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December 2012

TAT T LY D E S I G N Y TAT T O O S $5 I’ve always wanted tattoos but I’m such a fickle creature so I can never decide what I want. Well, luckily I can get my tat fix from these temporary tattoos! They are one of the most legit looking temp tats I’ve ever seen. They last about two weeks for me, that’s if you don’t shower or scrub. I’m totally kidding about the showering. But I suggest patting around the tat area so you don’t rub it off.

V O L U S PA C A N D L E $15 — $27 This is indubidably my favorite candle. I can’t get enough of it. My place smells deliciously succulent even when it’s not lit. It’s potent without being overwhelming. They have lots of scents but my favorites are the makassar ebony peach and also the saijo persimmon.

P O K E T O H O L I D AY W R A P P I N G PA P E R $15 Love love love the gold print. It comes in pack of three beauitful colors.

I G N A N T T O T E B A G & T- S H I R T $50 The always inspiring creative site, iG NANT teams up with Deutsche & Japaner design studio for their first limited t-shirt and tote collection. The package consists of a beige cotton shirt and a tote bag both with a large white print on front. I carry it around for everything, from hiking, grocery shopping or stocking presents! It’s super durable.

S M A L L A D V E N T U R E I C E S K AT I N G C A R D S $16 I’m a huge a fan of everything Keiko does. Her illustrations are always cheery and childlike without being too childish so they’re perfect for all ages. These Christmas cards are just lovely. Makes me wish we had snow in Los Angeles. Check out her other prints of birds and safari animals!

N EW N EST I N AN G E LI N O H E I G HTS, CA I’m still taking my sweetbum time on decorating my new nest. It’s smaller than my previous places so it’s a trickier. Here are a few of my favorite corners. I hope I’ll be done with everything early so I can show you guys. Stay tuned!

K AT E M I S S B E A D E D C L AY + B R O N Z E N E C K L A C E $65 I wonder if I’m the first dude to rock Kate Miss’ jewelry. This necklace is one of the more masculine ones but to be honest, most of them are very unisexual. I like to wear it with a loose black tee and a blazer or a nice leather jacket.

V I N TA G E P E R P E T U A L C A L E N D A R $15 I am a sucker for vintage perpetual calendars. They also make excellent paperweight.

S W E E T E E T H C H O C O L AT E $7 I was instantly drawn to the packaging and the apatosaurus illustration. It’s my favorite dinosaur! I haven’t tried it yet but I’m certain it’s delicious. I also love the gold foil. Reminds me of Willy Wonka.

HAPPY S O C KS KI D’S KN E E H I G H $10 Aren’t they just adorable?! I got a pair for my niece Kaley. Someone’s gonna be pretty happy this Christmas! Or at least her knees will be. :)

N AT E B E R K U S I K AT L I N K B AT H T O W E L $9.99 I’m quite impressed with the Nate Berkus Target line, especially this bath towel. It’s soft and has the perfect thickness for winter. And for $10, you can’t go wrong! It comes in five different colors. I might head back to get the yellow one.

“ E X T R A YA R N ” B Y M A C B A R N E T T / I L L U S T R AT I O N S B Y J O N K L A S S E N $12 I got this book because I’m a big fan of Jon Klassen’s wonderful illustrations. The story is really adorable and inspiring too. It’s about a girl who lives in a drab town, so she decides to knit something colorful for everyone to make the world a more colorful and diverse and fun place! How awesome is that?!

L AS J EWE L RY MAR L I N F I N R I N G $85 I’m not a huge risk taker when it comes to my clothes so I like to find a statement ring to elevate my basic ensemble. This is definitely that ring where everyone notices it and loves it! It might also come in handy for self-defense. Ha!

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Old Brand New Issue No. 1 / Featuring holiday gift guide and corners of my new home.


Old Brand New Issue No. 1 / Featuring holiday gift guide and corners of my new home.