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Starters Fish soup of cream Our own fish soup with three types of fish, hand peeled prawns and root vegetables. Kr 115,Grilled asparagus with Santa Kristina ham Grilled asparagus with Norwegian long-matured cured ham. Served with a mango, avocado and coriander pesto. Kr 115,Seafood symphony Scampi, scallop and crayfish served with a herb risotto and crayfish sauce. Kr 145,-

Main courses Fish Pan fried zander Served with a homemade tomato salsa and risotto. Kr 235 Oven baked trout Served with cucumber salad, sour cream and boiled potatoes. Kr 225,Pan fried cod Served with dried Santa Kristina ham, carrot purĂŠe, truffle butter and boiled potatoes. Kr 255,-

Meat Chicken satay skewers Served with salad, coriander pesto and oven baked potatoes. Kr 225,Grilled tenderloin of beef Served with grilled bell peppers, bĂŠarnaise sauce and oven baked potatoes. Kr 295,Lamb shank osso bucco Served with rootvegetables and oven baked potatoes. Kr 255,-

Desserts Dark chocolate mousse Served with a homemade banana ice cream. Kr 85,Crème brûlée Served with homemade melon and passion fruit ice cream. Kr 95,Norwegian strawberries Served with homemade vanilla ice cream. Kr 95,Apple cake Served with homemade pistachio ice cream and mixed nut brittle. Kr 85,-

Restaurant Måken - à la carte - ENG  
Restaurant Måken - à la carte - ENG