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The New SchoOl Year

DJ KorR sure is hot…

I couldn’t help it!

Girl, tonight’s rave party was wicked! DJ KorR kicks asS…

That Gil!!! He’s such a hunk…

StilL… Try to behave, next time…

… but throwing your panties at them? Come on…

She always carRies a spare, just in case.

Editor-in-chief: Nicolas Caris

DunNo about you folks, but I don’t feEl like going home just yet.

Story & letTers: Edmond TourRiol - Art: Samuel Ménétrier Inks : Anthony Dugenest - Colors : Fred Vigneau - English Translation: Jérôme Wicky

Their headmaster was here to recruit some dude from my clasS. The next day, the kid was gone!

Neither does Akiko.

That guy was weird. Kinda loOked like a perv. I wonder why they wanted him so bad.

Hey, I know about that place. Crazy people. They came to my schoOl last weEk…

Only one way to know for sure!

You wanNa go walLhopPing?

You’re heavier than you loOk, DreEn…

KeEp up like this, and I’lL step on your face.

Aw, quit your whining!

I’m doing alL the climbing on my own!

Diplomas, here we come!

Don’t push me!

Just you wait!

It’s time for the art clasS!

So you want to study? Dream on, girl. Boring studies for sure, but diplomas?

gla glagla {}








It’s a bit late to make such a ruckus inside the schoOl walLs.


Saved! Akiko, DreEn… Ha! As if you had the qualifications to enter our schoOl.

This is a private schoOl. And if you’re not part of the SkeElz, you have no businesS in here.

Leave now or you’lL get threE hours of detention… without the ability to speak!

To be continued soOn… in your deck!

Urban Rivals Comics - Chapter 10 Episode 0  
Urban Rivals Comics - Chapter 10 Episode 0  

DJ KorR sure is hot… Aw, quit your whining! You wanNa go walL- hopPing? She always carRies a spare, just in case. That guy was weird. Kinda...