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Writing Assignment #2: Five Ways to Get Healthy DeeDee Okotie California Baptist University

JRN 371 Dr. Pearson January 19, 2014

WRITING ASSIGNMENT 2 2 The term health refers to the general condition of one’s body. Health is an ever changing process by which one may achieve full potential in social, emotional, spiritual, mental, and environmental aspects of life. (Donatelle, 2010) While most may mistake the phrase “ good health” to indicate the absence of illness; health is a complete state each of those five components. The social component encompasses the quality of relationships with family members, friends, and others. Emotional health includes the expression of emotions in a positive and nondestructive way. Spiritual health is the maintenance of relationships with other livings things and having spiritual direction and purpose- it aligns with one’s morals. Mental health is the ability to recognize reality, and cope with the demands of life. Lastly, environmental health deals with keeping one’s food, air, land, and water supply clean. How many one achieve each of these components of health? (Donatelle, 2010) Social Health: Make a New Friend Studies show socially isolated people are much more susceptible to illnesses-the death rate of people who are socially isolated are 2-3 times higher than those who are not socially isolated. (Donatelle, 2010) Why? It is simple. Isolation lowers the functioning of the immune system. This may explain why isolation is a key factor in various chronic diseases such as depression. (Donatelle, 2010) How can one ensure he or she has “good social health”? Research shows making friends increases social health. While many may believe the development of a “social life” includes making numerous friendships- this does not increase social health. Social health is increased by the development of those few intimate and meaningful relationships we take part in. Just as we need friends, we need to be loyal and reliable friends as well to increase our social health. Those who prove bad friends-the individuals who tend to over exhaust our resources decrease our social health. It is important to maintain those few- but valuable

WRITING ASSIGNMENT 2 3 friendships-those are the friendships that increase our overall well-being. (Donatelle, 2010) Emotional Health: Exercise Exercise has been known to increase health promoting neurochemicals such as serotonin and non-epinephrine. Serotonin is one chemical linked to the regulation of mood, sleep, and appetite. Scientists say this chemical has involvement in the development of depression. Exercise increases serotonin production and release. (Donatelle, 2010) Aerobic exercises like running and biking boost serotonin the most. Through activity- the more serotonin released, the happier you will feel. Non-epinephrine is one hormone responsible for the way in which the body responds to stress. The chemical plays a major role in regulating sleep, learning, and emotions. When released, it stimulates the emotional and cognitive centers of the brain. Non-epinephrine is widely known for it’s creation of a sense of well being and euphoria within the human body. Exercising thirty minutes each day-whether it is biking or preforming yoga will help to increase both serotonin and non-epinephrine. (Donatelle, 2010) Spiritual Health: Do Yoga Among spiritual health, yoga has also been known to increase emotional and physical health. Yoga is responsible for spiritual enlightenment. (Donatelle, 2010) Participants have claimed involvement has increase their spiritual awareness through chanting and breathing. Yoga means “union”. (Donatelle, 2010) While some classify yoga as a union with god, others classify it as a union with the mind and body. Today, most claim yoga focuses on self awareness, self discipline, and self discovery following a path to enlightenment. Spiritual health is about finding one’s purpose. For many, yoga fulfills this need. Practicing yoga for an hour each day can help increase spiritual health. Mediation for 15 minutes each day may also contribute to the increase of spiritual health. (Donatelle, 2010)

WRITING ASSIGNMENT 2 4 Mental Health: Eat Healthy Both the brain and stomach are connected to one another-the gut has its own nervous system that sends information to the brain via the vagus nerve. (Donatelle, 2010) This explains why nervousness may be followed nausea. The things that we put into our bodies exert a great influence on the way in which our brain functions. Diets high in fatty fish, walnuts, or seaweed reduce symptoms of mental issues such as schizophrenia. (Donatelle, 2010) Why? Omega 3’s increase the production of neurotransmitters which have a great effect on our mood. The primary source of energy for the brain is derived from glucose-this comes from carbohydrates. Healthy sources of carbohydrates include rice, beans and soy. Leafy greens contain selenium- a chemical responsible for low levels of depression. Dietitians suggest each day the average person should consume 2 cups of fruit, 3 cups of vegetables, 7 ounces of grains and beans to ensure great mental health. Eat healthy! (Donatelle, 2010) Environmental Health: Assess Your Home Where do you spend a great deal of time? Your home. It is important to ensure your home is free of toxins like mold or lead. Meeting with a home inspection or public health contractor to ensure your home’s environmental health is up to par can be important. The big three: radon, mold, and lead are most commonly found in the average American home. Lead may be present in an older’s home paint or pipes. Moisture could provide opportunity for mold to grow. (Donatelle, 2010) Are you using water filters? Do not drink your water without a filter. Filters have been known to increase purity in water derived from the tap. Unfiltered water may contain lead. Assessing one’s home can prevent health issues.


Who am I? My name is DeeDee Okotie. I am a blogger and health enthusiast. As a senior at California Baptist University-studying Business Administration and previously psychology; I have held numerous day jobs. One of which includes working in a retail shop dedicated to consumers in the health business. This retail store sold products such as vitamins, supplements,

WRITING ASSIGNMENT 2 6 and diet foods. As the main blogger of “Healthy Living” I am dedicated to the ways in which we can achieve full potential in all areas of health. The blog I produce does just this. “Healthy Living” is all about being healthy-this may include activities such as exercise, eating specific “super” foods, or even- socializing; making a new friend is good for your social health. My offer toYou: Get Involved in my mission. Read my blog. Attempt to take on several of my daily tips on how get and stay healthy throughout the duration of your life. Whether this means eating healthy or exercising- take a role in the production of my blog. “Healthy Living” is a lifestyle that stems from one’s actions in six areas in life: social, emotional, spiritual, mental, and environmental. Take a stand. Lets start down the road of great health together! If you have any questions or comments- feel free to contact me.

DeeDeee Okotie (951)440-3183

References Donatelle, R. (2010). Health:the basics. (10 ed.). Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company. DOI: New York, NY

Writing assignment 2  
Writing assignment 2