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15th Annual deadCenter Film Festival The 15th annual deadCENTER Film Festival kicks off Thursday night with dual Opening Night screenings at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art: Sundance Grand Jury Prize finalist Best of Enemies from the Oscar winning director of 20 Feet from Stardom, Morgan Neville; and, Rolling Papers, a rollicking look at the first year of marijuana legalization in Colorado as reported by the Denver Post. “This was our most competitive year ever,” according to Director of Programming Kim Haywood, “Our judges chose from over 1100 films


that submitted from around the world and all over Oklahoma, including several festival favorites from Sundance and SXSW.” Best of Enemies and Rolling Papers are only two of 108 films that will play deadCENTER this week through Sunday. From hilarious comedies and thoughtful dramas, to intense documentaries and mind-blowing shorts, deadCENTER has scheduled films from every possible genre to please every type of audience. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art will once again serve as

official festival headquarters. Other venues include 5 screens at Harkins Bricktown Cinemas, Devon Energy Auditorium, and the Myriad Gardens Great Lawn for outdoor screenings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. There are two ways to enjoy the festival: an All Access Pass for $150 or individual movie tickets for $10 each. The All Access Pass allows priority admission to all films and free access to all passholder parties and special events. Access passes are available at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art box office beginning

Getting Social with deadCENTER


today and throughout the weekend. Individual movie tickets are sold at each venue after all passholders have been seated. All deadCENTER parties are for passholders only, so if you want the full festival adventure, buy an All Access pass. Start planning your deadCENTER experience with the schedule and highlights on the following pages. For a full list of films, please visit

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The Overnight

Director: Patrick Brice/80 min • 8:45pm, Friday, June 12, Williams Theatre at Harkins • 8:15pm, Saturday, June 13, Williams Theatre at Harkins Jason Schwartzman is astoundingly hilarious in this raunchy comedy that also stars Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation and Taylor Shilling from Orange is the New Black as a couple from Seattle that is lured into the lurid world of a new age couple from Los Angeles. A family “playdate” becomes increasingly interesting as the night goes on. If you are offended by sex and nudity, this is not the film for you. Otherwise, come enjoy the funniest film you will see this year.

The Stanford Prison Experiment


Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarex/122 min • 5:30pm, Friday, June 12, Noble Theater at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art • 3:15pm, Sunday, June 14, Inasmuch Theatre at Harkins The Stanford Prison Experiment is a scorching drama that plays like a thriller as the true story of Stanford students randomly chosen for a prison experiment turn into sadistic guards, shaming the students selected to play inmates. The experiment got so out of control, it was stopped after 6 days. The film stars Oscar nominee Bill Crudup, who last filmed in Oklahoma on the film Rudderless, and a boatload of up and coming Hollywood actors led by Moises Arias, who starred in The Kings of Summer at deadCENTER 2013.

Director: Sterlin Harjo/89 min • 8:15pm, Sunday, June 14, Williams Theatre at Harkins Mekko is the latest film from Oklahoma Film ICON and Sundance Grand Jury Prize Finalist Sterlin Harjo. Mekko paints the portrait of a homeless Native American parolee in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As he struggles to find his way in the outside world after two decades behind bars, the titular Mekko discovers a chaotic yet occasionally profound and beautiful community of impoverished natives which now includes Bunnie, one of his old carousing buddies from his wilder youth.

Harry & Avis

Director: Nathan Hollis/76min • 5:30pm, Saturday, June 13, Williams Theater at Harkins • 3:00pm, Sunday, June 14, MidFirst Bank Theater at Harkins Directed by Oklahoma Baptist University graduate Nathan Hollis and set in the breathtaking expanses of Scotland’s countryside & Edinburgh proper, Harry & Avis is a romantic comedy following two eccentric lovers who take a camping trip to Loch Lomond National Park. This spontaneous camping trip is meant to invigorate the couple’s relationship, but Harry’s neurotic existential ponderings interfere. As Harry finds himself contemplating life’s perplexing questions, Avis tries her best to remind him the importance of carefree spontaneity.

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The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers

Director: Beau Jennings/61 min • 12:30 pm, Saturday, June 13, Inasmuch Theatre at Harkins • 5:45 pm, Sunday, June 14, MidFirst Bank Theatre at Harkins A songwriter from Inola, Oklahoma, Beau Jennings spent the last few years writing songs about his boyhood hero and ‘Oklahoma’s favorite son’ Will Rogers, the legendary Cherokee-Indian cowboy, vaudeville performer, newspaper columnist and movie star. As songs accumulated, Beau realized the need to further explore the source of his inspiration, and a plan was hatched to travel the U.S. retracing Will Rogers’ footsteps, performing songs about Will at locations where significant events in his life took place.

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Director: Ryan Staples Scott/92 min • 6:00pm, Saturday, June 13, Devon Energy Auditorium • 12:15pm, Sunday, June 14, MidFirst Bank Theatre at Harkins Oklahoma director Ryan Staples Scott returns to deadCENTER with this hilarious airplane comedy. Blissfully unaware that Atlantica flight 1945 is about to make aviation history, First Officer Danny McSweeney focuses his energies on navigating the turbulent personalities of an unusual female captain, a co-pilot with a talent for tactless comments and conspiracy theories, and a lead flight attendant with an outsized attitude. The unscheduled in-flight entertainment includes a potbellied pig, a jittery diamond courier, and the recently jilted Lucy Meredith.

Full schedule and details can be found at There, you can read about each of the 90+ films, screening locations, pass-purchase information, the latest deadCENTER news and more.

The Real Enemy

Director: Tate James & Daniel Giles Helm/53 min • 9:45 pm, Thursday, June 11, MidFirst Bank Theatre at Harkins • 3:00 pm, Saturday June 13, MidFirst Bank Theatre at Harkins On September 21st, 2014, a group of self-proclaimed devil worshipers held a public ‘Black Mass’ in Oklahoma City. It makes international news when the local Archbishop threatens to sue to get back an allegedly stolen, blessed communion wafer to be used in the event. The controversy is only heightened as the city-owned event center refuses to cancel the event. The Real Enemy follows along as the devil worshipers, opposing Satanists, Christian exorcists, protesters, city officials and the media prepare for the unholy event, providing an inside look into contemporary and alternative spiritualties of the Bible Belt.

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Calls to Okies: The Park Grubbs Story

Director: Bradley Beesley & Ben Steinbauer/18 min • 6:00 pm, Friday, June 12, Williams Theatre at Harkins • 2:15 pm, Sunday, June 14, FerrellOil Theatre at Harkins In the early 1980s, before the Jerky Boys brought prank phone calls to a mainstream audience, a group of Oklahoma teenagers were conducting strange backwoods experiments with their landline telephone. These underground prank calls gained infamy, and became known as Park Grubbs, garnering such fans as The Flaming Lips, Daniel Clowes (Ghostworld, Art School Confidential), and Peter Bagge (Hate). Directed by two Okie filmmakers, Bradley Beesley and Ben Steinbauer, and featuring interviews with both the pranksters and the pranked, the legendary Park Grubbs prank calls come to life in this one-of a-kind documentary.

All-Access passes are only $150. Register online and have shipped to your home or pick up at will call at Festival Headquarters — Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 415 Couch Drive — noon-8 p.m. through Sunday. Get two All-Access passes for the price of one with an OKCity Card.

Rolling Papers

Director: Mitch Dickman/79 min • 8:30 pm, Thursday, June 11, Noble Theatre at Oklahoma City Museum of Art When Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana in 2014, the Denver Post named Ricardo Baca as the world’s first marijuana editor of a major newspaper. Rolling Papers is an exciting, insightful, and at times hilarious look at how the Denver Post covered this hot national issue with a team of straight-laced staff writers and offbeat freelancers. Policy news, strain reviews, parenting advice and edible recipes are the new norm on a new beat: pot journalism. This opening night documentary is so fresh, it even smells green.

The Black Panthers: Vanguard for the Revolution Director: Stanley Nelson/116 min • 8:00 pm, Friday, June 12, Noble Theater at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art • 6:30 pm, Saturday, June 13, Inasmuch Theatre at Harkins

This awesome look at the notorious political action party debuted at Sundance. Change was coming to America and the fault lines could no longer be ignored—cities were burning, Vietnam was exploding, and disputes raged over equality and civil rights. A new revolutionary culture was emerging and it sought to drastically transform the system. The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense would, for a short time, put itself at the vanguard of that change.

Best of Enemies

Director: Morgan Neville & Robert Gordon/87 min • 6:00 pm, Thursday, June 11, Noble Theatre at Oklahoma City Museum of Art Best of Enemies is a dazzling intellectual feast that was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance and directed by Robert Gordon and Oscar winner Morgan Neville (20 Feet from Stardom). William F. Buckley, the leader of the new conservative movement, and Gore Vidal, leftist novelist and polemicist, battle for the soul of America in a series of debates hosted by ABC during the 1968 Presidential Conventions. Live and unscripted, they kept viewers riveted. Ratings for ABC News skyrocketed. And a new era in public discourse was born.

City of Gold

Director Laura Gabbert/91min • 3:15pm, Saturday, June 13, Inasmuch Theater at Harkins • 12:30pm, Sunday, June 14, Noble Theatre at Oklahoma City Museum of Art City of Gold chronicles Pulitzer Prizewinning restaurant critic Jonathan Gold’s relationship to his beloved and sprawling metropolis, Los Angeles. Gold has long been adored in his hometown for his cultural writing about LA’s hidden culinary treasures; he was one of the first critics to review small family owned restaurants in far-flung ethnic enclaves with as much passion as the haute cuisine establishments of Beverly Hills.

Sensational Shorts

Ronnie BoDean

Course of Food

Myrna the Monster

Oklahoma ICON Wes Studi stars as Ronnie BoDean, a larger-than-live outlaw who must shake off an epic hangover and use his considerable street knowledge to take on his greatest challenge yet- babysitting his jailed neighbor’s precocious kids. When Ronnie’s out-of-the-frying-panand-into-the-fire approach to child rearing lands the kids in the cross hairs of a psychotic thug, it’s up to Ronnie to save the day.

Course of Food uncovers the story of a sustainable hog rancher in Waynoka, OK, Andy Bowen. Andy, along with his father in law Kim Barker, practice sustainability in ranching and raising animals because they both believe that this is the best way to live. The film examines Andy’s life and career in this sometimes struggling industry.

MTV’s most surprising new star takes the lead in this short film that debuted at Sundance. Myrna the Monster is the tale of a heartbroken alien dreamer from the moon that transitions into young adult life in Los Angeles like any other 20 something. According to MTV, Myrna has a personality like Mindy Kaling in a monster’s body and with some semi-traumatic memories of her former life on the moon.

Director: Steven Paul Judd/13min Screening with Okie Shorts • 6:00pm, Friday, June 12, Williams Theater at Harkins • 2:15pm, Sunday, June 14, Ferrell Oil Theater at Harkins

individual tickets

Director: Christopher Hunt/17 min • 8:00 pm, Saturday, June 13, FerrellOil Theatre at Harkins • 5:15 pm, Sunday, June 14, American Fidelity Theatre at Harkins

$10 and can be purchased at each screening 20 minutes before show time, after the pass holders have been seated.

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Director: Ian Samuels/14 min • 9:15 pm, Thursday, June 11, FerrellOil Theatre at Harkins • 6:15pm, Saturday, June 13, American Fidelity Theatre at Harkins

The Last Sandwich

Director: Mark Potts/4min Screening with Comedy Shorts • 6:30pm, Thursday, June 11, Ferrell Oil Theater at Harkins • 12:45pm, Saturday, June 13, American Fidelity Theater at Harkins Enid native and University of Oklahoma graduate Mark Potts returns to deadCENTER for the seventh time with this hilarious short film about a man’s obsession and handling of not having something he loves and need to live. Also, it’s about sandwiches.

Everyone on the deadCENTER team went to high school and college and understands how hard it is to scrape money together. For this reason, AllAccess passes are available for $75 exclusively to students. You must show a valid student ID when you pick up the pass at the box office or you will be charged the regular amount.


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filmSCHEDULE 2015 Narrative Features Documentary Features

Shorts Programs Animated Feature

Special Events Panels

THU 11

FRI 12

12:15pm-1:15pm kidsFEST Shorts 2:30pm-4:30pm Deep Impact Shorts 5:15pm-7:15pm Okie Not So Short Shorts

12:30pm-2:30pm How to Dance in Ohio 3:15-5:15pm Lone Man’s Land 6pm-8pm SKID

6:30pm-8:30pm Love, Sex & Death Shorts 9:15pm-11:15pm Horror Shorts

11:45am-1:45pm Deep Impact Shorts 2:30pm-4:30pm The Good, the Bad, and the Somewhere Inbetween Shorts 5:15pm-7:15pm Love, Sex & Death Shorts 8pm-10pm Okie Not So Short Shorts

11:30am-1:30pm The Good, the Bad, and the Somewhere Inbetween Shorts 2:15pm-4:15pm Okie Shorts 5pm-7pm Horror Shorts 7:45pm-9:45pm Not So Short Shorts

9:30pm-11pm This is Spinal Tap

10pm-1pm Kid’s Fest (Myriad Gardens Terrace Room) 9pm-9:30pm Awards Ceremony (The Great Lawn at the Myriad Gardens) 9:30pm-11:30pm Being Evel

9:30pm-11:30pm Out to Win

6:45pm-8:45pm 7 Chinese Brothers

12:30pm-2:30pm The Verdigris: Search of Will Rogers 3:15-5:15pm City of Gold 6:00pm-8:30pm The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution

12:30pm-2:30pm How to Dance in Ohio 3:15pm-5:30pm The Stanford Prison Experiment 6pm-8pm Welcome to Happiness

7pm-9pm Hollis 9:45pm-11:30pm Doubleheader - Grapple Habit: Oklahoma City’s Addiction to B.L.O.W. and The Real Enemy

9pm-11pm Uncle John

12:15pm-2:15pm Shawn the Sheep 3pm-5pm Doubleheader - Grapple Habit: Oklahoma City’s Addiction to B.L.O.W. and The Real Enemy 5:45pm-7:45pm Welcome to Happiness 8:30pm-10:30pm By Blood

12:15pm-2:15pm SKID 3pm-5pm Harry & Avis 5:45pm-7:45pm The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers

6pm-8pm Best of Enemies 8:30pm-10:30pm Rolling Papers

11am-12pm OF+MO Panel: Filmming in Oklahoma 12:30pm-1:15pm Distribution Panel 1:30pm-2:15pm Conversation with OK ICON Bob Berney 2:30pm-3:15pm Conversation with Mayor and Filmmaker Mick Cornett 3:30pm-4:15pm Conversation with OK ICON Bradley Beesley 5:30pm-7:30pm The Stanford Prison Experiment 8pm-10pm The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution

1:30pm-2:15pm Conversation with OK ICON Bird Runningwater 2:30pm-4:30pm Native Storytelling 5:30pm-7:30pm Eternal Princess 8pm-10pm Anesthesia

12:30pm-2:30pm City of Gold 3pm-5pm The Veil: A Work in Progress

6pm-8pm Okie Shorts 8:45pm-10:45pm The Overnight

12pm-2pm Hollis 2:45pm-4:45pm 7 Chinese Brotherss 5:30pm-7:30pm Harry & Avis 8:15pm-10:15pm The Overnight

12pm-2pm By Blood 2:45pm-4:45pm Lone’s Man Land 5:30pm-7:30pm Uncle John 8:15pm-10:15pm Mekko

10am-12pm Stella Artois Waffles and Beer Filmmaker Brunch (Filmmakers only)(OKCMOA) 10:30am-12pm Film Distribution Speed Dating (Filmmakers only)(OKCMOA) 8pm-10pm NOW PLAYING: Oklahoma Film + Music Filmmaker Reception (Filmmakers and Passholders)(IAO Gallery) 11pm-1am Slice Magazine’s Founder’s Frolic Passholder Lounge (Passholders)(IAO Gallery)

5pm-7pm Stella Artois Happy Hour at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop 11pm-1:30am Awards Night After Party (Myriad Botanical Gardens)

6:30pm-8:30pm Comedy Shorts 9:15pm-11:15pm Rated R (No, Seriously) Shorts






SUN 14

7:15pm-9:15pm Gloria



SAT 13 12:45pm-2:45pm Comedy Shorts 3:30pm-5:30pm Not So Short Shorts 6:15pm-8:15pm Rated R (No, Seriously) Shorts



Please note that the films screened at deadCENTER Film Festival are unrated. Any films shown after 6 p.m. might have mature themes and are not appropriate for those under the age of 18.

5pm-10pm Opening Night Party at OKCMOA Rooftop (Passholders only) 10:30pm-1:30pm Opening Night After Party at Fassler Hall