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clint city october, 31st

halloween !

Born in the small town of Balgenheim, east of Clint City, Klaus Muller has always been a strong partisan of law and order.

Having recently arrived in Clint City as a member of the anti-riot squad...

... Klaus is determined to make a name for himself in this city that thrives on vice and chaos.

this evening, the Sentinel clan was informed that the Nightmare were preparing for something...

editor in chief: chief: nicolas caris produced by studio makma: script & letters: edmond tourriol pencils & inks: samuel mĂŠnĂŠtrier colors:: fred vigneau colors

... maybe klaus will have to act like a hero?

no! stop! don’t eat those candies!

hey... it’s candy jack !

haha hahaha ha !

look out, children, he wants to steal your sweets!

here you are, children!

ggh. ... gah.

klaus to hq! I repeat: klaus to hq!

send me some support immediatly!

gah. ggh. grr.

I… I can’t shoot them down!

thanks to the intervention of the one called...

klaus won’t shoot anybody down tonight.

... k cube!

hey, sweetheart... you’re waking up?

. K cube and yOU, dieter. understood?



the machine is ready, Ielena.

just in time, you lucky. you’re gonna be a part of a very interesting experiment... ... and very painful, too! You remember timmy, I’m sure ? gah.


hey rookie! n-no! what the hell are you doing in bed?

gah ?

the fun is over. chloÊ, havok, let’s bombard the place!

okay, boss!

yes, Ielena ! k cube, you cover us!

stop her! she’s running away with the spooky old guy!

we’re on it, klaus!

hngh !

Bitch! take this!!

my eyes!!


vryer... he’s from the Gheist!

Chloé? are you okay?

what the hell is he doing here?!

hey, klaus... it’s not like in your little town, is it?

you bet it’s not, havok... you just saved me!

poor child...

A gheist... allied with a this nightmare?! affair begins to stink...

to be continued!

Urban Rivals Comics  

Night of the monsters

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