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The Bell Ringer

Lent 2020

Old Donation Episcopal Church Old Donation Episcopal Church is a family: Welcoming All  Growing in God’s love  Joyfully worshipping Jesus Christ  Serving in the power of the Spirit

Lent at Old Donation

Ash Wednesday Family Service: 6:00pm For families of all ages to enter into Lent together, and receive the imposition of Ashes. This is an experiential service incorporating children, so none are too young or too old! *Nursery will open at 6:45pm for parents who wish to attend the “adult” service at 7:00pm.

Come Journey to the Cross A Lenten Retreat

Saturday, 14 March, 10:30am See page 10 for details

From our Rector

our Epiphany study of John’s Gospel has been. In our Thursday and Sunday studies, certain Bible passages come alive when we can dig into the details and the history. “To everything there is a season.” Ecclesiastes 3 and the Ashley and I going to use our three weeks to teach some of Byrds would add, “Turn, turn, turn.” And here we are your favorite passages — ones you think you know — but turning again to a new season… rarely get time to unearth all God means for us to learn. Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and Lent begins again. We’ve entitled the series “Scripture that moves” because While some groan at a more austere time like Lent, I find it these can truly become instrumental in the movement of brings me a needed change of pace and season of your heart, mind, soul, and body. We will “move” from the reflection. Life has highs and lows, mountaintops and beginning of Jesus’ ministry with the temptation in the valleys, periods full of joy and celebration and other times wilderness to the Resurrection to Nicodemus at Night. of mourning and loss. The Church year is sort of a training Over three weeks we hope to challenge and inspire you as ground for life of followers of Jesus. His life included you are moved by God’s WORD. glorious birth and flight into Egypt for hiding. He had Annual Meeting and Vestry Retreat huge crowds when he performed miracles of healing and You elected five new wonderful vestry members: Ricky the same folks disappeared when he taught them the cost Barrio, Sonni Matthews, David Beach, Holly Waide, and of discipleship. Palms branches and coats paved his Will Walker. At our vestry retreat, the vestry elected Paige triumphal entrance into Jerusalem. But a week later all Martin as Senior Warden and Tony Putzig as your People’s those same people were shouting “crucify him!” His times Warden. Everyone was assigned commission of intense ministry were enveloped by quiet retreats and responsibilities. You can find the list on page 9. time apart. We spent some time talking about our mission and what LENT is designed to be a break in the celebration we’ve are the most important areas of focus in 2020. The experienced since Christmas and a time apart. The classic building work will be front and center all year and disciplines of LENT are prayer, fasting, and alms giving. obviously require much attention. However the building is They work together to get our hearts and minds ready to a tool FOR mission, not the other way around. We experience God’s presence in a new and vital way. discussed a few of the specific ministry areas and some of Sometimes we need to “turn around” some part of our the initiatives that we expect will be important. lives. Sometimes we just need to reconnect with our life

Rebooting our youth program and continuing what is a promising development for Sunday morning formation will be parts. With Deacon Genevieve’s leadership we hope to be more involved with college campus ministry and survey and support local outreach needs. Seeing how we might help serve children and families from the neighborhoods Listen to a daily podcast or write a journal. Attend the right here with more personal involvement is our hope. We Lenten Retreat or sit on the beach to pray and reflect for an afternoon. Call and make a confession or donate some will do more education and communication about time or money for God’s work. If you take LENT seriously, Stewardship of ALL our resources throughout this year, expanding back to a year-round program rather than the Holy Week and Easter will seem more mysterious and narrow focus of a Fall “solicitation program.” glorious and you will be blessed. and life’s purpose. Participating in community worship, getting alone for reflection, strengthening our ability for discipline, giving away alms so we practice trusting God alone… all are elements of spiritual preparation for a close encounter with Christ.

HELP One of my favorite sayings is P.J. O’Rourke’s: “Everyone wants to save the world. But no-one wants to help mom with the dishes.” It speaks to almost every group and church (and stewardship of all we have and are). Over the years through attrition, moving away, kids going to college, and not recruiting enough fill-ins, we are running short of some “normal” ministry helps. Today we need: Office angels (for 2-3 hour once a week stints) and acolytes, Scripture readers (lectors), Eucharistic Ministers (chalice), Wednesday nights in Lent and Bus drivers for Sundays. Call the office or speak with There are only three weeks for our Lenten series this year — clergy and we will sign you up! a quirk of the calendar and our first Wednesday commission meetings. I’ve been observing how energized March preaching: the BEST of John’s Gospel If you have been studying John’s gospel in Epiphany, you will have a double treat for four of the five Sundays in Lent (March 1-29). The lectionary for this year prescribes readings from John for weeks 2-5. We will hear Nicodemus, the woman at the well, the man born blind and the raising of Lazarus — all highlights of our last month of study. I’m really looking forward to this series of sermons, knowing so many of us have prepared well through our study.


From Our Associate Rector

From Our Youth Minister

On Sunday Feb 9 during the 10:30 service, we held a chartering and installation ceremony for the St. Brigid of Kildare Chapter of the Daughters of the King. We initiated fifteen women into the order: Deniece Cheri, Kathleen Heck, Janet Amiott, Nancy Koch, Marcia Torres, Patricia Cheshire, Sue Stephenson, Kelly Routh, Maureen Loflin, Sonni Matthews, Leslie Miller, Becky Suchy, Carolyn Weems, Carol Gurioli, and Ann Butler, joined also by Pat Davis and Frankie Ring who have previously been a part of different chapters of the DOK.

I am officially ready for spring. It was short-sleeve weather just a few days ago, but now as I’m sitting down to write this I’m hearing talk of the possibility of snow this weekend. Mother Nature may seem a little fickle these days, but spring will inevitably come (after at least one good snowfall, please). While the little teases of warm weather peeking through these cold days have us preparing for spring, we are already in another season of preparation, the liturgical season of Lent.

These women went through three months of study and preparation to get to this point, and have now committed themselves to fulfilling the Order’s mission: to bring others into a living, loving relationship with Christ and to help strengthen the spiritual life of our parishes and missions. And they have promised to undertake a Rule of Prayer and a Rule of Service, devoting themselves not only to a life of daily prayer, but also to one of service. This is a big deal. It’s a big deal in the lives of these new Daughters, and it’s a big deal in the life of our parish. We have a vibrant community here, committed to learning and service. We are persistent in raising women up to ministry—lay and ordained—and I continuously celebrate the number of women who join me at the altar each Sunday in service. Women have a place in the church, and it is growing stronger and more noticeable each day. Our gifts and presence is gradually being honored more and more in the Anglican communion, and now we, at Old Donation, have a chapter of the Daughters of the King that is seventeen women strong, women ready to go into the world and share the love of God.

If you ever wonder whether women have a place in ministry, whether we are really called to teach and serve and spread the Gospel, or whether we even want to… just look at these women, and the countless others around our parish who devote their lives to the church and the work it does.

We need plastic Easter Eggs stuffed with wrapped candy! Please bring your donation to the Parish Office after 15 March, M-Th. We are getting ready for Easter!

As a recovering Baptist, where Lent wasn’t touched on or taught at all, I’m fascinated by the spiritual significance of this season. In Sunday School, the children will be learning about the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. As I was looking over the lessons, one point jumped off the page at me: How did Jesus prepare himself to resist temptations and commit to God's plan? And then it becomes personal: How should I prepare myself to resist the temptations and distractions in my life and fully commit to following God’s plan? As the children will be learning, Jesus answered every temptation with “It is written,” using the words of Scripture to stay strong and withstand the tempter. I am convicted and challenged this year to not only give up something for Lent (I’ll miss you, Starbucks) but also to take on something new. We’ve been reading the Gospel of John during Epiphany, and I want to add more devotional time into each day and read through the other three Gospels during the season of Lent. As Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness in preparation for the beginning of his public earthly ministry, so I want to use these 40 days of Lent to immerse myself in Scripture and prepare to serve God and commit to his plan in whatever way he calls me to. It might be something simple like giving up my beloved Starbucks and instead using that money to support a ministry or charity. Or it could be something important and intangible, like fasting from sadness to be filled with gratitude or fasting from selfishness and being compassionate to others. There are plenty of little things we can add or take away from our daily routines to bring our attention back to Jesus and focus on how we are called to be more like him in our everyday lives. As we’ll be asking the children in Sunday School, how will you resist temptation and fully commit to God’s plan?


Lent: Spiritual Housecleaning

Signs of Lent

Ash Wednesday, March 6, begins the season of Lent. This 40 day period (remember in the desert - 40 years for Israel, and Jesus’ 40 days) is set aside for us to prepare spiritually for Easter. It is time for self-examination of our relationship with God and others, seeking forgiveness and reconciliation, time for repentance and renewal, finding and following God’s direction for our lives. It is time for establishing new habits for the heart and the body which allow us to do God’s work in our world. It truly is housecleaning, preparing for the most important Guest to take up residence.

Lent was originally a period for catechumens (people studying Christianity so they could be baptized) to be prepared for their baptism. Traditionally, baptisms were scheduled for the Easter Vigil service, beginning the night before Easter. It became the practice of the Church to use the 40 days prior to Easter for a season of instruction, fasting, confession, and more austere worship that would climax with the great reversal of an extravagant celebration of Easter Sunday. Signs and symbols include: Lent comes from the Anglo-Saxon word, lencten, meaning springtime. During the season of Lent we see increasing physical evidence of God’s renewing springtime all around us.

We begin with ashes. This is the Biblical sign for humility and repentance, placed on the forehead in the sign of the cross with the words, “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” The ashes remind us of the dust that God took in his hand and shaped into Adam, breathing life into his body. They remind us that all we are, or imagine we might be, is of no consequence without God. God is the One who created all that is, and whose very breath gives continued life to the world. Episcopalians and other Christians participate in services, committing to a holy season of fasting, study, and rededication.

40 days are like the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness; 40 years for Moses; 40 days for Elijah; 40 days and nights of rain for Noah. We count all the days from Ash Wednesday until Easter, except Sundays, which are never treated as days of fasting in the Church. Ashes as a mark is a biblical sign of humble repentance and recognition that our life is dependent upon God’s breath. Self-denial through fasting, alms-giving, or other acts of giving help us develop Jesus Christ’s lifestyle of intentionally giving himself for others. A good practice is to fast and give what you might have spent on the item to the poor.

Lenten disciplines are designed to strengthen our spiritual muscles. The tradition is a dedicated effort at prayer, fasting and alms-giving. You may choose to “give up” some particular delight as a reminder to pray and be a witness to Jesus. When I was addicted to afternoon Coca Colas, I gave up soft drinks and no matter what else was going on, I remembered I was a Christian every day at 2:00pm when I would get my craving. You might “add on” some daily discipline such as reading Scripture each night. You might decide to study a spiritual book that has been sitting on the shelf for the past year. Many do a fast or modified fast one day a week, (traditionally Friday or Wednesday). Make a commitment to extra worship or Bible study group, or simply being present every Sunday, regardless of what comes up. Some may choose to make a dedicated regular gift supporting those in need, or special efforts for our Kairos team doing prison ministry this month. Whatever your decision, let it be a tool that helps center your life and heart on God. You can’t be a disciple without discipline.

Colors in the Church are purple (repentance) or black (mourning) or no colors at all. Alleluia: the joyful word of praise, disappears from our worship until Easter when we can’t stop saying it! Stations of the Cross, a tool for prayer and meditation. Traditionally 14 stations depict the “Way of the Cross” which Jesus walked in Jerusalem on his path from Pilate to the crucifixion. purple, all flowers are removed (other than “Refreshment Sunday”, March 26). Their absence makes our worship stark, and greatly enhances the beauty and the shock of the great Easter celebration, when the dark season of Lent is overwhelmed with the joy and celebration of the Easter Resurrection. March 5, the first Sunday of Lent, we begin with chanting the Great Litany, the oldest English written prayer in the BCP, which captures the fullness of our prayers of intercession, thanksgiving and repentance.

The feel of our worship will change to reflect the more reflective and penitential tone. We will kneel for the Eucharistic Prayer and prayers of the people, (even in RITE II, though not in the Gathering where there are no kneelers). No “Alleluias” are sung or said during Lent. The Gloria at the beginning of the service is replaced by “Lord, have mercy.” Colors switch to somber 4

What’s Going On... Historic Traditions Meeting Saturday, March 7 at 9:30 AM in the church library. All are welcome!

Paws, Prayers & Praise Holy Eucharist

March 8th at 5:00pm Bring a guest, a pet, and yourself!

Men’s Kairos March 18-22. Everyone please sign the ODEC poster in the parish Hall foyer! COOKIES! We need 240 dozen Kairos cookies NLT noon, Tues 17 March in the kitchen. Instructions are in the back of the church and the foyer. And, don’t forget prayers for all of us at Kairos. Questions? Contact Steve Kamperschroer 757-708-1152


Dinner Group

Friday, 20 March 5:30pm @ Leaping Lizard Café on Shore Drive RSVP: George Londeree

Every Week it Happens: Men Who Eat Once a week, every Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. a group of strangely dressed Old Donation men gather. We come as we are; no dress code. Are we here as part of a construction crew? Nope. Are we here for choir practice? Nope. It’s the weekly Men’s Breakfast. We gather for breakfast ($2.00) and fellowship with each other, conversation on a program presented by one of our group, and to explore our faith. We end promptly at 8:00, so folks who work can be on their way. In recent weeks, Jim Pernini taught us about the drive to adopt the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery and involuntary servitude and was adopted in Congress 18641865, ratified in 1865. Mike McGraw provided an extremely interesting account of his trip to tour parts of Jordan, including Amman, the Roman ruins of Jerash, the stone carved ancient town of Petra, and the city of Aqaba, Jordan’s only port on the Red Sea.

Day School News Enrollment for next year (2020-2021) is going great! We are already full in some classes…but still have openings for 2 year olds – Kindergarten. We have limited openings in our three-day threes classes, our five-day fours classes and our Kindergarten. Please spread the news to call or e-mail the Day School. There are so many wonderful things are happening at ODEDS! Our 2-year-olds are growing up right before our eyes…it’s so wonderful to observe their changes. The 3year-olds are in the middle of a unit on Mother Goose and for their grand finale they’ll put on a show. They will dress up as their favorite Mother Goose character and will sing along with Mother Goose herself! The Kindergarten and 4-year-olds will celebrate Chinese New Year. They will learn how to say “Happy New Year” in Chinese, make special lanterns and a dragon mask. Then everyone enjoys a special snack and practice using chopsticks! Tricia Crawford & Jody Baker, Co-Directors odeds@olddonation.org 757-499-2283

Help! What Does that Mean? HE - Holy Eucharist BCP - Book of Common Prayer AFH - Alfriend House EYC - Episcopal Youth Community EfM - Education for Ministry PB - Presiding Bishop RCL - Revised Common Lectionary ODEC - Old Donation Episcopal Church DIOSOVA - Diocese of Southern Virginia MOHS - Mission of the Holy Spirit

Calling all ODEC Artists! Outreach is planning a Creations and Libations event for Saturday, June 13th, 5-8pm. If you would like to participate with your art or crafts, contact Martha Wilson (310) 430-2306 or Holly Waide (757) 362-6109.

Formation Hour: Sundays 9:30-10:15

Adult Formation: The Way of Love

Children’s Sunday School Cycle 6– March 1-29: The Temptation of Jesus Cooking: Use "piped" edible words to remember and reflect on the Temptation in the Desert story Science/Magic: Learn how to do a balloon magic trickin a lesson that vividly demonstrates the trouble temptation can cause —and ways to resist it.

If this title sounds familiar to you, it should! Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has been talking about the way of love for years now, and a team at the National Diocesan Office has put out multiple curricula in that time, using the theme. Now, a Way of Love curriculum is being offered for the season of Lent, and we’re jumping on it! Using videos and discussion questions, this series ties the Easter Vigil readings to the seven practices of the Way of Love. Drawing on the ancient practice of setting aside Lent as a period of study and preparation for living as a Christian disciple, these lessons encourage us to reflect on salvation history; walk toward the empty tomb; and embrace the transforming reality of love, life, and liberation. Together, we will walk with Jesus in his Way of Love and into the experience of transformed life.

Drama: Students will be Super Heroes and Super Villains in a special dramatic reading and acting out of the scripture. Games: Students will play a unique "tug-o-war" quiz game about the Wilderness Temptation story! Art: Create your own "Wilderness Jar" and fill it with brief devotional prompts to use at home. Creativity: Adapt and caption a set of terrific cartoon illustrations that imagine what Jesus was doing and thinking during his 40 days in the wilderness.

Youth Sunday School re:form (Grades 6 & 7 | 8 & 9) - Is believing in Jesus really the only way to get to heaven? Can you accept the theory of evolution and still be a Christian? This month is full of questions that are sure to bring up lively discussions and we want to know, what do you think?

What Anglicans Believe

think.believe.do. (Grades 10 & 11) - Looking at two important ancestors of our faith, discussing your Pilgrimage with Father Bob, and starting a new study diving into the topic of salvation, there will be many opportunities to ask your questions and share your thoughts.

In theology, the classic question is, “How do we know what we say we know about God?” In this five week course we will examine some of the great stories of the Bible and how they shape our understanding of God. Led by Kipper deGavre

Suicide Convo for Grades 8-12 On March 22 & 29 during formation hour in Alfriend House, Mother Ashley and guest April Christman will hold a conversation with youth grades 8-12 on suicide: dispelling myths, creating safe spaces, and talking about support and prevention. This is an incredibly important topic, and we hope all youth will participate.

Begins February 16, 2020. Meets at 9:30 am in the Library. 6

Scripture That Moves

A Lenten Program for Wednesday Nights This Lent, our Supper and Studies program is short but sweet… and intense. Each week, we will talk about ONE passage from Jesus’ life and ministry—a passage that is hopefully familiar to you, perhaps a favorite, or one that “moves” you. We’ll take that passage and look at it in depth, at its historical significance, its various interpretations, the many layers of meaning hidden within its words and phrases. When the evening is over, we hope you’ll leave with a fuller understanding of the text you hear in church each year, that it will give new meaning to your faith and understanding of who God is. The series as a whole will take us on a Lenten journey of discovery— from Jesus’ temptation in the desert and the start of his ministry, to significant revelations made to his disciples and Nicodemus (a Jewish leader), to resurrection appearances made on the road to Emmaus. We’ll walk with Christ and his teachings, as he reveals himself to us through them and in our lives today. March 11: Jesus Tempted in the Desert—Luke 4:1-13; Matthew 4:1-11 March 18:Nicodemus Visits by Night— John 3:1-21 March 25: The Road to Emmaus—Luke 24:13-35

CREW (Christians Reuniting Every Week) A group for young(ish) individuals and families to gather for support, fellowship, and prayer. In Lent, from 5 March through 2 April, we’ll have a class on the Episcopal Church. What does it mean to be Episcopalian? What do we believe? Why do we do the things we do? For any interested in being confirmed or received, this will prepare you! And if not, it’s just good stuff to know. Dinner, childcare, and good conversation guaranteed! Thursdays, 5:30-7:00pm, we meet in Alfriend House. Contact Mother Ashley with questions.

Episcopal Youth Community We are switching gears a little with EYC Middle School, moving away from the weekly meetings and instead focusing on twice-a-month outings. In one, we’ll enjoy our usual fun and fellowship, and with a second outing we’ll seek out ways we can serve our community outside the church walls. Youth are always invited to bring a friend along!

Happening #72: March 27-29

“Happening is an experiential weekend retreat for teens that may just change your life. Come and see what it’s like to be transformed by God’s love!” Who: Youth grades 10-12 When: March 27-29, 2020 Where: Chanco! What: A weekend retreat of spiritual exploration and fun Why: Get to know other believers your age and grow deeper in your faith! For more information about Happening or Camp Chanco, contact Summer!

Join the fun! Our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper is Tuesday, February 25, from 5:307:00pm in the Parish Hall! Nothing prepares for Lent like a heaping helping of pancakes and sausage. Support our Pilgrimage class as they raise money for their pilgrimage to Ireland this summer. Gluten-free pancakes will be offered, so everyone is welcome!

A Note from the Treasurer

Our Rich History

For those who so generously support ODECwith their monetary contributions, the 2019 Statements for both the General Fund and the Building Fund were mailed to parishioners at the end of January and are also available on the ODEC website. These statements will be needed for claiming charitable contributions on 2019 income tax returns. If you have not received a statement or have questions, please contact Jo-Ann Bach (Pledge Recorder), Terri Piston (Building Fund Accountant) or Diane Miller (Parish Accountant) at 757-497-0563.

From the ringing of our church bell during that “Healing Day” marking the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first slaves in Virginia, to our programs on slavery, ODEC has been exploring this difficult social question. Our English settlers’ treatment of indigenous people (mainly Indians) was equally wrong. In studying our church history during those years, I have found we can be gratified by the actions of some of our founders, especially Adam and Sarah Thoroughgood. Here is an example of one of these events. In 1653 Adam Thoroughgood’s widowed wife marched an Indian chief’s son down the aisle of our first Lynnhaven Parish Church to be baptized, an unheard-of gesture at a time when Indians and the English were on hostile terms. See “About Us” on the church website, “Virginia Slavery.”

Valuing our Blessings As of 31 December 2019 Total Pledge and Plate Received $656,026 Total Pledge and Plate Budget $667,602 Budget/Received Difference (-$11,576) Number of Pledging Units To General Fund 193 Building Fund $426,272 Mission of the Holy Spirit $3,711 Outreach (all other) $5,324 Clergy Discretionary Fund $10,178 Worship $9,967 Julia Tucker Day School Scholarship Fund $1,382

~Bob Perrine, Church Historian Historic Traditions Commission members had their February annual planning meeting at the Lynnhaven House Education Center, a lovely place surrounded by forest and history. In fact, several of our early parishioners are buried in the family graveyard (1700s). The historic Lynnhaven House is one mile from our church.

Healing Prayer Ministry Sometimes people just need another person to pray for them. You may not be sure what it is you need except to feel God’s love at that particular time. ODEC has healing prayer ministers who do just that during Communion time on Sundays and at the Thursday morning Eucharist.

The Young Historians made Valentine cards to send to 16 of our homebound parishioners. The cards had a photo of the Young Historians and a blessing from the Old Testament, Numbers 6: 24-26, known as the Aaronic Blessing. In early March Jackie Murray and a Young Historian, both wearing colonial attire, will attend a luncheon of the Daughters of the American Colonists to share about our new Young Historians Club. They will share the love and history of ODEC.

“Listen, love and pray” is the motto for healing prayer ministers. We listen to the supplicant, sometimes reading body language as part of being receptive. We listen also for God’s inspiration. We don’t judge, give advice or share information about people for whom we pray. We act as a channel of prayer when a supplicant has no words or just needs to know she is not alone.

Historic Traditions Commission will host a meeting Friday, April 3, of the Virginia Beach History Partners. The partners are city departments, museums, historic homes of Virginia Beach, civic leagues and more.

Are you thinking as you read this, “I could pray with someone”? This may be Jesus saying to you “Come and see.” New training is planned for this spring. Please contact me or Mother Ashley so you can join us in making healing prayer available at all our services. I attend the Gathering and often Sundays@5. ~Carol Gurioli 757-646-3227 (text), Coordinator

Please check out the Young Historians bulletin board by the kitchen door in Tucker Hall. Our Young Historians get an A+, 4.0 for their new knowledge and experience at William and Mary University and historic colonial Williamsburg. ~Jackie Murray, Historic Traditions Chair



Building & Facilities I had hoped that by the time I had to pen this article for March Bell Ringer I would be able to report some visible progress along our road to obtaining the necessary building permits. However, even delaying until past the deadline, and thereby risking the wrath of our Parish Administrator, I can only report that the permit process is grinding on.

To reflect for a minute, our plans for building and site are approved by the City and the former also by the Historical Review Board. By 8 December 2019 it looked to be a simple matter to complete the various “boilerplate” actions to close the process out and we would be there, ready and willing to start the site construction. Now I have to say wiser heads, mostly in the form of Scott Crumley, did warn me there were still some remaining actions that looked deceptively simple but in reality had a little sting in their tails …… and so it has proven to be the case. To use an old proverb that my mother used to roll out when youthful exuberance got the better of me: “There be many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip.” We, that’s mostly Mal Higgins, have been trying to satisfy the City’s requirements pertaining to three legal agreements between ODEC and the City. The first, a letter of credit to act as surety for the construction works on City infrastructure so if we walk away leaving the job half done then the City can call in the surety to fund them to complete the work. I’m happy to announce that after a lot of running around the bond is in place. The two other agreements are still in work and this after more than one round of submission by ODEC and review by the City. To a novice, such as I, one can only be impressed by the City’s eye for detail when it comes to format and language! There is more than a glimmer of light at the end of the permit process tunnel and I hope my April report will have the project “train” out of that tunnel and steaming through the construction countryside. Stay on board, this tunnel shall end!!!

~David Beach Vestry Liaison, Building and Facilities Planning

Vestry Elections In our Annual Meeting of the parish January 26, you elected a new class for the vestry: David Beach, Sonni Matthews, Holly Waide, and Will Walker for three year terms; plus the youth elected Ricky Barrio as the Youth Rep for the normal one year term. This is an excellent group, with very different experiences, length of time at ODEC, and knowledge of our ministries and mission. They join an effective and committed team of spiritual leaders and give me great hope for this coming year. They began with a retreat in February where assignments for commissions and goals for the year were established. Paige Martin has been affirmed by the vestry as your Senior Warden this year. During the vestry retreat Tony Putzig was elected as the new People’s Warden. Please offer Paige, Tony, and the new vestry members mentioned above your very strongest thank you and prayerful support. ~Bob+

2020 Vestry Paige Martin, Senior Warden Rebecca Barrio, Christian Formation Mitch Bean, Outreach Brad Croteau, Buildings & Grounds Brennon Pope, Good News Chaille Lindo, Historic Traditions Tony Putzig, Parish Life & People’s Warden Joe Tucker, Day School David Beach, Building Planning Sonni Matthews, Congregational Care Holly Waide, Stewardship Will Walker, Finance Ricky Barrio, Youth Representative

Youth Vestry Representative Ricky Barrio has been elected as our 2020 Youth Vestry Representative. Ricky is very involved in the youth ministry of the church. I look forward to working with him as he brings the interest of the youth ministry to the vestry! Be sure to congratulate Ricky! ~Bob+

Cursillo in the Diocese of Southern VA

Come Journey to the Cross A Lenten Retreat The Good News Commission invites you to our Lenten Retreat with lunch and Holy Eucharist. Saturday, 14 March, 10:30am – 2:30pm led by Father Bob Randall, The Rev. Kipper deGavre, and Frankie Ring. Sign up sheets will be on the desk in Tucker Hall and at the office Angel Desk. Questions? Contact Frankie at 706.294.2523 or speak to any member of the Good News Commission.

Ushers Needed ! The “Mighty Usher Corps” is in need of reinforcements for the 10:30am Church service. Ushering is a simple, vital way to help serve our ODEC family. No experience necessary! We encourage all ages, genders, and for all services! Contact the office!

Office Angels Needed ! Can you spare a few hours 2-4 times monthly to work our Angel desk? We especially need someone for Thursday mornings from 9:00am—noon. If you’ve been waiting for your wings, now’s your chance! Contact Cheryl! 757-497-0563 Halo provided on request.

ODEC Drive for Seniors Citizens ODEC is sponsoring a supply drive for vulnerable senior citizens receiving support through Norfolk Dept. of Human Services Adult Protective Services and the Adult Foster Care Program. Please consider providing any of the following to be delivered to Norfolk Human Services. A bin will be in the Parish Hall Foyer starting 1 March. Deadline for Collection is March 23, 2020.

What is a Cursillo Weekend? Cursillo is short for Cursillo en Christiandad or “Short Course in Christianity”. The three day experiential weekend takes place at Chanco, our Diocesan Conference Center and Camp, located in Surry, VA. It runs Thursday evening through Sunday evening. A team of clergy and laity who have already “made their Cursillo” live together with the candidates as a small community. During the weekend the love of Christ is experienced through a series of short talks which include speakers sharing their encounters with Christ in their daily lives, followed by small group discussions when candidates have the opportunity to share insights of how Christ has acted in their lives. There is song, daily Eucharist, laughter, tears, and snacks. While the purpose of the weekend is serious the underlying theme is the joy of a life in Christ and Christian Community. A variety of topic are covered over the weekend: • The layperson’s role in the Church • The meaning of grace and the sacraments • The importance of prayer & the study of God’s Word • Christian leadership and living Christianity in community • Our call to bring Christ to others and transforms the very environments in which we live • The importance of supporting one another in our efforts to live as Christian life Candidates typically come away from a weekend more aware of the presence of Jesus Christ in their lives and a desire to live in a closer relationship with Him and one another.

The next weekend is 23-26 April For additional information check out the website at Cursillo in Southern Virginia. Look for Ask me about Cursillo badges in church and at coffee hours.

Bus Drivers Needed ! Have you wondered what it’s like to drive the OLD DO Bus? Now’s your chance! Drive every 5-6 weeks on Sunday morning to pick up our friends at Westminster-Canterbury and Bay Lake for the 10:30am services. No special license required! Contact the Parish Office for training and to be put on the schedule! 757-497-0563

Click HERE for the flyer to see what is needed Questions? Contact Sarah Sterzing 757-681-3010


March Celebrations Birthdays 1 2

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Michelle Davis Toni Anderson Chris Chater Mike Brunick Nancy Guarnieri B.J. Tibbitt Cassondra White Kerah Howeth Danielle Kreassig Erin Lind Jeane Wood Vicki Dorsett Brandon Rice Mitch Bean Katie Wubker Cynthia Wise Tara Erbe Logan Lindsey Harper Kolba Al Torres Jenn Putzig Peter Johnson Ben Barrio Bob Schneeberger Carole Balog Sally Applebach Edward Myers Gene Black Lynda Erickson Rob DeDominick Ted Fenter Sandy Bilger Mary Scott Burt Sharon Smith Bobbie Gribble Neil Koprowski Linda Ritter Kate McGaughey Judy Pravecek Barbara Guthrie Wendi Steinberg Sarah Sterzing-Sullivan Gianna Snowden Joseph Davis

17 Linda McGraw Barbara Wills 18 Edith English Sam Luebbert 19 Jo-Ann Bach Sue Wilson Kennard Foley Lee Foley 20 Ada Jaquith Scott Wagner Susan DeMayo 21 Dudley Haynie Mary Poteet Gracie Grow 22 George Londeree The Rev. Don Wilson Mike McGraw Elizabeth Rudd 23 Chris Luebbert Liane Long 24 Chris Randall Valerie Gurioli 25 Trey Crockett Heather Shih 26 Harold VanderWilt Zachary Bowles 27 Bonnie Kiermaier Charlie Ferrandino 28 Bonnie Bickerstaff Carl Sterzing Summer Browning 29 Parker Purrington Regan Teeling Brylan Weems Addison Rose Wilson 30 Lillian Bolen Lou Anne Wagner Max Burroughs Brian Balling Nancy Adair Henry Genova 31 Max Alpigini Kathy Hessmer

Anniversaries 1 Kelly & Cory Routh 8 Tom & Carolyn Gerace 13 Rusty & Portia Williams 14 Megan & Fred Warneke 21 Alex & Mary Jo Bradley 30 Jim & Brenda New 31 Erin & Dave Foley Paula & Boyd Raines

Rise in Glory: Brad House

Welcome! We welcome our new members! Becky & Tony Suchy Sten & Kathy Hessmer Dan Hartwell

We welcome our newly baptized! Colton Erbe Evelyn Erbe Abigail Erbe Thomas Enoch

We welcome a new baby! Raleigh Marie Brown


Weekly Worship Schedule

Sunday 8:00am 9:15am 10:30am 10:30am 5:00pm

Jesus Christ, Head of the Church The Rt. Rev. Susan B. Haynes, Bishop The Rev. Robert J. Randall, Jr., Rector The Rev. Ashley E. Urquidi, Associate Rector The Rev. Fred Poteet, Priest Associate The Rev. Genevieve Nelson, Deacon Summer Johnson, Youth Minister 4449 N. Witchduck Road, Virginia Beach, 23455 757-497-0563 | www.olddonation.org

Holy Eucharist, Rite I Christian Formation for everyone Holy Eucharist, Rite II The Gathering Sundays@5 Informal HE

2nd Sunday of the Month 5:00pm Paws, Prayers & Praise Holy Eucharist

Thursday Holy Eucharist Bible Study

OLD DONATION EPISCOPAL DAY SCHOOL Tricia Crawford & Jody Baker, Day School Directors 757-499-2283 | odeds@olddonation.org Ages 2, 3, 4 and Kindergarten Day School Hours: 9:00 am - 12:20 pm Monday - Friday Early Drop Off & After School until 2:20 pm


10:00am 11:00am


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March 2020 Lenten Bell Ringer  

March 2020 Lenten Bell Ringer