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6th GRADE MAY 18 TO 24


AndrĂŠs Laura





Political map of Panama

Day 1: Panama viejo. Funeral rituals

Archeological site of Panama viejo

Visiting the museum

Day 2: Partial transit to the Panama canal

Pacific Queen The Panama Canal is one of the engineering wonders of the world. It was built in 1913. The canal is about 50 miles long and ships are lifted 85 feet in 3 lockages as they cross the Isthmus. The journey through the canal takes about 8 hours .

Gates closed Gates closing

A Panamax ship crossing the canal.

The bridge of the Americas spans the canal and joins South America to Central and North America

Centenary brigde

At night we ‌..

Los diablitos sucios

Typical dress La Pollera

Day 3: On the sightseeing bus.

Miraflores locks

Riding a bicycle

The bay

City of knowledge

Casco Antiguo

Plaza Herrera

Compañía de Jesús church

Plaza Francia

Church La Merced

Plaza Bolivar

Day 4: Visit to the Emberรก Community. Enjoying a delicious fish and patacones Crossing the Chagres river by canoe

Crafts made out of chunga

Botanical garden

Day 5: San Lorenzo. The train station

Deep in the forest we saw monkeys

On the train to Colon

Inside the chambers

Beautiful landscape seen from the top of the fort

Built during the late 16th century. It was heavily used by commerce and slaves ships

Day 5: Portobello. Fort San JerĂłnimo

Walls were built out of coral

In 1502, Christopher Columbus on his final trip to the Americas anchored in the bay of what is now Portobello. He named the town Portobello, which in Italian, means "beautiful port�.

The Black Christ

Location of Isla Grande Palm trees and white-sand beaches form the backdrop to this lovely little island, just 15km offshore from Portobello. Isla Grande is an ideal setting for snorkeling, scuba diving or simply relaxing.

Days 5 and 6: Isla Grande

Last day: returning to Nicaragua

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Presentacion Viaje Panama  
Presentacion Viaje Panama  

Presentacion Viaje a Panama de la Escuela Universal Pierre and Marie Curie.