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Post-Election Opportunities You’ve no doubt heard the expression “you’d have to be living under a rock to not know of...fill in the blank.” With recent elections you’d have to be living under a rock to not notice. America and each state has been in full blown election mode finally culminating this last November. What might be less noticeable to the industry is the actual importance of not only who gets chosen by us as elected officials but what policies come into play afterwards. At this point the die has been cast and the elections are over. Of 149 total legislators, the Oklahoma Legislature will have 44 new members when it convenes February 6th for the 2017 legislative session. That’s nearly one third of the entire body. Can you imagine if you lost your experienced employees and one third of your existing workforce were brand new on the first Monday in February? There would be a lot of education and information to be done to protect your business. The same challenge will be true for trucking issues in Oklahoma. Senate Republicans increased their majority by three seats to 42-6. House Republicans increased their majority by four seats to 75-26. There are 32 new members in the 101-person House. There are 12 new lawmakers in the 48-person Senate. This legislative body will be full of members with new ideas they believe should become state law. Laws are nothing but ideas that get voted on by a majority of our elected legislators and signed into law. Some ideas are good and others bad depending on your point of view. The trucking industry has a history of supporting good ideas such as safety, roads and bridges, and necessary, but not over burdensome regulations to the industry. One of the most important aspects of the Oklahoma Trucking Association is advocacy on your behalf at the State Capitol. The OTA’s continued presence at the Capitol will happen. We will make our views known but need your support, participation, strength in numbers and financial assistance. Your involvement is critical. A legislator can learn of OTA’s support or opposition to a potential law but hearing from trucking professionals that live and vote in their district is even more powerful. As we enter in to this new legislative session consider participating in our Truck Day at the Capitol and greet your legislator personally. Become the authority they look to for trucking related issues. Weigh in on issues with legislators when called upon by your OTA. Contribute to the OK Truck PAC. Financial support of pro-trucking candidates is a must. Our friends need to know who we are and that we support them. Anti-truck folks need to know we are a force to be reckoned with and that we mean business. You can’t afford anti-truck legislators passing ideas into laws that jeopardize your business. Being “The Voice of Trucking” in Oklahoma doesn’t just magically happen. It takes all of these efforts by us both consistently and collectively.

Jim Newport President/CEO Oklahoma Trucking Association


Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016

Every Where.

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22 Mack and Volvo Certified Uptime Locations Across a 6-State Region

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ENID 5913 E. Owen K. Garriott Rd. Enid, OK 73701 800-375-6225

OKLAHOMA CITY 3824 W. Reno Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73107 800-725-6225

TULSA EAST (Volvo) 14001 E. Admiral Place Tulsa, OK 74116 877-468-2551

TULSA WEST (Mack) 5301 W. 60th St. Tulsa, OK 74107 866-929-6225

ARDMORE (Parts only) 576 Case Circle Ardmore, OK 73401 877-236-0981

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NATIONAL NEWS FIVE HIGHLIGHTS ABOUT TRUMP’S INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN As the buzz continues to grow around President Donald Trump’s plans for a large infrastructure package. Although both the lack of federal transportation spending frustrates Republican and Democratic lawmakers, they are hopeful they can work with Trump on a bill making it a bipartisan issue. During Trump’s acceptance speech he pledged to rebuild the country’s crumbling infrastructure. “We are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals,” Trump said. “We’re going to rebuild our infrastructure, which will become, by the way, second to none. And we will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it.” While the final detail of Trump’s plans are still unknown he has offered clues on the campaign trail about how he plans to work to repair the nation’s poor transportation system. Here are five highlights to know about Trump’s infrastructure ideas. 1.) Trump’s plan relies on private financing. The proposal would offer $137 billion in federal tax credits to private investors who want to back transportation projects, which could unleash up to $1 trillion worth of infrastructure investment over 10 years.

2.) Private funding will not help all projects. Per the plan, private investors would only fund projects that have tolls or user fees that can recoup investment costs. Consequently, critical infrastructure needs like repairing aging pipes, deepening ports or fixing existing roads and bridges without tolls could go neglected under Trump’s plan. 3.) Trump plans to cut regulatory ‘red-tape.’ “Infrastructure projects across the U.S. are routinely delayed for years and years due to endless studies, layerupon-layer of red-tape, bureaucracy, and lawsuits—with virtually no end in sight,” Tump’s campaign website says. “This increases costs on taxpayers and blocks Americans from obtaining the kind of infrastructure that is needed for them to compete economically.” 4.) Trump expects for the plan to pay for itself. Trump claims his infrastructure proposal would be revenue neutral because it should pay for itself. His proposal assumes that the tax credits offered to private investors would be offset by tax revenue from new wages to construction workers and new profits from contractors. 5.) Trump is open to any ideas. Trump has laid out his basic vision for infrastructure spending, but his plan is far

In the transportation business, “movement” is money. Farrah Whitaker, Practice Leader: 405.292.6406 | Leased Operators Call: 877.260.2287

Which is why the INSURICA Transportation Experts are here. Our deep understanding and decades-long experience bring the insight you need to identify, manage and avoid the costly exposures unique to your business.

Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016


from being confirmed. Trump’s transition team said it was exploring whether to establish a national infrastructure bank, which has long been favored by Democrats but has never been able to be approved under a GOP-led Congress. This shows his team is willing to explore new policy ideas — even Democratic ones.

Industry Says Autonomous Vehicles Will Improve Safety, Cut Congestion The adoption of autonomous vehicles is expected to enhance safety, improve fuel economy and ease congestion along freight corridors, federal officials and trucking industry stakeholders told lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

“We’re trying to use as many tools as we can to get this technology on the road,” Anderson added. The continuing developments in autonomous trucking embraced by multiple carriers will continue to require drivers inside the vehicle. Smart technologies will eventually eliminate human contributions. “This could be, perhaps, a solution to the chronic driver shortage down the road,” Spear told House lawmakers. “I think you’re always going to need drivers in the trucks in the cityscapes, doing pickups [and] deliveries.”

During a roundtable discussion on December 6, they allowed the top voices on autonomous vehicle technology to share their insight with policymakers.

Supporters argue long-haul trucking will be a perfect area for the self-driving technology, which the industry keeps developing and adopting. Late November, the Otto Company tested a semi-autonomous truck on Ohio’s highways. Later, the state announced an investment of $15 million in smart transportation infrastructure.

“Clearly there’s a huge opportunity for safety benefits and that’s pretty much where the department kind of starts its interest,” Blair Anderson, undersecretary for policy at the U.S. Department of Transportation, said at the House Highways and Transit Subcommittee roundtable.

ATA President, Chris Spear said “our industry will continue to work with service providers as well as government agencies to improve our cybersecurity posture and make certain that our systems and protocols are never compromised.”




Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016

INDUSTRY AND FEDERAL NEWS “More than 5,000 spectators gathered for the Pro-Am

store documents. In an era of instant communication, onthe-fly information access, and tech-savvy workforce, this state of affairs is fast becoming obsolete, Scott believes.

Classic, and the Saint Francis/Tulsa Tough-race now has 2,000 participants and 60,000 spectators! This is huge for our economy. So how is it that Oklahoma is considered The Michigan Department of Transportation, a leader in one of the worst places in the country to cycle? We are “e-construction,” estimates that the agency saves approx- ranked 45th in the nation. The answer, in part, is road imately $12 million in added efficiencies and 6 million access. Road Diets can have a significant impact without pieces of paper annually by using electronic document increasing our transportation budget. We do, however, storage for its $1 billion construction program, while re- need to follow through with funding earmarked for this ducing its contract modification from 30 activity, approval as other states have.” On January 23 Elaine Chaoprocessing receivedtime committee-level as President Trump’s days to 3 days. nominee to head the Department of Transportation. Senate’s Commerce, and The The League of American BicyclistsScience has encouraged The second half of Scott’s interim studyfavorably would focustoonrecommend states to consider five nomination. key areas when This hopingistothe improve Transportation committee voted Chao’s first implementing a process known as “Road-Diets” – that is, bike-friendly standings: legislation and enforcement, step toward her highway confirmation assuch Transportation redefi ning existing lane space as converting Secretary. policies and programs, infrastructure and funding, educaan existing four-lane, undivided roadway segment that tion/encouragement, and evaluation and planning. serves both through and turning traffic into a three-lane Her nomination now move the full Senate. A12 majority vote isfor needed in the Senate, to segment with two will through lanes and atocenter, two-way, June was the deadline submission of interim study left-turn lane. requests in the state House of Representatives, and allow Chao to be confirmed to run the DOT and serve in Trump’s Cabinet. Chao is expected House Speaker Jeff Hickman said he will announce by toThe seereclaimed little opposition confirmation. for he thehasweek of January 30 space couldfor be allocated for otherThe uses,Senate July 10calendar which studies authorized. such as bike lanes, pedestrian refuge islands, bus lanes shows the full Senate will have Chao’s nomination. Earlier in January Chao said during and/or parking.


her confirmation hearing that she intends to make infrastructure funding and more sensible “Cycling in Oklahoma exploding both as a form of exerregulations her topispriorities as DOT Secretary. cise to improve health and as a competitive sport,” Scott said.

Innovating to stay ahead Every day, you navigate a path filled with new challenges of increasing complexity. Unforeseen risks can halt progress toward goals and result in the loss of competitive advantage. Aon Risk Solution’s Trucking Practice delivers the industry’s most forward-looking tools and expertise to support fact-based decision making for insurance and risk management programs. To learn more about the distinctive value and innovative, customized solutions Aon delivers contact: Mark Brockinton National Trucking Practice Leader Aon Risk Solutions 315 West Third Street | Little Rock, AR 72201 1.800.541.8605, ext. 4700 Risk. Reinsurance. Human Resources.

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OSHA’S ENFORCEMENT OF EMPLOYEE RIGHTS PROVISIONS GO INTO EFFECT Starting December 1, after two delays and a court challenge, OSHA’s employee rights provisions within the new electronic reporting final rule has gone into effect. The section now being enforced (§1904.35) requires that employers: (1) inform each employee on how he or she is to report a workrelated injury and illness; (2) provide access to their injury and illness records for employees and their representative; and (3) not discharge or in any manner discriminate against any employee for reporting a work-related injury or illness.

ATA ISSUES SUMMARY OF FMCSA DRUG AND ALCOHOL CLEARINGHOUSE RULE: December 2, FMCSA released its final rule creating a national clearing house of drug and alcohol test results. ATA has summarized the important highlights of the rule: • Motor carriers, designated service agents, medical review officers and substance abuse professionals must submit a variety of drug and alcohol test-related records to the clearinghouse. • Carriers, or their agents, are required to query the database before hiring a job applicant, and carriers must query the clearinghouse annually for information about their current driver pool. • There are two types of queries: A full query, which provides all the information about a driver’s test history, and a partial query which only indicates if the driver’s records are in the system and is to


Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016

be used for the annual checkup. • The effective date of the rule is January 5, 2017 and the date for final compliance is January 6, 2020. In 2023, after three years of full operation, the clearinghouse will relieve carriers and drivers of the burden of retaining three years of testing records. Nothing in the final rule will change or affect state or local drug

and alcohol violation reporting requirements as long as they are compatible with the final rule. See 49 U.S.C. 31306a(l). Incompatible state or local requirements are subject to preemption. Each state has to evaluate its own requirements to determine whether they are compatible with the final rule. With respect to the clearinghouse reporting to states, at this time FMCSA is considering the most effective way to share information with the SDLAs.

FTR: CONDITIONS POINT TO TIGHTENING CAPACITY FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index for October, which currently shows to be low positive territory, remains on track to reflect improving conditions for carriers as capacity tightens from the implementation of regulations. FTR says tighter capacity will improve pricing and margins for trucking companies through next year. FTR added that the TCI is forecasted to reach its peak by late 2017 or early 2018. “Despite the pullback in the October TCI, there is sufficient evidence in the marketplace to indicate a turnaround is in the works for truckers,” said Jonathan Starks, FTR chief operating officer. “The spot market has shown a dramatic change with posted loads showing a 40% increase in November versus last year.” Combine that with the recent reductions in truck capacity that have finally occurred, and you arrive at a market that is set to see year-over-year rate increases for the first time since the second quarter of 2015. Though the election of Donald Trump creates some uncertainty, according to Starks, the biggest unknown is the impact of electronic logging devices on the marketplace in 2017. Regulation delays could stop that impact and affect pricing. “However, the market is already showing a positive shift, and the negative pricing of the last two years is unlikely to last much longer,” added Starks.


REAL ID UPDATE With less than a month before military bases and federal buildings were ordered to stop accepting Oklahoma IDs for entry, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a last minute exception, giving Oklahoma Legislators until June to come up with a compliant plan. In a letter to the DHS asking for the extension, Gov. Mary Fallin along with House Speaker and Senate President said they are “committed to a quick resolution of the issue.” “We believe it can be taken care of this very first month of session,” said state Rep. Jon Echols. Echols is part of a group from the House, Senate and Governor’s office that has been working diligently on a plan of compliance for the last six months.

Currently the Department of Homeland Security is warning air travelers with an Oklahoma driver’s license that they will not be valid for TSA security after January 2018. Oklahomans may have the choice between getting a driver’s license that meets federal security rules or obtaining one that doesn’t. The two types would be issued under a compromise bill Oklahoma Legislature is expected to negotiate during the 2017 session. “If lawmakers cannot pass legislation once again to become compliant,” said Brian Zimmer, the president of the Washington D.C.-based nonprofit Keeping Identities Safe. “It is unlikely DHS will be giving them another chance.” Full implementation of the federal law has been avoided by 27 states, like Oklahoma, that has yet to adopt the requirements at this time.

Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016



• I-235/US-77 Oklahoma Co. Resurfacing from N.W. 36th St. north to N.W. 63rd St. Estimated completion date fall 2016.

ODOT continues to add and update us of new projects on the rise and currently being worked to assist with trip planning, routing and daily travel. Continuous changes in infrastructure affects trucking and our ability to transport goods throughout Oklahoma.

• OKC Blvd./EK Gaylord/Reno Ave. Oklahoma Co. – Grade, drain, surface & bridge on E.K. Gaylord from Reno south & the Blvd. & 3rd from the railroad east to I-35. Estimated completion date summer 2017.

This fall, ODOT had a total of 90 projects affecting traffic and roadways throughout major points including Skiatook, Norman, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa. A list of all closures can be found online at: https:// Advisories/Traffic_Alerts.html



Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016

• I-240 Oklahoma Co. - Bridge rehabilitation on I-240 at Sunnylane & at various locations in Oklahoma & Canadian Counties. Nightly lane closures. Estimated completion date summer 2017. • I-240 Oklahoma Co. – First phase of reconstruction of I-240 at Santa Fe. Estimated completion date winter 2016-2017. •SH-9 Cleveland Co. – Widening & reconstruction from 36th Ave. SE to 72nd SE in Norman. Flaggers, lane shifts & side street closures. Estimated completion date summer 2017.

TULSA AREA CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS AFFECTING TRAFFIC CONGESTION & WIDE LOADS • US-169 Tulsa Co. – Bridge replacement from 56th St. to 66th St. Wide load restrictions. Estimated completion date summer 2017. • SH-266 Tulsa/Rogers Co. –Grade, drain surface, & bridge from US-169 2 miles to east of the Rogers Co. line. Wide load restrictions. Estimated completion date spring 2017. • SH-11 Tulsa Co. – Bridge replacement over Flatt Rock Creek just north of E. 36th St. N. Estimated completion date fall 2016 • SH-11 Tulsa Co. – Bridge work over Delaware Creek 2 miles south of Turley. Estimated completion date fall 2016. Detour routes for both projects: from SH-20/SH-11 junction in Skiatook, east to US-75, south to SH-11. • US-75/US-64/SH-51 (south leg of Inner Dispersal Loop) Tulsa Co. – Bridge rehabilitation at Boston Ave., Main Street & Cheyenne Ave. Estimated completion date winter 2016. • I-244 Tulsa Co. – Bridge Rehabilitation on 23rd St. bridge south of the Arkansas River. Wide load restrictions on I-244. 23rd St. bridge will have periodic closures. Estimated completion date spring 2018.

Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016



...................................................................................................... The Oklahoma Trucking Association has a significant role to play by interacting with statewide policy makers. Nearly 160 elected officials at the state level have a potential impact on trucking in various ways. There are different ways this interaction occurs. The first and most obvious is through advocacy (lobbying) at the State Capitol during the legislative process. From permitting, size and weights, licensing, taxation, texting while driving, and road and bridge funding, there are literally hundreds of bills filed each session affecting trucking. Any of these could become law. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) has three elected Commissioners. The OCC is a regulatory agency for the State of Oklahoma with emphasis on the fuel, oil and gas, public utilities, and transportation industries. Unlike a state law, the OCC can create regulations that have practically the same effect as law. Oklahoma has several statewide elective offices. These include the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner, Labor Commissioner and others. Each of these have different areas of influence with possible direct impact on our industry. Lastly, while we are a state association we can’t ignore Washington, D.C. Our affiliation within the Federation of the American Trucking Associations connects us to federal issues. These connections serve to protect, promote, and provide the OTA membership as being “the Voice of Trucking” in Oklahoma.


Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016

Corporation Commissioner, Dana Murphy and OTA CEO, Jim Newport



On September 12, 2016 OTA

accepted the award presented by

to this deserving Oklahoma

member company LuGreg

Oklahoma Labor Commissioner,

company,” Houston said. “Since

Trucking received the Mark

Melissa McLawhorn Houston.

starting as a one-truck family

Costello Entrepreneurial

When Houston was appointed to

business to growing with trucking

Excellence in Oklahoma Award.

fill the vacant state office after

and equipment yards spanning

Mark Costello originally created

Costello’s passing last year, she

northwestern Oklahoma, LuGreg

the award, and established to

renamed the award in Costello’s

Trucking continues to adhere

recognize and honor Oklahomans


to their core values of safety and faith-driven principles,”

who helped expand job opportunities and create profitable

LuGreg Trucking is only the

said Kannady, who founded the

employment in the state along

fifth in the state to receive the

company along with his father

with fostering a positive business

prestigious award in the last year.

Luke, who also attended the


“LuGreg Trucking’s commitment

presentation, credited the hard

to their employees exemplifies

work of “our entire LuGreg

Company president, and past

entrepreneurial excellence and I

family.” Congratulations on this

OTA Chairman, Greg Kannady,

am honored to present this award

honor LuGreg Trucking!

Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016


A YEAR IN TRUCKING WITH THE OTA 2016 has been another busy year for the Oklahoma Trucking Association. In addition to being “the Voice of Trucking” in Oklahoma, the OTA strives to continue bringing value to our members by protecting, promoting, and providing for our industry. Below is an overview of the last year with the OTA: • The year began with the American Trucking Associations hosting OTA’s new CEO, Jim Newport, and others for an in-depth orientation and training related to the industry and available resources from the ATA. • The legislative session brought victories and challenges for trucking in Oklahoma. The OTA helped defeat bills such as those that would have forced trucks to drive in the right-hand lane only, create an unfair county road and bridge financial liability placed on oilfield trucks, and the possible transfer of funds away from roads and bridges to the state’s general revenue. Collectively these potential costs to trucking could have reached into the millions of dollars. The OTA also helped pass positive pro-trucking legislation such as the CNG conversion weight exemption and the intra-state rest break exemption. This advocacy on your behalf at the State Capitol is continuous and critical. • OTA’s Safety Awards Banquet was proud to host our friend, Department of Public Safety Commissioner, Michael Thompson as the keynote speaker. Over 50 professional driver awards were presented to Oklahoma drivers. They are truly “heroes of the highway.” • OTA forged relationships with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation that lead to different collaborations with both. The DPS invited OTA to join a conversation offering advice and counsel on a potential CDL pilot program. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation sought our endorsement by way of sending a formal letter to the US Department of Transportation. The request was for specific funding of Oklahoma road and bridge construction in our most congested areas. The federal FASTLANE Act was later granted. • A newly created promotional trucking video highlighting OTA members was unveiled at our Donor Dinner prior to the Midwinter Conference. It was


Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016

designed to recognize and promote the value of the trucking industry in Oklahoma. • The Summer Shoot-Out Golf Tournament was a success. There was great participation, prizes and fellowship enjoyed by those attending this event. During this event we rolled out our first fundraiser to increase funds for our Political Action Committee account. • Jim Newport, CEO has spent no time waiting to be immersed in all things trucking. Newport was appointed to four ATA committees (Labor & Regulatory, Safety Policy, Highway Policy, and the Communications & Image). Newport accepted a position on the Board of HELP, Inc. (PrePass). He was nominated as the incoming Chair of the national group of State Trucking Executives for Region Three, was appointed to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s Freight Advisory Committee, and serves on two Career Technology Center Advisory Councils for truck driver training and technical maintenance training. • OTA participated in National Truck Driver Appreciation Week through member company’s events in different regions of the state. During this virtual media campaign one OTA member company had a driver win $500 during the #TruckerByTrade social media contest. This campaign took place just prior to our Annual Convention. • Our 84th Annual Convention, featured the theme of “Roar into the Future” where we rolled out our Annual Report, and aired a trucking video celebrating member companies. The convention hosted great informational speakers and was honored to host Oklahoma’s Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb as the key note lunch speaker. • Lastly, with the November elections, over 44 new legislators were ushered into the Oklahoma legislature. While Oklahoma’s Congressional delegation remained unchanged, the country saw a new President take office. • What can you expect in the new coming year? With our 85th Anniversary on the horizon we are promoting our 2017 theme, Drive to Excellence. We will have plenty of opportunities to educate others of the importance of Oklahoma trucking. It is a big job for all of us. Plan to be involved (and invite others) as we continue to protect, promote, and provide “the Voice of Trucking” in Oklahoma.


PREMIER SKEET SHOOT The OTA was invited to member event, Premier Truck Group’s Third Annual Skeet Shoot-Out on October 7, 2016 in Tulsa Oklahoma. The skeet shoot gave the opportunity for some of Premier’s clients to showcase their best marksmanship skills.

OTA was given the opportunity to network with possible new members and interact with existing members. Thank you Premier Truck Group for this opportunity.

If you have an event you would like OTA to participate in, please let Rebecca or Jim know so we may feature you in our quarterly publication.

Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016


Power, Performance and Productivity If you’re

vocational trucks from Freightliner and Western Star. Durable M2 106, 108SD and 114SD are built to help you get work done vacuum trucks, snow plows and many other applications, this Truck Group and talk to our experienced sales professionals ab




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OKLAHOMA CITY* NEW/USED TULSA* NEW/USED 877.621.0428 LOCAL: 405.942.8827 888.395.9947 LOCAL: 918.445.5300

5301 I-40 WEST / OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73128 5104 WEST 60TH STREET / TULSA, OK 74107

ARDMORE* NEW/USED 580.223.2233


2950 N 32ND STREET, MUSKOGEE, OK 74401

3601 12TH AVE NW / ARDMORE, OK 73401 ®



*Elite Support Certified by Daimler



Members of the Oklahoma Trucking Association receive special UPS discounts, including up to 28% on shipping. For more information on UPS and to receive your special savings, visit

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Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016

Post-trip: Federal regulation 396.11 states “Every motor carrier shall require its drivers to report, and every driver shall prepare a report in writing at the completion of each day’s work on each vehicle operated...” The report shall


cover at least the following parts and accessories: -service brakes including trailer brake connections – parking brake – steering mechanism – lighting devices and reflectors –tires – horn – windshield wipers – rear vision mirrors – coupling devices – wheels and rims – emergency equipment. So how long does it take to do a proper pre-trip, inter-trip and or post-trip inspection? Well, there isn’t a specific time noted by regulation. However, we can probably all agree

Greetings, fellow Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine readers. In this volume I would like to stress the importance of quality pre-trip, inter-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections. Federal regulations, local laws and company policies mandate safe and proper operating conditions at all times. Proper vehicle inspections can save lives and property. You cannot do a thorough inspection without touching the truck and trailer. You should pull, tug and twist items to be checked.

that a pre-trip or post-trip inspection done in less than five minutes won’t cut it. Take your time, as mentioned above; proper vehicle inspections can save lives and property. The Oklahoma Safety Management Council is committed to highway safety and dedicated to the transportation industry. To learn more about the OSMC, visit http:// Remember, one safe mile at a time. Thanks for reading and be safe.

Pre-trip: There are several federal regulations concerning inspections, especially pre-trip inspections. According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 392.7, “No commercial motor vehicle shall be driven unless the driver is satisfied that the parts and accessories are in good working order...” Federal regulation 396.13 states “Before driving a motor vehicle, the driver shall: (a) Be satisfied that the motor vehicle is in safe operating condition; (b) Review the last driver vehicle inspection report; and (c) Sign the report, only if defects or deficiencies were noted by the driver who prepared the report, to acknowledge that the driver has reviewed it and that there is a certification that the required repairs have been performed.” Inter-trip: If you are hauling hazardous materials, Federal regulation 397.17 says that “A driver must examine each tire on a motor vehicle at the beginning of each trip and each time the vehicle is parked.” The only way to take a proper measurement of your tire pressure is by using a truck tire gauge. Truck tires are extremely expensive and account for a large percentage of operating costs. There is no excuse for ruining your equipment because you choose to drive on under inflated tires.


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NEW MEMBERS Our diverse membership enables us to represent the interests of the trucking industry in Oklahoma. Together we are driving Oklahoma forward. Help welcome our new members today!

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ALLIED MEMBERS COMDATA Karen Owen 5301 Maryland Way Brentwood, TN 37027 Services: fleet solutions: Over the road, private & commercial, small business fleets, fleet technology, regulatory compliance ENID REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCE Brent Kisling 2020 Willow Run Street Enid, OK 73703 Services: economic development ENID REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCE Lisa Powel 2020 Willow Run Street Enid, OK 73703 Services: economic development KSM CPA - KATZ SAPPER & MILLER Tim Almack 800 East 96th Street Suite 500 Indianapolis, IN 45240 Services: assurance, tax, transactions, consulting KSM CPA - KATZ SAPPER & MILLER Jennifer Moore 800 East 96th Street Suite 500 Indianapolis, IN 45240 Services: assurance, tax, transactions, consulting

ORBCOMM Chris Corlee 395 W Passaic St Suite 325 Rochell Park, NJ 07662 Services:global provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communication solutions that remotely track, monitor, and control fixed and mobile assets. (Trailer telematics, Dry, Container, Chassis, Refrigerated remote monitoring and two-way command and control. Light duty and service truck monitoring). PEDIGREE TRUCK SALES Grady Reach 2740 North Mayfair Springfield, MO 65803 Services: truck/trailer/parts sales & service W&B SERVICE CO. Jacob Williams 8308 W I40 Service Oklahoma City, OK 73128 Services: Comfort Pro APU, telematics, Hyundai trailer products, Hercules truck products, parts, used equipment, rentals W&B SERVICE CO. Todd Wheeler 8308 W I40 Service Oklahoma City, OK 73128 Services: Comfort Pro APU, telematics, Hyundai trailer products, Hercules truck products, parts, used equipment, rentals WESTERN DPF SERVICES Keith Binion 6775 Boucher Drive Suite 2 Edmond, OK 73034 Services: Oklahoma’s premier diesel cleaning service, DPF & DOC cleaning, authorized dealer replacement parts, turn key services

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Oklahoma Commercial Auto Program Using an A.M. Best “A” (Excellent), VIII Rated Carrier Desired Classes: • Contractors • Food Delivery • For Hire Truckers • Manufacturers • Non-Trucking Liability • Public Auto • Sand & Gravel and Mix-In-Transit Operations • Specialized Delivery • Waste Disposal • Will Consider New Ventures!

Liability Limits: Up to $1M CSL available Liability Deductible: Up to $2,500 per accident available Physical Damage: • Written based on the current state value of the unit. • Can insure units up to $200,000 in value. • Deductible available up to $5,000 800.800.4007


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Roar Into The FUTURE

ROAR INTO THE FUTURE WITH OTA We started the beginning of our two day event with our convention golf classic at the John Conrad Golf Course. Special thanks to our host sponsor, Premier Truck Group and volunteers. Congratulations to the tournament winners Jeff Johle, Steven Zwiniggi, & Chaz Eubanks of Rush Truck Centers. Wednesday evening kicked off the convention with a pleasant evening on the balcony set to the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby. We celebrated with feather boas and fedoras to get everyone in the spirit.



Thursday morning started with our general session and Lynn Gray from OESC giving an update on the state of Oklahoma. After our general session, we featured our first round of break-out sessions covering social media in trucking, and distracted driving. We continued our breakout sessions with technology in trucking, and fuel efficiency. We concluded the morning session with our keynote speaker Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb during lunch.


Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016

RED VEST BANQUET WRAP UP Later in the evening the OTA inducted Dan Case into the Memorial Honor Roll during the VIP Reception. We would like to thank the following sponsors for this special event: Melton Truck Lines, Inc. Great West Casualty MHC Kenworth Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary After the VIP Reception we immediately started the Red Vest Banquet and Silent Auction with the following Presenting sponsors:

During this portion of the night we honored past chairmen and women who have served the OTA. We Roared into the Future with live music from the 5th Edition Jazz Ensemble, and celebrated trucking with a special video honoring all our members who provided photos. Before concluding the banquet we had the opportunity to fully thank and recognize the following top 5 sponsors for 2016. (Rush Truck Centers, Melton Truck Lines, Inc., T&W Tire, Premier Truck Group, & Bruckner Truck Sales) The evening concluded with the hospitality room. Again the OTA would like to thank all of the sponsors who made this event successful.

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ATA has also been at the forefront of pushes to electronically limit truck speeds and better electronic monitoring of driver hours-of-service – a pair of regulations we hope will be issued soon.

For more information on

At the end of the day, there is no silver bullet, no magic gadget that will make roads entirely safe. But through education, by reducing crash risk through sound rules, safety technologies and tighter enforcement, we can continue the long-term improvements in truck and highway safety. Over the past decade, through the industry's diligence and professionalism, as well as improvements in vehicle technology and enforcement, the number of

Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016

This is good news that some c also a call for all of us – the ind tors and motorists to look at the not use the politics of fear to i "solutions."

This column also takes the position that trucks are disproportionally involved in crashes – which is patently false. NHTSA's most recent Traffic Safety Facts report (dated July 2015) contains the facts: 9% of miles were driven by large trucks in 2013; large trucks accounted for 9% your comp needs, call: of allworkers’ vehicles involved in fatal crashes and 3800-897-9719 percent of all vehicles involved in injury and property-damage-only crashes in 2013. NHTSA's data makes it clear: trucks are underrepresented in crashes. Improving safety is also at the core of ATA's support for modest increases in trailer length for some trucks. With a simple increase in trailer size from 28 feet to 33 feet, studies have shown we can eliminate the 6.6 million trips to deliver the 69% of the American economy that trucks move, and that would reduce the number of truck miles traveled by 1.3 billion. Those trips not taken and miles not driven will result, based on crash rates, more than 900 crashes not had.


truck-involved fatal crashes has

Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016


Solutions Provider to the Transportation Industry

Keeps oKlahoma Rolling!

We can help get your trucks to their next destination on time and efficiently! • We offer comprehensive maintenance programs to keep you running safely down the road, reducing down time. • We offer truck alignment, tire and wheel balancing which are proven methods to increase tire wear and fuel economy which saves you big money. • We are there for you at home and away with our 24/7/365 roadside breakdown service. • We perform fleet inspections to track your fleet’s tire wear & detect possible causes of irregular wear. • We also provide a full range of OTR (off the road) line of tires & services.

Come discover why Southern Tire Mart is North America’s #1 Commercial Tire Dealer! 32


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TMC FALL TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOP Over 250 diesel technology students, technicians, maintenance managers/ supervisors, and industry representatives participated in the Technology Maintenance Council’s Fall Technology Workshop at Francis Tuttle Technology Center October 18-19. Technical sessions and hands-on training focused on “New Brake Technology and Inspection Requirements” with presentations from Meritor, Hendrickson, Truck-Lite, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Con Met, and Travel Centers of America. New this year was a Tuesday evening session for technicians who could not attend the daytime event Wednesday. The workshop also featured a 2-hour walk around lunch sponsored by Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores, with a vendor showcase, career fair, and Pinewood Big Rig Challenge. During this time ASE, ConMet, DAVCO, Hendrickson, Meritor, Peak Fuel Solutions, SAF

Holland, and Truck-Lite representatives were on hand to discuss their latest products and technology. The Career Fair included representatives from City Trailer, Cummins Southern Plains, Fed Ex, Freymiller, Hobby Lobby, Loves, Ryder, Summit Truck Center, Swift, Travel Centers of America, United Engines, and Wal-Mart. Pinewood Trucks from Tulsa, Canadian Valley, and Great Plains Technology Centers took top honors in the Pinewood Big Rig Challenge, sponsored by ConMet. The highlight of the morning general session was the presentation of a $2,000 check from Peak Fuel Solutions to Matthew Adams, 2016 Oklahoma and National FutureTech Champion from Francis Tuttle. Matthew and Francis Tuttle also received numerous other cash awards, tools and equipment at the national competition in Raleigh, NC last September. Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | Fall 2016






10400 W. Reno Oklahoma City, OK 73127 (405) 943-9851 (800) 375-6307

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Wherever you go, we’ve got you covered.

More than Insurance... Whether you’re dealing with ongoing changes in CSA rules and enforcement, finding and keeping the best drivers, or dealing with independent contractor issues...

Cline Wood can help. We tailor insurance and risk management products and services that improve your bottom line. Cline Wood is now offering Health & Benefit options. Call today for more information.


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CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE want to say “Thank You” to all those affiliated with Ithose the Oklahoma Trucking Association, especially on the Board of Directors, for your guidance and leadership during my tenure with the Association.

As your 2016-2017 Chairman of the Board of Directors it is not only an honor but a great responsibility. I have been in the trucking industry, working in a dealership environment, for 42 years and from where we were as an industry in 1974 to where we are in 2016 is astounding. With the events that unfolded on November 8 and the changes coming to the White House in January we can only say “Hang On.” With an industry that is over burdoned with rules and regulations put in place by the current administration, now is the time to work with your state and national representatives to repeal or rewrite some of those burdensome laws and regulations. This is the case with the latest highway bill that calls for up to 20 new regulations. Some of these include speed limiters, ELD, stability mandate, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, GHG. These and others like HOS, driver shortage, CSA, and infrastructure congestion are hitting the industry in their pocketbooks as well. As an association we need to stand strong and work together to overcome these obstacles that are facing the trucking industry today. With the leadership of Jim Newport and his staff we have that strong voice. I look forward in serving as your Chairman this coming year. Sincerely, Michael Mayer

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