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Salmon Filet with Saffron Sauce Buerre Blanc

12 oz. fresh spring salmon 8 oz. white wine 4 oz. whipping cream ½ cup butter ½ tsp. saffron threads (rehydrate in warm water) ½ tsp. shallots ½ tsp. grated ginger ½ tsp. maple syrup

Note: Clarified butter is pure butterfat. It can be heated to a higher temperature than whole butter without burning or breaking down because the milk solids, which scorch easily, have been removed. Because it has some butter flavour, clarified butter is often used for sautéing, sometimes in combination with a vegetable oil to further raise the smoking point and also to make a roux. 1 # of whole butter yields approx 12 oz. of clarified butter.

• • • • •

Melt butter is a heavy saucepan over moderate heat. Remove pan from the heat Skim the surface foam Pour or ladle off the clear butterfat into another container, being careful to leave all of the liquid in the pan bottom. Discard the liquid.

Sauté shallots and ginger in clarified butter in pan. Add rest of ingredients (excluding salmon) and reduce to sauce

consistency. Add butter and maple syrup last. Season salmon and sauté in butter for 3 minutes per side.

White Chocolate Mousse Au Cognac

Escallops of Veal with Granny Smith Apples

You could use pork or chicken or pheasant (if available) 2 tbsp. vegetable oil ¼ tsp. shallots 10 oz. veal (sliced thin and lightly pounded) 2 oz. white wine 190 grams white chocolate 4 oz. concentrated apple juice 4 oz. whipping cream 1 apple (sliced thinly) ¾ cup heavy cream 1 ½ oz. calvados (or increase apple juice) 1 egg yolk salt & pepper 1 pinch sugar ½ tsp. gelatin 1 cup flour 2 tbsp. water 1 tbsp. cognac

Melt white chocolate over a bain marie. Whip cream and set aside. Soak gelatin in cold water Over bain marie whip egg yolk, water and cognac until light and fluffy. While still whisking add gelatin and allow to cool to room temperature over ice. Fold egg mixture into whipped cream and strain chocolate quickly through strainer into cream and egg mixture. Fold together and pour into shallow pan and refrigerate. Garnish with fresh raspberries, strawberries or kiwi. Frances of Osoyoos Home Hardware has a product called a “Simmer Mat” from New Zealand. It can be used to melt chocolate without a water bath or a microwave.


Pepper veal 1st (don’t salt). Dredge veal in flour and place in pan with hot oil. Cook 5 – 6 minutes. Remove and set aside. Add shallots to hot pan and sauté 2 minutes. Add calvados (watch – flames very high). Deglaze pan with apple juice and white wine. Add cream and reduce to proper consistency. Add apple slices to warm and arrange on plate. Salt to taste.

Sautéed Scallops on Salad Greens 8 scallops (cut in half widthwise – always remove muscle membrane from side of scallop or will toughen when hits the heat) 1 tbsp olive oil pinch of finely chopped shallots 2 oz. balsamic vinegar 2 tbsp. butter fresh ground pepper mesclan lettuce or kale Sauté scallops in olive oil (almost smoking – don’t overload pan) remove from pan. Add shallots to same pan and sauté for approx. 1 minute. Deglaze pan with the balsamic vinegar and allow to reduce. Mount with ice cold butter to keep from separating. Arrange salad greens and scallops of plate and pour dressing over. Note: You could place scallops in oven for a minute to keep warm .

Okanagan Sun - April 2012  

Okanagan Sun - April 2012

Okanagan Sun - April 2012  

Okanagan Sun - April 2012