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Winter 2010


Volume 4, Number 2 Tulsa High School Students Bring the Judge to Their Classrooms Tulsa Central and Webster High Schools used Safari Live Video on Constitution Day to conference with Judge Linda Morrissey. They opened their conferences discussing the new law, taking effect November 1st , which will prohibit using cell phones for any purpose by new drivers in Oklahoma. Judge Morrissey was in her chambers dressed in her official robe and spoke on the history of the bill with students who had a rubric to follow along with the discussion, as well as prepare them to ask any questions they may have about the bill. Mr. Parker at Central High School prepared his students for the activity where their questions to the judge were poignant and sparked more discussion. The conversation became energized when Judge Morrissey asked if students believed they were being targeted by the law, and therefore was the law constitutional. The responses from students as a reflective conversation afterwards became focused upon how the Constitution works and what other laws affected them and other specific groups of people. Christen McDermott, Tulsa Social Studies Curriculum Specialist stated, “The amazing part of this activity is that students were able to digest the functionality of the Constitution on an enforcement, interpretation, and creation levels. They were excited and anticipating more constitutional dilemmas and had a sturdy framework to build upon from this one experience! It was a great opportunity and I look forward to continuing this project next year.” Judge Morrissey connected with Sand Springs High School students the following Monday. The idea for this activity came from OBA member April Merrill (then Law student at the University of Tulsa) when visiting with her mother, Lori Pettus, Counselor, at Patrick Henry Elementary School in Tulsa. While in Law School, April had volunteered to visit the 5th Grade Classrooms with local attorneys discussing the three branches of government. She was concerned that with our current economic conditions, schools could not take field trips. She asked her mother why we don’t bring the speakers to the students. That is when Lori called my office and now you know the rest of the story.

State Superintendent’s Social Studies and Fine Arts Conferece January 8, 2011 Southmoore High School, Moore, OK Law-related Education Presentations and Booth Foundations of Democracy—Jane McConnell Representative Democracy in America—Becky Walderbach Project Citizen—Janet Cook


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Making Connections…

Jane McConnell, OBA/LRE Coordinator In 2010 we learned that most annual education organization meetings and councils changed their meeting dates. Even this issue is being sent prior to the winter holidays for the first time. I feel this issue needed to be in your hands prior to the annual State Superintendent’s Social Studies and Fine Arts Conference scheduled the first back-to-school Saturday, January 8th. Now is the time to schedule your newly elected Senator and Representative for a classroom visit prior to their February Legislative session. We partner with the National Conference of State Legislatures to help educators connect with their newly elected officials. Our Oklahoma Legislators Back to School Program Coordinators are: Margaret Ford and Lori Oldham . More information and classroom resources can be viewed at: . Please contact our LRE Department if you would like us to provide a booth or professional development trainings for your district. Look for our Booth and LRE presentations at the 2011 State Superintendent’s Social Studies and Fine Arts Conference – Saturday, January 8th, 2011 – Southmoore High School, 2901 South Santa Fe, Moore, Oklahoma 73160.


October 7-12, Project Citizen District Coordinators attend national conference in San, Antonio Texas. Pictured: Ed Cannaday, Dist. 2; Janet Cook, Dist. 3; Charlie Bevers, Dist. 4; and Becky Walderbach, Dist. 5.


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Oklahoma Close Up 2011 The Oklahoma Close Up Program allows students to observe and interact with officials representing the three branches of Oklahoma Government. The 2011 Program begins Tuesday, February 15 and ends Friday, February 18. Paid enrollments received by December 20, 2010, with be discounted to $180 per student. The participant fee after that date will be $200 per student. The fee covers program materials, food, lodging, and transportation.

Application Deadline February 1, 2011

Oklahoma Mock Trial State Finals March 1, 2011 University of Oklahoma College of Law—Bell Courtroom ALL EXPENSE PAID * SUMMER INSTITUTES Priority Deadline: March 1, 2011 * Final Deadline: April 8, 2011

Oklahoma Supreme Court School and Teacher of the Year Nomination Deadline Approaching Each year the Oklahoma Supreme Court recognizes one school and one teacher for their outstanding contribution to civics education in the school. Honorees are presented with a trophy and $1000 during a special session of the Supreme Court. Educators are encouraged to nominate their school, a special teacher, or self for the award.

Nomination forms available at:

Submission Deadline: January 12, 2011


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Mock Trials Available for Check Out Mock Trials for elementary and secondary school students are now available through LRE Lending Resources. Elementary school students will enjoy scenarios such as Goldilocks being sued for bad manners and Cinderella suing her wicked step-mother for back wages.

K-6 Cinderella Claude v. The Beast Emperor v. Swin & Del State of Italia v. Geppetto State v. Jack Robinson The Big Bad Wolf v. The Three Little Pigs The Three Bears v. Goldilocks United States v. Bunyan Wicked Witch v. Snow White

On theWeb‌ The Harlan Institute

Drug-Free Action Alliance www.drugfreeaction

4-6 Humpty Dumpty v. Sherman King Rumpelstiltskin v. Queen Malory State v. Richard Fox Village of Sheepfold v. Joey Wolfcryer Secondary students can contemplate issues regarding employment discrimination, negligent homicide, educational malpractice, and domestic abuse. Andrews v. Springville School System Chris M. v. Dr. Terry Preece and the Metro City Unified School District Elyse Roberts v. The District of Columbia Hudson v. The Washington Post Karmia Kahn v. Keith Kahn Kyle Wilkins v. New Columbia County School District Murphy v. National Sheet Metal People v. Andrew Madison People v. Brunetti People V. Clevenger People v. Donovan People v. Kendall People v. Mitchell People v. Price People v. Rose People v. Stover People v. Tanner Ricki Jones v. Metro City Scott Walker v. Tanya Brewster Shawn Wright v. Play and Learn Childcare Center State of New Columbia v. Chris Archer United States v. Martha Monroe


Street Law

The Constitution 2020

Landmark Cases

OK Council for History Education


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Hatton W. Sumners Summer Institute LRE Basic 101: Foundations of Democracy

CALENDAR 2010/2011 December TBA Citizen and the Constitution District Competitions

January 12 Oklahoma Supreme Court School and Teacher of the Year Nominations Due

January 22 We the People: Citizen & the Constitution State Finals

January 26

Snow Date We the People: Citizen & the Constitution State Finals

February 15-18 Oklahoma Close Up

April/May 28-2 We the People: Citizen & the Constitution National Finals

May 4

Project Citizen State Showcase

The Hatton W. Sumners Institute will focus on the Foundations of Democracy Curriculum developed by the Center for Civic Education. This program addresses the four topics fundamental to understanding government and politics. The textbooks are available for levels PK-12. The curriculum addresses the following concepts:

Authority • • • • •

Distinguish between authority and power Examine different sources of authority Use reasonable criteria for selecting people for positions of authority and for evaluating rules Analyze benefits and cost of authority Evaluate, take, and defend positions on the proper scope and limits of authority

Privacy • • •

Understand the importance of privacy in a free society Analyze the benefits and cost of privacy

Evaluate, take, and defend positions on the proper scope and limits of privacy

Responsibility • • • •

Understand the importance of responsibility in a free society Analyze the benefits and costs of responsibility Evaluate, take, and defend positions on how conflicts among competing responsibilities should be resolved Evaluate, take, and defend positions on personal responsibility

Justice • • • • •

Understand and apply the basic principles of justice set forth in fundamental documents of our political and legal systems  Consider fair distribution of the benefits and burdens of society  Consider fair responses to remedy wrongs and injuries Consider fair practices for gathering information and making decisions  Evaluate, take, and defend positions on issues of justice

The Hatton W. Sumners institute provides educators with classroom application workshops and lectures to enhance instruction of the Foundations of Democracy program. Classroom sets of textbooks and instructional materials are available to institute participants FREE of charge. These materials are available for review on a four week basis for curriculum approval.

The fourth annual ALL EXPENSE PAID Hatton W. Sumners Institute will be held in Norman, June 13-17, 2011. On the final day educators learn about the Representative Democracy in America project. The project mission is “to reinvigorate and educate Americans on the critical relationship between government and the people it serves”. A wealth of supplemental resources for teaching civics education will be made available to teachers in attendance.

Applications are available online at:

Register NOW to reserve a seat!

LRE Law-related Education Programs Oklahoma Bar Association P.O. Box 53036 Oklahoma City, OK 73152

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