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3. Letter from the President James Brady the new President of the Old Andreans Association gives you the low-down.

10. A year in review We take a look back at the journey the OAA has taken in 2011

6. Where are they now? We take a walk down memory lane with the former Treasurer of the OAA, Dean Gillespie, where we revisit the highs of winning $80,000 for the school, and the lows of a forced move into Durham House…

16. A new Database Over the last year, the OAA member database has undergone an enormous transformation.

8. Births & Marriages Who has tied the knot & who has got a tiny tot? 9. Morning Tea with the Australian Ambassador to Zimbabwe The Old Andreans Association recently had the pleasure of joining with the school in hosting His Excellency, Mr. Matthew Neuhaus. 2.


17. The New Council Who are the council behind the OAA’s facelift? 18. Do it for Kundayi Find out more about our efforts to help build a school in Zimbabwe, and how you can help! 19. We want you! Find out how you could fill council vacancies and get involved!




A new Council, a new look, a new agenda; a new Old Andreans Association. 2011 has been a year of newness for the OAA. After this year’s Extraordinary General Meeting an entirely new council was elected lead by the previous Vice President of two years, 2007 graduate Mr Johnny Rays. The rest of the Council including myself as the new VP were coincidently all 2000 plus graduates, leading to what some might call a fairly inexperienced Council. I would however dispute this. What this new Council brought to the OAA was a tremendous amount of excitement and passion and it was this passion that drove the Association to have such an incredible year that no amount of experience could bring. Upon the new Executive and Councillors appointment we needed to set goals, the ideas were flowing. Harnessing the power of Facebook and social media in order to reconnect with members was a big one. I can now proudly say that thanks to the new Vice President Jack Toohey who heads up our social media, the OAA Facebook fans have increased from under 50 in January to over 700! In more broad terms however, the core strategy that was decided upon was to reconnect Old Andreans with both their fellow classmates and with the School. The two biggest events planned to achieve this where The First Annual OA V OA Rugby Day and of course, The Annual 2011. The Rugby Day was held on a Sunday afternoon, the 28th of August at St Andrews Oval and I must say without the amazing preparation of our OAA Sports Coordinator Darcy Bray, the day would not have been such a great success. Despite being rained off on the original date on the 21st the sun came out in full for the following week. With the ‘Golden Oldies’ of pre 2007 against the ‘Young Guns’ of 2008 – 2010, it was set to be a great match. There was even some on the day coaching from SACS rugby coach legends Bob Meakin, Dean Michniewicz and the previous Head of Sport Darren Lawrenson. Special OAA jerseys were made up for the day with all proceeds going toward the Kundayi Chiundizza Appeal, and of course, it wouldn’t be a SACS rugby day without a BBQ so a big thanks to Annette and the Bray family for organising and running all that. After the ‘Young Guns’ took it out the lazy Sunday afternoon began with beers on the oval



as the SACS Rugby Boys of old shared their schooling memories. Next up was the biggest event of the year, The Annual 2011, where all Old Andreans and their partners were invited. Following on from this new event that launched just last year, we hired out a private floor at Sydney’s Ivy Bar for a night of music, fun, dance and nostalgia. All funds raised on the night went to the Philip Heath Scholarship Fund and the Kundayi Chiundizza appeal. Old Andreans Pat at Cosmo hit the decks as we projected archive images of SACS life onto them. The OAA shop was up and running selling ties and jerseys as well as prints of the projected photos. The night was an incredible success with 200 attending, making it one of the biggest OAA events in history! Everyone had a great time and it was great to see old friends reunited. After our two main events were complete it was time to get started on individual year reunions and we have lots coming up. We are starting with the class of ‘06 five year reunion at the Arthouse Hotel, followed by a class of ‘01 ten year and the class of ‘86 twenty five year on the SAH roof. The ideas are flowing and all three events are set to be fantastic nights, so if your reunion is up make sure you check out the details in this newsletter and on our Facebook Page (www. Other than events there has been lots going on, all of which you can read about in this newsletter. We’ve got a brand new database, a new website on its way and much, much more. There is also a great article about Old Andrean Mr Matthew Neuhaus, Australian Ambassador to Zimbabwe who Councillor Darcy Bray and myself had the opportunity to meet. Other than that, the best is yet to come for the OAA as we begin to plan big things for the upcoming year, so if you want to get involved then check out the newsletter for more details! That’s all from me guys so enjoy reading. Kind regards,

James Brady President

“...a new Old Andreans Association” THE OLD ANDREAN NOVEMBER 2011



We take a walk down memory lane with the former Treasurer of the OAA, Dean Gillespie, where we revisit the highs of winning $80,000 for the school, and the lows of a forced move into Durham House……… What year did you graduate? “1997” Where are you now, 14 years later? “Head of Strategy for the Retail Bank at Bankwest. I worked in Adelaide for a year, but I’ve been based in Perth for four years now, but I’ll move back to Sydney one day soon...” In your final year, what subjects did you take? “3 Unit English, 3 Unit Maths, 2 Unit Physics, 2 Unit Chemistry, 3 Unit Economics. It was the last year we received TERs before UAIs started.” During your time at school, how involved were you in co-curricular activities? “I was the Head Student of the school, before we moved to School Captain. When I was head, all the school officers were called blue-coats and wore royal blue blazers instead of navy blue ones. I also started the first school cricket team when I was in year 9 - we didn’t have one before then.” What did you study at University? “When I left school, I tried to get into medicine a few times, but ended up studying a Bachelor of Economics at Sydney University. After that, I studied a Master of Applied Finance at Macquarie University. Both set me up really well to become a banker!” Describe your first job. “My first job while I was finishing school was helping out in holidays at the Wesley Conference Centre in Pitt Street, setting up conferences and serving coffee. When I left school though, I went into politics and was a political adviser for a federal MP. I did that part time while studying at uni, until I graduated and joined Bankwest as their first ever graduate in Sydney. I’ve been at Bankwest ever since!”



What memories to you hold fondest of St. Andrew’s? “There are so many memories of St Andrew’s! I still talk with a whole raft of people from the school, including almost half my year through Facebook. I remember going to Kirrikee, as well as some of the fun we used to have in classes. There were some outstanding teachers at the school when I was there - Ms Greer, Mr Bomford, Mrs Brogan, Miss Vaneris, it was a really great place to go to school. One big moment was when we started the Student Business Club, and we applied for an $80,000 federal government tender - and we won! A little thing that people may not know is that we expanded to eight houses from four in my last year. I was originally in St Pauls, but I moved to Durham at the end. Originally, Durham was going to be royal blue and black, but we decided it was too close to the school colours of blue and white, so I convinced everyone that the colours should be sky blue and black. The colours remain the same to this day! Why? Because I go for the Cronulla Sharks!” Interview by Sam Pfeiffer, Treasurer

I conviced everyone “ So that the colours should

be sky blue and black... Why? Because I go for the Cronulla Sharks!





Bronwyn Hammond (néeTurner) (2008) married Matthew Hammond on the 16th October 2010 in St Andrew’s Cathedral. Fellow Old Andrean Emma Landrigan (2008) was maid of honour. Many old Andreans were in attendance including Bronwyn’s brother Chris Turner (2009), Rebecca Scott (2009) and Julia Corderoy (2008). The St Andrew’s organist Ross Cobb played during the ceremony and the cathedral bell ringers were in the tower playing as the couple exited the cathedral. The couple now reside in Menai, Sydney.

Eliza Judd (née Maddock) married Ashley Judd on the 18th December 2010 at The Garrison Church in the Rocks. Fellow Old Andrean Rebecca Montgomery was a bridesmaid and Jeremy Deasey, also an Old Andrean, was the best man, and his father Michael Deasey married the couple. Other Old Andreans in attendance included Kate Scarfo, Adam Koutsamanis, Angus Donahoo, and Catherine Winton. The couple got engaged in Rome halfway through Ashley’s tour of Aftganistan in January 2009 and since then have lived all over Australia. The couple currently reside in Sydney. Have you just tied the knot or had a baby, or perhaps know Old Andreans that have? Please notify us at: We’d love to hear all about it!





The Old Andreans Association recently had the pleasure of joining with the school in hosting His Excellency, Mr. Matthew Neuhaus. In his role as Australia’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Neuhaus has taken a keen interest in the School’s response to the tragic and premature death of Kundayi Chiundizza. On the 29th of August the OAA held a morning tea before taking Mr Neuhaus, an Old Andrean himself, on a tour of the school. There the Ambassador met several members of the School’s Senior Executive, some year 12 students, and Sue Bennet – the head of the Kundayi Fund. This was a unique opportunity to bring a successful Old Andrean back to the school at a time when they can contribute positively to the School and its endeavours. The Ambassador is well placed to assist the School’s project to set up the Kundayi Chiundiza School in Zimbabwe. The Ambassador spoke with James Brady (OAA President) and Darcy Bray (Councillor) and emphasised the importance his time at St Andrews back in 1974 had on his development. Mr Neuhaus grew up in Tanzania and St Andrews was the only school he attended, receiving the majority of his education through home schooling. He spoke of his belief that his two years at St Andrews were crucial in obtaining his place at Sydney University. Even more impressive however, was the Ambassador’s commitment to use between $30,000 and $35,000 of his discretionary aid budget to help set up the Kundayi Chiundiza School.

This significant contribution, combined with the substantial funds raised through the efforts of Sue Bennet and her Kundayi Chiundizza Committee, will go a long way to ensuring the successful construction and support of the school. That said, Mr Neuhaus stressed that engagement with Zimbabwean locals in order to enlist their support for the project would be key to the school’s success. Following morning tea, Mr Neuhaus was taken on a tour of other parts of the school and the Cathedral. He addressed the Senior College Assembly, where he again spoke of his experiences at the school. Additionally, he encouraged all students to continue to support the Kundayi initiative even after leaving the school. The OAA recognises that the Kundayi’s year group will soon be members, Old Andreans themselves rather than students. As such, the Association has committed to supporting the cause over the long term, and to help Kundayi’s immediate peers remain engaged after they leave St Andrews. This will involve coordinating and administering the support of those school leavers well into the future. Looking ahead, the OAA is keen to increase its involvement in projects like the Kundayi Chiundizza School, and in efforts to help distant Old Andreans reconnect with St Andrews. Alex Lynch THE OLD ANDREAN NOVEMBER 2011




2011 has been a huge year for the Old Andreans Association. Starting the year with a fresh and enthusiastic new Council the Association has set out to completely revamp the OAA while also maintaining and completing our mission statement “to support and maintain a vibrant community, providing an extension of the friendships and associations from the school-years into a life-long connection with the School.” This year has seen the OAA grow in many different arenas. Our social network has expanded dramatically due to the use of Facebook and a new e-mail client ‘MailChimp’, both have enabled Old Andreans to find and reconnect with the Association, help out, give ideas and request reunions and events. As a result our database has grown considerably (more info in Article 6) which has enabled the council to extend our reach further still. The importance of this was perhaps best proved by the connections with His Excellency, Mr. Matthew Neuhaus and Cameron Jennings, both Old Andreans who have been living and helping dramatically in Zimbabwe, who have both offered their services in getting the Kundayi Chiundiza School on its feet. The OAA has also been able to donate a considerable about of money back to St. Andrew’s - with a donation to the Kundayi Chiundiza Fund and a framed Kundayi jersey as well as a large donation to the Phillip Heath Scholarship Fund. Both of which the Association would like to continue donating to, as they are such excellent causes. However, as a foundation and association we do rely largely on the donations of our members! We’ve also hosted two amazing events. The Annual 2011 and The First Annual Old Andrean -v- Old Andrean Rugby Game both being great successes and promising signs for the years to come (more on these soon). We also have many other events coming up, including the 5 year, 10 year and 25 year reunions in the latter months of 2011 as well as a proposed Old Andrean Cricket Match and the 1 year reunion in the early months of 2012, if any of these include you, please keep posted!



THE ANNUAL 2011 The Annual was a huge event held at The Ivy Sunroom, a private level of The Ivy, one of Sydney’s premier nightclubs. All Old Andreans and their partners and friends were invited. All funds raised went towards the Philip Heath Scholarship Fund and the Kundayi Chiundiza Appeal. It was a great night with guests whose graduating years ranged over 40 years. DJ’s Cosmo&Paat, Old Andrean twins, provided the tunes for the night, while being projected onto with photos from the 126 year history of St Andrew’s Cathedral School. At the other end of the Sunroom sat the OAA shop, selling ties, jerseys and selling photos from a cool photo wall as well as collating donation forms and selling bricks for the Kundayi School. It was great to see not only Old Andreans from the same years reunited but also reunions between years as well as some uniting of people who didn’t even go to St Andrew’s while their new friends did. A large bar tab helped to make sure the Old Andreans had a cracker of a night! With 200 people through the doors it was certainly a brilliant success and definately an event to be held Annually. After all, it is called ‘The Annual’.







RUGBY DAY The Old Andrean -v- Old Andrean Rugby Game, was the first of its kind to be organised by the OAA. It was held at St Andrew’s Oval on Sunday the 28th of August and saw the young guns from 08/09/10 face up to the golden oldies of 07 and backwards. It was an excellent game and saw Darren Lawrenson return to St Andrew’s Oval to coach the Golden Oldies as well as Bob Meakin and Dean Michniewicz. Special OAA Jerseys for each team we designed,provided and available for purchase, as well as a bar and barbie which all proceeds went towards a the Kundayi Chiundiza Appeal. It was excellent to see some of the great players of the past return, reunite and face eachother the game was a close one with the Young Guns getting away with a one try win, much to the Golden Oldies suprise! With a great turn out both on and off the field, it is certain to be a popular event in the future. We have even had requests for a permanent team!



A NEW DATABASE Over the last year, the OAA member database has undergone an enormous transformation. At the beginning of this year, it consisted of only an excel spreadsheet with a list of 7000 names and email addresses, most of which carried the au suffix. When we imported our database into the servers of our new host, mailchimp, we discovered that we only had around 250 up to date email addresses. Thanks to everyone who has added their details to the database, we now have 409 confirmed email addresses, which will make it significantly easier to organise reunions, and other OAA events. Our first objective this year was to update the details of the Class of 2010, of which we had 20 confirmed email addresses at the start of the year. Today, we have 96, which makes up 43.05% of the year cohort. This is an excellent result for this year, but we still have a long way to go. If you have received this newsletter, then you are already in the database, however there are still a few things you can do to help. If this isn’t your most current email address, or if you have changed your address or contact number recently, then you can update your details by heading to the OAA facebook. The most important thing you can do to help however, is to send the link around to all of your old SACS friends, so that they can add their details to the database. This will make it far easier to contact them, so that we can alert them to upcoming reunions and other events. On the database sign up form, there is a field in which you can select what sort of emails you would like to receive. Below is a guide to selecting the right level of emails for you: All OAA Emails: If you select this option, then you will receive all emails that the OAA sends out, except for invites to reunions of other year cohorts, and any other events that you wouldn’t be able to attend. Those Relevant To Me: If you select this option, then you will receive all emails regarding upcoming events that you are invited to, including reunions, The Annual, the OAA Rugby Day, etc. You will not, however, receive emails such as this one, containing general news and updates of the association.



Reunions Only: If you select this option, then you will only receive invitations to the reunions for your year cohort, and no emails for any other events, nor emails about general news regarding the association. No Emails: If you select this option, then you will not receive any emails from the OAA, except for a yearly email requesting that you update your details for the database. All email groups will receive a yearly email asking you to check your details and make sure they are still up to date. Keep in mind that every OAA email will contain a link to update your contact details, including your email status, should you wish to change it. You can also update your details at any time by emailing Michael Sligo



Graduated 2010. Currently on a Scholarship studying Business Admin and Retail Management at the International College of Management Sydney, Maq Uni. Residential Assistant at the University.

Graduated 2010. Freelance photographer & filmmaker. Casual employee of the St Andrew’s Cathedral School Marketing & Development Office.



Graduated 2010. Studying a combined degree of Commerce and Advanced Sciences at UNSW. Coached the SACS Year 7 football and cricket teams in 2011


Graduated 2002. Studied Music Education at UNSW. Now full time music teacher at SACS.


Graduated 2010. Studying Bachelor of Science (Advanced) at the University of Sydney while also working in retail.

Graduated 2010. Studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney, while also working in childcare.


Graduated 2009. Last year took a Gap year KIngs School Gloucester. Currently works as SACS Sports Staffwhile studying a Bachelor of Nursing.


PUBLIC OFFICER Graduated 2005. Studied Social Science & Economics at the University of New South Wales. Alex currently works in health policy, particularly looking at the future of the NSW Health System.



DO IT FOR KUNDAYI 2011 was a year of renewal and rejuvenation for the Old Andrean’s Association, along with the focus of reuniting the wider school community another goal of the OAA is to fundraise for causes that are supported by the school. Following the tragic death of Kundayi Chiundiza in 2010 the council embarked on the mammoth task of supporting the fundraising the Kundayi school in Zimbabwe. There have been many activies throughout the year that have contributed to the association being able to donate more than $2000 to the fund, planning to continue this campaign in the future. The first ever Old Andrean Rugby day kicked off the 2011 fundraising drive with a game of 13 vs 13 running rugby. Many of SACS’s greatest players to took to the field in support of the Kundayi fund by purchasing the newly designed OAA rugby jerseys, we raised over a thousand dollars on the day and were able to purchase and frame one the jerseys worn by the 1st XV in the memorial game against St Greogory’s College. James Brady, Jack Toohey and Darcy Bray presented the school with the jersey along with a cheque for $1000. Our next major event is a joint event co-ordinated by the school and the OAA, it is a fundraising dinner to be held at one of sydney’s premier function centers with many personalities turning out in support of the dinner and it would be a great show of support if the Old Andreans could give a show of strength and unity by purchasing tables and attending the event on the 2nd of December 2011. Darcy Bray



GET INVOLVED The OAA Council is made up of Old Andreans who are enthusiastic about keeping their former school connections active! There are currently positions available for Year Co-Ordinators, Event Assistants and General Councillors. We meet regularly and facilitate events such as reunions, OAA vs Current Student sporting events, support of current SACS projects (eg the Kundayi School) and other initiatives. Your input as an Old Andrean can help to achieve our goal of continuing and growing the strong community of former SACS students and we would love to hear from you if you are interested. Please email to find out more!

_____________________________________________ ANNUAL GENERAL MEEETING The Association Council met on Thursday, 3 November for its monthly meeting. It was confirmed that the OAA’s next Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Thursday, 9 February 2012. This meeting will take place at 6.30pm at an as-yet undecided school forum. Whilst an agenda for the AGM has not been confirmed, Old Andreans can expect the meeting to include a discussion of the Associations strategic plan for the upcoming calendar year, an outline of its financial situation, its communications strategy and confirmation of its soon-to-be-renewed constitution. This is an exciting time for the OAA and its Council, and we would encourage any and all Old Andreans to attend. The Council requests that you confirm your attendance in advance, so that appropriate location and catering arrangements can be made. Attendance can be confirmed by emailing Alex Lynch, Public Officer, at All members of the OAA are entitled to attend and vote on any resolutions put forward. Those who confirm attendance will receive a proposed agenda in the week leading up to the AGM via return email.



UPCOMING EVENTS THE CLASS OF 2006 - 5 YEAR REUNION The Attic Bar, 7pm, Saturday 19 November Drinks, Canapes & Entertainment provided. RSVP to -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE CLASS OF 2001 - 10 YEAR REUNION SACS Rooftop, 8pm, Friday 25 November Drinks, Canapes & Entertainment provided. Partners welcome! RSVP to -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE CLASS OF 1986 - 25 YEAR REUNION SACS Rooftop, 8pm, Saturday 3 December Drinks, Canapes & Entertainment provided. Partners welcome! RSVP to



Designed and Edited by Jack Toohey Images courtesy of Jack Toohey, Louise Pancyck, & Annie Zimmerman (SACS Archivist) Articles written by James Brady, Sam Pfeiffer, Belinda Jarvis, Alex Lynch, Kate Scarfo, & Darcy Bray Special thanks to Dean Gillespie, Bronwyn Hammond, Matthew Hammond, Eliza Judd, Ashley Judd, Garreth Stewart, Tori Ingram, Jackson Wray, Christopher Galea, Johnny Rays, Bob Meakin, Dean Michniewicz, Darren Lawrenson, Vicki Fraser, John Cross, Cam Jordan, Doug Cunningham, Gabi Corderoy, Nicole Visontay, The Bray Family, Glenn Toohey, & His Excellency, Mr. Matthew Neuhaus for all your help either with this issue, or throughout 2011, the OAA would not be where it is today with out your help. For donation inquiries please contact For general inquiries into council vacancies, events or other contact Get involved on:



THE OLD ANDREAN NOVEMBER 2011 contact us at: or

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