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Blog 8 “3 tips for boosting your Immunity” Ever feel fatigue in the middle of your day? I know I do- it happens quite often. It is quite unfortunate to know you still have half of your day to go and you already feel tired. Is your immune system under attack from the germs and bacteria that seems to follow you everywhere you go? What are you eating? Are you exercising? These are questions you should be asking yourself. Well for the eating questions I have a few tips of the foods you should be eating that may help solve this issue. These foods can help bolster your defenses against germs that cause colds and the flu. 1- Chicken Noodle Soup, chicken noodle soup plays an important role in loosening secretions- this helps rid the body of viruses and bacteria. 2- yogurt- yogurt has probiotics, or “good bacteria” that help to allow for good digestion and improvement of one’s immune system. Look for products that promote live cultures-these sort of yogurts are the healthiest and most nutritious. 3- eat soluble fiber. Foods high in soluble fiber include whole grains, nuts, vegetables, beans, oats, and apples. These foods are known to prevent the build up of bacteria and kill bacteria as it starts to grow in one’s body.

Blog 8