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The Bell Ringer

Old Donation Episcopal Church Old Donation Episcopal Church is a family: Welcoming All  Growing in God’s love  Joyfully worshipping Jesus Christ  Serving in the power of the Spirit

6 October: The Feast of Saint Francis 13 October: ODEC Feast Day 20 October: Mission & Ministry Fair 27 October: Pumpkin Palooza 3 November: All Saints’ & Pledge Ingathering

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Ready for Ministry? Ministry of the Baptized preparation for living as See page 5

Old Donation Feast Day 382 Years of History ! Sunday, 13 October • •

Costumed Docents at the 10:30am services! Historic Traditions sponsoring Ice Cream Hour!

Pumpkin Palooza! Sunday, 27 October 3:30pm - 5:00pm see pg 10

All Saints’ Sunday & Pledge Ingathering October


November 3th Please join us & bring photos of the saints in your life to place around the church as a sign of the cloud of witnesses that surround us!

From our Rector One of the great blessings of Old Donation is our space. While we regularly find we don’t have enough, ODEC has a long tradition of sharing everything we DO have. (Donation is part of the name, right?) Generosity is one of the most highly valued virtues in our Judeo-Christian tradition. We are faithful stewards when our buildings are fully used for God’s work. It sometimes creates challenges. But thank God for challenges that push us to know what is important. For four days, (2 this week and 2 next), we have loaned Tucker Hall to our Jewish friends of Congregation Beth Chaverim for celebrating Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The Day School directors and I had to play traffic cop yesterday for pickup of 110 kids. We will not program Wednesday teaching for October 9. But the parish hall was full and the sounds of singing filled the halls yesterday. I suspect God is very pleased. Capital Gifts for Building You continue to bless God’s work in wonderful and surprising ways. Since we opened up the campaign again this Summer, we have received 24 contributions or pledges or extensions of pledges. The additional gifts have ranged from $250 to over $40,000. Some have come from folks who are brand new to the parish and want to be part of this work. Some have come from folks who made large pledges in 2016, but now see they can do more. For every gift, God is glorified. For every gift, we are grateful. So far, we have added over $205,000 to the amount we have for building! There are a few people yet who were looking forward to more information. I know we have some who are still trying to figure out what they can do. If you would like a visit or a call, please let me know. We have people who can come, or I can visit if you prefer. Meanwhile, please continue to keep this effort in your prayers. We presently have a planned deficit over $400K and would love to reduce that debt prior to getting finished. Look for the enclosed pledge card! M&Ms Jeff Hood’s video introduction of our “M&M” theme for this year’s stewardship was creative and purposeful. I loved his reminder that everything we do is actually grounded in our sense of Mission and Ministry. It always works better when we have more than one… because on our own we accomplish a small amount. But when we join together we can make a tremendous impact!

This month our M&M theme will pop up in lots of little and bigger ways. Let’s have some fun (and chocolate is always fun) while thinking about how God might dream of ODEC and its potential for changing the world. Acolyte Festival This month Megan Wilson, our Acolyte Master, and I will take a group of our young acolytes and some of their parents to the Washington National Cathedral. Oct 12 for the National Acolyte Festival. Episcopal churches from all over the nation come with teams of acolytes for a giant worship service and afternoon of workshops. Classes include swinging incense thuribles and leading processions, as well as races while keeping your torch steady and lit! Just hanging out in one of the most impressive churches in our nation is worth the drive. It’s a one day event on our OLD DO bus. There are one or two seats left, so let us know if you wish to join us. THANK YOU For Wednesday night suppers, Melyssa Aldrich - who has prepared fabulous and healthy meals! Vicki Dorsett, Judy Kuhns, and Marcia Torres have been there every week organizing and cleaning up with always a few others stepping in. The Labyrinth is back in business for meditation and quiet time thanks to Vicki Dorsett, Barbette Timperlake, April Improta, and Brad Croteau. I see guests from the community using it often in late afternoons or weekends. Jonathan Halvorson, Kaitlyn Piston, and Peter Hood have helped Summer Johnson get EYC kicked off right this year with some fun, good fellowship, and thoughtful discussions. The Faithful Departed One of our parish friends, the Rev. Ron McKeon, died last week. Ron was a priest and missionary to Brazil. He was a member of ODEC for years and married to Ann Butler’s sister, Debbie. Though they were already gone to seminary when I came to the parish, Ron and Debbie were here often and kept in touch. Our parish supported Ron’s work in Brazil and a number of parishioners have done so individually as well. I have always been inspired by Ron’s personal story of overcoming throat cancer. His calling to be a preacher and teacher of the Gospel required amazing effort. His gratefulness and positive nature in the face of life’s challenges were testimony to his faith. I will miss him. I pray you will keep Debbie and their family in your prayers.

From our Associate Rector

From our Youth Minister It’s been a whirlwind few months. July brought the excitement of another VBS and finally “officially” joining the ODEC family. August was full of cheerful work and planning, diving headfirst into my role as your new Children’s and Youth Minister. And September, well….

I have been lucky. Beginning at a young age, I was incredibly fortunate to have been supported and encouraged within the church to pursue ministry however I desired, and to have had positive female role models in leadership positions, both lay and ordained, my entire life. The Dean of my seminary is a woman. Many of the professors there are women. I am lucky - I have never questioned my place or validity or ability to serve in this occupation, and when it has [rarely] been questioned by others, I’ve been strengthened enough to not let that influence me.

September stopped me in my tracks. I went on medical leave for a planned surgery, and the recovery did not go as I had planned. Persistent pain was an eye-opening thing. I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated when my body couldn’t keep up with my mind or my plans. Are you beginning to notice a theme here? Plans. Specifically, my plans. And it was just about then that God used someone’s kind words to help shift my thought pattern. The Holy Spirit brought to mind the words of the prophet Jeremiah who wrote, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord.”

This is not the case for everyone. A couple of years ago, a friend from seminary introduced me to one of his parishioners who had recently started coming to his church. When we met, she shook my hand and said “I’m sorry if I stare at you. It’s just, you’re like a unicorn to me. I heard that women like you existed, but I never thought I’d see one in person.”

And there it was, the call to surrender my plans to the plans of One who wants better for me than I could ever plan for myself. What a gentle reminder from our loving Heavenly Father to always wait on Him. After relinquishing my plans and turning them over to God, my doctor was able to make a slight change in treatment and almost immediately the pain was under control. I was back and able to fully enjoy being with the children and youth during formation hour, meeting some new teachers and making more connections within our faith community. And icing on the cake, we had a blast at mini golf with EYC that afternoon. I’m so grateful to be well on the way to full healing now, and cheerfully look forward to continuing in Christ’s service.

For some people, female priests are like mythical creatures. To see that it’s possible to serve God in this way, to see women in leadership roles within the church, well it’s incredibly empowering. Even for girls and women who have no desire to enter into ordained ministry, knowing that they would have a place there if they were called is huge. On Saturday, September 21, our diocese elected its first female Diocesan Bishop. When those of us present for the election called Susan Haynes by video to welcome her and share the news, the face of our bishop elect filled the giant screen in the auditorium, and it was the face of a woman looking out at us. Obviously, I knew that it would be a woman’s face. I knew who we had elected, who we were calling. But in that moment, when we sang the doxology together and praised God for his blessings, I couldn’t keep from crying. My reaction surprised me - like I said, I’ve known women in ministry all my life, I’ve known female bishops in other dioceses. But I’ve never served under one. When I was able to imagine soon having a female bishop guiding us (one, I might add, who is immensely qualified and gifted), I felt more at home in this Diocese than I ever have before.

-Summer Johnson

Children’s & Youth Minister

ODEC’s Herb Garden will soon be overtaken by

planned construction. ODEC’s biblical herb garden was started by master gardeners Pat Wilson and Ellie Kreassig in 1978. The brick pathways were laid by Vaughn Wilson and Roy Dale Awbery. In recent years emeritus master gardeners Dorothy Freeman & Ellie Kreassig worked one day a week to maintain the garden. Any parishioner who would like to have any of the remaining plants, including the lily bulbs in in the adjacent area, may dig up whatever they want. All statuary and ornaments will remain to be moved elsewhere in the church yard. We hope to start a new herb garden when construction is complete.

Fine Print: This is not to detract from the ministry of men, simply to remind of the incredible things that can happen when women and minorities, those previously denied such positions, find themselves holding them. 3

New Building Construction Project Last month I mentioned a relatively small, but important, project to repair, renovate and paint the external wood on the Old Church. The work was completed mid-September, most of it undertaken by Eddie, a true craftsman of the old school. After scraping, filling, putty holding in the glass panes, sanding and priming, Eddie applied the finish - in some places as many as four coats - and I think the result speaks for itself. As they say these days, the Old Church windows, doors, soffits and facias really “pop, ” and the result is a perfect complement to the work undertaken in the recent past to restore the brickwork and, of course, the Building & Grounds (B&G) Commission’s work in September to restore and paint the railings at the front entrance. In addition to the work on the Old Church woodwork, the landscaping around the Church is also finished. Bushes, small trees and stumps have been removed. The B&G Commission undertook an in-depth “weeding attack,” and as I write the landscaper has just finished laying new top soil and grass seed so the lawn will, hopefully, grow right up to the Church walls, and at the front water will no longer pool against the brickwork. There is one more small project in the pipeline for the Church. Several parishioners running the OLD DO bus route on Sundays have noted the need for a drop off/pick up area where passengers can disembark and embark via hard standing, access the ramps and enter the without having to walk on grass. One of our members, Justin Erbe, who owns Experience Concrete Design, was asked to look at the job and a new hard standing, matching the existing path, will be laid in line with the left ramp as you look at the Church, so bus unloading and loading operations will no longer have to deal with wet and slippery grass. Enough of the good news stories, what of the building project? In last month’s Bell Ringer I declined to predict a date for ground breaking. Such reserve is quite uncharacteristic of me, but the Good Lord guided my hand to err on the side of caution and, of course, that was exactly the right thing to do! As it has transpired, our vigorous endeavors to satisfy the City of Virginia Beach Historical Review Board is only matched by their vigorous endeavors to make sure everything is proper and in place. To this end, a small team from the City visited our campus on 9 September to match our design renderings to the actual ground. When I last wrote such a visit was not in the plan but the very positive news is we are able to address all of their queries and comments and are now locked into the October Historical Review Board Meeting. Meanwhile work goes on at a pace to continue the value engineering process, finalize the plans for the audio/ visual system in the new Great Hall and, as a recent addition, in the sound system in the Church. We will start to address the myriad of small items that have to be taken into account before construction can start - such as temporarily relocating the Scout shed.

So, when will we break ground? Well I still have a very good idea and I’m happy to tell you the unexpected site visit by the Historical Board’s team hasn’t changed my estimate – of course you’ll just have to take my word for that and as they say in all good series “to be continued.” ~David Beach Building Project Manager

Newcomers! Pizza, Wings & Ice Cream Party! This is a special invitation for those of you who have been attending ODEC for a year or less. For good food, good conversation, and getting to know your clergy better! Children are welcome - we will have games and babysitters!

Sunday evening, 6 October, 6:15pm in the Parish Hall We hope you will attend! Please RSVP: email or call Judy Kuhns 343-6740.

Old Donation is home for blessings. God’s graces are so widespread and abundant that we often forget to highlight them…so it is tough to “count our blessings.” We’ll have 5 weeks of a Season of Thanksgivings. Properly understood, our gifts of time, talent and treasure are our thankful response to God’s blessings. I have something to offer God, because God first gave to me and I recognize it. “All things come of thee, O Lord. And of thine own have we given thee.” In gratitude, I want to give back for God’s continued work of ongoing blessings. Some of the blessings in our common life are ones God gave us. Others are where we are “passing it on” by blessing others. Did you know about these blessings at ODEC? • Our Fine Arts Concerts include Schola Cantorum and the Hampton Roads Handbell Consort. • Last year, Old Donation had the third highest average Sunday attendance of all churches in our diocese. • This year our parish was part of mission work in Central America, South America and Africa. • Three Sundays every month we are feeding children and families in Norfolk. • We are a “Pearl Faith Church” supporting the Lynnhaven River Now organization. • Most Thursday evenings 15-30 young adults & children spend the early evening in Alfriend House with food, study and fellowship as “CREW”. • There are 18 weekly meetings of outside community groups that meet in our buildings, plus others that meet monthly or occasionally. That includes AA, NA, Al-Anon, Alateen, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Sampler Guild, Yoga, and a grief support group. • We have students currently enrolled in the Merchant Marine, Coast Guard and Naval Academies. • Every Wednesday morning at 7:00 men share breakfast in Tucker Hall and have a discussion until 8:00. • 20 to 30 of our members have supper together at some restaurant around town every month (and would love you to join them) as the JOY (“Just Older Youth”) supper club. • More than a dozen of our youth are involved in the Young Historians Club. They are learning and preserving our parish’s rich life and having fun while they do it. • We send men and women into prisons to bring good news, visit the sick in hospitals, host funeral receptions that are acclaimed as the best, and feed the hungry. Sounds a lot like Matthew 25:34-36!

Your pledges to the General Fund are what make all this blessing work possible. Join in the fun this year!

Ready for Ministry?

Ministry of the Baptized - preparation for living as Christians. Ministry of the Baptized equips us to serve here at ODEC, but also at home, at work, and everywhere! Join your clergy and fellow parishioners on the follow Sundays: 13 October, and 3 & 17 November for lunch after our 10:30 worship services. Gatherings last for 75 minutes. The first focuses on the theological basis of our ministry, the second on our individual strengths, and the third on important skills for service. Contact Sharon Payne, 757-567-0162 for more details, or to save a seat! Reservations are required in order for you to receive materials and to get a lunch count!

Men’s Breakfast Fellowship: From the Baltics to Prayer The Wednesday mornings men’s gathering at 7:00am at Old Donation for breakfast, fellowship, and a program has been going on since about 1986, some 33 years. We especially encourage our fellow parishioners from the Gathering to join us. The breakfast ends promptly at 8:00am. During this time we have grown in our Christian faith, shared each other’s troubles, and supported ODEC’s outreach programs in modest monetary ways. We collect $2.00 each for breakfast, which is cooked by faithful members Jim Pernini and George Butler. In recent weeks, our rotating programs have spanned the gamut. Stu Forbes showed photos and discussed his visits to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia. Jim Ring presented a sobering history lesson about Jonathan Daniels, an Episcopal priest murdered in Alabama in 1965. Daniels is now a martyr of the Episcopal Church. John Sherman taught us about the Strait of Hormuz, and its critical narrow throat to the oil rich Persian Gulf. Most recently, George Butler presented on the healing power of prayer, and how it can help us all, not necessarily in a medical cure, but in healing from troubles of every kind. We look forward to welcoming you! 5

Guidance for the Journey Sunday morning Formation Hour runs from 9:30-10:15am This Fall, join our Formation Commission in exploring how the apostle Paul, and other scriptural figures, give us guidance for our own journeys and experiences with God.

All that’s Cool in Sunday School

Paul in the Fall

October 6- No Sunday School

The adventure continues!

Cycle 2— Jesus Calls the Disciples October 13, 20, 27

In September we took four weeks to get acquainted with Paul, lay foundations for understanding him and his background, and looked at what he believed the Gospel was.

Art— Symbols are all around us, even (especially) in our faith. Learn about the symbols that represented the disciples, and create one that represents you! With Karen Ludwig Games— Take home your own set of Disciple Trading Cards, after playing some fun games with them first. With Justin Erbe

Cooking— Pizza fish, pizza nets, and pizza boats! ...and a great life application ending. With April Improta Thank you to last month's Cycle teachers, Denise Wilkinson, Mairin Genova, and Christina Hanawalt for getting Sunday school off to a great start!

Episcopalians 101 This course is an introduction to The Episcopal Church and the Anglican way of doing things such as worship, governance, and history. Whether you are new to the Episcopal Church, coming from another tradition, no tradition, or are a life-long Episcopalian and just want to know more, join us for a lively presentation and discussion. Led by the Rev. Kipper deGavre Begins Sunday, October 13 at 9:30am in the Library.

Now, over three weeks in October, we’ll go deeper. We’ll look at Paul and Salvation (what does he have to say about who gets in and who doesn’t?); Paul and Women (did he want to keep women out of leadership, or get them into it?); and Paul and Empire (did he really propose that everyone obey the earthly rulers?). Each class will be packed full of great information and discussion, so don’t miss out!

Youth Sunday School re:form (Grades 6 & 7), (Grades 8 & 9) - These two groups will be wrapping up the “intro” discussions about the Bible and moving on to even more thought-provoking questions, this time about Jesus himself! Who was He? What did He know about who He was? (Grades 10 & 11) - This group will have a busy month: continuing your explorations on the topic of prayer and enjoying another exciting visit from Father Bob to talk more about your Pilgrimage!

Wednesday Supper & Studies

Episcopal Youth Community

Ethics after Easter

Unless otherwise noted, EYC schedule is as follows:

How shall we live our lives... in light of the Resurrection and after our baptisms? Father Bob and Mother Ashley are leading a four-session study and discussion on how Christians make moral choices in the light of the resurrection. What difference should God’s gift of salvation make for how we live the moral life. Working with "The New Church's Teaching Series" book by Stephen Holmgren, and other works by Bp Curry and others, we will think about how faithful Christians might live out their lives in a world that seems anything but faithful. Jim Pernini will be part of our October classes as he brings his visit and study of Bryan Stevenson’s “National Memorial for Peace and Justice.” Stevenson’s work has been to recover and remember the horrific history of lynching as a tool of racial terrorism. Jim and Keren recently visited the memorial. Their witness will help us think through some of the very real implications and responsibilities of a moral life. Wednesdays, October 16, 23 & 30, and November 13. NO program 9 October so our friends from Beth Chaverim can hold services for Yom Kippur.

6:00pm- Drop-off in Parish Hall, supper, games and discussion in Alfriend House 7:15pm- Pick up from Parish Hall Sunday, October 6 - EYC, 6 - 7:15pm. For this meeting, Parish Hall will NOT be available, so drop-off directly to Alfriend House at 6:00pm. Pickup at 7:15pm will be from the Portico outside Parish Hall.

Sunday, October 13 - EYC, 6:00pm - 7:15pm Sunday, October 20 - EYC, 6:00pm - 7:15pm Saturday, October 26– It’s time for the annual EYC Outing to Haunted Hunt Club Farm! Bus will leave campus promptly at 5:45pm with an estimated return time of 9:15pm. This is a super popular outing, so make your plans now to join us! Cost per child is $10 ODEC will cover the reminder of the entrance fee. As always, please let Summer Johnson know if a scholarship is needed. Sunday, October 27 - Pumpkin Palooza 3:30pm 5:00pm. Still recovering from Haunted Hunt Club the night before? Looking for something a little less spooky? Come join us in the church graveyard for fellowship and fun activities. See page 10 for more details.

Diocesan Youth Events

Another new month, another new take! Monday, 14 October Join Father Bob and Mother Ashley at Pleasure House Brewery at 7:00pm for riveting discussion and craft beers. No topic is off limits—we’re here to get down to what’s really on our minds about God, faith, religion, you name it. There is no food at this location, but you can bring your own, so we’ll have chips and dip to share. All are welcome!

Happening #71 November 8-10, 2019 at Chanco on the James. Happening is an experiential weekend retreat for young adults in grades 10 and up that may just change your life. Come and see what it's like to be transformed by God's love! Cost per participant is $180. Fee includes all meals, retreat lodge rooms with private bath and linens provided. Partial scholarships are available; contact the Diocesan Office. Registration deadline is October 10, 2019. Click here to register.


Q & A about Stewardship at ODEC

Stewardship - M&M Last Saturday we introduced this year’s Stewardship campaign, “Mission & Ministry,” and for fun it featured a little candy character friend that you see on the Saturday videos and here and there around the parish in October. We hope that our friend will remind us all, both young and old, of some important characteristics shared by both an M&M candy and Stewardship pledges. Each come in different sizes, and while we all like the biggest candy in the bag and truly appreciate a large pledge, a single pledge or M&M cannot do much alone. M&Ms are best when they are enjoyed, not one at a time, but in a group - that is how they can become a treat. It’s the same with your pledge1 There will be small pledges and large pledges, but whether you pledge a lot or a little means less than the fact that we all pledge together and share in returning to God a small portion of the bounty that he has given us. For the next month or so, you are going to be seeing M&Ms everywhere. You will see them when you go to the store. They will be in ads in the paper or on TV. Maybe they will be in your Halloween candy bowl for Trick-orTreaters at your door or in the Halloween bags of your kids or grandkids. So when you see one, think “Ministry & Mission.” If a child asks what M&Ms mean, tell them about “Ministry & Mission.” So when the annual Stewardship Red Envelope arrives later this month, prayerfully consider your pledge to this year’s “Ministry & Mission” Stewardship campaign. Your pledge, your individual gift to our “Ministry & Mission” will manifest our love for Christ into doing his work in our world. Guess who’s on Twitter? ODEC! Check us out when you have the chance - we’d love to have you follow as we start up this new avenue of communication. @old_donation

What is a pledge? • A financial & spiritual commitment Why should I make a pledge? • Thanks to God for blessings and belief in ODEC’s mission Why is giving good for me? • A spiritual practice. Giving helps us experience joy. Generous giving teaches us that God always provides enough. Connects as members: we know our gifts count & we belong. Why is a pledge good for ODEC? • So ODEC can make a budget for ministries & personnel. ODEC never approves a budget without pledges to support it. How much should I pledge? • This is personal. The biblical model is proportional giving. The standard is 10% of gross. Pray, listen to God, and step forward. How much do others pledge? • Everyone gives based on what they can. Some give $1.00/wk, others $25,000+/year. • Our average pledge last year was $2,500/yr. Fr. Bob’s pledge was over $10,000 (1/10th of his income) and same for the capital gift. What if I can't give anything? What if I can only give a little? • Every gift is worthy. $1/month is faithful if that’s what you can do. We hope everyone will enter a faithful pledge. How do I pay my pledge? • By check, online credit card, or bank draft.

Heads-up! Pledge Cards are coming! Around the middle of the month, you will receive a red envelope arrive in the mail. The envelope contains information on this year’s Stewardship Campaign of “Mission & Ministry” and your annual pledge card.

Prayerfully consider what portion of Christ’s gift you will pledge for his work here at Old Donation for 2020. If you consistently make a pledge, thank you. If you have not done so in the past, please make a 2020 commitment. Your pledge, regardless of amount, is an important part of our mission plans for next year. Making a pledge really matters. Sunday, 3 November is All Saints Sunday, and our designated “In-gathering” Sunday for everyone to return their pledge cards. However, your pledge is welcome and appreciated at any time.

The Old Donation Oyster Roast Saturday, 23 November The Oyster Roast is coming and we need volunteers. This is a great way to get involved - there are many different areas where you can share your gifts and help give back. All proceeds from the Oyster Roast go to our Outreach Ministry. We need help! Contact Janet Neuman if you’re interested in assisting with the silent auction. This is an area where valuable donations are auctioned to the highest bidder. We are always looking for donations of art, fine silverware, gift baskets, vacations, etc. Do you have kitchen skills and enjoy cooking for the masses? Contact Bill Dawson to help in the kitchen the day of the event. If you’re interested in cooking more Brunswick stew than you’ve ever seen, contact Dave Wilkinson.

We also have a team working overnight manning the smokers for our world famous Pulled Pork BBQ. This is a great time to get to know other parishioners and enjoy time outside by the fire! Contact Tony Putzig. Do you enjoy canning and making jams and jellies? Shelby Longmire has a team that cans, pickles and prepares all sorts of goodies. These are only a few examples of how you can help! Reach out to Jonathan Halvorson or Betts Werbiskis for more information.

Silent Auction We are currently accepting donations for the Silent Auction – POC is Janet Neumann

Oyster Roast White Elephant Start saving your “treasures” for the Oyster Roast White Elephant! Contact Carolyn with questions!

Please, no electronics, exercise equipment or clothes!


Pumpkin Palooza! A Parish Life Event Sunday, October 27th 3:30pm - 5:00pm

For All Families For All Ages

What’s Going On... The Historic Traditions Commission invites you

to a special Feast Day celebration, Sunday, October 13. Old Donation's Feast Day will be an ice cream feast! Immediately following the 10:30am services. Hear ye, hear ye, come and enjoy! Saturday, 26 October: Lightship Portsmouth Museum. Until 1964 the U.S. Lightship was anchored at strategic locations to help mariners avoid dangerous shoals. Now a National Historic Landmark, the ship’s quarters are filled with artifacts, uniforms, photographs, models, and more. Depart ODEC at 9:30 on our OLD DO bus, return by 1:00pm. Lunch at The Bier Garden. Questions/RSVP to Bob Perrine 481-1269 with the # in your party. The bus holds 15 - sign up soon!

JOY Dinner Group

Friday, 18 October, 5:30pm at Bonefish Grill 3333 Virginia Beach Blvd. RSVP by email or text: 757-477-4460. Bonefish is known for its gourmet seafood and our last meal there was enjoyed by all. We look forward to another great occasion.

Hot Chili Apple Cider S’mores

CREW Continues! We’re [The] CREW

(Christians Reuniting Every Week), who gather at each other’s homes, bring along our noisy saintly kids, have some good food, and support each other through life. We meet on Thursdays from 5:30-7:00, and we’d love to have you. Contact Mother Ashley for more information!

News from our Day School

Contact Dave Wilkinson for details!

Join the Choir!

The St. Cecilia Choir needs tenors! We hear men's voices in the congregation and know there are several members whose voices will help impart additional support to the choir! We want to hear from you even if you have not previously sung in the choir! Please contact Paul G. Hudgins | 757-621-0539!

Good news…our enrollment is going great! We have 110 children enrolled and 21 staff members. There are still some openings in our two-day twos and Kindergarten, email us for more information!

Save the Date… Day School’S annual Boo Bash!! Friday, 25 Oct

4:00pm -7:00pm ~Tricia Crawford and Jody Baker, Co-Directors

October Celebrations Birthdays 1

Ken Kiefer Karen MacDonald 13 2 Corrine Floyd 4 Margareta MacGregor Meredith Moore 14 6 Alex Stephenson 15 8 John Harris Christine Metz 16 9 Jane Lane Keren Pernini 17 Frank Schweiger John Malone 18 Eugene Snowden Heather Lustig 10 Terry Ritter 19 Eleanor Richards 20 11 Fuzzy Eldred Julie Sterzing 21 Sharon Oswald 22 Ashlee MacDonald 12 Nordie Crews 23 Katherine Kline 24 Sharon Butts


Kevin Long Anne Lewis Donald Conklin Drew White Paul Miani Kevin Rubel Jayne Rodriguez Jim Crouch Carol Ormond Camron White Piper White Doris Doyle Doris Lowe Matt Rich Lee Johnson Kevin Anderson Mary O'Flaherty Sebastian Rio Nancy Cherry Timothy Wheaton Landen Gurioli Mike Reynolds Julianna DeDominick

25 Mary Peters Daniel Heck Cole Myers 26 Nancylew O'Donoghue Nicholas Jara-Lopez 27 Robert Sinclair Jonathan Halvorson Liam Huntley 28 Molly Grubb 29 Barbara Schweiger Grayson Keller Areece Piluden 30 Dorothy Fremd Katie Alpigini 31 Earl Morris Ned Kuhns Billy Weems Lori Blaisdell

5 7 8 9 10 12 15 20 21 22 24 26 28 29

Dean & Laura Buckius Jennifer & Christopher Bennett Susan & Bryan Pinckney Andrew & Rebecca Hailey Ginny & John Bandelean Angela & Michael Lindsey Page & Kevin O’Flaherty Joan & Bill Miller Marilyn & Grant Coull Doris & Jim Crouch Michelle & Bill Dawson Sean & Stefanie Hurley Sonni & Jimmy Matthews Kevin & Lori Keller Emily & Ian Charleton Kelli & Mark Hoover Heather & Chie Shih Katie & Jarrod Katzer Diane & Randy Bolin

Our New Members Sue Doll Toni Anderson

To the Ladies of Old Donation Church, I wish to than Fr. Bob Randall and all my Old Donation family for their show of affection and support at the occasion of my 98th birthday. I’m sorry I missed church that day, but I had not seen my son for over a year and needed quality time with him.

Thank you for all the love and support you gave in making God’s gift of Heidi’s life a truly loving and beautiful celebration. The reception was a beautiful gift that touched all our hearts. God Bless you and Thank you,

~Bill Thompson

~The Radam Family

2019 Vestry

Valuing Our Blessings Total Pledge and Plate Received Total Pledge and Plate Budget (YTD) Budget Received Difference

Bill Waide, Senior Warden Michelle White, People’s Warden | Congregational Care John Sherman, Building & Facilities Planning Holly Swanson, Day School Rebecca Barrio, Christian Formation Mitch Bean, Outreach Brad Croteau, Buildings & Grounds Brennon Pope, Stewardship Chaille Lindo, Good News Paige Martin, Historic Traditions Tony Putzig, Parish Life Joe Tucker, Finance Peter Hood, Youth Representative

$423,762 $429,900 -$6,138

Number of Pledging Units to General Fund


ODEC Special Projects Funding: YTD Building Fund $203,379 Mission of the Holy Spirit $1,111 Outreach (all other) $4,099 Clergy Discretionary Fund $5,477 Worship $6,547 Julia Tucker Scholarship Fund (Day School) $1,035 Total $221,648 11

2nd Sunday of the Month 5:00 p.m. Paws, Prayers & Praise Holy Eucharist Thursday 10:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist 11:00 a.m. Bible Study

OLD DONATION EPISCOPAL CHURCH Jesus Christ, Head of the Church The Rt. Rev. Jay Magness, Bishop-Pro-Tempore The Rev. Robert J. Randall, Jr., Rector The Rev. Ashley E. Urquidi, Associate Rector The Rev. Fred Poteet, Priest Associate Summer Johnson, Youth Minister 4449 N. Witchduck Road, Virginia Beach, 23455 Phone: 757-497-0563 |

OLD DONATION EPISCOPAL DAY SCHOOL Tricia Crawford & Jody Baker, Day School Directors Phone: 757-499-2283 Ages 2, 3, 4 and Kindergarten Day School Hours: 9:00 am - 12:20 pm Monday - Friday Early Drop Off & After School until 2:20 pm


WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday 8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist, Rite I 9:30 a.m. Christian Formation 10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist, Rite II 10:30 a.m. The Gathering 5:00 p.m. Sundays@5 Holy Eucharist

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October 2019 Bell Ringer  

Check out everything that's going on at Old Donation Episcopal Church!

October 2019 Bell Ringer  

Check out everything that's going on at Old Donation Episcopal Church!


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