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NEWSLETTER Editor: Doreen Brading Deputy Editor: Philomena Menton June 2008

Report of the 18th AGM held on 8 April 2008


he Chair. Tony Tuck, welcomed all to the meeting. The Mayor, Cilr Stuart Thom, spoke about the important role of the Forum in collecting and passing on to authorities the views of older people. He spoke Lilias Gillies about the charities he was supporting in this year, the Salvation Army and Alzheimers’ Society. The Salvation Army had token up the work which William Wilberforce, resident of Wandsworth, had started on people trafficking. Alzheiimer’s Society played a very valuable role in supporting people with Alzheiimer’s Disease and their carers. The Chair introduced the Annual Review, included in the recent Newsletter- It hod been an extremely busy year and much time had been spent of the Council’s intention to prepare and Older People’s Strategy. It was good that the Council had acknowledged the Forum as the voice of older people in the Borough.


The Treasurer Freddy Roth, introduced the Financial Report and summary of accounts for the year. He said the reserves were sufficient to cover expenditure for 18 months should the Forum have to make new applications for funding which he felt was satisfactory. The accounts were agreed and would be examined by Margaret Henderson CA and this was agreed. Election of Committee For Chair Tony Tuck was nominated, for Vice-Chair Barbara Willerton, for Hon Secretary Lillias Gillies and for Hon Treasurer Freddy Roth. There were no other nominations and these were agreed. The voluntary organisation nominations were read out and as there were no further nominations these were agreed. The ordinary members proposed were, Lionel Davis, Cyril Marshall, Phyllis Murray, Philomena Menton, Taj Qureshi and Edith Ezekiel-Hart. These were agreed. The Chair said as there were still vacancies any others could be coopted during the year. After the business the MPs, Martin Linton, Justine Greening and Sidiq Khan, addressed the meeting and answered questions. Then Leonie Cooper, Shas Sheehan, Richard Tracy and Roy Vickery, candidates for the Merton & Wandsworth seat on the Greater London Authority spoke and answered questions. Lilias Gillies Hon Secretary

WANDSWORTH OLDER PEOPLE’S NETWORK A conference for all older people’s groups will be held on Thursday 5 June. at 1.30pm • Anchor Church Centre, 273 Garratt Lane SW 18 Them will be a sandwich lunch from 1 pm Older People”s Vision for Wandswoth 1.30 Ian Reynolds, Chair of Wandsworth Primary Care Trust 2,30 Reaching Isolated Older People Representatives of a number of organisations will talk about their priorities What is your priority for action ?

Come and have a say.

Local Strategic Partnership


he Local Strategic Partnership is a meeting which brings together representatives of Council, Primary Healthcare Trust Police, Learning and Skills Council and town centre partnerships and voluntary groups. I represent older people on the LSP. The following is a report of the March meeting. Meetings are open to the public and the next meeting is on 4 June 1. WLSP Faith Sub-group The Multi-Faith Group reported and members were available before the meeting showing photos and documents about their activities. The Group met 5 times in 2007 and discussed extended schools, community cohesion, a Faith Directory (which is on-line), South Thames College, Interpreting Service and Racial Incidents. The Group is chaired by Cllr E Lister.In October 2007 it held a Faith Direct meeting at which young people from local schools attended and visited tables hosted by a representative of a faith and were able to ask questions for 15 minutes after which they moved on to the next table and so on round the room. It was voted a very successful event by all participants and by the teachers who were impressed by the amount of understanding generated in their pupils. 2. Wandsworth Community Fund (Paper C, 081274) This has been modelled on the “Community Chest” funds which have been available under Single Regeneration Funds but are no longer available in Wandsworth- The new fund is proposed to draw on funds from:four education-related funds, totaling £33,000, transferring other obsolete funds with a Wandsworth locus, as identified through the Boost Initiative (due to be launched shortly between the Community Foundation Network and the Charity Commission) and funds from Government funding directed at Community Foundations; The advantage to small charities would be the reduced cost when sharing the administration of their funds. It is proposed to ask Thames Community Foundation to administer the Community Fund and admin costs have already been agreed at 6%.

4. Sustainable Community Strategy (a) Updated Strategy Consultation on this is planned from March to May. A final version will be submitted to the LSP in June and thereafter to WBC Committees. The main themes are as before with some additions. The LAAs are part of the process of implementing the Community Strategy along with regular plans published by WLSP partners. There are some new proposals: (i) % of the Borough having combined deposits of litter and detritus that fall below an acceptable level, measured by BVPI 199a; (ii) Number of vulnerable people supported to maintain independent living; (iii) Increased physical activity in people >50; (iv) Providing full range of housing options to meet the needs of older residents. (b) Healthcare in North Battersea There was a presentation on the proposals for healthcare in North Battersea prepared after the earlier consultation. These proposals were out for consultation to 12 May (c) Wandsworth’s Economy There was a report on the economy of Wandsworth and the parts which need attention. Wandsworth contains several wards which are among the most deprived in the country, Latchmere and Roehampton, with 46% and 51% of children in households on benefit. On the other hand Northcote and Thamesfield have 5% and 6% of children in households on benefit and 67% of the economically active population are in managerial and executive positions and the Borough is ranked I& in the country in prosperity- There were presentations on each of the town centre and the Roehamplon Partnerships. 5. Post Office Closures The Council presented its proposals on post office closures to ensure the widest response to the proposals. The Council has worked to support subpostmasters in the past rounds of closures, including offering loans and grants worth £50,000 in total for 63/65 Trinity Rd and 31a Danebury Ave and providing swipe cards to enable payment of home and daycare at all POs, and rent from 1 April at some offices. The Council will tell the Government there have been enough PO closures in Wandsworth.

Wandle Valley Festival

Lilias Gillies 3. Local Area Agreements (LAA) Liz Rees, WLSP coordinator, presented a paper (paper D) which describes the LAA targets as at present proposed for 2008/9. The proposal is to have 24 to send to the Government Office for London. Some of the previous year’s LAAs will continue, including one on number of volunteers committing at least two hours per week and another on increasing the number of individuals supported to claim a statutory benefit. The LAAs for 2006/7 attracted a larger amount of money with both pump-priming and achievement funds but in the coming year the rewards fix achievement are lower and there is no pump-priming. I had suggested a 100% target for older people entitled to benefit being enabled to claim it It was not included because it is covered by the previous year’s LAA on benefit claims. The full list is available on the Council’s website or from the Committee Cleric The GOL approved list will be available at the LSP in June.


Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th June 2008

Leaflets available in Libraries

Extra Care at Chestnut House


n her talk at the members’ meeting on March 11, Wendy Moreton, Senior Planning and Review Officer at Wandsworth’s Adult Social Services, jointly with Brima Cuamsa, the principal social worker at the scheme, Freddie Roth described the concept of extra care housing being implemented at the new development at Chestnut House.

care and support provided on-site 24 hours a day, including the use of modem technology. The rent is to be at social housing level, with a charge for items such as lift maintenance, gardening and the like, plus a fee for care services.

Chestnut House, the boroughs first purpose-built extra care housing scheme, is being built by Richmond-upon-Thames Churches Housing Trust at Arabella Drive, Roehamplon SW15 and is due to open in 2008. All of the scheme’s 34 singlebedroom and seven two-bedroom flats will be wheelchair accessible, with fully filled kitchens (including cooker, fridge/freezer, washing machine and microwave) and walkin showers. A guest room will be available, bookable in advance for visits from family and friends.

Tel: 020 8871 6808/6814 Minicom: 020 8871 7555 e-mail:

The concept underpinning sheltered housing is to offer the privacy of the resident’s own front door, with the added security of an alarm service and a warden providing help and support It also offers the choice of sharing a wider social life through a range of social events Although anyone aged 55 or over and able to live reasonably independently can apply for sheltered housing in Wandsworth, extra care housing may be the answer if a bit more care and support is called for. Extra care housing is similar to sheltered housing, but with flexible, individually tailored packages of

If you are 55 or over, live in Wandsworth and might be interested in renting one of the flats (either for yourself or for you and a partner/carer), register your interest now by contacting the Special Needs Lettings section at:

POSTSCRIPT Although the original requirement to qualify for extra care housing in Wandsworth called for eligibility for help from Adult Social Services which would disqualify most house owners and people with savings of more than F-55 thousand Wendy Moreton followed up issues raised at the meeting by emailing the Forum and informing us regarding a change to the eligibility around the Extra Care Scheme at Chestnut House. Richmond Churches Housing Trust, which will be the landlord for the scheme, has advised that the income and asset t h r e s h o l d s identified by Wendy and Brima at the Forum meeting WILL NOT apply at Chestnut House, which means that owner-occupiers may be interested in the scheme. Freddie Roth 3

At the 2008 AGM A

fter the Mayor of Wandsworth’s, Cllr Stuart Thom, opening address and to conclusion of the business of our AGM, Chair Tony Tuck invited the local MPs and candidates for the Greater London Assembly to speak and answer questions from WOPF members The initial addresses were given by our old friends Martin Linton, MP for Battersea, Sadiq Khan, MP for Tooting, and Justine Greening, MP for Putney, Roehamplon and Southfields. They were followed by talks by the candidates for the London Assembly in the May 1st elections It goes without saying that the AGM was running on a very tight timeframe and the time allocated to each speaker was very short and strictly controlled by the Chair, so it should be noted that the omission of issues by any of the speakers should not be construed as reflecting on their views on the subject.

MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT Martin Linton Martin focused on matters of local interest he has defended in the House, such as keeping local shops open, Post Office closures, the ‘new’ Bolingbrooke and how it will be provided. He has also campaigned against more flights at Heathrow, and informed us on his intention to run the London Marathon.

Sadiq Khan Sadiq talked about his first meeting with a Forum as a 23-year old councillor and the experience of his visit to Afghanistan and the positive affects from the UK presence and what they are developing them. He noted that the freedom and resources we are used to in the UK are highly prized in that country

Justine Greening Justine analysed the last twelve months since our 2007 AGM. She also discussed the campaign on Heathrow operations, important to avoid all-day flights, which would compromise the lifestyle of the borough’s elderly residents, that Post Office closure is reaching a critical point, and the problem of dangerous dogs, and their owners should be entirely responsible for them

The major topic in the O&A session was Post Office closures, that must be stopped, with some time devoted to policing and health services.


GLA CANDIDATES Roy Vickery - Green Party Roy Vickery has lived in the constituency for over 30 years and has been a member of the Green Party for nearly 25 years. He discussed the Green Party’s policies for older people and would like them to have more opportunities to work for the community and diminish generation-gap problems. Part of the Green measures for reducing pollution is the support of local shops, an issue that also affects older people’s lifestyle. Richard Tracey - Conservative Party Previously an MP for 14 years, Richard was Environment Minister responsible at various times for Regeneration and Planning, Sport and Royal Parks and Palaces. He described the role of the GLA and the Conservative Manifesto on senior citizens’ policies. His patty has made a clear declaration to defend the Freedom Pass and intends to offer more safety in transport, as well as its intention to streamline local government to reduce costs. Shas Sheenan - Liberal Democrat Party councillor for Richmond, Shas has a Chemistry degree and a Masters in Environmental Technology from Imperial College. She pointed out the need for improvements on bus hydraulics, which currently are too sensitive and endanger people. The Freedom Pass should offer mom flexibility, such as transport vouchers, and mentioned that pavements should be improved, as 25% of the country’s pavements are unserviceable. Her party opposes Post Office closures, as they play a role as community supports. Leonie Cooper - Labour Party Leonie Cooper has lived in the borough for twenty years and represents Latchmere Ward on the Council, and is housing spokesperson. She believes that the Freedom Pass should be extended to 24 hours to cover eventual critical requirements. On the issue of schoolchildren behaving badly on buses she believes Out they should be more closely controlled by issuing children of up to 16 with cards, and serious misbehaviour should result in loosing their privilege.

In the Q&A session, major focus was on affordable housing, buses, toilets (of special interest was Richmonds LibDern policy on making toilets available in supermarkets and other commercial premises and paying towards their cleaning) and the working conditions (hours and payment) of GLA members. Concluding, each candidate had sixty seconds to sum up their qualifications and the proposals to be adopted as GLA members 5


Committee 2008/9



andsworth. Community Transport have a pool of about 30 paid drivers that drive our mini buses, and who are available to drive minibuses operated by our member groups. Our normal charge is £12.50 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. Our drivers are Police Checked, have excellent local knowledge, full Accessible MiDAS Training.

Tony Tuck Barbara Willerton Lilias Gillies Frederick Roth


If you wish to find out more call Manuel Buttonon 020 8675 7460

ASIAN WOMEN'S ASSN - Clare Kakembo

Health Care in Battersea

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS Lionel Davis, Cyril Marshall, Phyllis Murray, Philomena Menton, Taj Qureshi, Edith Ezekial-Hart, Wendy Saunders-Jacobs.

Draft Response on Consultation on Health care in North Battersea (Mar 2008) (following on from the preconsultation in 2007)




- Freddie Roth

andsworth Older People’s Forum prefers the federal model which would maintain GP practices across the area which suits older people better with one more comprehensive Primary Care Centre/Polyclinic which would have some GPs and other services.


The development of a Primary Care Centre would be best at Grant Road which has excellent transport links by bus and train. Services could comprise several GPs with nurses, phlebotomy and some other services which would avoid long journeys to hospital for tests. It should also include a walk-in centre. The additional services would be available to patients of practices other than the ones in the new centre. The advantages of Grant Rd would be that it is likely to be more accessible to the working people who might be using Clapham Junction Station. There may be some disadvantage that it could attract more than those who live in the local area which may require managing.

Fourth National Falls Awareness Day to be held in June

The Forum accepts the proposals for the Bolingbroke services, ie moving podiatry, physiotherapy, Harmoni out-ofhours GP service, geriatric Outpatients and elderly day hospital to St John’s. We have had reports of difficulties for disabled people accessing St John’s, both for suitable parking and for manoverability inside the building. We trust these difficulties can be addressed in the work to be done before the move. Bolingbroke is a much loved hospital but we accept that its present form does not fit in with modem healthcare practice. We advocate the use of some of the site to house a modem GP practice centre which could house the local practices whose premises need development. If the remainder of the Bolingbroke site is to be used for housing, the frontage could be used and flats developed behind. Lilias Gillies


NEWSLETTER EDITOR Doreen Brading assisted by Philomena Menton, Freddie Roth. Lillas Gillies - Hon Secretary


elp the Aged is holding its fourth annual National Falls Awareness Day (NFAD) on the 24 June 2008. The event will promote the message to older people and those working with them that falls are not an inevitable part of ageing and the likelihood of failing can be reduced.

This year’s theme is ‘Stepping Out’ and is concerned with how older people use the environment around them. This includes being aware of the opportunities to exercise in their immediate environment, as well as the hazards that may prevent us from being independent and mobile, in later life. The day engages anyone working with or for older people, such as health professionals, care home staff, older people’s forums and sheltered housing scheme wardens, who would like to promote falls prevention messages to other older people by holding an event or activity. This could be a falls prevention exercise class, a campaign on dangerous pavements, medicine checks or a stall in the local high street. Falls represent the most serious type of accident for the over-65s in the UK, with one older person dying every five hours as a result of a fall. Yet falls are not an inevitable part of ageing and steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of a fall. The Charity has produced an action pack for anyone interested in taking part, which can be ordered by emailing or downloaded from the new website at Cheryl Blake

Free Choice


rom 1 April 2008, patents in Wandsworth who are referred to hospital by their GP will be able to choose to go anywhere in England for their treatment.

As well as having more hospitals to choose from, making an informed choice has been made easier for patients as they can access clear, accurate and independent information from a number of sources. Patents can now • Ask their GP who will guide them, or one of the practice staff at their local GP surgery to help provide them with information about the options available locally or elsewhere in England • Compare information about hospitals on the NHS Choices website at • Call the choose and book appointment line on 08456 088 888 and speak to an advisor who will be able to talk them through the options available to them as well as book the appointment for them • Visit their local library which will have information. Some libraries will also have staff that have been trained to help people access the information they need. Previously patients have been able to choose from their local hospitals bid now this opportunity has been extended so they can choose to go to any hospital in England that is funded by the NHS, including marry independent private hospitals. This greater choice means that patients can choose to be seen at a hospital that suits them and their personal circumstances - giving them greater convenience and peace of mind. The increased choice is great news for patients in Wandsworth. Being referred to hospital can be a worrying time for all sorts of reasons. Being able to address some of their personal concerns Or circumstances by giving them choice can only be beneficial. of course many Patients will still want their GP to choose for them and that won’t change. GPs will be able to access all the information available to do that. To find out more about free choice visit the NHS Choices website at

New Cafe in Roehampton


ollowing on from the success of the Poppy Cafe in Balham, which has been running for five years now, a new cafe for people with dementia called the Sunflower cafe, has opened in Roehampton. This will be convenient for people living on the west side of the borough.

The new cafe is funded by Wandsworth Health Improvement Partnership and will be run by the South-west London branch of the Alzheimer’s Society, Wandsworth Carers” Centre, Age Concern Wandsworth, Wandsworth Crossroads and the Furzedown Project. It will follow similar principles to the Poppy Cafe, providing a welcoming environment for people with dementia and carers or friends to spend an afternoon having lunch and chatting, with support workers on hand for advice or information The cafe will be held initially on a monthly basis, usually on the first Saturday of the month, at Minstead Gardens Senior Citizens’ Club. The venue is well served by bus numbers 170 and 430- Future cafe dates are May 31st, July 5th, August 27th September 6th. If you are interested in coming along to the cafe or volunteering, please contact the Cafe Co-ordinator on 020 8877 0282 or 020 8877 0033. Transport can be provided.



ith public toilets now closed in many of our towns and cities, it is becoming more difficult for older people to use the Loo when they need to. Charities InContact and RADA have come up with an innovative solution. The just Can’t Wait Card, a small pass that shoppers with particular needs can show to use a store’s Loo, or to jump the toilet queue. Businesses are not asked to alter their toilets in anyway but simply to permit a person in need to use them Individuals can request the card from InContact on 0870 770 3246 or visit




Bedford House, 215 Balhan High Road, SW17 7BQ Tel: 020 8672 8672 1043 / 3649 Email: 7



All at Anchor Church Centre, 273 Garratt Lane, SW18. 2pm-4pm Buses 44 and 270 pass the door

Tuesday 13th May Chief Inspector Clive Sutton, Deputy to the Borough Commander

Tuesday 19th June Judy McKnight - Probation Service

Tuesday 8th July Pendrels Direct Payment

Tuesday 9th September Sue Roscoe Watts Chair Wandsworth Town Centre Partnership Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month (except August) Wheelchair Access, Loop System, Refreshments All are welcome - bring a friend

If you want to join the Wandsworth Older Peoples’ Forum, please fill in the subscription form below and return with your payment to:

Anchor Church Centre Friday Drop-in for Older People Coffee and chat followed by lunch Every Friday from 12 - 1.30pm (except school holidays)

273 Garratt Lane SW18 Cost £2.50 Find a Dentist/Doctor 1. Find a Dentist 020 8335 1339 For out of hours emergency dental service contact HARMONI 0845 602 6292 2. Find a Doctor 020 8335 1330 Please note more information on direct links WPCT website - Home Page

Membership Secretary, Wandsworth Older Peoples’ Forum WCEN inc. DRCA, Charlotte Despard Ave. London SW11 5HD

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Editor: Doreen Brading Deputy Editor: Philomena Menton June 2008 Come and have a say. Registered Charity No. 1096332 held on 8 April 2008 Af...

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