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The Bell Ringer

December 2019

Old Donation Episcopal Church Old Donation Episcopal Church is a family: Welcoming All  Growing in God’s love  Joyfully worshiping Jesus Christ  Serving in the power of the Spirit

Saturday, 21 December

7:00pm Longest Night - Blue Christmas Tuesday, 24 December

5:00pm Christmas Pageant & Holy Eucharist 8:00pm Festival Eucharist with Choir 10:30pm Christmas Lessons & Carols 11:00pm Festival Eucharist with Choir Wednesday, 25 December

10:00am Christmas Day Holy Eucharist Tuesday, 31 December

7:00pm Holy Eucharist & New Year’s Eve Potluck Reception


St. Nicholas

Lessons & Carols

will visit The Gathering 10:30am Sunday, December 8th

Sunday, 1 December, 10:30am Church

Virginia Handbell Consort Concert December 22nd at 5:00pm

See page 10 for details

Movie Night & Cookie Extravaganza! Friday, December 13th 5:30pm See page 10 for details

New Year’s Eve Holy Eucharist & Potluck Reception 7:00pm in the Historic Church

From our Rector St. Nicholas Visits again December 8 is also the Sunday closest to the Feast of St. Nicholas (Dec 6). Once again, his sleigh will stop by ODEC so he can visit the Gathering at 10:30am and join us for worship. The 4th Century bishop of Myra (modern day Turkey) comes each year to explain to our children the real intention and purpose of giving gifts at Christmas time. Be sure your young children and your neighborhood friends and family who might not have a church come to learn about the real St. Nick!

“Always, we begin again.” These words begin St. Benedict’s Rule as a reminder of how we start every day. Every day is a NEW DAY. But… some days seem newer than others. This seems like one of those newer times. Old Donation is a place where we can truly say everything is old with our rich history as a significant part of our identity. Yet, one of the things that makes ODEC so rich is that we have almost 400 years of “NEW” beginnings. NEW starts are always part of our life: rejuvenating, planting, cultivating, sprouting and growing.

Now to some thank you notes and WOWs Oyster Roast was an enormous success this past weekend. It was clear after the opening hour that we would have a terrific turnout of attendees. God supplied a day with perfect weather for oysters and you all made the most of it. Everywhere I went people were having fun and enjoying getting to know other members they hadn’t yet met. Over and over again, guests told me we had the friendliest congregation they’d ever visited.

ADVENT is the beginning of the new Church year. I’m grateful that it is out of step with the commercial calendar. On the next page, Ashley and Summer both offer reflections on how it gives us intentionality to our practices and devotions. Advent is 4 weeks of preparing fertile ground for seeds of new spiritual birth. Christ is always waiting to be born anew in our lives. Even for a well-nurtured Christian faith, Christ has something new which can reinvigorate, awaken, add to and strengthen. For a community like ours, new life is all around. December will be full of new beginnings. December 8 is a particularly big day for us.

THANKS to Jonathan Halvorson and Betts Werbiskis for being well organized leaders. THANKS to almost everyone in the parish who ran the dozen or more event areas, who baked, crafted, solicited, shucked, served, directed parking, and showed up to work in all the other ways. THANKS to those who showed up and brought friends and neighbors and ate with us. Thanks to Pleasure House Brewing and O’Connor Brewing who donated kegs. Preliminary results tell us we have gross sales over $19K which will make it one of our best ever. ALL profits will go to our Outreach funding for mission and ministry.

Breaking new ground An exciting marker will be laid on December 8. After years of planting spiritual seeds, we will put down physical roots for a new tree to be planted as part of our new building work. We are getting final building approvals now and soon will be clearing land and establishing foundations. As a sign of the best to come, we thought a NEW TREE made a clear statement. After the 10:30 services, with prayers and a ceremonial shovel, we initiate the next stage of beginning. It’s been years in the making. Reality of NEW space for mission and ministry is close! Make sure to watch for further announcements and be ready to celebrate on Sunday, December 8.

WOW goes to Kaitlyn Piston who is an important part of the Cox High School girls volleyball team - they won the State Championship! Same WOW for Mason Dudley whose Cape Henry high school soccer team also are state champs (for the third time!). These have to be interesting times for Blair Hood, who has been working this semester as an intern for Congressman Yoho (RFlorida) while taking classes at American U in Washington. Mary O’Flaherty is headed for Israel as part of her studies at USNA. I was given great news that Barbara Drew is going back to live in her home after a long stay at the Colonial Inn rehab. What a wonderful turn for the better!

New Ministry Leadership December 8 is also the first Sunday for our new deacon, the Rev. Genevieve Nelson. You will quickly fall in love with her vibrant sense of God’s call and direction for mission into the world. Genevieve+ will be assisting in worship and leading us into ministry of service outside our walls. She is also the Chaplain for the Canterbury Club for college ministry at ODU in Norfolk. 2

From our Associate Rector

From our Youth Minister

When I was little, Advent and Christmas were the same thing. December 1 (which, incidentally, actually IS the first Sunday of Advent this year!) marked the beginning of the Christmas season. I so looked forward to those Advent calendars, the lighting of the purple (or blue) and pink candles on Sunday mornings, the “greening” of the church on the Sunday before Christmas, the Christmas music on the radio and Christmas cookies baking in the oven… the season of Advent was filled with Christmas. And then one Sunday as an adult somewhere in my college years, I went to church on a Sunday in December feeling especially excited for the music, only to be met not with the warmth of Christmas carols but the drudging tones of Advent hymnary. (If anything can pull us from the commercialism of Christmas during the Advent season, it would be our Advent hymns). It was a shock to delve a little deeper into liturgical/theological practice and discover that:

Now, I know, winter officially begins with the solstice on Saturday, December 21st. That being said, I truly think we had only about three days of fall this year and then skipped directly to winter. For weeks now, I’ve been pulling out my warmest sweaters and coziest socks, trying to ward off the chill. But it’s not just the cold weather ushering in an early winter. The day after Halloween, Christmas decorations were up in all the stores. I myself must admit my tree went up mid-November and I’ve been listening to Christmas music ever since. It just feels like the holiday season can rush by so quickly that if you blink, you’ll miss it. The calendars and to-do lists are never ending: buy all the gifts (did I forget anyone?), plan the Christmas menu (wait, is it my turn to host the extended family this year?), buy little Susie a new dress for her school chorus concert (hope I remembered to tell Grandma the date and time), get a babysitter for the holiday work party (oh no, is that a scheduling conflict with Susie’s concert)…it can quickly feel so busy and overwhelming that the “holiday spirit” becomes hard to find. When did Advent turn into this four-week period we have to sprint through to get to the presents under the tree and Christmas dinner? Except, it doesn’t have to be this way. Even though I’ve worked hard over the years to manage expectations and find some balance during the holiday season, I still need the reminder: Advent doesn’t need to be this way. In fact, it shouldn’t be this way. Advent marks the beginning of our liturgical year, a fresh start if you will. As the darkness falls earlier each day, Advent offers a time of reflection and quiet anticipation. The hope of a promise to be fulfilled, the coming increase of light. The love, joy, and peace freely offered to all. As much as I dislike the shorter days and falling temperatures, I could embrace the clichéd “white Christmas” this year. There’s nothing like the quiet and stillness after a freshly fallen snow. And whether it falls during Advent or in late February, it still echoes a quiet expectation, a feeling of hope we can hold onto at any time of year. So stay warm my friends; brighter days are coming.

Advent ≠ Christmas I think that still comes as a shock to many. It’s hard, because we’re battling the secular world that says the opposite—or, more accurately, simply ignores the concept of Advent entirely. And many (*points finger at self*) are also battling an exuberant love of Christmas, and a desire to celebrate every day for a hundred days straight. From one Christmas lover to [likely] another, please hear: Advent is super important, too. It’s where we get the delicious anticipation, where we slow down and fully experience what’s in front of us. At least, that’s the intention. Because Christmas is a secular holiday as well, sometimes Advent speeds up, gets chaotic and busy. And for those of us who work in the church, that’s certainly the case. Which is where our faith and theology come in, where reading daily meditations like the ones we put out can help. When the world is speeding up, Christianity is trying to slow down. Like reading an amazing book for 24 hours straight, then getting to the last five pages and suddenly stopping, reading each and every word slowly, examining the phrasing and meaning hidden within, so that when you get to the end of the book you haven’t rushed the whole way through. My task for myself each year, and perhaps for you as well, is to find ways—sometimes small and subtle—to slow down. To wait. To bask in the longing and anticipation of all that Christmas will bring, and not get

~Summer Johnson overwhelmed by, or speed through, the preparations. Find ways to mark the difference between Advent and Christmas, so that when Christmas comes around, you can celebrate it joyfully and energetically, and not be relieved that it’s over. 3

God speed, and good luck!



Interested in Serving on Vestry?

Christmas Season: 12 days of celebration Many of our day don’t realize that the 12 days of Christmas begin on December 25 and end with January 5. Every one of the 12 days is meant for celebration, so our worship on the Sundays in between are full of the best Christmas carols and hymns. There are a few of the traditional carols that fit Advent themes and you will hear earlier. But the anticipation of singing with full gusto on Christmas Eve and morning is part of what makes our way of holding off so special. Following are short descriptions of our Christmas lineup. Longest Night - Blue Christmas Saturday, 21 December at 7:00pm. A service for those who don’t feel particularly “merry” this season.

Nominations for Vestry are due in December. Potential vestry members are: • “members in good standing” which means active communicants, confirmed or received. • members of the Congregation who are faithful in worship, prayer and stewardship of their gifts and financial resources and involved in the life of the parish by attending parish events. • willing to provide their God-given leadership abilities to the parish as liaisons to a Commission of the Vestry. Having experience serving on a commission is helpful. • willing to make a three year commitment to be available for monthly Vestry meetings, usually the 3rd Tuesday evening of the month, and for Vestry Commission meetings, usually the first Wednesday evening of the month. • able to communicate daily via email and conduct business using electronic attachments. • willing to be the “eyes and ears” of the Parish and represent its needs and concerns. For more information, or to express interest contact Vestry members: Bill Waide, John Sherman, Michelle Stephenson-White, Holly Swanson, or the Clergy.

Christmas Eve Pageant and Eucharist on December 24th at 5:00pm has a cast of our children and youth for a traditional Christmas pageant and carols, true to the Scriptural accounts, followed by Holy Eucharist. The service typically lasts less than one hour, no sermon Christmas Eve Festival Eucharist on December 24 at 8:00 and 11:00pm. The full choir sings at both services, so everyone may participate in the best offering of thanksgiving to God. The 11:00pm service is preceded by 30 minutes of Christmas Lessons & Carols, starting at 10:30pm. Christmas Morning Holy Eucharist at 10:00am. This service is a quieter reflective service including carols and communion. It is often the perfect ending to a morning that might have started early with gift opening as we give thanks for the greatest gift of all.

2019 Vestry Bill Waide, Senior Warden Michelle Stephenson, People’s Warden | Congregational Care John Sherman, Building & Facilities Planning Holly Swanson, Day School Rebecca Barrio, Christian Formation Mitch Bean, Outreach Brad Croteau, Buildings & Grounds Brennon Pope, Stewardship Chaille Lindo, Good News Paige Martin, Historic Traditions Tony Putzig, Parish Life Joe Tucker, Finance Peter Hood, Youth Representative

New Year’s Eve: a very popular Christmas season worship offering for ODEC. At 7:00pm we join for Eucharist which is dedicated to giving thanks to God for the year past, and praying for a new year full of God’s blessings. Our foci are thanksgiving and praying for wisdom and other spiritual gifts which will make us more faithful servants of God in the year to come. Following worship we enjoy potluck food and drink for a couple hours. We leave early to be home safely after spending the last night of the year with our Parish family and friends. Join us. Visit of the Wise Men: January 5 is the Second Sunday of Christmas. The appointed gospel lesson we will use is Matthew’s account of the visit of the Magi. It is associated traditionally with the next day, January 6 - the Feast of the Epiphany. Sunday at the 10:30 services we will close out our Christmas carols and “We Three Kings” will carry us into the season of Light, Epiphany.

Annual Parish Meeting The Annual Meeting of Old Donation Episcopal Church Sunday, January 26th 9:15am in the Church. 4

Building & Facilities

Historic Traditions


Since September 2009, the Historic Traditions Commission has met to discuss our parish’s rich history and the history of the surrounding area. Our purpose is to make our history more visible both within our parish and in our community. Anyone, church member or not, is invited to attend. Our monthly meetings are the first Saturday of the month at 9:30 in the library.

In my last Bell Ringer article, I was able to report our success in being able to satisfy the City’s Historical Review Board and on how this opened the door to getting both the building construction plans and the civil site plans approved. Now I can report progress on both fronts!

We are excited about two new areas of growth. At the beginning of 2019 we started a Young Historians' group that continues to grow, and more recently the new Virginia Beach Friends of History, in taking over sponsorship of three historic houses open to the public, wishes to coordinate with other local groups, like ours, in building a more cohesive partnership to make our area history more available to residents and visitors.

The construction plans have been approved by the City and as I write our civil engineering contractor is wrangling our civil site plans through the City’s approval process. As I have learnt, this is by no means a simple matter for not only do the actual site drawings have to be approved but they also have to be supported by a myriad of additional details such as setting in place a legal commitment by the Church to maintain, what will be our new, stormwater processing capacity – for that I thank Mal Higgins for his legal expertise. As a quick aside, the City requirement is to capture stormwater in settling tanks, so pollutant nutrients are removed before the water enters the Chesapeake Bay.

For more details please contact commission coordinators Bob Perrine, Jackie Murray, or Michelle Davis.

Once the City approves our site plan “package” we will be able to collect our building permit and I do continue to be quizzed on exactly when that might be. Well quiz no more! Expert opinion points to the City approving the site plan “package” in November and with that tick in the box the City will issue our building permit.

The Historic Traditions Commission and our Young Historians will greet you Christmas Eve, all dressed in their finest Christmas colonial attire. Over the years they have braved freezing temperatures, rain and even 80 degrees. In so doing they show joy for the birth of our Lord and devotion to our church family.

To celebrate such a major milestone and to mark the effort and the support given by so many members of our ODEC community over such a longtime there will be a Groundbreaking Ceremony in the Church grounds on 8th December. The details of the event will follow but I can share with you it will include the ceremonial planting of a sapling pink dogwood to commemorate this most auspicious occasion. With that permit in hand we will, at last, have control of the schedule and as they say in all good series “to be continued” as we move into the construction phase. More on that in the next issue of the Bell Ringer. ~David Beach Building Project Manager 5

ADVENT - and other things.

All That’s Cool in Sunday School

Join us for Adult Formation in the Parish Hall for three weeks in December as we delve into the season of Advent with a discussion on… Advent. We’ll take a look at the symbols of the season (wreath, candles, creche), how the observance of these four Sundays began, and what it all means for our faith. This will take at least a week to discuss, and with our remaining time we’ll hold a Stump the Clergy session or two. So, start thinking of the biggest questions you have! We’ll try to answer them.

Cycle 4: Mary Accepts, Magnifies, and Ponders December 8, 15, 22 Art: Create a watercolor painting as we learn how Mary may have felt when she said, “My soul magnifies the Lord.” Take home your own magnifying glass! Games: What does it mean to “be ready” for Christ? Learn while we play a fun game of “pitch and catch” and compete to construct a manger. Cooking: Seders are ritual meals with special foods eaten in a specific order to remember a story. Using ingredients connected to Mary’s story, we’ll make something yummy with a great life application, too. Thank you last month’s teachers: Chris & Jennifer Wheaton, Robette McLellan, Joy Chater, Martha Wilson!

Youth Sunday School

Baptism Anyone?

re:form (Grades 6 &7), (Grades 8&9) - Once again you don’t shy away from the thought-provoking questions this month: If there is only one God, why are there so many different religions? Are we really supposed to believe Mary was a virgin? What do you think?

Old Donation has been so blessed in the past year or more with the gift of abundance. This includes new babies, children, and members in general who are new to their faith and have not yet been baptized. While we love doing a baptism any Sunday, there are some that are “better” than others, and one of those is coming up! January 12 is the celebration of the Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and an excellent day to baptize some of our own. If you’ve been considering baptism for your children or yourself but didn’t know when or how to bring it up, now is your chance! Contact Mother Ashley or Father Bob to start the conversation. (Grades 10 & 11) Lots for the group to talk about this month! More discussion about your 2020 Pilgrimage with Father Bob, and of course, we have to talk about Christmas. Is it really as simple as “Jesus is the reason for the season?” What about non-Christians? Is Christmas something more cultural than it is faithful? Come and share your opinions.


2019 Christmas Pageant Sundays, Dec 1 & 8- Pageant Sign Ups Pageant sign up sheets will be posted in the Sunday School classrooms and outside of Parish Hall. Please provide your email to help us communicate pageant information. Children up through 6th grade needed! Wednesday, Dec 11- Speaking Roles Assigned & Scripts Emailed. Please note there will be no ‘readers-only’ rehearsal. Sunday, Dec 15- All Other Parts Will Be Posted Sunday, Dec 22- Pageant Dress Rehearsal 12:00pm in the Church. This is for all roles. Tuesday, Dec 24 - Christmas Pageant Program starts at 5pm. Please report to Alfriend House by 4:00pm.

Help Wanted Did you know… Our nursery is open for all Christmas Eve services! That means we need people to staff it. If you enjoy Christmas and children, please consider volunteering to staff the nursery for one of our services: 5:00pm, 8:00pm, or 10:30pm/11:00pm. Contact Mother Ashley with questions or to volunteer.

Episcopal Youth Community December 1- No EYC (Thanksgiving weekend) December 8- EYC will join in the Groundbreaking Celebration immediately following morning services. We’ll take a quick moment and reflect on what this Building Project means for us as EYC. Saturday, December 14– Mark you calendars now!! We’ll be taking the “Million Bulb Walk” at Norfolk Botanical Garden. With plenty of photo ops and selfie spots, this event can sell out and our tickets must be purchased in advance. Please RSVP now to make sure you’re included. Hot cocoa’s on me!

December 22 & 29- No EYC (Christmas Break) January 5- EYC is back in action!

Your can find your daily Advent Inspiration on Facebook and Instagram starting 1 December. 7

Treasurer’s Notes... 2019 Charitable Deductions For those who so generously support Old Donation with their monetary contributions, please be aware that donors must deliver checks on or before Tuesday, December 31, 2019 in order to claim a charitable deduction for 2019. Checks that are placed in the church offering during the first worship service in 2020 will not qualify for a deduction in 2019, even if the check is post-dated to 2019 or was actually written in 2019. However, under the so called “mailbox exception,” checks that are written, mailed and postmarked in 2019 will be deductible in 2019 even if the church does not receive them until 2020.

Attention procrastinators! Here at Old Donation, our Mission and Ministry supports those in need in the community, including our hosting several program groups. These groups help folks across many issues that affect our community. However, one area of concern that we do not address is one that goes back to biblical times. Procrastination. No, procrastination is not a sin per se, but like many things that affect our personal lives, we know it when we see it. You get the sense that, “Yes, I need to do this but…,” you find a reason why you have not done it yet. If you have kids you may see this with homework, or cleaning up their room, or taking the dog out. For adults it may be that phone call that you know you should make to a relative or getting the car inspected before the last day of the month. We have all been there – we have the good intention of doing something when we get around to it, then we may find months later that it slipped our mind and we wish we would have just taken care of it in a timely manner. Is that you this year with your stewardship pledge? Many of you have submitted your pledge, Thank you! However, we are still down from the normal number of pledges that we have been receiving over the last few years. This year your pledges are exceedingly important as they will be critical in continuing our Mission and Ministry in the world while simultaneously beginning construction of our new Click here to pledge online worship space. More than ever we need to have a firm accounting of our expected finances to make sure we are maximizing Christ work in the world.

Therefore, to ensure you receive the proper credit for a 2019 contribution on your end-of-year statement, please ensure checks are placed in the Sunday, 29 December 2019 offering or mailed and postmarked by 31 December 2019. Your help in this matter will be appreciated. ~Ned Kuhns

CY 2019 Commission Expenses We want to close our 2019 financial accounts records as early as possible in the coming year. To accomplish this, a cutoff for the submission of all Church expenses for 2019 has been established as of Friday, January 10, 2020. All commission members who have expenses to be paid with 2019 Church funds should submit those expense documentations by that date. Requests for payments received after January 10, 2020 will be recorded against budget year 2020 funds. ~Ned Kuhns, Treasurer

Valuing our Blessings

The advent season is upon us and soon we all will get caught up in all that it entails, so we ask that if you have been procrastinating about your pledge, take action now. It is easy to make a pledge at Old Donation. Almost every email you receive from the church this season has a link to our online pledge form. You can make your pledge there, call, email, text, or you can drop a pledge form or just a piece of paper with your name and your pledge amount into the Sunday offering plate.

Total Pledge and Plate Received Total Pledge and Plate Budget (YTD) Budget Received Difference Number of Pledges to General Fund 2020


Building Fund $279,606 Mission of the Holy Spirit $1,911 Outreach (all other) $4,459 Clergy Discretionary Fund $7,272 Worship $7,694 Julia Tucker Scholarship Fund (Day School) $1,055

Thank you for your support.

~The Stewardship Commission

$527,586 $540,602 -$13,016


Old Donation Episcopal Day School

Oyster Roast Thank You Wow! What amazing teamwork and turnout! Finding God in the ordinary was on full display this weekend! Celebrating our blessings, enjoying fellowship, and raising funds to benefit Christ’s Body is truly delightful. Thank you everyone for coming out and enjoying a beautiful day; and to all the volunteers who helped to make the Oyster Roast an absolute joy!

Merry Christmas from our Day School! The Thanksgiving and Christmas season is such a wonderful time of year. The children are so excited… talking about Santa and presents, etc…but we like to turn their thoughts away from themselves and talk about how they can help others! We started the season off with a can food collection which was delivered to The Mission of the Holy Spirit. In December: • our 3-year-olds collect funds to support F.O.R. Kids Inc. The teachers purchase toys, clothing and toiletries that the teachers deliver just in time for Christmas! • our 4-year-olds bring in stocking stuffers for the Salvation Army stocking program • our kindergartners are encouraged to do an extra chore at home to earn money for the Church’s Angel Tree project. The class counts all of the money and the teacher shops and brings back the gifts for the children to see. While taking an active role, the Day School children experience the joy of giving! If you would like to see our sweet children, stop by anytime between 9:00am and 12:00 or join us for our Christmas Sing-A-Longs on December 16th or 17th at 11:30am in Tucker Hall. Bring your bells and sing with us!

~Jonathan Halvorson and Betts Werbiskis, Chairs

ODEC Men’s Breakfast Fellowship ‘Tis the Season Feeling unconnected with your work place coworkers? Wanting to experience a meaningful discussion about topics and issues? Never seem to have time to scramble your own eggs? We have the solution! Every Wednesday morning you can join the men of Old Donation at 7:00 a.m. and have it all. We join together for an hour for prayer, breakfast ($2.00 charge), and a program.

REGISTRATION FOR 2020-2021 Registration for Previous Families and Parishioners will be filled on a first come/first served basis beginning Tuesday, January 14th at 10:30am. REGISTRATION WILL BEGIN PROMPTLY AT 10:30AM IN THE DAY SCHOOL OFFICE. Please e-mail Tricia or Jody for the registration form, or download it from the Day School website.

Recent programs topics which we have discussed are the Universality of Love found in all the world’s religions, led by Chip Saunders. Joe Tucker also introduced a Ted Talk by historian Doris Kearns Goodwin on the need of all of us to achieve a balance in our lives between work, play, and love. Goodwin chose the lives of two Presidents, Lincoln and LBJ, to show that these principles played out in dramatically different ways in their lives. Come on! There’s always space at the table for you.


Tuesday, January 14, 2019

11:30am: Day School Office Classes for Ages 2 – Kindergarten Early Drop and Extended Day Available Call anytime for a tour! 499-2283


What’s Going On

Outreach Feed My Sheep

Paws, Prayers & Praise

Sunday, 8 December

Holy Eucharist is December 8th at 5:00pm in the church. This is a great opportunity to bring a guest, furry or otherwise, who might not attend a regular Sunday service!

The 2nd Sunday of every month ODEC prepares and serves a mid-day meal to folks in need in Norfolk sponsored by Outreach as "Feed My Sheep." Usually the meal is prepared in the kitchen the morning before. Servers depart directly after the 10:30am services. Please email Melissa Waide, or call 718-8599 if you are interested in helping now or in the future. Peace!

Movie Night and Cookie Extravaganza! Pizza, Movie & Cookies! Friday, 13 December 5:30pm in the Parish Hall

Angel Tree 2019

Please bring a dozen cookies for sharing. RSVP by December 11th!

CREW Thursday nights continue in December, meeting from 5:30-7:00pm in Alfriend House for dinner, discussion, and always good fellowship. We’re a group for young(ish) adults and families, and we promise to provide chaos and a good time. Children are abundant! This year, our annual CREWmas Party is planned for Wednesday Dec 18 at Melyssa Aldrich’s house. Contact Mother Ashley with questions!

JOY Dinner Group Friday, 13 December, 5:30pm The Butcher’s Son Chop House Hilltop East Shopping Center Click to RSVP George Londeree |text 757-477-4460

Our annual Angel Tree is here - full of names of children who have a parent in prison. Angel Tree is a national program to deliver gifts to these children who are often overlooked. We will sponsor 73 children (27 families) and they all live in Virginia Beach. That means 73 clothing gifts and 73 fun gifts! Please pick names from the tree, sign the register with who you have chosen, go shopping, wrap the gifts and bring them back. Place everything in the big red box and all will be delivered to the children. Instructions sheets are available. ALL WRAPPED GIFTS are due by Wednesday, 11 December. Want to help deliver gifts or help in other ways? Contact Vaughn Wilson at 460-4723. Thank you!

ODEC Food Bank I recently attended a Meet & Greet at the new Virginia Beach Housing Resource Center on N. Witchduck Road. Representatives from ten VB churches attended. We each shared what our churches do for the food bank. At Old Donation we give gift cards for Food Lion to those in need. not to be used for alcohol and tobacco. Two other churches have followed our lead - King’s Grant Presbyterian and Our Savior Lutheran. We discussed the pros and cons and everyone agreed this is a win/win situation, as many clients do not pick up grocery bags that churches prepare for them. Other churches may follow our example. We are “on duty” about every five weeks. When it’s our turn, Social Services calls with the name of a client and ID’s all checked before gift cards are given. This is an important way that we are able to help those in need.

Special Music: Virginia Handbell Consort Sunday, 22 December 5:00pm in the Church.

~Ellie Kreassig 10

December Celebrations Birthdays

12 Sean Hurley Megan Johnson 01 Finn Malcom 13 Karen Dudley 02 Laura Hicks Megan Barrio 03 Jennifer Schmidt David Foley Kim Tibbitt 14 Donald MacDougall 04 Katie Parker Kelly Good Susan Stephenson Eliza Hailey Shannon Somers Felicia Sawyer 05 M. Scott Laine 15 Forrest Newhall Martha Gentry Barbara Lifland Bruce Woodhouse Jackie Murray 06 Jonna Walker Kelly Routh Tim Colvin 17 Dean Buckius Madison Myers Heather Heying-Hunt Jim New Bethany Walpert 07 Patricia Cheshire Nash Lind 08 Heather Mills 18 Debbie Rose Greg Burroughs Dan Ries Deb DeMarco Joseph Varmecky, III 09 Evan Weintraub Shannon Koprowski Amber Smith Nolan Miani 10 Kevin Keller 19 Rebecca Barrio 11 Rebecca Schweiger Connor Malcom Gary Kline Susan Pinckney Yvonne Reynolds Holly Waide Brian Weems

20 Bob Randall Keith Houtwed 21 Lenore Quandt Trudy Gross 22 Ginny Cranford Kane Eaton 23 Jesse Malcom 24 Michael Davis Ian Charleton Lew Friedrichsen 25 Lukas Howard 26 Ethan Merry Coyle Moore Kai Baxter-Smith JJ Fite 27 Laura Buckius Lily Koprowski 28 Lyra Gurioli Tom Darr 29 Adela Merry 30 Timothy Merry 31 James Baker Betsy Morris Kevin Lind

Anniversaries 1 3 5 13 15

17 18 19 31

Dick & Ellie Kreassig Richard & Rose DeLacey Holly & Patrick Swanson Paul & Darlene Castellano Dave & Denise Wilkinson Jean & Bill Holt Emily & Justin Medlin Lauren & Curtis Moore Ashley & Ben Urquidi Dan & Courtney Miani Leslie & Robert Miller Keith & Meredith Moore Brian & Katie Wubker Barbara & John Guthrie Cheryl Kepner & Jimmy Kolb

We welcome our newly baptized: Charlie Ferrandino Lucas Gabriellini

Poinsettias For The Church If you would like to donate poinsettias for the Christmas services, they are $12 each and sign-up sheets are now outside the Parish Hall or order online.



Weekly Worship Schedule 8:00am 9:30-10:15am 10:30am 10:30am 5:00pm

Holy Eucharist, Rite I Christian Formation Holy Eucharist, Rite II The Gathering Sundays@5 Informal HE

Jesus Christ, Head of the Church The Rt. Rev. Jay Magness, Bishop Pro-Tempore The Rev. Susan B. Haynes, Bishop-Elect The Rev. Robert J. Randall, Jr., Rector The Rev. Ashley E. Urquidi, Associate Rector The Rev. Fred Poteet, Priest Associate Mrs. Summer Johnson, Children’s & Youth Minister 4449 N. Witchduck Road, Virginia Beach, 23455 Phone: 757-497-0563 |

2nd Sunday of the Month 5:00pm

Paws, Prayers & Praise Holy Eucharist

Thursday Holy Eucharist Bible Study

OLD DONATION EPISCOPAL DAY SCHOOL Tricia Crawford & Jody Baker, Day School Directors 757-499-2283 | Ages 2, 3, 4 and Kindergarten Day School Hours: 9:00 am - 12:20 pm Monday - Friday Early Drop Off & After School until 2:20 pm


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