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Esthetics & Nail Technology Certificate




WELCOME We know the pandemic has impacted students’ travel and career opportunities in many ways, and with that in mind, we are here to help. Your education doesn’t have to be put on hold. Okanagan College Continuing Studies will be offering most of its certificate programs online and via distance education this year. A small number of programs will be delivered face-toface where in-person, practical training is necessary. This brochure includes a comprehensive listing of our programs and courses, including how and when they will be delivered. We are committed to serving our surrounding communities by providing access to the same high-quality education and training we’ve delivered for nearly 60 years. Have a question? Need help getting started? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you. – Your Okanagan College Continuing Studies and Corporate Training team

WHAT WE OFFER AN EDUCATION THAT WORKS Prepare for a career, nurture a lifelong interest, explore a new passion. The best part? You can do it all in under a year and close to home within the Okanagan.

CAREER FOCUSED Knowledge and up-to-date skills most in demand in the workplace. Some programs include on-the-job training through extended practicums.

STUDENT CENTRED We take quality education and customer service excellence seriously. Program quality assurance measures and dedicated student services staff help our learners get the best educational experience possible.

QUALITY INSTRUCTION At Okanagan College, student success begins with committed and accomplished instructors who share their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm on a daily basis.

FLEXIBLE LEARNING OPTIONS Study full-time or part-time with online classes. okanagan.bc.ca/cscertificates

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: For complete information on admission requirements and other program details, visit okanagan.bc.ca/cscertificates


Call us at 1-888-638-0058

ONLINE LEARNING, HERE’S HOW IT WORKS Online learning is both student and instructor directed, with instructors usually providing instruction during the regularly scheduled class time (synchronous). Some online courses are offered without regularly scheduled class times (asynchronous) but the instructor is usually available and has online office hours. The more you engage, the greater the connections you will have with the learning, your classmates, and your instructor.

ONLINE SYNCHRONOUS: This training is like traditional on-campus classes where students must be in the class (virtually) at the same time. Synchronous courses are delivered and taken in real-time or “live” (virtually).

ONLINE ASYNCHRONOUS: This training doesn’t require students to log into the course and meet at specific times. Students can access course materials anytime. Work is more independent.

ONLINE HYBRID: A combination of online synchronous and asynchronous learning. BLENDED: A combination of face-to-face and any type of online delivery style. FACE-TO-FACE: When learning occurs in person at a physical location. Recognition of Prior Learning Have you already obtained knowledge, skills and competencies that match some of the learning outcomes in one of our certificate programs? You may be eligible to receive credit towards a certificate. Learn more about Recognition of Prior Learning in this video.

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Kelowna: cscentral@okanagan.bc.ca

Kelowna: 1-888-638-0058

Penticton: cssouth@okanagan.bc.ca

Penticton: 1-866-510-8899

Revelstoke: csrevelstoke@okanagan.bc.ca

Revelstoke: 1-250-837-4235

Salmon Arm: csshuswap@okanagan.bc.ca

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Vernon: csnorth@okanagan.bc.ca

Vernon: 1-800-289-8993



BUSINESS BASIC ACCOUNTING CERTIFICATE Gain expertise in basic business accounting in this hands-on program. Learn accounting concepts, generally accepted accounting principles and the rules of debit and credit. Understand the accounting cycle for a service business and how to manage a general ledger, prepare financial statements, periodic adjustments and year-end books. Learn customer and vendor-tracking for a merchandising business, as well as inventory concepts, sales taxes, internal cash controls and payroll preparation. Professional Development opportunities: You can obtain transfer credit into the Office Administration BUAD 111: Financial Accounting I course at Okanagan College, as well as credit for specific courses within the Canadian Payroll Association Certification. Employment opportunities: Entry-level positions in accounting, accounts payable/ receivable, payroll and billing. 66 hours Jan, Sept, Oct Part-time Online hybrid $624 okanagan.bc.ca/basicaccounting

BOOKKEEPING CERTIFICATE Delivered online, this program adds to your employable financial accounting knowledge with advanced computerized accounting software and payroll administration skills. Gain the in-depth understanding needed to manage the complete bookkeeping cycle, from how to set up a company through to the full year’s business cycle for computerized accounting systems. Students learn: Excel spreadsheet software, Sage 50 accounting software and payroll administration. Graduates enjoy careers in bookkeeping, accounts payable/receivable, billing and payroll. Call us to inquire about taking individual modules in this certificate. You can earn credits towards the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping (CIB) and obtain transfer credit into specific Office Administration courses (OADM 142 and OADM 152) at Okanagan College. Employment opportunities: Entry-level positions in accounting, accounts payable/ receivable, payroll, billing and finance. 123 hours Jan, Mar, May, Sept, Nov Part-time Online asynchronous and online hybrid options $1,465 okanagan.bc.ca/bookkeeping


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BUSINESS LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE CERTIFICATE This applied leadership certificate is designed to enhance the character and competencies of learners and future leaders in five critical areas: enhancing personal credibility and authenticity; building team commitment; becoming positive change agents; building a community of learners and aligning systems, values, processes and structure to deliver results consistently. Employment opportunities: This certificate is geared towards those planning and preparing to take on a more senior or advanced leadership role in their career. 144 hours Jan Part-time Online hybrid $3,960 okanagan.bc.ca/leadershipchange

PROJECT MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE Project management skills are in-demand regardless of your field – from government to construction, IT to health and education to non-profit. This intermediate-level program equips you with project management knowledge, strategies and tools that can be immediately applied in the workplace to improve project performance. Gain hands-on experience managing a project through the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and closing phases. The best part? You will enjoy a blend of interactive, online learning, as well as three weekends of valuable online instruction and networking/ teamwork time. Suitable for project managers at all levels. Employment opportunities: Project managers work in a variety of fields, including government, construction, health, education, information technology, oil and gas, the notfor-profit sector and business. 138 hours Apr, Oct Part-time Online hybrid $4,499 okanagan.bc.ca/pmc

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COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY ADVANCED GIS CERTIFICATE Learn the essentials of using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to create custom GIS solutions using the most advanced programming and web development tools. Students learn how to use GPS technologies to gather data, perform GIS analysis and cover advanced topics such as raster analysis, working with 3D data and network datasets. In addition to an in-depth study of relational databases and how these databases are used within GIS, you complete two major projects of your own design and a directed project of the type you will encounter in employment situations. Exciting employment opportunities in private industry, consulting, government and First Nations await those who have skills and knowledge to use GIS. Employment opportunities: A blend of theory and practical application ensures graduates are prepared to work in various employment opportunities in private industry, consulting, government, First Nations and mining sectors. NOTE: This program is eligible for student loans. Visit okanagan.bc.ca/financialaid for details.

500 hours Jan Full-time Online hybrid $7,955 okanagan.bc.ca/advancedgis

AUDIO ENGINEERING & MUSIC PRODUCTION CERTIFICATE Do you dream of a career in music? Get started in the exciting world of music production, audio engineering, studio recording and live sound mixing. Our graduates are employed across the Okanagan Valley, working for major AV event services companies, or launching their own music careers and recording studios. Use industry standard recording studio equipment to learn how to mix live concerts, produce digital recordings, and work on audio post production for film, video, computer animation and games. You will gain a solid hands-on foundation in the principles of sound, music, basic electronics, processing, signal flow, microphone techniques, mixing and mastering, and live sound engineering. Employment opportunities: Technical positions in audio engineering and music production for recording arts, music, theatre, concerts, broadcasting, Internet, gaming video and film. Graduates find jobs as sound effects editors, sound mixers, video and sound recorders and video recording technicians. 730 hours Sept Full-time Blended $9,391 okanagan.bc.ca/aemp


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COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY AUTOCAD SKILLS CERTIFICATE Get the skills you need to launch or expand your career as a drafting technologist or technician within all levels of government, or in an architecture, engineering or industrial design firm. You can also follow the career path of a consultant for a construction, utility, resource or manufacturing company. You will gain hands-on skills with industry-standard AutoCAD software in preparing technical drawings for a variety of manufacturers, including those in the machining, electronics and woodworking fields. You will also learn how to prepare working drawings for architecture, surveying, mapping and graphic arts. Employment opportunities: Drafting technologist or technician at architecture, engineering, industrial design firms and all levels of government, or in consulting for construction, utility, resource and manufacturing companies. 160 hours Sept Part-time Online hybrid $3,320 okanagan.bc.ca/autocad


Advanced GIS students apply their learning with hands-on practice time alongside their instructor.



EDUCATION AUTISM SPECTRUM CERTIFICATE Developed for individuals who work, interact and/or live with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), this program provides a thorough overview of ASD. You will learn through both theory and practical application how to cope with everyday issues, as well as major life transitions. Multiple strategies, concrete suggestions and in-depth resources are provided. Gain the knowledge you need to significantly enhance your quality of interactions with people with autism in home, school, daycare, social work or caregiver settings. Courses may be taken individually for personal interest. Employment opportunities: Education professionals including school personnel and support staff, those working in a variety of professions that work with children with developmental differences, as well as families of those affected by ASD. 81 hours

Sept Part-time Online hybrid $1,921 okanagan.bc.ca/autism

EDUCATION ASSISTANT CERTIFICATE Are you looking for a career that challenges and inspires you every day? Graduates work in elementary and secondary schools in B.C., helping children with diverse learning needs (cognitive abilities, physical challenges, health issues, behavioral challenges, autism and related disorders). Through a combination of theory and hands-on learning, you will gain the skills in preparing specialized teaching materials, understanding school curriculum and maintaining progress records. You will also develop strong observational skills. Employment opportunities: Work in elementary and secondary schools, daycares, early childhood education and with individual families, also with organizations as a special needs worker. NOTE: This program is eligible for student loans and part-time studies grant

447 hours Jan, Sept Full-time and part-time options Online hybrid, practicum face-to-face $4,172 okanagan.bc.ca/educationassistant


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Education Assistant Certificate



EMPLOYMENT ESTHETICS AND NAIL TECHNOLOGY CERTIFICATE Are you ready to pursue your career as an esthetician, nail artist or spa therapist? Do you want to run your own esthetics business? Train for a career with endless possibilities in a professional spa environment, with industry-experienced instructors. You will learn the latest techniques for a wide range of treatments including spa-level manicures and pedicures, artificial nail enhancements, skin care and facials, waxing essentials, aromatherapy, reflexology, relaxation and hot stone massage, body scrubs and wraps, eye lash and brow tinting and make-up foundations. A blend of theory and hands-on training prepares you for work in a professional spa environment. One hundred per cent of our recent graduates are employed in the industry. Employment opportunities: Graduates may obtain employment as an esthetician or nail technician in a spa, salon, cruise ship or destination resort. Alternatively, students can use the skills they have gained to launch their own esthetics business. NOTE: This program is eligible for student loans. Visit okanagan.bc.ca/financialaid for details.

1,100 hours Sept Full-time Blended $10,710 NOTE: Student kit approximately $2,000 okanagan.bc.ca/esthetics

LANDSCAPE HORTICULTURE CERTIFICATE Put your green thumb to work in a career doing what you love. Learn all about botany basics and soil science, including which ornamental plants are best for B.C.’s Interior. During the landscape construction component, dig deeper into plant selection, irrigation systems, installing turf grass, pest management, pruning and cultivating. This program will provide you with the training you need to work in the landscaping industry. Graduates are well prepared to take advanced studies in specialized horticulture disciplines, such as turf grass maintenance, landscape design and nursery propagation. Employment opportunities: Graduates find employment with lawn care and landscaping departments and companies, golf courses and cemeteries. 120 hours Jan, Sept Part-time Blended $1,284 okanagan.bc.ca/landscapehorticulture


Call us at 1-888-638-0058

EMPLOYMENT OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY CERTIFICATE Get competitive with online, industry-recognized safety training. This program provides students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enjoy a career as a health and safety professional in a variety of fields. Students will learn about effective health and safety systems, how to evaluate and continually improve health and safety systems, health and safety legislation, facilitation techniques, ability management, risk management, investigations and audits. Go beyond the development and management of a technically sound health and safety system to develop skills in facilitating a workplace that takes a team approach to health and safety and reduces the human factor in accidents. Employment opportunities: Graduates may find employment in a variety of fields including construction, forestry, mining, manufacturing, education, health care, government, agriculture. 272 hours Oct Part-time Online hybrid $6,362 okanagan.bc.ca/ohs


Occupational Health & Safety Certificate



HEALTH DENTAL OFFICE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT CERTIFICATE Are you interested in a rewarding career within a dental office? In this program you will learn about dentistry and routine dental procedures, as well as maintaining electronic patient records, dealing with insurance forms and making appointments. You will also develop effective verbal and written communication skills and professionalism in the dental office. Employment opportunities: Graduates are employed by medical and dental offices throughout the public and private sectors. 120 hours Sept Part-time Online hybrid $1,578 okanagan.bc.ca/daa

GASTROENTEROLOGY NURSING CERTIFICATE Are you a practicing RN or LPN looking to advance your nursing career? This online course is unique within Canada and equips you with the practical skills for entry into the growing field of endoscopic (GI) nursing. You will learn about anatomy and physiology, pre- and postnursing care for gastroenterology procedures performed in the ambulatory care setting, as well as the handling and care of scopes and accessories. 302 hours Sept Part-time Online hybrid, practicum face-to-face $6,342 okanagan.bc.ca/ginursing

MEDICAL DEVICE REPROCESSING TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE Are you interested in playing an integral part in disease prevention within a medical setting? This program will equip you with the skills to combat micro-organisms and create safe and hygienic environments for patients. You will gain in-depth knowledge of aseptic techniques, infection control, cleaning, sterilization, the handling and storage of sterile supplies and decontamination procedures. Professional opportunities: Graduates are eligible to write exams for the Certified Medical Device Reprocessing Technician, Personnel Certification through the Canadian Standards Association, as well as the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management. NOTE: This program is eligible for student loans. Visit okanagan.bc.ca/financialaid for details.

814 hours May, Sept Full-time Online hybrid, practicum face-to-face $5,056 okanagan.bc.ca/mdrt


Call us at 1-888-638-0058

HEALTH MEDICAL OFFICE ASSISTANT CERTIFICATE Are you ready for a rewarding career as a medical office assistant, medical office receptionist or hospital ward secretary? This program will equip you with effective verbal and written communication skills using medical terminology, as well as time management skills. You will gain in-depth knowledge of medical office procedures, including computerized medical billing, medical office guidelines, and medical and legal ethical standards. Employment opportunities: Hospitals, medical offices, care facilities, health authorities, health service agencies and complementary health offices (RMT, chiropractor, acupuncture, etc.). 336 hours Jan, Sept Part-time Online hybrid, practicum face-to-face $3,699 okanagan.bc.ca/moa

NURSING UNIT ASSISTANT CERTIFICATE Are you ready to be a key member of a hospital health care team? This program will equip you with the practical skills to assemble and maintain patient charts, and handle the admission, transfer and discharge of patients. You will also learn how to process doctors’ orders relating to medications, laboratory and diagnostic tests, as well as surgical or treatment plans. Employment opportunities: Hospitals, medical offices, care facilities, health authorities and health service agencies. 439 hours Sept Part-time Online hybrid, practicum face-to-face $5,504 okanagan.bc.ca/nua

PERIANESTHESIA NURSING CERTIFICATE Are you a practicing RN looking to advance your nursing career? This online program is unique within Canada and equips you with the practical skills for entry into the growing field of perianesthesia (PAR) nursing. This program includes theory, demonstrations and practical skills education in perianesthesia work areas. Topics include pre-operative, intraoperative and post-operative care considerations for all perianesthesia phases with a focus on Phase 1. 421 hours Sept Part-time Online hybrid, practicum face-to-face $7,500 okanagan.bc.ca/perianesthesia



VITICULTURE & WINE STUDIES VITICULTURE CERTIFICATE Gain the skills and knowledge essential to farm a vineyard. Through this program you will learn the scientific principles underlying grape growing for the purpose of wine production, the various influences on grape quality and industry terminology. In addition, you will learn vineyard management, vineyard equipment operation, maintenance and safety. Employment opportunities: Viticulture worker, vineyard owner and operator. NOTE: This program is eligible for student loans. Visit okanagan.bc.ca/financialaid for details.

304 hours Jan Full-time Blended $3,324 okanagan.bc.ca/viticulture

WINE SALES CERTIFICATE Are you dreaming of a job in wine marketing, wine touring or in a wine shop? Gain the knowledge and skills you need to work in the exciting sales side of the wine industry. Begin with the basics of grape growing and winemaking before moving onto legal regulations, industry standards, marketing and sales strategies, and knowledge of wine shop management and winery promotions. This program includes online learning options, so you can access this valuable wine sales training anywhere, anytime. Employment opportunities: Positions in wine marketing, wine tours and wine shops. 147 hours Sept Part-time Blended $1,738 okanagan.bc.ca/winesales

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VITICULTURE & WINE STUDIES WINERY ASSISTANT CERTIFICATE Gain the knowledge and skills needed to work alongside master winemakers. Similarities and differences between wine, cider, beer and spirits will be explored throughout the program with an emphasis on winemaking. The program includes a focus on scientific principles of production, the influences on product quality, industry terminology, equipment operation and maintenance, harvest and crush, sanitation and safety, sensory evaluation, and marketing and sales. Students will also gain real world experience through field trips and a practicum. Employment opportunities: Assistant winemaker, cellar hand and winery owner. 308 hours Jan Part-time Blended $4,237 okanagan.bc.ca/wineassistant

Viticulture Certificate


JENI ANN HALL , Graduate




• Apply online at okanagan.bc.ca/apply • Call 1-888-638-0058 APPLY EARLY Okanagan College Continuing Studies programs are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t wait to sign up. Courses that don’t meet the minimum number of participants may be cancelled. If a course is cancelled, we will make every effort to contact you prior to the start date. Fees for cancelled classes will be refunded or applied to another course. If you are having any issues logging into your online course, please contact one of our offices. A Continuing Studies employee will be happy to help.

SERVICES FOR STUDENTS As an Okanagan College student, you can access a variety of student and College services to help you succeed. Visit okanagan.bc.ca/studentservices to find out more. • Aboriginal Services • Accessibility Services • Counselling Services • Educational Advising • Learning/Student Success Centres • Okanagan College Libraries

FINANCIAL AID AND AWARDS You may qualify for a financial award to help with your tuition. Contact the Financial Aid and Awards office for information on available education funding options. Phone: 250-862-5419 or toll-free at 1-800-767-5492 Website: okanagan.bc.ca/financialaid

TUITION AND FEES Costs are estimates and subject to change. See okanagan.bc.ca/tuition for more details.

INFORMATION DISCREPANCIES All program information, including course/program content, length, prerequisites, start/ end dates, postponements and cancellations, are subject to change without notice. Okanagan College reserves the right to correct pricing or course details at time of registration. Note: Many programs are offered at more than one campus. However, not all programs are offered at all campuses.


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CERTIFICATE PROGRAM WITHDRAWAL A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to secure a seat in the program. Students must submit a completed CSCT Certificate Request to Withdraw. Please contact CS to request this form. For all certificate programs: to be eligible for a 100% refund of tuition paid (less the $200 non-refundable deposit) the Request to Withdraw must be received no later than 10 working days prior to start date of program. Refunds are not provided after above notification periods. Exceptions are made on compassionate grounds. In such cases a written request for refund, accompanied by appropriate documentation (i.e. medical), must be submitted prior to the end of the course or workshop. Under no circumstances will refunds be granted for requests received after the end of a certificate program, course or workshop.

CANADA TRAINING CREDIT The Canada Training Credit is a new refundable tax credit to help Canadians with the cost of training fees. Eligible workers—those who have at least $10,000 in earnings for work (including maternity or parental leave benefits) and income below about $150,000— between the ages of 25 and 64 would accumulate a credit balance at a rate of $250 per year, up to a lifetime training amount limit of $5,000. The credit could be used to claim a refundable tax credit for up to half of the eligible tuition and fees for taking a course or enrolling in a training program. An individual’s training amount limit would be included in the information the Canada Revenue Agency sends them each year. To find out more about this benefit, visit the Government of Canada website.



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