceorg€.Iane Fftrnan, opcncdarobac.olhop jn lS3TinSt.JohnSt.eei.Itoxton,aldlater H€ became Ch"i.]un of a ComDi.6. added a tob2cco factory. which resisied Ame.ican donination of the tob..co indusfty and vhich wenhrally became the Inperial rob^c.o CompanyAt the age ofz lurdred, M.s- F.eeman is *ill a.rivc and sperds mo* ol her time letd vrilins and Iniitins. Shc has 22 srand.lildren and 34 sreat-srand.hildrd. LD oN r4rn JA\UA4Y. re5l.

Lrj-i ^ujr

pastPresidents I888-93 1893-96 1896-97 1897-98 1 8 9 8S g 1899-t300 I900-01 1901-02 1902-03 1901-04 I904-05 I905-06 1906-07 1907-08 1908-08 I909-10 I9l0-11 t9|-12 t9t2-J3 1 9 1 31-8 r9r8 19 t 91g-20 1920 2l 192122 1922-23 1923 24 1524-25 I925-26 1926-21 1927-28 1928-29 1929-30 1930-31 I931-32 1932-33 1933-34 1934-35 1 9 3 53 6 1936-37 1 9 3 71 8 1938-45 1 9 4 54 6 1 9 4 64 7 1941-44 1948-49 1949-50 1 9 5 05 l 1 95 1 - 5 2 I952-53


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