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Yes, Mr. Zlatar, sir, we’re ready.

machinations part 1

In Clint City, there is a tower that stands taller than all the others. Editor-in-chief: Nicolas Caris A studio Makma production - Story & letters: Edmond Tourriol Pencils & Inks: Samuel Ménétrer - Colors: Fred Vigneau english translation: jérôme wicky

Colin said it, Mr. Zlatar. We are ready to go. Really.

You are saying that Phase 2 can begin now? No chance of a hitch?

A tower that belongs to the most powerful man in the city…

Come on, Rubie dearest. They know what’ll happen if they fail me.

... zlatar!

Now this is serious business, boys. Not accustomed to that, are we?

Right, kids?

Yes. Yes, sir. Concrete shoes are not for us, absolutely not.

So what are you waiting for? A TV Newsflash? Get Phase 2 going right now.

Later, on the waterfront.

Did I hear something or…?

So you morons can’t read or what?

Those boxes are no freebies, they bear the “Junta” brand.

And you know what that means? That’s Bryan!

So what, “that’s Bryan”?

Haven’t heard of me, uhn? Please allow me…

… to introduce myself!


Drink some water for a change, cook!


Hey, Ricardo, where are all your friends gone?

-- Target locked --

tt fttt

mfp f !


-- Commencing procedure --

-- Main objective --

?! -- Achieved --

-- preparing for secondary objective --

-- Secondary objective achieved --

-- Procedure over -a Agh! Th-thanks!

-- Disabling hostile individual --

-- Done --

-- Return to base --

In the shadows… I should report this to Lost Hog before they see me…

Uh oh…

… too late!

No way to shake them off… And these $#@£% are driving me towards the highway!

Lost Hog’s counting on me… I can’t disappoint him!

I’ve never tried this during my training…

… but during my training…

… people are not trying to kill me!

-- Intercepting target in 22 seconds --

Effin’ eggrolls! They’re not the talkative type, but they have set their eyes on me!

-- 19 seconds --

a iia aa


aa aa aa



-- 13 seconds --

-- 9 seconds --

-- 3 seconds --

heeeelp! So what you want is a fight, right?!

-- Intercepting -I guess it’s a yes!

Let’s just book them, chop-chop! If I’m home late again, Chloe will turn me into mince meat!

Look, the wall-crawlers we’ve been looking for! Happy?

Fear not, loverboy…

… I’ve got a plan!

Just think of what Chloe’ll do to you if you don’t hurry up!

Yeah, the kind of plan likely to send us to hospital!

I’d rather not!

I’m not crazy, Havok… … I’m just a Sentinel!

You really are crazy, Copper, you know that?

-- Arrival of new primary objective --


Easy to guess which ones are the baddies. So…

… let’s do it!

-- danger -Leave some for me, OK?


The more, the merrier… For us! I’m not out of the game!

I’m finished. How about you kids?

We didn’t wait for you, Pa.

Very funny, smartass. Thank you guys, I--

-- Targeting --

-- action --


My God! What is this thing?!

To be continued!

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