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A common trend towards environmental sustainability has patrons eating fresh and local, from farm to feast is the name of the game Area restaurants have worked in conjunction with local producers & growers to showcase the areas diverse food and wine. Accolades have been received from the food gurus and bloggers from around the world that have traveled to partake in the dining experience of the Okanagan-Shuswap. Diners have become more consciously aware of the source of their food, and lean towards establishments that take pride in their connection to local farmers and producers. This trend is continually growing with more and more recognition, thus prompting our local culinary masterminds to create some of the tastiest dishes seen yet.

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In the North Okanagan, there is a plethora of delightful restaurants in mixed locations. Perched on a hillside patio overlooking the lake, or sitting high up on the mountain top, great places to catch a bite to eat are often in the least expected places. Try a winery for food finds (they at least have foods best friend...) or the golf courses, many of which offer a ‘19th Hole’ to relax at. If you’re heading out for a hike, be sure to try some take out and make a picnic out of it. Restaurants are offering take out menus with some of their signature dishes ready for you to whisk away and enjoy at your special location. Whether you want to slip in for a tasty bite, or rush away to a secret location, the Okanagan-Shuswap can provide for all your culinary needs.

Sparkling Hill Resort

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