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We are fortunate in Oklahoma to see the amazing generosity of the agriculture community when they sprang into action this past spring to help our ranchers in Northwest Oklahoma during the wildfires. It’s our time to pay it forward.

– Heather Buckmaster, Oklahoma Beef Council executive director

On behalf of Oklahoma’s pork producers, we want the people of southeast Texas to know they are in our thoughts and prayers. Oklahoma’s agriculture organizations are taking this time of crisis to unify our efforts and help our neighbors to the south. We encourage all Oklahomans who want to help to consider giving to the Oklahoma Farming and Ranching Foundation. – Roy Lee Lindsey, Oklahoma Pork Council executive director



AFR has a long tradition of helping agriculture producers and rural residents survive life’s storms. An organization of farmers and ranchers, we understand the heartbreak when disaster strikes. We also understand the strong determination to put the pieces back together. We stand united with other Oklahoma agriculture groups in our desire to help Texas producers in any way possible.

– Terry Detrick, American Farmers & Ranchers president

The Oklahoma Wheat Commission and many other commodity groups and agricultural organizations in the state feel this is our time to serve by helping the hurricane victims. Time after time, we have seen support from our neighbors from all over the United States during tornado relief and wildfire disaster clean-up efforts. We are fully aware several farm families in southern Texas have had significant losses, and we feel this is our time to give back.

Mike Schulte, Oklahoma Wheat Commission executive director

On behalf of the Oklahoma wheat producers, we are pleased to be able to assist our neighbors to the south during their time of need and to participate in a unified effort on behalf of Oklahoma agriculture. We encourage all Oklahomans involved in agriculture to consider giving to this very worthwhile effort...the Oklahoma Farming and Ranching Foundation. Joe Neal Hampton, Oklahoma Wheat Growers Association

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