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the Pelican The newsletter of the Old Brightonians

No. 27


News From the Editor The Old Brightonians office is frequently abuzz with news from OBs, we are lucky to have an enthusiastic and increasingly busy network as you will see reflected in these pages. This year marked the retirement Fiona Aiken (F. 1979-81) who served the Old Brightonians so well for 12 years. She carefully oversaw the new era of the network moving from an association run organisation to being brought into the College, and we thank her for all of her hard work. The Old Brightonians has been given a warm welcome by the College, and indeed following Fiona’s retirement (in which I believe she is busier than ever!) I have been given a warm welcome by the Old Brightonians. I have had a wonderful time meeting OBs at events, and I look forward to being able to organise more reunions and events for you all to enjoy. In fact the network is so busy that The Pelican will now be twice a year, so that we can keep up with everything that is going on. You will see on the reverse of this publication a list of events. All events will be featured in more detail on the website and highlighted in the monthly e-newsletter. We have not planned a formal black tie OB dinner this year, numbers have waned in recent years, and we are hoping that by taking a break, and by having lots of other events in the diary that when we do another OB dinner that we will have built up numbers and enthusiasm for the event. Numerous Old Brightonians have submitted news and articles for this issue, this is your magazine, and we warmly encourage you to send in your news. In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy this edition of The Pelican. Rebecca Findlay


Letter from the President It has been a busy year for me personally, and for many of you I am sure. As President of the Old Brightonians I have regular contact with the College, and I hear of how well OBs are doing around the globe. We are of course particularly proud of Marc Heal, who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) and then the Freedom of the City of Brighton, but the efforts of OBs such as Ed Wells and Ollie Wells who have crossed the Indian Ocean in a four man rowing boat are inspiring to us all. The network is busier than ever, with greater numbers graduating from the College every year, this year saw 180 graduate in a moving celebration in the Chapel. We welcome our newest members and wish them all the best for their futures.

The College enjoys a privileged position as one of England’s leading co-ed schools, and the recent success of the College is a pleasure for us all to read about and enjoy. A school to be proud of, with an Old Brightonians network to be proud of too. This year at OB events, I have had the pleasure of seeing many old friends. A calendar of events is featured in this edition but do take the time to also check the website, and do take part in the activities and the events – I can assure you that the fellowship amongst OBs is as strong as ever. With all the best wishes to the future success of the College and to Old Brightonians everywhere. Sir John Chilcot (H/S. 1952-57) Old Brightonians President

OB Lodge News Our candidate for the meeting in June was unavoidably delayed in Cambodia where he is part of the team prosecuting the alleged war criminals of the Pol Pot regime. A shame, but we carried out the ceremony as a rehearsal for future dates. On 23rd July, 45 members and their ladies enjoyed a lovely balmy evening on the Wey and Arun canal. This was a change from the usual Ladies’ Dinner and was well received. It was very good to see the Sear brothers attending with their wives; Howard in particular had not been seen for some time.

The Worshipful Master was delighted to be at Speech Day at the Dome in Brighton on 25th June to see the Old Brightonian Lodge Prize for Art & Design presented to Aron Lewis (R.U5). A bursary has now been awarded and we hope accepted by our candidate whom we trust will have two very happy and fulfilling years in the Sixth Form. Reginald Barrow will be installed as the Master on 16th August at the College and we trust he will have a very happy and successful year. Enquiries about the Lodge may be addressed to Dr Michael Sword-Daniels (D. 1961-66) Secretary, Peter Cockburn (S. 1959-64)

OBs successfully row the Indian Ocean Old Brightonians Ed Wells (C/S 1993-98) and Ollie Wells (C/S House 1995-00) together with James Kayll and Tom Kelly have finally completed their voyage, successfully rowing 3,398 miles across the Indian Ocean. The expedition was chosen following the tragic death of a close friend Mark Evison, shot and killed in Afghanistan in May 2009. They left Geraldton, Western Australia on the 22nd April 2011 in a 29ft rowing boat ‘INDIAN RUNNER 4’. They rowed for an impressive 75 days 11 hours and 40 minutes, and arrived in Grand Baie, Mauritius on 6th July, to become the first four man crew to ever row across the Indian Ocean unsupported. The team wanted to use the opportunity to

learn more about the ocean environment and provide data for a world-leading marine science research centre (National Oceanography Centre). Dr Simon Boxall (NOC) said; “Not only has this team of young adventurers completed an extraordinary voyage, but the data they have gathered in their endeavour will enable us to better understand the changes currently taking place in the surface waters of this fragile and vulnerable region”. Along with the Mark Evison Foundation the lads are raising money for Access Sport, Compassion UK and The Light Dragoons Charitable Trust (The Colonels Appeal Fund). Please see the team’s website for further information –

OBs in print THE IRISH QUESTION Dr Paul E H Davis (D. 1974-79), has researched nineteenthcentury Anglo-Irish literature for nearly two decades beginning with the novels of J S Le Fanu and then moving on both to identify and to examine the sub-genre of Irish agrarian novels. Although he has had several articles published, From Castle Rackrent to Castle Dracula is his first book. This challenging book offers an entirely new critique of how novelists in nineteenth-century Ireland had to act both as writers and historians in their attempts to find a solution to what became the Irish Land Question. It challenges the widely-held, nationalist view that Irish novelists of this period had little or nothing to offer, and introduces a new, identifiable category for them: the agrarian novelists.

You can purchase the book from all good bookshops or on-line at Amazon.

Taking the biscuit Chloe Coker (nee Blackburn) (F. 199499) left Brighton College to study modern languages at Oxford University and then practised law. However, her life has now taken a very different path: "I have always loved to cook and eventually decided to give up the law and go to train as a chef. I trained at Leiths School of Food and Wine where I passed the professional diploma with a distinction and won the Louis Latour wine student of the year award. I now run my own wedding cake company (www.chloecoker. com). I have just had a book published called Supercute Cookies, available from Amazon".



Archives Online With the archives forever growing, Brighton College hopes to take another huge leap in to the 21st Century by making much of its collection available online. Accessed via the OB website, the facility will allow Old Brightonians to view, add, search and tag a whole range of sources from our archives, including photographs, documents, soundbites and videos. Not only will the new facility be an amazing tool, enabling OBs to search and view our current archive collection, but it will mean that the collection will grow exponentially, with OBs being able to add to it all the time from all over the world. The plans to digitise the archives are dependent however, on us securing funding for the project through donations and sponsorship. If you, or your organisation, would be interested in supporting this exciting project, please contact Scott Sheridan at or call 01273 704226.

Reporting from the front line As a documentary maker I get involved in just about any subject and any story under the sun but the last couple of years for me have been almost exclusively military in flavour. I spent much of last year aboard HMS Manchester on deployment to the Caribbean where the Royal Navy destroyer was engaged in tracking down and capturing cocaine smugglers as well as hurricane relief work. I then spent the first three months of this year cutting the material I shot for the Channel 5 series: 'Royal Navy: Caribbean Patrol' for Channel 5. Right now though I am out in Afghanistan making another series for Channel 5 about the work of 42 Commando Royal Marines in Helmand. I am deeply embedded with the marine commandos and following them out on their patrols as they hunt down insurgents behind enemy lines. I am also filming the wider story of British forces trying to stabilise the


country by kick starting local economies: helping to get schools up and running as well as clinics and markets. Afghanistan is still gripped by war but things are beginning to look more hopeful – so fingers crossed. When I get back to the UK I head straight up to Scotland to continue filming the building of two enormous aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy – the biggest warships ever to be built in the UK (this is for Discovery Channel). After that I head to London to start filming a story for the BBC about the Theatre Royal, Haymarket and a remarkable project it is initiating to rehabilitate injured soldiers. Then I head straight out to San Diego in the US to start work on a series about the US Coastguard and prepare for a series about sea storms. Busy days but endlessly fascinating and always exciting! Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70)

OBs of the month Photo courtesy of The Argus

Every month the website and the e-newsletter feature an Old Brightonian of the month. Launched in March 2011 so far this has included Roger Simons (C. 1980-85), Clare Connor (W. 1989-94), Nicholas Allan (H. 1970-75), David Gold (S. 1986-91), Sir John Chilcot (H/S. 1952-57) and Gabrielle Ryan (W. 2001-03). If you would like to nominate someone please do contact the OB office.

Brighton honours OB A former Brighton College pupil who rescued 29 casualties in the heat of a battle in Afghanistan has been awarded the freedom of the city. Flight Lieutenant Marc Heal (L. 1994-98) is one of only four people to receive the Honour. Marc captained a Chinook helicopter immediate response team (IRT) during Operation Panther’s Claw in July 2009, commanding eight IRT missions and rescuing 29 casualties. Flt Lt Heal attended a special council meeting to receive the honour given 'in recognition of his outstanding gallantry as the Captain of the Chinook helicopter Immediate Response Team in Afghanistan for which the Queen awarded him the Distinguished Flying Cross'.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Clare Connor, David Gold and Sir John Chilcot.


How would you like to be remembered?

What was the best piece of advice you were given?

“As someone who didn’t care what other people thought of me, but cared deeply about the people and issues I was passionate about”.

“ Always learn from your mistakes, never waste time on regrets”.

Roger Simons (C. 1980-85)

OB awarded MBE Old Brightonian, Malcolm Paris (A. 1951-58), Chairman of Abbeyfield Brighton and Hove Society has been awarded an MBE for his services to the charity in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Paul Allen, CEO of Abbeyfield, a charity providing housing with care to older people, said: “Malcolm has been involved with Abbeyfield for many years, particularly with the Brighton and Hove Society where he has been a huge support to both staff and residents. I am very pleased that he has been awarded this honour, it is well deserved".

“ As someone highly focused but also very caring. My favourite quote that I think sums this balance up is ‘Be breathtaking in the performances you deliver; be breathgiving in the difference you make’”.

David Gold (S. 1986-91)

“The best advice I received was ‘try your best at things you’re not good at’. So, Third Fifteen and Third Eleven”. Sir John Chilcot (H/S. 1952-57)

“ If you get a job you love, it won’t feel like work”.

Clare Connor (W. 1989-94)

Gabrielle Ryan (W. 2001-03)

“To be remembered as a really good squash player – which I never was, but good enough to get me off the cross-country squad in the Spring term”.

“The best bit of advice was from my art teacher. He said, looking at my work, ‘I wish I could get you to drink a glass of whisky’”. Nicholas Allan (H. 1970-75)

Sir John Chilcot (H/S. 1952-57)



College Drama College productions continue to be the starting point for many individuals to develop their talents. College pupils Oriel Bathurst (F. L6) and Sasha Morse (F. Head of School 2011-12) both won places with the National Youth Theatre this year. Izzy Meikle-Small (C.L5) played Young Kathy in the film adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘Never Let Me Go’, alongside Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley. There are many Old Brightonians who have gone on to work in professional theatre, television or film and this year we have caught up with a few of them. Loren O’Dair (W. 19972002) played Ophelia in a UK tour of Hamlet,

Singing their praises and took the title role in independent feature film Medea, which is expected to be released in 2012. Before I Sleep, which Loren performed in as part of Brighton Festival 2010, won the Peter Brook Empty Space Award. Tamsin Merchant (F. 2000-2005) who made her name in Pride & Prejudice as Georgiana Darcy (in the 1995 film) was a wonderful Katherine Howard in The Tudors on BBC Television this year, and made it along to our Oxbridge Dinner which was a delight. Sam Pacelli (L. 1998-2003) and Charlie Granville (L. 1998-2003) are currently at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with their popular comedy act ‘The Noise Next Door’.

Thanks to two donations from former pupils, a new edition of the College hymnal will be produced this year. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Mr John Davison (C. 1950-55) whose gift to the College was made in memory of his late mother, and Philip Mitchell (H. 1960-65) who has not only pledged a gift, but also will help in the selection of hymns for the new publication.

The Brighton College Choral Society MAY 2011 The Choral Society performed at the College’s Festival Concert two lesser known works from the Baroque Period; Jephte by Giacomo Carissimi and Handel’s Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne. Ellie Barnett (S. 2006-11), Corinne Hull (C.L6) and Sarah Latto (Music PGAT) took solo roles and the massed voices of over 140 pupils, staff, OBs, parents and friends produced a rousing and most enjoyable choral sound. OBs are very welcome to join the Choral Society, (no auditions!), which rehearses Thursday evenings 7pm – 9pm in the Hordern Room. Handel’s Messiah will be performed in December. Contact Sandy Chenery, Director of Music at for further information.

Other Celebrations GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Angela & Howard Sear (B. 1949-54) are to celebrate 50 years of marriage this year, having been married on 30th September 1961 by Rev.Canon Bill Peters. “I think I was the first OB to be married in the College Chapel. I remember I had to spend 3 weekends in Bristol House to claim residential qualification. In fact our marriage certificate gives my address as Brighton College. People think that my wife married a schoolboy!" Our warmest congratulations on your golden wedding anniversary! ENGAGEMENT David Grigor (L. 1982-87) and Gillian C.Smith were engaged in Florence in July this year.


Dispatches from... by Paula Milne of the best-selling novel by Sarah Waters. The music is in keeping with Nina’s unique style of writing, ranging from dark, dramatic and eerie to the more romantic. Her score for Sword of Honour, an adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s novel by William Boyd starring Daniel Craig for Talkback/Channel 4, won her a coveted RTS Award for Best Original TV Music.

Sarah Mann (F. 1985-87) David Grigor (L. 1982-87) Currently as an Edinburgh based teacher and artist I owe much of my success to Brighton College where I gained an art scholarship in 1982. Under the inspirational art teaching of Nick Bremer and guiding headship of Bill Blackshaw my art studies continued in Brighton, Bath and London where I became an art teacher in 1995. I continued to produce artwork while teaching in London then Vancouver until residing in Edinburgh since 2004. In 2009 my website was set up to sell my artwork and launch Scotland’s 'Get on Board' Space Academy Art Competition following my success at Educators Space Academy, USA. I am currently with who promote my pen and ink renditions of Edinburgh. My art work including cards and prints are presented in various popular Edinburgh venues during the year, particularly at the Edinburgh International Book Festival shop for the past two years. David Grigor (L. 1982-87)

Nina Humphreys (F. 1989-91) Since leaving the College Nina Humphreys has become an award-winning composer, known for both lyrical, dark and quirky scores. Her eclectic credits range from emotive character-led stories for contemporary and period settings, to comedy, sci-fi and thrillers. Recently Nina was commissioned to write the music for the BBC 2 TV Drama – The Night Watch, an adaptation

Sarah Mann has worked extensively in the arts doing everything from sweeping the stage to being on it! She has enjoyed success with her Theatre Company INCISOR who performed in St Ann’s Well Gardens for seven years doing outdoor summer productions as well taking shows to the Edinburgh Festival. More recently Sarah has been teaching acting both at her own school, The London Drama School, and at various venues and festivals around the world. She has just returned from Mexico where she was teaching Shakespeare and Animal Study and will be teaching Shakespeare and Improvisation for The Dome Education Dept. in Brighton this summer. Her work as a Trinity Guildhall examiner has taken her all over the world and she has assisted the chief examiner with their annual Playwriting Competition and in various acting workshops. In June she finished shooting a film entitled 'Connected' written by Mike Carter and played the part of Jane opposite another OB, Mark Katz (L. 1976-81), as her husband – needless to say they were a comedy couple!

Daniel Peltz (S. 1974-79) Daniel Peltz is Chief Executive of London Freeholds Plc, Deputy-Chair of Lords Community Group; Governor of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies at the University of Oxford, Queen’s College and Haifa-Technion University and a Member of the Kings College Development Board. He has recently completed an MA in Renaissance Studies at the University of London, and has had three of his novels published; Blood Ties (2003), Out of the Blue (2004), and Daffodils before Swallows (2009). Despite a terribly busy schedule, Daniel came back to visit the College this year, and was pleased to find that although a few new buildings have recently sprung up, that the College was

as familiar and welcoming as ever. He was just reminiscing about how enjoyable the crosscountry had been, when lo and behold some rather exhausted looking pupils arrived back... from the cross-country run! “It was a surprise that despite all the changes, indeed improvements at the College, that the essence of the place was still the same. Simon Smith took the honorary role of tour guide, and the years slipped away before me. The development of the new music school will be fascinating to take part in. The output of the College is quite phenomenal, and the atmosphere is so cheerful and bright, it was a most pleasurable day”.

Gabrielle Ryan (W. 2001-03) Gabrielle left Brighton College in 2003 and went on to train at Identity Drama School. She then won a place at the world renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. Gabrielle has since starred in Feature Films ‘Shank’, ‘Men Don’t Lie’ and soon to be released ‘Demons Never Die’. She will also be starring as one of the leads in a new film ‘Freshers’. Gabrielle is our OB of the month, please check the website for her answers!

If you have any stories, memories or news that you would like to share then please send them to



Sports Sussex Old Boys Twenty/20 Cricket Cup MAY 2011 Old Brightonians took part in the inaugural Sussex Old Boys 20/20 Cup at Lancing College on 22 May 2011. Teams participating were Old Brightonians, Lancing Rovers, Old Eastbournians and Old Blues (Christ's Hospital). The College and other teams were welcomed by Raj Maru (Hampshire CCC) the new coach at Lancing. The draw was done and the College first game would be against Lancing, unfortunately not on the main pitch. Having lost the toss we were inserted. Chris Gates (R. 1985-90) and Alwyn Frank (R. 1995-97) opened the innings for Brighton. As the first ball whizzed pass Chris’ nose from just short of a length we knew we were in for a lively pitch. Brighton decided to take the offensive and dealt mainly in boundaries from the top order. Wickets tumbled every few overs but each new batter maintained the scoring rate. We hit 12 sixes altogether in the innings, the largest being a straight blow from Karl Stevenson (S. 2000-05) which went as high as it went long. Ben Hansford (S. 2002-07) bludgeoned his way to 48 with 5 maximums. While all were coming and going the opener Alwyn Frank (R. 1995-97) was quietly going about his business dropping ones here and there to put the big hitters back on strike. He deserved to carry his bat but was out in the penultimate over for a gritty 35. The College finished on 183. The Lancing innings started with a bang for us as their opener edged the first ball from Jools Barr (H. 1997-2002) to keeper Simon Middleton (H. 1986-91) (the first catch of four victims for the gloveman). The first 8 overs proceeded well and we had them on the racks at 54 – 4. This left them needing to score at nearly 11 an over to reach our total. At this point however their Captain, a left hander, began to start striking the boundary at regular intervals. The seamers were becoming cannon fodder to his flashing blade. The Captain turned to himself and Chris Gates (R. 1985-90) for a bit of 'it spin' and with some great work behind the stumps by Simon we seemed to have stemmed the tide. Jools Barr (H. 1997-2002) then came back for his final spell to remove their captain with his first ball.


Game over it seemed. Unfortunately for us the strong wind kept turning over the runs column on the Lancing scoreboard and with no scorer and an Umpire who seemed more concerned with counting the number of fielders rather than the score, we somehow entered the last over with Lancing needing 13 with the last pair at the wicket. The first three balls only managed singles and with 10 needed off the last three balls it appeared game over again. Two fine shots later this became 2 off the last. The field was split, half on the edge of the circle and half just off the boundary. Off drive out to extra Evan Owen-Powell (L. 1989-99) charges to the ball clean pick up and throw to Simon who takes the bails off, we all turn to the square leg umpire for the decision, expecting to celebrate a tie which would put us through to the final on fewer wickets lost. But not surprisingly the Lancing player standing in as square leg umpire says 'not out' immediately and walks off. Lancing Rovers win by one wicket. What makes this even more galling is that during the break between matches we ask Lancing for their book to write up the score only to find that it doesn’t balance by 17 runs between batsmen and extras total. The cup is gone and we move onto the Plate Final with the losers of the other match Old Blues. The Captain reverses the batting order with the instructions of go for it. 11.3 overs later we are all out for 137. A fine total in that time with 112 of those runs coming in boundaries.

Ben Hansford (S. 2003-09) (70) top scored in a large stand with Karl Stevenson (S.2000-05) (31). We opened our bowling attack with Alwyn who can’t remember the last time he bowled in a match. Everyone got at least one over before they reached the target. Evan came into the attack with Old Blues needing only 2 runs to reach the target and early completed a maiden. The Captain wished he had bowled him earlier in the day. For the records, Eastbourne won the final against Lancing by 25 runs and became the inaugural winners of the competition. The Old Brightonians had a great day and enthusiastically look forward to some better luck and a fulltime scorer or umpire with a run counter for next year. Joey Appleton (D. 1979-84) OB XI: J. Appleton (D. 1979-84) (capt.), C. Gates (R. 1985-90), F. Jordan (S. 2004-09), B. Hansford (S. 2003-09), A. Frank (R. 1995-97), S. Howse (A. 1997-2002), K. Stevenson (S.2000-05), E. Owen-Powell (L. 1989-99), M. Clarke (D. 1988-93), S. Middleton (H. 1986-91) (wk), J. Barr (H. 1997-2002) SEMI-FINAL Old Brightonians v. Lancing Rovers OBCC 183 – 6 (20 overs) B.Hansford 48 A.Frank 35 Lancing 184 – 9 (20 overs) J.Barr 4-26 Lancing won by 1 wicket PLATE-FINAL Old Brightonians v. Old Blues OBCC 137 – 10 (11.3 overs) B.Hansford 70 K.Stevenson 31 Old Blues 138 – 6 (16.5 overs) F.Jordan 2-15 Old Blues won by 4 wickets

OB Squash

OB Netball

There has been some interest from OBs in reforming the OB squash team, in order to enter the Londonderry Cup. It is more than likely that this would be a London based club, and we are keen to find someone who would have the time to co-ordinate the group. If anyone is interested in playing please contact

OB Netball is getting organised for 2011, with the first match against the school on Saturday 3rd September. If you would like to play, please contact Grace Clarke (F. 199702) on There will be other opportunities to play during the year, and we are keen to hear from all those interested in OB Netball, so do get in touch!

The Cricketer Cup JUNE 2011 Old Brightonians 103 for 3, lost to Oundle Rovers 104 for 3. Despite the drought of the early summer, the day of the first round of the Cricketer Cup dawned with rain, that wet sort of rain that continues all day. Undaunted by the wet conditions, eleven OBs travelled to Oundle for the fixture. Both teams decided that only a ten over match in the rain was possible, not ideal but a better alternative to replaying the game the following weekend.

1st XI vs OBCC Twenty20 Match APRIL 2011 As part of the 1st XI’s Twenty20 preparation in the early part of the season, the OBs challenged them to a match on the Home Ground. The OBs batted first and last year’s Captain Adam Davies (L. 2005-2010), set the tone for his innings with a sweetly timed drive for four off the first ball of the innings. Davies and Ollie Gatting (H. 2003-08) put on 45 for the first wicket until Billy MeborohCollinson bowled Gatting. Ben Hansford (S. 2002-07) then came to the crease and put on 50 runs with Davies, the latter finally following LBW to Kalidasan for 56. OBs Captain Patrick Spencer (R. 1994-99) hit a quick fire 15 and Brighton were set 144. Hugh Richards and Yass Bahemou started positively with a 40 run partnership but wickets started to tumble at the hands of Patrick Spencer who finished with figures of 5 for 13. An assured innings from

Meboroh-Collinson gave the College team hope of snatching victory but when he was caught on the boundary with two overs to spare the match was all but over. The 1st XI ended up on 126, 18 runs short of the target. A great challenge for the 1st team and a really great occasion to have so many OBs back playing on the Home Ground. Alexia Walker, Director of Cricket OB XI: Luke Appleton (sub fielder), Julian Barr (H.1997-02), Adam Davies (L. 2005-2010), Charlie Davies (R. 2005-10), Ollie Gatting (H. 2003-08), Ben Hansford (S. 2002-07), Felix Jordan (S. 2004-09), Patrick Spencer (R. 1994-99) (capt), Ali Wilson (L. 2003-08), Alwyn Frank (R. 1995-97) 1st XI: Y.Bahemou, S.Grant, D.Glynne-Jones, B.Hornby, E.Jones, E.Kalidasan, H.Klus, B.Meboroh-Collinson, J. Menzies (capt), H.Richards, J.Thornely

Brighton won the toss and, electing to bat, scored an impressive 103 for 3 in the ten overs available. A fine 63 not out from Adam Davies (L. 2005-10), playing his first game in the competition, provided the backbone of the innings, but he was ably supported by Oliver Gatting (L. 2003-08) and the Captain, Patrick Spencer (R. 1994-99). Some slightly wayward balls by our medium pacers in conditions not conducive to accurate bowling, enabled the lusty hitters in Oundle’s top order to put them on course. However, very tight overs from Felix Jordan (S. 200409) and Patrick restored the balance in what was a competitive match throughout. Oundle required thirteen runs to win off the last over, and Ben Handsford (S.2002-07) was given the unenviable task of bowling it. Thirteen off six balls was quickly reduced to six off two, with the Brightonians perhaps the favourites. Sadly for us, a fine blow from the Oundle number five, one which cleared the boundary by a considerable distance, resulted in a win for Oundle, with a ball to spare. Though weather rather blighted the game, Patrick deserves every credit for putting together a good young team, as does every member of the team for putting up with such a long drive with little prospect of a full game of cricket. Let’s hope that next year brings better weather and greater success, but the same enthusiasm from the most talented of the recent leavers. Julian Withers (H. 1976-81)

OB XI: Oliver Gatting (H. 2003-08), Adam Davies (L. 2005-2010), Patrick Spencer (R. 1994-99) (Capt.), Felix Jordan (S. 2004-09), Chris Grammer (D. 1998-03), Elliot Cloy (A. 2002-05), Ben Hansford (S. 2002-07), Matthew Commin (H. 2002-07), Julian Barr (H. 1997-02), Alwyn Frank (R. 1995-97), Julian Withers (H 1976-81)



Brighton College vs OBGS APRIL 2011 The Brighton College golf team took on the Old Brightonians Golf Society at the Dyke Golf Club. Both sides fielded a slightly depleted team – as a result of injuries or important cricket fixtures. Representing the school, Toby and Oli Graves (R. L5) went out first against Julian Hunt (D. 1984-87) and Geoffrey Bush (H. 1965-70), and after some great putting and 3 birdies on the first nine the pupils were 1 up. However, the OBs battled back on the homeward nine with their own birdie charge to earn a half. Ben Roberts (A. U6) and Ed Kittow (A.L6) played Julian Tate (D. 1982-87) and Tom Hayward (D. 2002-06).

OB Golf Society Report After a 32 year stint, Chris Pett (H. 196267) has stood down as Secretary of OBGS. I takeover at a time when enthusiasm within the Society remains very high but results remain elusive. My aim is to bring in 'new blood' to strengthen our team events and I am pleased to report that very strong young golfers are already being identified. Last years Autumn Meeting was held at the glorious Rye Golf Club and the Whitmore Bowl was won by Malcolm Jenkins (H. 1951-55). The inaugural 'Secretary’s Cup' was held in early April in glorious spring sunshine at West Sussex Golf Club. The event had been created in honour of Chris Pett (H. 1962-67) and unsurprisingly the event was very well supported containing many generations of OBs. The delight of OBGS golf is that every generation of OB can participate and this creates a super atmosphere within the Society. We travelled to the Halford Hewitt with possibly the strongest team we had ever assembled for a first round match against Westminster at Royal Cinque Ports, Deal. First out was the pairing of Chris Long (D. 1984-89) and Mark Budd (D. 2004-09). A schoolmaster employed to reign in the prodigious talent and hitting of Mark Budd. Alas, after a good battle against a strong team, Chris and Mark succumbed on the 18th. Second out was our dream pair of of Riaz Rattansi (C. 1985-90) and Andy Sweet (D. 1986-91). Clever (lucky) Westminster put out their weakest


player and our best team was wasted in a 6 and 5 victory. The key battle came at third pair which involved the pairing of Julian Tate (D. 1982-87) and Patrick Spencer (R. 1994-99). Having hit the ball into the car park on the first, Julian and Pat did not recover and went down 3 and 1. Third pair Julian Hunt (D. 1984-87) took the budding professional Tom Hayward (D. 200206) under his wing and enjoyed the slip stream of Tom’s excellence to win 3 and 1. Everything came down to the last match which paired Chris Pett (H. 1962-67) and Chris Gates (R. 198590) against one of Westminster’s strongest pairs. The Chris’ did exceptionally well to bring the game down to the 18th and a big crowd gathered. Unfortunately Brighton’s second shot fell to a watery grave and with it the match was lost and Westminster prevailed 3 and 2. Halford Hewitt week was completed by Geoffrey Bush (H. 1965-70) and Warwick Sabey (B. 1959-65) winning the Kenyon Bowl for Brighton College at Littlestone. In the Cyril Gray (over 50’s) held at Worplesdon GC, Surrey, OBGS lost in the first round of the main draw but then enjoyed some titanic battles in reaching the semi final of The Plate Tournament. Our next event will be the Sussex Schools Challenge held annually in September against our rivals Lancing, Hurst, Eastbourne and Ardingly. Hon Sec: Julian Hunt (D. 1984-87)

The early part of the match was characterised by solid golf from both teams, and the first five holes were halved. On the back nine the OBs started to pull away after birdies on 12 and 13 and the strong showing in the later part of the round saw them eventual winners, 2 and 1. The match between Mr Sperring and Chris Pett (H. 1962-67) was not as close as the other matches – after a shaky opening hole Mr Sperring was 1 over par through the next 13 holes, and it would be indelicate to say anything other than this match finished with holes to spare. Overall, then, the match was halved with both sides securing 1 and a half points. This was the first time in a few years that this fixture has been played, but it looks certain that it will become an annual event in the golfing calendar. Ben Roberts (A. 2009-11)

Do you want to play Royal St Georges? Join OBGS now. Golf is a game for life and the delight of OBGS golf is that every generation of OB can participate and this creates a super atmosphere within the Society. OBGS is open to golfers of all talents although I would be duplicitous not to admit that I would give particular welcome to any single figure handicapper who can assist our team events. Come and join us. Please contact me at 01273 249223 or Hon Sec: Julian Hunt (D. 1984-87)

OBRUFC v Hurst... Sussex's biggest old boy game! DEC 2010 Despite the inclement weather, Hurst v Brighton was back on for the prestigious Padwin Cup. As of late my youthful exuberance for literary mastery that once adorned our beloved Pelican has been lacking and having not played for the Burgundy and Blues for some time I had forgotten how much fun is to be had in this annual fixture against an opposition who was tenacious to the end, if lacking any serious flash of rugby ability. The mood was relaxed, in fact it was basically sedentary as we kicked off, fortunately Hurst were in a similar mind frame and the opening exchanges were pretty loose. Eventually Adam Phillips (H. 1998-2003) began to show half an interest in the game and such is his mastery of this football game given to us by Rugby that he began to ghost through holes and send our power runners, Will Harris (S. 2000-05) and Tom Aiken (A. 2003-08) into gaps behind the stretched Hurst defences. James Baldwin (S. 1999-2001) was causing problems to Hurst on his wing as his pace was hard to match but despite going close twice he couldn't quite manage to get over the white wash. Nick Buoy played excellently at fullback and showed his

experience and still sizeable ability to go over twice in the second third with Tom Hayward (D. 2002-06) starting to also show promise in attack. In the final third, Timmy Walford, a most impressive scrummager and bone crunching tackler, skipped in with the finesse of a Gazelle/ HGV hybrid, whilst Ben Maidment (R. 2004-06) showed a new found gear to run in and over a few helpless defenders to put the result beyond all doubt despite a late try by Hurst. Final Score 36 - 7. Brightonians retain the Padwin Cup. To be fair, had we taken this game seriously and not been playing out a re-enactment of the Battle of Ypres in terms of the condition of the pitch we probably would have racked up close to a century over Hurst. Yet that's what makes this fixture so great, a chance to play with other Old Brightonians who are all very capable rugby players and simply enjoy the moment. Finally a big thank you to Hove RFC for their generosity yet again in lending us their super facilities, without them it would be very hard to continue this fixture and I know Old Johnonians are as equally grateful as we are. Hugo Baldwin (S. 1999-03)

Looking Ahead The 2011-2012 rugby season promises to be an active and exciting season. It starts with the Cronk Cunis U21 tournament on August 29th at Richmond Rugby Club. Brighton College has always done well at this tournament and I am sure that under Nik Pass's leadership we stand a good chance of winning some silverware. Please come along to support, it is a great day out. The following weekend Brighton College 1st XV will play it's first match of the season on the Home Ground; Old Brightonians will be playing a curtain raiser match against Brighton Blues in memory of Peter Rumney (Saturday September 3rd, Home Ground, kick off 1.00pm). This match always sees a great turnout of players and spectators and this year the College will have a series of events running throughout the day. Please make sure you come along to play or support. This season the ever popular Staff v OBs match will be played under floodlights at Rosslyn Park in November (date and time to be confirmed). This means all the OB rugby players living in London have a chance to meet up, have a go... I mean... have a game against the staff and enjoy a few beers afterwards. This game is aimed at the older OB players but I'm sure we can sneak a few young players in as well! The traditional Christmas game against Hurstpierpoint College is all set for December 27th, again a great opportunity to meet up with mates, have a run around and a good social afterwards. We are also planning a match against Worth Old Boys and looking to organise additional over-25's games as well as putting sides into various 7's and 10's tournaments. So, keep an eye on the website. This is a season of rebirth for Old Brightonian Rugby and I need to thank Roger Nicholson, Nick Buoy and Rebecca Findlay for the support they have already given and the help they have committed. As with all these things we need people helping with organising teams, sponsorship etc; if you would like to help in any way please contact either John Aiken mobile:07715 580990 or email or Ted Littlewood mobile:07968 747431 or email See you on the touchline! John Aiken (A. 1976-81)



Reunions & Events It has been a busy year for the Old Brightonians, and events have been enthusiastically attended, re-uniting friends and making new ones. Vice-Presidents Luncheon FEB 2011 The sun shone gloriously through the windows of the library of The Army & Navy Club, lending delightful views of St James’ Square below as we gathered for the sixth annual Vice-Presidents’ Luncheon. The company inside the room was just as lively with familiar faces catching up on news. Peter Miller (C. 1945-49), our host, kept things running smoothly and everyone in order as we heard the latest intelligence from the College courtesy of Simon Smith. Fiona Aiken (F. 1979-81) was welcomed as a Vice-President, and Peter Miller thanked her on behalf of all involved with the OBA for her sterling and much appreciated work over the years. Our thanks go to Peter Miller for hosting the event so diligently.

Oxbridge Dinner FEB 2011 The Fellows’ Dining Room at Balliol College, Oxford was the venue for this year’s Oxbridge Dinner. Thirty-four current, recent and soon-to-be Oxford and Cambridge undergraduates enjoyed an excellent meal in this impressive setting, while catching up with College developments. Jo-anne Riley, Deputy Headmistress, entertained guests with an after dinner speech, outlining recent happenings at the College, and including a poem dedicated to the Head Master, who was sadly unable to attend.


Pioneers Club For 60s and Over young and old. Our past pupils may be gone from our hallowed halls but they are not forgotten, as our USA OB Ambassador Ingram Losner (D. 1973-78) rightly says, “You can take the boy or girl out of Brighton College, but you can’t take Brighton College out of the boy or girl!” Indeed this was beautifully illustrated when our OBs persuaded one Fergus Blair (H. U6), who had come down to the restaurant to take anyone who wanted a tour back up to the College, to sit down and enjoy dessert with them; such was the bon homie of the day. MAY 2011 Well what a wonderful time our Pioneers had in the Chapel Music Room, or Room D, or as it is now known the Hordern Room after OB Michael Hordern (C. 1925-30). Simon Smith, Second Master, gave all a warm welcome especially to our earliest Old Brightonian who had been at the College in the 1930s, namely John Osborne (C. 1931-34). Father Robert Easton led a vibrant and energetic service in the Chapel, with some very fine singing from all. He underlined most poignantly how little the Chapel had changed over the years, whilst the school around it grew in size and number and energy, and emphasised that the Chapel is there for all pupils and Old Brightonians, unchanging in its welcome and atmosphere of calm and restoration. Having enjoyed the hospitality of the College, we moved on to a diversity of restaurants. The company and the food were excellent. Photographs were passed around, and many a pleasant reminiscence was to be heard echoing around the restaurant. The links between the past and the present are important to us here at the College, and we warmly welcome back our Old Brightonians,

“A delightful day... great to meet old friends, some of whom I had not seen since the early 1950’s, it must have been a great deal of work for you, but the outcome should have given you immense pleasure, as it most certainly did us!” Jack & Marion Hayes (L 1951-54)

“What a change since I was there 60 years ago, a change even since my son was there 30 years ago. There seems to be so much life and enjoyment everywhere. I almost wish that I could have my time at the College all over again, so that I could enjoy the facilities and ethos which were absent six decades ago. We look forward to future reunions.” Pat & Christine Lyford (C 1949-55)

The next Pioneers Club will be held at Café Anglais London on Thursday 8th December. Please contact Rebecca Findlay in the OB office to reserve a place.

London Drinks

College Dinner

JAN 2011 London Drinks were well attended in January, held at Rocket, a sensational new restaurant in Canary Wharf, owned by OB Duncan Watts (R. 1979-84). These events often throw up a small gathering of stalwarts and curious 'newbies' – and while the event is always pleasant and worthwhile, this particular evening turned into a classic reunion of a wide variety of OBs from across the generations. I had a truly wonderful evening, and it seemed everyone else did also – I cannot recommend these evenings highly enough, and can’t wait for the next one!

NOV 2010 An evening to remember! I arrived at my last OBA Dinner ‘in charge’ on an extremely cold evening thankful that, at least, we had no snow. Richard Cairns, Head Master, acknowledged how difficult his position was when extolling the virtues of today’s Brighton College when in the presence of a former Head Master namely Bill Blackshaw (HM 1971-87). However, Old Brightonians were delighted to hear that our alma mater is now one of the leading schools in the country. Out-going OB President Tony Whitestone (Staff 1971-2006, OB President 2007-10), then introduced guest speaker, Emma Wimhurst (F. 1982-84). Emma, although admitting how nervous she was to be back speaking at her old school, spoke eloquently about the lessons she learned at Brighton College and how she had found her own path to success, first as the founder of Diva Cosmetics and, latterly, as a business mentor. The Rt. Hon. Sir John Chilcot (H/S. 1952-57) was welcomed as new President. He graciously formally accepted the position with a short and pithy speech.

Alex Bremer (R. 1979-83)

JULY 2011 A small but entertaining gathering of Old Brightonians welcomed Simon Smith at London drinks at The Ebury, Pimlico Road. OBs young and not quite so young joined to celebrate Simon’s inaugural event as a fellow Old Brightonian. To mark his 38 years of teaching at the College, he was presented with Pelican cufflinks and the honorary Pelican lapel badge by past OB President David Gold (S. 1986-91). Messages of good will were passed on from those who couldn’t make it, and a good time was had by all!

New York Dinner MARCH 2011 On a beautiful, early spring evening in the middle of March, 20 OBs and their partners gathered together in the beautiful Lotos Club, to celebrate the 'USA Friends of Brighton College'. The setting was outstanding, the dinner was superb and the company first

class. Old acquaintances were re-made, new ones formed. I am fond of saying to friends and compatriots that I am a product of a school that has the best A Level results of any co-educational school in England. As they look at me in disbelief, I qualify my comments by referencing the more recent trends in excellence. The strengthening of the OB alumni group, as they call it in the States, is a long overdue and extremely welcome trend and one that I believe will further strengthen the unique bonds that exist between us and the College and will provide a powerful social, ambassadorial and development vehicle, allowing North American based OBs to remain connected and advocate for the school in the US. In the spirit of international fellowship….!

Finally, I would like to thank Tony Whitestone and the Association for the beautiful coffee machine which was presented to me at the dinner and for the kind words spoken. The school has been such a huge part of my life as a pupil, parent and employee. As most people will know I met my husband, John, while in the 6th Form and I thank him for all his support at various OB events over the last 12 years. John and I were married in the school Chapel and both of our sons, James and Tom, were christened and educated here. I will miss coming into the school on a regular basis and, although I will no longer be at the end of the telephone in the OB Office, I will look forward to meeting all those OBs I have come to know and love so well at future events. Thank you all. Fiona Aiken (F. 1979-81)

Ingram Losner (JS. 1971-73, D. 1973-78) USA OB Ambassador



Births, Weddings & Obituaries Births


ALEX BREMER (R. 1979-83)

JAMES AIKEN (A. 1998-03)

Alex Bremer (R. 1979-83) and his wife Miriam are delighted to announce the birth of their daughter, Elizabeth Margaret Ellen. She was born at Chelsea & Westminster on 3rd July 2011, weighing 9lbs exactly.


Abigail Brown (nee Sprankling, F. 1992-97) married Adam Brown in August 2005. They have since both enjoyed very busy military careers; serving in Germany, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan, and Abi recently completed a posting as an instructor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. They are proud to announce the birth of their daughter in September 2010, Eleanor Karen Brown.


Matthew and Gina are pleased to announce the arrival of Harry Alexander Matthew, born 4th May 2011, a brother to Sophia Alicia Gina (born March 2009).

JOHN GREEN (C. 1985-89)

John Green (C. 1985-89) and Sally Emms are proud to announce the birth of their first baby daughter, Evie Rose Green. Born 26th November 2009 in Kent.


Sam and Peter are thrilled to announce the arrival of their third daughter Frankie-Lee Kimber 9lb 0.5oz born on 21st June 2011 a little sister for Maddison Leeann Kimber (7 years) and Courteney Alana Kimber (13 years).


David and his wife, Cristina, are proud to announce the birth of their son, Hugo Bayne Lawrence on 8th October 2010, weighing 7lbs 1oz.


James Aiken (A. 1998-03), son of John & Fiona Aiken (A. 1976-81/F. 1979-81) and brother of Tom Aiken (A. 2003-08), married Rachel Tripp in Brighton on 16th April. Other Old Brightonian attendees included his Best Man, David Watson (R.1998-2003), his uncle Roger Aiken (A. 1971-76), Harvey Strudwick (H. 2006-08), Sam Turner (S. 2003-08) and his godfather, Michael Seare (A. 1977-82).


Jack Bremer (BCJS. 1990-94 – son of former Director of Art, Nick Bremer) married Katy Appleton, sister of Joey Appleton (D. 1979-84) and daughter of Graham Appleton (D. 195357) in Marylebone, London on 29th December 2010. Attendees included the Appletons & Bremers, as well as Best Man, Alex Bremer (R. 1979-83), Jack Hayes (L. 1951-54), Rod Langridge (A. 1956-61) and Patrick Bremer (BCJS. 1992-96).

NED CARNIE (H. 2000-05)

Ned Carnie (H. 2000-05) married Ruth Potter in Cheltenham on 9th April 2011. We were joined by many friends and family including more than a few Old Brightonians!


Harriet Daultrey (W. 2003-05) and Ricky Fraser (PGAT) married in the College Chapel on Friday 9th July.


Old Brightonians, Matthew and his beautiful bride Charlotte were married this summer in the Chapel by Father Robert Easton. There were many Old Brightonians at the wedding, including bridesmaids Tiffany Clark (W. 2002-07) and Niki Holdsworth (W. 2002-07).

TOM HUGHES (A. 1992-97)

Tom Hughes (A. 199297) married dentist Olya Samoylenko in April 2010 at Pelham House, Lewes, with another celebration with her family in Ukraine in September 2010.


Stuart Woodbridge (S. 1998-03), grandson of OB Vice-President Leonard Rea (H/C. 1945-51), married Gabrielle Medcraft on 27th November 2010 in Pymble, Sydney Australia. Photographed are Ian Dodd (H. 1955-60) and his wife, Leonard Rea (H/C. 1945-51), Gabrielle and Stuart, and brother of the groom and Best Man, Nicholas Woodbridge (S. 1995-2000).


Although not a member of the Common Room as such, Chris O’Connell became in his thirty year career at the College a truly legendary figure and, as one previous Headmaster has said, ‘simply the best Housemaster that convention prevented me from appointing’. His 22 years in the Irish Guards, culminating in his appointment as RSM and his final posting to commanding Army Youth Teams in Northern Ireland, made him the ideal candidate to become the College CCF’s S.S.I when the post became vacant in 1967, and to revivify a still compulsory cadet corps, which had recently suffered from some of the social turbulence associated with that time. Chris soon restored a pride in the Corps, and the impeccable drill and turnout, especially among the Cadre, became objects of admiration. It was therefore quite fitting and a mark of the high reputation that Chris had with the powers that be in the Ministry of Defence that the College Cadet Force was chosen to represent the more than 200 CCFs in the UK at the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Review of her Reserve and Cadet Forces at (the old) Wembley Stadium 30th June 1997. In recognition of this and his services to youth, Chris was awarded the Jubilee Medal and, later, the B.E.M, both presented to him on memorable occasions at the school. Chris came into his own at Camp, both of the annual and adventurous training variety, when he was able to persuade cadets to achieve more than they thought possible and demonstrate that military discipline and training did not exclude fun and enjoyment. I still have recollections of how his ambush exercises would be based on his recollections of his own tales of derring-do from his active service in Cyprus, larded with a good quota of his inimitable Irish blarney. While not a man for service bureaucracy, Chris certainly knew how the system worked, and it was a point of honour for him that the contingent should always leave camp with if not more, then at least better, kit and equipment than when it arrived!

him and a young LVth former, one of the Day Houses might have been blown up! The boy had found a small WWII bomb on the Downs one weekend and took it to Chris with great pride on Monday morning; Chris summoned the bomb squad, and the bomb was duly exploded on the Home Ground, albeit rather like a damp squib. The discoverer of the bomb was one of the very many boys (and later girls) who needed someone other than his parents or house staff as a listening board and encourager. Chris sometimes acted as a father figure, and there was one head boy, who having lost his own father, looked upon Chris as such and under whose influence rose to having a distinguished, if ‘underground’ military career in the Falklands and the First Iraq War. Indeed, there are currently OBs serving in all branches of the armed service who owe much to Chris’ mentoring and tutelage, and the three Sandhurst Swords of Honour awarded to OBs are a testament to this. Shortly before he died in January of this year and when not in the best of health, Chris returned to visit the College and his beloved armoury and to seek out some familiar faces. Perhaps things and people were not as he could recall, but his memory deserves a place in the annals of the College, which he served in so many ways with distinction and humour for so long. A Memorial Service will be held at Brighton College Chapel on 14th January 2012. I am grateful to my former colleagues, Christopher Alderson, Bill Blackshaw, Martin Green, and John Page for sharing their memories of Chris O’Connell with me. Anthony Whitestone (Common Room 1971-2006)


Professor Leslie Collier (H. 1934-37), who died on March 14 aged 90, was a virologist and bacteriologist who built on the earlier work of such scientists as Edward Jenner in helping to develop a vaccine that led to the eradication of smallpox; he also made major contributions to the understanding of trachoma, a disease which causes blindness in tropical countries. Collier was a fellow of the Royal Society of Pathologists and served as president of the pathology section of the Royal Society of Medicine from 1986 to 1988.


Ros was a member of the College Common Room from 1993 to 2000, an effective and attentive teacher of French and German, Housemistress of Williams House from 1995 until 2000, when she left to become the Head of the English Section at the Lycée Français in London. In her final year at the College, she also acted as Senior Mistress. Ros died on Friday 26th February after a brave battle with cancer. Our condolences go to her husband Bruce, who was a stalwart supporter of College cricket, and her two sons, Andrew (H. 1993–98) and Alistair (H. 1996-01). A service was held at the College in March.


Michael studied Chemistry at Kings College, London and subsequently worked for Shell in the North West of England, in Holland, Jubail and SABIC in Riyadh and London. He retired at 65, and enjoyed travelling to Australia to visit his daughter, and in Europe. Michael was diagnosed with cancer just before Christmas, and died peacefully at home on 15th June.

One cannot do justice to the memory of Chris O’Connell without recalling the wider pastoral role he played within the College. Beneath his blarney, irrepressible humour and his aspect of the parade ground martinet, there lay the sympathetic and understanding ear, especially to the troubled and unhappy soul, whether boy, girl or member of staff. Indeed, if there had not existed a close and trusting friendship between



Simon Smith I had just finished my second year of teaching at the College when Simon joined the English Department in September 1973... the complexities of scene changes and a large junior cast in The Admirable Crichton; exploiting the glittering talents of Glen McCready and Sarah Mann in the round in Pygmalion; the heartstopping intensity of emotion in Three Sisters. Chekhov became one of Simon’s favourites in a long career of later productions, many of them staged in the greater intimacy of the Hordern Room which so suited his style as director, though he was equal to the grand occasion too: the 1995 ‘Sesquicentenary’ As You Like It for instance.

It has proved a lengthy associaton. Nearly forty years on, he finally leaves the classroom, although the College will not lose his services altogether. Nonetheless, a momentous milestone has been passed. A list of all the many areas of College life that have been touched by his enthusiasm and expertise would extend beyond the scope of these pages; I can only select a few. Simon and I began as boarding house tutors – an occupation which brought us early into a fulfilling contact with pupils in a variety of guises – sporting, academic, cultural and pastoral – which were to dominate our lives as schoolmasters. Certainly this experience proved invaluable when he became Housemaster of Leconfield in the 1980s. Simon was a keen sportsman, who gave enormous tranches of his time to cross-country, rugby, junior hockey and senior cricket. Especially memorable were Saturday early evenings in Peter Perfect’s drawing room in Bristol House, when the three of us would foregather over a drop of something reviving to recount the events and personalities in our day’s varied experiences on the senior cricket fields. Drama was also a shared pleasure – from the early days when we searched the stocks of the Brighton Library Hire Department for sets of plays to read with the boarders on Sunday evenings, to more formal occasions when Smith/Robinson Productions burst onto the College stage. So many come back to mind from the distant past: 15

One of the areas in which Simon will be most sadly missed will be the Chapel, where his sustained support for Chaplains has been so notable. He and Fr Robert in particular have enjoyed a close working relationship; add the expert musical direction of Sandy Chenery and you have a partnership which has enriched our experience on many occasions, such as in the moving combination of liturgy, readings and music that has made Remembrance services so powerful. Music of course has been another of Simon’s passions, from early days as a bassoonist in College orchestras to later contributions to the basses in the Choral Society. In all areas of College life, it has been Simon’s skill in organising that has been such a valuable asset. To be clear-thinking, thorough and forceful, but always unfussy, calm and humane, takes some doing, yet he seems to have achieved this dextrous balance. Literary conferences for Sixth Formers and academics; running the prefectorial body and providing social occasions at home for common room and prefects; countless school assemblies, concerts and theatre trips, including an annual stay in Stratford; Speech Days at the Dome: grand or simple, they were all within his seemingly effortless scope. The College Council and four Headmasters doubtless owe him a debt of gratitude for his long service as a housemaster, senior manager, deputy head and acting headmaster. His colleagues share the same debt. His has always been a study door where it was easy to knock, enter and unburden yourself of whatever issue dominated your mind at that moment: whether

the matter was crucial or frankly trivial, you were guaranteed a fair hearing and sound counsel – even if the message was not always exactly what you wanted to hear. Courteous, discreet and forbearing as he invariably was, Simon was never afraid to speak his mind if he felt good sense or natural pieties were being contravened. Schoolmastering’s gain was the Diplomatic Service’s loss in this respect. Firmness combined with generosity – though not perhaps in such equal measures – characterised another of Simon’s key areas of activity: dog training. Major Sir Jocelyn Lucas Bart MP knew how to breed exclusive terriers; Simon has had three of them in his time, Tom, Darcy and the present Gus, – ‘Rather a rare breed, actually’ – and all have been, shall we say, full of character. In no sense has iron discipline dampened their joie de vivre! It has always been a comforting sight in the Front Quad to observe Simon or one of his pupils quietly walking his dog – though scenes of gleeful escape and frantic pursuit might be occasionally disconcerting. It was in the classroom however that Simon’s talents shone the brightest. No-one he taught will ever forget the experience, whether in a Fourth Form reading The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew or an Oxbridge group studying Philip Larkin: scholarly standards and attention to detail, but also freshness, irony, good humour and – though it is not perhaps a word he would encourage me to use – fun. At two of the many dinners held in his honour in the second half of the term, colleagues from the English Department of all vintages since the 1970s – and from elsewhere – came together to thank him for many years of support and friendship. In my address at Simon’s last Presentation Assembly, I said that most of us would be able to think of a particular teacher whom we remembered or would remember all our lives with especial respect and affection. For very many of those present, the face, voice and figure of Simon Smith would be the one that in future years came happily to mind. There cannot be many rewards in teaching much better than that. Philip Robinson (Common Room 1971-2008)

The Year of 2011

1991 Reunion JUNE 2011 The day started at The Ginger Dog (The Wellington in our days and the right name), a quaint little pub just down from the College that of course the modern generation at the College would not be able to frequent as we once did. Onto College, and through the familiar, gothically revived arches of Sir George Gilbert Scott (passing a Fort Knox style barricade and polite porters) for a tour, and a smart, well mannered young man, Alex Balcigill (A.U6).

For all of us who thought that we’d far outgrown school and that we were more than ready to face university and bigger things, graduating was a poignant experience. Hearing the teachers summing up our time in the space of a sentence and saying such nice things, true or not, really underscored the enormous part that Brighton College has played in all of our lives. Amidst the celebration and elation was the ever present worry that we were leaving behind a huge part of what we are. It was a most enjoyable week and served as a validation of our time at Brighton College and everything that we achieved as a year group. It was most fitting and was a truly memorable send off allowing us to go out with a bang. From the year group photo to the dancing at the leavers ball it was clearly obvious how close Payman Seyed-Safi (H. 2006-11, Head of School 2010-11) and Sasha Morse (F. Head of School 2011-12)

The new decor was bold and unmistakably Brighton College. From the lobby, we made our way up the stairs to Mr Wilmott's classroom at one end, divided by a rather attractive concertina door to where Mr Robinson taught us. Onto the library, Masters' Common Room, dining room (oh the queuing for lunch!!), Home Ground and Hampden House, that had literally not changed in twenty years! The Horsebox was the same, Mr Spencer's office, the changing rooms (my locker was still bent) and of course all the House photos and honours boards. But it was the smell of the Houses that was the same and this was the same feeling we all got. Fenwick (first time in there for us men!), Williams, School, Chichester – it was so weird but so good to be back. the year was as a whole and it really served to create a nostalgic yet happy atmosphere throughout both days. The saying of goodbyes on the lawn following the final Chapel for me was the most moving part of the experience. It was a chance for us to all say our own personal goodbyes both to fellow pupils and the teachers and at the same time preparing for the last time we would all be together and to make sure we’d enjoy it. I’m sure I speak for the whole year when I say it is very sad to leave all the friends we’ve made and the experiences we’ve had at the College but at the same time it is exciting to go out into the world and meet new people and see new things. It’s most reassuring to know we have the Old Brightonians to make sure we keep in touch with everyone.

Once the tour of the Great Hall and Chapel ended with us all sitting in the same seats for a few moments, we headed outside for a group photo, the same spot we finished on our final day in 1991, fresh from belting out 'Jerusalem' followed by tears, hugs, shirt-signing, writing addresses on pieces of paper (no mobiles, Facebook... a simpler life) and then to the only place on earth at that time we wanted to be as we grew from boys to men, girls to women – The Bristol Arms, the last drinking hole on our final day. We lost a few of the group who had to head home but the hardy few ploughed through the night to extend this strange but brilliant day. I would like to say thank you to all the OBs who made the effort and of course, Ms Rebecca Findlay who showed us round. Simon Middleton (H. 1986-91)

Payman Seyed-Safi (H. 2006-11) Head Of School 2010-11



Development News The first year of the Development Office has been a wonderful opportunity to forge friendships and relationships with Old Brightonians, parents, and friends of the College. Our ambitious and exciting programme of capital development and refurbishment would not be possible without the help and support of the wider College community, and we are immensely grateful to all those who choose to support the College in this way, working with us to build a bright future for Brighton College. JUBILEE PAVILION Our key project for the year has been fundraising for the Jubilee Pavilion at the New Ground, which will provide a warm and welcoming pre and post match venue, a

Jubilee Pavilion

hub for College sport and a base for outdoor activities – a far-cry from the New Ground known to generations of Old Brightonians, accustomed to a rather more wind-swept and exposed sporting experience! The New Ground plays host to over 700 boys and girls, and at least 100 parents, in a typical week, and there is a desperate need for improved facilities. The Jubilee Pavilion (to be opened in the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee) will be used not only by the College, but by the wider community, such as a new youth cricket club, the Crew Club, being formed in east Brighton as a result of the successful Street20 cricket initiative. In its beautiful setting at the foot of the South Downs, the Pavilion will also serve as an invaluable base

for outdoor activities such as CCF and Duke of Edinburgh awards, enabling pupils to improve their navigation skills, orienteering, field craft and to complete night camp tasks. The estimated cost of the Jubilee Pavilion is £1.4 million, but with the College matching all donations pound for pound our fundraising target is just half this amount. Thanks to the generosity of individual donors we are already well over two-thirds of the way there, with almost £500,000 raised to date. Building will commence as soon as the funds are secured, and we hope that as many OBs as possible will wish to contribute to help us transform the New Ground in to an area of which we can all be proud. Donations can be made over a period of three years, and all those who give £1,000 or more will be made Friends of the Pavilion, and have their names inscribed on a donor board in the new building. All donors will be invited to a special opening event at the Jubilee Pavilion, bringing together friends and supporters in celebration of Brighton College sport. You can view the Jubilee Pavilion brochure at to read more about the difference that this project will make to our pupils and see the options for tax efficient giving. You can also make a donation online, or download a donation form at www.

The Music School

THE MUSIC SCHOOL Plans were unveiled earlier this year for the new Music School which will bring teaching, practice and performance together at the very heart of the College. The three-storey building will provide valuable practice rooms, a library, an ICT room, a recording suite and a 150-seat recital room with a spectacular picture window overlooking the Home Ground. We are still in the planning stages at the moment, working closely with Eric Parry Architects who have been appointed to design this impressive building on the College landscape; but we are thrilled to have already secured some pledges of support for this important new building. If you would like to view the plans please contact Debra Chalmers.


Donations fund scholarship opportunities

Donations from individuals and HSBC have once more supported our Kingsford Scholarship programme this year, and further gifts have enabled us to introduce a new programme enabling local pupils to benefit from a Brighton College education. Thanks to the generosity of OB Ellis Goodman (H. 1951-53) we have been able to set up the Foundation Scholarship programme to provide full Sixth Form

scholarships for pupils from the Brighton area. Our first Foundation Scholars will join the College this September from Patcham High School. Al-Amin Miah was Head Boy at Patcham and sat 12 GCSEs, including the study of Ancient History which he did in his own time and in just three months. He is planning to study Maths, Chemistry, Physics, and German at A-level and has ambitions to study Mechanical Engineering at university.  Radi Darwish was Deputy Head Boy at Patcham, sat 11 GCSEs, and is planning to take Biology, Chemistry and Physics and Maths at A-level next year, in preparation for reading Medicine at university. As always, our Kingsford Scholars have made an invaluable contribution to the College over the past year, and all have been offered places at leading universities. Issah Abdul Moomin was offered a place at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, to read Philosophy, Politics, and

Economics. He is the second Kingsford boy in three years to achieve an Oxbridge offer, following George Weller, who is reading Natural Sciences at Cambridge. Jorden Edgar-Oliyide has been offered a place to read English at Nottingham University, and Kris Shukla hopes to read Economics and Politics at Exeter. All have impressed us greatly with their enthusiasm to get involved in all aspects of College life. Issah completed his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Expedition in Snowdonia, in weather conditions that he describes as 'challenging' and also helped with Abraham House charity fund raising; Jorden played for the 2nd XI football team, sprinted for the athletics team and won the Chapel Reading Prize, and Kris and his dance partner won the charity Strictly Come Dancing competition this year, as well as playing football for the 3rd XI. We are sorry to have to say good-bye to them as pupils, but delighted to be welcoming them to the esteemed ranks of the Old Brightonians!

Head Master's Garden Party

The 1845 Society – recognising our legacy pledgers

MAY 2011 Although the weather disrupted the planned croquet on the lawn, it certainly did not dampen spirits at the Head Master’s Garden Party. The evening brought together benefactors of the College, many of whom are OBs, who have made significant donations to development projects over the last two decades. Their generosity has enabled projects such as the Alexander Arts Centre, the Sammy Woods Pavilion, the Dyslexia Centre and the Kingsford Fund, to name but a few, to be fully realised. We would like to reiterate our thanks to all those who have supported the College in recent years by donating to our building projects and bursary schemes, in whatever capacity, allowing its continued success.

A legacy to Brighton College is one of the most significant gifts you can make, and to recognise the generosity of those who remember the College in their will, we are delighted to announce the formation of the 1845 Society. Named after the year of the founding of the College, membership of the 1845 Society will be open to all those who have pledged a gift to Brighton College in their will. Members will be invited to an annual lunch, and other key events in the College calendar, in thanks and recognition for their contribution to the future of Brighton College.

support, and however much you are able to give, your legacy will make a real difference to the school. For more details on legacy giving and the 1845 Society, or to notify us of a gift in your will, please contact Debra Chalmers, in confidence.

A legacy is an opportunity to make the sort of gift which might not be possible in your lifetime and, as Brighton College is a charity, legacies left to the school are free of inheritance tax. If you have a preference for how your gift should be used, you can choose the area you would like to support, such as scholarships, bursaries or building projects. Whatever you choose to

For more information on any aspect of development at Brighton College, and how you can get involved, please contact Mrs Debra Chalmers, Director of Development and Alumni Relations,, 01273 704234.


Forthcoming Events August 2011

December 2011

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THURSDAY 1ST Brighton College Choral Society Brighton Concert

OB Golf Society Halford Hewitt, Royal St George’s/Cinque Ports, Kent

September 2011 SATURDAY 3RD Brighton Day The Peter Rumney Memorial/OB Netball/BBQ/Tours MONDAY 5TH OB Golf Society Sussex Schools Golf Challenge, Walton Heath, Surrey THURSDAY 15TH OB Business Networking Drinks (City & Finance) Rocket City EC2 London FRIDAY 16TH Gravetye Manor Garden Tour & Talk TUESDAY 27TH Headmasters Lecture, Dr Kerry Brown ‘China and the Challenge of Political Reform’ 5pm, Brighton College

SUNDAY 4TH Brighton College Christmas Carol Service 6pm, All Saint’s Church, Hove THURSDAY 8TH Pioneers Club Lunch Cafe Anglais, London SATURDAY 24TH Midnight Mass Brighton College Chapel TUESDAY 27TH OBRUFC Christmas Game Vs. Hurst Hove RFC

January 2012 SATURDAY 14TH Chris O'Connell Memorial Service Brighton College Chapel

FRIDAY 30TH Jubilee Pavilion Golf Day Singing Hills Golf Club

THURSDAY 26TH OB London Drinks The Ebury, London SW11

October 2011

February 2012

FRIDAY 7TH - SUNDAY 9TH OB Golf Society Grafton Morrish (if qualified) Royal West Norfolk/ Hunstanton, Norfolk

WEDNESDAY 1ST Brighton College Autograph Concert

WEDNESDAY 5TH Brighton College Autograph Concert FRIDAY 7TH Brighton College Family Society Comedy Night WEDNESDAY 12TH OB Business Networking Drinks (Property) Rocket Mayfair W1

THURSDAY 16TH Brighton Drinks Hotel du Vin THURSDAY 16TH - FRIDAY 17TH OB Lodge Meeting FRIDAY 24TH Oxbridge Dinner Pembroke College, Cambridge

March 2012

November 2011

OB Golf Society Secretary’s Cup West Sussex Golf Club

OBRUFC vs Masters Match

OBRUFC vs Masters Match

THURSDAY 3RD Brighton College Business Club

THURSDAY 1ST Vice-Presidents Luncheon Army & Navy Club, London

WEDNESDAY 9TH Brighton College Autograph Concert THURSDAY 10TH OB London Drinks The Ebury, London SW11 SUNDAY 13TH Remembrance Day Service Brighton College FRIDAY 18TH Careers Day Lower Fifth SATURDAY 26TH Art Exhibition and Drinks Reception Brighton College

SATURDAY 10TH 1990s Reunion Brighton College MONDAY 19TH - TUESDAY 20TH OB Lodge Meeting SATURDAY 24TH OB USA New York Dinner The Lotos Club, New York

OBRUFC The Sunshine Sevens 2011 WEDNESDAY 18TH OB London Drinks / Five year reunion for 2007 leavers SATURDAY 21ST Brighton College and Old Brightonians Sports Dinner APRIL OBCC vs 1st XI Twenty/20

May 2012 OB Golf Society Grafton Morrish Qualifier Knole Park, Kent OB Golf Society vs Brighton College Dyke Golf Club OB Cricket 20/20 Cricket Cup THURSDAY 10TH Pioneers Club Brighton College SATURDAY 19TH 1980s Reunion Brighton College OB Brighton Drinks

June 2012 OB Golf Society Over 50s, Cyril Gray Worplesdon, Surrey OBCC Cricketer Cup WEDNESDAY 6TH / THURSDAY 7TH OB Lodge Meetings THURSDAY 28TH Graduation 2012

July 2012 OBRUFC Stockholm 10’s

There will be other events that are organised during the year, or there may be some changes to dates occasionally so please do check the website or call the office.

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