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Riders Activity Guide November - December 2013 Issue


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Party with your friends at Legends 514 E 2nd St • Tulsa live music • beer • Food

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and five part-time people. But that is not what makes us prosperous by my current definition of success. What makes the RAG successful is the number of people and charities we are able to benefit as a business.

Success has an elusive definition. As I sit in front of the fireplace writing Dad once told me, “I feel like I have this article I reflect on all of the chang- had a successful day if I can buy my es my life has made in past years. worms instead of dig them.” (I guess Twenty five years is a long time. The you can tell my dad is a fisherman.) I first half of my life I believed I had to feel successful because I am sitting in be a callous criminal in order to pros- front of a fireplace writing this story to per in life. Talk about narcissistic —­I somebody who needs to know there didn’t care what I had to do, or who I is hope. God is real, and He can help had to hurt to get what I wanted. you. Your past does not have to equal your future. Find a twelve step proHard drugs and alcohol were an gram and give yourself an opportunity everyday part of my life; acid, pot, to experience true happiness. I did. speed, downers, cocaine, whiskey, I did them all and I consumed them in The Janitor every fashion. My intravenous drug use became so bad the trash service refused to pickup my trash because of the number of dirty needles piercing the plastic bags. My life was chaos and confusion! I don’t use drugs and alcohol today to have fun. My life is manageable due to the grace of God. I am married to a magnificent woman. I own my home. I ride a bagger instead of a bar hopper. I operate a successful business. Ol’ Broke Biker, Inc., the parent company of Oklahoma Biker the Riders Ragazine, has grown into an enterprise that employs four full-time

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The Riders Ragazine is printed quarterly by Oklahoma Biker, PO Box 582, Skiatook, OK 74070. Reprinting this Rag in whole or part is a sure sign you ain’t very smart, and is also illegal. Contents copyright © 2013 by Oklahoma Biker. Editorial contributions are welcome, but once received may fall out of our saddlebags and become lost, so ya probably won’t get’em back. Good pics are also welcome, but they must be exclusive. All pics submitted must include photographer’s name and contact information. Send photos to: Once submitted pictures become property of Oklahoma Biker and may be used or sold as we deem fit. Send editorials, comments, suggestions to: editor@oklahomabiker. net. Send gripes to: complaints@ wedon’tcare.trash This Rag is received with the knowledge that the stuff contained herein is from many diverse contributors; therefore, Oklahoma Biker and Oklahoma Confederation of Clubs assume no responsibility or warranty as to entirety and/or correctness of content. Oklahoma Biker is not affiliated with any group, club, or organization and articles, photographs, and illustrations printed herein or on our website should not be deemed an endorsement by Oklahoma Biker of particular products, practices, or beliefs. The beliefs and attitudes written in articles and letters are the author’s and do not reflect the point of view of Oklahoma Biker, Oklahoma Confederation of Clubs and/or their employees or agents. Oklahoma Biker and Oklahoma Confederation of Clubs are not responsible for event date changes, rain-outs, cancellations, locations, or typos. Oklahoma Biker and Oklahoma Confederation of Clubs will not be held liable should any injuries be incurred by any reader or agent, before during or after an event. Persons attending any event listed and/or advertised in the Riders Ragazine and/or associated websites participate at their own risk.

What is Oklahoma Biker OKLAHOMA BIKER is the largest and fastest growing motorcycle lifestyle marketing company in Oklahoma that illustrates Oklahoma motorcycle runs, motorcycle rallies, and motorcycle Publishers events through videos, pictures and Darrell Briggs • Cheryl Briggs written observations. OKLAHOMA BIKER spotlights photojournalists motorcycle runs, motorcycle rallies, Larry Sultz • Chris Priddy motorcycle events, and biker friendly Chris Brokaw • Heidi Priddy businesses — but mostly Oklahoma bikers. OKLAHOMA BIKER began as a mag- MARKETING sTRATEGISTS Wendy Griffith • Kevin Erwin azine in 2004 to realistically portray Sherry Fuentes • Jeff Parnell the biker lifestyle to the citizenry of Oklahoma. Our mission is “to comCarolyn Seelen municate what it means to be an Oklahoma biker and to illustrate the OKLAHOMA BIKER brotherhood existing between Oklahois a subsidiary of ma bikers.” Ol’ Broke Biker, Inc. Today OKLAHOMA BIKER is the fore11215-D N Garnett Rd most provider of entertainment news Owasso, OK 74055 and information to the Oklahoma bik918.260.7195 er community. This is accomplished through video productions, magazine 918.553.6642 publications, event promotions, websites, social media, and specialty printing. OKLAHOMA BIKER is the place to look for biker friendly businesses, stories, events, and merchandise pertaining to Oklahoma bikers and Arkansas bikers. OKLAHOMA BIKER also specializes in providing digital marketing and print solutions to businesses seeking bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts as customers.


1. ABATE Central Oklahoma 2. American Iron Riders 3. American Legion Riders 4. American Vet Affiliates 5. American Veterans 6. American Warhorses 7. BACA 8. Bandidos MC 9. Bikers for Christ M/M 10. Black Pistons 11. Blox Stars 12. Bmad 13. Border Saints M/C 14. BRATS LRC 15. Brothers Forgiven 16. Brothers of the Third Wheel 17. Callejeros 18. CMA (not member) 19. Combat Veterans 20. Confederate Border Raiders 21. Covenant M/M 22. Diamond Backs 23. Dirty Bandanas 24. Downed Bikers 25. Dracos 26. Dust Brothers 27. Dysfunctional 28. Eagle Riders 29. EMS Road Docs 30. Exotic Toys 31. Faceless Souls 32. Forgotten

Confederates 33. Forgotten Soldiers 34. Forsaken Few 35. Freedom Riders 36. Full Tilt Riders 37. GoodWheel Riders 38. Guard Dogs 39. Hands with Prayer M/M 40. Hangmen 41. Hessians 42. Honor Bound M/M 43. Horsemen 44. In Country Vets 45. Ir Resistable 46. Iron Plainsmen 47. K9 48. Leatherneck 49. Liberty Riders 50. Loco Viajeros 51. Loners 52. Lost Highway Riders 53. Malvados 54. Marine Riders 55. Mongols MC 56. Naysayers 57. Never Again 58. NSane Riders 59. Oklahoma Chaplains for Bikers 60. OK Riders 61. Outlaws MC 62. Outsiders 63. Out Sydaz Street Rydaz 64. Protectors M/M

65. Raiders 66. Raw Justice 67. Red Knights 68. Redneck Road Riders 69. Riders United 4 Children 70. Rough Riders M/C 71. Ruff Ryders 72. Sabbath Keepers M/M 73. Sober Psychos 74. Soldiers for Jesus M/C 75. Sons of Confederate Mechanized Calvary 76. Southern Cruisers 77. Stone Rollers M/M 78. Survivors 79. Territorial Riders 80. The Priesthood M/M 81. Thunder Boyz 82. Thunder Guards 83. US Military Vets 84. Viet Nam Vets/ Legacy Vets 85. Western Legends 86. Widows Sons 87. Wild Bunch 88. Wind & Fire 89. Women In the Wind 90. #1 Stunnas 91. 13 Rebels 92. 18 Wheelers


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Deborah Vaught Jan 21, 1967 - Oct 6, 2013 Women in the Wind Twisted Sisters Chapter


November 1st - 3rd Oklahoma Gold Rush Enduro Hallett 918.446.6657 1st Bug n Grubb Run Muskogee 2nd CMA Toy/Clothing Run Stilwell, 918.905.0145 2nd Biker Shak Fall Bash Arcadia, 405.888.7100 2nd Benefit for Deborah “Ghost” Vaught Tulsa 2nd Benefit dinner for Tony Randolph Skiatook 2nd Craig County Toy Run Big Cabin 2nd Talimena Scenic Ride, Keys

2nd Race Of Champions Toy Drive El Reno 2nd 25th Annual Cimarron Valley Toy Run Cleveland 918.557.1311 2nd Rogers County Abate Toy Run Claremore, 3rd Storm Riders Toy Run Moore, 3rd Oklahoma COC Meeting Bartesville 3rd Wagoner 8th Annual Toy Run Wagoner, 918.852.4911 3rd 14th Annual Claremore Elk’s Lodge Toy Run, Catoosa, 918.277.3505 8th 4th Annual Mooney’s Toy Run Norman, 405.364.7577

9th Escape Ministries Bike and Car Toy Run, Cleveland

10th 1st Annual Owasso Toy Run Owasso, 918.313.4294

9th Depew Toy Run Depew, 918.645.9029

11th Veterans Day Run Del City, 405.596.1072

16th 9th Harley – Davidson World Turkey Run, Sharon Collier/Brandon Smith Benefit & Poker Run, Sapulpa 918.636.5866 Oklahoma City, 405.631.8680 9th 12th Annual Motorcycle Toy Run Broken Arrow, 918.258.7545

16th Boots on the Ground Toy Run Tulsa to Muskogee, 918.605.0284

9th Bethel Animal Rescue Marble Run Caveman Cycles, Davis 580.247.0621

16 DBA Indoor Benefit for Merritt/Hillock Elm St Pub

9th The Ride to Remember - Woodring Wall of Honor, Enid 9th Mooney’s Fire Poker Party Norman, 405.364.7577 10th Goodwheel Riders Toy Run Catoosa

17th 5th Annual Keystone Ranger Toy Run Sand Springs 918.246.6644 17th Three Rivers Abate Toy Run Muskogee, 918.441.8786 17th 2nd Annual Toy Run and Food Drive Bixby, 918.970.6539 or 918.933.9271

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23rd ABATE Chapter 13 Toy Run Pryor, 918.864.0557 24th Turkey And Ham Raffle OKC, 405.732.666

7th Tulsa Hills Christmas Parade 7th Toys For Tots Benefit Ride Bentonville, 479.466.7006

7th Toys for Tots Toy Run 30th 9th Annual CANCER SUCKS Concert Glenpool, 918.271.1557 Tulsa, 7th Benefit for Dot/Amazon OKC December 1st Naysayers MC 34th Annual Toy Pa- 8th Oklahoma City Motorcycle Swap Meet rade, Midwest City Oklahoma City, 816-228-5811 1st 8th Tulsa Big Wheels Toy Run Mooney’s Annual Toy Run Tulsa, 918.313.1521 Norman, 405.364.7577 2nd 15th DBA Pot Luck Christmas Dinner ABATE Toy Run Tulsa Tulsa 7th 15th Motorcycle Toy Run ABATE TOY RUN PARTY Bartlesville, 918-545-2012 at LEGENDS 514 E 2nd St • Tulsa Hosted by OKLAHOMA BIKER 7th Santa at the Boardwalk, Broken Arrow 23rd Harley-Davidson • Norton • Triumph • BSA Guts Distribution Center Annual Toy Run and Block Party Tulsa, 9188143556

Lanelle Meyer - Owner 5401 E Admiral Pl Tulsa, OK 74115

Motorcycle Parts 918.838.3100

Dear Oklahoma Biker:

wave, you shouldn’t be on the highway. I know guys with only one In response to Riding & Ranting in arm who ride -“The Ghostwave” - If your Sept - Oct. 2013 issue, please your not as happy as I am to still be accept my humble response to my riding - then by all means feel free to “Bro” Tank’s humorous & thought not “wave” at me. provoking article. “Just because you bought a bike, “Who the hell is the idiot that decided doesn’t make you a biker; doesn’t it was mandatory for all bike riders make you anyone’s “Bro”, and doesn’t to wave at all bike riders?” I may be entitle you to shit!” I couldn’t agree that “idiot” who started the whole more! So I’m not sure “you’re” a “wave” thing. Maybe not? I’ve been biker, [even though] you got the dew riding since the early 1970’s and out rag, shades, and black t-shirt. You west where I began, I don’t recall may not be entitled to it or even ever being waved at back then. But deserve it, but if I choose to accept me being so damn happy just to get you, and treat you like a brother, I to ride a borrowed, not stolen bike, will! If for some reason you feel you I waved at everybody! By the early have one too many “Bros”, you could 1980’s a few were waving back. Cool! always stone me like Cain did Abel. I was still happy as a fat dog tick on a Hell, them bro’s didn’t even have no lazy bloodhound, every time I got to Harley t-shirts or rice burners to fight ride. Rain, shine, wind, dark, snow, over. Maybe they should have spent cold, hot it didn’t matter. The love of more time waving at each other, and motorcycles and riding had bit me the first “war between bro’s” wouldn’t hard. I was just so happy, I couldn’t have happened. help myself, I waved. I was smiling “The AMA said that 99% of all too, I guess that could have took off people who ride are good, law as well, but everyone knows bikers abiding people, how do you know don’t smile! your not waving at one of the “other” I didn’t mean to start a movement, people?” I think that was said by an never wrote a book-except for 12 AMA spokesperson - to cover his page letter to a certain biker chick. own ass - back when we were still Nor have I ever been on T.V. Mostly watching black & white TV, or in the I just rode. Nowadays I don’t ride case of the author (Tank) and myself, 80,000 miles a year the Hardtail 75 we were not even born yet. Times Shovel got traded for a Heritage have changed, and with today’s out Softtail, I no longer have my teeth, of control laws - who’s law abiding but riding still makes me smile, and anymore? We may try like hell to be I’m still waving! Most wave back good, but look who’s judging us. And, nowadays. And if you can’t remove anyway, I think that the “other people” one hand from the handlebars at make up more than 1% of who I wave highway speeds for a two second at when I ride! Maybe “they” should

update their status to.… Hell, nevermind. But I even catch myself waving to AMA members when I ride, so its all good. I know that some of the riders that I wave to, go home put on their Bermuda shorts, polo shirts, flip-flops, and watch reruns they recorded of Dr. Phil, but at the moment I waved at them, they, like me, were risking their lives - no matter how pathetic - to enjoy the freedom of the road. And besides without “them” I’d be surrounded by nothing but cages and semi’s. It does my mind good to see my fellow riders, Bro’s or not. “If you don’t know me … don’t bro me!” Hell, I may know you’re my “bro” long before your “slow to catch on, can’t read people, not paying attention, drunk, drugged, asleep”- or all 3-ass grasps it. Don’t penalize me for being older, wiser, smarter than you. When my little brother was born, I knew he was my Bro right away. He, on the other hand, was too busy sucking tit to know I was his Bro for about another year. Get the point? I couldn’t tell you what “The Sons of Anarchy” do, I don’t watch that shit, I’m too busy riding and waving at all my “Bros” on bikes! Renegade

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david clanin, cpa 320 W. Will Rogers Blvd. Offices in: Tulsa & Claremore SERVICES: Tax Preparation, IRS Issues Accounting & Bookkeeping


The first five folks that can tell me who this Tulsa television personality is from the 1960’s and 1970’s will win an Oklahoma Biker patch. Send your answer to: or mail it to: Oklahoma Biker, PO Box 582, Skiatook, OK 74070.

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“If you have much, give your wealth; if you have little, give your heart.” Anonymous. Darrell and I are often asked to sponsor, help, contribute, etc. to one type or another fundraiser. By all means, if we had the time and the money we would give to every one of them. Unfortunately, we can’t, but we do try to give as much as we can. The biker community always amazes me when it comes to charity. We know individuals who will give their last dime to a cause and then there are those who receive and receive and receive, but never pay it forward. Did you know there is an international Pay it Forward Day (PIFD)? On April 24, 2014 people from over 50 countries will be performing acts of kindness. The goal is to inspire over 5 millions acts of kindness around the world. Instead of having just one day out of the year, why can’t we “do” good deeds

every day? It doesn’t have to be something big. It can be something as simple as opening a door, buying a stranger a cup of coffee, returning a shopping cart to the designated area at the grocery store, or maybe just smiling and saying “hello.” The ideas are endless, and believe me the rewards are great. In 1993, I was putting myself through college and raising my two daughters Ashley and Tiffany. There were many times, back then, I didn’t have enough money to buy a gallon of milk. Inevitably someone would come up to me at one of the Twelve Step meetings I attended and put a $20 bill in my hand. They would say “God put it on my heart to help you”. My faith in God was somewhat waned, but little by little I started believing God cared about me. It was Christmas and Ashley and Tiffany wanted new bicycles. I went to school in the mornings and cleaned houses in the afternoon so I could earn the money to buy the bicycles. I was also picking up any odd jobs I

could to earn additional money. One particular job I got was to clean rooms at a dilapidated boarding house in downtown Tulsa. I didn’t negotiate a price with the owner. I just assumed she would pay me well enough to purchase the bicycles for my girls. Boy was I wrong! After 8 hours of cleaning vomit, feces and garbage in the rooms and the one community bathroom, the woman paid me $20. I graciously took the money and as I was walking out I thought to myself, this is twenty more than I started with and I thanked God for the job.

Christmas was fast approaching and I didn’t have enough money to buy the bikes. I knew the girls would understand but it saddened my heart all the same. A couple of weeks before, one of the NA groups had asked me if they could bring the girls some gifts and, if so, what would they like. This particular group does this every year. I told them they like coloring books, Barbie dolls and games. On December 22nd the phone rang. It was a member from the group saying they would be by to drop off the gifts. Truthfully, I had forgotten about the group with the gifts and since this Christmas was going to be pretty lean I was very grateful to be receiving the help. The

doorbell rang and when I opened the door, two gentlemen were standing there with two brand new Schwinn bicycles, helmets and locks. I started crying and the girls started squealing with joy. I was expecting coloring books not bikes. The gentlemen hugged me (I was still crying) and said this is what Christmas is all about. They gave me a Christmas card and left. I opened the card and inside was a $100 bill. God is amazing and miracles do happen. I was doing my part and God was revealing his awesomeness to me. At that moment I vowed to pay it forward. Darrell and I are blessed abundantly. We ask God to bless us so we may bless others. We ask to be light of God’s love for others to see. Simple acts of kindness can make a world of difference. Pay it forward. You never know what your good deed will foster in the life of someone else. May God bless each and every one of you! Cheryl Briggs

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It was February 25, 2012. I had been riding all morning on my Buell 1125R and I stopped for lunch at a little biker bar/burger joint. After lunch, I pulled out of the parking lot and made a right onto the highway...that's the last thing I remember. I have some brief, vague visions of knowing I was in trouble, panicking, hitting hard . . . but really, I think I constructed them from watching slow-mo replays of crashes in MotoGP races. The next thing I AM sure of was a disembodied voice saying "Relax, buddy. Paramedics are on the way." And later, being loaded into the ambulance, asking the EMT to promise I wouldn't die before I could say goodbye to my wife. He would only say "We'll do our best. Now relax." I later found out I had shattered my left tibia (4 compound fractures) and fibula (2 compound fractures), and fractured 5 ribs (L37) as well as my clavicle and scapula. There were also hairline fractures of the pelvis and right big toe. I also had a mild concussion (mild thanks to a really good helmet) and, I now realize, some lingering neuropathy in my affected leg and shoulder. I spent almost a month in hospitals and the nursing home, another 6 weeks in a wheelchair. Then it was crutches, then one crutch, then a cane, then just limping. Now I walk with only a little gimp, but I can't run (doc says he doesn't recommend it ever) and stairs are still challenging. Last month I got to scuba dive for the first time since the crash, something I was afraid was also gone. The swimming was easy enough; getting the gear on and walking around was tougher. My life changed in an instant that I can't even remember. But with so many broken bones, I can only be grateful that my skull, neck, and back were not among them. Everyone asked if I was hit by a car. I don't know, but I am guessing not. A head-on crash would probably have killed me, and cars don't usually catch me on that road. No, the smart money is betting that I was going too fast (I always did), and got in over my head on a very challenging road. My bike was totaled, so I don’t have another motorcycle yet. Perhaps my next ride will be a trike! Michael “Maddog� Maddings

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• All Day Breakfast • • Delicious Home Cookin’ • • Serving the Best Farm Raised Catfish •

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275 N. Broadway, Inola Mon -10:30 Fri 10:30a.m. am toto88pmp.m. Mon-Fri Sat 9 am to 8 pm • Sun 9 am to 3 pm Sat 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sun(918) 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 543-6113 Manager Marshall Russell, previously from Pauline’s Buffet in Catown

Santa Shops at CHAPS MY ASS

Want a great little road trip with some excellent scenery, shopping, dining and wildlife? Then plan a sashay through southern Oklahoma’s trifecta of Mt. Scott, Medicine Park and the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. From the top of Mt. Scott (2,464 feet above) it’s a spectacular 360-degree panoramic vista overlooking Lake Lawtonka and the refuge. Herds of buffalo, Longhorn, elk and deer all roam this 60,000-plus acres open range created from parts of the Kiowa, Comanche and Kiowa-Apache Indian reservations by President William McKinley on July 4, 1901. The Wichita Mountains are the oldest in North America. Located near the city of Lawton, Interstate 44 runs North and South just to the west of Medicine Park. State Highway 49 runs East and West and can be accessed from I-44. Named one of the “Top 10 Coolest Small Towns for 2010,” it sits aside a stream long known for its curative power, and is at the main entry to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, which claims 1.5 million annual visitors. Originally planned as a tourism resort – Oklaho-

ma’s first – by Senator Elmer Thomas, it was founded July 4, 1908. Variously described as “a playground for the states rich, famous and notorious” and “Jewel of the Southwest,” it flourished into the 1930s. Rounded red granite cobblestones, naturally formed and unique to the area, were used in almost all the early day architecture, much of which can still be seen today. Quaint cottages and cabins, most built with cobblestones, are sprinkled throughout town offering a wide variety of overnight accommodations, eateries, and housing a vast array of unique gifts and crafts. Up the hill boasts a more eclectic collection of architecture to be found in the newer homes. The Old Plantation, now fully restored and nestled in the center of town, boasts not only its 1909

Hometown Insurance Agency We Have the Absolute Best Rates on Bikes

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beginning, playing a significant part in the area’s history, but a world-class restaurant inside the hotel as well. Check the town’s website and you’ll find a packed calendar of events running March through October. Anglers can enjoy wintertime fishing as the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation has designated a portion of Medicine Creek an official state trout area with stocking taking place very 2 weeks throughout the season opening November 1, 2013, and ending March 15. A member of the Oklahoma Museums Association, Medicine Park Aquarium and Natural Sciences Center celebrated its official ground break-

Meers Gold handcrafted ”choc” beer are not to be missed. But take your cash, ‘cause they won’t take your credit card! And absolutely try the peach or cherry cobbler with homemade ice cream – just don’t eat it too fast! The first “Y” in the road splits – Hwy 49 to the left and Mt Scott – or to the right and Medicine Park. At the next “Y” in the road to the right is the junction of Forrest Ave and Eastlake Drive with Chaps My Ass located smack in the middle. Owned by Brian and Candace Morris and celebrating their 10th year in business, “Bikers Always Welcome” visible in the store window, the small front of the shop is deceiving, for inside can be found a wide variety of ing September 17, 2011, and is slated biker related clothing, leather apparel, for grand opening in spring of 2014 parts and fashionable accessories. nearby the refuge entrance. From tiny babes to biker babes there There are a number of dining options, but one offering an alternative view of Leather the man-made water supply lake and T-Shirts Jewelry its abundant recreational offerings, Glasses can be found in the drive towards the Bandanas town of Meers. All that remains of this & More former turn of the century gold rush boomtown is the Meers Restaurant New Owners Biker Shak and Store, on the National Registry of Martin & Erin 208 E Hwy 66 Historic Places. Their famous LongOverturf Arcadia, OK horn beef Meersburger and 22 oz. 405.888.7100

is something for everyone on your to motorcycle repair school. Carolyn Seelen gift-giving list. Bling, bandanas and even basic smack foods are all available. Brian, a certified HD technician through AMI, handles the mechanical and repairs off-site. Newly married, residents for only six months, her career in transition and he just out of the military, Candace says she had decided she “wanted to open up a little shop - books and coffee.” Brian told her “No, the bikers were here first,” and based on those demographics what they really needed to open up was a motorcycle shop. “Sell’em the do-rag that blew off their head, some T-shirts and we can make the rent.” It was meant to be a hobby, but in 2006 took a serious business turn when Brian’s VA benefits sent him

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“Thanks to everyone who came and supported the 2013 parties at Sparks America. We enjoy meeting and visiting with each and every one of you. Without you we could not have such great parties at Sparks America. We look forward to seeing you next year!” Robert and Brenda Butler

2014 Event Dates St Patty’s Day March 20th - 23rd Mud Stock April 17th - 20th Mud Stock May 15th - 18th Bike Week June 19th - 29th Mud Stock September 18th - 21st Halloween Biker Bash October 23rd - 26th Kid’s Halloween Haunted Hayride Nov 1st Mud Stock November 20th - 23rd

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The Big Chill I put my jacket on. I put my chaps on. I put my helmet and gloves on (because it was raining and about 45 degrees out) and then I took off. I met a buddy (Steve) at a coffee shop in Tulsa and we sat and talked. After a few minutes Steve finally said; “man you gotta be crazy for riding in this kind of weather!” And I smiled and said; “Not crazy, I just love to ride.” He said; “I love to ride too but only when it’s above 65 degrees……and below 100 degrees…” I pondered that statement the whole way home and thought about it in a whole new light. I thought; “is that us as believers in Jesus?” Do we praise and believe hen it is convenient? Do we say we

are “Christian” when it serves our purpose or are we fully committed to our beliefs? Here is what I wonder; “When the day gets rough and the weather is bad do I leave my life as a Christ follower in the garage and travel in a cage with the world until it is more convenient?” Or do I stick to my beliefs, claim His name, stand up and ride that big beautiful dream to the ends of the earth? Well…do I?!?!! Something to think about in the wind. Pastor Matt

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In 1984 for some weird reason, the world as we know it went to shit. I’m not really certain what happened to make being a biker a “trendy” or “cool” thing to do, but as I see it, that was the beginning of the end for the lifestyle that I love. I remember when we used to all get together and ride (and breakdown) and where we stopped is where we stopped. We all threw up tents, built a fire and sat around and had a blast. Next day we would roll up camp and take off and do it again. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies rolling down the road. Oil leaking Pans and Shovels packed to the hilt. Hell, now it’s a damn fashion show, Motel staying, cell phone having, GPS using, “My credit line is bigger than your credit line”, Fake ass people kinda show! Makes me want to puke by your trailer.

There is a reason they don’t sell bike trailers at the Harley shop, you’re supposed to ride the bikes where you’re going, not trailer them to within 50 miles of the place, take them out of the trailer and ride around town acting like you’re somebody special (your special alright, I’ll get to that in a minute). I always thought that the point in owning one, was to ride the thing (gasp, it might get dirty). I’ve seen these wannabe bikers everywhere and their reasons for trailering just keeps me amazed! They say they couldn’t have made the trip with the allotted time if they didn’t trailer (ride harder, you’ll make it, I’ve seen me do it!) I was worried about the weather (grow a pair! It won’t kill you to get wet, I know this, I’ve seen me do it). I couldn’t fit all my things on the bike (damn! How long was your trip? a. get a bigger bike or b. take less shit with you). I didn’t have enough room for all the things my wife/girlfriend/ mistress needed to bring (get a new Ol’ lady) (yep, I’ve seen me do it). It’s a “Show Bike” (Blow me!) and my favorite, I don’t want to depreciate the value of the bike by running up the mileage (Ummm…….. I got nothing for this). I was on Dickson street at BB&B

this year, when a VERY brief rain shower hit (maybe 5 minutes, nothing severe). I observed people running out of bars to put plastic trash bags over their bikes, some pulled bike covers from their saddle bags (maybe if they left that at home they would have room for the shit that wouldn’t fit, hmmmmm) and 1st place goes to the guy right in front of me who….. flung himself over his bike! So me being me, just had to ask him what the hell? Him: My bike has NEVER been wet before!! Me: Do you dry clean it? Him: No!? Me: Then it’s been wet. Him: Well that’s a different kind of wet, it doesn’t count! That’s a new kinda stupid, I’m willing to bet he’s some sort of Engineer! At Sturgis, I watched a guy pull his bike out of his trailer and spray it with WD-40, then kicked dirt from the lot all over his pretty soft tail. I thought this was strange until I ran into him later that day while he was telling his tall tale of his ride from Texas (Texas ST.?) I walked up and told him they were coming out with stick on bugs for people like him. He didn’t see the humor in it, but knew he didn’t ride it from Texas. He ended his story and stomped out all butt hurt. I have nothing but disgust for “Trailer Queens”. They are nothing more than a group of Johnny come lately’s that are having 1.midlife crisis,

2. Trying to keep up with the Jones, 3. Doing it because they think it will make them cool. Whatever the case may be, you sure messed up the world for those of us who were Harley before Harley was cool! I ride my bike because I love to ride! I ride between 45,000 and 55,000 miles a year. My bike is a lot like me. It’s not very fast, it’s not real pretty, but it gets the job done, and done right! If you look at it, you can see it has a story to tell. To me, riding my bike is truly the only way to see this great country of ours. I’ve rode in the suppressive heat of the Desert Southwest (120+ degrees) and in the dead of winter (4 degrees), I’ve rode in rain, hail, snow and fog. These are the rides that make good “do you remember when” stories. Because let’s face it, who wants to tell a story that’s starts with “remember the time we trailered our bikes and the A/C went out on the truck”? Tank P.S. Sons of Anarchy doesn’t trailer; must not be cool!


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Kelley Mclane is now working at Route 66 Harley Davidson in the Motor Clothes Dept. Go by and ask for Kelley when you are in the market for biker bling. She can help you choose the right gift for your biker babe!

Dominic Zaner is a salesman for Route 66 Harley Davidson. He has agreed to donate 15% of his commission to the Downed Bikers Association whenever anyone mentions the DBA when buying a motorcycle.



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Oklahoma Biker the Riders Ragazine is now hiring sales people for the 2014 riding season. If you love motorcycles and the Oklahoma biker community we may have a position for you. If you are interested in learning more about this position please contact Darrell at 918.260.7195 or email: We look forward to working with you!


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