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Old Donation Episcopal Church Old Donation Episcopal Church is a family: Welcoming All  Growing in God’s love  Joyfully worshipping Jesus Christ  Serving in the power of the Spirit

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Epiphany Chili Supper Sunday, 12 January, 6:15pm

Newcomer’s Supper

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Meet • Greet • Eat Sunday, 9 February, 6:15pm

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The Gospel According to John See page 6 for details!

From Our Rector “And he who was seated on the throne said, Behold, I am making all things new.” (Rev 21:5). A new year and a new decade has arrived! Truly it seems God is doing new things with us, for us, and through us. In December the Rev. Genevieve Nelson began a new ministry with us as deacon. Her passion for ministry out into the world and her new voice will be a blessing. In Advent and Christmas, our St. Cecilia choir had new vitality to its sound bringing that old energy to new worship. Thanks to new and old members blending so well. Feb 1, we will gather in Williamsburg to ordain a new bishop for our diocese! Susan Haynes will become the “Right Reverend Susan B. Haynes” and ODEC will be excitedly awaiting our first Episcopal visitation. Yesterday, our parish began a new “Bible challenge,” doing a close reading of the Gospel according to John. Weekly discussions and study of the gospel will bring new understanding and a new level of spirituality among those who invest their time. We have a new team of Stephen Ministers being commissioned this month for ministry. In February we will commission our first members for the “Daughters of the King” chapter. And those only scratch the surface of new things God is doing among and through you!

God is always doing new things in my life and in your lives. Our job is to pay attention and respond in faith. Often we are surprised by what others will see happening. People will notice and sometimes help us see things we’ve done. We may have not thought it to be special or noteworthy. But others recognize our talents, accomplishments and kindnesses before we do. So when someone pays a compliment, don’t brush it off. Think about why that might be God acting in or through you. When you are invited to some new ministry or mission, pray and reflect on whether God might be behind this new venture. God is always doing a new thing. Bishop Ordination The ordination of a bishop only comes around every decade or two. It is a wonderful service, full of meaning and symbolism. Plus, the Presiding Bishop, the Most Reverend Michael Curry, will be leading the service. The service is open to all and is only an hour away in Williamsburg. Perhaps we could run the bus up if enough of you wish to travel together? It is Saturday, February 1 at 11:00AM in Williamsburg. No RSVP is needed, though if we want to coordinate a bus outing, we will need your desire for that. Let me know if you are interested. Annual Meeting Sunday, 26 January between services, we will hold our Annual Meeting. We review the past year finances and 2

ministry. We elect a new vestry team to serve for three years (see page 8 for candidates). One of the primary purposes will be to give a good update on our Building status. As David Beach describes in this newsletter (page 4), we have been very busy taking care of the regulatory groups with endless paperwork. God willing, we are about ready to JUMP IN. Things will get very chaotic and logistics will be challenging, so come for an update on everything happening and elect a good vestry group to help guide us! Stewardship Thanks to all of you who have responded to our request for pledges /estimates of giving to support operations in 2020. As of today, we have received 189 pledges for $537K. I give thanks for each and every pledge from those who offer $1/week to those who tithe and contribute over $25,000. We know it is beneficial to your spiritual growth and life to learn to be generous and making a pledge helps our connection to the ministry and mission. Plus, it is advantageous for the community for planning. We are a little behind last year’s input which will impact some of what we hoped to do for mission and for compensation. If you still intend to make a pledge, please get it into the office. Forming Disciples I am very excited about our Bible Challenge. The first teaching discussion on John’s Gospel was lively and displayed much knowledge but also many opportunities for us all to grow as we dive deeply. Please make an effort to do the reading and come to Sunday morning Adult Sunday School classes. Wednesday nights will focus on a couple aspect of the Christian life. Wednesday, Jan 15, Jeff Hood will walk us through one of our six month updates on Israel: spiritually and politically. Much is changing fast in the Middle East and Jeff always helps us make sense of it. The other Wednesdays in Epiphany, Ashley and I will lead discussions of worship and theology. We will teach on the Holy Eucharist and how history and theology are embedded in our regular liturgy. I want us to think about how we are more “catholic” than the Romans and “properly Protestant” at the same time. We will have some lively and thoughtful discussions. Each week you will see the details spelled out in the CHIMES. THIRST With such an overly packed January, we will not hold Thirst until February 10. We will be back at Pleasure House Brewing, God willing. Look for weekly updates for topic and details.

From Our Deacon Thank you all so much for the warm welcome into your community. I cannot even begin to convey how thrilled I am to work with you all at Old Donation. Also thank you for wearing name tags; they are a huge help. If you haven’t had a chance to visit with me yet, I’m Genevieve Nelson, your new deacon. I’ve been assigned by Bishop Jay Magness to serve here at Old Donation for my second placement, a term that will last about 3 years. A few months ago I briefly described the work of a deacon as an order called to make the needs, hopes and dreams of this hurting world known to the church in order to mobilize our church to go out into the world. Deacons can be found in the world serving in prisons, shelters, hospices, detention centers; anywhere the marginalized are gathered. Scripture tells us repeatedly that God’s ear is specially tuned to the cry of widows and orphans or anyone who is vulnerable or powerless. Of course, all Christians are called to seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves. We affirm and reaffirm these vows to strive for justice and peace among all people and to respect the dignity of every human being in the baptismal covenant. We believe that the kingdom is near and God invites us to help in the work of bringing the kingdom about. The order of the diaconate is there to help folk discern how God calls each of us individually and as a parish, out into the world to proclaim by word and example the Good News we find in Christ. For these three years I am here, I hope to work together and figure out the missional identity of Old Donation. If you haven't spoken with me yet, please don't hesitate to come over and tell me your name and what you love about Old Donation. I'm always up for a cup of tea or lunch. I truly am excited to see how our shared ministry unfolds over the next few years.

~Genevieve Nelson Fellowship and FOOD! Next Sunday, Jan 12, we will have our regular CHILI supper at 6:00 in Tucker Hall. Our “community chili” will once again include everyone’s best concoction mixed together in beef, poultry, and veggie options. God makes it taste perfect!

From our Associate Rector The day before Epiphany, I had a dream. I dreamt that some of the youth I worked with as a youth minister, some who I was closest to, showed up in church one day as I was getting ready to do one of our Thursday morning services. I was so thrilled; I hadn’t seen or heard from them in such a long time. I hugged them all and they stayed for the service and helped out, just as they would have a decade ago in real life, and it was as if nothing had changed. I woke up feeling happy, and a bit surprised at how they had snuck into my subconscious. Then during the 5:00 service, we sang Prince of Peace, which was one of the favorite songs of the Diocese of Maryland youth when I was there…and hearing that song after the dream I’d had brought waves of nostalgia through my heart, and tears to my eyes. The season of Epiphany begins with a dream—a dream that warns the wisemen not to return to Herod, a dream that ensures the baby Jesus’s safety, if only for a few decades. Dreams are big in scripture, Old and New Testaments alike. They teach, warn, guide, reveal. Major decisions are made based on dreams. They are how Joseph (favorite son of Jacob) rises to the top in Egypt where he would otherwise be in captivity. They’re how Joseph (Mary’s betrothed) comes to accept Jesus, wed Mary. And they’re how Joseph and the wisemen protect Jesus from deathly plots. We don’t often put the same stock in dreams today, but they can have power if we let them. I’m not saying that if you dream about quitting your job and taking up surfing you should do it… but I am saying to embrace the dreams that speak to you. Question them—what is it that stands out, that grabs you? What emotions are evoked? What does the dream make you want to do or be? Sit with that, and when prudent, act on it. As for me, I reached out to the youth who were in my dream for the first time in almost ten years. I think about them often, but somehow never attempt to connect. My dream spoke to me, sat in a real and physical space in my chest that I can still feel, and I had to try to reach them. This Epiphany season, follow your heart and your dreams!

From Our Youth Minister

Building Facilities

It’s that time of year again. The “new year, new you” season. With the best of intentions, we promise ourselves we’ll “do better” this year. Better at what varies from person to person, and the New Year’s resolutions are made.

On 8 December we had a great turn out in wonderful weather to formally celebrate “groundbreaking” for the new building construction. The event was marked for posterity by planting a sapling pink dogwood. Prayers were offered and short speeches said before Bill Waide, David Burt and John Sherman took turns with the “Truper” ceremonial shovel! The event was recorded by WTKR Channel 3 and by a veritable “host” of parishioners taking photographs with their mobile phones. The Truper shovel, which will eventually be put on display, is engraved with the date, the event and Father Bob’s beautiful words “Growing in Spirit and Space.” On the Friday before our groundbreaking the City notified us that our construction site plan had passed another major hurdle. We all know the complexities and challenges “the details” bring to any endeavor and so now we face a myriad of small, but nevertheless critical, actions that must be completed before the City will issue our building permit. Many of these actions have a legal dimension (e.g. establishing the City’s right of access to Church property so the City can maintain their infrastructure). As prompt as we may be in submitting the necessary paperwork, in no small part through the efforts of Mal Higgins and Scott Crumley, we are completely at the mercy of those who receive our good works to “get ‘er done.” In the meantime, plans are in full swing to prepare the ODEC campus for the impacts caused by construction. You will see some course gravel has been laid between the trees opposite the Bell Tower so traffic is able to swing around the Tower, like a traffic circle (or as I know them a “round about”) and head back towards the Cathedral Drive entrance. This arrangement will be a key element in maintaining traffic flow during construction. As we progress through 2020 construction will inevitably disrupt daily life on the ODEC campus. As the builder I engaged to repair our water damaged new kitchen said to my distraught wife “it has to look a lot worse before it can start to look looking better” (I’m not sure that really cheered her up) and that will be equally true for ODEC. I will be coordinating construction impacts with the appropriate commissions, departments and individuals to develop ways and means to mitigate significant impacts. To maintain the wider community’s awareness we will send out Building Impact emails on a weekly basis to provide information about temporary traffic patterns, parking, building access etc. Please read these updates! I close by wishing you, your families and those you love a very blessed and peaceful 2020.

I like the idea of working on personal growth, but I don’t make them. Resolutions, that is. I’ve never liked the idea that choosing to begin better choices or habits is often linked to one specific time of year. That certainly doesn’t set us up for long-term growth and succes. Especially when the idea of New Year resolutions has become something of a cliché in our culture, with our new habits laughingly expected to drop off or fail by about midFebruary. What I do love is the distinction I see between a resolution and a growth mindset. I can choose to start anew many times, and that has certainly been reinforced recently. Advent was the start of a new liturgical year. New Years Day, obviously the start of a new calendar year. And then there’s Epiphany. Of course we observe it on January 6 in commemoration of the coming of the Magi. But just the word epiphany has always grabbed my attention, and here are parts of the definition that resonate with me: “an appearance or manifestation, especially of a divine being” and “an intuitive grasp of reality through something usually simple and striking.” To me that says Jesus is made present in my daily life, often showing up in the simple things if I am looking for him. Like the Magi, I have to be seeking, looking, and following. That provides a renewable “fresh start.” One that I can carry throughout the year. Every day can be approached expecting that opportunities for growth and improvement will be found far beyond January 1st. We even have the promise in Philippians, that “he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” The Creator sees us as a worthy work in progress. Let’s show ourselves the grace to see our lives through those same eyes.

And speaking of eyes, sometime in February I should be going in for an eye surgery and have been warned that I’ll come out with significant bruising. So if you see me around the church looking like I’ve caught the bad end ~David Beach, Building Project Manager of a fistfight, don’t be alarmed. It’s just a part of my continuing fresh start. Blessings, ~Summer Johnson 4



An Easy New Year’s Resolution Are you already finding it difficult to keep your New Year’s Resolutions? Well, here’s an easy one for some of you. Resolve to turn in your 2020 Annual ODEC Pledge card! While this “Resolution” is presented a bit ‘tonguein-cheek,’ we are currently still waiting to receive pledges from folks who pledged last year. Your Vestry counts on a robust pledge return rate to help it make decisions on that year’s budget. It is really important for the health of the administration of all of our programs and missions. So, if you still haven’t returned the annual pledge card you received in your Red Envelope, please plan now to bring your card in on Sunday, contact the church office, or pledge here online.

Valuing our Blessings Total Pledge and Plate Received Total Pledge and Plate Budget (YTD) Budget Received Difference

$591,048 $595,402 -$4,354

Number of Pledging Units to General Fund


Building Fund $316,754 Clergy Discretionary Fund $7,871 Worship $8,554 Mission of the Holy Spirit $2,711 Outreach (all other) $4,619 Julia Tucker Scholarship Fund (Day School) $1,055

Give to ODEC online! It’s easy, fast, and convenient. Make a one-time gift, or a recurring donation. Don’t worry about missing a Sunday, or messing with offering envelopes!

See a new face? Please introduce yourself! I recently moved to central Pennsylvania to help care for my mother. Missing my ODEC family and feeling the need to plug in to church, I visited two of the three local Episcopal churches the past two Sundays. I learned quickly that this area is challenged with a shortage of priests. Only one of the churches has fulltime clergy. Local Episcopal priests do double duty on Sundays, traveling 40 minutes to a second service. Outreach is minimal. A process for welcoming newcomers and showing them how to be involved is non-existent. But I am going to go back to one or the other church every Sunday for one reason: the people. Perhaps because they understand the challenges facing their parishes, these folks make a point to introduce themselves, shake your hand and invite you to coffee hour. Literally everyone who sat near me introduced themselves and introduced me to others afterward. I felt comfortable and met a number of people who had traveled paths similar to mine. If Lisa, who sat behind me at Holy Trinity in Hollidaysburg, had not introduced herself and talked to me at coffee hour, I might not have felt like going back next week. But I will because I connected with her. And Mary Ann. And Sue. And Bonnie and Joe. Church is all about human connection. The most important one is that connection with the person who’s sitting behind or in front of you. Offer your name and your hand. You may be the reason someone comes back and our beautiful parish grows.

The International Order of the Daughters of the King We are thrilled to announce that the Saint Brigid of Kildare Chapter will be officially chartered on Sunday, Feb 9th at 10:30am in the Church. Fifteen new daughters will take their vows, receive pins, and be welcomed into the Order. Training for future membership formation will take place as interest grows among the women of the church. Furthermore we must add: Thank you, Lord for the opportunity to plant a chapter of the DOK here at Old Donation Episcopal Church! In His Name and For His Sake,

~Pat Davis & Frankie Ring

Help Needed!

Do you have 2-3 hours available during the work day? We need Office Angels! Volunteer regularly, or only on a substitute basis. Our Office Angels are invaluable in helping our staff. They answer phone calls, stuff bulletins and greet our visitors and parishioners. There is usually time to read a book, too! Contact Cheryl Sutherland to lend a hand! 757-497-0563

Formation Hour: Sundays 9:30-10:15 This year, Forward Movement’s Good Book Club, beginning the first day of Epiphany (January 6) is on the Gospel of John. They’ve broken the Gospel down into manageable daily readings, so that if you read just a little bit each day, by the end of Epiphany you’ll have completed the Gospel. We invite (read: encourage) each of you to participate in this book club! To help, we’ll be putting out daily emails with links to the readings, and each week you’ll also receive a short reflection on the readings of that week. Reflections will be written by Bob+ and Ashley+ as well as members of the Adult Formation Advisory Team. Further, our Sunday morning Adult Formation Hour will focus on the Gospel of John. We’ll walk through study and reflections together, go deeper into what we’re reading each week, explore things that are heard new, or misunderstood, or simply confusing. Instead of just reading the Gospel, we’ll learn it together— its history, context, and criticism as well as the rich poetry and imagery it has to offer.

Please, join us on this journey through the Gospel and through our faith.

All That’s Cool in Sunday School Cycle 6: Jesus the Boy Who Went to Temple

Cycle 5: The Magi January 12, 19

February 2, 9, 16

Art: Through a movement activity and foil sculpting, , uncover the “hidden” meaning of the familiar words, “they bowed down and worshiped him.” Cooking: Create, bake, and enjoy a traditional “King Cake” to celebrate the revealing (epiphany) of Christ as the newborn king. Video & Music: Looking for sacred themes in a popular film, we’ll compare Moana and the Magi. How “far” do you think the Magi were willing to “go” to follow the start?

Drama: Using fun “posing” and quirky “StuffJesusNeverSaid” skits, we’ll compare some of our actions and attitudes to Jesus in the Temple.

Games: We’ll see how a Bible story can be part of the game as we are “playing” or “gaming” our discussion. A Sticky Story: There are lots of places Jesus can show up in our lives, and the church is definitely a place children can experience his holy and compelling message. Don’t miss this memorable “sticky” visual.


Episcopal Youth Community

Wednesday Nights Growing Disciples! Wednesdays in Epiphany will be opportunities for discussion and learning. Our schedule continues to be: 6:00—Supper; 6:30-7:30—Education and Discussion. We meet on Jan 15, 22, and 29; Feb 12 and 19. Ash Wednesday is February 26 and Lenten Teaching Programs begin in March. 1/15 — Updates on Israel Jeff Hood will lead a discussion on Israel and new developments in the Middle East. 1/22 and 29 — Holy Eucharist: What we do, why, and what does it mean spiritually? Ashley and Bob will teach some Sacramental Theology 2/12 and 19 — Episcopalians? Catholics? Protestants? Who we are is a combination of theology and history. We will discuss why we are more “catholic” than the Romans and "properly Protestant” and what that means.

Did you enjoy your Winter Break from school? Well, we missed you and we’re excited to get back to our regularly scheduled programming! So, beginning Sunday, January 5, I’ll see YOU from noon—1:15pm in Alfriend House. Stay tuned for more on our upcoming outings, and don’t forget to check your Thursday evening emails to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun. See you in EYC!


Youth Sunday School

re:form (Grades 6 & 7), (Grades 8 & 9) - From Jesus to Other Beliefs to Discipleship, you’ll be talking about many different and interesting topics over the next two months. I hope you’re ready to share your thoughts and opinions. (Grades 10 & 11) Touching on a faith ancestor and also finishing up the journals on Sin, there’ll be many opportunities to share your thoughts and explore your own beliefs. And of course, another Pilgrimage discussion will probably be in there somewhere, too!

Episcopalians 102 What Anglicans Believe - Begins 16 February In theology, the classic question is, “How do we know what we say we know about God?” In this five week course we will examine some of the great stories of the Bible and how they shape our understanding of God. Led by the Rev. Kipper deGavre Meets at 9:30 am in the Library

Young Historians in the World On Saturday, January 4, 2020, thirteen of our Young Historians traveled to Williamsburg accompanied by 10 adults. A light spring-like rain welcomed us for about an hour. We had a brief docent tour of Bruton Parish Church then headed to Josiah Chownings Tavern for our colonial style lunch. Mr. Elliot, the proprietor, welcomed us with a little history, then after eating taught us two sing along colonial songs. We met our walking tour guide, Mr. Ray, who first took us to the William and Mary campus. We toured the oldest building on campus, the Wren Building. Mr. Ray, an excellent tour guide walked us from William and Mary to the capital building, one end of Colonial Williamsburg to the other end, one mile distant. About half of our Young Historians and two adults wore their colonial attire which drew the delighted looks of other visitors.

Vestry Candidates 2020 David Beach My relationship with Christ has not always been what it should be. As an English boarding school pupil and then an Army cadet I was a confirmed and, at least I would like to think, a practicing Christian. Somewhere along the way that all changed, and I lost Christ but happily for me I was not lost to him. It was after many years when “Church” was just about the occasional baptism, marriage and funeral services and by now living in the States, I found myself looking into a dark abyss of hopelessness brought on by my wife becoming critically ill. It was summer 2008 when a friend sensing my angst introduced me to the ODEC family and with that Christ came back into my life. Father Bob’s challenge at the newcomers’ dinner to “seek out how we might be able to contribute” got me thinking hard about what I could offer. Mentoring the youth in RITE 13 and J2A and offering to plan youth pilgrimages seemed to be the way to go. After nearly 10 years, two youth groups, planning two pilgrimages - the first to England and the second to England/France/Belgium – I’ve retired from both youth mentoring and from NATO and now, at Father Bob’s invitation, I’m filling my days as the Project Manager for the New Building program. Since 2015 my wife has been on, what is to me, a near miraculous road to recovery and for my part I try every day to walk with Christ. I’m probably not very good at it so I can’t offer the Vestry very much beyond a passion to learn and to make my contribution in helping ODEC grow in spirit and space.

Sonni Matthews I have been attending Old Donation for about four and a half years and usually attend the 10:30 service during the school year and the 8:00 service during the summer. I have participated in church life through the stewardship committee, the Historic Traditions commission, and most recently with the newly forming chapter of the Daughters of the King. My association with this group of dedicated women committed to living a life of prayer and service inspire me to seek more ways I can be of service to Christ with my church community. As for what I would bring to the vestry, I have been a special education teacher for 23 years and my gifts include patience, organization/planning, and flexibility. I look forward to participating in the mission of this church community in any way I can.

We will elect four vestry members during our Annual Parish Meeting on January 26 at 9:15am. We have four retiring members: Bill Waide, John Sherman, Michelle Stephenson and Holly Swanson. Qualifications include: being an active member (over the age of 16) on the rolls of this parish who has been confirmed or received as a member into the Episcopal Church; someone who participates in the regular life of worship and ministry; a person who contributes to the mission and ministry of the parish; commitment to a regular life of prayer and support of other vestry members and the parish. The work of vestry is spiritual and functional leadership of our ministry. The vestry is responsible for discerning direction, establishing budgets for operation, and serving as a liaison to the various ministry commissions. There are monthly meetings of the vestry and periodic meetings of the commissions. It is not overly time consuming, but at times in the year requires more attention for planning and retreats. Presence and participation in the life of the congregation is of the highest value. 8

Holly Waide

Will Walker

I have attended Old Donation with my family for the past six years and normally attend the Gathering and Sundays@5 services. What I love most about Old Donation is the endless amount of support that I have received since the moment I walked in the door. The loving community of ODEC has shaped my faith as I transitioned from youth participation in college to finding my way as an adult in the church.

I have been a member of the Old Donation family since the early 1990’s. We started going to the 8:00 service and have enjoyed it ever since. I’ve served on the Long Range Planning Committee in the past, and was on the Rector Search committee that ended up bringing Father Bob to Old Donation. You can always find me at the shucking table during the annual Oyster Roast!

Over the years I have served in multiple roles supporting my passions of youth, outreach, fellowship, and creative arts in church. I have served as a youth leader in the diocese as a rector of Happening #66, President of the EYC Board, and staff for many youth events. Within the ODEC community I have served as an EYC leader and Sunday School teacher for high school and college age youth in our church. Fellowship and fun have brought countless laughs and memories as I represented ODEC on our Bell Ringers softball team and Holy Rollers bowling team. My passions for outreach are fulfilled in my participation with Angel Tree and our feeding ministry Feed My Sheep. Some of the most formative moments in my faith have been those that have occurred serving the community with my family bringing food and warmth to those in need. Incorporating creative arts into my faith is currently being served by participating as an artist serving God with my talents in our events such as Creations and Libations and my most recent passion project of converting the garage of Alfriend House into a pottery studio where I will teach classes on incorporating claywork into spiritual practices. What motivates me to serve on the vestry is the calling to be a voice for the youth and young adults at ODEC, and an opportunity to expand my faith as I learn more about the inner workings of the church. I hope that my God given talents of compassion, empathy, and creativity will be the foothold of my work if I were to serve on the ODEC vestry.

I cherish the traditions and history of our historic church and I’m excited at the opportunities that the upcoming careful and deliberate campus growth will provide to this parish. I’m honored to be asked to participate in an exciting new phase of the 383 year old history of this sacred place. Vestry: [ves-tree] 3. Episcopal Church. a committee elected by members of a congregation to serve with the churchwardens in managing the temporal affairs of the church.

2019 Vestry Bill Waide, Senior Warden Michelle Stephenson, People’s Warden | Congregational Care John Sherman, Building & Facilities Planning Holly Swanson, Day School Rebecca Barrio, Christian Formation Mitch Bean, Outreach Brad Croteau, Buildings & Grounds Brennon Pope, Stewardship Chaille Lindo, Good News Paige Martin, Historic Traditions Tony Putzig, Parish Life Joe Tucker, Finance Peter Hood, Youth Representative

What’s Going on... Paws, Prayers & Praise An informal, pet-friendly Holy Eucharist January 13th and February 10th 5:00pm This is a great opportunity to bring a guest who might not attend a regular service!

Calling all cooks to make your Best Chili! Sunday, 12 January, 6:15pm in the Parish Hall! What is Epiphany Chili? For those who can, bring in a large jar or two of chili. We will combine like types in one large pot, and all eat from those bigger pots. We will have beef, poultry, and vegetarian chili. Join us for this fellowship supper, which will include cornbread, cheese, other chili toppings!

JOY Dinner Group Friday, 17 January 5:30pm @ Venuto Restaurant 1427 N. Great Neck Rd. #104 Friday, 21 February 5:30pm Location to be announced! RSVP to George Londeree

Old Donation Episcopal Day School Registration for 2020 - 2021

THIRST Tuesday, 10 Feb, 7:00pm, Pleasure House Brewing Come for theological conversation over drinks.

Parishioner’s Registration Date: January 14 @10:30am

Holy Rollers Bowling!

Classes for Ages 2 – Kindergarten Early Drop and Extended Day Available Registration forms are available online at

Mondays, 6:16pm AMF Norfolk Want to join the fun? Contact Bill Waide! | call for a tour! 499-2283

AN INVITATION FROM YOUR CLERGY For good food, good conversation, and getting to know your clergy better, we have a special invitation for those of you who have been attending Old Donation for a year or less, possibly even for just a few weeks, but never had a chance to attend a newcomer’s dinner.

Meet. Greet. Eat. We provide everything you need to have a good time: all you need to do is to make a reservation and show up.

Sunday, 9 February, 6:15pm in the Parish Hall We hope you will attend! Please RSVP so we may plan. Children are welcome! Contact Judy Kuhns,, or (757) 343-6740 for details. 10

I can’t believe it is already time to register the new school year! Please note the date for Parishioners on the 14th! Registration opens to you before we open registration to new families! So many wonderful things are happening at ODEDS! Our 2-year-olds are growing up right before our eyes…it’s so wonderful to observe their changes. The 3-year-olds will start working on Mother Goose unit soon and for their grand finale they’ll put on a show. Dressed as their favorite Mother Goose character, they will sing along with Mother Goose herself! The kindergarten and 4-year -olds will celebrate Chinese New Year. They will learn how to say “Happy New Year” in Chinese, make special lanterns, dragon masks, and practice using chopsticks! Tricia Crawford & Jody Baker Co-Directors

January & February Celebrations January

Christina Merry Grace Horvath 1 John Brown, Sr. Ashley Urquidi Betty Sherman David Beach Janet Neumann Naomi James 2 Ronald Hall 14 Jan Packard Fred Poteet 3 Ruth Ann Campbell 15 Joan Miller Darden Purrington 16 Terri Piston Lochlan Hoover 4 Boo Burroughs Lynn Coull Samantha Brittain Eliza Pinckney 5 Dillon Miller 17 Keith Moore 6 Brenden Jones 18 Rob Brown 7 Harry Lustig, Jr. Angeline Groce Dave Wilkinson Alexia El-Attar Robert Johnson 19 Ryan Parker Leia Urquidi Colton Erbe 8 Robyn Waltrip Audrey Schmidt Bryan Pinckney 20 Karen Ludwig 9 Tom Gerace Mary Jo Bradley 10 Michele Purrington 21 Mark Erickson Fred Myers 22 Kathryn Cintron Patti Somers 23 Tom Ackiss Allison Small 24 Mike Jones 11 Page O'Flaherty George Weeks Zachary Suttle Edward Warneke 12 Barbara Drew Susan Crockett Benjamin Perry 25 Stuart Forbes 13 Ainslie Anderson

January Anniversaries 3 7 12 14 17 21 22 27 28 30

Melanie & Jon Waggoner Carol & Alan Ormond Tom & Joan Crockett Dan & Janie Bowen Tara & Justin Erbe Cindy Murphy & Bob Schneeberger Carol & Bill Hart Timothy & Christina Merry DiAnn & Lew Friedrichsen Bob & Chris Randall Gary & Katherine Kline

February Anniversaries 6 Yvonne & Mike Reynolds 13 Brian & Diane Miller 14 Amy & Reese Young Barbara & Jim Webster 22 Kent & Debbie Ross 26 David & Pamela Bowles

Russ Sheldon Marcia Torres 26 Will Walker Dick Bolen Don Gibboney Erik Grossgold Adam Mistr 27 Carrie Liverman Parker Schmidt Tim Oswald Emily Charleton 28 Jacob Miller Mike Casey 30 Reef Casey Brian Wubker Cheryl Kepner Kaitlynn Wheaton 31 Bowen Huntley 2 3 4 5


7 Dot Tripician Kell Perry Richard Kuhr 8 Gene Allender Donna Bulleit Sara Check 9 Colin Martin Peggy Allen Ginny Bandelean Hannah Hunt Sterling Taylor 10 Ann Perry Smith Mistr 11 Gracie Galvez Sabrina Waide 12 Bob Perrine 13 Rachel Ruhl Robby Ruhl February 14 Bill Dudley, Jr. Lindsey McCarty Matt Piston Linda Kuhr Kathleen Weinberg 15 Richard DeLacey Henley Hoover Joanna Gerace 16 Al Allen Anna Brunick Rob Bradshaw Tom Crockett, Sr. Carolyn Hayes Kieran Anderson 17 Zach Neumann Sonya Grossgold

19 20

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Men’s Breakfast Group Connectedness. That is what all of us want in our lives. And in 2020, the men of Old Donation begin a new year of “connectedness”. We invite YOU to join us at 7:00am every Wednesday in the parish hall. Spend an hour with men of all ages who share fellowship, breakfast ($2.00), and discuss matters of faith, family, and culture. We also share pretty corny jokes. Typically, one of us leads a program. Recently, Brad Croteau engaged our thoughts about the gospel treatment of John the Baptist. Dick Kreassig appealed to our Christmas trivia knowledge with questions about everything from Old Fezziwig to “how many birds” are in the Twelve Days of Christmas. And Vaughn Wilson provoked a serious conversation about Christmases past in our lives. There is always room at the table for you. Come as you are and meet the men who go to great lengths to promote the wearing of plaid shirts.

We welcome our new babies! Evelyn Jane Erbe Abigail Reed Erbe

Rise in Glory: Brad House


Weekly Worship Schedule Sundays 8:00am 9:15am 10:30am 10:30am 5:00pm

Jesus Christ, Head of the Church The Rt. Rev. James Magness, Bishop Diocesan Pro-Tem The Rev. Susan B. Haynes, Bishop-Elect The Rev. Robert J. Randall, Jr., Rector The Rev. Ashley E. Urquidi, Associate Rector The Rev. Fred Poteet, Priest Associate The Rev. Genevieve Nelson, Deacon Summer Johnson, Youth Minister 4449 N. Witchduck Road, Virginia Beach, 23455 Phone: 757-497-0563 |

Holy Eucharist, Rite I Christian Formation Holy Eucharist, Rite II The Gathering HE Sundays@5 Holy Eucharist

2nd Sunday of each Month 5:00pm

Paws, Prayers & Praise

Thursdays Holy Eucharist Bible Study

OLD DONATION EPISCOPAL DAY SCHOOL Tricia Crawford & Jody Baker, Day School Directors 757-499-2283 | Ages 2, 3, 4 and Kindergarten Day School Hours: 9:00 am - 12:20 pm Monday - Friday Early Drop Off & After School until 2:20 pm


10:00am 11:00am


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January|February 2020 Bell Ringer!  

Everything that's going on at Old Donation during Epiphany!

January|February 2020 Bell Ringer!  

Everything that's going on at Old Donation during Epiphany!