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COMENIUS PROJECT “A Magic Book of European tales”

A friend in need is a friend indeed Romanian STORY 2

Spring arrived. One day , Spring Fairy announced to all her friends that the Old man’s daughter was in danger. An ogre kidnapped her and closed her with 7 locks in a castle. Those could be opened only if 7 attempts could be passed. The first attempt was to bring the ogre the biggest and the tastiest bread that has never been seen before. Ivan came from Bulgaria bringing a huge bread which was so tasty that as the ogre tasted it, was so impressed that the first lock opened.

The second attempt was to make a golden key that should fit into the second lock. Goldie from Bulgaria was the one who made a magic key from her gold that fit and opened the second lock. The ogre asked to bring him the most beautiful pearl necklace which was on the bottom of the sea. Egle from Lithuania, the Snake Queen called all her friends to search all the seas and the oceans to find the brightest pearl necklace. As soon as it was found and brought to the ogre the third look opened.

Wishing to drink the coldest and the clearest water, the Frog King from Austria brought a glass of water from the deepest fountain to him. As soon as the ogre drank the water it heard how the fourth lock opened. Then The ogre asked for a pair of dancing shoes .And so Matolek the goat searched all over the world and found them in a city in Poland. As the ogre wore them and began to dance the fifth lock opened. To open the sixth lock a special word was needed to be pronounced ,this word was found only if someone would answer a ridden. The Cat Findus from Sweden managed to answer the ridden and the magic word was “Friendship� that instantly opened the lock.

There was one more lock to be opened by a brave young man Kalev’s son who crossed a long distance from Estonia to Romania . But without thinking with a powerful sword he broke down the last lock. So the old man’s daughter was set free. But with the last lock the last spell disappeared. And all the friends saw how the ogre turned into a prince. He thanked them for their braveness and friendship and how they helped him to escape from the spell so he could return back to his family .

All of them became friends, they gathered to have a great party full of joy because everything turned to be great. So the children have told you the beautiful story ‌.!



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