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The Bell Ringer November 2019

Old Donation Episcopal Church Old Donation Episcopal Church is a family: Welcoming All  Growing in God’s love  Joyfully worshiping Jesus Christ  Serving in the power of the Spirit

All Saints’ & Ingathering Sunday, November 3rd •

Bring photos of the saints in your life to place around the church as a sign of the cloud of witnesses that surround us! It’s the day to bring your pledge card as a sign of thanksgiving!

Change! For all of November! 12:00noon1:15pm in Alfriend

Veterans’ Sunday November 10th

Active Duty and Veterans, please dress in uniform for this special service.

Our Annual Fundraiser to support Outreach We will make Advent Wreaths 1 December @ 9:30am

Thirst! We had 23 folks at our October meeting of Thirst. For November we will meet on Veterans’ Day, Monday, November 11, again at Pleasure House Brewery where members Drew and Alex Stephenson provide such great hospitality (and multiple great craft beers). Again the first round is on me. We will have an engaging topic to discuss among friends… showing it really is a good thing to talk religion!

From our Rector All Saints This Sunday is one of my absolute favorites in the Church year. The origins of All Saints began as early as the 4th century as a day for remembering martyrs and then saints and eventually for “all the saints” known and unknown. Also known as “All Hallows” (hallowed or holy people), Halloween gets its name from being the ‘eve’ of All Hallows Day. For St. Paul in his letters, “saints” were the regular baptized people of God doing their best to be faithful, not merely those who got special mention (like Peter, Paul, and Mary). In our Episcopal tradition, we recognize that the saints of our own lives rarely think of themselves as saintly. But their way of life and witness to God’s indwelling Spirit leaves an impression of Godly living.

Thanks! Justin Erbe (whose wife Tara is expecting twins any moment) poured a beautiful pad from the sidewalk ramp to the church out to the parking lot. It is not a long distance, but so much better it is for safety and mobility, especially when folks get off our bus for church. April Improta, Vicki Dorsett, and Barbette Timperlake have gotten our labyrinth is really good shape again for this winter. The Parish Life team headed by Dave Wilkinson organized a fantastic Pumpkin Palooza last Sunday. Every year I think it can’t get better, but PL proves me wrong. Congratulations to Jim Bulleit and Doralece Dullaghan who were both featured in front page stories in the Virginian Pilot in the past month. Thanks to Larry White, who stepped in to cover our sexton duties (building maintenance and mechanical needs) for this last part of the year. His work, along with Matt Improta on weekends, has kept us right up to snuff! And my favorite Brit, David Beach, is keeping all of us on track with his leadership and management of our Building Process. Please check out the new renderings of our project that he has placed in the lobby of Tucker Hall. Thanks to Megan Wilson for organizing a day of blessings for the Acolyte Festival at the National Cathedral in DC. She got us back on track with a good group who all had a wonderful time (other than my flat tire).

At ODEC we bring in pictures of some of our own saints and place them in the window sills. We light candles of thanksgiving signifying the fire of the Holy Spirit that left its mark on them and us. In the Adult Sunday School class we will talk about the saints that have blazed a trail we are following. It is one of the four most important and glorious days for worship. Don’t miss out! Ingathering Sunday All Saints is appropriately also our parish “Ingathering Sunday.” We hope you have been reading and praying about your pledge to financially support next year’s mission and ministry. Our “M&M” campaign has had some humor and lightness. But it underscores one of the most important ways for us to grow spiritually — which is to learn to be a generous giver thankfully supporting God’s work in the world. We will receive your pledge cards during the Offertory and pray for God to bless our mission and ministry in this coming year.


Meet our deacon! On page 5, you can meet our newest staff member. Genevieve Nelson joins us part-time on December 8. She is an ordained deacon and will be focusing on Outreach ministry and mission. Several of us have known Genevieve for a few years and when it seemed it was the normal time for her to be moving to a new parish, we put our name in the hat. Some of you met her in September when she came on Wednesday night and taught us about deacons in the Episcopal Church. Next month I will go into more detail, but for now, just know that I am ecstatic to have her working with us.

Want to know what your new buildings will look like, have questions, or just curious? Through November there is a display in the Tucker Hall lobby that giving an aerial view and some different perspectives of the new buildings. On each Sunday in November, I’ll be on hand after the 1030am services to explain, answer questions and listen to your comments. I look forward to meeting you, the opportunity to share my enthusiasm and to get you excited about the project.

~David Beach, Building Project Manager 2

From Our Associate Rector

From Our Youth Minister

We’ve been dealing a lot with ethics lately. Ethical questions in our Wednesday night programs, at Crew gatherings, during Thirst… We’ve talked about whether it’s ever ok to lie, or to kill. We’ve talked about forgiveness - who gets it, and what they have to do to receive it. In one of our conversations about forgiveness, we posed the question of whether someone who has done horrible things (a serial killer, for instance) can simply say sorry on his death bed, be forgiven, and go to heaven. There was good discussion around this, and one individual said something great: I don’t really worry about it. It’s not up to me whether someone goes to heaven, so I just leave that up to God and worry about my own life and relationship with Him. (My summary)

By the time this reaches your inbox or mailbox, I feel safe in saying (praying) that it finally feels like fall. The crisp air, the crunch of fallen leaves under our feet, the plans of families soon to gather around the Thanksgiving Day table…truly so much to be thankful for!

This is absolutely right. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what God decides to do - He’s God. It’s not up to us what He decides to do. And yet. Aren’t we also called to judge, sometimes figuratively and sometimes literally? I’ve never been called in to jury duty, but I imagine some of you have. It’s part of our civic duty to act as judge for our fellow citizens from time to time to decide their fate. If you find yourself sitting as a member of the jury on a murder trial, for instance, it’s up to you to decide a person’s guilt or innocence. How do you do that? Or, in a less literal sense, we are called simply to hold one another accountable. In Christian community, part of our responsibility to one another is to be in dialogue and relationship, to help one another flourish and not to harm. Doing so requires that we determine our base moral code, and how we guide others (not to mention ourselves) along it. These issues are challenging and sometimes feel impossible. And so, we talk about them. We gather together as a community to learn our scriptural and theological foundations, and we practice applying these to issues that face us today, so that if and when we are face to face with our own ethical dilemma, we have some idea of how to process and move forward. If you think about it like that, coming to programs at church (Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, Crew, Thirst…) could end up saving a life.

I struggled with the idea of writing a “downer” column and yet, I can’t help but think of the many among us for whom the fun fall things listed above just sound like a distant cliché. The ones who have walked a difficult journey this year and struggle as we enter the holiday season. Maybe a relationship ended unexpectedly and you’re suddenly navigating all this alone. Maybe a loved one has passed and this will be the first year with their seat empty at the family table. Pain and loss can take many forms, and I’ve been a part of that group struggling to make sense of a “new normal.” Thirteen years ago, November marked the birth of my much-longed-for twin boys. But they were born far too soon, and within two weeks they had both left my arms and returned to heaven. I don’t share this for pity, but to say this…please know that you are not alone. We honor your pain and loss. If you trust us in sharing your loss or struggle this season, as a faith community we will walk alongside you and hold space for your pain, even if we don’t know exactly what to do. Being present in someone else’s pain can be an uncomfortable thing: what do I say? Do I just fall back on my Southern roots and drop off a casserole? (Sometimes a great idea!) But what about this, church family? What if we invite the hurting (both among us and outside our doors) to our tables this year? What if we would truly be the hands and feet of Jesus, ministering to those hurting? Listening, and letting them know they don’t have to walk this alone? I encourage you to start looking around within our church and within your neighborhood and ask the Holy Spirit to show you places of pain where your listening ear and willing hands can make a difference. As Jesus said in John’s gospel, “This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples - when they see the love you have for each other.” Join me, and let’s go be disciples of Christ!

~Summer Johnson

Stewardship at Old Donation - Theology and Practice Christian stewardship is the essence of faithful living. It is what we do with all we are and all we have. Stewardship is not about obligation or guilt. It is grateful response to God’s blessings.. The stewardship cycle looks something like this: 1. We recognize that God freely and generously gives us life, talents, and treasures because God loves us. Love is generous. 2. Recognition leads to gratitude. Our grateful response is to give back to God, supporting God's work in the world. 3. OUR giving produces joy in US. Plus, we learn trust because we still have enough. Giving generously, we grow spiritually. 4. Our giving back blesses God and blesses all creation, leading more to recognize God. The cycle continues.

All of who we are and what we have Stewardship is not about (only) money. Stewardship is about everything we do with all of God's gifts. Adam and Eve were given jobs in the garden, caring for creation. (They even had naming rights!) Like them, we are stewards, using God’s gifts. God blesses us so we can be a blessing. We know we have a big job, because we have been given big gifts of time, talents and treasure. At some points in our life we have more talent and less treasure; …some times more treasure and little time; … other times we have lots of time and almost nothing else! Most days we have some of all three. That is why Scripture teaches us that proportional giving is a faithful way of living. “For those to whom much is given, much is expected,” is a way of saying: do what you can from what you have. Trusting God For faithful stewardship trust is the fuel - and fear is what slows us down. The most frequent advice in Holy Scripture is “Do not fear,” because God knows our weaknesses. We learn trust by taking baby steps forward and seeing that God provides what we need. We trust God with more and more. Eventually we learn to be free - free of fear and able to live an abundant Godly life. We need to learn to be generous, not because God needs our time and money, but because it is good for us. GOD DOES NOT REQUIRE OUR MONEY. God is capable of doing all God wants. However, God invites us to be partners, to cooperate with his work of blessing, so we too can enjoy the benefits of Godly life. SO… what do we do? First, pray. Ask God to help you see your entire life as God's gift. Ask God for awareness of your blessings of time, talent and treasure. Pray for wisdom for how they might be useful to God and courage to begin. Ask yourself, what portion of your time, talent and treasure are you directing God's way? Ultimately the biblical standard for giving our treasure is 10%. But that’s not the critical amount. Some give 20% or more. Others give much less. Christ wants us to be faithful users of 100% of what we have. Give thanks for whatever you are doing and challenge yourself to gradually but steadily increase your commitment to something that feels right in your prayers. Growing in faithfulness is like a work-out routine, building up spiritual muscles by regular exercise. You will be surprised by what you can give, when you steadily and prayerfully work toward generosity. Using our gifts at Old Donation Church If you trust Old Donation Church is doing God's work, we hope you will respond in gratitude to support this ministry. Most members make annual “pledges” which are estimates of their financial support based on current circumstances. This system of annual pledges enables parish leadership to plan for the next year. Budgets are always based on actual pledges received. You have already received a pledge card for the next budget year. We hope you will pray about what we have described and make a commitment for January through December of 2020. Pledge cards should be turned in during services November 3, or as soon as possible. Thank you for your faithfulness. We ask you to keep our parish and its ministry and mission in your prayers. 4

Happy Halloween – did you remember the M&Ms? For the last month or so, we’ve been talking about Mission and Ministry here at Old Donation and your part in our fellowship of faith. Because it’s by your gift of time, talent and treasure that makes possible all of the good things happening in service to Christ. This Sunday is one of the most special celebrations of our liturgical year. It’s All Saints’ Sunday, a day that we look to the past to celebrate fellow mortals and sinners like ourselves by whose example, we may find strength and inspiration. It’s also a traditional day for baptism, a sacrament that asks us to witness our beliefs as captured in the Apostle’s Creed whilst pledging our future obligation to support the baptized in their life in Christ. Finally, this Sunday is our annual In-Gathering Sunday – the day that we all called to lay our pledge on the altar or place it in the collection plate. As you consider your pledge of financial support to Old Donation in 2020 to help us to God’s work in the world today, we hope you find inspiration in the Saints, including those who have touched each of our souls personally. We also hope that you remember the future, as exemplified by the rebirth of the baptized into the love of Christ, and how your pledge helps Old Donation create that future. Please, prayerfully consider your 2020 support to Old Donation and make a financial pledge to assist our work of Mission and Ministry in the world. See you Sunday, Happy Halloween, and don’t forget the M&Ms!

A Note from our new Deacon

Hello friends! I’m Genevieve Nelson and I wanted to let you all know how excited I am to join you in the work of your mission at Old Donation. I'm a vocational deacon, and a young one, as I was only ordained in 2016. During the week I'm the chaplain at the ODU Canterbury Center, but this is a recent venture. Most of my professional work experience has been in public libraries and archives. I know you've had deacons in the past and have raised a few, but just in case you need a little memory refresher, deacons are called to make the needs, hopes and dreams of this hurting world known to the church. We keep one foot in the door of the church and the other in the world, so we can help people and churches navigate the dynamic relationship between the church and the world. We sometimes work (though are not limited to) in prisons, hospitals, shelters or any place where the outcasts and marginalized gather. We're called to be a pebble in the Church's shoe and remind the church of its baptismal vows “to seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves” and “striving for justice and peace among all people, respecting the dignity of every human being.” I promise I’ll expand more on this later. For now, I’ll let you know a little about myself. I'm currently listening to Lizzo's "Cuz I Love You", reading "The Songlines" by Bruce Chatwin and rewatching the Expanse, a sci-fi show that has a new season coming out in December. I was born in California to a military family. I spent most of my childhood overseas in Panama and Germany. I graduated from high school in Colorado where I met my best friend Wayne Nelson, whom I married twelve years ago. I went on to study Linguistics at the University of Colorado in Boulder where I graduated in 2010. I know this story is a little cliche, but Wayne joined the Navy and we received orders to Norfolk. I fell in love with the Tidewater region with it's lush gardens, sweet potato biscuits and friendly folk. Some of my favorite places to visit are the Chrysler Museum, Norfolk Botanical Gardens, the Pleasure House Point Natural Area and the Hermitage. When Wayne’s enlistment ended we decided to make this place our home. We bought a house in Norfolk a few months before our first son, Washington (Wash for short) was born. We’re expecting another in early March. Be sure to look out for us. I’ll officially begin the second Sunday of Advent, 8 December. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and discovering what God has in store for us. I'm on my way and I'll be with you soon. Grace and peace, ~Genevieve+

Guidance for the Journey Sunday morning Formation Hour runs from 9:30-10:15am This Fall, join our Formation Commission in exploring how the apostle Paul, and other scriptural figures, give us guidance for our own journeys and experiences with God.

All Saints’ Sunday

Saints Alive!

It’s a day to celebrate the saints, all around! Each formation class for children, youth, and adults will focus on saints in some form. Children will gather with Summer in the Music Room for a saint story, song, and activities.

Following our All Saints’ Sunday class, we will spend another three weeks discussing and learning about saints. Each class will feature the stories of a handful of saints, and some discussion about how they might impact us today. Feel free to suggest some of your own favorite saints who you might like to discuss! Nov 10, 17, 24 in the Music Room.

Youth will all meet together in the Historic Church for a “Find the Saints” scavenger hunt. Adults will meet in the Parish Hall with Father Bob and Mother Ashley to learn about how saints come to be, and talk about some of our favorites.

All That’s Cool in Sunday School

Paul in the Fall Nov 10, 17, 24

Cycle 3– Exodus: Through Water & Wilderness November 10, 17, 24 Art: Create your own sand-story in a bottle. The layers and colors tell the Exodus story. Creative “Writing”: On our “no mess paint bags” map, use your finger to “write” your responses as the Exodus story unfolds. Puppets: God provided for the Israelites, even when they complained. Come use puppets and “respond” to complaints we might hear today.

We’ll continue our popular series on Paul beginning on the second week of November. This month, we’ll be talking about Paul’s theology around community and spiritual gifts. What does true, Christian community look like to Paul’s? How is that community shaped by the Holy Spirit? Where do spiritual gifts come into play, who gets them, and how are they used? Join us for conversation around all of this and more! Led by Father Bob and Mother Ashley.

A special thank you to last month's Cycle teachers: Justin Erbe, April Improta, and Karen Ludwig!

Episcopalians 101

Youth Sunday School

This course is an introduction to The Episcopal Church and the Anglican way of doing things such as worship, governance, and history.

re:form (Grades 6 & 7), (Grades 8 & 9) - “Creed,” “Tough Questions,” and “Discipleship”: do these topics sound boring to you? It’s ok to admit, but you’re sure to change your mind when you hear the questions actually being tackled this month.

Whether you are new to the Episcopal Church, coming from another tradition, no tradition, or are a lifelong Episcopalian and just want to know more, join us in the Library for a lively presentation and discussion. Nov 6, 10, & 17 with the Rev. Kipper deGavre (Grades 10 & 11) - Ready to tackle a touchy subject? Sin: Is it real? Whose fault is it? We’ll also talk about Jacob, the “conniving survivor.” (Does that sound like a hero of the faith to you?) 6

Wednesday Supper and Studies November 13

Ethics After Easter November 13, Jim Pernini and Fr. Bob will lead final class in this series on Christian Ethics. This summer, Jim and Keren made a pilgrimage to the “National Memorial for Peace and Justice” in Montgomery, AL. This history lesson on racial violence and lynching made a deep impression which Jim will help us understand. The work of Bryan Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative focus on several of the important ethical questions of our time. Bob+ will take Jim’s lead as an entrance into “what’s next?” when we are confronted by society and history that is clearly in conflict with our Christian morality.

Crew This excellent young(ish) adults and families group meets every Thursday from 5:30-7:00pm, in Alfriend House! We have dinner, engaging discussion and fun, and there are always lots and lots of kids! Let Mother Ashley know if you’re interested or have any questions, all are welcome!

Episcopal Youth Community Something NEW in November! Weekly meetings are moving to Sundays, noon-1:15, starting November 3. Of course we’ll still have the same 75 minutes of food, fun, & fellowship, but now EYC will meet immediately following the morning services. We are still meeting in Alfriend House with pickup in Tucker Hall. We want all our youth to be included and have been hearing that maybe dinnertime on a school night isn’t the best way to do that. To help us plan for future months, please reach out to Summer Johnson and share your feedback: Do you prefer this new time, or would it prevent you from attending? Stay tuned for news of our November outing! Sunday, December 1- No EYC due to Thanksgiving Weekend. Come to church in the morning to make Advent wreaths!

Make Your Advent Wreath! On Sunday, 1 December we will continue our tradition of starting Advent off right by making family Advent wreaths. The Sunday following Thanksgiving is the first Sunday of Advent, so it’s the perfect time to begin this work. Come to the Library - everything needed will be available to construct your wreath. This will help you to walk through the season of Advent remembering each moment leading up to Christmas as precious, and mark it with the lighting of a candle. As the days grow darker the light from your Advent wreath will grow brighter. Finally, Christmas will arrive and your Advent wreath will shine with a brightness that no darkness can overcome.

Monday, 11 November, 7:00pm Join Father Bob and Mother Ashley at Pleasure House Brewing for riveting discussion and craft beers. No topic is off limits - we’re here to get down to what’s really on our minds about God, faith, religion - you name it! Bring your favorite snack and we’ll have chips and dip to share. All are welcome!

The Old Donation Oyster Roast Saturday, 23 November This is our annual event to benefit Outreach! Want to help? Call Betts Werbiskis 757-434-2557 or Jonathan Halvorson 757-376-3939. They’ll be wearing red aprons on till the Oyster Roast, and are happy to help you decide where to volunteer. Sell tickets (raffle/lunch/preorders): Terri Pick Chickens for Brunswick stew: Betts or Jonathan Stay up all night to cook BBQ: Tony Love to Bake? We love cakes and pies: Shelby Have books to donate: Tracy Cleaning out the kitchen or garage: Carolyn Painting/beach house/fishing trip to donate: Janet Santa needs helpers: Sandy Bounce House helper: Rebecca The CafÊ is a great meeting place: Lisa

Click HERE for a list of phone numbers!

Silent Auction Items Needed!

Donating to the silent auction is a great way to promote a business and give back to the community. Popular silent auction items are restaurant gift cards, certificates for services and activities, theater tickets, a week or weekend in your vacation home, catered dinners, jewelry, and elegant household items such as silver and artwork. Gift baskets are always appreciated! If you frequent a business that you think might make a donation, please ask. Contact Janet Neumann.

Treasures Needed!

Time to work on that fall cleaning to give to our White Elephant! We gladly accept most items with the exception of clothes, large electronics and workout equipment. Please contact Carolyn Gerace 757-818-5509 if you have any questions or need help with pickup.

Bake Sale!

Gather your favorite recipes and get ready to bake for the Oyster Roast Bake Sale. We love all of your favorite pies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, candies, and sweet treats. Consider packaging for single serving size or as a full sized gift of dessert for your family and friends. Jams, jellies and pickles of all sorts will be in store as well. I look forward to the amazing and delicious donations that arrive from the talented army of bakers we have at Old Donation. POC Shelby 757-284-4610 8

New Building - Growing in Spirit and Space Let me start by addressing the questions that’s been concerning many folks over that past 5 weeks: “what’s happening with the grass seed recently laid around the Old Church?” Well I’m happy to respond by saying after the recent rain deluges the seeds have germinated and now there’s a healthy green thatch of fescue and rye grasses that will see us through to spring, then the B&G Commission will be able to take up the “grass challenge” and sow seed for a greener future! Turning to another subject – the new building project. It was literally a case of Gretchen Hood having to hold the Bell Ringer press to bring you this report. On 16 Oct at the City of Virginia Beach’s Historical Review Board meeting the main (in fact, only) business, was the ODEC application for a “Certificate of Appropriateness. To a layman like me this getting the green light from the City that our proposed design is in keeping with the historical architecture on the ODEC Campus. We were successful! Our application is approved, and we have our Certificate...disappointingly not the kind that can be framed and hung in a prominent place on a wall but that’s the digital age for you! This is a major milestone achievement for the project that’s been a long time in the making, and has involved a great deal of analysis, strategizing, negotiation and plan revisions. Our success is in no small part due to the persistence and efforts of Scott Crumley and the support of our architects, Ionic DeZign Studios. Where do we go from here? Now that we have jumped the Historical Review Board hurdle the building and site plans can be approved, you may recall from a previous Bell Ringer article both have been worked in parallel to the Historical Review Board process, and then notification from the City that we can apply for our building permit. When will we break ground? For that past several editions of the Bell Ringer I’ve dodged that question and that’s what I’ll continue to do. But here’s a thought, whilst establishing the date for ground breaking is extremely important – one could hope there might be a modicum of celebration on that day – our next critical major milestone is obtaining our building permit and as our USN colleagues say “with a fair wind and following seas” I think we can expect to get our permit in November. With that permit in hand we will, at last, have control of the schedule and as they say in all good series “to be continued.” ~David Beach, Building Project Manager

Men’s Breakfast Fellowship: Why You Belong

The men of Old Donation invite you to become part of the Men’s Breakfast Fellowship, which meets weekly for an hour on Wednesday mornings in Tucker Hall at 7:00am. We are the longest running, continuously active (33 years) Old Donation group of folks, other than our Vestry (which at something like 400 years is our oldest!). We join for prayer, breakfast ($2.00 charge), and a program. We especially encourage our fellow parishioners from the Gathering to join us. The breakfast ends promptly at 8:00am, so folks can get to work. Often, Bob+ is able to join us and share updates on church happenings. The past few weeks our programs have been focused on the history of American race relations from the time of Reconstruction through modern times. Jim Pernini taught us about the new National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, AL. “On a six-acre site atop a rise overlooking Montgomery, the national lynching memorial is a sacred space for truth-telling and reflection about racial terror in America and its legacy.” Mal Higgins and Vaughn Wilson explored the growing conversation around the country and within the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia and within the Episcopal Church USA about what atonement by reparations would look like. The Virginia Theological Seminary has designated $1.7 Million as an endowment fund to make reparations in a variety of innovative ways. pk=1268965&fromId=219787 A proposed bill known as H.R.40 is pending in the House of Representatives in Congress to establish a “Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals”.

News from the Day School

JOY Dinner Group Friday November 15th, at 5:30pm at Gus & George's Restaurant, 4312 Virginia Beach Blvd. RSVP to or 757-477-4460.

As is tradition at ODEDS, a chapel service prior to Thanksgiving will be dedicated to collecting canned goods and non-perishable food items for Mission of the Holy Spirit. Doing this, we are able to help our children understand the importance of sharing with those who need our help.

Virginia LARCUM Committee Spiritual Ecumenism

Will you vote? We will! The children will vote on “what” they want on the bulletin board. This year: “What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?” Candidates are…turkey, pie, and corn! Good Luck, candidates!

22-23 November, $35 fee. Live the LARCUM covenant at the 2019 Conference in Virginia Beach. Click HERE for all details.

Community Thanksgiving Service

Stop-n-Shop! Do you like handmade items or products from Pampered Chef, Thirty-One, and Tupperware? For ONE DAY vendors will fill Tucker Hall. Any orders will be ready for Christmas gift giving. Stop by and browse Wednesday, 4 December, 9:00am - 2:30pm.

Tuesday, 26 November, 7:00pm Chapel at Grand Affairs Sponsored by the Bayside Ecumenical Council

~Tricia Crawford

A Congregation that Cares When you need care or wish to give care Please Call the Angel Desk !! 757-497-0563

2019 Vestry Bill Waide, Senior Warden Michelle Stephenson, People’s Warden | Congregational Care John Sherman, Building & Facilities Planning Holly Swanson, Day School Rebecca Barrio, Christian Formation Mitch Bean, Outreach Brad Croteau, Buildings & Grounds Brennon Pope, Stewardship Chaille Lindo, Good News Paige Martin, Historic Traditions Tony Putzig, Parish Life Joe Tucker, Finance Peter Hood, Youth Representative

Kairos for Women Kairos #48 is complete and your team members are home safe and sound. Thanks for the monetary support that keeps us thriving, the cookies that carry love and joy inside, and most of all your prayers that float our boat and fill us with God's guidance and presence. Old Do peeps, you are the best! Blessings and love, ~Frankie Ring & Jenifer Kamperschroer 10

Eucharist, Hospital & Homebound Visitation, Stephen Ministry, Card Senders, Care & Comfort Receptions, Wellness/Nurses Ministry, Healing Prayer, Support Meals & Transportation, Knit Wits

Interested in Serving on Vestry? Potential vestry members are: • members of the Congregation who are faithful in worship, prayer and stewardship of their gifts and financial resources and involved in the life of the parish by attending parish events. • willing to provide their God-given leadership abilities to the parish as liaisons to a Commission of the Vestry. Having experience serving on a commission is helpful. • willing to make a three year commitment to be available for monthly Vestry meetings, usually the 3rd Tuesday evening of the month and for Vestry Commission meetings, usually the first Wednesday evening of the month. • able to communicate daily via email and conduct business using electronic attachments. • willing to be the “eyes and ears” of the Parish and represent its needs and concerns. For more information, or to express interest, contact Vestry members: Bill Waide, John Sherman, Michelle Stephenson-White, Holly Swanson, or the Clergy.

November Celebrations Birthdays

1 Lynette Lewis 2 Melissa Moore Sera Kate Alpigini 3 Sonni Matthews 4 Anne Scharenberg Deniece Cheri Charlie Patton Chris Wheaton 5 Betsy VanderWilt Hayden Bowles Corrine Gregerson 6 Michele Suttle Trey Dudley 7 Gisella Battersby Theda Blackwelder Phil Luebbert 8 Robert Burns Tricia Colby Sam Oswald Becky Hailey 9 George Butler Mark Sinclair

Harry Lustig Tim Kuehn 10 Jack Barry JoAnn MacDougall James Keller Jerry Grubb Helen Heselius Matthew Bulleit 11 Sandra Wills Diane Bolin 12 Gail Varmecky Justin Erbe Madeline Schulz 13 Bonney Ball 15 Kevin O'Flaherty Renée Johnson 16 Lauren Swartz 17 Michelle White 18 Murrey Loflin Allison Myers Jim Hruska 19 Drew Luebbert 20 Page Cranford

21 Jill Ghormley 22 John Jarvis Sherrie Coyle Penny Moulis Kirsten Holt Edna Esser 23 Michael Fitch Paulette Hruska 24 JoAnne Newhall Beth Holland Liudmila Malone Drew Stephenson 25 Judy Lee Casey Gregerson Jon Johnson 26 Katie Fite 27 J. D. Ball Charlie Swift 29 Chuck Applebach Matt Jackson 30 Elizabeth Simpson


2 Catherine & Kevin Rubel Heather & Brian Hunt Cassie & Landon Wellford 3 Sharon & Tim Oswald 4 Sara & Mike Check 7 Jacquelyn & Truman Baxter Boo & Greg Burroughs 10 Beth & George Weeks 13 Valerie & Mike Casey 14 Liane & Kevin Long Melissa & Bill Waide 17 Rita & Harry Lustig 21 Nancy & Tom Cantrell Ginny & Page Cranford Cynthia & Paul Wise 22 Gloria & John Brown 23 Mike & Amber Lovejoy Paulette & Jim Hruska

Buildings & Grounds is holding our annual

Fall Clean-Up Day on Saturday, November 16 th at 9:00am as we prepare to welcome the community to our beautiful Parish the following Saturday for Oyster Roast. Plenty of donuts and coffee will be provided to jumpstart our day. For those who are willing and able - pizza and beverages will be provided at lunch time to celebrate a day of “good works.” Please bring your work gloves. Personal yard rakes and weeding tools are welcome if you wish to bring a plus+ to the party.

Valuing our Blessings Total Pledge and Plate Received $478,745 Total Pledge and Plate Budget 484,100 Budget / Received Difference -5,355 Number of Pledging Units To General Fund 223 Building Fund $232,217 Mission of the Holy Spirit 1,1111 Outreach (all other) 4,259 Clergy Discretionary Fund 6,788 Worship 6,624 Julia Tucker Scholarship Fund (Day School) 1,055

Our New Members Kathryn, Nick, Reagan & Charlie Ferrandino Felicia Sawyer

Our Newly Baptized Wyatt Doyle

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SUNDAY 8:00am 9:15am 10:30am 10:30am 5:00pm

Holy Eucharist Rite I Christian Formation | Sunday School Holy Eucharist, Rite II The Gathering Holy Eucharist Sundays@5 Informal Holy Eucharist

2ND SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH 5:00pm Paws, Prayers & Praise Holy Eucharist

THURSDAY Holy Eucharist Bible Study

OLD DONATION EPISCOPAL DAY SCHOOL Tricia Crawford & Jody Baker, Day School Directors Phone: 757-499-2283 Ages 2, 3, 4 and Kindergarten Day School Hours: 9:00 am - 12:20 pm Monday - Friday Early Drop Off & After School until 2:20 pm


10:00am 11:00am

Jesus Christ, Head of the Church The Rt. Rev. James Magness, Bishop Pro-Tempore The Rev. Susan B. Haynes, Bishop-Elect The Rev. Robert J. Randall, Jr., Rector The Rev. Ashley E. Urquidi, Associate Rector The Rev. Fred Poteet, Priest Associate Summer Johnson, Youth Minister 4449 N. Witchduck Road, Virginia Beach, 23455 Phone: 757-497-0563 |


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November 2019 Bell Ringer  

Check out what all is going on at Old Donation in November! As always, there's a lot happening!

November 2019 Bell Ringer  

Check out what all is going on at Old Donation in November! As always, there's a lot happening!