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’’THE ARENA” AIESEC Nigeria TM Newsletter (September Vol.1) What’s new in AIESEC 9JA??? * You missed the awesome tweetmeet on Tuesday, 3/09/2013? Not to worry, you can catch up by searching for the mindblowing tweets using the hash tag #YouthLeadership....More amazing tweetmeets coming up, Wait for it! ** GET EXCITED! NEXLDS ’13 is around the corner!!! Take a sneak peak – ecnigeria-nexlds-ilorin-2013-videoteaser-download/

Hey AIESEC!!! It is my pleasure to introduce the maiden edition of THE ARENA to you all. With this newsletter, the GLADIATORS seek to improve the means of knowledge dissemination within the network. We hope every individual would take advantage of this opportunity to improve the quality of their AIESEC experience. #We Are GLAD you came

***Application for National Quality Board still open!!! Apply now;


Beyond 9ja...

Activate Leadership! Take responsibility for your learning! Develop a Global Mindset! - YAAAY! WACS 2013 Liberia is around the corner, 2nd round of Delegate registration is on its way!!!!! Stay tuned... - AFROXLDS ’14 CC Application; - AIESEC Georgia NST Application (2nd Round); - AIESEC Belgium NST Application (2nd Round);

Tip of the month.... System Administration…AIESEC Naija needs to speak in Numbers! 

Why record our Txps on

It is NOT enough to live quality experiences in our various LC’s.

We need to accurately record the number of xp’s being lived, so as to benchmark our progress as an entity, showcase our level of impact globally, and manage our member performance effectively.

As a Team Leader – Make it a point of duty to assign ALL your team members their respective roles on the system!!! As a Team Member - Constantly remind your TL to make your xp count on the system + provide your TL with all necessary info required to do so! BE PROACTIVE!!!!!! For more details, clarity and guidance see ---------------------- and

My aMazing aiesec story……


How long does it take for a TMP/TLP xp to count (become realized), after being assigned/matched on Forward your answers to NOW!!! Fastest Fingers win!!!!!

Writing my AIESEC story in a few lines is like squeezing an egg into a 50cl bottle of water. *Whew* I joined AIESEC in the University of Ibadan in March 2011, & I have been active since then. For me, it was like a platform to expend my energy on a valuable cause – POSITIVE IMPACT. I wanted to learn, explore,develop and if possible, expand my potentials. My AIESEC career has been tasking, insightful, fun, adventurous,annoying sometimes (I guess that comes when one has to work with anybody other than ones self). Most importantly, I’m grateful for the opportunities that AIESEC has offered and still offers me. I AM PROUD TO BE AN AIESECer! --------- Tolu Adetunji - AIESEC Ibadan ***Sharing is caring! For your amazing story to be showcased on this space, forward it to

Stay connected! Watch out for the 9ja Talent of the month!!!

TXP RADAR! YIPEEEEEEEEEE! Lets take a look at the LC’s with outstanding numbers of TMP & TLP matches and realizations (July 1st-September 5th).....*drumrroooooooolllls* 150 100 TMP 50


0 AIESEC Lagos

AIESEC Port Harcourt



Ponder….. ‚There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hardwork…THERE ARE NO LIMITS.‛ – Michael Phelps

LC ‘LWTMB’ CHALLENGE!!! Do you have any interesting & laughter provoking picture with at least 2 members of your LC in it? Send them to and lets all have a good laugh!

The arena september vol 1  

AIESEC Nigeria TM Newsletter - "THE ARENA" September Vol.1

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