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February 2021

Old Donation Episcopal Church is a family: Welcoming All  Growing in God’s love  Joyfully worshipping Jesus Christ  Serving in the power of the Spirit “How

long, O Lord?” is a regular plea in the psalms. I’m giving that phrase up for LENT, because, like the psalmist, I don’t seem to hear a clear or accurate answer. I cannot believe we are in February, eleven months from the beginning of what we believed was a two-week shutdown to put an end to this minor virus. HA! Regardless of when it “ends” or if there is such a thing as “ends”… I trust that we have done our best to faithfully keep to our mission and ministry. Our Annual Parish Meeting on Jan 31 offered testimony to so much that is still going right for ODEC. Even with a significant shortfall in revenue income, our spending on outreach exceeded 2019. With weekday noon prayers and never missing a Sunday, we kept worship of God primary. We know there were areas where we failed, but none for lack of trying. Mark chapter 13 encourages Christians that when all seems lost, our job is to watch, pray, and endure while we remain faithful to Christ’s mission. We have done so in most areas and by most accounts. Still, I feel like we’ve been revving it up in second gear after restarting worship last July. Now it feels like time to switch into third gear. No one can tell what the future looks like with new variant strains of COVID, vaccinations picking up steam, and the world around us as crazy and chaotic as ever. But I am sensing most of us want to get back as much as we can of what used to be normal. We will have to choose new ways for sure. There are many things we cannot do… but there are many others where we can do something! In our parish meeting we discussed the hope and plans of restoring / rebuilding our youth ministry, Sunday school offerings for younger children and families, and connections for older among us who might feel isolated. Our parish life commission developed several creative events in the past year. We will use some of their way of thinking to do more. Worship outdoors will resume, weather permitting, this month. We will be back inside when it is safe. With our new vestry organizing for 2021, new spaces coming on line in the second and third quarters, and a new rush of the Holy Spirit’s wind in our lungs, we are going to organize for ODEC to once again ‘take-off’ on God’s journey! Join us, but don’t expect to sit still! There is much to do and we need everyone, especially YOU!

Outreach in Action! What a merry year for Angel Tree! COVID was no match for ODEC’s

ability to provide Christmas cheer and connection to young and old in our community. This year our church was able to serve 15 children/12 families, thanks to your generosity to the Angel Tree Ministry. We missed our big green Angel Tree decked with angels, but were blessed to find ways to make this year the best yet. We launched our first ever virtual tree and all presents were spoken for in record time! We celebrated seeing faces we hadn't seen in a long time through our contactless present drop off. Outreach Elves purchased presents for those unable to shop this year. In true ODEC spirit the giving did not stop, we received an overwhelming amount of support, even after all the presents had been spoken for. A huge thank you to the spark of kindness ignited by Doralece Dullaghan, who initiated sending grocery gift cards in addition to presents, as many families struggled during the pandemic. This instigated an amazing chain reaction of giving the likes of which Angel Tree had not seen, and in addition to presents for all the children, we also provided every family with a $50 gift card for groceries. We also give special thanks to our delivery drivers: Mal Higgins, Eugene Snowden, Maureen Loflin, and the Waide Family. And as always a huge thank you to Vaughn and Martha Wilson for being the spirit that keeps this ministry going. ~Melissa Waide

Parish Annual Report God is GOOD. All the time. All the time. God is good. God got us through 2020. (I think maybe we should put that on a T-shirt?) God got us through 2020 WELL (all things considered). In this report, I review worship, finances, with comments about plans for 2021. Worship: In-person worship was able to operate indoors from July - November, and outdoors from July through Christmas Eve. From the beginning of the pandemic on March 13 though today, we have not missed a Sunday either with our streamed worship or in-person. (Sunday, December 27, the Diocese offered a streamed service for all parishes.) Our worship and tech teams immediately began learning new skills to assure we could offer our best to keep our congregation connected and worshiping, regardless of the circumstances. Ben Urquidi deserves special recognition for continually learning new techniques with audio / visual and streaming production. We had many special offerings throughout the year. Particularly well done were Holy Week through Easter Sunday, Pentecost, Mothers’ Day, July 4th, St. Francis Sunday, Parish Feast Sunday, and All Saints. Our various worship teams including our streaming guru, Ben Urquidi, made it so our Advent and Christmas worship was extraordinary. Ben and Ashley Urquidi designed and produced a wonderful Longest Night service and the Christmas Pageant. Both were challenges that needed a different approach. Both ended up being creatively thought through and wonderful produced to be blessings we couldn’t have imagined. One of the highlights of the year is always Christmas Eve. With the horrible weather expected and rising COVID rates, we worried about how to have in-person worship which we’d all dreamed of experiencing. We could not be outside in driving wind and rain. GREAT THANKS to Scott Crumley who got the Great Hall shell cleaned and powered up so we could have worship that evening. David Beach, Gretchen Hood, the Urquidis, Leslie Fenter, Altar Guild, Genevieve Nelson, Mal Higgins and his merry band of ushers, and the St. Cecilia Choir came together to make it a night to remember. Gretchen Hood managed our “hospitality” and administration of our worship so well, while also making our streamed services much more interactive by her role as an online commentator and welcomer. She is part of the behind the scenes for every service inside or out. Paige Martin, Sharon Payne, Peter Hood (on the streaming system), and many others (including a host of ushers) have helped out. The core of our Sunday organizational team has been Gretchen, Mal Higgins, Leslie Fenter, Paul Hudgins, and Cheryl Sutherland (who gets all the 2 bulletins ready).

Leslie Fenter has been the literal “backbone” of our outdoor worship, setting up and managing the new sound board. Unless you are around early and late, you wouldn’t realize she has been coming 90-100 minutes before the services to set up, in addition to Saturday efforts to stage equipment to make Sunday morning flow more easily. In the cold mornings of December, she earned extra stars. Paul Hudgins has supplied steady faithful hands (literally) and direction that made beautiful singing come alive (even when I thought it was too cold for his fingers to move). He has bent over backwards to be sure we had whatever we needed musically. The Gathering Band and St. Cecilia choir led us with wonderful music for our outdoor worship. They also recorded hymns and anthems feeding our streamed worship. A quartet of the choir recorded many pieces that we are still using. Our Sundays@5 Random Acts has done several recordings as well. Mal Higgins is always doing what he can to organize us, and with good humor keep everyone “ushered” into the right places. I am regularly heartened by his observations and ability to connect and guide, and always by his faithfulness. Our Altar Guild members have rolled with the punches: worship in the church, parish hall, graveyard, drive-by, funerals, weddings, or last minute changes. Flower Guild has done likewise with special arrangements even when no one was inside the church, so the streamed worship was still beautiful and worthy of our offering to God. Facebook and YouTube have been our partners this year. While we cannot measure our actual effectiveness, numbers of views and people attracted to our “channels” are witness to the Gospel work. We grew from 773 members (likes) on our Facebook page to 1,015 in this year. Many of our videos had over 1,000 views. One as high as 11,321. Normally 40-75 ‘screens’ are watching while we are live, and there will be many more ‘views’ as the week goes on, plus another 50 or more views on YouTube. We have many new friends all over the country and world. Some never knew us before finding us there. Others are members who are now living in other states or countries, some of whom will return! Administrative and miscellaneous challenges with some kudos along the way. COVID management…There was a massive effort involving dozens last Spring to develop our guidelines for safe operation. Our “COVID Czar” Nancy Ries has been an almost weekly consultant for advice about current conditions and practices. Wardens Paige Martin and Tony Putzig have been wise counsel all year and especially as I have been faced with questions about worship and other activity. Continued on page 4...

From Our Associate Rector My friends! We have successfully made it to 2021. And, after a really spectacular Parish Meeting that reminded us of everything we’ve accomplished, I would say that we have done an excellent job. There is always so much hope and energy around our parish, even in the middle of a pandemic, even when the pandemic is going on longer than we had perhaps initially imagined. We continue to learn more, not just about Covid but about ourselves— our faith, our endurance, our ability to continue to bring God into the world. We are not the same people we were last year. So, why don’t we show it? For a little fun, let’s see how different we really look. Send in a picture of yourself at the beginning of 2020 and one of you now, and we’ll find a creative way to showcase those changes. I have a feeling some of you will be nearly unrecognizable! And our young members have grown so much, it will be pretty incredible to see the transformation. One of the [many] most difficult things about this past year is how separate our kids have been from one another. Our children and teen programs, though we’ve continued to make attempts to reach them, have not pulled the communities together the way we wish they could. But, we are committed to keep trying. The first thing we’re going to do is have a Cookie Decorating Party on Thurs, Feb 11 at 6:00pm via zoom. Annamarie Ginder will be baking cookies and putting together kits for anyone who is interested (while following all safety precautions). Sign ups for the kits have ended now, but you are of course welcome to use your own cookies/decorations, or simply join in on the zoom fun! The event is geared towards are elementary age kids, but anyone can join. We’ve had a lot of families sign up so far, so this may become a regular monthly event! There are ways to engage one another and re-create our communities, and we’re going to keep working on finding the best ways to do that. So, let’s start by sending in those “before and after 2020” pics and get the kiddos in your lives onto a zoom-for-fun call on the 11th. “See” you soon!

From our Deacon Last week I was able to attend FORMA, the annual conference for Episcopal Church Formation. It was easy to participate this year since everything was virtual. Arthur was at home with me for the whole conference and if he wasn’t napping, he wanted to be in my arms. He’s 11 months now and very wiggly. I set up my phone on our piano so I could see all the presentations and Arthur could pound on the keys to his hearts content. It was distracting to say the least (he’s not that great at theory yet). Something from the conference that is still ringing in my ear (apart from Arthur’s musical accompaniment), was from the Rev. Greg Farrand when he said that the kingdom of God is a place we see from, not a place we go. You all have heard me preach and know that the kingdom of God is a common topic for me. I’ve talked about finding, inviting, announcing the kingdom but I was struck during this workshop wondering what it looks like to see from the kingdom of God. It’s not from a tower or with a telescope. It’s not far away, but as close as your breath and it goes deep, very deep into the world and our hearts; where it’s difficult to tell where I end and you begin, where the borders between us are porous. There we find the kingdom of God; in the place in time and space where you can see the world from a place of joy, peace, patience, mercy and above all love. When I realized this I looked down to my son still hitting keys with his little fists, took a breath and there it was; I saw the kingdom blooming in in the midst of my attempts to balance my son on my lap, the phone on the piano and the pen in my hand; it’s my struggle to balance parenting, work, and my deep desire to deepen further my relationship with God. Elizabeth Barret Browning said: “Earth’s crammed with heaven. And every common bush afire with God, but only he who sees it takes off his shoes.” I don’t wear shoes in my house, but the breath I took in the middle of the noise and mess recognized the holy place I was in. ~Genevieve Nelson

Stephen Ministers Are you tired of staying home and not connecting? Would you like someone to talk with you weekly? Please let the clergy or Stephen Ministry know if you would like to have a Stephen Minister call you. We listen, give support, and care! ~Barbette Timperlake timperl8k@yahoo.com

Administrative work… For safety, we needed to minimize people in the offices including our own staff. Kudos to Gretchen Hood and Cheryl Sutherland for making our operation flexible enough to do the bulk of our work from home. Special thanks to Dave Wilkinson who has been constantly helping us with equipment, networks, and software updates as needed to accomplish all this. Accounting … All the extra work for the Building project, switching banks to Southern, PPP administration and other issues overloaded our accounting functions. Ned Kuhns has done a fantastic job keeping up with everything and making our operation effective. Diane Miller and Terri Piston have worked hard to keep up with the daily and monthly activity and get caught up with large projects. They have managed to keep overcoming obstacles to keep us operating and informed. Building Project… I cannot say enough about how well this year has gone in our Building Project. There is a full report of all that has been done. David Beach would get the “Servant of the Year” award if we had such. We give thanks for an enormous amount of work done on the Building project in the past couple months. Thanks are due to many, but especially David Beach, Scott Crumley, Ann Perry and Gretchen Hood. David Burt continues to oversee the process and call on others as needed, such as Carl Sterzing and John Sherman. Scott Crumley, as reported elsewhere, is doing us such a fabulous job as our General Contractor. We could not be in better hands than the team of Scott Crumley and David Beach. Finances: We projected a deficit for the year 2020 of ~$42K. When the pandemic hit us and it became apparent we were not returning for normal worship for a long time, we realized our normal offerings would be under our normal amounts. Your vestry and staff took important steps to minimize spending while maintaining mission and ministry in all the areas we could. The PPP (Payroll Protection Program) became a saving grace, allowing us to not lay off staff for the Day School and Church staff for the second quarter of 2020. Several staff salary and benefit reductions and lower spending in most of our activity areas (Parish Life, Congregational Care, and Formation, as examples) allowed us to keep spending less than the reduced revenues. We still spent more outreach money than we did in 2019 and supported our community and assisted many members who were hard hit during this period. We ended 2020 with a positive cash flow of $7K instead of a deficit of $42. With the added benefit of the PPP forgivable loan, our cash reserves are now approximately $90K higher than they were to begin 2020. We have cash reserves sufficient to weather our storm. 2021 pledges are more than $90K lower than pledges for 2020. Some of that, we hope, will be made up as we get back to more normal operation as the year progresses.

To assure we don’t overspend in 2021, but still are prepared for as much mission and ministry as we can do, we adopted a 6-month budget. In the June time-frame we will have a clearer picture of an outlook for the second half and will budget the second half. This will allow us to not over-react to the recent troubles, but be flexible enough at mid-year. Mission and ministry will NOT be sacrificed, but we will be prudent about the approach. Where do we go in 2021? What’s next? I believe we need to now resume parts of our ministry that are possible in safe ways. Waiting is not necessary so long as we do those things that are safe ….and do what our community needs and can do. Adult Formation on Sundays with sermon seminars and mid-week lessons for LENT will increase opportunities. Some of our children and family formation resumed this month and it takes another step up in LENT. Ashley and I are creating home children’s chapel videos for use in our families as well as the Day School. We need to find creative ways to help our families with young children in ways that are actually help-full and life-giving. Youth formation needs to be active again. I am tasking a couple mentors to gather interested parents and youth to set some activities that will once again support learning to live the faithful Jesus-life, community building with peers, and positive fun. There are many things we CAN do even while many of what we used to do are not safe. Outreach / Mission has continued to be active in 2020. We did some fantastic work with feeding, supporting children, and the angel tree programs during 2020 pandemic shutdown. We are exploring opportunities for helping Latino ministries on the Eastern Shore again with Dos Santos, which is being revitalized. I suspect our primary missions at Mission of the Holy Spirit and Feed My Sheep will need more of us in 2021 as the impact of this pandemic is felt. We are blessed in many ways and can share. Repairing the Breach: over 25 of us spent significant time in Sacred Ground Circles learning to understand our current problems in race by understanding how we got here. Another equal sized group is in study now. That ‘racial reckoning’ work will move into more education and more action in 2021. We are establishing a “Repairing the Breach” fund that already has donations of $25,000. We are establishing a college scholarship to support students of color and hope to do more work as we understand more of what can be our role in making this a more ‘just’ world. Our pastoral care teams will be keeping in better touch with members who are isolated and feel disconnected. The staff, clergy, and I have been unable to keep contact with our 800 members when we no longer see most of 4 them on Sunday mornings regularly. It has been one of Continued on next page...

the worst outcomes. But we can do better by having all of us reaching out to each other. Some of that has happened naturally. We will enable it to be more effective in 2021. Streamed worship will continue for all of 2021 and probably beyond. We reach people with the Gospel who are beyond our geographical borders in ways we never imagined. Plus there will always be some who cannot get to church and benefit from having us online. In-person worship will resume as soon as possible and safe. Outdoor worship will resume with our safeguards in Lent (Feb 21) … weather-permitting, as we did in December and earlier. Indoor worship will depend on the COVID positivity rates, developments in vaccinations and other factors. A medical advisory group continues to meet weekly for our Diocese, reviewing the newest information. It appears that already many of us are getting vaccinated, and all these will be factors. In the meantime, we will begin making consecrated communion available for use with streamed worship as we did at Christmas. When possible, we will resume worship with multiple indoor services again. This probably isn’t until Fall, but again, time and conditions will dictate how and when. Perhaps we’ll continue some outdoor offerings during the year as these have proven to be wonderful during pretty weather. We have learned some good things we should not give up! The new construction areas will be ready for usage sometime this summer (we believe and pray!). That should coincide with other factors to make this Fall a time of great blessing! With new spaces and new technologies come new needs! We will be training volunteers for a new ministry of TECH ministers. We need adults and mature youth to train and then become part of our “STREAM TEAM” taking turns running camera, sound, and internet streams for worship. We have great trainers. Ben Urquidi and others will get you going well. We need a couple persons to help with web page maintenance. I know we have some gamers and tech folks in our midst who would find these to be natural ministries. Let us know.

tools were needed before to offer our worship and study to those who cannot get out as much. Without the necessity caused by the pandemic, we might have never been pressed to develop. So, (what sounds like foolishness) I give thanks on this count for this challenge. 3. Summer Johnson, Youth and Children’s Minister, left our staff last summer when she had another job opportunity she couldn’t miss. Due to the pandemic we have not replaced her (who could?). Ashley, Genevieve, and I are taking up the roles with help from lay volunteers. If you want to help, let us know! 4. Your vestry has been steadily doing all they can to sustain our mission and ministry. We have met mostly by ZOOM this year and obviously much of what would be normal — has not! In the meeting we will say THANKS to all, but especially to the four who rotate off after 3 years of ministry. THANK YOU to Brennon Pope, Rebecca Barrio, Ricky Barrio (Youth), Mitch Bean, and Brad Croteau. 5. THANK YOU for sticking with us. There is no crystal ball. After 384 years, Old Donation can be sure of this: God has a reason for keeping us ALIVE and God will prevail! Thank you … partners on the journey!

Give to ODEC online! It’s easy, fast, and convenient. Make a one-time gift, or a recurring donation. Don’t worry about missing a Sunday, or messing with offering envelopes!

Daughters of the King Christmas Outreach COVID was no match for our church community’s ability to provide Christmas cheer and connection to both young and old in the wider community. ODECs chapter of Daughters of the King (DOK) provided Christmas gifts to 21 residents in memory care in response to a request from Brookdale Senior Living. This “senior” angel tree was a joy-filled first service project for the new DOK chapter that was instituted at ODEC in February 2020. The residents also enjoyed singing along with the ODEC caroling video that was shared. “It was such a happy day in our building,” wrote the Brookdale Activity director.

Staff and Vestry 1. I give thanks for a wonderful, talented, faithful staff who kept plugging through unusual and sometimes challenging circumstances. Every once in a while, I run into a member who I’ve not seen or heard from in 10 months. Often the jest is: “At least you must be getting more rest than normal!” In truth, staff has worked more hours than ever. Working remotely and doing everything online, sometimes in addition to in-person, takes much longer than before. Every member of the staff has In His Name and For His Sake, overcome challenges to get their work accomplished. 2. BUT the reality is that we have learned so much more ~Pat Davis & Frankie Ring about how to share faith and practices that will be invaluable in the long run. As noted above, some of these

Sermon Seminar Sermons are intended to “open God’s WORD” in a way that we receive interpretation and application. But some days that is easier than others. One of our members with whom I share some regular dialogue about my teachings and sermons reflected that the best impact from sermons comes when the conversation is truly “two -way.” One of my favorite ways to accomplish that is with “Sermon Seminar” which we have used several times at ODEC. For the Sundays in LENT, following the live-stream 11:30am service, we will host a ZOOM discussion with the preacher and others of us in the congregation. It is an excellent opportunity to dig deeper into what the preacher says, to understand the Biblical text better, and to look for application. When I’m the preacher, I find it helpful for people to say, “I don’t get it!” or “I see it differently.” because that makes it possible to broaden the perspective I have, and you have, when we come to the discussion with open minds, ready for the Holy Spirit to illumine. So join us in LENT. Our streamed service usually ends about 12:15pm. We will open up the ZOOM about 10 minutes after the service, and plan about 30-40 minutes of discussion.

Children & Family Formation Lent at Home in Community This year families are faced with the extra burden of conveying the essence of Lent— at times a difficult season to understand, especially for children— in our homes. This curriculum from GenOn Ministries seeks to engage the senses: “See. Taste. Hear. Smell. Touch. Give.” Each week we will provide a one-page guide by email, which will walk individuals and families through a brief reading from Psalms, an activity, and a prayer. This is simple enough to do in fifteen minutes! Look for the resource in the Sunday Scoop and weekly Chimes.

Adult Formation Desert Wilderness The season of Lent is for study, and it is also for experience. So this year, join us as we experience it together, and build our own Wilderness Gardens from the safety of our homes. On Ash Wednesday when you come to church to receive your ashes, each family will also receive a starting kit for building your Wilderness Garden (basin, sand, and candle). Then at 7pm on Wednesday evenings (Feb 24, March 3-24) we will gather via zoom to journey through the desert wilderness. We’ll start with a short prayer through our gardens, add to them, then read and discuss scripture to close out the evening. Please, join us for a brand new way of experiencing Lent together! Wilderness Garden kits can also be picked up at the Bell Tower anytime on Ash Wednesday, or the following Wednesday, 24 February, or by appointment. Contact Mother Ashley with questions. 6

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Old Donation Episcopal Day School Registration for 2021- 2022 odeds@olddonation.org | call for a tour! 757-499-2283

~Tricia Crawford & Jody Baker, Co-Directors

Faith Works Coalition (FWC)

Supported by local churches, FWC was created to eliminate poor living conditions in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and other communities by repairing homes for elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged families. As of last November, FWC had completed repairs to 1,000 homes. I joined FWC in March as a volunteer and have assisted in half a dozen repair projects. Projects typically are planned for completion in one day and involve 2-12 volunteers. We assist folks who do not have the means to correct or repair problems which range from unsafe living conditions to issues with access for disabled persons. The level of need is a key requirement for approval and range from those who are one event away from becoming homeless, to single parents with children, and elderly or disabled folks unable to perform or fund the repairs. The pictures shown are before and after a repair made to a kitchen floor in the home of a single elderly woman living in a local trailer park. Flooding, leaking pipes and age resulted in caved in flooring, making it unsafe to use the sink, stove and refrigerator and allowing the intrusions of rodents and pests into her living space. The resulting repair made a huge difference in this woman’s life. FWC is an all-volunteer, registered 501(c)(3) organization and 97% of all donations are applied directly to repair work. Donations of $500 or more qualify for a Virginia state income tax credit of 65%. I currently serve on the Construction Project Committee and Board of Directors as well as volunteer for repair work. We are always need more volunteers. Knowledge of basic tool use is helpful but not required. If you have questions or would like to volunteer or make a donation, please contact me or visit the FWC website at www.faithworks coalition.org. ~Dan Ries: dries@cox.net 277-1907

Treasurer’s Note: 2020 Annual Contribution Statements for

both the ODEC General Fund & Building Fund have been mailed to all parishioner donors. When received, please review them carefully for any discrepancies or missing contributions/payments. If a problem is detected or you have questions, please report promptly to Jo-Ann Bach for the General Fund and Terri Piston for the Building Fund. If it is determined that a mailed donation may have been stolen, also immediately report it to the police.’'

Many thanks to Monika Jara-Lopez for arranging for 90 of us

65+ to receive the Moderna vaccine! We appreciate your thinking of us, putting in the work to get us registered and doing the work you do every day. I don't make it a habit to speak for others but I think in this case, most all of my friends would shout, "AMEN!" Thanks again, Monika! ~Sharon Payne

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February 2021 Bell Ringer  

Despite COVID, we have a lot happening at Old Donation. Here's everything you need to know right now!

February 2021 Bell Ringer  

Despite COVID, we have a lot happening at Old Donation. Here's everything you need to know right now!