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Nichole Olafson Is About To Start A Beautiful Flower Shop In Brickell

Currently, Nichole Olafson works at the Mansion Nightclub which is successfully controlled by the Opium Group headquartered in Miami. The Opium Group is counted amongst the most respected hospitality chain which operates four nightclubs located in Miami including Mansion, Opium Garden, Privé, and SET. Mansion is one of South Beach’s most electric venues that has set the stage for some of the world’s most advertised events, from ground-shaking DJ sets by highly popular Deamau5, David Guetta, and Skrillex, to parties which are hosted by Jay Z and P. Diddy and also stunning live performances by Britney Spears, Prince and Velvet Revolver. Grand and majestic that feature the most technologically advanced lighting and sound in any US nightclub. Besides this, she also worked at XL beach club in Dubai in 2012 where she did bottle service.

Soon Nichole Olafson is starting a wonderful flower shop in Brickell and in order to leave no stones overturned, she has been giving as much time as possible to this project. She is a highly talented floral designer who loves to design flowers for numerous types of weddings, events, funerals etc. She is very fond of Roller blading in south beach and also likes to focus on floral designing, shopping, baking, and traveling.

Nichole Olafson belongs to Starks, ME and she had completed her high school studies from Madison area memorial high school which is located in Madison, Maine. At this high school, she participated in several exciting activities that include varsity track, soccer, etc. She was a band geek and used to play flute in a band. She finished her floral design program from Penn Foster which is a highly prestigious establishment amongst the most successfully career schools that offer an opportunity to learn the skills required to prepare for a career as a Floral Designer.

Thank You Nichole Olafson

Nichole Olafson Is About To Start A Beautiful Flower Shop In Brickell