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The 5 Most Common Causes of Cellular Inflammation with Simple Solutions to Heal and Drop the Belly Fat by

Still struggling with belly fat that won’t go away? You must read this. In the last report, I outlined how inflammation is the key driver to unsightly belly fat. The problem is, if you don’t take the right steps to stop getting fatter, you create more inflammation leading to a disruption in your master hormone – Leptin. Fixing Leptin is a big deal. If it’s not working, then your efforts to lose belly fat won’t likely work either. The truth is, the reason why you’ve failed to drop the belly fat isn’t from lack of will power or bad genetics. It’s because of this underlying inflammation that’s driving high levels of leptin and its accompanying leptin resistance. So, to get lean, fit ‘n healthy, you need to take the steps to heal inflammation. In the end, you regain proper leptin signalling so dropping the belly fat to be easy. Here is a brief overview of the six main underlying causes of inflammation. 1) Environmental Toxins Environmental toxins have been shown to elevate inflammation, which in turn, elevates leptin. When leptin levels rise, a hormone called alpha MSH lowers. As Alpha-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone, or alpha MSH lowers, you gain weight. The longer this goes on, the more ‘weight loss resistant’ you become. Individuals also notice an increase in pain, sleep disorders, and low libido because alpha MSH helps produce melatonin and endorphins that help induce sleep and mitigate pain.

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All of these increase inflammation even more! This sets the stage for a vicious cycle that needs to be fixed in order for health to be obtained. Environmental toxins also put stress on your liver and intestines, which remove solid waste. As well as your kidney and urinary bladder, which eliminate liquid waste and lungs, which exhale gaseous waste. Your liver, kidneys, and lungs are your primary organs of elimination (primary emunctories). Sluggish, primary emunctories, means you are more likely to metabolize fat less effectively, again affecting your metabolism and weight. The biggest toxic offenders include those found in your home. From tap water, to toxic indoor air and moldy carpets. Consistent exposure to these cause havoc to your health Simple Solutions


Reducing Environmental Toxins

Start with drinking clean, filtered water and only place on your skin what you would eat. For water, best sources include reverse osmosis (RO) or spring water. For your face, think of argan oil as a natural moisturizer and minimize makeup. Body care can be as simple as coconut oil or cocoa butter (or a mixture of the two). Two great websites to check how ‘safe’ your current body care products are: and For those interested in a complete list of ways to minimize toxicity, download my free report on Leptin Resistance and How to Fix it found here: Living ‘clean’ is essential for anyone who wants to be fit ‘n healthy. (continued on Page 16) Summer 2017 l


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Okanagan Child - adventures in parenting  

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