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IMPORTANT CONTACT NUMBERS Neil Arter Dean of Students 405.425.5906

John Matlock Director of Security 405.425.5500

Dr. Allison Garrett Vice President for Academic Affairs 405.435.5460

Terry Routon Manager of Mail Center 405.425.5215

Bob Lashley Spring Sing/Freshman Fanfare 405.425.5120

Jessica Estes Housing Coordinator 405.425.5930

Clint L a Rue Director of Financial Services 405.425.5190

Pam Ferguson, R.N. Health & Wellness Center 405.425.5250

John Hermes Chief Technology Officer 405.425.1815

James Mencer Bookstore Manager 405.425.5260

Dr. Mickey Banister University Registrar 405.425.5200

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MAILING INFORMATION Shipping address Oklahoma Christian University <<INSERT STUDENT NAME>> 2501 East Memorial Road Edmond, OK 73013 USE ONLY: UPS, FedEx, Express Mail or Tracking



Mailing address Oklahoma Christian University <<INSERT STUDENT NAME & BOX #>> Box 11000 Oklahoma City, OK 73136-1100

OC Health & Wellness Center Lauren Boggs 405.425.5250 What Can We Offer? • General Health Counseling • Individual Counseling • Premarital Counseling • General Medical Care • Routine Medical Treatments • Laboratory Profiles • Annual Physical Examinations • Sports Physicals • On-Site Screening • National College Screenings • Followup Counseling (i.e. Depression & Anxiety, General Wellness, Alcohol, Eating Disorders) • And Much, Much More Who Are We? TBA - Director of Counseling Services Brenda Gunter, MMFT - Licensed Professional Counselor Pam Ferguson, R.N. - Director of Health Services Nancy Thomas, R.N. - Health Services Lauren Boggs - Office Manager Michael W. Herndon, D.O. - Primary Clinic Physician Barry J. Mitchell, M.D. - Clinic Physician Where & When? The Wellness Center is located on the northwest side of the Gaylord University Center. During the fall and spring terms, the center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Summer hours are posted by session. After hours, please contact your hall director. The physicians and counselors are available by appointment.

HOUSING Jessica Estes 405.425.5930 Opening date: Saturday, August 21st New students: 9:00 am, Returning students: at 1:00 pm Holiday Schedule We stay open for holidays, except Christmas. The dorms will close December 18, 2010, at 10:00 am and reopen for the spring semester January 8, 2011, at 1:00 pm. The dorms will close for the summer April 30, 2011, at noon. Some dorms have XL twin beds. Linens are available for purchase at For more housing info, pictures, prices, FAQ, etc., visit Information about theft/fire insurance is available at



Study Abroad Philosophy The mission of Oklahoma Christian University’s Study Abroad program is to deepen and broaden students’ intellectual, social, spiritual and aesthetic awareness as they study, travel and serve in other cultures. Study Experiential learning at its best - history, religion, philosophy, art and literature - come alive as students link their study with their experience. Just because students are out of the classroom doesn’t mean they can’t study! Travel The world is the classroom. Students hike the Great Wall, snorkel the Pacific Ocean, visit Mayan ruins, explore the Coliseum in Rome and many other magnificent historical sites as they ignite their passion for learning. Serve Students’ faith is stretched and strengthened through service and mission opportunities with churches, shelters and communities around the world. The powerful and simple message of Jesus comes alive! European Studies Programs OC’s European Studies Programs (formerly known as the Vienna Studies Programs) are great opportunities to experience much of the history and culture that Europe has to offer firsthand. Students receive college credit as they study and travel overseas in one of the oldest and most important cultures in the world. They can see St. Paul’s Cathedral, where Prince Charles and Diana were married, visit the palace in Vienna where Napoleon lived, and study Michelangelo’s “David” in Florence. Best of all, the European Studies Programs are offered in the fall and during the summer. Students can choose to spend an entire fall semester abroad studying, travelling, and serving OR do the same thing during six weeks in the summer. They can do whatever is best for their schedules. Pacific Rim Studies PROGRAMS The Pacific Rim Studies Program is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure as students travel to several countries across the globe. This program begins every fall semester in China with its famous silk markets, the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. It continues in Japan with stops in Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima before spending a month living with a host family and attending classes at Ibaraki Christian University. November and December take a sunnier turn In New Zealand and Australia, where students study and serve along with experiencing many thrills like black water rafting or going to the beach. Turkey Internship Oklahoma Christian University and Let’s Start Talking Ministry ( have joined together to provide students with a unique study abroad opportunity. Students and sponsors will have the opportunity to spend six weeks in Turkey studying and learning the culture firsthand. Turkey is an ideal setting in terms of safety and interaction with people who hold the Muslim faith. Turkey has rich connections to Biblical history and provides a wonderful setting for travel and education. HonduraServe HonduraServe is an unique opportunity for students to spend two weeks in May in a practicum-type experience. Open to all majors, this trip is especially geared towards nursing, science, Spanish, education and TEFL majors.



FINANCIAL Services 405.425.5190

Estimated Statement of Account, Fall 2010 Account Holder:

1000101 Clint LaRue


Statement Date 07/01/10


Fall 2010 Charges Tuition 7,800.00 General Fee 450.00 Technology Fee 450.00 Student Senate Fee 28.00 Room 1 ,3 5 0.0 0 Board 1,900.00 Total Charges


Pending Financial Aid PASS - Academic Scholarship 3,000.00 Subsidized Federal Direct Loan 1,732.50 Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan 990.00 PLUS Direct Loan 6,240.00 Estimated Total Credits

$11,962.50 CR

Estimated Balance Due


*Full payment for the fall semester (minus your financial aid) is due on the first day of class. A monthly service charge of 1.7 5% will be applied to all unpaid accounts. *Room and board charges vary depending on your student’s housing assignment and meal plan. Please review OC’s various housing and meal plan options at to ensure your student’s housing assignment and meal plan option align with your family’s expectations and budget.



Oklahoma Christian Payment Plan Form, 2010-2011 Oklahoma Christian University has many options to help first-time OC students finance their education. Your student’s personal financial counselor will help you find the best mix of options. Students should be prepared to pay for tuition, fees, and room/board on the first day of each semester. Student Name: _________________________________ Social Security Number: _________________________ Please indicate your payment plan by checking the appropriate box. PLAN 1: Cash, check, or credit – This form of payment eliminates all service charges. Checks should be made payable to Oklahoma Christian. The university accepts major credit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. If you wish to pay a portion or all of your balance by credit card, you may provide that information below.

Visa M/C AmE Discover Card Number: ___________________________________ Exp. Date: ________ Name on Card: ____________________________________________________ Phone Number: ____________________ Amount Charged: ______________ Security Code: ___________________________ Zip Code: _______________

PLAN 2: Tuition Payment Plan through EDSI – This monthly prepayment plan is available through Educational Data Systems, Inc. EDSI charges an annual fee of $50, but the university does not add a service charge to the student’s account as long as the contract payments are made each month. Yearly costs may be paid in 8, 9, or 10 months depending on how early you enroll. The enrollment form is available upon request in the Office of Student Financial Services or at The school access code is 003165. If you indicate you are interested in this plan on the payment plan form, we will automatically send you the enrollment form. PLAN 3: Alternative Loans – Oklahoma Christian offers a variety of alternative loans to students through private lenders. Most freshmen and students with no credit history require a co-signer. An additional application is required. If you wish to apply for an alternative student loan, please visit to select your lender and apply online. PLAN 4: PLUS Loan – The Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) has a fixed interest rate of 7.9% for 2010-2011. A 4% origination fee will be deducted from the awarded amount. If you were awarded PLUS on your award letter and you wish to borrow this money, please go to and choose the option to complete a new MPN for Parent PLUS Loans. If you want to authorize Oklahoma Christian University to release your credit balance created by the PLUS loan to the above student, please sign below. Signature: ________________________________



Date: ___________________

On-Campus Job Application, 2010-2011 If you want to be considered for an on-campus job, please complete the following information and check the OC website at after July 1 for position openings. Special Skills and Qualifications: Check all boxes that apply to you. Computer Skills Data Entry Dishwasher Filing Food Preparation Grounds, Mowing, Weedeating Receptionist Telemarketing Theatrical Tutor, Subject: ___________________________ Other Skills:_________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Please understand that any amount listed on your studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s award letter as Federal Work Study only INDICATES eligibility. Many work-study opportunities are available on campus, but your student must secure the position. If your student does not qualify for work study, they may still apply for an on-campus job. Students have the option to receive their payroll funds instead of having them applied to their account. If parents and students decide the awarded work-study amount should be applied directly to the studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s account, please sign below. ______ I wish to apply my entire payroll funding each month to my student account. ______ I wish to apply a portion of my payroll funds to my student account in the amount of $_________ per month. I realize I can rescind this authorization at any time by writing to the Office of Student Financial Services. Signature: ________________________________

Date: ___________________



Mobile Computing Program and InTouch Students enrolled in six or more credit hours are eligible to receive an Apple MacBook laptop computer for use while at OC. First-time college students will receive a system with a configuration similar to the specifications listed here. Configurations may vary based on revisions issued by the manufacturer throughout the year and especially the summer months. FEATURES OF THE 13” APPLE MACBOOK • 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo • 2GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM - 2x1GB • 250GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm • SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW) • AirPort Extreme card • Bluetooth • Built-in iSight camera • Mac OS X 10.5 & Windows Vista operating system • Pre-loaded software, including iTunes, iLife, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Internet Explorer, PC Study Bible and more. For an additional charge, students may upgrade to the MacBook Pro 13” or 15” model. The student must choose this upgrade in advance of receiving a laptop. FEATURES OF THE 15” APPLE MACBOOK PRO • The aluminum 13-inch MacBook Pro ($245. upgrade) - 2.26 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB DDR3 Memory, 160GB hard drive, NVidia 9400M Video, SD card slot, 13.3” LED-backlit glossy widescreen. • The aluminum 15-inch MacBook Pro ($845 upgrade) - 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB DDR3 Memory, 320GB hard drive @5400RPM, NVidia 9400M+9600MGT w/256MB, SD card slot, 15.4” LED-backlit glossy widescreen, illuminated keyboard, FireWire 800 port. iPHONE/iPOD TOUCH Each first-time college student will also receive either an iPhone or an iPod touch when he/ she comes to OC in August. These two devices are very similar. They both can: • Access the Internet, personal email accounts and Google Maps from a wireless network • Access to InTouch, OC’s mobile app for students • Play music (music owned or purchased from the iTunes store) • Play movies (movies owned or purchased from the iTunes store) • View photos transferred from your student’s computer • Keep an address book and calendar • Access a clock, calculator, and notes In addition to these things, the iPhone can: • Make phone calls • Send/receive text messages (SMS, MMS) • Take pictures and video • Access the Internet, personal email accounts and Google Maps from anywhere your student receives phone coverage • Additional information related to the iPhone and iPod touch will be sent to students in July. STUDENT AGREEMENT In addition to the Acceptable Use Policy for Technology, each student receiving a computer will be required to sign a Mobile Computing Program Student License Agreement. The agreement outlines the student’s responsibilities related to the use of this university-owned computer. Please see our website ( for links to the Acceptable Use Policy and the Student License Agreement.



Other Technology Services Phone Services Phone services are available in each residential hall room and apartment. Students will need to provide a basic phone instrument and cord to plug into the provided phone jack. There is no charge for local calls within the Oklahoma City metro calling area. Students will need to provide their own long distance service through the use of a calling card, cell phone, pre-paid phone card, etc. Video Services University video services are provided through agreement with Cox Communications and are available in all residence halls and apartments. To take advantage of this service, students will need a cable-ready television. This programming includes OC student-produced channels as well as many of the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Basic Serviceâ&#x20AC;? channels provided by Cox. More information about student service upgrade options and a channel lineup can be found online at Parent Access to Student Information Parents can have online access to student information, including course schedules, grades, account balance information, and Chapel attendance records. The student must grant this access to parents through the campus online portal at Once they have done this, you will receive an email message with instructions to access this information. CONTACT INFORMATION Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about these services by calling Support Central at 405-425-5555. You can also visit our website ( for more information or email us at Online Links



United Dining Meal Plans for Dorm Residents • The Full Meal Plan This plan allows your student unlimited entries to the cafeteria from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm each day. (BEST VALUE) • 300 Block + $100 Points Includes 300 meals per semester (equal to 20 entries per week), plus $100 in points per semester to use in our retail locations. • 270 Block + $100 Points Includes 270 meals per semester (equal to 18 entries per week), plus $100 in points per semester to use in our retail locations. (This is our most popular plan for freshmen). • 210 Block + $100 Points Includes 210 meals per semester (equal to 14 entries per week), plus $100 in points per semester to use in our retail locations. (This is our most popular plan for students who go home on weekends). • 270 Block + NO Points Includes 270 meals per semester (equal to 18 entries per week) and no points to use in our retail locations. Meal Plans for Apartment Residents • The NEW 75 Platinum Block Plan An exciting new meal plan for the apartments! This plan provides students 75 meals that can be used throughout the entire semester. It can be used in the Cafeteria or used as a meal transfer in the Snack Bar from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday. 75 meals is equal to 5 meals per week. • 75 Meal Plan 75 entries in the Cafeteria per semester. Any time, any meal. • 105 Block + $200 Points Includes 105 meals per semester (equal to seven entries per week), plus $200 in points per semester to use in our retail locations. • 105 Block + NO Points Includes 105 meals per semester (equal to seven entries per week) and no points to use in our retail locations. • Choose any of these or any from the list above! POINTS Students also have the option of purchasing points and some plans have points attached to their plan. Points are like cash. They can be used in Snack Bar, the Cafeteria, Jimmy John’s (off-campus location), as well as the kiosks in the University House. Points are put on the student’s ID card. They can be added during validation or anytime by going to the Campus Dining office. Leftover points will transfer from the fall to spring semester, but unused points will be lost at end of the summer (around August 15).



Sack Lunch Program Students who are on the go can get a sack lunch and take it with them. All they need to do is sign up with the U Dining cashier. Parents eat FREE U Dining says come on down and see what your students are eating. Simply let the cashier know that you have a student on the meal plan and they will let you come in “on us.” Special Diets Does your student have special food needs or a special diet - allergies, lactose-free diet or any other special needs when it comes to their meals? Just have them come to our office and let our staff meet their needs. What’s for lunch? Join us on Twitter just like our students do and we will “Tweet” you the menu for every meal: HOURS OF OPERATION Enjoy all-you-can-eat dining between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and between 7:00 am and 6:30 pm on Wednesdays. SATURDAY/SUNDAY BREAKFAST: 8:00 am - 9:00 am LUNCH: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm SAT DINNER: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm SUN DINNER: 6:00 pm – 7:45 pm More Dining Information 405.425.5020



LOCAL SERVICES AIRPORT Airport Express Shuttle from Will Rogers Airport To and from airport - $33 one-way 24 hours – meets all flights 405.681.3311

Late arrivals to campus Contact Security at 405.425.5500

AUTOMOBILE Firestone Tire & Service Center 18 E. 33rd Edmond, OK 405.330.5762

Hibdon Tires Plus 3000 S. Broadway Edmond, OK 405.340.8866

Firestone Tire & Service Center 208 S. Bryant Edmond, OK 405.341.5767

Hibdon Tires Plus 3800 S. Broadway Edmond, OK 405.844.4112

Big O Tires 904 S. Broadway Edmond, OK 405.348.2440 BANKS MidFirst Bank ATM on campus (University Center) Edmond branches – 405.943.8002 * 1601 E. Danforth * 1200 N. Kelly * 16417 N. Santa Fe Bank of America Edmond branches – 405.230.3407 * 3480 S. Boulevard Arvest Bank Edmond branches – 405.677.8711 * 1301 E. 2nd * 1501 W. Edmond * 2200 W. Danforth PHARMACY Walgreens 24-hour presciption service 2nd & Bryant Edmond, OK 405.216.9672



Tinker Federal Credit Union Edmond branch – 405.330.8856 * 3141 S. Bryant BancFirst Edmond branches – 405.270.1653 * Memorial & Bryant * Memorial & Broadway Extension Bank of Oklahoma Edmond branches * 15th & Bryant - 405.216.2800 * 1400 S. Santa Fe - 405.216.2870

Walgreens 33rd and Boulevard Edmond, OK 405.34.8708

CVS Pharmacy 15th and Bryant Edmond, OK 405.348.7 982

GROCERY/GENERAL MERCHANDISE Crest 2200 S.W. 15th and Santa Fe Edmond, OK

Wal-Mart SuperCenter 1225 W. I-35 Frontage Road Edmond, OK

Homeland 24 E. 33rd Edmond, OK

Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market 1301 E. 2nd Edmond, OK

Target Super Center 1200 E. 2nd Edmond, OK STORAGE Gatekeeper Memorial Storage Units 3221 E. Memorial Road Edmond, OK 405.478.7 867

Bryant Square Storage 1750 E. 2nd 405.340.7 867

American Self Storage 33rd & Boulevard Edmond, OK 405.7 51.0844

Welcome to OC! Present this booklet at bookstore checkout to receive 20% off your next total purchase of imprinted merchandise on TAKE FLIGHT DAY ONLY.


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43 Academics

1 Davisson American Heritage Building • Dept. of History & Political Science • Dept. of Psychology & Family Studies • School of Education 2 Garvey Center • College of Arts and Sciences • Dept. of Art & Design • Dept. of Communication • Dept. of Music / Music Academy • Hardeman Auditorium • Judd Theatre • McIntosh Conservatory / Recital Hall 3 Harvey Business Center • School of Business Administration • Graduate School of Business (MBA) 4 Herold Science Hall • Dept. of Biology • Dept. of Chemistry & Physics 4a Dept. of Nursing 5 Mabee Learning Center First Floor • Beam Library • Career Services • Office of Academic Affairs Second Floor • Archives Executive Offices • Advancement • Alumni • Communications and Marketing • Office of the President • Dept. of Language and Literature • Honors Program 14


Third Floor • Children’s Library • Library Research • North Institute 6 Prince Engineering Center • Dept. of Mathematical, Computer, & Information Sciences • School of Engineering 7 Vose Hall 8 Williams-Branch Center for Biblical Studies • College of Biblical Studies • Graduate School of Theology • Scott Chapel

Administration / Offices

9 Benson Hall • Business Office • Cashier • Office of Finance • Office of University Services • Special Events 10 Cogswell-Alexander Hall • Help Desk • Information Technology Services • International Programs • Registrar 11 Gaylord Hall • Admissions • Student Financial Services • Telecounseling 12 Campus Life Office (in Univ. Center)






Smiling Hill Boulevard




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31 Memorial Road


13 The Barn (Old Gymnasium) 14 Dobson Field 15 Intramural Fields (Two Locations) 16 Payne Athletic Center • Dept. of Athletics • Dept. of Physical Education • Fitness Center / Swimming Pool 17 Soccer Field 18 Softball Field 19 Tennis Courts - Sand Volleyball 20 Vaughn Track

Hangouts & Recreation

21 Freede Centennial Tower 22 Gaylord University Center • Campus Bookstore • Gaylord Room • Gotcher Room • Health and Wellness Center • Information Desk • Mail Center • Student Government Association • Student Life Office • United Dining 23 Lawson Commons / McGraw Pavilion 24 Nowlin Center 25 Thelma Gaylord Forum

Living Quarters

26 Davisson Hall 27 Fails Hall 28 Gunn-Henderson Hall 29 University Village 2-3-4 30 McNally House 31 University Village A-B-C-D 32 Tinius-East Hall 33 Tinius-West Hall • Residence Life Office 34 University House Commons 35 University House North 36 University House South 37 Warlick Hall 38 Wilson-East Hall 39 Wilson-West Hall


40 Enterprise Square • Academy of Leadership & Liberty • Church Relations • Community Engagement 41 Central Plant 42 Physical Plant Services 43 Main Entrance 44 Campus Security

Freshman Experience GOAL: To help students have a positive OC experience through academic, social and spiritual success. Programs Freshman Counselors All first-time college students are provided a Freshman Counselor. This person is here to guide students through their first year of college and assist with any questions, problems or concerns. Freshman Links The Freshman Links are peer mentors who work closely with the Freshman Counselors to assist students in having a great year. These current OC students contact their freshmen regularly and plan great activities, encouraging students to get involved and meet other freshmen. Students of Concern Students of Concern is a campus-wide retention effort that provides support to any student who is challenged in continuing his/her education. Summer Programs Take Flight During this one-day orientation event, new students will receive basic knowledge about preparing for the academic side of the OC experience. Students will have the opportunity to explore majors and meet professors. By the end of orientation, they will have their first college schedule, OC laptop and some new friends! Earn Your Wings After students have enjoyed “Take Flight”, they will be ready to attend “Earn Your Wings.” Upperclassmen have prepared a week packed full of fun activities that will help new students meet fellow students and learn the history and spirit of Oklahoma Christian. These activities include inspirational speakers, small discussion groups, beginning the Freshman Seminar class and great entertainment. This event has a great reputation for getting students started on a successful college experience. For more information on either of these events, visit Freshman Experience Contact Information Located in the Student Life Office, Gaylord University Center Amy Janzen Director of Freshman Experience 405.425.5907



Amy Kelly Female Freshman Counselor 405.425.5910

Cole Montgomery Male Freshman Counselor 405.425.5908

Parent Orientation Book  

Parent Orientation book from Oklahoma Christian University, produced by the student life office