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Treasure Hunt Let me guess: it projects a slideshow of gibberish messages, right?

You have no need for this artifact. You don’t even know what its purpose is!

Wait a minute… You mean you have already activated the artifact?

That changes everything.

Anyway, no matter why you fancy it so much, you won’t get it for free!

You have sent a message to outer space!

… and I bet you need the artifact to communicate with it!

… or make it do your dirty work… A message to the planet vronk!!

… and I never do…

Unless I miscalculated…

I wonder how much the Sakrohm will pay for such juicy information…

… like bumping off the leader of your band of lunatics… … you have summoned an alien…

Ah, well. She doesn’t understand, Oryon. Show her how you deal with troublemakers…


… such as our adventurer friend here.

Not to mention the Junta, who went through all that trouble to hide these alien remains!

Whoa, whoa, slow down! I can…

Editor-in-chief: Nicolas Caris A studio Makma production Story & letters: Edmond Tourriol Pencils & Inks: Ismael Ba Colors: Fred Vigneau english translation: jérôme wicky

… so that you can take his place!

… twist your fingers!






k nk bon


Not so proud, now, uhn? haha


You cannot run your whole life.

We will get this artifact… … sooner or later!

If only you asked nicely, you’d have that piece of crap in your dirty paws!

One fastball special to go!

But since you didn’t, you’re gonna have to go dig it out yourselves!

Svethlana… do your thing!

Good riddance! Do something, you big oaf!


gna !



Alright, Svethlana, we had our fun…

… but all good things must come to an end.


You two lovebirds take it easy, I’ll tell your boys where you are…

Well, Hawkins, I have to thank you…

… and maybe I’ll tell them about your plans…

… not for that so-called “treasure” hunt…

… but for making me leave that stupid circus!

Anytime you need me, girl…

sm a

ac k

Now, I’m off to explore Clint City and get in touch with that girl Charlie who once gave me her business card…

Me, I… I’ll probably follow your lead and try to make… … an old dream come true.

A few days later…

Ahoy, matey! Yer father tells me ya be ready t’sail them seven seas wit’ me’n’th’ crew, aye?


The beginning… of a great adventure!

Urban Rivals Comics - Chapter 3 Episode 3