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Writing Assignment #3 DeeDee Okotie California Baptist University

JRN 350 Dr. Pearson January 31, 2014 Edward Zapletal

WRITING ASSIGNMENT 3 P.O. BOX 194 Niagra Falls, NY 14304 (416) 491-3699 Dear Edward Zapletal, The History Magazine is a magazine publication that is growing. From the United States to the Canadian Province of Ontario The History Magazine is beginning to gain widespread popularity. Subscriptions continue to grow each day, and many have noticed the availability of these subscriptions on a brand new online store. What is the next step? I believe the company could use a strong freelancer whose relevant work experience reflects knowledge of the marketplace and is passionate about history. I feel that I am the perfect candidate for such an opportunity. As a writer for The History Magazine, I would produce a travel series. The series would contain background historical information about each city that I travel to along with a detail description of the location in 300400 words. The article would incorporate an array of photographs of both the location and relevant materials. Interviews would be conducted as necessary featuring those residents of the concerning location. Why should I write for The History Magazine? As a history enthusiast of numerous years, I have gained insight on all aspects of history. Not only have I learned a great deal on the topic at hand, but I am incredibly passionate about writing for such as publication. As a senior at California Baptist University, my studies have prepared me to write quality work. Thank You for you consideration. Respectfully, DeeDee Okotie

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