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From the depths of outer space…

…comes celestial body JNGA-13, heading towards the Earth.

Probable impact location: Clint City! And as always in such occurrences, animals are the first to feel something’s wrong!

Too late to listen to them, though…

Easy, Ongh! What’s with you, buddy?


in an instant their lives will be changed forever.

Editor-in-chief: Nicolas Caris Story & letters: Edmond Tourriol/Studio Makma Breakdowns: Samuel Ménétrier/Studio Makma Finished art & Colors: Sabrina Thauvin English Translation: Jérôme Wicky

As the meteorite closes in on Clint City zoo...

…the animals grow quiet.

To say a silent prayer, maybe?

Oh God! What the heck is that thing…?!

argGH ! The shockwave penetrates the bodies of all living things in the vicinity… Then all is quiet, again.

In the wee hours of the morning...

… Heroes of Clint City are already here to investigate the crash zone… Havok, Chloé… Stop! I think I heard something!

Don’t you think you’ve sniffed too much of that star dust, Tanner?

… without knowing…

No, wait, he’s right! I heard it, too…

… that a new clan is born…


Leave now and we will do you no harm.

Spread the word… We are the Jungo… This is our place, and you are trespassing!

To be continued… in your Urban Rivals deck, soon!

Urban Rivals Comics - Chapter 6 Episode 0  

And as always in such occurrences, animals are the fi rst to feel something’s wrong! Probable impact location: Clint City! …comes celestial b...

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