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The Magical Ball Mingea fermecată

Summer holiday it’s over. In a lovely day of September, Old Man’s Daugther and her friends Ivan, Goldie, Kalev’s son, Matolek, Findus, Egle and Frog the king came to meet again the children from Blue Flower Kindergarten. It had been a lllllllllong holiday and they have so much to talk about. Everyone is so happy and they enjoy seeing each other again.

From class to class they were welcomed by kids hwo want to share from their’s summer stories and hwo want to sing and play along with their friends.

While they were entering in one classroom, all the children were full of joy at seeing Old Man’s Daugther and her’s friends. Only one boy, named Liviu, was sitting sad in a corner.... Goldie, Matolek, Findus, Ivan, Kalev son , Egle and Old Man’s Daugther came closer and tried to cheer him up. But with no use! Then the Old Man’s Daugther ask him:

„What’s the matter with you? What happened? „ „ Some while ago, in the morning, we were playing with a toy-car and someone broke it.Then Marian said it was me who broke it! But it wasn’t me! I’m not the only one who broke the car and I could not see who was playing with it! Now, my teacher is angry with me! I don’t know how to prove that the guilt is not mine and that I say the truth.

Listening to what Liviu was telling to Frog the King he says: „I know how we can find out who is responsible for breaking the car and that someone isn’t telling the truth . My magical ball rescued from the fountain is eager to have fun with you. But, you have to be very carefull, the ball won’t let the kids to touch it if they do not say the truth. So, we all find out who broke the car.

Saying this, Frog the King opened his bag and pull out a shinny yellow ball. Then he asked the children: What are you thinking about ,kids? Shall we play with my magical ball? Who has the courage and knows that he is telling the truth, please come in the circle and let’s begin our game! Liviu was the first who came into the circle. He knew that he was saying the truth! But unfortunetly,Marian is sitting far from the game.He won’t dare to come closer.

„Marian,do you have anything to tell me? the Old Man’s Daugther asked. „Yes, and I’m really sorry for not telling the truth from the beginning.....I was the one who broke the car and then I blamed Liviu for that.

Then the teacher says: „Because you admitted that you were sorry , your act was brave. I also forgive you..Let’s come together and play with the magical ball! And, don’t forget:the most important thing that we always should do is to tell the truth no matter what.”

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