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Summer 2012

60+ Fun Summer Things to Do

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Travel Sleep Tips 4 Ways to Help Your Picky Eater

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Summer 2012


Why Only Certain Children Learn From Their Mistakes Spine-Friendly Tips for New Moms The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things 60+ Summer Fun Things to Do 4 Ways to Help Your Picky Eater World’s Best Playdough Recipe


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Volume 4, issue 2

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60+ Fun Summer Things to Do Travel Sleep Tips cover photo:

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Summer 2012

4 Ways to Help Your Picky Eater

At Kumon, we do more than help your child gain a mastery of reading and math; we create a lifelong love of learning. Our specialized learning program is the catalyst for growth marked by self-confidence, motivation and an insatiable passion for learning.

2 locations in the Okanagan to serve you Franchise available in Penticton

Academic Enrichment Pre-K — 12th Grade 800.ABC.MATH |

cover photo: Adrian Kids Photography E. P. 250.863.0176

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ummer is inching closer, the end of school is near... if you’re looking for creative ideas to fill the days, make sure you don’t miss our 60+ list of fun Summer things to do on pages 14 and 15. It’s a great time of the year for building memories and enjoying your time together as a family. Enjoy this issue and best wishes for a warm and happy Summer!

Summer 2012 l 4

Why Only Certain Children Learn From Their Mistakes by Natacha V. Beim


n excited three-year-old grabs a bottle of milk from the table and joyfully shakes it until its contents spill all over the kitchen floor. The child’s mother rushes towards the pool of white liquid spreading across the tiles, looks up at her child and grins. “What happens now?” she asks enthusiastically. They explore the consequences together. No scolding or words of disapproval are muttered. Sound unlikely? In most North American households this scenario would play out very differently. That’s because too often parents are quick to scorn their children for making mistakes. In reality, however, there are great advantages to teaching your children to learn from their mistakes. A new study from Michigan State University, shows people who think they can learn from their mistakes have a different brain reaction to errors than those who don’t. The study demonstrates that people who think they can learn from their mistakes bounce back faster after making one. Furthermore, their brains are more alert to the fact they’ve made a mistake, and subsequently are quicker to correct it. This way of thinking is a pattern that can be developed in childhood. Children who expect to make mistakes are much more willing to try new things and take on difficult tasks. As a result they’re open to learning more both at school and in other environments. Parents who feel aversion to making mistakes themselves often pass this burden on to their children. However, once aware, there is a great opportunity to break the cycle. Parents can assure their children mistakes are normal, in fact even grown-ups make them. What matters is what we do to correct them.

rience, and how he thinks he can improve the next time around. Reiterate as often as you can that making mistakes means learning something new. Consistency is key. When you are the one making a mistake, make sure you react the same way. For example, if you break a glass you can say, “I made the mistake of leaving it too close to the edge of the table. Next time, I’ll be careful to leave it in the center instead so it won’t fall when I move my arms.” If your it is your child who breaks a glass, respond calmly. Telling your child something along the lines of “I told you so” does not help. Instead, ask questions like, “how did your glass fall?” or “what can you do next time so you don’t make that same mistake?” This allows your child to determine where she went wrong and think of a solution for next time. The second step is to instill the habit of taking responsibility for one’s mistakes. Many parents rush to fix their children’s mistakes. In doing so they rob their children of the opportunity to shoulder responsibility. Going back to the broken glass scenario. Once your child has determined why the glass broke and how he can prevent it from falling next time, ask how he plans to fix the problem, and let him clean the mess without assistance. Figuring out how to solve the problem provides an opportunity for your child to learn responsibility and gain confidence in knowing mistakes can be made right, or at least better. Children can gain much pride from knowing they can be trusted to find an adequate solution to a problem they themselves create.

How to turn mistakes into learning opportunities:

When children learn from their mistakes and are encouraged to find creative solutions, they develop problem-solving skills that last long into the future.

The first step is to acknowledge when your child has made a mistake and explore the outcome. Ask what he learned from the expe-

Natacha V. Beim is a writer, speaker, teacher, and the founder or Core Education & Fine Arts Junior Kindergarten schools ( You can reach her at

Summer 2012 l


Spine-Friendly Tips for New Moms by Dr. Wayne Terai


otherhood is a joy, but it’s also hard work. Between diapers and 3:00am feedings, it’s easy for new moms to neglect their own well-being. However, in order to give her best to baby, mom must be at her best. This includes maintaining a healthy spine! Physiological changes caused by pregnancy combined with the physical demands of childcare leave 16 percent of postpartum women with persistent lower back pain (Spine 2008;20:E386-93).

Pregnancy’s Toll on the Spine Back pain is a common complaint during pregnancy. The growing baby and uterus change the mother’s center of gravity, taxing the spine and pelvis (Obstet Gynecol Surv 2008;63:103-11). Abdominal “core” muscles stretch and lose tone, so they are less able to help the spine maintain a neutral posture (Medsc Wom Health 1997;2:2).

A pregnant woman’s body releases ten times the normal amount of the hormone relaxin during the first trimester. Relaxin loosens joints and ligaments in the pelvis to make room for the growing uterus, and to allow for delivery. Relaxin also loosens ligaments in the spine. The extra weight of the baby stretches these relaxed ligaments. Some researchers believe that these ligaments stay loose and prone to overstretching for up to eight months following delivery (J Women’s Health 2009;18:663-5). This over-stretching can be the beginning of a long future with low back pain.

Bounce Back Postpartum With Chiropractic Care Aches and pains – especially in the low back – can accompany post-partum changes and may be compounded in the case of a difficult labour. Why not turn to pain medications to alleviate post-partum back pain? Studies find that they are minimally effective and cause a variety of side effects (Expert Opin Pharmacother 2004;5:2091-8). They may also be unsafe for use by breastfeeding mothers, because the drugs may contaminate breast milk. Alternately, chiropractic care is a safe and proven form of therapy for back pain and other musculoskeletal complaints both during and after pregnancy (J Chiropr Med 2007;6:70-4; J Midwifery Women’s Health 2006;51:e7-10). If you received chiropractic care during pregnancy, continue to do so for your best spinal health as your body recovers from childbirth.

Lifting Baby Safely An average newborn weighs 7.5 pounds (3.4 kilograms) and gets picked up about 50 times each day. In the first year, it is common for babies to double their weight. Summer 2012 l 6

‘Lift with your knees, not with your back”. Bending at the waist with straight knees (without lifting anything) puts 150 percent of your body weight on the lower back – straining the muscles or spraining the ligaments. To lift your child safely, keep your back in the neutral position (slightly arched) and squat or kneel on one knee. Tighten your core by clearing your throat (“ahem”) just before you lift. Grasp baby under the armpits, using your fingers to cradle baby’s head. (note: Do not pick up your infant and let his/her head extend/flop backward. This can cause all sorts of damage to the developing bones, muscles and ligaments. Use your leg muscles to complete the lift.

Choose an Ergonomic Baby Carrier “Babywearing” has a range of proven benefits on infant well-being and development, as well as maternal response and secure attachment. Which is better, a sling or a backpack? Some research shows that carrying the baby in the front maintains better posture (Ergonomics 2006;49:885-94). Either way, carriers should have wide straps to distribute the child’s weight evenly and comfortably across the wearer’s shoulders and waist. I don’t recommend side carriers because of the uneven forces it places on the spine.

Watch Your Breastfeeding Position Sit up with the spine in neutral position, using cushions as needed to support your back. Place your feet flat on a stool or foot rest – alternate with each foot or both feet. Be sure to bring the baby to your breast rather than leaning over the baby – this rounds and strains the spine. Use pillows in your lap to support your arms and baby -- specialty pillows are available specifically for this purpose. You may also find it comfortable to nurse lying on your side, using pillows to support the back and knees. Being a mom doesn’t have to lead to spine-related health problems. With regular care and following some simple guidelines to minimize the chance of injury, you can keep your spine in tip-top shape! This information is provided by Dr. Wayne Terai, B.Sc., D.C., a family practice chiropractor, Advanced Proficiency Rated in Activator Methods. He has practiced in Kelowna for 15 years, and has practice includes the new Kelowna Laser Therapy Clinic, implementing the BioFlex Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT). LILT is used to effectively treat injuries and chronic and inflammatory conditions.

Summer 2012 l 7

photo credit: Adrian Kids Photography

Heidi Hyland - loving family life. A bit about myself...

I am 35 years old, live an active lifestyle, am a fulltime Mom of a 16 month old daughter named Summer, baby on the way (currently 6 mos pregnant), and step-mom half the time to 2 teenage daughters 13 (Lauren) & 15 (Taylor)=busy!! I would love to tell my story of a blended family and the greatness and the challenges that I face every day, if I could help one other Mom in my situation to feel normal then my story has done it’s job! It has also been a very difficult journey for me in that I lost my best friend, my Mom suddenly to a massive stroke one week after I found out I was pregnant with our 1st, she was so excited and was hoping the baby would be due on her birthday, I laughed and said “Mom, you’re so cute!!”. That was the last thing I ever said to her, 2 weeks later I found out my baby’s due date was on my Mom’s birthday, it was meant to be… There were many times during my pregnancy I wanted to pick up the phone and ask her if she went through the same things and compare notes, or I would dream of her being at the hospital first in line to hold her new grandbaby like she was when my older sisters had their babies. Being pregnant was my savior through that very difficult time. I’m fortunate to have 2 sisters that I am close to in town. They both enjoy babysitting their new little niece. We often get the families together for group dinners, it’s great for cousins to grow up together.

it was one of those fairy tale ‘we just knew’ stories and got married as fast as time would permit, only giving friends and family 3 months notice to meet us in Mexico! My stepdaughters made lovely additions as my Jr bride’s maid and flower girl. This all happened really fast and well, even though the girls welcomed me and I welcomed them there were many adjustments ahead. My husband and I started trying right away to have our own children to complete our family and well, it wasn’t happening as fast as we thought, every month I wasn’t pregnant my heart would break a little more. During this time, I enjoyed taking the girls places or teaching them a lot of their firsts, for eg. making mushroom soup, painting ceramics to showcase in their room, how to wash dishes etc. After dealing with teenage girls, by the time my little ones reach that age, teenagehood will be easy peasy. After our daughter was born, the girls’ rivalry between themselves went away, there was no need to be jealous anymore of each other, they could put their energy and love into their new baby sister. She really has been a god send for this family and for me having just lost my Mom. Enough can’t be said to my one true love though- my husband, he has been my rock, my unwavering support, my best friend, my soulmate…and I wouldn’t have all this life and love around me without him, a big thank you to my man and for making it all happen for us!

My journey to becoming a parent

On parenting tots and teenagers...

I wanted children ever since I can remember but did not want to settle and have children with just anyone. When I met my husband, Summer 2012 l 8

Parenting tots, that’s the easy part, lots of patience as they are flexible little beings and are like sponges to the family values and

tions we teach them. Summer hears “no no no” with a finger wiggle, and she gives me the finger wiggle back and smiles… she knows. It’s super cute and hard to keep ‘angry face’ on. With our teen girls, I have no problem keeping ‘angry face’ on. Joking aside, my husband and I have very similar values, we always keep a unified front which is very Key on raising teenagers. We are big on communication and family dinners and fully support the girls in experiencing life, to the best of our abilities. If they become ‘unreasonable’ we have no problem helping them become ‘reasonable’ again. Luckily for us, they are both very cool kids and very different from each other, one likes baseball and the other is into theatre, so life is always interesting.

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Step-Parenting in a blended family…

As a stepmom it was very difficult to take on children that were not raised how I would raise my own, so you become their friend to help with the transition of acceptance and trust but eventually you have to become their parent 1st and foremost. This was not easy and still is not easy, it has been one of the greatest challenges in my life actually, this is no job for the weak J In our case my stepdaughters have 3 parents and having a 3rd opinion pop up from time to time in my household can be hard to adjust to because it’s an outside influence that you cannot do anything about. Many times this puts me in a tough place because you have to somehow let the kids know that you don’t agree with that style of parenting or opinion without hurting their feelings and do so without putting them in the middle. I find a blended family runs smoothest when every party is communicating well, but sometimes it’s hard to find the energy. There is no handbook for normalcy in step-parenting, and sometimes I feel like the bad person, have hurt feelings, and feel like I don’t quite fit in. However, it’s really awesome that we can be friends that laugh and share life with and I’m lucky in that they are girls, because they really look up to me and we connect and understand in that way. The girls will agree I’m strict and old fashioned at times, but without the stability our household contains, between 2 homes, those girls would not feel secure. I have a good feeling that those 2 girls are going to be just fine!!

The best parenting advice I have to offer

From my own experiences, I would probably tell other parents to be the parent 1st, and friend 2nd – friendship comes later in life. Chil-

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dren have too many choices these days and many friends in their life, I feel today some parents aren’t ‘parenting’ but letting the children ‘parent’. Children need a go-to person that truly loves them for answers, structure, guidelines and rules. How could anyone expect a small child to make big adult decisions with no life experience?? I feel sadness for these children, it must be a big scary place for a little one to not know that they are safe within rules or guidelines. Of course children will defy rules, that’s normal, they are pushing to find out if we care or not, so be tough out there Moms and Dads and show them that you do!! I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘tough love’ ! Definitely make time for sit-down dinners with your family no matter what is going on in your life!! My girls often comment that this is one of their favorite things because I believe they feel heard at dinner time. It’s not rushed, in-passing chat like normal. We all sit down together and talk about our day or about what hap-

photo credit: Adrian Kids Photography

Featured Parent Cont’d on Page 20... Summer 2012 l


Ask the Expert


Have Questions? We Have Answers.

I can’t keep up with my family’s summer activities. Help!

Summertime is definitely a peak season of activity and our ability to participate in and enjoy them can depend how well we are. In Chinese Medicine fire is a metaphor for summer’s energy and the physiological equivalent in our bodies thrive on this. This fire in us can be burning lower than ideal. When this happens fatigue, cold, and numbness overwhelms. This fire can also burn too strongly, igniting symptoms such as headaches and insomnia. Summer fun becomes a struggle. Our inner fire goes beyond physical symptoms. Relationships, with ourselves and with others, are highlights of this inner fire. And in line with the many barbeques, gatherings, and festivals summertime offers, our challenge is to find experiences that allow us to be who we need to, whether it be quietly glowing embers or center-ofattention bonfires. Acupuncture can be a catalyst for moderating our internal fire and self-care is another key piece. When your summer calendar starts filling up, choose quality over quantity, participate fully, and don’t forget to have fun. Katrina Ao, Registered Acupuncturist


I have been reading about how some sunscreens can actually cause Cancer. If so, which are the safe ones to use?

You have every reason to be weary of certain suncreens. Many natural health experts believe that sunscreen actually can increase your risk of skin cancer due to the toxic chemical ingredients. Environmental investigators report that of the 177 sunscreen/tanning oils tested, 46% may pose cancer risks. To check if your sunscreen is safe or to find one that is, go to

Summer 2012 l 10

To avoid the harmful effects of the sun and reap the health benefits, try exposing your skin in the sun gradually (about 10 minutes to start). Progressively increase your exposure time until you have built up your natural resistance to the sun. When out in the sun for longer periods of time, use your clothes as protection and apply safe sunscreens when needed. Additionally, consuming a diet rich in healthy fats and colourful vegetables can increase our antioxidant levels which can provide natural protection against the sun and prevent unnecessary burning. Michale Hartte BASc (Nutr), NNCP Clinical Nutritionist |


We would like to do some travelling with our young family but are scared that they won’t sleep while away! Do you have any tips?

Absolutely! Children are actually more flexible with their sleep compared to adults provided you honor their routines and stay as close as possible to their schedule. Children with strong sleep skills will “sleep anywhere and for anybody.” A strange room and a new bed does not cause anxiety like it can for adults. Here is a comprehensive list of tips so that you can enjoy your vacation as a happy and well rested family. AIRPLANES 1. Book airplane travel for early morning flights when children are their freshest and the happiest. Do not expect them to nap on the plane, but bring their favourite stuffy, blanket and book and let them sleep in your arms if they can. 2. Depending on your chosen destination, you might want to break up your flights. If your children are not disturbed by take offs and landings, then breaking up the trip can make it more enjoyable for you and your family even if it takes longer. This way, your children can stretch their legs as many airports have play areas for young children. 3. Make your destination time be by 6:00 pm ideally so that you can get them to bed early if necessary. HOTELS 1. Try to have a separate sleeping area for your child/ren by

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Children’s Wall Decorations grading to a suite if possible. 2. Ask the Hotel to set up the playpen or crib before you arrive. Take an extra playpen as a back up. 3. Try to get an early check in at your Hotel so you can have an afternoon nap once you arrive. If this is not possible, count on an early bedtime at 6pm the first night. Do not stress if they do not nap at all on the day you travel to your destination – it is just one day. 4. If you cannot get an early check in for a nap in the Hotel, enjoy a stroller or a car ride nap. Still do your nap routine before you put them down for their nap. Keep driving or walking for at least an hour while they sleep – enjoy the views of your new destination. 5. If you have a suite – set up the playpen/crib in the master room where you are going to be sleeping later that night. Do your loving bedtime bath just like you are at home. Bring along some of their favourite bath toys, bath towel and books. Put them to bed at their regular bedtime or as early as 6pm if they have not slept well during the day in the crib in your room. 6. Go into the living area and order room service and enjoy your evening watching a movie. Some hotels can also get baby sitters for you if you want to go out for dinner. 7. When you want to go to bed, gently wake your child up and move the crib/playpen into the living room/suite area rather than sleeping on the pull out. Sing them a quick song and put them back to bed quickly. 8. If you need to share a room with your little one, put up a sheet or a curtain (a visual barrier) between you and their playpen or their bed. ROAD TRIPS 1. If you prefer “non stop” travel, consider driving at night! Have the car all packed and ready to go by 6:30pm. Do your bath and get them all dressed for bed. (For infants and toddlers, there are travel friendly sleep sacks). Complete the rest of your routine either in your home or once they are buckled into their car seats. Tuck them in with their favourite blankets and loveys. During the summer months, it may take them longer to fall asleep than normal . 2. When you arrive at your destination – 2 hours, 4 hours,6 or 8 hours later, wake them up. While one of you gets their playpen or bed ready, take them for a quick tour of the house. Once the beds are ready, put them back down awake with their loveys with some kisses and hugs. You do not need to do your full bedtime routine all over again. 3. For daytime travel, try to either arrive in time for a nap in a

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crib or playpen at your destination. Or, start driving when it is nap time and do their nap routine in their car seat. For 18 to 3 year olds, it is usually better to break up the daytime travel trip and plan for a picnic and play at a park even though your overall travel time may be longer. STAYING at FRIENDS and FAMILY 1. Request a separate sleeping area for your child and their playpen. 2. Honor their naptime(s) and bedtime 3. Stick to your routines 4. Friends and Family can do the routines for you – Your child will be happy as long as the routine is the same as it is with you 5. You can start his bedtime at one house and finish it at another – even with a car ride in between! This is much better than having your child get overtired and trying to stretch him to 9 or 10 pm at night. It will also be more relaxing for you. ADDING SOME FLEXIBILITY For naps, it is OK if it is in a stroller or a car ride every few days while you are on vacation but I wouldn’t recommend it for every single nap. Honor their sleep like you do at home and you will all end up having a much more enjoyable vacation. You and your spouse can also nap in the afternoon while they are sleepin. You can try one day without a nap at all if you have a very special event. Your child may be OK. My kids aren’t and we all end up very cranky, so we rarely ever missed a nap unless we were on a plane. TIME CHANGES Simply JUMP in to the new zone both where you are going and when you are coming back. Those babies and children who are well rested actually adjust much better than adults. The reason? They are not carrying sleep debt and we are! Most adults do not honor own sleep needs and that’s why we suffer from jet lag. Pam Nease, Licensed Sleep Consultant Sleep Sense | Summer 2012 l 11

The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things by Sara Dimmerman


f “The best things in life aren’t things” as the plaque (ironically, another “thing”) on my desk reminds me, then why do I have so many things? Why do my children have so many things and why do I continue to buy things? I’m sure I’m not alone in asking these questions. Especially at this time of year when we are more inclined to buy “things”. I must admit to feeling somewhat conflicted when trying to discourage myself, and others, from buying things. I know that buying

and selling is what makes the world turn. If things weren’t bought, then lots of people would suffer, least of all the receiver. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea from time to time to take stock of what we have and what we really need. I often hear parents talk about how unappreciative they feel their children are and how little time they spend with an item before tossing it aside and looking for something new and exciting to keep their attention. Often it’s the latest technological gadget. Sometimes it’s the most up to date piece in the fashion world. Sorry parents, but I think we have ourselves to blame for that. Our children don’t come into this world wanting for anything other than our love and attention. It’s up to us to put the brakes on some times, to live with the consequences of saying no. It’s up to us to help our children learn the value of what they have by modelling this ourselves. How about: 1. Re evaluate the wish list idea. Wish lists should be just that. Wishes. Some wishes come true and others don’t. If you don’t want to discard it completely, maybe pick one item from it and let your children know this in advance. If your children are used to getting every one of their wishes met, then there is bound to be disappointment if and when they don’t. So, be careful about setting a precedent. 2. Take everything out of drawers and cupboards at least once a year. This need not all take place over one weekend but can be divided up throughout the year. Ask yourselves whether you’ve actually used each item or piece of clothing over the past six months. If not, consider donating it to a friend or charity. This can also be somewhat of a treasure hunt. Most of us have so much that we find items we don’t even remember owning. 3. Keep your home organized. This reduces the chance of replicating items. For example, if you have all your erasers and pencils in one drawer of the house, you’ll know when you’ve

Summer 2012 | 12

The Summer Reading Club is a fun and inspiring way to keep your school-aged kids reading through the summer, with contests, prizes and special events at all ORL branches!


Contact your local ORL Branch for club details run out and when its time to buy more. If they’re scattered throughout the house, you may be tempted to buy another pack of pencils rather than scour the house for stray items. 4. Model delaying gratification. If your children see you buying on impulse, then they will be more inclined to do the same. This is not to say that you should never buy something you hadn’t planned on, but this should be more the exception than the rule. If an item can wait, then model saving for it or waiting a period of time before re visiting whether you really want, or need, it. 5. Rather than buying “things” for one another’s birthdays, holidays or special occasions, think of something creative that will enrich that persons life with a special memory or experience rather. You may decide as a family that instead of spending money on expensive items that no one really needs, that you’d rather invest that money in a family vacation where you can take lots of pictures that will last you a lifetime. Instead of buying another mug, box of chocolates or scarf for your child’ teacher or relative, consider making a donation to a charity in his or her name. Or if you’d prefer, purchase a gift certificate towards an experience – dinner and a movie, for example. I guess it’s time for me to take my own good advice! Sara Dimerman is registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario and provides counselling to individuals, couples and families. She is the author of two parenting books, ‘Am I A Normal Parent?’ and ‘Character Is the Key’ and is one of North America’s leading parenting experts. Listen to advice from Sara and her colleagues by searching “helpmesara” on iTunes. Find out more at




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Summer 2012 l


60+ Summer Fun Things to Do

Fly a kite.

Play croquet on the lawn. Or try bocci too!

Play charades.

Break out the family movies and pop some popcorn too!


Go geocaching in search of treasures!

Go Park Hopping – choose a new park each week (or more).

Go on a sensory walk: walk around the neighborhood looking for sights/sounds/textures. Don’t forget to bring along a basket to pick up nature bits.

• •

Teach your childhood to scrapbook.

Play hopscotch.

Camp out in your backyard.

Have a tea party.

Take a Heads or Tails road trip. Every time you get to an intersection, flip a coin to see if you’re going right (heads) or left (tails).

ummer is here and if you’re looking for some fun creative ideas on how to pass the time with your kids, check out the ideas below!

Pick your own….whatever. Find blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, flowers, etc., and get picking. Take family naps, everyone loves a nap!

Make ‘smores. Chocolate + marshmallow + graham cracker = loads of summer fun!

Invite others over for a game night. Have a kids’ games table and an adult one too.

Pack a picnic and head anywhere from your backyard, to a park, to a far-off place!

Grow vegetables. And then eat them.

• •

Host a kids’ sleepover. And then maybe your kids will be invited next…giving you a free evening.

Blow bubbles. Everyone loves bubbles! Make your own solution with 1/2 cup dish soap, 1 1/2 cups water and 2 teaspoons sugar. Combine and store in a sealed container.

Make or buy a flower press and let the kids weed the garden for you.

Create a treasure hunt for them (leaving clues around the house or yard).

Make fresh lemonade. Maybe even sell it at a lemonade stand!

Do a blind taste test - blindfold each child in turn and provide

• •

Summer 2012 l 14

Create an activity ‘station’ where the kids can go to make a mess whenever they want

a few different foodstuffs, mark down which ones they get right. Provide a small prize for the winner. •

Do Egg and Spoon Races - use the plastic eggs from a toy kitchen, if you have one.

Stare at clouds. Make up stories about what you see.

Take photos posing at local landmarks or just places you like.

Build an Obstacle Course - build an obstacle course in the back garden and time each other. Use and play equipment you have, ie tubes, climbing frame, bikes, hula hoops, skipping ropes with household items like sheets as scramble nets.

• •

Get Paid to Par-Tea!

See who can hula hoop the longest.

Make frozen peanut butter balls.

Take turns saying tongue twisters.

Bake a cake and decorate it.

Thumb-wrestle, play mercy, or have a tickle fight.

Make a pitcher of iced tea. Sit under a shady tree, and talk. And listen.

Play dress up.

Make cookies.

• •

Make potato stamps and then create artwork with them! Learn to juggle.

Build paper airplanes and have a flying contest.

Make homemade play dough.

Find bugs.

Skim pebbles, or really perfect flat rocks, across a pond or lake.

Browse a garage sale.

Writing your ABC’s with licorice strings.

Do sponge painting. Cut and soak up ANY sponge.

Pick ANY animal and teach your kids everything you can find about it.

Send a letter to someone special.

Paint with glue and shaving cream.

Ever wonder what it’s like to work for yourself, set your own hours, or have a hobby make you money? We have all the tools you need to succeed: newsletter, website, online shopping, & an array of teas and accessories. Tea consumption in Canada is expected to jump 40% by 2020. Become a Tea Party Consultant Today! Contact me to learn more... Laura Zacharuk E. P. 780.984.8986

Make newspaper hats/boats.

Attend an outdoor concert or movie.

Write stories together.

Make homemade mini pizzas.

Go to the library.

Make up a story, taking turns one sentence at a time. You start the story, then your child continues it, you take over again, back and forth, until you have an ending.

Teach and learn smallest to biggest. Have kids organize objects like toys, blocks and talk about sizes.

Make arts and crafts projects with Popsicle sticks.

Start a collection—shells, trading cards, rocks, postcards.

Build a tree house or fort.

Do Chalk Drawing. Summer 2012 l


4 Ways to Help Your Picky Eater! by Kia Robertson


eeding toddlers and setting them up with healthy eating habits can be quite the adventure! Some parents find that their little ones who used to eat anything and everything turn into picky eaters! I have been picky since I can mom says I used to pick the carrots out of carrot cake! Keep in mind that I’m not a medical expert I’m just a “recovering” picky eater who likes to share with parents what it’s like to be a picky eater and what has helped me! I find that a lot of parents are great eaters and really can’t understand why their child is so picky!!!

3. Serve Small Portions: Trying new food can be far less intim-

Here are some possible explanations and suggestions:

4. Make it fun: Kids want to have fun...that’s part of what makes

idating when it’s just a small bite or two. If you heap a large portion on the plate it can be as daunting to a picky eater as climbing Mount Everest! The goal is to create successes for your picky eater. Getting them to try one small bite is worth celebrating!! One bite at a time is the way to work with picky eaters! It took me two years to learn to enjoy red peppers...I started with a bite that was about the size of a pencil eraser! Consider it taste bud training where every little bite makes a difference and overtime adds up! them such great people to be around! So when you want to get your

1. Stay Calm: Adding anger, stress and pressure to a picky eater kids on board for something, try making a game out of it! Look at really doesn’t help the situation. You might force them to choke down their peas but that won’t helpful in your long term goal of raising a healthy eater. Creating negative associations with food can last a long time and you don’t want to do that! My parents once forced me to eat cooked asparagus (I promptly threw up all over the kitchen table) and to this day cooked asparagus is a tough one for me because it always makes me think of that unpleasant event! I understand it can be really frustrating dealing with a picky eater but believe me when I say that if you get upset it will only make the situation worse.

2. Texture Texture Texture: Did I mention texture?! This is a big one...please try serving your picky eater fruits and veggies in different forms and textures. For example I can’t stand cooked peas...but I love them raw! Texture can be one of the biggest hold ups for a picky eater, finding out what textures they like will be very useful information for you! Maybe they like crunchy, or perhaps smooth, some may prefer bumpy (like broccoli)...every picky eater is different! So if your picky eater turns their nose up at steamed carrots...try raw slices instead or maybe even grated carrots! Summer 2012 l 16

your kitchen through the eyes of your little one and suddenly the salad spinner becomes a merry-go-round for lettuce and the sink turns into a carwash for vegetable shaped vehicles! Use mini cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes in fruits and vegetables. Get them involved!! Keeping things light and fun will help your picky eater be more open to trying new things! Kia Robertson is a mom and the creator of the Today I Ate A Rainbow kit; a tool that helps parents establish healthy habits by setting the goal of eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day. Kia is passionate about creating tools that help parents raise healthy kids!

Visit us online at

Recipes You’ll


‘I Can’t Believe these are Healthy’ Chewy Chocolate Cookies! Yield: 15 cookies


• ½ cup sweet potato, yams or winter squash (previously baked with skins removed) • ¼ cup butter, soft • ½ cup apple or pear, sliced • 1 large egg • 1 Tbsp filtered water • ½ cup flax seeds or chia seeds, ground • 2 Tbsp coconut flour • ½ cup arrowroot flour • ¼ cup raw cocoa powder or paste • ½ tsp mineral salt • ½ tsp baking soda • ½ tsp baking powder • 1/3 of a cup total sweetener: your choice of any of these - palm sugar (coconut sugar), maple syrup or honey • ½ Tbsp molasses • ½ cup zucchini, shredded • ¼ cup raisins


Add all ingredients except zucchini and raisins and blend in your food processor. Place in a separate bowl and stir in zucchini and raisins. Measure out about 1 heaping Tbsp of each mixture onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake at 325 degrees for about 30 minutes. If you like this information, check out Michale Hartte’s, BASc (Nutr), NNCP new book, “The Fit n Healthy Plan – The nutritional diet & lifestyle plan made easy!” found online at

Summer 2012 l 17

World’s Best Playdough Recipe


here’s nothing better than playdough, in all kinds of funky and fun colors that has a perfect texture. Ever thought of making your own? It’s easy, and it’s super awesome playdough, no doubt about it. Trust us!

Courtesy of Parents and Children Together (

2 cups white flour 2 cups water ½ cup salt 2 TBSP oil 4 tsp Cream of Tartar 4 tsp food color

Moms Helping Moms

*Work From Home*

Are you a mom who is looking for something to do from home? r looking fo Currently n moms e 3 fun, driv team y m to join

For more information please visit my website:

Face Painting All Occasions Zoe Parker 778.478.1011


Directions: Mix salt, flour, and cream of tartar in a heavy medium pot . Add water, oil and food coloring. Cook and stir over medium heat. When the mixture forms a ball in the pot, turn it out and knead on a lightly floured surface.

Storage and Ideas: Store the play-dough in an air-tight container, preferably in the fridge. Serve with cookie cutters, rolling pins, necklaces and rings (for imprinting), cupcake trays, garlic press, etc. Enjoy! Judy Arnall is an international award-winning peaceful parenting speaker, and bestselling author of “Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery” 403-7146766 or Judy is also co-founder of Attachment Parenting Canada 403-667-4557 Summer 2012 l 18

So c

ce r m ps Ca

• Cooki n g


s la se ark quatics & Water P s•A

Come and Celebrate Summer with us !

• Sports &



& Culture Arts •


u ch

mo re

4407 29th Street Vernon, BC 250.549.1221


Register Today! View full program guide online.

250 469-8800



250.863.0176 Summer 2012 l 19

On the Bookshelf Three great books to check out!

But No Elephants By Jerry Smath

Popcorn By Frank Asch

Madeline and the Cats of Rome ByJohn Marciano

Featured Parent Cont’d... pened last week or about our weird dream the night before, or about what we’re going to be when we grow up, etc. It’s common in our house that Lauren (13) is the last to be at the table with half a plate of food because she has the gift of the gab, Taylor’s already done the dishes & checked her facebook 6 times already and all the while Summer is sitting there just like Maggie from the Simpsons- just no soother- taking it all in…smiling…thinking.. planning... I would also advise other new mom’s and dad’s to teach your baby sign language for the basics: hungry, tired, please, thank you, milk etc. I was honestly surprised at how smart Summer was so quickly in life. It makes communicating and parenting so easy really.

Laughter is the best family medicine

We laugh as a family and cry as a family. One of us is always cracking a joke, or doing something silly or funny and we love it, it really is family medicine and it’s free!

Pet peeves

Ha that’s easy - Kids that have bad table manners!! I can’t stand the sound of open mouth chewing and I find it very rude.

How I make time for myself

I have a couple really good friends and family that enjoy exercise as much as me, so a couple nights a week I take an hour and a half away from the home at night (when my husband can look after Summer 2012 | 20

our baby) and I get to enjoy a good girls chat and exercise, feeling so refreshed when I return.

What I want most for my children

Happiness and health of course, but to succeed with whatever endeavors they take on in life, to be healthy additions to society, socially fit in, and easily adapt or change to whatever life throws at them, because believe me life throws a lot of curve balls when you’re least expecting it.

Favorite ways to relax and enjoy self time

My husband and I have a hot tub off our master bedroom sunken into the deck and we love to look at the view, have a drink and relax and catch up together. Hot tubs are magical and healthy in that they keep the family foundation (Mom and Dad) on the same page, we connect in so many ways when we are out there, problems become solved and dreams become reality.

My favorite part about being a mom.

I just love being a mom and feel blessed that we have a healthy, happy baby and another one on the way. When I go into my little girls room to get her out of her crib I am filled with so much love for her and look forward to what new thing comes next! I love feeling loved by all my girls and love to teach them, and maybe being their hero, as my mom was to me!

Resource Directory Directory Resource Attractions & Recreation City of Kelowna - Recreation City of Kelowna, Recreation and Cultural Services offers programs and activities for individuals of all ages and abilities in neighbourhoods throughout Kelowna, including swimming, dance, karate, sports, Mom & Baby programs and more. Davison Orchards 3111 Davison Rd. Open Daily May 1 - October 31st. Davison Orchards is a three generation farm which grows 70 acres of fresh produce, offers Orchard tours, and has many great activates for children including farm animals and the New “Crazy Cow Kids Corral” play area. Fresh baking, specialty foods, country gifts, & so much more! Maple Springs Bible Camp YMCA-YWCA of the Central Okanagan The YMCA-YWCA is a trusted charity committed to building strong kids, strong families, and strong communities. The Y proudly operates the Kelowna Family Y, the H20 Adventure and Fitness Centre, 3 out of school care centres, a childcare and preschool, and the Y Career Contact Centre for Youth. Birthday parties Face to Face Face Painting All occassions! 778.478.1011 Kiki the Eco Elf 250.549.1234 Breastfeeding Clinics / Support La Leche League Kelowna, BC: First Wednesday of the Month, 7pm, 630 Cadder Avenue (The Parent Place) Penticton, BC: Third Tuesday of the Month, 10am, Penticton Health Unit Vernon, BC: First Tuesday of the Month, 10am, Vernon Alliance Church, 2601 - 43rd Avenue Okanagan Breastfeeding Coalition 330 Ellis St., Penticton, BC Rutland Health Centre Breastfeeding Centre 155 Gray Rd , Kelowna, BC 250.980.4822 Child Care - preschools, daycares, nannies Bricks 4 Kidz After school programs, preschool classes,

birthday parties, in-school field trips, day camps South Okanagan: 778.516.1505 Salmon Arm/Vernon 250.558.5437 Building Blocks Educational Childcare Ltd. 778.478.1818 International Nannies and Homecare Make your life easier with a nanny. 250.862.4949 Little Owl Academy 250.764.0122 Infant/Toddler Care, Daycare, Preschool, Out of School Care. Nannysitters Kelowna’s premier nanny and babysitter agency. Specializing in providing thoroughly-screened local childcare professionals. Nannysitters is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Okanagan Montessori We provide a prepared environment where children are guided through activities by trained Montessori teachers. Children learn as they experiment with and actively participate in activities. Carpet cleaners Oxy Dry The better way to clean your carpet. Vernon 250.260.6061 Kelowna 250.860.4595 Penticton 250.493.4093 Childcare Resource & Referral Kelowna Child Care Resource & Referral 1890 Ambrosi Rd, Kelowna, BC 250.763.3536 Penticton Child Care Resource & Referral
 330 Ellis St.,
Penticton, BC 250.492.2926
 Vernon Child Care Resource & Referral
 3300- 37th Avenue,
Vernon, BC 250.542.3121 
 Chiropractic Care Burtch Chiropractic, Dr. Wayne Terai 250.860.4518 229-1634 Harvey Avenue, Kelowna BC Dr. Wayne Terai is a Doctor of Chiropractic practicing in Kelowna for over 15 years, helping Okanagan families be well without the use of drugs and surgery. Dental Care

Toothzone Kids Dental Centre Pediatric Dental Office that specializies in the care of infants, children and teenagers. 778-484-KIDS #225 - 1634 Harvey Ave. Kelowna, BC Okanagan Dental Care for Kids A positive experience for you and your child! 250.763.5101 101-1890 Cooper Rd. Kelowna, BC Cloth Diapering Booty Boutique 1.888.594.5204 We offer eco-friendly diapering solutions for the modern family along with a Try Before you Buy program! Tidy Tushees Diaper Service We help families with all their natural parenting needs including cloth diapering. Whether you choose to let us do the dirty work for you, you need help troubleshooting your system or you are on the hunt for products, we are here to help! Doulas Doula Services Association, BC 604.515.5588 Education Kumon 2 locations in the Okanagan to serve you! Franchise available in Penticton. Employment Become a Tea Consultant Get paid to par-tea! 780.984.8986 Laura Zacharuk Power Move One Work from home, moms helping moms! Finances CST Consultants Denise De Haas Sales Representative Branch 632 250.300.9819 Freedom 55 Financial To find out more about how we can provide permanent insurance and provide for your child’s future, give us a call today at 250.763.1114 Chantal Diaz: ext. 233 Daniel Bussiere: ext. 256

Health & Wellness Epicure Jenn Hobbs, Independent Consultant Call today to learn more about becoming a consultant! Save money and spend less time in the kitchen with Epicure’s amazing products. Maternity Care Westside 853 Anders Road, West Kelowna 778.755.5720 Nature’s Fare Markets Kelowna, West Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton Okanagan Natural Medicine Dr. Shelby Entner and Dr. Chris Spooner offer natural family medicine, allergy testing, herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, laser therapy, hormone health, prolotherapy, iv medicine and vitamin injections. Training for 2 Jump start your new life by getting fit! Today I Ate A Rainbow Today I Ate a RainbowTM is a chart that makes eating a rainbow of healthy fruits and vegetables FUN for kids! This hands-on tool makes it easy for parents to set up healthy eating habits. Lawyers Gordon and Company 102 - 1433 St. Paul Street, Kelowna, BC 250.860.9997 With over 30 years of professional experience, Gordon and Company offer an extensive range of serices including all types of litigation, family law, wills/estate disputes and personal injury. Midwives Midwives Asscoation of BC 604.736.5976 OnLine Parenting Sites Kelowna New Parent Kelowna New Parent is Kelowna’s best resource for all things baby! Check out information on activities, play groups, dining, daycares and much more. True Cuddles Each week we bring you one baby or toddler product, in limited quantity, at up to 75% off retail! Summer 2012

l 21

Resource Directory Parent & Tot Storytimes The Okanagan Regional Library The ORL is your most economical, sustainable and relevant source for information and entertainment in the BC Southern Interior. Visit us at one of our 29 branches or at Photography & Portraits Adrian Kids Photography Kelowna photographers Jon + Jenny bring their fresh and creative style to kids portrait sessions. Visit them online or give them a call to book your kids session. Public Health Services/Nurses Kelowna Health Unit 1340 Ellis Street 250.868.7700

Summerland Health Unit 12815 Atkinson Road 250.404.8050 West Kelowna Health Unit 160 – 2300 Carrington Road 250.980.5150 Vernon Health Unit 1440 – 14th Avenue 250.549.5700 Salmon Arm Health Unit 851-16th Street NE Salmon Arm BC 250-833-4100 Sicamous Health Unit #10 1133 Eaglepass Way Sicamous BC 250-836-4835 Revelstoke Health Unit 1200 Newlands Rd Revelstoke BC 250-814-2244

Penticton Health Unit 740 Carmi Avenue 250.770.3434

Armstrong Health Unit 3800 Patten Drive Armstrong, BC 250-546-4727

Rutland Health Unit 155 Gray Road 250.980.4825

Enderby Health Unit 707 3rd Ave Enderby BC

250-838-2464 Retail Angel Babies Kids Shoppe 375 Main St., Penticton, BC 250.493.8823 Calling mamas-to-be, parents and grandparents! With a great mix of consignment (maternity & kids) and new clothing, products & gear, Angel Babies is a must visit for young families. Chicken Little 4407 - 29th Street, Vernon BC Chicken Little is a great place to shop for your kids, grandkids, family and friends. For shopping 24 hrs/day, visit us online at www. Felt Fantasia Decorate your little one’s nursery with fantastic felt wall art or canvas art. Sleep

parent-teen relationships, work-life balance, suicide awareness and more. BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities 250.763.0899 Big Brothers and Sisters - Okanagan 151 Commercial Dr , Kelowna, BC Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Okanagan provides children and youth ages 7 - 12 (‘Littles’) with volunteer adult mentors (‘Bigs’) who provide a positive influence in their lives. Welcome Wagon 1.866.856.8442 It’s time to call your Welcome Wagon representative. She will bring new congratulations and gifts for the new baby and family. Perhaps it is shallow that what I think of and look forward to most about the changing seasons is a change of fashion, so if you intend to judge me by my cover, well, at least I will try and look nice.

Sleep Sense Give you and your family the gift of a good night’s sleep with the Okanagan’s only licensed & local Sleep SenseTM Consultant. Call Pam at 250.575.6988 or visit www. Support Services Aboriginal Infant Development Program 442 Leon Ave , Kelowna, BC 250.763.4905 ACHIEVE BC Toll Free: 1.800.514.0554 Website: Advice on prenatal care, nutrition and developmental guides. Parenting tips and information on stimulating your child’s mind and body through reading and play. Learn more about the services offered through the Government of British Columbia by calling the toll free number or visiting the website. Association for the Benefit of Children with Disabilities 250.763.4663

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BC 24- HOUR Nurse Line Call: 8-1-1 Website: BC Nurseline gives you 24 hour, 7 day toll-free access to registered nursed specially trained to provide confidential help on the telephone. Available to answer medical enquiries free of charge - carecard required BC Council for Families 204-2590 Granville St , Vancouver, BC 1.800.663.5638 The BC Council for Families works to help create healthy families in a healthy society. Our goal is to empower families. We provide educational resources on topics such as parenting, childhood development,

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