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The Ashtead Link The Journal of the Old Freemen’s Association

Issue No 29 November 2013

The Old Freemen’s Association List of Officers – 2012-13 President

Robin Eve


Laura Morrison

Secretary Membership &Editor

Pat Jenkins


David Harn

&School Liaison

Development Officer Rob Austen

Bar Chair

Mark Mitchell


Ron Gummer

Mins. Sec. Ass. Secretary Ass Treasurer

Russell Cox

Social Organiser

Sam Rowan:

Web-site Manager

Nikki Linsell

Marketing Manager Committee:

Irene Gummer, Eleanor Deighton,

Representatives of Affiliated Clubs Cricket

Chris Reynolds


James Burns


Nikki Linsell


Fran Raindle

Bar Sub-Committee Paul Slatter (Barman), Ronnie & Irene Gummer, Laura Morrison, David Harn & Mark Mitchell

Vice Presidents - with years of service, Tom Shutter 1959-60, Phil Kelly 1967- 8, Richard Haydon 1969-70, David Harn 1971-72, Chris Cobb 1973-74, Ashley Mote, 1975-76,Chris Fry 1977-79, Judith Mitchell nee Alsopp, 1982-83, Nigel Barnett 1984-85, Pat Jenkins 1986-87, Chris Reynolds 1988- 89, Steve Jenkins 1990-91, Alastair Law 1992-2006.

Old Freemen’s Clubhouse, Ashtead Park, Ashtead. Surrey. KT21 1ET 01372 274356 Welcome to all our readers, we have decided to supply a ‘dates for diary’ list at the end of the magazine for easy reference. We hope you find this helpful.

Chairman’s letter Dear Old Freemen, Since the last edition of the “Link” we have had a busy summer at Ashtead Park with the “Noughties” having their reunion BBQ at main house followed by a get together in the Clubhouse. We had a wonderful Old Freemen’s Day with great weather, superb food and smashing company. It would have only been made better by more of our Old Frees coming along to join us – it is a great FREE day out with something for everyone. We are working with the school more closely to put some extra touches to our day – artwork from the pupils displayed in the clubhouse, music being performed during the afternoon are just some of the suggestions. If you have any ideas which could enhance the day please let us know. The winter season of hockey and rugby are also now well underway. We have already held two very popular and well attended lunches at the Clubhouse so far this term. The plans for the Varsity Match outing are well underway thanks to the Rugby Club and Turks Launches. Our annual Unders v Overs rugby match planned for the 21st December (weather permitting) with Christmas celebrations in the clubhouse after the game. And, of course, you can always just come along to watch the matches (hockey or rugby) and the Internationals on the big screen. NEXT YEAR – The 160th Anniversary of the School – we will be very much involved with the celebrations being held by the School. I have already managed to secure dates with the school for 4, yes 4, decade events between January and the end of the summer term. The importance of this is that the second phase of the school’s development Masterplan is due to begin at the end of the summer term, where the Main House will be closed for a complete refurbishment with massive changes to the current set up and not open for use again until September 2015 at the earliest! Laura Morrison nee Tappy

Important Dates to put in your diary (depending on your era!) 40’s and 50’s Decades Old Freemen’s Lunch – 1st April 2014 60’s and 70’s Decades Old Freemen’s Dinner – 15th February 2014 80’s Decade Old Freemen’s Dinner – 15th March 2014 90’s, Noughties & Teenies Decades Summer BBQ at Main House followed by Party in the Clubhouse -14th June 2014 If you would like the opportunity to enjoy your last chance to have dinner in the Main House in its current format please contact me on stating which event you are interested in and someone will get back to you. All the other details of the events are yet to be finalised, as we have only just had the dates agreed, but numbers will be limited so act fast or you may be disappointed. There will also be other events being held at the school throughout the year, including Old Freemen’s Day on the 22nd June of course, so we have put together an extensive diary list in this edition for your information. For example, ARE YOU THE GRANDPARENT OF A CURRENT PUPIL AT FREEMEN’S? The School are planning to hold a Grandparents day on Friday 21st March where you will be invited to school for a number of activities – if you are a current grandparent and would be interested please let us know and we can liaise with the school. In addition to the 160th Anniversary events we are also planning events to commemorate the start of World War 1. Are you an Old Freeman who has been or is still in the armed forces or the emergency services? Would you be happy to come into the School and have a Q&A session with the pupils followed by a supper in the Clubhouse? We haven’t agreed a date yet until we have firm confirmation of the interest from our membership. Please email Pat at if you would like to help with this event. The Official opening of the New Music School and Boarding House is scheduled for the 30th April. We are still awaiting further details on this event. The School is planning its annual trip to Ypres on the 10th October 2014 and would like to extend the invitation of going on this trip to the Old Freemen. Would you be interested in going with the School? Please let us know. The School have an annual Careers Convention in November and in preparation for next year would like us to highlight this fact with you as they would very much like the participation of the Old Freemen at next year’s event.

As you can see from my report the next year is going to be very exciting and whilst I am co-ordinating many of these events I and the other committee members are still working away furiously in the background on the issue of our Clubhouse and keeping everything running efficiently on a day to day basis. As you are all aware we are not the only people who use our fantastic facility, it is also used a great deal by the School for sports days, sports tour evenings and overflow changing facilities, the Staff for their social events, the FSA for coffee mornings, social evenings and preparation areas for their events, The Teahouse for fund raising and refreshments every Friday as well as many other local community groups. Rob Austen has prepared an update on the Clubhouse, included in this edition, but obviously if you have any queries regarding the current situation please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Committee. We have been working very closely with the Bursar and we are looking forward to working much more closely with the new Chairman of the Board of Governors, Stuart Fraser, who has already attended one of our wonderful Badger’s Lunches.

Upcoming Calendar of Events *********************** Saturday 7th December – School Christmas Fair Thursday 12th December - Varsity 2013 For those of you who are unaware, Varsity is an Old Freemen's Tradition of sailing up the Thames to watch the Cambridge v Oxford Varsity Rugby game at Twickenham. Details with the Rugby Report Saturday 21st December 2013 - Overs v Unders Rugby Game & Christmas Party. 2pm kick-off. The traditional Overs v Unders rugby game, followed by the Old Freemen's Christmas Party. A great way to kick off the festive season!. Touchline support is strongly encouraged Potential players, watch your emails! If anyone needs further details to email Sam Rowan on

Thursday 30th January 2014 – OFA/FSA Cheese & Wine evening Representatives of the Association, together with those of all the affiliated Clubs have a chance to get to know the Parents Association committee. Saturday 1st February – 15th March 2014 - SIX NATIONS MATCHES ON THE BIG SCREEN IN THE CLUBHOUSE Saturday 15th February 2014– 60’s and 70’s Decade Dinner Saturday 1st March 2014 – School Open Morning Saturday 15th March 2014 – 80’s Decade Dinner Friday 21st March 2014 – Grandparent’s Day Tuesday 1st April 2014 – 40’s & 50’s Decade Lunch Saturday 5th April 2014 – Ladies lunch Saturday 17th May2014 – Rugby & Hockey Club Dinner Dance @ Kingswood Golf Club Friday 23rd May 2014- Leavers Service Saturday 14th June 2014– 90’s, 00’s & Teenies Decade BBQ & Party Sunday 22nd June 2014 – OLD FREEMEN’S DAY Sunday 21st September 2014 – Fun in the Park Friday 10th October 2014 – CLFS Trip to Ypres 2016 1st Scouts and Guides and 3rd Boarders Reunion in 2016 - Alan Gerring is hoping to organise this reunion in one of the Half Term holidays that is convenient to the School. So when booking your holidays for 2016, please avoid half terms.

News of Old Freemen Ollie Crouch (2003) is now living & working in USA. How about an update for the next newsletter Ollie? When we last heard from her, Kathryn Anderson (1981) nee Booth was on the move. “Having sold our flat in Burlington Court., we complete this Thursday on a ground floor, 3 bedroom flat with a balcony, nearer the sea: At the moment our furniture is in store and we are staying in Mum's furnished flat just around the corner

from our new home. We are going to redecorate and do some other jobs while it is empty! Do come and see us if you are in Eastbourne or close by! Eighteen months ago I became Coordinator of the Eastbourne Family Contact Centre, managed by Mothers' Union. In January I became Branch Leader of St Mary's Mothers' Union in Old Town, Eastbourne. My next challenge is the 2013 Ride London-Surrey 100 on Sunday 4th August. The 100 mile route starts in the new Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on through the capital, into Surrey and back to London finishing at Admiralty Arch. I am hoping to complete the ride in 9 hours! I am in week 10 of my training and am out three times a week on my bike and twice for a swim. Three of us are riding in aid of Mothers' Union - the other 2 are from Rochester Diocese. Our target sponsorship is £500 each. Andy celebrated his 60th birthday in Orkney. We were on holiday on a cruise around the British Isles. It was a refreshing break just before we moved out.” Anna Scully nee McLaughlin (1990) says “I am being the proud Mum today as Connor was given a Head teacher’s Award today in Assembly for “Fantastic progress with his writing”

Well done Connor. Please let us have some more proud parents Peter Lehmann updated us: “After leaving CLFS in 1955 I studied chemistry at Kings College, Newcastle, which was then a college of Durham University and is now the University of Newcastle. I graduated with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry at the end of 1964. This was followed by a number of postdoctoral positions: in Israel (1965), in Germany (1966-1967), moving to the United States at the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana (1967-1969) and the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington (1969-1971). In 1971 I was appointed to the faculty of the Department of Pathology, Louisiana State

University Health Sciences Centre (LSUHSC) in New Orleans, Louisiana, where I taught clinical chemistry and chemical pathology to graduate students, medical students and residents in pathology and to medical technology students. At the same time, I directed the Graduate Program in Clinical Chemistry and Pathology and a clinical laboratory at Charity Hospital of Louisiana in New Orleans (a large state hospital) and a section of the LSUHSC Private Practice Clinic Laboratory. Over the years I worked my way up the academic ladder to Professor of Pathology and Professor of Medical Technology, retiring in January 2000 and moving to Costa Rica, my wife´s native country. Once established in Costa Rica, I taught English for 11 years (2001 to 2011) at the United States-Costa Rican Cultural Centre in San Jose, finally retiring full-time at the end of 2011. So now I am living a relaxed life in a country with a tropical climate, amidst a lot of nature (25% of the land is conserved through national parks and biological-nature reserves) and many beautiful beaches on both the Atlantic (Caribbean) and Pacific sides of the country. As the Costa Ricans say "Pura Vida" which roughly translates as "the good life".

. Mike Perry(1947) received a visit from Phil Kelly (1943) in July which led to the discussion of careers they have enjoyed and both are busy writing about theirs. I look forward to an update from all of the Old Freemen, as other well established archives have a potted history about all their past pupils and can send it out on request from close relatives.

John Carswell (1947) and his wife Peggy visited the School on Friday 11th October and found that the Archive Room brought back many memories.

Martin Coyne (1974) “Old Freemen at the R.A.C. Club” "En route from San Francisco to my mother's 80th birthday in June, I joined Diane Baker, (nee Smith) and Chris Field for a wonderful lunch at the R.A.C. Club in Pall Mall. What a treat being met by old school friends after an 11 hour flight and sampling fine cuisine and libations in the rare atmosphere of that institution. There is something delightful about the enduring friendships from our Old Freemen's days. We are fortunate to be part of this group. Rock on C.L.F.S. and its alumni! I hope you are well and thank you for managing the Ashtead Link. I always enjoy the magazine which keeps my association alive from afar. Keep it rolling.”

Good news – Warren Stormes Hale has been found

Thanks to Robin Eve (1951), one of our Governors, the picture of our founder has been located. It was with the Metropolitan Police and is due to be returned to the Guildhall Gallery in the near future, where it will be checked before returning it to the School, hopefully in the New Year. Robin has spent a lot of time tracing its whereabouts and we are indeed grateful.

Development Officer’ s Report In the last edition of the “Link” I mentioned that the renewal of the existing planning permission for the Clubhouse came with a caveat from the Council regarding the findings of the School’s Conservation Management Plan. As a result I spent some time going through the Plan to identify exactly what was said about the Clubhouse and also, whilst I did so, the existing Swimming Pool, both of which had come in for some pretty strong criticism for their impact on the environment and setting of, and views from, Main House.

I produced a short report which suggested that the impacts were perhaps not quite so egregious as those who quote the Plan sometimes suggest. In particular, I found that the Clubhouse can be seen from only one ground floor window of Main House (in the Livery Room) and it represented about one quarter of one percent of the panorama seen from that window. It is also scarcely visible from Rookery Hill, and, walking up the drive, it is invisible until you almost reach the entrance to the car park. Seen from Rookery Hill, the swimming pool is remarkably well screened by trees although it becomes very visible from the higher part of the drive. The pool was built in 1972-3; the architect, we think was the parent of a pupil at the school at the time. It was paid for by money which was raised by the parents, pupils, and the OFA and matched by the Corporation. It is thought that it also won some sort of architectural award, although I have not as yet been able to track it down. Reports in the “Ashteadians� of the time make it clear that it was very well received then, and it was, of course, approved by the same Planning Authority which now appears to finds it to be objectionable. What has changed? The report has gone to the Governors and Head in the hope that it will help in future discussions about the Clubhouse. It is unlikely that much headway will be made in the near future until the School has developed the next stage of the Master Plan into a more detailed and coherent proposal. Rob Austen Matt Anderson has sent us his copy of the 1982 1st XI Cricket Team

Robert Bloom, Richard Piggott, Tim Phipps, Steve Jackson, Andrew Scriven, Neil Wotton, Matt Anderson, Simon Beck, Scott Moen, Richard Lander Please get in touch letting us know where you are and any contacts you still have.

Births Marriages and Deaths Engagements – we are happy to announce that: Tom Acton (1998) got engaged to Eleanor Cross (2001) on 28th May, 2013. Happy Birthday This is Anna Scally nee McLaughlan’s son Aaron, who was enjoying his first birthday.

Marriages Jonathan Reece (2001) married Merlyn Stracey on Thursday 3rd October in a beautifully autumnal ceremony held in St. Thomas’ Presbytery in the Cotswolds. It was followed by a lively reception at the amazing Cripps Barn in Bibury. Jonathan was supported by his brother James (2004) as best man, and his ushers who included Alex Shilton (2001), Stephen Acton (1999), Ben Collins (2001), and Jamie Webb (2001). James gave an outstanding speech which was memorable, funny and heartfelt leaving not a dry eye in the house. Wedding guests were treated to a great band in the evening which was enjoyed by many Old Freemen including Theo Van Dort, Jonathan Bird, Vicky Law, Eleanor Cross, Tom Acton, John Hess, Richard Turk, Dafydd Morris and Simon Daniels. The newly married couple recently moved to New York and returned there after a few days rest and will be enjoying a honeymoon in the New Year.

Tributes Russell Shurmer wrote: “I was sorry to learn of the deaths of Judith Dix and John Weller, one day apart. I see that Judith's married name was Weller. Back in the late '50's we were in the same class Judith and I, which was the upper IV and possibly the lower V. In fact, over the years I notice that quite a few whom I knew at school over 50 years ago are no longer with us. It makes you think & thank God for each day!�

To Andrew Scriven by Tom Innes With the CLFS class of 1984 still two or three years away from reaching the big 'FIVE-O', it was especially shocking to learn that one of our contemporaries wouldn't be reaching that milestone. Andrew Scriven (1979-84) died in May. He was staying with his brother Chris (1971) at the time, having moved back to the UK after a long period working abroad. His return coincided with an unhappy marriage break-up, but 'Scriv' seemed to be getting things back together prior to a tragic twist. Walking across the beach at low tide near Chris's home, Scriv fell into the water and by the time he was found, he had lost consciousness and never recovered. A good number of Old Freemen attended the funeral in Worthing in June, and plans were discussed for some form of memorial event. It had to be a cricket match - cricket was undoubtedly Scriv's number one sporting passion, whether this was playing, following the twists and turns of a test match or his eagle eye for a bizarre stat or amusing picture or middle name of a player. He had talent as well as enthusiasm, captaining the CLFS 1st XI during his time at Ashtead Park.

. People in the photo left to right - 1984 leaver unless mentioned Andrew Suttle, Chris Scriven (1972), Peter Gillingwater (non-CLFS), Bob Davies, Andrew Sutcliffe (wig & dress), Andrew Booth (kneeling), Stuart Underwood, Howard Jones (non-CLFS), Matthew Huggins (1982),Tom Innes, Miles Jordan (Head Boy!), Garath Lauder (1983),Richard Lauder

The school team has a new captain most years of course, but not many of them have the chutzpah to win the toss against the MCC and announce that the school side would bat, drawing gasps of shock and some disapproving looks - it's simply not cricket. Three hours later, Scriv declared the school innings closed before it had run its course, and subsequently MCC were bowled out to complete a memorable win. So it was that on the cricket turf of our neighbours, Headley, that teams gathered in early September to celebrate Scriv's life. The competing sides were those who'd contested several games 15 to 25 years ago in a match he organised - the Duchess of Smedley XI, a team made up mainly of school friends, against Digbethshire, led by his old university pal Adam Workman. The Duchess herself, Andrew Sutcliffe, led the side in full costume, as tradition demanded, joined in the side by Stuart Underwood, Bob Davies, Miles Jordan, Howard Jones, Matt Huggins, Tom Innes, Andrew Booth and Richard Lauder (whose younger brother Gareth was ruled out by injury but played his part as umpire). Chris Scriven joined the side for his first game in some 30 years, and Andrew Suttle a.k.a. 'Squirrel' popped over for the game. From Brisbane. Like you do! The day was exactly along the lines Scriv would have wanted, nothing too serious, in fact there were bursts of down-right silliness. Headley's bar did a roaring trade all day, from both spectators and participants. Digbeth followed in the MCC tradition by making a bold decision to bat, and after a minute's silence the visitors racked up 132 runs for (approximately) 13 wickets in 30 overs. Clare Davies nee Halsey, another from Scriv's year, laid on a splendid tea, and then the Duchess strode out to start “her� side's innings. In spite of the dismissal of their captain for a duck - a highly unchivalrous act by Digbeth - the host team managed to make inroads into their target, with Underwood and Lauder snr. racking up 30 and 25 respectively prior to enforced retirement, and their colleagues knocking off the remaining runs for (approximately again) nine wickets down in around 25 overs. Several sons and one daughter of the original generation of players took part, and in all cases were rather more sprightly than the older generation - the 'dads and lads' format is undoubtedly the key to keeping the fixture going. Afterwards a trophy was presented by Scriv's mother, Enid, to loud applause, which concluded the sporting action, although the bar at the cricket club and the nearby Cock Inn remained busy until closing time, which was exactly how things would have run with Scriv in charge. Bob Davies added this footnote: In addition to being a fellow CLFS pupil, myself, Andrew Sutcliffe and Matthew Huggins were also at Cranmore with 'Scriv', and Matthew Huggins went to the same primary school in Fetcham. Goodbye Scriv, the World is a poorer place without your sense of the ridiculous and your friendship.

Events Past in date order Old Freemen’s Day, Sunday 23rd June 2013 Attending Sundays “Extravaganza” was a very pleasant experience with opportunity to reminisce with quite a few former pupils of the same vintage as Mike Lovie and myself – though that is as much due to their longevity, fitness and interest in the occasion as anything. I want to thank all your helpers for the time and trouble you must have taken to prepare, deliver and clear up after the event. John Barnes (1955)

1991/1993 Reunion organised by Theo van Dort On Sat 29th June, a 38 strong crowd of 1993 U6 leavers and 1991 U5 leavers met up at the school for a 20 year reunion. Several guests met up at the Leg of Mutton before heading up to the school for drinks and a buffet and the general consensus was that no one had aged too badly in the last 20 years. It was nice to catch up after so long and thanks to Diana Hughes and Margaret Lawson for representing the teachers and to Lindsay Brittain for her help in the organisation. Thanks also to Cara Smith for opening the Old Freemen’s Clubhouse afterwards so the celebrations could continue. The attendees were: Suzie Arnott (Anderson), James Boag, Jon Brinsden, Steve Cameron, Dan Clarson, Doug Davern, Nikki Dow, Richard Fearn, James Freeborough, Mandy Gibbins (Grant), Chris Gill, Anna Griffiths-Pollard, Chris Haley, Pete Harrington, Suzanna Hinnell (Trail), Clare Jefferson, Bethan John, Melody Lander, Simeon Lando, Sian Lester, Richard Lindsay, Rebecca Maitland, Helen Massey-Crow, Ross McLean, Natalie Oliver (Thomsitt), Rosie Paice, Lucinda Parr (Hines), Nick Peace, Olivia Pollard, Rob Pratt, Ailsa Rea, Wendy Reed (Eaton), Zoe Romer (Wadsworth), James Ryder, Sara Stewart, Tim Veale and Helen Vieth (Rodgers). A further 39 sent apologies of which 13 of those now live permanently abroad in Texas, Singapore, Oman, New Zealand, Israel, France, Florida, Czech Republic, Canada, Brunei, Australia and Alabama! Only 16 people couldn’t be traced.

The help of Facebook and LinkedIn made a difficult task a lot easier. We’ll do it again for the Silver Reunion in 2018. Theo van Dort –

Rugby Outing – British Lions on Screen The Boat-trip to The Orange Tree was a fun day with great company, copious drinking and excellent breakfast and lunch, arranged by “Admiral” Turk and his crew. It was well organised by Richard (Turk) and Sam (Rowan) – and a huge thanks for stepping up to arrange it.

C.L.F.S. Pre-Tour Meeting. On Wednesday 10th July, following a request from the School, over seventy pupils and teachers met in the Memorial Clubhouse late in the afternoon to discuss the arrangements for their sporting tour to play hockey and rugby, in the land of the wombat, Australia. It was an informal gathering to which parents were invited, and many attended. The School provided a curry for the pupils and the Association provided nibbles for the parents and the use of all the facilities of the Clubhouse. Several members of the OFA were there circulating and talking to the guests. It was emphasised to the pupils that the Memorial Club House was theirs, to visit and use at any time in the future. All the guests stayed long into the evening enjoying the friendly atmosphere generated by the Clubhouse, which was a little surprising considering many were back the following day to attend Prize Day. It was a most successful event, enjoyed by all those people attending. David Harn The O.F.A. Committee would like to thank Mark Mitchell, James Burns, and Seb Cox for their assistance at the Club on that School's Overseas Tour Presentation.

Heritage Sunday – 15th September 2013 This was the second time that the School was open to the public and it looks as though it might become an annual event. As last year the questions raised by the visitors seemed to focus on the History of the Park rather than the School itself, that became the theme of the Day. It was decided that the exhibition would be set up in the Archive Room and that the Livery Room would be the social venue. So after a “welcome” and brief outline of what they were about to see, Lindsay Brittain, the School Development Officer, lead the tour round the campus, whilst I remained to direct any late-comers, fortunately there were none. Then on their return for another cup of tea and a cake we all descended to the Archive Room. Everyone seemed very pleased with the visit.

This year we had two Old Freemen present, Dorothy Lewis nee Wadey and Alan Wood. The latter was kind enough to take some photographs of the display. Pat Jenkins, School Archivist

Old Freemen’s Golf Day- 16th September 2013 The results were as follows 1st - 36 points - Stacy Sheldon 2nd - 35 points - James Burns Longest Drive - David Argent Nearest to the pin- Hilary Walker There were 15 players all enjoying the lovely sunny weather.

Ashtead in World War 2 As I needed photographs of the various owners of the Park for this Heritage Display, one of the sources I used was the Leatherhead and District Local History Society, who were very generous with their help, and introduced me to their Ashtead Archivist, John Rowley. He in turn asked me if I would help him write a book about Ashtead in World War II. I agreed and have since been sourcing all the Old Freemen, of whom I am aware, that lived here during that time, asking for their memories. So far I have received help from Hazel Archer nee McLay, Dorothy Lewis nee Wadey, Malcolm Fruin, Keith Hood, Brian Little, Bob Voyce, Denis Walmsley, and Ben Weston. Joe Byllam-Barnes is currently writing up his recollections for me. I have also used material from earlier contributors to the Archives, namely Geoff Pott, John Pettman, Michael Upton and Russell Warren Howe. Are you one of those I should have contacted but haven’t? If so, please will you add your memories and experiences? We are aiming for a record of an oral picture of the Village during that time and need all the help we can get.

The School Page – by Lindsay Brittain Commemorating our Past events The summer seems have flown by and dark nights are upon us, with Christmas just weeks away. Only a few days ago the Headmaster hosted the second alumni reunion in Hong Kong. Our other overseas reunion was held in America in July at the Dark Room Bar on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. I can highly recommend a visit as the food was outstanding and the staff were thoroughly charming. It was probably not the ideal time to host a reunion as many people were on holiday, including myself, but it was nonetheless a lovely evening. Closer to home, 20 years since leaving Freemen’s was acknowledged when Theo Van Dort organised a “fabulous” evening with around 50 of his year group.

The previous week had seen the “noughties” reunion come to fruition, and watching some alumnae have space hopper races at the end of the evening was priceless.

Since writing this report Lindsay has left the school. We thank her for all the work she has done and wish her well for the future. For now Old Free’s should contact me, Mike Holland, whose phone number is 01372 822 444, or contact Pat who will relay messages. Embracing the Future 2014 is a special year. We commemorate both the founding of the School 160 years ago and the start of World War 1 in 1914. We also look to the future with the Official Opening of the new Music School and Boarding House, completing phase one of the Master plan. There are numerous events confirmed with more to be announced. There is a helpful List of Events for diaries on the back page.

A Class Reunion on September 21st I thought you might be interested that I organised another reunion of my class group ('71-'80) on Saturday, September 21st. I have now tracked down about 55 of the total year and am only missing a few people whose whereabouts is a complete mystery! There were 36 of us who met for lunch at Piazza Firenze last Saturday. We had a great time and the overwhelming view was that I should do another in either one or two year's time. Martin and Christine Hearne also joined us and helped me with some of the arrangements.

Back:Alison Holmes, Karen Goodin, Nancy Turner, Sarah Lelliott (Doherty), Nicky Bleach, Nicky Draycott, Julia Thew Marshall, Juliet Blanch Seated:Sarah Lee (Latham), Jennifer Kemp (Abbot), Stephanie Belcher, Della Gover (Panton), Teresa Edwards (Parkin) Della Panton (nee Gover)

We recreated the photograph from about 1974 which caused much amusement. Can anyone help Della find those three missing members of the team? If so please contact the editor.

The Veterans Lunch organised by Ed Law on the 12th October At the Rugby Club re-union lunch, organised by Ed Law the presentation of a 'President's Tie' was made to Simon Parish, for services to the Club. The Chairman, David Harn, stated that the award was in recognition of Simon’s playing for the Club for fifty years. He is only the eighth person to be awarded the 'Tie', which is acknowledged and approved by previous holders of this honour. The gathering gave Simon a rousing acclamation following his very eloquent acceptance speech

The Photo Call shows that the players appreciate the support given by their ladies as a number were present at the lunch. Our thanks go to Ed for doing all the organising of this event. It was certainly an amazing turn out with people coming from far and wide to meet up with fellow players.

Fifties Leavers’ Bring-and-Share Lunch 30th October On 30th October, twenty-nine of us gathered in the Clubhouse for another Bring-andShare lunch organised by David King. These gatherings are always most enjoyable – we may be getting more creaky (well, some of us are!) but that does not prevent us

from having an extremely good time and catching up on news. Very many thanks to David, and also to those who arrived early to set up and arrange the tables. The next gathering will be at the Farmers’ Club in March 2014 – David will circulate details of this in due course. Mary King

Is anyone in touch with the following people? David Charles (2009), Siu Wai “Samuel” Chung(2008), Chesney Evans (2007), Patrick Heugh (2007), Katherine le Versha (2005), Charlie Wood neeSmith (2003), and Tari Suri (2009). If you are in contact, please tell them we should like to hear from them.

Updates Derek and Jill Mitchell nee Major (1966/1972) have a new email Max Bower (2012) has moved and sent his address, as have Andrew Davis (1963) James Arnold(2008), Grant Waller and Justin Forrest Thank you Diana Hughes (Deputy Head who retired 1978) has written saying that she and her husband had decided to sell their house in Epsom and move to their property in Bexhill. This is the home that her father designed in 1952 and has been in the family ever since. In 2011 they had built an extension and that decided them that they would give up the commuting and maintenance of two properties. They both love living by the sea, so Bexhill was to be their permanent home. However, they are not abandoning Surrey as they intend to come back regularly to see their friends. We hope you are now well settled in your Bexhill home and are glad we shall be seeing you from time to time.

The Archives There have been a number of donations over the past few months which is most helpful as it means that the displays can be changed and therefore bring variety to the room. Thanks especially to the following: to Chris Reynolds for his metal plant stand, which looked most attractive as it was filled with pansies when the visitors came for Heritage Sunday; to Alan Gerring who had donated a book rack, a lamp and a letter rack: Whilst Alan Wood not only came and took some photos of the display but also had his book rack on display. So that shelf really looked particularly smart. Clothing is another section that has expanded in the past few months, although there are still a few gaps, most especially the old school beret of the 1950s era, so if anyone has one that would be most acceptable. Having spare “Ashteadians” has meant that it is possible to loan them to people researching a certain era. So all contributions are gratefully received and suitably used.

Super Hundred Club draws 2013 If you would like to join the Super Hundred Club There are currently a few available spaces for your chance to win £50 or £100 monthly and the £2000 grand

prize drawn at the Dinner Dance in May each year. To apply: email to Theo van Dort - – first come first served.


£100 Tom Acton

£50 Pat Gibbs

June July

Val Vredenbregt Brian Butler

John Maddock Paul Slatter (Barman)

August Sept.

Hugh Hardy Peter Ling

Matt Lister Brian Little


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Sports Reports Old Freemen’s Ladies Hockey Club After a great summer of weekday mixed hockey matches (organised by the awesome Tash Clementis who we will be immensely sad to see go after Christmas when she moves to Kenya), the ladies have returned to Surrey Division 6 with a vengeance, and, with only one thing on their mind, promotion. And what a great start to the season it has been. With great games from the always amazing goalie Lou Wiles, centre mid Lou Blair and the ridiculously fast forward Alice Higdon (Vicky Law would have also been on the list if it hadn’t been for the skipping incident). Conceding no games, winning four and drawing just the one, the ladies are currently sitting at the top of the table somewhere we would like to remain for the rest of the season. It’s been fantastic having some old faces return to the squad this year, Alexis Jones and Karina Pyne, Serena Parham and a few younger legs too (Ellie Sloper you are awesome). Plus a new rivalry has begun - the battle of the sisters. We now also have in our squad 4 sets of sisters, the Vanstones, Laws, Blairs and Smiths. You don’t have to bring your sister with you if you want to play a match or train with us at the Old Free’s, but apparently it’s just what happens! We have also managed to bring the wonderful Martin Durban back from the clutches of Kingston to train and coach the squad again. It would be fantastic to have

some of his previous Freemen’s prodigies back on the CLFS pitch some time soon, so if you played during the ‘Durban years’ and are back living in the London/SouthEast area, do get in touch, we would love to have you, no matter what standard or what damage university has done! Go to our website -, or contact me, Nikki, on, for more info. The Old Freemen’s Hockey Club is sponsored by HDEW Cameras - if you are looking for a good quality digital camera go to

Old Freemens Rugby Football Club "Following a promising preseason, it has been a tough start to the season for the Club with the 1st XV having to blood a new looking backline and with several key players including captain Simon Daniels injured the team would struggle losing the first five games. The Club has hosted another successful Badgers lunch on the 2nd November and with the supporters in good spirits as a result, the Old Boys faced regular rivals Old Whitgiftians but would go down to a heart-breaking one point loss. This loss could have been the knockout blow for the team but instead it was used as an incentive to turn things around and in the following fixture away to Old Blues the team put in an impressive performance to win their first game of the season. Returning captain Simon Daniels was pleased to see the team finally clicking and is sure that the tide has been turned and winning ways will continue." Mark Mitchell Thursday 12th December - Varsity 2013 For those of you who are unaware, Varsity is an Old Freemen's Tradition of sailing up the Thames to watch the Cambridge v Oxford Varsity Rugby game at Twickenham. Key Details: DATE: Thursday 12th of December COST: £20 (for boat trip there and back & breakfast). MATCH TICKET: £25 (to be bought on the day) ATTIRE: Smart - Old Free's Blazer / Tweed. Itinerary 1030: Board Turks Launches @ Town End Pier Kingston 1100: Set Sail to Twickenham (includes breakfast) 1230: Disembark at Twickenham (for a drink or two) 1400: The game (for those wishing to go) 1830: Pick up from Twickenham 1930: Disembark at Kingston

If you wish to attend, please contact Sam Rowan on: Sponsors A reminder of our sponsors - please acknowledge and use them as we need their help in these times of expensive running costs. New sponsors are always welcome - please contact Nicos Charalambous ( if you wish to get more involved in our great Club. We thank: VolkSpeed Engineering, Westcott House, Natterbox, Hyflex, The Parrot Forest Green, Travis Perkins, N. Morrison & Sons Ltd., GL Mills Building Contractors, Whitemarch Landscapes, Sutton Rebore, and Ashtead Trees & Gardens.

The Old Freemen’s Cricket report Freemen’s play as a joint team with Headley Cricket Club for our League Cricket and send out two teams on a Saturday. On Sundays we play simply as Old Freemen’s, with one just Saturday fixture for them against Abinger Hammer each year on the double header weekend. The Saturday 1st XI – Skippered by Jeff Haywood The 2013 season proved to be a testing one for Headley Old Freemen’s CC with both our Saturday teams finding life difficult. The 1st XI, after being promoted to Division 1 last year struggled from the start, with many games seeing us coming a close second. Our spirits remained strong however, but as always we were not putting out a core team due to other commitments and injuries. The close defeats racked up through May, June and July the final matches but in August we started to perform better, so it all came down to the last fixture of the season and a ‘must win match’ to avoid dropping straight back to Division 2. The vital win came at Claygate in the very last over of the game – gaining us maximum bonus points and with other results going in our favour, the 1st XI survived in the top division. Throughout the season Grant Waller and Tom Haywood proved to be a useful bowling duo. There were some good performances from our younger players as well, especially from the Brooks’ boys Andy and James. They also played an important role in bringing in useful new players for us this season and we hope to see more of them next year. With two other rugby converts playing initially for the 2nds - Simon and Jon played a big part in the latter half of the season. A big thank you, not only to the Brooks’ boys then, but also to everyone who played throughout the season. Everyone contributing to the very good 1st XI team spirit and to the team staying in Division 1! The 2nd XI – Skippered by Alan Clarke Despite the great team spirit and the pulling in of some junior players from the Davies connections we were not able to fulfil all of our fixtures this summer. This is partly due to some players retiring, injuries ruling out others, but also a reaction to the need to balance sport commitment and family / friends on a Saturday night! We struggled to put out a balanced team, with either batting or bowling being weakened with players needed to play for the 1sts.

Our biggest loss, and the 1st XI’s gain was Ben Whiting (our Vice Capt) being a regular for the 1st XI this year. We did have good games against East Horsley, Brockham and Shere and some battling losses to stronger teams. In the end we were relegated as the points lost for cancelling four games just made staying up a virtual impossibility. Debut seasons for Doug Ledgerwood, John Wilson, Will Philips and Jake and Barney Davies helped us out this year – we would have a very good under-16 team with these boys playing for us! Jake and John also played for Headley’s Sunday XI with Jake on debut returning figures of 5 over, 5 wickets for 4 runs. Quite remarkable! Sunday XI – Skippered by Tom Glover Wins and losses equalled out over the season thanks to a dramatic victory at Coldhabour when defending a low total of 140 odd (thanks to a quick fire 10th wicket 54 partnership from Grant Waller and Tom Rippin) we managed to win with Coldharbour needing only 20 with 7 wickets in hand off 10 overs thanks to an angry run out by Ben O’Connor (he dropped a hard return catch then immediately through down the stumps!) and great bowling by Grant taking 5 for not much! Player of the season was Ben O’Connor with 19 wickets and over 500 runs and an average of 42. Other notable contributions were John Dennis and Howard Jones with 20 wickets a peace, Andy Flegg with 13 (deserved so many more!) and Rob Buckley with 10. On the batting Ben contributed 544, Mike Rippin 507 (averaged over 50), John Dennis 207, Mark Ridley 161 and with just 3 innings averaging 67 was our friend from Thailand Tim Jarrett. One centurion – Mike Rippin with a 107. We also owe a big thank you to our sponsors – Jade Recruitment and M & G Motors -- for their invaluable support this season.

The Information Page The Dates that our annual Subscriptions fall due The Old Freemen’s Association

April 1st

The Old Freemen’s Cricket Club

May 1st

The Old Freemen’s Rugby Football Club

Sept. 1st

The Old Freemen’s Hockey club

Oct. 1st

The Old Freemen’s Swimming Club

Nov 1st

The Association annual subscription is: £25 if you live within 30 miles of Ashtead £20 if you live further away, or are a student under 21. The Clubhouse Bar is officially open Tues & Thurs 7-9 and Sat 7-10 p.m. These times will be expanded to cater for events. The Affiliated Clubs It is mandatory to belong to the Association when joining an affiliated Club The Cricket Club charges £30 for a season. In addition there will be match fees. Contact: David Richardson on 01737 833237 Hockey Club charges £75 (full), £35 (casual) for a season. Plus match fees. Contact: Nikki Linsell ( The Rugby Club charges £25 for non-players and £100 for regular players, which is reduced to £50 for those under 23. In addition there will be match fees. Contact: David Harn 020 8642 2822 Sports Hall Tuesday 7.00pm to 9.00pm for Squash, Badminton and Aerobics The charges for using the Sports Hall are payable per session for Badminton and Squash and for aerobics they are a little more as we have a teacher for that exercise. One payment covers the whole evening and a variety of sports may be undertaken. Contact Mike Bailey

Swimming Pool Thursday 7.45pm to 9.00pm We have the use of the School pool on a Thursday evening from 7.45 until 9p.m. when we have a rota of volunteer lifeguards. Families are welcome to

attend and we do have a family membership. Swimming is £10 a year or a £1 a session Contact: Tracy Pearson 07702 300077 Sports Hall and Swimming Pool are term-time only

Upcoming Calendar of Events *********************** 2013 Saturday 7th December – School Christmas Fair Thursday 12th December - Varsity 2013 Saturday 21st December - Overs v Unders Rugby Game & Christmas Party 2014 Thursday 30th January – OFA/FSA Cheese & Wine evening Saturday 1st February – 15th March - SIX NATIONS MATCHES ON THE BIG SCREEN IN THE CLUBHOUSE Saturday 15th February – 60’s and 70’s Decade Dinner Saturday 1st March – School Open Morning Saturday 15th March – 80’s Decade Dinner Friday 21st March – Grandparent’s Day Tuesday 1st April – 40’s & 50’s Decade Lunch Saturday 5th April – Ladies lunch Saturday 17th May – Rugby & Hockey Club Dinner Dance @ Kingswood Golf Club

2016 1st Scouts and Guides and 3rd Boarders Reunion in 2016 - Alan Gerring is hoping to organise this reunion in one of the Half Term holidays that is convenient to the School. So when booking your holidays for 2016, please avoid half terms.

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