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Liga AC Labs 2013 Continental Automotive Romania 19.02.2013

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Continental Automotive Romania – Liga AC Labs 2013 Continental Automotive Romania – “Liga AC Labs 2013” You may choose one of the 5 modules: Embedded Software Development Autonomous Lunar Vehicle SCALA (Simple CAN Application for Liga AC) Build the Car of Tomorrow The Birth of a Central Display

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Embedded Software Development Interior Instrumentation & Driver HMI*

*HMI – Human Machine Interface

Interior Instrumentation & Driver HMI Embedded Software Development in Automotive Industry Objectives • Improve theoretical and practical knowledge in automotive embedded software development • Encourage the students to work as a team in developing small embedded projects

What do we offer • Technical trainings • Software project development • Hands-on workshop on test car • Soft skills training

What do we expect from you ? • Passion for automotive technology • Basic electronics & programming skills (C/C++ Language)

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Interior Instrumentation & Driver HMI Embedded Software Development in Automotive Industry

• • • • • • • • •

Agenda Introduction to automotive systems Software development context – activities, roles & responsibilities in software projects Software testing Vehicle communication networks CAN data trace on test car ( BMW 550GT) Instrument clusters – hardware & software architecture Software technologies in cluster instruments …. from embedded C to C++ and more…. Driver information acquisition & display – project (4 weeks) Soft skills training

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Interior Instrumentation & Driver HMI Embedded Software Development in Automotive Industry Introduction to automotive systems (3h) • Electronic control units in passenger cars • Basic mechanical concepts • Data communication networks • Driver information systems • Past, present and future design • Basic functionalities – practical overview Software development context (2h) • Software product lifecycle • V-Model development process • Change and configuration management • Key roles and responsibilities

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Interior Instrumentation & Driver HMI Embedded Software Development in Automotive Industry Software testing (3h) • Basic test concepts & techniques • Test equipment • Test process • Test automation & tools

Vehicle communication network (3h) • CAN interface • Synchronization mechanisms • Data and error frames • CAN communication equipment • Data tracing and ECU simulation using CANOE

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Interior Instrumentation & Driver HMI Embedded Software Development in Automotive Industry CAN data trace on test car - BMW 550GT (2h) • Vehicle overview • ECUs identification in vehicle • Data acquisition using CANOE • Trace analysis • Drive test Instrument clusters –hardware /software architecture(3h) • Hardware components & block diagram • Operating system • Low level services • System services • Customer specific applications

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Interior Instrumentation & Driver HMI Embedded Software Development in Automotive Industry Software technologies in cluster instruments (3h) • Embedded C programming • Embedded C++ programming • Object oriented programming paradigms • Object oriented design concepts • Switching from C to C++ Driver information acquisition & display (4 weeks, 2h / week) • Develop data acquisition and data visualization software modules in C & C++ • • •

Debug implemented software Test application on target Check implementation against automotive standards

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Interior Instrumentation & Driver HMI Embedded Software Development in Automotive Industry Soft skills training (2h) • How to create a good resume • How to prepare for an interview • Do’s and don'ts during an interview

• •

Closing session Bi-directional feedback Project celebration

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Autonomous Lunar Vehicle Continental Engineering Services

Project description

Project name: Autonomous Lunar Vehicle The scope of the project is to realize a functional machine which will meet the following requirements: - moving and steering - speed control - carry a predefined load - possibility of further development

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Project summary The project will have a HW a MD and a SW part

The HW of the project will realize a control board which will be able to drive the motors, handling feedbacks and translating predefined traces.

The SW part of the project should assure correct driving strategies, the implementation of the traces all the calibrations and other logical functions with possibility of further development. The SW part will also follow the implementation of the functions using different methods. There will be a contest between 2 different teams.

The MD part will implement the chassis of the platform and the correct assembly of the modules.

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Project organization Phases: Step 1: acquiring the necessary technical knowledge Step 2: building up the machine -> SW, MD, HW development

Timeframe: - 10 weeks (3- 4h/week) During the project timeframe the selected students will be guided and coordinated by the technical experts of the Continental Engineering Services department

Location: - Continental (Siemens str. No 1.) Continental Automotive Romania 14


Project team Nr. of students*: - 6 (two teams of 3) students for SW implementation (Computers Science or Informatics, year > 2) - 3 students for HW implementation (preferable Faculty of Electronics, year > 2) * already established teams of students would be an advantage

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Challenge Education Success

SCALA (Simple CAN Application for Liga AC) Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket

Liga AC Labs 2013 - Agenda General Presentation

Detailed Presentation of Labs

Model Based Development

Liga AC Labs 2013 – Organization


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OBU & Instrument Cluster Communication Goal Develop 2 applications that communicate via CAN using an truck instrument cluster and a telematic on-board unit


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Tachographs, Telematics & Services (TTS) – Labs Overview

Goals • Familiarize with an OBU and Cartesio microcontroller • Familiarize with new development environment and technologies

OBU Functionalities • GPS data acquisition • Send/receive data on CAN to/from other systems • Display useful information to user on OBU (On-Board Unit) • Printout

Development environment • Eclipse in C++, GCC/G++, Linux-based RTOS, QT • Microcontrollers, graphical display, thermal printer

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TTS - Model Based Development Next generation in SW Programming Visual and natural manner (e.g. QT, UML) Iterative development -> rapid prototyping

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Instrument Clusters in Trucks In our days, a truck it is a network of intelligent devices, controlling different parts of the truck. The instrument cluster communicates with all the other devices and provides information to the driver, being the main interface with the driver. This is why we are constantly challenged to develop simple to use but complex (as number of functionalities) instrument clusters.

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IC - Model Based Development Model Based Development represent the next generation in SW Programming. Highly complex applications can be created in a visual and natural manner. Design, implementation and testing are done in a single environment, creating a very strong and useful real time tool. This approach reduces the project development time and offers the perfect environment for rapid prototyping, so you can immediately check and feel the output of your work. This is quite exciting when you develop applications that shows the Tire Pressure Information on a TFT display, compute the Fuel Consumption and Trip Information and shows them on the segmented display or calculates the Remaining Fuel and controls the dedicated stepper motor.

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Instrument Cluster Labs Basic knowledge of Model Based development (LogiCAD)

Control Physical telltales

Control of Gauges

Control of Graphical objects HMI Icons Bargraphs Dynamic numbers Symbols

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Liga AC Labs 2013 - Organization Instrument cluster labs

Tachographs, Telematics & Services - Labs

LAB0: Kickoff

LAB0: KickOff

LAB1: LogiCAD toll

LAB1: Presentation of the architectural

LAB2: LogiCAD basic blocks part 1

LAB2: Presentation of the development

LAB3: LogiCAD basic blocks part 2 (LEDs control) LAB4: LogiCAD basic blocks part 3 (Pointer control)

LAB3: Create SW design LAB4: Implementation and testing of basic LAB5: Implementation and testing of data acquisition

LAB5: LogiCAD basic blocks part 4 (TFT control) LAB6: Implementation and testing of data display LAB6: TFT control: Icons LAB7: CAN (short description, received/send messages) LAB8: Calculate, display, convert and send via CAN the Vehicle Speed information

LAB7: Implementation and testing of data publishing LAB8: Initial system integration LAB9: Integration with Instrument Cluster LAB10: Summary & conclusions (e.g. reviews, Q&A)

LAB9: Integration with OBU LAB10: Summary & conclusions (e.g. reviews, Q&A)

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Liga AC Labs 2013 - Organization • Location: Continental • Teams: • One team x 7 people to work on OBU application (C++, Linux, GPS, CAN, Display, Printer) • One team x 7 people to work on instrument cluster unit (LogiCAD, CAN) • Agenda • 10’ – short description and discussion of the current lab (all) • 50’ – presentation of theoretical aspects (all) • 50’ – practical examples (teams of 2) • 10’ – discussions on the results and introduction of the next lab’s subject (all) • Equipments • PC, OBU/IC, power supplies, cables & connectors • Support • During the labs we plan to have 2 experienced engineers to support you with questions.

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Liga AC Labs 2013 - Organization • Data security • You will work on Continental computers and you may have access to Continental proprietary information • It is strictly forbidden to take Continental proprietary information (source files/documents) outside the company • It is strictly forbidden to use memory sticks or other storage devices (e.g. risk of viruses) • If necessary to bring or take something outside ask your coordinator • Use internet only on labs purpose • NDA (Non disclosure agreement) has to be signed by each participant • Access regulation • You are considered visitor and you can enter inside the company only with your coordinator • Be in time at the front gate - if delay is expected, please contact your coordinator in time • The coordinator shall guide you during the stay inside the company • Labs timeframe: 18.03.2013 - 03.05.2013(7 wks) and 13.05.2013 - 02.06. 2013 (3wks)

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Build the Car of Tomorrow Body & Security

Liga AC Labs 2013 – IBS In IBS we are developing products related to driver comfort and vehicle security : BodyControllers (includes Door Locking, Alarm, Flashers, Lights, Wipers, etc), Remote Keys, Passive Access Systems, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems The SW is developed using new technologies as Autosar OS, Model Based Development Goal of the labs: study and development of IBS specific products – 3 project groups

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The Birth of a Central Display CEP Plant Timisoara

CEP Timisoara - The Birth of a Central Display Objectives Objectives • Complete overview of all production processes • Follow one Product from Bare Board to Final Testing in Theory and Practice • Get an understanding on “how it’s made” in Continental Timisoara What do we offer • Technical trainings • Insight in the workings of a production site • Theoretical Courses and Handson Labs • Working with current technologies What do we expect from you ? • Basic electronics & programming skills • Curiosity • Courage

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CEP Timisoara - The Birth of a Central Display Structure Program introduction

Printing Placement Reflow Process : Theory : Processes and parameters Lab : Component assembly In Circuit Testing : Theory : Fundamentals Lab : Debugging a board

Programmable Logic Controllers : Theory : Fundamentals; Simatic Controllers Practice : Step 7 Programming

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CEP Timisoara - The Birth of a Central Display Structure Sensors and Intelligent cameras : Theory : Sensor Types and Measurement Principles Practice : TBD

Final Assembly Testing : Theory : Test Automation, Diagnostics , IO Practice : Create your own test sequence

Program Closing

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Thank you for your attention!

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