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Selected menues from Sørom Menu 1 Smoked Salmon from Smøla Crispy rye bread with horseradish cream, fresh rucola and trout roe Allergens: Fish, lactose, gluten

Norwegian fillet of Calf Celery puree, fried mushroom, baked amandine potato and a green pepper sauce Allergens: Lactose, onion

Passion fruit Crème Brule Served with chocolate and raspberry ganache Allergens: Lactose, egg, flour, citrus

Menu 2 Roast beef of Norwegian cattle Served with ruccola, roasted nuts, pesto and parmesan Allergens: Nuts, Onion

Sterling Halibut Pickled beets, cabbage, amandine potatoes and sauce of salmon roe Allergens: Fish, Lactose, onion, sulfite

Milk chocolate Panna cotta Served with caramelized almonds, tropical fruits and raspberry sorbet Allergens: Lactose, Gelatin, Nuts, citrus

3-course Kr 565, - 2-course kr 415,-

The menus are for pre-ordering, and are intended for companies of eight people or more.

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Restaurant Sørum - Set menu  

Restaurant Sørum - Set menu