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LIFESTYLE JFH Donates to the Mustard Seed Communities in Jamaica T he Jamaica Foundation of Houston donated new

clothing supplies, school uniform and supplies, medical equipment to the Mustard Seed Communities in Jamaica. It was our second shipment of such to the homeland in the last two years.

Mustard Seed Communities began in 1978 in Mona Common on the outskirts of Kingston, Jamaica, as a home for abandoned and disabled children. Today, they serve over 400 children, young adults, and families to include those with disabilities, affected by illnesses, and teen mothers along with their babies. MSC Jamaica also manages many community outreach programs to help in combatting poverty and provide education to the local populations. The JFH collected and sourced the supplies from members and private contributions. The team of member volunteers of John South and Adrian Samuel drove a rental truck filled with the collection from Houston to Florida. Upon arrival, the duo boxed the supplies into donation boxes and delivered them to the organization, Food For The Poor Inc, to ship the clothing to Jamaica. Food For The Poor (FFP) ministers to spiritually renew impoverished people throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Thanks to Mr. Clinton Wong, Dr. Grace Jennings, and member of the JFH for their support in the success of this project.



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