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The Chant

3rd Quarter September 2017

OSAA Board of Directors

Summer Conference Recap

President Tony Wisely Perry, OK 73077 580-336-9090 Vice-President Rick Scrivner Union City, OK 405-919-2271 scrivnerauctioneer@ Director Homer Nicholson Ponca City, OK 580-767-9096 nicholsonauction@ Director Corky Heard

Clinton, OK 580-331-9156

Director Lee Frisendahl Enid, OK 580-541-7653 frisendahlsauctioneers@ Executive Secretary Cali Crissup Stillwater, OK 74074 580-327-7525

OSAA P.O. Box 71 Stillwater, OK 74076

Summer Conference attendees gaining valuable information about the auction industry.

Well, summer has come and gone and fall is fast approaching. I hope that your summer has been a good one and your fall auction schedule is filling up. The OSAA Summer Conference was held on August 6th at the Embassy Suites on South Meridian in Oklahoma City. The conference was well attended and several new members were in attendance. I heard our long-time members state that this was the best attendance in several years. The speakers did an outstanding job and provided valuable information on a variety of topics. Jason Qualls of QPROPHOTO, spoke on quality photos and video. Jason provided essential information about taking quality pho-

to’s, he showed examples of pictures that you might want to avoid using. He even discussed video production and the importance of telling a story with your video. We could see an example of this in a video that he shared of a recent event in Edmond, OK. During the end of his presentation he provided time for questions and answers that most members’ participated in. Jason’s presentation was both entertaining and educational. Several members commented that they enjoyed his presentation and would love to hear from him again. Lee Frisendahl was scheduled to speak, but due to health issues was unable to attend. Lee, WE MISSED YOU! Continued on page 2...

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In place of Lee, Corky Heard, CAI, AARE, CES, GPPA, UCMA, spoke about the Oklahoma Abstractors Board. As a member of the Oklahoma Abstractors Board I provided insight into the board, it’s creation and its function relating to the abstract industry in Oklahoma. The presentation was enlightening and members had many questions regarding the abstract industry in our state. Mr. Jimmie Dean Coffey, CAI, AARE, ATS, CES, UCMA, Director of Business Development United Country Auction Services was our main speaker. Mr. Coffey spoke during the morning and afternoon sessions. During the morning session, he spoke on moving your business to the next level. He provided valuable information

to help you improve your business as well as several key issues that we face in our industry. The afternoon session proved to just as interesting and valuable as well. In this session, Mr. Coffey spoke on building an online auction business. Topics discussed were setting company goals, techniques for faster inventory, closing out an auction and many more. The presentation was very informative and brought about a lively question and answer session with most all members participating. The presentations presented by all the speakers were professional and each one had something that you could take home and use. Finding quality speakers and topics that are relevant to most of our members has proven to be a challenging task. I encourage, and ask each of you to reach out to me with sug-


OSAA Membership runs from January 1 to December 31. Please renew your membership for the upcoming year as soon as possible. A membership form can be found on page 9 of The Chant or you can also fill out the form online and pay by credit card! Please visit our website at We look forward to seeing you in the years to come.

gestions and comments about what you would be interested in learning more about. If you know of someone that might be a good presenter, please let me know. I have already been working on the winter conference speakers and am excited to hear from you. Wishing each of you the best,

Corky Heard Director 580-331-9156

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Customer Service & What Makes It Important In The Auction Industry When it is time to write an article for the Chant, it seems to challenge the brain to compose something no one else has previously written and to be original. That is hard for me to do. It seems like everything I want to say has already been said by someone else. Then I realize that when referring to the auction industry, everything germane to the industry has a pertinent purpose even if it has been said previously, it is always time for a good refresher. Customer service is one of the most important functions of a business, especially the auction business. You can’t buy customer service, and it has to be taught to all employees, management and everyone on the team. The importance of customer service cannot be over emphasized and sometimes takes a ‘case in point’ to get through to everyone to fully understand the importance. The magnitude of importance is easier to understand on the surface, but there is nearly always the ‘unintended consequence’ that you may not realize for some time, maybe days, or months. The public, buyers and sellers have high expectations of our business principles and service. Customer service may be a cup of coffee, a lunch, a nice greeting, a hand shake, a personalized hand written note, or a special deed, such as delivering a purchased item to the buyer’s home. It could also involve a legal money transaction to resolve an issue or appease a customer. Keep in mind, everyone has

a different manner of expressing their appreciation for your customer service deed. Some will thank you, some will rave on and on about what you did for them and some may honestly forget to express their appreciation even though they are appreciative. The point here is: don’t take it personal and rush on continuing to do those good customer service deeds. The more customer service deeds you do, the better you will feel about yourself and a warm fuzzy feeling is always a good feeling. Remember, a good customer service deed has no cash value, it can’t be purchased but it has more value than money can buy and the transparent dividends will continue to cash in for a long time.

Homer Nicholson Director 580-767-9096


Your OSAA Board has been working tirelessly to bring you the best of the best! We are working through the last few details and our new website will be up and running. Exciting changes include:

-Make changes to your personal information & upcoming auctions -Pay your dues -Register for convention -Enter in OSAA Competitions online -View fellow auction professionals in our membership directory -View The Chant -View more on page 4!

Let Us Know When Your Company is Doing Something Great!

We want to showcase our members through our Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association Facebook page, please send us a message with photos, when you’re representing the OSAA in your community.

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You joined OSAA because you wanted to network and grow your business. Together OSAA members stand as industry professionals and leaders. OSAA has decided to partner with This is for you.


New Website: 2. Online registrations for events. 3. Single sign-in for members forum. 4. Weekly mail blast of your auctions on OSAA to buyers statewide. 5. Your auctions on OSAA on over 30 auction websites. 6. Your auctions on OSAA on the national app- AUCTIONEER.(iTunes/Google Play) 7. Your profile will automatically update on ? TX, AR, WHY KY, MO, association websites WHY if you are a ? member of those neighbouring states. 8. Social network sharing capabilities of all auctions and events. 9. Automated auction flyers on the fly. NO Secretary? NO problem! We understand... Not everyone has a personal secretary. Let us do the work for you!

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Coming in 2018: Store Front (Optional) Storefront can be your personal website or icon on website for buyers. 1. Send auctions to CL, Amazon, and Ebay with one click. 2. Display current auctions and Buy now feature for items that do not sell at auction.

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Optional: 1. All of your auctions from any array of online platforms neatly displayed in one concise personal auction calendar. 2. Have your auctions automatically feed to the OSAA website form your online bidding site. 3. Online/ simulcast auctions option.

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Free landing page Live, Online, Hybrid & Multi-Parcel (clerking and cataloging included)

Go to: Contact Us to begin your journey.... Onsite auction promotions are free... but while you are there why not try.... Online and Simulcast auctions. As low as: $29 for Real Estate $49 for Personal Property. it’s all about you. All auctions posted will go automatically to:, your whitelabel landing page, participating state associations,’s marketing, statewide email blast, and the national app Auctioneer. In cooperation with: TSYS and All services are free except a per auction charge for online and simulcast. Using the online and simulcast is not required.

“We believe this a great way to introduce more auctioneers to the world of online selling. No contracts, no pressure... you are in control. “ -Jon Burton, Founder

Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association September 2015    

Dear Valued  Member:  

This is  your  first  reminder  to  renew  your  investment  in  the  Oklahoma  State  Auctioneers   Association  for  22018 016.    Membership  runs  from  January  1-­‐December  31.  

Your membership  renewal  is  VITAL  to  accomplish  the  many  important  services  provided   through  the  association.  Even  though  we  thrive  on  volunteer  support,  and  even  though  we   have  a  modest  staff,  renewals  ARE  VITAL  to  our  success!   Highlighted  accomplishments  which  have  resulted  from  your  membership  include:     o Improved  both  the  content  and  quality  of  our  quarterly  Newsletter;    

o Enhanced our  Annual  OSAA  Winter  Meeting  and  Summer  Conference  by   adding  additional  CE  Sessions;   o Developed  an  aggressive  Membership  Campaign;   o Maintain  staff  personnel;        

As a  current  member,  you  know  the  real  value  of  association  membership.  OSAA  works  for   you  the  member  to  assist  you  with  your  professional  auction  career  by:  

o providing you  a    voice  on  regulatory  and  legislative  issues  as  they  may  arise;   o providing    you  with  cutting  edge  education  programs;     o providing  you  opportunities  to  attend  meetings  where  you  can  network  with   your  peers;     o providing  you  with  auction  industry  news  via  "The  Chant".         For your convenience, a membership renewal form is printed on page 9 of The Chant. We appreciate your past participation and look forward to your continued membership. OSAA   belongs  to  its  members  and  we  look  forward  to  your  continued  participation.      


Cali Crissup OSAA Executive Secretary      


Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association  PO Box 94, Helena, OK 73741 Phone 580-327-7525  Fax 580-852-3606

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This is a new section we are starting in The Chant and we hope you enjoy it. Please send any success stories for your business or family to Also, if you have any auction equipment or trailers to sell, let us know. Send us pictures and details so that we can keep our auctioneer relationships going strong throughout the year. Please send us any info by March 1, June 1, September 1, or December 1. This will allow us to put it in that month’s issue of The Chant. Looking forward to your stories.

OSAA Members competing & assisting with the KAA Auctioneer Competition

Donnie Stumpff

Kansas Pro Bid Calling Competition Top 5 (left to right): Tony Wisely - 3rd Place, Justin Banzhaf - Reserve Champion, Julia Courtenay Sparks - KAA Champion, Josh Miller - 5th Place, Donnie Stumpff - 4th Place

Julia Courtenay Sparks

Jeff Crissup

Tony Wisely

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Shawn Terrel

Jeremy Miller

We love to see our members involved in other state associations! If you are a member of another state association, please let us know on your membership application.

OKLAHOMA STATE AUCTIONEERS ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP FORM Membership is valid from January 1-December 31 OSAA Annual Dues: $100

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION Name: Company: Address: City, State, Zip: Phone: Email:

AUCTIONEER INFORMATION Years in the Auction Industry: NAA Member: Yes or No List other State Associations: Auction School Attended: What Year: Membership card: Yes or No

REMIT APPLICATION & PAYMENT Payment can be made by check and mailed to: OSAA, P.O. P.O. BoxBox 71 122 Helena, OK Stillwater, OK73741 74076 Check # ____________________ All other payments can be made on our website at For questions, Contact Cali Crissup, Executive Secretary at 580-327-7525 By completing and submitting this form, I hereby make application for membership in the Oklahoma Auctioneers Association. If accepted, I will abide by its by-laws, support its objectives, comply with the OSAA’s Code of Ethics and pay the established dues. Contributions or gifts to Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses subject to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities.

OFFICE USE ONLY Received on: Updated on Website:

Renewed on: Updated in Email:

NAA Conference & Show Columbus, Ohio

Mr. Ed engaging in conversation with Lonny McCurdy at the NAA Conference & Show. J.B. Robison Jr. competing in the International Auctioneers Competition as the Oklahoma State Pro Bid Calling Champion. We are all so proud of you!

Jeff Crissup pictured with the World’s Largest Gavel during the NAA Conference & Show in Ohio in July!

Kim Allen & Vicki WigginsAllen watching the IAC Competition in Columbus.

Eddie & Darla Haynes, this was his 43rd year to attend the NAA Conference & Show!

Shawn Terrel to Lead United Country Real Estate Auction Services KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sept. 6, 2017 United Country Real Estate, the largest integrated auction and tradition real estate company in the United States, announced today that Shawn Terrel a 25 year veteran of the auction industry has been promoted to lead the United Country Real Estate | Auction Services Division as President. Terrel was formerly Executive Vice President of UCRE | Auction Services and has helped build and enhance the division since joining the company in 2006. In his new role, Terrel will provide the strategic planning, management and program enhancements for the group. Over the past 10 years, Terrel has successfully helped architect, develop, innovate and provide direction for what is now the largest national auction real estate team in the United States. Recognized as a leader in the auction technology and marketing industry, Terrel has successfully launched dynamic auction office and auctioneer websites, a leading online auction platform, enhanced auction marketing services, auction service support and training, and full integration within traditional real estate brokerages. His auction services team supports more than 300 individual auctioneers and nearly 500 franchise offices across the U.S., as well as Mexico and Central America. His efforts have played a significant role in the division representing over 20-percent of the annual sales within the $6 billion United Real Estate Group network. “Shawn is an extremely innovative and progressive auctioneer and business leader. He has played a critical leadership role by successfully developing a very powerful auction services program at United Country Real Estate. This year alone Auction Services has achieved strong record sales and has had an additional ten new auction centric offices join the network. We are excited to have Shawn the leader of the auction division as we enter the next level of auction technology and marketing innovation,� said Mike Duffy, President, United Country Real Estate. Terrel has professionally served on the board of directors at the National Auctioneers Association, is a multiple State Champion auctioneer, is an instructor for the Certified Auctioneers Institute at Indiana University, has trained hundreds of auction classes, and is a nationally recognized real estate and asset auctioneer. His experience consisting of over 2,500 auctions ranging from real estate, personal assets, livestock, oil & gas, and numerous charities has contributed a wealth of knowledge to UCRE. Mike Jones, former President of UCRE | Auction Services has taken a new position as President of Auction Services for the United Real Estate Group. In his new role Jones will be leading Strategic Client Services and focusing on developing new business at a corporate level for both United Real Estate Group clients through national clients with large real estate assets and / or personal property. Launched in early 2016, the new group will establish and nurture relationships with national clients on behalf of affiliates and work with local United Real Estate or United Country Real Estate auctioneers and affiliates on incremental auction and sales opportunities. Additionally, Jones will be building and establishing an Auction Services division within the urban residential focused URE company.

The Chant

3rd Quarter September 2017

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