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A Few Simple Steps to Lead a Simple Life

Meet the Two Men Protecting Students Every Day

The Pros and Cons of the New Tardy Table

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Cover Courtesy of Zack Neuman

HAWK S EYE News Letter from the Editors......................................................................3 By Peter Hung & Sean Murray

Theater Play Preview.........................................................................3 By Kelsey Knecht

Secular Student Association...........................................................4 By Joseph Bush

See pages 6&7

Election Preview..................................................................................4 By Aaron Rhodes

Feature Be More with Less..............................................................................5 By Kelsey Knecht & Kellan Richards

Teachers’ Dating Stories...........................................................6 & 7 By Maddy Branstetter & Brianne Grudek Love is in the Air Courtesy of Wikipedia

Meet the Security Guards................................................................8 By Brianne Grudek

Job or Not?...........................................................................................9 By Lauren Hart & Paige Schick

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Sports OE Football Compared to the NFL..................................10 & 11 By Sean Fiore & Katie Thompson

Gymnastic’s Top Contenders......................................................12 By Matthew Gwin & Sean Murray

Underdog Sports..............................................................................13 By Callie Boyce

EnterTainment Evaluating iTunes Top 10..............................................................14 By Sean Fiore & Katie Thompson

New TV Shows...................................................................................15

Darby Gertsema practicing Courtesy of Zack Neuman

By Matthew Gwin & Sean Murray

Top Video Game Sequels...............................................................16 By Logan Brockschmidt

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Editorial The Bullying Problem.....................................................................17 By Lauren Heinrich

The Two Sides of the Tardy Table.....................................18 & 19 By Lauren Merino & Austin Porter

Balancing Life....................................................................................20 The Apple Logo Courtesy of Google

By Courtney Child

Issue of the Issue..............................................................................21 By Peter Hung


Vol 21| Iss 02

Letter from the Editors Peter Hung & Sean Murray//Editor

Dear Olathe East,   Back at last! Just like every other student at the school, your editors here at the Hawk’s Eye are super (un)excited to be back in this wonderful(ly mind-numbing) school. But since we are all in the same boat, why not rock that boat a little bit? That’s what we hope to do with the newspaper this year. As much as it is in our power to do, we will provide the news around the community, offer our own opinions on issues, and feature a few people from the school to help make school go by more smoothly.   But let’s not be rude. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We – Peter Hung and Sean Murray – are this year’s editors of the Hawk’s Eye newspaper staff and are excited for what this year has in store. You may be wondering what we bring to the table and what makes us editor material. Sean has been a member of the staff since he first walked through the school’s doors and worked my way up to the top, while Peter came to us last year from the staff of Shawnee Mission East (gross right?) and has since then earned

Kelley Sharp’s Rise to Fame

our respect.   Even though most students aren’t familiar with Room 612, those who do know that the doors contain laughter, pizza crusts, and popcorn. Upon entering the room, many realize that it Portraits Courtesy of Zach Neuman is no conventional classroom. It is not an oddity, but rather a jewel.   But it’s not all fun and games. We have been hard at work the first few weeks producing the first issue that we hope you had the chance to look at. As for what goes on before a paper makes its way into your hands, we spend countless hours inside and outside of class writing, designing, and editing each addition.   Nevertheless, we can’t do it all by ourselves. So don’t be shy and stop on by. If you have anything you feel that is important enough to be covered or interesting enough to be noticed, let us know. Feel free to give us feedback on our paper as well.   We are merely your voice. We may be behind the computers, but you are behind the meaning. This is your newspaper, Olathe East, and it is your responsibility to make it shine just like the people it represents. Sincerely,

Peter Hung


Sean Murray

A New Shining Star

  A time where people’s lives changed for the worse. A time where every day, a nurse would watch numerous patients die. A time where a soldier had to go to a country he barely knew about to fight a war that made no sense to him. Vietnam. This is where “A Piece Of My Heart” takes place.   The show tells of six girls who become nurses, and their individual experiences in the war. One of the six girls is Kelley Sharp, who plays Maryjo.   “Maryjo, a down home country girl from Texas, has her band chosen to play for the men serving as entertainment.” Kelley said. “I feel as if this role was made for me.” Kelley has been playing guitar and writing her own songs for as long as she can remember. She is also the twin of Amanda Sharp, who plays backup guitar for Kelley at their gigs. The role of Maryjo called for a girl with a Texan accent and someone who could play the guitar like a professional. Kelley was determined to get the role- and got it by a landslide.

Kelsey Knecht//Staff Writer

“I picked Kelley for this role because she acts the part incredibly, looks the part, has an innocent quality to her, and just embodies how I thought the character would be” said Eddie Shafer, the director of the show.   “Even without her amazing singing and guitar playing skills, she would’ve gotten the part. She truly understands the character, and is very serious about portraying Maryjo in a good way”, he stated.   The role of Maryjo calls for singing the iconic songs of the 60’s as the background music for the play, and fits Kelley Sharp Kelley like a glove. Photo Courtesy Kelsey Knecht Music has impacted Kelley throughout her life, and she can’t wait to show the audience how it can play into the characters’ lives throughout the show. She is ready to take the role of Maryjo to the next level, and will do just that.

SEPTEMBER ‘12 | 03


Secularism At East

The Secular Student Alliance comes to Olathe Group Logo Courtesy of

Joseph Bush//Staff Writer   Secularists live their lives completely apart from the influence of religion. These people fall into a number of different groups within secularism, including atheists, agnostics, apatheists, deists, and many others.     A large number of young secularists have banded together into the Secular Student Alliance, a nationwide campus group of students who live secular lives.   The Secular Student Alliance has been growing across the United States since its inception in 2000. The SSA states that they strive to create campus groups for “students who do not

A safe haven for secularists, where they may attend meetings and have discussion on current events in science and political events. -Matthew Gleason

Election 2012 Pullout Issue

believe in a god or gods.” Recently, this growing movement found a foothold here in the area, with the formation of the Secular Student Alliance of Olathe.    This branch’s founder, junior Matthew Gleason, desires “to create a safe haven for secularists, where they may attend meetings and have discussion on current events in science and political events”. Though they have no official sponsor or meeting place yet, they have many potential candidates who are being considered for sponsorship.   The Secular Student Alliance does not only exist here in Olathe. The foundation of the Olathe branch follows in the footsteps of other similar groups formed at the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Pittsburg State University, and many other colleges and high schools in the state of Kansas.   The group feels very optimistic about their upcoming first year, and they

desire to be a positive organization, one that places importance on activism and positive group discussion. Matthew believes that the group’s ability will be based on the decisions of the members, and it will go wherever its members take it.   Those interested in joining the SSA can contact Matthew Gleason, Thomas Schukai, Christian Gabriel, or Jacob Stapleton for information. They can be e-mailed at olathe.hs@secularstudents. org, and they can be found on Facebook as “Secular Student Alliance of Olathe.”

Greek Word meaning “Atheist” Courtesy of Wikipedia

Coming Soon!

  November 4, 2012 is Election Day. Voters, young and old, will be heading to voting stations across the country to choose our next president. Since the voting age is 18, many Hawks will have their first opportunity to vote this year. Like in years past, the Hawk’s Eye will be bringing you a special election pullout in our next issue. You can expect polls, articles, comics, and more in this special edition! Look for updates on our Facebook 04 | THE HAWK’S EYE

Check out our issue from the last election!

Vol 21| Iss 02

Simply Be: The Overview An intro of things to come and new thoughts on life


Kellan Richards & Kelsey Knecht//Staff Writers

001: Hey there folks. This column will help things you need to do, worries you have, or you find your inner peace in your high school drama you face. Just breathe. Find peace. life. Throughout this year, we’ll be giving Think about the things that make you feel you specific tips on how to declutter your life, warm. Feel at home. Think about the good mind and stress. We’ll take you back to the things you have going for you. basics, and make you realize that a joyful,   Now, take three steps forward. You must simplified life is just around the corner. All use this method throughout your days. Life is simple, really. Breathyou need to do ing, living, loving. That’s is breathe. For our first column, Smile, breathe and go slowly. it. When you get caught up in the mumbo-jumbo we’ll be giving you forget to breath. you an overview -Thich Nhat Hanh To live. To laugh. To do of what we’re what you love. Don’t let all about. Enjoy. this life let you down. Let it lift you up, higher   Take a step back. Look at your life.   Are you stressed? Annoyed at school? and higher. Find what makes you happy. Notice the beauty outside you window. The love Bored with you days? inside the people around you. The courage   Are you tired of life?   Well, take another step back. You can inside of yourself to go forth, and be. change your life. Right now is our time to   Just breathe. grow. To find out how we want to live. Take a second, and just breath. Don’t think about

A simple guide to de-stressing your high school years 1.

Do less. You’re always told to do more and do it constantly. This leads to a stressful unhappy lifestyle. Focus your energy on what you find truly important, the most necessary task in front of you, and forget the rest. Find time between daily tasks allowing you to move at a slower more laid-back pace.


Truly pay attention. Become mindful of your movements. Don’t let your mind wander to your “to-do list” or past encounters. Focus on the now, on your environment, on what’s in front of you at the present moment.


Free yourself of distractions. Sure it’s important to know what who is doing when, but it comes at a cost. The constant stream of information interrupts you from your daily life. That phone/ computer is for your convenience not for those who are trying to contact you. Disconnect yourself, and allow yourself to slowdown. Give your full attention to those around you, and what is happening… in real life.


Single-Task. Leo Babauta of Zen Habits puts it best. “Single-task. The opposite of multi-tasking. Focus on one thing at a time. When you feel the urge to switch to other tasks, pause, breathe, and pull yourself back.”


Enjoy it. Don’t allow the stress and chaos that is inherited by all highschoolers to get the best of you, seek to enjoy and be present in every moment. Because if not, you’ll miss it. -K&K

SEPTEMBER ‘12 | 05


Reminiscing Romance The Hawk’s Eye asked staff members for their good, bad, and Brianne Grudek & Maddy Branstetter//Staff Writers hilarious dating stories A date picked me up once in a cargo van with nothing but a couch in the back and “Karl” tagged on the side. Turns out he was just a bass player! He must have done something right, because we’ve been married for nine years.

-Bridgid Mayer / Orchestra

I met someone at the St. Patrick’s Day parade one year through mutual friends. We started talking and eventually went on a date. On the date, we started talking about people we knew, and she knew a lot of people in my family and I knew a lot of people in hers. We eventually figured out that somehow, through marriges of our family members, we were related. That was our only date.

-Keeley O’Grady / Marketing

on k me nd too must a b s u ed I my h When ate, I decid e to a lecd m t nd s k our fir im. He too Montagu a h y y it y marr e by Ashle l Superior a a r iv u g t ld ture e Na more cou had d “Th entitle en.” What I found he r m e o s t La cau e of W want? lecture be n a camm wo to the e event on as e m ly fre ke, but I w taken the on ro it was d he was b lmed by his e n h a , w s r pu ve rity. time o uperio s e h y t t m a ing of stand under

- Martha Biggs / English


I was dating this guy and after one or two dates he brought me a mix cd and a bunny in a tracksuit (I was in college and he knew I ran track) that he had made for me at Build-ABear. He was a total creeper, the rabbit was given to my dog, and that was our last date.

- Shanna Evans / Personal Finance

We were both teaching at Schlagle High School in KCK. I was teaching chemistry and biology and coaching cheerleading and David was subbing and coaching basketball. I knew once basketball was over he would be leaving Schlagle and go to sub at SMNW where he was coaching baseball. I thought he had a great smile and sense of humor but I knew he was shy. He’d initiated some conversations with me but had not asked me out. The day after our boy’s basketball lost substate, I called to see if he might want to go to the girls’ substate game that night. We went to Ottawa to watch the girls’ game and out to eat at Dairy Queen in Ottawa after the game. The cheerleaders also decided to go out to Dairy Queen after the game. After they saw us, they walked up to the table and asked us what we were doing. Nine months after that we were married!

-Whitney Schmale / Counselor


Vol 21| Iss 02

  Whe n I wa s I date d a gu a senior in high s y from South cho Sh th Break at I met in C awnee Miss ol, ...big a n c u n on S ion eno Anywa pring y, one ugh mistake his ho use an day af ter sc right there. hool I d he to a poe we ld m realize for me. As me we had nt to I star te w d that d read ritten it I did s ome in sounded V ing it, ER I ve Sure e nough stigating w Y familiar s hen I g o I found my En ot gli t photo sh textbook he same po home. copies em in !! So I and th his ho e next made 20-30 use, I le time I before f t them wen I lef t. all ove r his ro t to om

husband he e I met my id, once. The first tim ll, and he d ca ld u o s w e said h ought I wa , and he th o g ’t d n ie ld tr u r I co eve off, so he n ½ years blowing him 1 in a g a t e me and told again. W e m gnized co re the e H r. late , “You are was. I said He .” ck a b me who he lled me ca r ve e n th o bered at. one wh ed I remem ss a rr nd a b m e was next day, a e back the m rs! d a lle ye ca 4 2 e H n married e e b ve a h we will ck! ays call ba Lesson: Alw

n / English

-Michelle Jacobse

-Nicole E

  My wife Katie and I knew each other in college but did not date. When I found out she was living in KC after graduating, I gave her a call and we met up. In chatting, it came up that I liked scary movies, and that The Exorcist was playing in theatres. I was bummed that no one I knew liked scary movies, so in response, Katie said she’d love to go with me. I said I’d pick her up, we’d have dinner, then see the movie .   On my way to pick her up, I got lost because I’d never been to that part of the city before. Since this was before cell phones and GPS, I had to stop at the gas station to call her. By the time I got there, It was too late to grab dinner, so we went right to the movies - I promised I’d take her out after. When we left to grab dinner, the only restaurant still open was IHOP and they were vacuuming. The conversation must have been good enough, because she did agree to go out with me again. And eventually we

guy for a got married. ol, I dated a got his In high scho he n he w nd a , rs couple yea n the roof d SANDY o car he painte and he We broke up my in the inside. id sa t a a car th ent to was left with w I n he w mmer ital, a name. This su sp ho other in the d at ke go see my m o lo r care of he ng ki ta e rs nd nu e Sa y!” “You must b me and said gh school wife of my hi She was the d my te at had pain boyfriend th car. name in his


g / Acco in t a e K y d - San


/ Parent


- Mike McDonald / Math

My date and I were out at a movie and he locked his keys, wallet, and phone in the car before the movie. On this date there was no movie, no nothing, just a ride in a tow truck.

-Amber Magee / Math

The good ol’ days o ber comin g to my ho f courting...I remem me where played all the night long was “Spoo hot game would spe ns.” We nd hours p laying spo us struggli ons, each ng and ba of ttling (som blood was etimes unti drawn) fo l r that last mother wo spoon. O uld alway ur s eventuall of the gam y end up p e, and she art was usuall competito y the fierc r. Many o est f my past grand stori boyfr es of gettin g bloody n iends have ing hit by o Mrs. Shelt on at the ra ses from be“romantic” nch while date with on a me. Now tain my da , as I ente ughters an rd their “suito continued this traditio rs,” I have n. Now, I ready and am the mo willing to b ther loo Watch out, dy some noses! comes Mrs . Swyers!

-Gretl Swyers

/ English

September ‘12 | 07


Guardians of the School Securing the students’ safety at Olathe East


Brianne Grudek//Senior Writer

o metal detectors. No backpack checkpoints. No machine-gun wielding guards at the door. But the Olathe East campus can boast of four watchful eyes on the halls, parking lots and the bridge during the school day. Security guards Paul McCann and Joe Newton arrive at the school before the students and leave later than everybody on a typical day.   McCann and Newton have worked security before at a place most people would know. “Oak Park Mall was the previous place that we worked at. It’s funny how we both applied to the same place and they called us to come work here at Olathe East. Of course Joe agreed sooner then I did because I had another job I didn’t want to ditch at the time. I’m glad the opportunity came up again and here we are,” stated McCann.   Security guards are needed for various reasons here at Olathe East. “Olathe schools provide security guards to protect the perimeter of the school as well as keeping everybody safe on the inside as well,” stated Assistant Principal, Kraig Taylor. “Some of their responsibilities include checking the doors, making sure unused classrooms are locked, lock the outside gates during the school day, check parking tags, visitor and staff parking, check for passes while classes are in sessions, and monitor the bridge and commons during lunch,” Taylor added.   Newton commented, “We try to keep the students in class as much as possible and prevent fights to the best of our abilities.” McCann stated, “Times have changed. Schools need security now. Everyone working together makes it a safe place. We are an extra set of eyes to help the administration out. Any major issues are brought to the attention of the administers to deal with.”   The job of the security guards is not just about the safety of the school; they also help the students learn and succeed. “We learn to handle different situations. Both Newton and I want everyone to succeed and move on,” said McCann. Newton added, “We have a mutual respect with the students and the students appreciate that we are here to make sure they are safe. We just have to remember that we can only do so much.” McCann stated, “I think our biggest downfall is that we care so much and at times it has tripped us up.” Security Guard Joe Newton Security Guard Paul McCann   After school hours, McCann and Newton don’t Courtesy of Zack Neuman Courtesy of Zack Neuman always go their separate ways. They both enjoy going to the batting cages and watching football. Students might even see them at OE’s football games cheering on the team. Miniature golf is one of their favorites even though McCann says Newton has some troubles. McCann graduated from Saint Thomas Aquinas and his first love was baseball. “I’m a huge Royals fan,” stated McCann.   “I’m not afraid to admit that I’m terrified of spiders, snakes and anything that will fly and sting me,” said Newton. One thing that both McCann and Newton agree upon is that family comes first. Newton has a little girl of his own that he adores. “We are big on family. I say we share the same value,” stated Newton. Every summer McCann volunteers at a cancer camp for kids since he, himself, is a cancer survivor.   Luckily, Olathe East is fortunate enough that we do not need metal detectors and backpack checks due to Newton and McCann. Newton’s last comment stated, “We like it at East. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”



Vol 21| Iss 02

The Job Dilemma Percentage of teens with jobs hits an all-time low


ccording to the Washington Times, only 16% of teenagers have a job. This number seems pretty low considering most teens are in a constant need for money. The Hawk’s Eye talked to some Olathe East students about whether or not they had a job and why.

Lauren Hart & Paige Schick // Staff Writers Junior Rachel Wolfe Courtesy of Zack Neuman

AJ hard at work Courtesy of AJ Stephens

  You can find sophomore AJ Stephens fixing custard behind the window at Sheridan’s Frozen Custard. AJ stated, “I mainly work to make money so I can save up for college at an early age.” He finds balancing work and school difficult because, “I don’t get home until 11:30 and I don’t have that much time after sports.” AJ’s tips for having a job are: “Stay on task and make sure you’re having fun with it. Get to know your co-workers and make people’s day.”

  Senior Josh Kohl doesn’t have job during the school year because of school and cross country. Josh said he wished he had a job because, “During the summer I had a job at Oklahoma Joes and it paid really well. Without a job I don’t [make money],” Josh promptly answered.

  “I feel like it’s more important for me to keep up with my school work now,” said junior Rachel Wolfe who doesn’t have a job. She wants to enjoy her time in high school with friends and not worry about having a job. She doesn’t know what she would want to do if she had a job but she said, ”I wouldn’t want to be a waitress.”

Maddie at Wet Seal working Courtesy of Maddie Cardwell

Senior Josh Kohl Courtesy of Zack Neuman

  Maddie Cardwell, junior here at Olathe East, has been working at Wet Seal for two months. Maddie said ,”I work so I can buy anything I want without having to ask my parents for money.” She works three days a week for approximately six hours in a shift. Balancing work and school come easy for her because she works weekends.

  From the findings, many people have different opinions about having a job during high school. While many enjoy having a job and earning money, others simply can’t find the time.

September ‘12 | 09


OE Standouts

Katie Thompson// Staff Writer

Key Football Players of 2012 Our Olathe East football team of 2012-2013 has many standout players, most of them being returning seniors from the previous year, such as Matt Gorby and Justin Williams. The following players are also seniors that have impact the team this year and stand out as very strong leaders of the Olathe East varsity football team.

John Blazevic Number: 9 Position: Quarterback Height: 5’11” Weight: 195 lbs. Future: John had a visit from the University of Nebraska, but is still deciding where he wants to play during college.

Ryan Woodson Number: 46 Position: Running Back Height: 5’1” Weight: 195 lbs. Future: Ryan is unsure where he wants to continue his football career. Boise State is one of his options.

Hayden Frazier Number: 2 Position: Running Back Height: 6’0” Weight: 185 lbs. Future: Hayden wants to win state his senior year, and then continue playing football during college.

The Hawks have been coached by Jeff Meyers since the school opened in 1992. This will be his 20th year coaching the Olathe East varsity football team. The team has gone to the KSHSAA 6A state playoffs for 10 years. This record began in 2002 when they made it to the state playoffs, but then were defeated. The Hawks have been so close to being state champs, yet have not had the chance to fufill this dream quite yet. In 2005 they made it all the way to the state championship; however, Hutchinson took the title that year, but the Olathe East Hawks did not let go of the dream to be the best team in the state of Kansas. In the past nine years, the varsity team has won more games than any other Kansas City metro area school. With all of the returning seniors, as well as a strong offensive line, this season might be the year they finally get what they deserve.



Vol 21| Iss 02

NFL Heroes

Sean Fiore// Business Manager

The NFL idols of our OE stars NFL players are often emulated by children and adults alike. Our standouts are not immune to this phenomenon. Across from each one of our senior players are their NFL hero. (From the top down: Aaron Rodgers, Randy Moss and Jamaal Charles)

Aaron Rodgers Number: 12 Position: Quarterback Height: 6’5” Weight: 225 lbs. Team:Green Bay Packers Replacing the infamous Brett Farve, Rodgers has made his mark in Green Bay and even led his team to a Super Bowl victory as well ast he MVP title.

Randy Moss Number:84 Position: Wide Receiver Height: 6’4” Weight: 210 lbs. Team: San Francisco 49ers This 14-year vet hold the single season TD reception record with 23 and multiple ProBowl appearances.

Jamaal Charles Number: 25 Postition: Running Back Height: 5’11” Weight: 199 lbs. Team: Kansas City, Chiefs Entering his fifth year, Jamaal is KC’s go-to back and beloved player. He may have only one Pro-Bowl under his belt but don’t be surprised to see him back there.



The Vet Sean Murray//Editor

Allison Meads

Darby doing a back flip   She’s kind of a big deal. It is not every day that you have the chance to Courtesy of Zack Neuman meet someone with two state titles hanging around their neck. Seriously, her picture is on the Wall of Fame. You don’t just get put up there for kicks and giggles. You’re up there because you did work, and did it better than everyone else. And once you grasp that concept, you can begin to understand Allison Meads.   She basically came out of the womb doing back flips. When she was three years old, she began recreational gymnastics but quickly realized she had what it takes to join a club team. After vaulting into club gym  nastics at age five, Allison continued with the sport throughout her childhood. She decided to take a break and try other sports just to make sure she wasn’t a more magnificent athlete elsewhere. Luckily for gymnastics spectators, sports like volleyball, tennis, and soccer just weren’t her thing. By freshman year she was back polishing off her floor routine for a club team. Once sophomore year rolled around, she decided to wave a final goodbye to club gymnastics and devote all of her gymnastic talent to Olathe East, where she has thrived ever since.   Darby Gertsema. OE students should get to know   One may wonder, what is so special about her? Science has been that name. Darby, a freshman, adds yet another great wondering the same thing, so at least you’re not alone. Beyond gymnast to an already stacked team. Senior Allison working hard individually on her routines and conditioning with Meads, the all-around individual state champion two her teammates, Allison really has no secret. In the off season she years running, returns and could pick up a third title this does work as a coach for young girls at Debbie Howard’s gym, year. According to Darby, the two have quickly formed compete as a pole vaulter for the track team, and work out india bond and always “cheer each other on.” If she and vidually at McCracken’s gym, so that may be what gives Allison can capitalize on their chemistry on and off the her the edge. In an attempt to explain, Allison said “I am mat, and their extraordinary talent, East might be celjust blessed to have had some success in the past.” ebrating a team gymnastics state trophy in a couple of   Being one of the hardened veterans of the OE Gymmonths. nastics team, Allison has her fair share of advice. To those   Gertsema has been a gymnast ever since her parents got freshman just starting to make their mark, such as Darby her started at age three. Just like most toddlers, Darby took Gertsema, Allison said, “Set goals for yourself, and work her first step then performed a back hand spring. Darby played your butt off to reach them. Push yourself to become the soccer, basketball, softball, and was a swimmer, but had to quit best you can be, but most of all have fun.” Although this all those for gymnastics. However, she appears to have made is her last year competing in gymnastics, she will continue the right decision and has collected a hefty supply of medals, to coach and support the Olathe East team. awards, and trophies. She competes for Elite Gymnastics in club   Year after year, Olathe East has had the chance to competition and between Elite and the school team spends 22 share in Allison’s gymnastic accomplishments. With hours a week practicing. That’s right, she spends almost an entire high hopes for the rest of the season, the gymnastics day of her week in training. That remarkable dedication has paid off team plans to spring over the competition. and made her into such a fantastic gymnast.   Darby’s specialty is the vault, but she does well in bars and floor, too. Occasionally, she struggles on the beam, but struggling for her is still pretty good for most. Directly before meets, she simply goes Allison performing a front flip through the routines in her head to prepare herself mentally. Also, since Courtesy of Zack Neuman club gymnastics has little to no offseason, she constantly hones her routines and learns new skills to take her performance to another level.   After achieving so much success, it makes sense to have lofty goals for the future. Darby hopes to bring a state title back to OE for her fellow Hawks, and then hopefully get a college scholarship to continue her outstanding run as a gymnast. Her idol is Jordyn Wieber of the Fab Five, the five female American gymnasts who won the team gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. With continued hard work, some help along the way, and a couple of good breaks, she could experience the same kind of success as her idol.


Darby a Gertsem The Rook Matthew Gwin//Staff Writer



Vol 21| Iss 02

Underdog Sports Callie Boyce//Staff Writer

Bailey jumping a 3’3” -3’6” Courtesy Bailey Terry


or as long as Bailey Terry can recall, she has always loved horses. When she was in the 5th grade, Terry began horseback riding lessons at Summer Hill Farm and fell in love with the sport. In January of 2011 she began leasing Mandy, a spirited thoroughbred. Mandy made balancing schoolwork and horseback riding worth all the while. “It’s hard work and it takes so much muscle,” stated Terry, “But at the same time, it’s the best feeling ever; it’s phenomenal.”   Terry is undoubtedly dedicated to her horseback riding.


t first glance many people overlook rowing as an actual sport. Keshav Dang an active competitive rower, couldn’t disagree more. Dang’s parents introduced him to rowing after meeting a Rockhurst University rower in the summer of 2011. With the enticing goal of scholarships in mind, Dang began taking rowing lessons at Wyandotte County Lake. Over the past year, Dang has become avidly dedicated to his rowing team, practicing more than ten hours a week with his fellow rowers. During practice, Dang propels a 26.9-foot long boat through the water at ten to twelve kilometers per hour. From a distance, rowing looks like it’s all about pulling with your arms, but the truth is almost the opposite. “All of the power comes from your legs.” stated Dang, who then laughed at the thought of only using one’s arms to row the long boat for 5,000 meters.   The demanding hours spent running miles, perfecting technique, and building strength all lead to the great reward of placing at a rowing competition, known as a regatta. Last year Dang’s rowing team finished first, resulting in Dang’s first ever gold win; his team also placed third at the same regatta in a different race. While many of Dang’s teammates become

Uncovering the sports that you won’t find in OE’s athletic department

She spends five to seven days a week at the barn and hours more motivating herself to get better. “Sometimes I put way too much pressure on myself,” admitted Terry. “[Horseback riding] can become difficult if your only intent is winning. There’s more to it than that.” Terry spends two hours a night working with her horse at the barn, but her commitment doesn’t end there. Riding a horse is physically demanding and often is dangerous. During a horse show, Terry once fell off her horse and suffered from a concussion.   Terry’s favorite part of horseback riding is competing in shows. At each show she travels to, though, Terry finds the judges to be very political. “They judge you before you even start.” stated Terry, “They judge you on what color your horse is, what color your shirt is… maybe they don’t like the way your horse trots, so they can count you off for that, too.” Regardless of the unjust judging system, Terry and Mandy share a common excitement for horse showing. At her most accomplished show, an A-rated equestrian show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Terry and Mandy placed 7th amongst an array of intimidating competitors. Mandy was honored to wear a huge, purple, highly embellished ribbon that slung ‘round her neck.   In the future, Terry plans to implement her love for animals and become a zoologist. anxious for a regatta, Dang remains calm, finding serenity in the rhythm of the oar. “My favorite thing about [rowing] is being on the water. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just so calm, so relaxing.” These students from Olathe East show great dedication towards their sports. Though unrecognized, both rowing and horseback riding are just as significant as any other high school sport.

2011 Local Regatta Courtesy KC Rowing



iTunes Top Ten The Hawk’s Eye staff weighs in on today’s hits Aaron Rhodes//Publicity Manager


or years now, Apple’s iTunes has dominated music sales. The iTunes top ten provides a fairly accurate snapshot of what’s popular in music at the moment. The list shows what songs are being purchased the most every week. Since our staff has expert opinions on just about everything, we thought it’d be kind of us to let you know how the jams in the top ten are right now.

1. “Gangnam Style” - PSY “It’s a really energetic electronica-style song. I’m happy to see K-Pop making strides on the American charts finally.” - Joe Bush

6. “Too Close” - Alex Clare “I like it because it actually uses electronics to enhance the song, and not completely rely on it, but the song is played way too often” - Zack Neuman

7. “Whistle” - Flo Rida “I’m not a fan of Top 40 music at all. But if this is the crude song that girls are offended by, I’d be surprised. Nice euphemism, Flo Rida.” - Maddy B.

2. “We Are Never Ever...” - Taylor Swift “Taylor Swift’s voice is whiney and annoying. This song makes me want to vomit. I don’t find it creative or catchy in any way.” - Lauren Merino

3. “One More Night” - Maroon 5 “This song has very deep, repetitive lyrics. This song changed my life. (I really do like Adam Levine though.) - Kellan Richards

4. “Your Body” - Christina Aguilera “It seems like a great song until you actually listen to the lyrics and her flow. I can’t believe this is on the charts.” - Austin Porter

5. “Some Nights” - Fun. “Some Nights is Fun.’s second hit and I personally like it way more than We Are Young. It is poppy, but in a good, controlled way. “ Katie T.


8. “Wanted” - Hunter Hayes

“Wanted is one of those songs that makes girls blush, you know that giddy girl blush, and want to be well... wanted!” - Jessica Goddard

9. “Try” - P!nk “I can see this helping many men through breakups. P!nk is an inspiration to us all.” - Sean Fiore

10. “Good Time” - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen “Good Time is very repetitive. The mix of Carly Rae Jepsen’s very happy lyrics is a good mix with Owl City though.” - Logan Brockschmidt

Vol 21| Iss 02

TV Goes Fall Jordan Meier//Staff Writer


Fall TV is back and better than ever

ith school going full speed ahead, TV seems boring with the channels still clogged with summer reruns. Right now homework seems more appealing than watching the same show over and over. This fall, however, TV takes a turn for the better as all your favorite shows return. Along with new ones that promise keep your mind off the undone homework in your room.


New Fall TV The NewNormal (NBC) The Neighbors (ABC) Nashville (ABC) Made in Jersey (CBS) Go On (NBC) 666 Park Avenue (ABC) Ben and Kate (FOX) Beauty and the Beast (CW) Vegas (CBS) Revolution (NBC)

The Big Bang TheoryCBS’ hilarious comedy is back for their sixth season. For non-regular viewers this comedy revolves around two physicists who share an apartment (Sheldon and Leonard) and their friends/colleagues (Raj and Howard). The four friends try to navigate through life, work and yes, girls. Now, Sheldon (Jim Parsons), Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Howard (Simon Helberg), Raj (Kunal Nayyar), Penny (Kaley Cuoco), Amy (Maylim Bialik) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) are all back for another season of strangely-laughable plots. Howard is in space but the problems he faced down on earth somehow follows him all the way to the great unknown. Penny and Leonard are, once again, at a weird spot in their relationship after Leonard’s failed proposal last season. Raj looks to fill the void in his life that his best friend Howard left by getting married to Bernadette, but the newest “couple” to the show, Sheldon and Amy, perhaps have the strangest plot of all. “It’s the weirdest boyfriend-girlfriend story on TV,” said executive producer Steve Molaro. This season promises to answer many of the questions that left fans wondering last season as well as introducing new twists to the plot. The reruns are done and this season looks to be the best yet. These four Courtsey of Google Images nerds will get themselves into the funniest and strangest situations. You will never know what to expect. Tune in every Thursday to CBS for a half hour of new laughs. Pretty Little Liars The summer finale shocked all PLL fans with a new addition to the A team. Now viewers patiently wait for the exciting start to a new season premiering October 23 on ABC family. “It’s the craziest episode we’ve ever filmed [and it’s] a different setting than you’ve ever seen,” said Troian Bellisario according to InsideTV. Bellisaro plays popular character Spencer on PLL. The four main girls Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale), Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson), Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) find themselves on a Halloween party train searching for the identity of the ever-mysterious A, as well as fighting to keep all four of them alive through the night. If you have never seen the show, A is a mysterious character(s) who has harassed the girls since the disappearance and death of their best friend, Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse). A seems to be all-seeing and all knowing, pointing out their every mistake and flaw since they were kids. Secrets become unearthed that were meant to be taken to the grave, but murder has rocked the town of Rosewood and what’s been unearthed should have stayed buried. It’s never too late to get on board and this killer drama will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Tune in October 23 if you dare. Courtesy of ABC Family NCIS This popular crime show is back for its tenth season on CBS. After a decade of solving crimes for the Navy and Marine Corps, this special agent team gears up for another season of catching criminals. All your favorite agents are back including Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), Abby Scioto (Pauley Perrette), Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll), Timothy McGee (Sean Murray), Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen), Donald “Ducky” Mallard (David McCallum) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo). When viewers last left the team headquarters had been turned upside down when a bomb exploded, leaving the audience to guess who lived and who survived. This season promises to surprise the viewers with new crimes for the team to solve. “It’s a massive season. I would be hugely surprised if there was one person on the planet who didn’t like it,” said Mark Harmon (Gibbs) according to E!. Tune in for crime-fighting action and surprises that will keep people guessing.

Courtsey of Google Images



The New and Improved

Will this year’s games be a big hit or leave us wanting more?

Logan Brockschmidt// Staff Writer

  At E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) in June, fans of FIFA, Madden, and Call of Duty could hardly keep their own excitement under control. EA (Electronic Arts) released their trailers on Madden and FIFA. Treyarch, makers of multiple Call of Duty games, had a man walk on to the stage which was black as night, he turned and started playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. In the trailers and gameplay, they highlighted customized free kicks, a brand new “Infinity Engine”,and a sniper rifle that can shoot through 20 feet of walls. But how do last year’s games measure up to “the improvements” of this year’s games?



Release Date: September 27, 2011   FIFA 12 received much critical success receiving a 9.5 from IGN(Imagine Games Network) but fans often complained on the referees, missed calls, and not being to be able to pass immediately. FIFA 12 was a large success due to Online Play and being able to control each player on the pitch.

Release Date: September 25,2012   FIFA13 has gotten the FIFA fans pumped up. FIFA13 has added a new”player-impact engine” which adds physical game where a stronger player can win touches and get around defenders easier. They added tactical free kicks which utilize skillful players. Smart offenses can one touch pass and attack quicker. Be prepared to hear the “I Believe” chant at Livestrong Sporting Park.


MODERN WARFARE 3 Release Date: November 8, 2011   On the release date and the immediate 24 hours later, this game grossed $540 million, making it the best-selling entertainment launch in history. They added brand new maps, and brand new game modes. While focusing on multiplayer and co-op play, they returned Spec Ops, Survival Mode from Modern Warfare 2. Activision appeared to be going for people buying MW3 for its multiplayer, because the campaign felt that no one focused on creating it. The multiplayer added “Infected” which is one of the most played game modes, in a game that introduced a bundle of new game modes and is getting people ready to play new games and just destroy campers with their ACR.


Release Date: August 9, 2011   This Madden was a complete step up from previous Maddens. Madden 12 was the first one to let their fans vote for the cover athlete. The winner was Peyton Hillis. Madden tried to bring a more lifelike manner by giving the rookies faces, which also opened the door to Madden Online Franchise. Eventually, the game left fans wanting a more realistic experience.


Release Date: November 13, 2012   This game is going to be the most complex Call Of Duty game yet. They are having a movie film maker design the story line who says that the campaign is going to be better than a Hollywood blockbuster film. They are returning Zombies, much to the excitement of the fans. Treyarch also is returning Nuketown and making a brand new Nuketown Zombies map. With the release being in November, Treyarch is afraid that the game might be overhyped and fall short of the video game release standard set by MW3. The hype is starting to overload fans after Treyarch released a “Care Package Edition.” It features a Quad-rotor drone that is remote controllable to fly around. David Vonderhaar, a creater of Black Ops 2 has done many interviews of the game with many people and even did his own commentary of the trailer, where he revealed many details.

MADDEN 13 Release Date: August 28, 2012   The Madden featuring Calvin Johnson a.k.a. “Megatron” is the most realistic one yet. Not only did EA introduce the “Infinity Engine” that makes the animations feel lifelike so that collisions cause people to get injured twice as fast. If you play as the Eagles, don’t bother turning injuries off. Michael Vick gets hurt anyway.EA will also releases the new NIKE uniforms, and as the new uniforms come out EA will give you a code to unlock them. This Madden is all about the players being smarter, and for all you Tebow fans “Tebowing” is in the game too.

All photos courtesy of Gamestop


Vol 21| Iss 02

Bullying Is For Cowards A harmless act or a lifetime of damage?   “Kids will be kids,” is some parent’s response when the topic of bullying comes up; or “It’s just a part of growing up.” Almost everyone has experienced bullying in some shape or form.

Cyber Bullying Courtesy of Zack Neuman    

  Bullying isn’t something most people talk about and often is pushed to the side or ignored. Sometimes others join in on the bullying so the bully won’t turn on them next. Bullying is everywhere we look, but we don’t always see it. Shouldn’t everyone be able to walk in the hallways without worrying who might be there?   I personally know of at least three people who have been bullied in the past three years, and two have switched schools because of it. One of which didn’t want to talk about their experience because it is too recent and painful. The other two were open and able to talk to the Hawk’s Eye: 1 out of 10   “My best friend and I just students drop ing one day. He stopped talkstarted hanging around the out of school wrong crowd. Whenever I made because they an effort to talk to him, he are bullied would either ignore me or try to end the conversation as quickly as possible. It seemed that he thought he was too ‘cool’ for me...He would exclude me purposely. He never invited me to do anything with him and his other friends...There was a time when all of his friends came to my house [to try to bully me] and he just watched...   [This experience] helped me realize right from wrong and good from bad. I know now that true friends will stay by your side no matter what happens. I know that the friends I have now will be here for me forever. They won’t leave me like he did. The people that I have chosen as friends now won’t get involved with drugs and etc.” -Anonymous boy   From another student: “I have never been skinny. Guys in my class called me horrible names like ‘fat and disgusting’... [Growing up], my parents could never afford new clothes for me, so I remember in fifth grade...[kids] would just find anything wrong with me and make fun of me for that. Recently they’ve been whispering and my friends would tell me some-

Lauren Heinrich//Staff Writer

one said this or someone said that.   The worst was in math class. There was a girl who would always be so rude to me...One time she knocked all my books on the floor...I’ve thought of and attempted suicide. I’ve also cut on occasion. It is getting better at my new school, thankfully, but I don’t know what to do sometimes...   I was diagnosed with severe depression and am on medication, but sometimes that just makes me feel worse. Bullying has changed my life dramatically and I want to spread the word about bullying, suicide awareness and depression.” -Anonymous girl   So why do bullies, bully? A myth says that bullies might be insecure or have low self-esteem, but in reality most of the bullies are popular and confident. They think that bullying someone will create attention, gain more friends and create power. Their parent(s) could be strict and mean so they can’t take out their emotions at home, therefore they turn towards helpless people that can’t defend themselves.   Remember “Rachel’s Challenge” anyone? You can’t help but wonder if any1 out of 4 one is still living up to her challenge. For teens are those of you who don’t know, last year Olathe East had an assembly called Rabullied chel’s Challenge which was about the Columbine High School shooting on April 20, 1999.   Rachel Scott was the first of thirteen killed. Her writings and drawings left such an impact on her family, that they turned those writings and drawings into student empowering programs for students and adults about bullying and isolation feelings. With her words and pictures, they altered all of those negative things into kindness and compassion for everyone to see. For more information about Rachel’s Challenge go to   If you or someone you know is being bullied, speak up. Don’t accept it. Bullying is not okay, nor will it ever be. Six types of bullying include: Physical- physical contact that may hurt or injure someone Verbal- name calling, teasing, making fun of someone Indirect- spreading rumors or stories about someone Social- excluding someone from a group Intimidation- threatening and scaring a person to the point where the victim does what the bully wants Cyber- sending texts, emails, or messages through a phone or computer

SEPTEMBER ‘12 | 17


Have the Tables Turned? Opposing sides regarding the tardy table   Dashing down the hallway in a half sprint-half stroll, he is attempting to calculate how many more seconds he has to spare while dodging the slackers moving much slower than him. As he winds around the corner, the open door of the classroom can be seen. He picks up speed. He covers several feet each second, but not enough. The bell rings right as he approaches just inches away from the doorway. Worn out and disappointed, he turns around without a hesitation. He heads toward the dreaded tardy table.   Without a doubt, this incident has happened with too many students recently. Believe it or not, not everyone opposes the idea of the tardy table. Their main purpose is to ultimately reduce the amount of tardies. Teachers prefer the tardy tables for the reason that there are no longer multiple yellow slips to hand out and several tardies to report each hour. Many students wish the old policy was still in effect because of Dr. Weber handing out a tardy slip the inconvenience of walkCourtesy of Zack Neuman ing down to the commons, waiting in the long line, and walking back to their class.   However, a second tardy table is under development. But for now, there is just one line, causing tardy students to be even later than they would have been. The system will make it easier to assign detentions. Be that as it may, this process might have multiplied the time students are away from the classroom. Others may see this as a double-sided argument.   The majority of the people we talked to are against the idea of the tardy table, although it is common for a student to undermine an idea that could cause them more difficulties. Many students that have been affected by the new tardy table have been divided into two groups, the students that slack around and don’t care about their grades, and the students who are unable to get to class on time for legitimate reasons. “Tardy tables are a waste of time because even if you’re a minute late, they still make you go and it’s unfair.” -Lauren Toole, junior


“I feel like they put the burden on students instead of teachers with the tardy table, and it wastes class time.” -Jerry Sandhu, senior

Lauren Merino & Austin Porter//Staff Writers

However a computer cannot verify the accuracy of a student’s excuse. Only a true adult with actual authority can judge this.   But the teachers leave all the work to the computer, which means there is no altercating for a second chance. Many students see this as the teacher’s way to provoke them to get to class without them throwing away a yellow paper. For the first time at this school, teachers no longer have to stop their class when a late student walks in to report them as tardy instead of absent, and send them down to the office. The new system can definitely be more consistent. The problem is, the policy saves the teacher’s time, but wastes the student’s.

“I think that kids should be responsible enough to get to class on time if they care about their education. The school doesn’t need to provide a tardy table.” -Heather Burton, junior

“I don’t deal with tardies in class anymore. Ultimately, students need to know that learning is their responsibility.” -Josh Umphrey, history teacher

Plenty of teachers would argue that kids should be responsible enough to get themselves to class on time, and when they don’t, that is their fault. The majority of a student’s rebuttal to that statement would be that there often is a legitimate reason they are late to class. Common examples that are used would be defenses like talking to a teacher, being in the nurse’s office, or going to the bathroom. But unfortunately, those justifications are normally taken as cover-up stories if no proof is shown.   For now, the tables are here to stay and all the attendance advice we have to give is to manage your time acceptably, go by the bells instead of the inaccurate clocks, and give yourself a small time cushion to fall back on.

Vol 21| Iss 02


Peter Hung//Editor

SEPTEMBER ‘12 | 19


Balancing Athletics and Academics 2. Some tips on how to stabilize sports and school are:

1. Use your time wisely 2. Talk to teachers 3. Get enough sleep



  One of the most important things to remember and execute is don’t procrastinate. This tip will help with the daily homework load.   If there is a long term assignment and the student gets little bits of the assignment done every week or every day, the project will be done by the due date, and he or she won’t stress about getting the report done the night before the work is due. For example, my quarterly book report seems like a bigger project, but I am reading a little bit every night until I have to do the actual report. This way, I don’t have to read the whole book and do the project in one weekend and I am able to remain stress-free.   Same goes for tests. Study for tests in advance. If the student has knowledge of a test later that week or the following week, he or she should study small amounts every night until the test. They will remember the information better than cramming the material all in the night (or morning) before. This is very helpful for me because by studying every day I don’t have to cram for a test or do a ton of homework on one night; I can spread the studying out and be less stressed. Doing homework always seems like less work when the assignment is spread out over several days or several weeks.   Also, remember to prioritize all the homework, games or practices, and social life. Prioritizing is difficult to do, but it can be done. If students get their homework finished before they go hang out with friends or go to other activities, stress will be taken off of them and they can focus more on whatever they are currently doing. For me, I can work on my homework in between tennis matches and then I don’t have as much to do when I get home.

At times it is kinda hard, especially on game days, but you still manage to, if you have everything organized, to keep everything on track, [you’re] able to not stress out as much. -Austin Elliott


Tips on how to conquer both fronts. Courtney Child//Staff Writer


  Another tip to remember is not to be afraid to talk to your teachers.   If a student has to miss school because of a sporting event, it’s important to get the work they will miss before leaving. Teachers understand that students are involved with athletics, and they will work with students to help them in any way they need. Teachers are here to help the students who need it. My teachers are always working with me to get make up work turned in and finished or make up tests and quizzes that I miss for tournaments. If I tell them I have to leave the day or two before, they are very understanding and willing to get the work to me.   If you spring the information that you will be gone upon them the day that you are missing their class, they will not be as understanding when you don’t have the homework for the following day or don’t get a test made up.   The student that is involved with the sport(s) has to work harder than a student that is not participating in a sport, but most athletes know this. Working harder and responsibility come with the territory. For me, though, playing tennis is well worth the extra work.



  This seems like a no-brainer, but sleeping is some- thing that students don’t focus on as much as getting the homework done or studying for a test. Getting enough sleep is just as important.   According to the National Sleep Foundation, a healthy amount of sleep for a teenager is 9 1/4 hours, though some can operate well on 8 1/2 hours. Only 15% of teens surveyed said they constantly get a healthy amount of sleep on a school night. Many students stay up very late finishing homework, especially ones who have sports practice immediately after school, and cannot work on homework until later in the evening. I am guilty of staying up late to finish homework many nights, but I am always very tired the next day and I can’t pay attention as well as I would have on a full night’s sleep.   Getting enough sleep I need with the amount of work I am given and the time I have to work with is demanding. Sleeping as much as teens need is possible, but just takes effort and motivation. If I use my time wisely, I can get the amount of sleep I need.   Consequences of a shortage of sleep are lacking the ability to learn, solve problems, listen and concentrate. A scarce amount of sleep can make you more forgetful and more prone to pimples. A deprivation of sleep can also lead to more aggressive behavior, eating unhealthy foods, and illness. So make sure to catch those Zzzs!

Vol 21| Iss 02

Issue of the Issue Column for rants: sickness


ver had anything annoying to gripe to somebody about? Ever notice somebody doing something that makes you want to grab and shake him or her while shouting “HEY! STOP THAT”. Well now we have the chance to rant on numerous issues we experience. Hopefully you all can relate and say, “OMG, I hate when they do that”, and if not, you’re probably the offender we’re speaking of.


Peter Hung//Editor

  Being SICK.... I’m seriously sick of being sick. Apart from the obvious reasons of your body feeling exhausted and disgusting, here are some more in depth problems of acquiring a virus: sneezing, schools, and sleep.   Sneezing: Apart from constantly having an inclination to shove my shoulder to my nose when I sneeze, or at least you should because nobody wants your contagious germs, I absolutely despise the fact about the whole “bless you” ordeal. Through my numerous scrutinizes of people sneezing, I have come to the conclusion that people are extremely biased on who they “bless”. Whenever a classmate of mine sneezes, loud enough to cause another devastating earthquake in Japan, people shower them with “bless you!” as if they just suffered from kidney stone problem. But whenever I sneeze, regardless of the fact that mine does not disturb the entire class because discriminating sneezes are just wrong, nobody ever praises me with relief. I mean I’m over here dripping fluids and dealing with my red irritated nose, and all I get is silence?

Sleep: We all need it. Most of us get by with less than six hours of sleep and compensate by taking numerous naps during the school day. Now I have to deal with not being able to fall asleep and dream about a zombie apocalypse while gasping for air through my mouth. What’s worse is when I do so, bacteria settles in on my two front teeth as my mouth is exposed due to trying to absorb oxygen so I don’t die. Then when I wake up from my lack of rest, my teeth have been embellished by white plaque. Also, my hopes quickly disappear as I take more swallows and my throat still screams stingingly.

Schools: Why can’t time just stop when someone gets sick and continue once they feel all nice and dandy? Honestly, who wants to do anything other than slumber in your comfortable bed when you’re sick, let alone go to school? The situation is tricky too since I do not want you to arrive at school and infect me with your filthy disease, but I can understand the fact that if you’re taking AP classes, missing school is not an option. Getting sick does not compare to leaving for a vacation to the Bahamas; we don’t have the ability to predict the future. However, teachers don’t sympathize for your immune system and sometimes even leave out important information that we need to keep us from obliterating our grades. I know we must be responsible adults, but not getting everyone sick definitely shows responsibility. Then   It took me a while, but I think I finished rambling on how much I again, we have to make up hate being sick. But not long enough for this sickness to go away. schoolwork. Just remember, if you haven’t been sick for a couple of months, don’t acknowledge that you’ve been healthy for a long time. From experience, I always get sick soon after when I say “Wow, I haven’t been sick for a long time”. You don’t want to know what happens when I’m sick.

SEPTEMBER ‘12 | 21


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  Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. -Charlie Parker

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