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Fall 2010

BACK TO SCHOOL! Tips for Parents + Students Siblings How do you space them? Three Great Books Not to Miss!

Developing Character in Our Children

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priceless • take one!

Fall 2010


Developing Character in Our Children 5 Easy Steps to Swing Back into Fall Sleep The World’s Best Playdough Recipe Fight Childhood Obesity with Real Food Back to School: Tips for Parents Back to School: Tips for Students My Daughters Are Growing Up Too Fast Space Them Right: How to Solve the Age Difference Dilemma


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FALL 2010

BACK TO SCHOOL! Tips for Parents + Students Siblings How do you space them? Three Great Books Not to Miss!

Developing Character in Our Children



Anniversary Edition!!!

cover photo: Adrian Kids Photography E. P. 250.863.0176

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The Okanagan Regional Library is your most economical, sustainable, and relevant source for information and entertainment. Visit our totally NEW website at to find out about FREE children’s storytimes and other programs in your area, and enter our “Name the Marmot” contest! Fall 2010 l 4

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t’s official: Back to School season has arrived. Loose leaf, sharp pencil crayons, fresh binders and a new classroom. Nothing feels more like the New Year to me than September. January seems arbitrary whereas September marks a shift whether you have kids or not. We all have to drive carefully in school zones again, many tourists exit and schedules become more regular as everyone returns from Summer vacations. I have to admit, I find the arrival of September refreshing. The meaning that we ascribe to the events in our lives truly depends on the contrast effect. If 365 days around the calendar we had spectacular weather, freezies on the beach and decide-as-we-go days, it simply wouldn’t be as much fun. It would risk beoming boring. We’d take it for granted and the novelty that comes each year with the arrival of the sun’s warmth would be lost. The Okanagan is truly blessed to have distinct seasons and one of the great parts about bidding goodbye to Summer is saying hello to the approach of the cooler weather and all the fun that comes with it. We’re particularly stoked about this issue. As you’ll notice on the front cover, it’s our first anniversary issue! That’s right...Okanagan Child Magazine just turned one. And we couldn’t be more excited. Whether you’ve followed us since the beginning or are just joining us now, we are so happy to create this supportive magazine for you. In addition to the editorial content, each issue connects you with all

kinds of family-friendly businesses and services so be sure to take note of the advertisements. We recently re-designed our website so that we can keep you connected with the latest in between print issues. This past Summer on the website we covered everything from infant massage to cake decorating. All of our features are archived so you needn’t worry that you have missed something! Just head on over to OkanaganChild. com and use the menu bar along the top of the screen to navigate to topics of interest to you. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us anytime -- this publication is for you! Also, be sure to keep in can find us on facebook and twitter. Have a happy & healthy Fall!

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by Meaghan Burford


Ask the

We’re developing a brand new column for our magazine and newly designed website. Parents have loads of questions about a wide range of topics including diet, oral care, pregnancy, eye health, general wellbeing, activity ... the list goes on!

We are looking for professionals in the following areas who would be interested in writing brief responses to some reader questions periodically:

• • • • •

Acupuncturist Chinese Medicine Chiropractor Doula / Midwife Family Physician

• • • • •

Fitness Expert Nutritionist Naturopathic Physician Optometrist Pediatric Dentist

If you are interested, please e-mail us at If you know of someone you think would be great for this column, let us know! Fall 2010 l 6


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Do you love giveaways?! If you haven’t seen our new website, go check it out! is regularly updated with helpful, practical content to keep you connected between print issues. You’ll find additional giveaways on the website periodically that aren’t noted here so be sure to check regularly for your chance to win more fabulous products or services. Fall 2010 l


Developing Character in Our Children by Sara Dimerman


e all want to help our kids become caring, courageous, positive and principled people. But in today’s hectic, information-overdosed world there seem to be a thousand influences on them that we are not always happy about. And when they don’t act like the kind of people we hoped they would be, we often feel out of control, out of ideas and worried about how to turn things around. As a parent educator and therapist, I often hear parents wishing that their children would take greater initiative at home and school; be more able to put themselves in others’ shoes; take more responsibility for their actions; value togetherness as a family; consistently treat peers, adults and themselves with respect; be more honest even when the truth is difficult to share; courageously face fears, persist through challenges; be less influenced by negative peer pressure; and be more able to stand up for what they believe in. This can be summed up as demonstrating character. The questions below are offered as food for thought. Your answers will provide you with clues as to whether or not you have embraced opportunities to model each trait for or with your children. You have the power and influence to bring about changes in your children and to help them develop character. I have focussed on ten key character traits, listed in random order.

1. INITIATIVE: • • •

When new neighbours move onto your street or into your building, how do you welcome them? When a chore needs taking care of at home, do you usually offer or wait to be asked? Would you describe yourself as a “leader” or a “follower?”


If one of your peers speaks badly about another person with whom you are friends, do you stand up for your friend or join in on the slanderous conversation? Is it difficult to follow through with your plans if you are being

Fall 2010 l 8

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encouraged to take part in some other activity? Do your values and beliefs change depending on whether your children are around?

3. OPTIMISM: • • •

Do you tend to see the cup half full or half empty? When it’s difficult to see your way through a maze of difficulty, do you focus on getting to the exit or at being stuck where you are? How do you help your children meet your expectations? By focussing on improvement, effort and interest or by looking at what they are doing wrong and then giving them pointers about how they can do things differently?


If you’re stuck on a difficult crossword puzzle or project, do you give up and walk away prematurely? Walk away and come back to finish later or walk away and never return? When your child wants Velcro laces because he or she is having difficulty learning to tie shoelaces, what do you do and say? How soon do you allow your child to let go of an activity because it is too challenging?

5. RESPECT: • • •

How do you talk to your elders even if you are frustrated and feeling impatient? Do you wait for a traffic light to turn green before crossing the street, even if there are no cars around? How do you model self respect?


How does your family work towards dividing chores as a team? Are chores delegated by people in a position of authority or as a result of a more democratic process? If your child repeatedly forgets his or her lunch at home, do you always drop it off at school? Do you follow through with your promises and obligations?

7. EMPATHY: • • •

If your child says that he or she is hungry shortly after dinner is over and you can’t understand why this should be, what do you do and say? If your child says that he or she is hot when you are feeling cold, what do you do or say? When your child is upset and tells you about a nasty incident at school, how do you react, even if you suspect that he or she may have been partly to blame?

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Nelson, BC

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8. FAIRNESS: • • •

Do you feel the need to give each of your children the identical item each time you make a new purchase, even if it is not necessary? Do you typically take care of the chores that you ask of them? E.g., Do you make your bed if that is what you expect of them? Do you try to remain neutral when two of your children are fighting or do you tend to take sides?



• •

When your child is afraid, do you usually tell him or her that there is nothing to be afraid of or do you acknowledge his or her fears as real and then use encouragement as a way of helping your child face what he or she is afraid of? Do your children know that you have fears too? Do you expect boys and girls to react differently to fears?

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10. HONESTY: • • •

What do you say if your child asks if the tooth fairy or Santa Claus is real? Are you ever dishonest about your child’s age to avoid paying a higher price for admittance to an event? Do you encourage your child to say sorry even if you know that he or she probably isn’t?

Sara Dimerman is registered with a College of Psychologists and provides counselling to individuals, couples and families. A parent herself, she is the author of two parenting books, ‘Character Is the Key’ and ‘Am I A Normal Parent?’ Find out more at


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5 Easy Steps to Swing Back into Fall Sleep by Pam Nease


or many of us, the start of the Fall brings back structure into our lives. The lazy, hazy days of summer are gone and we relish the fact that we can get back into the swing of our routines. The start of school brings a renewed focus and for lots of people – it’s very similar to New Year’s. We make a fresh start and create resolutions to eat and sleep better. During the glorious summer months, we celebrate the late setting of the sun, with after dinner bike rides, trips to the beach, backyard barbeques and swimming in the pool. The beautiful Okanagan weather makes it especially hard for us to keep to our regular bedtimes and they tend to get later and later as the weeks go by. This can spell trouble when September rolls around and we need to get our children into school on time feeling refreshed and happy for the day. So what can you do? Here are 5 easy steps.

1) Don’t wait until the night before school to get started.

Ideally, you want to gradually transition your children to an earlier bedtime over a two week period. So, for example, if your child has been going to bed around 9:30 pm every night, you want to move it up 15 minutes every 3 to 4 days so you can be back to an 8 pm bedtime close to or just after when school begins.

2) Make their bedtime between 7 pm and 8 pm during the school year. Try not to stay up late on weekends – it’s simply too hard on young bodies to adjust. Everyone, including adults all function better when we go to bed around the same time every night and wake up around the same time every morning. If you have to wake up your child in the morning then they are simply not getting enough sleep Fall 2010 l 10

photo credit:

and need to go to bed earlier.

3) Invest in black out drapes.

Our sleep is affected by the setting and the rising of the sun. As the sun sets, melatonin is released into our bodies and helps us sleep. When the sun rises, hormones such as cortisol and adreline are released and tells our bodies to wake up for the day. Making your child’s room very dark (use a night light so you both can see) makes a tremendous difference – especially in the beautiful, sunny Okanagan.

4) Get your kids involved!

Make bedtime a fun and enjoyable experience. Create thirty to forty five minute routines that you all enjoy before going to bed. If you have several children, do the routine together so it saves you time and makes it even more special for the family. You can set up sticker charts to help move the routine along and so everyone can know what is going to happen next. If you have dawdlers, then make it extra fun by setting a timer. You can make it into a game and see who can get ready before the timer goes off so that there is lots of time for books and quiet time activities.

5) Move TV watching and playing video games up!

Studies have proven that watching TV or playing video games right before bed has been linked to an increase in the amount of time it takes children to fall asleep. Turn the TV and video games off at least an hour before bedtime. For some more great ideas on how to promote healthy sleep in your family – full of fun activities for parents, teachers and children, check out www.sleepfor Sleep Well! Pam Nease is a Licensed Sleep Sense TM Consultant who lives in Kelowna, BC.

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World’s Best Playdough Recipe

ith the arrival of Fall, inclement weather will usher the return of indoor activities. Get creative with this homemade playdough for hours of fun!


2 cups white flour 2 cups water ½ cup salt 2 TBSP oil 4 tsp cream of tartar 4 tsp food color


Mix salt, flour, and cream of tartar in a heavy medium pot. Add water, oil and food coloring. Cook and stir over medium heat. When the mixture forms a ball in the pot, take it out and knead on a lightly floured surface.

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by Judy Arnall

Remember to let the playdough cool sufficiently before letting your children play with it.


Store the play-dough in an air-tight container, preferably in the fridge.

Ideas for play.

Serve with cookie cutters, rolling pins, necklaces and rings (for imprinting), cupcake trays, a garlic press, etc. A child’s imagination can make almost any kitchen tool the best accessory! Judy Arnall is a professional international award-winning Parenting Speaker, and Trainer, Mom of five children, and author of the best-selling, “Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery” She specializes in “Parenting the Digital Generation” 403-714-6766 or Fall 2010 l 13


Fight Childhood Obesity with Real Food by Dr. Wayne Terai, D.C.


he World Health Organization calls childhood obesity “one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century.” Worldwide, an estimated 42 million children under age five are overweight. The good news is that childhood obesity is both preventable and reversible. As school gets back into gear, here are some suggestions that can keep your child in optimal health and put the brakes on the obesity epidemic.

Processed Foods and Modern Obesity Our bodies are made to retain extra calories as fat – a feature that serves us well if food is scarce. However, the common North American diet includes many high-calorie, low-nutrient manufactured foods that interfere with the body’s innate ability to regulate its weight. These foods are less filling than whole foods, easily leading to over consumption. This may explain why today’s preschooler consumes 182 more calories a day than his or her parents did at the same age (Health Aff 2010; 29:398-404). Processed foods are notoriously high in sugars, particularly processed fructose, usually in the form of “high fructose corn syrup.” This form of fructose is metabolized differently from other sugars: the liver converts it into fat, among other substances. Excessive fructose consumption also increases your child’s risk of developing type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease (Phyl Rev 2010+; 90:2346). In Great Britain, the Children’s Food Campaign inspected 107 baby Fall 2010 l 14

and toddler foods and found that half contained “troublingly” high levels of sugar and saturated fat. A U.S. study showed that breakfast cereals marketed to children tend to be higher in calories and sugar than “adult” cereals, and two-thirds of them would not meet the nutritional guidelines for foods served in schools (J Am Diet Assoc 2008; 108: 702-5).

Make Whole Foods a Family Affair Make healthy, nourishing food a priority for the whole family, not just children. Lead and teach by example. Kids with obese parents are 25 times more likely to develop obesity themselves (Ind J Ped 2010; Epub).

Most of your healthy grocery shopping can be done around the outer edge of the grocery store -- the fruits, vegetables, dairy and meats.

On the other hand, kids who see their parents enjoy fruits and vegetables are likely to do the same (Pub Health Nutr 2009; 12:267-83). The simple act of sharing family dinner at home, combined with limited time in front of the TV and adequate sleep, reduces the rate of obesity by 40% in preschoolers (Peds 2010; Epub).

Make Whole Foods Fun Even the pickiest eater is more receptive to new foods if given a role in choosing and preparing them. Children and adolescents who participate in grocery shopping and meal preparation eat more fruits and vegetables and consume less fat (Obesity 2010; 18:S69-74). Take your child along to the grocery store or farmer’s market to choose a new vegetable to try at dinner or a fruit for the week’s snacks. Tip: Most of your healthy grocery shopping can be done around the outer edge of the grocery store -- the fruits, vegetables, dairy,

and meats. Most of the inner aisles are boxed, canned and other processed foods.


Ages 3+


Also, don’t underestimate the allure of healthy foods presented whimsically, such as cheese cut into fun shapes or a salad arranged in a smiley face. Children are more likely to eat food that is visually appealing (Appetite 2010; Epub).

Kids Need a MINIMUM of


Choose Drinks Carefully


Soft drinks are a common source of excess sugar in many children’s diets. In a recent survey of Australian youths ages 22 to 16, over half of boys and over a third of girls said that they drink soft drinks daily (Asia Pac J Clin Nutr 2009;18: 447-52)! Study after study shows that soft drink consumption is associated with higher body weight. Other sweetened beverages popular with children and adolescents, such as sports drinks and fruit-flavored drinks, are equally responsible for higher-than-average weights (Phsyiol Behav 2010; Epub). Note that while “100% fruit juice” generally contains more nutrients than drinks with added sugar, it is equally high in naturally occurring sugar and lacks the fiber of whole fruit. Limit consumption to no more than six ounces (180 mL) of 100% fruit juice daily for children ages one to six. Offer your child healthy alternatives to sugary drinks: mixing juice with an equal amount of water (or soda water for the fizzy appeal of a soft drink) or plain water with a few drops of either lemon or lime juice. This information is provided by Dr. Wayne Terai, B.Sc., D.C., a family practice chiropractor, Advanced Proficiency Rated in Activator Methods. He has practiced in Kelowna for 15 years, and has practice includes the new Kelowna Laser Therapy Clinic, implementing the BioFlex Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT). LILT is used to effectively treat injuries and chronic and inflammatory conditions.




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Fall 2010 l 15

BACK TO SCHOOL Getting in Gear: A Back to School Survival Guide


espite the warm temperatures and sunny skies, many students are feeling a shadow looming as back-to-school season creeps closer. After weeks of lazy, summer days, late nights, varying routines and minimal mental stimulation, the return to school can seem overwhelming to students of all ages. To help parents and children get ready for the new school year, we offer several tips to ease the transition from the beach to the classroom and jumpstart sluggish summer brains.

Tips for PARENTS!

cally, musically, naturalistically, through group activity or through quiet thinking time. Talk to your child’s teachers about your child’s learning strengths and how best to support them.

Get Back In The Routine.

While the idea of waking up at the crack of dawn to prepare lunches, fighting over appropriate school attire and regulating the amount of television watched might have you frazzled, take solace in the fact that you can play a big part in getting your children motivated and excited to tackle a new school year.

Ease the transition from lazy summer days to the structure of the school year by re-establishing bedtime, mealtime, reading and homework routines. Talk with your child about the importance of structure and how routines help ensure that he is not overtired or overly anxious about schoolwork.

The following are helpful ideas to ease kids of all ages back into learning mode:

Develop A Family Event Calendar.

Help Your Child Discover His/Her Learning Style. Because each child is special, with different learning styles and academic needs, it is important to personalize the learning process. People learn in at least eight different ways, according to the Multiple Intelligences Theory: visually, verbally, physically, mathemati-

Fall 2010 l 16

One of the most helpful tools for getting organized is a family event calendar. To ease the chaos, track school programs, volunteer work and after-school activities. Family time management is essential if you are going to avoid the tumultuous frenzy of disorganization. • Depending on your children’s ages, this calendar can be on construction paper with large squares to write in all necessary

• •

information, or it can be produced on a white board so that it is easy to revise. If it is color-coded by family member, you can clearly see who has an activity scheduled and when the event occurs. Place the calendar near the telephone, so when a friend’s mother calls to invite your child to a birthday party, you will know instantly whether it fits within your family plans.

ing to school. Reinforce positive feelings by talking with your child about learning and achievement. Support his academic interests and encourage him to get involved in extracurricular activities at school. For additional information, visit or call Robynn Robertson at 250.861.1255.


Purchase School Supplies In Advance. Avoid the last-minute rush by purchasing supplies at least one week in advance. Take your child. She can feel excited and in control by choosing her favorite colors and designs.

Be a Cheerleader. Encourage your child to share any concerns he has about return-

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Y Childcare We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities

Kelowna Family Y 375 Hartman Road 250.491.YMCA (9622) H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre 4075 Gordon Drive 250.764.4040 Career Contact Centre for Youth 575 Lawrence Avenue 250.717.2561 Fall 2010 l 17

BACK TO SCHOOL Back to School Survival Guide: Part II


or many students, the first day of school doesn’t only bring new teachers and new friends - it can also be a source of anxiety with homework assignments and tests just around the corner. Starting the school year off on the right foot can help minimize students’ stress levels throughout the year.

Get Cleaning.

A dirty, cluttered room is not conducive to studying. Get organized before homework starts piling up. • Remove seldom-worn clothing. • Pack away belongings not used on a regular basis. • For smaller children, label areas so they can easily see where belongings should go.

Carve Out a Homework Spot.

Whether it is in your bedroom, the basement, or a family office, find an area where you can work distraction-free and claim it as your official workspace. • Pick a place that is always available and where you feel comfortable doing schoolwork. • Stock the area with all of the supplies and tools that are needed

Tips for STUDENTS!

to complete homework.

Get Organized.

Organization is key to ensure you stay on top of the requirements for each subject. • Use separate, labeled notebooks for each class. • Create files for each subject. The folders can hold assignments, essays, handouts and notes taken during classes. • Purchase a planner or calendar to keep track of important dates and deadlines.

Set Educational Goals.

Whether it is striving for an A in a certain subject, handing in all homework on time or preparing for tests well in advance, setting goals can help establish a routine for the new year. •

Set goals that are measurable, specific, reasonable and have

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personal value.

Stay On Schedule.

Minimize last minute cramming or deadline mix-ups by creating a detailed school schedule. • Include all classes, assignments and key dates, such as project deadlines and test dates. Fill in new dates as they arise. • Schedule specific times for studying, projects and extracurricular activities. The more thorough the schedule, the more helpful it will be to you.

Know the School.

If you ever feel swamped with back to school madness, ask for help. Schools assist students with transitioning from one grade to another. Meet with your guidance counselor and/or teachers. If you are still nervous, ask your mom or dad to drop you off at school on the first day of class.

Be Adventurous.

Step out of your comfort zone this school year by trying new things academically and in terms of extracurricular activities. • Try every type of class and/or activity. You never know what your strengths are until you experience as much as you can. • Challenge yourself. If you have the opportunity, take the hardest classes - not the easiest subjects. • Ask questions. There is nothing wrong with not always knowing the answer. Asking questions is the best way to learn!

Think Positive.

Yes, going back to school means homework and early mornings. It also means reconnecting with old friends, meeting new people, resuming fun extracurricular activities, learning more about your favorite subjects and improving on your last year’s performance. For additional information, visit or call Robynn Robertson at 250.861.1255.

MUMMYMEET.CA Community for Okanagan Mums

Join us & make a new friend today!

Word to the Wall vinyl decorations *Customize your child’s bedroom *Words come alive and bring life to your home *Browse online at

Call 250.769.8500 to order *Consultants needed *Home shows; fundraising; direct sales

Fall 2010 l 19

My Daughters Are Growing Up Too Fast -And It Needs to Stop

dit photo cre

om arlaPike.c : www.Sh



few weeks ago, I came to the harsh realization that my daughters are growing up. While on some level I understand that this has to happen eventually, I would prefer that eventually was much further in the future! Several weeks ago, I was watching a hockey game and folding laundry, the latter of which is no small task in our household. You see, I live with my wife and four daughters, –ages 10, 13, 13 and 13, in our Garden of Estrogen (that’s right, we have triplets). So I’ve grown accustomed to the mishmash of my clothes together with those of five females. However, I feel like 80% of the garments should still be adorned with Disney characters. Working my way through the mountain of clean laundry, I came across a pair of eye-catching bikini underwear and a matching string tank top. “Hey honey, when did you get these, and why haven’t I seen you wear them yet?” I asked my wife. Dr “Because they belong to your daughter,” she replied. The only things that dropped faster than my jaw were the garments from my hand. “From now on I will fold linens and towels, anything clearly male, and anything with a team logo. The rest is all yours!” That was only the first sign that I was living in a world that actually permitted little girls to grow into young women. It seems like only last week that my neighbor called me and said, “Let’s coach the kids’ kinder soccer team together.” Nearly seven years and fourteen seasons later, I’m still coaching girls’ soccer, but a few days ago I was talking to our team trainer when a woman tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned to speak to the person I thought was a parent, I suddenly realized it was one of my 13 year old players. When the triplets were toddlers, I used to watch the three of them scurrying around the house and observe, “They look just like little Fall 2010 l 20

by Don Staffin

people, only smaller.” Then when they reached school age, the observation changed to, “They look just like little people.” Now they are starting to look like big people. Sometimes I walk into their room late at night. Where their cribs, and later their toddler beds used to be, three full sized beds take up practically the entire floor. The walls and headboards are adorned with county fair ribbons, pictures of sports teams, race medals, religious items, and various other “treasures.” In the aforementioned beds are sleeping forms that take up way more space than I ever expected from people who once shared an abode the size of a basketball between my wife’s hips and her ribcage. Our second triplet, who appears destined to hit adulthood as the family “shrimp,” is 5 foot 3, our third will soon hit 5-foot-6, and our first is somewhere in the middle. None of them show signs of topping out any time soon. The youngest seems likely to pass them all. And the feet! One of the triplets wears women’s size 8, another wears a 10, and one just bought size 9-1/2 men’s New Balance 620 Cross Trainers. Whatever happened to all those cute little sneakers with the blinking lights? Last week I even discovered the 10 year old wearing a set of heeled clogs that she got from her cousin. I’m not sure I’m ready for this! Fortunately I have found a way to deal with the situation, at least with my own daughters. Close my eyes. It turns out that most of what comes out of their mouths still sounds like girls – asking questions about math homework, objecting to cleaning their room, comparing notes about their teachers with their friends, giggling uncontrollably, etc. They don’t act like women yet, even though I know that day is coming - too soon. If I keep my eyes closed, I can imagine I still have little girls running around my house. Now if I can just stop bumping into things... Since 2004, Don Staffin has been writing a monthly newsletter, which he recently turned into a book called Postcards from the Garden of Estrogen (

Fall 2010 l 21

New Business Spotlight


ernon-based Michelle dreamt of owning her own business her entire life. Yearning for the opportunity to work from home after the birth of her second child led to the decision to launch Inspired Life Designs. As a firm believer that dreams should never be just dreams, Michelle put her creative energies to work and has developed a range of products inspired by her children! Her creations combine style with functional practicality. Are you folding you child’s waistband over to make her pants stay up, or constantly running after your child because they won’t? Meet the Sookie Wrap, a super cute belt made out of 1 inch wide 100% cotton webbing with a grosgrain or jacquard ribbon sewn over top. Velcro is used for the closure to make opening and closing these belts easy for everyone (it even promotes independence in children). With up to three inches of adjustment room this is one item that your kids will not outgrow overnight.

More than just bouncy castles, Par-T-Perfect is your complete children’s PARTY and EVENT Service!

Teddy Bear Stuffing Themed Parties Climbing Wall Picnics & Corporate Events Festivals School Fairs and so much more! We fit So relax, enjoy & let us do the work for you! indoort!s & ou

These children’s belts fit newborns to size 8, but can be custom made for any size. And the product line doesn’t stop there. Michelle also makes toy leashes, and soother straps, as well as a new product called a Nursing Mate. And just in case you’re feeling a tad envious that your waistline isn’t as wee as your child’s, Michelle also makes Solanna Wraps for adults. These belts utilize a double D-ring closure and come in a wide variety of patterns. When you have a moment, go check out the website and complete product line of this Vernon mompreneur! Do you have a new business? Tell us about it and we’ll help spread the word. Drop us an e-mail with the subject “New Business Spotlight” to

NEW BABY? It’s time to call your Welcome Wagon representative. She will bring congratulations and gifts for the family and the NEW BABY!


Penticton 250.487.9990 Kelowna 250.764.PAR-T

Mention this ad & save $50 on a weekday party! Fall 2010 l 22

The Sibling War Zone by Michelle Collie


nce upon a time I had this vision of my children getting along, acting like siblings and our entire household coexisting in a perpetual state of - - dare I say it - - peace and quiet. Then reality set in. Instead of the loving siblings I have envisioned I have these wrestling, arguing little things who seem not to get along more than they do. Instead of the calm mother I once thought I would be, I now play the daily (or hourly) role of referee, forced into the battle between my own offspring. It is amazing what my kids will fight about. When I say they will fight about literally anything, I’m not exaggerating. In fact, often when they are in the depth’s of this hour’s most monumental argument they are, in fact, arguing about the same thing. Yes, that’s right, they have learned the fine art of debating THE SAME SIDE of the issue. Perhaps this skill will come in handy one day!?! It’s not that they don’t love each other. They do, and they show their love daily. Big hugs, kisses and tackles onto the floor are common occurrences in our house. It is just that they don’t always like each other. Or, perhaps it is just that they like to annoy one another. Turns out, they just end up annoying me. Now, surely my brother and I showed each other (and our parents) much more respect? OK, maybe not. You see, everyone tells me about this little thing called sibling rivalry. In our house, I think it should be more aptly named sibling argumentative syndrome. Or, perhaps we should call it, lets-see-how-many-more-things-we-can-argue-about-nextand-annoy-our-mother-syndrome, because obviously they like seeing steam coming out of my ears. Well, at least they agree on something, right? But, as in most stories that start with a ‘once-upon-a-time’ we need to get to the happily ever after part. And for me, I feel like I need to find it quickly. After all, I want those photos of my kids walking along the road hand-in-hand rather than the ones of them slugging the other or the family videos where they can go from happy and laughing to yelling at their brother or sister in just a few quick seconds. You know the funny thing? Sometimes I think my kids actually enjoy arguing with each other. It’s like a cheap thrill or free form of entertainment. After all, it happens mostly when they’re bored. In

photo credit: www.



the end, I’d prefer that my kids have more happy memories together than not and that they will be there for each other when they’re adults. Perhaps I need to find a new level of tolerance toward their rivalries so that annoying me isn’t the goal. Maybe, they’ll learn something out of all of this arguing, such as how to negotiate (without getting emotional, is that too much to ask?). At any rate, I hear there are a few things I can do to help promote a little more peace. If you’re dealing with the joys of a sibling warzone, maybe these tips will help you too. 1. Be Fair – Each child is different and deserves to be treated as an individual and in a way that is appropriate to his or her personality and age. But, we still need to remember to be fair with our love, time and praise. 2. Learn to Let Go – You know that phrase, ‘Pick your Battles’? Well, this works when it comes to arguments between your kids. If nobody is hurt, sometimes we just have to let it go and see how the kids can reach a resolution. 3. Skip the Comparisons – It is so easy to compare our children, and we could be unknowingly pitting them against each other in an epic competition for our attention or our praise. Sure, it is great when kids have a little healthy competition to reach a goal, but it should come from them and not us. 4. Reinforce Family Love – Brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers... the more we reinforce these relationships and encourage bonding and positive behaviors the more pleasant they may be toward the other. At any rate, kids will be kids and siblings will get on each other’s nerves, fight and argue. Complete peace among my children may never be possible but I still look forward to that ‘happily’ part of happily ever after and day by day, as the kids get older and learn to manage their battles a little better I catch glimpses of pure sibling love in their play and interactions with the other. And that makes me happy! Michelle Collie is a wife, mom, freelance writer and child chauffeur who lives in West Kelowna, B.C. Fall 2010 l 23

photo credit: Adrian Kids Photography

Teresa Johannesma-Wood -delighting in daughter Cassia. A bit about us.

I am 40 years old and my husband Derek Wood is 45. We are a Bible believing- Saved by grace, attached parenting, coffee drinking, work from home couple and thrilled parents of Cassia Israel who is almost 14 months old.

Our journey to becoming parents.

We never planned on being parents. We married later in life and although we discussed having children over the seven years of our marriage we had decided that it just wasn’t for us as we were too set in our ways. We made it clear that we were one of those couples that were content having animals (furkids) instead of children. In 2007 we moved to Saskatchewan from BC searching for wide open spaces, affordable housing - and an adventure. We laugh now and say it ‘must be the water’ because in the fall of 2009 we found out we were to be parents. Missing BC and wanting to be closer to family with Cassia we moved back last summer when she was just 6 weeks old. We are and were parents with a capital P from the moment she was born. We are so very thankful that we did not miss this experience and thank God everyday for such a blessing in our lives. We are overwhelmed with joy and take great delight in rediscovering the world through our child’s eyes. Our friends and family are constantly inundated with Cassia’s latest milestone and pictures - oh so many pictures. Fall 2010 l 24

On being older parents.

In Saskatchewan we really felt old for being first time parents because so many have babies in their early 20’s and many of our friends are grandparents in their 40’s & 50’s. Although having a child in our 40’s isn’t as unique these days it does set us a bit apart. Our patience, free spirited and relaxed lifestyle comes from our combined life experiences. We have become a bit wiser with the years, however, we definitely feel our ages when playing with Cassia on the floor and then trying to get up - especially with her in our arms.

On working from home with our own business.

We love working for ourselves and from home - it fits us well although it is not without its challenges. I am trained as an architect and Derek as a landscaper/horticulturalist. Prior to moving to SK, Derek ran our ornamental grass nursery on Vancouver Island while I commuted to an architectural office in Victoria, but wanting to be on our own we decided to combine our training, skills and experience and now offer a architectural, landscape and graphic design services to our clients. Becoming parents has added to the dynamic of our work schedule but also allows for a great deal of flexibility. We work during Cassia’s naps and being natural night owls comes in handy as we do much of our work after she has gone to bed - sometimes into the early morning hours. For meetings or

deadlines, Derek will watch Cassia or if need be we will take her with us. She has accompanied us on a few landscaping project trips which, as she gets older will be a fun way to teach her about plants. Having each other, family and the social interaction with our local community means that I don’t miss the adult interaction that many moms experience when they become full time moms.

Do you want to be the FEATURED PARENT? We love all parents:

How we make it work.

Derek and I are naturally both involved in Cassia’s raising because of our both being home full time. I would say that it is 50/50 which is most likely also a bit different then the norm. Thankfully we are a super team both as business partners and as parents. Derek looks after most of the taking care and cleaning of the house and our animals while I provide the meal preparation, shopping and bill paying. We both tend to Cassia as far as feeding, changing, bathing and playing. If I am up at night with Cassia, Derek will take the morning shift and have her up, changed, dressed and fed and have my coffee waiting for me: value = priceless!

The best parenting advice I ever received.

All my best parenting advice has been from my mom - she is a tough act to follow, I think she did so well with my sister and I. Cassia is her one and only grandchild. While I was pregnant my mom found a La Leche League book from 1963. She went through it making notes in the margins, underlining key phrases and leaving us little letters here and there. It is so dear to me with her handwriting and it is such a great parenting guide. The best advice she ever told me was that kids need/want attention - if they can’t get positive affirmation then they can tend to resort to negative behaviors to get attention.

What we want for Cassia.

Our hopes and dreams for Cassia center on ensuring that she grows up in a loving and stable home, and that she doesn’t grow up too fast. We plan to home school and incorporate a wide range of topics in addition to the curriculum including nature, animals, the arts and Bible study. As avid road travelers the places we will visit in the future will be great learning tools as well.

New parents, seasoned ones, step-parents, single parents, parents of multiples, grandparents.

What it involves:

Share your experience in a conversational style written interview. Receive a photo shoot in Kelowna courtesy of Adrian Kids Photography

How to apply:

Complete the form under the ‘You’ menu on our website at

On deciding to have only one child.

We have decided that Cassia will be our one and only. Although there are many people who don’t agree with this we believe that most of the reasons are based more in myth then reality. We realize there may be issues associated with not having siblings but at the same time I think we all know good and bad examples on either side of the debate.

Our must have baby/toddler product.

The main item that we have been very happy with are our Kushies cloth diapers. Cassia was 6 months old when we made the switch and wonder why they are not the norm. Cloth diapers are a very affordable option and no trouble at all.

Favorite ways to relax and enjoy self time.

We use our computer a lot. We use it for work and entertainment because we don’t have television. Derek uses it for global/current events and I use the internet to connect, relax and learn with social media and visiting other mom blogs covering topics such as home design and making, cooking, crafts, parenting and on and on. I also take A LOT of books out from the library. Derek spends his time out in the garden (which we also do as a family) in addition to taking walks down along the river living in Keremeos.

Bookmarked parenting/home websites & blogs right now.

photo credit: Adrian Kids Photography

There are so many great mom sites on the internet that I check in with as regularly as I can. Here are a I have bookmarked right now:,,,,,, mylife-myloves.,,, and more! Fall 2010 l 25

Space Them RightHow to Solve the Age Difference Dilemma

by Daniela Ginta


hen Anna Powell*’s son, Michael, was three, he wanted more than anything to be a big brother. His sister was born the next year and today, almost 35 years later, Michael’s affection for his baby sister remains strong. Is four years the perfect age difference? It depends.

Wide Spacing

Children three and older seem to be more open to the idea of having a sibling, and they might experience less jealousy since their needs are so much different from the baby’s needs. Also, they are at an age when they want to help Mom, and be protective of the baby at the same time. Children 3 and older are able to take better care of themselves, which makes the parents’ job a lot easier. It pays off to spend the time teaching the older child some basic self-care techniques before the baby comes, such as hand washing, tooth brushing, putting on shoes and clothes. It will not only help Mom and Dad, but it will give them a much needed sense of independence and accomplishment. Yet, even the best big brothers can have bad days. “Every now and then, Michael would get very frustrated because his little sister was too little to play the big kid games with him,” says Powell. “It took him a while to understand she’s not growing up as fast as he wanted her to, but then he was fine with it”. And indeed, older siblings like to take the role of the nurturer, although it is wise not to impose it on them. As for the little ones, things seem to work well since they have both older siblings and parents to interact with.

Diapers, Diapers Everywhere

But that’s not to say that a smaller age difference doesn’t work. Some prefer to have it rough in the beginning and yes, having two children in diapers, dealing with tantrums and colic-related crying Fall 2010 l 26

photo credit:

spells can be rather exhausting. Later on though, as kids get older, things mellow down and siblings get to be great buddies since they are so close in age. “Our second daughter was born 20 months after her older sister. I did not mind having both of them in diapers, and my sleep didn’t suffer much either since I did not get a chance to get used to sleeping through the night yet,” says Lucy Andrews*. Ever since the younger one started crawling around and walking, Andrews points out, they have become great playmates. “On the other hand,” she says, “there is a 10 years age gap between me and my older sister, and we could not have been better buddies.” One of the major drawbacks of having children too close in age is that parents are severely sleep-deprived because it takes a while for the children to synchronize their sleep patterns and until that happens, they will wake each other up. Still, a lot of people opt for having children close together, hoping they will develop a strong relationship. It works for some, and yet many would say that they wished they’d planned for wider spacing between the two. According to a study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, women who conceive within of 6 months of giving birth have a 40 percent increased risk of giving birth prematurely. While some couples cannot or don’t want to wait 12 months to conceive the next baby, it is always safe to make sure that the mother has enough nutrients to support a new pregnancy, since nutritional reserves tend to be low following pregnancy and breastfeeding. Then again, there are lots of families with children who are close in age, yet healthy and born-to-term, which contradicts studies like the one above. Bottom line is, of course, that if there are no financial concerns or health problems to be worried about, it all comes down to having the second baby when both parents are ready.

Parents Matter, Too

Parents’ needs are very important also when it comes to family planning. Most mothers would probably like to shed all the baby weight and maybe start an exercise program before even thinking about a new baby. Joining an aerobic class or a running club not only helps with weight and stress management, but it provides moms with a much needed adult-only environment. Babies bring joy and happiness to a new family, but the relationship between Mom and Dad needs readjustment after the first baby, which makes family planning a welcome and necessary tool. Do not despair if spacing children doesn’t turn out as planned, just look at the bright side: you’ll have challenges along the way no matter what. What matters most is that you welcome your new family member when she decides to come into the world and do your best as a parent. One of the wisest things ever said to parents who worry about their children being too close or too far apart in age, is that sometimes, despite of our intentions, babies have a mind of their own when it comes to family planning. And although most couples have no problem planning their pregnancies, there is still the occasional “slip-up” when the baby just wants to come into the world. Or, on the contrary, there could be years of trying for the second or third baby, even when there are no obvious health problems. All the “perfect planning” anxiety will go away once the baby comes and believe it or not, it will seem like the perfect arrangement all of a sudden. Whenever babies are involved, things have a special way of working out.










Siblings fight and sometimes you, the parent, cannot prevent it. But when one of the children is still a baby, aggression has to be prevented. Jealousy is a very powerful feeling and while parents go out of their way to explain gentleness to the older sibling, the best thing is to prevent aggression. Here’s what you can do: • Don’t leave the children alone in the same room, not even for a moment, at least not until your older child is five or older, or when you are positive you can trust him. • Don’t forget that even the best big brother or sister can simply be curious about the new human being who just joined the family, and curiosity can lead them to unintentionally hurting their new sibling. • Involve them in taking care of the baby and make them feel important. • Spend as much one-on-one uninterrupted time as possible with your older child. • Since needs are different, try to include your older child into most of the activities you do with the baby and the other way around. Don’t feel guilty for not providing the baby with the kind of entertainment your older child experienced: Second and third babies are positively stimulated by participating, from your lap, to activities you do with their older siblings

Fall 2010 l



Three Books Not to Miss Whether you’re reading to your toddler or your youngster is learning to read to you, check out these three great stories, perfect for both little boys and girls.

Duck on A Bike.

by David Shannon $20.99 Duck takes an exciting ride around the barnyard. Features animals and their sounds and vibrant images that will delight little kids.

The Napping House

by Audrey Wood $14.99 Who will join naptime in the bed and what might wake them? Great images, great text.

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

by Richard Scarry $16.95 Classic Richard Scarry that will entertain both you and your child endlessly. Where’s goldbug?

WWW.OKANAGANCHILD.COM Resource Directory Attractions & Recreation Big White & Silver Star See ad on inside cover City of Kelowna - Recreation City of Kelowna, Recreation and Cultural Services offers programs and activities for individuals of all ages and abilities in neighbourhoods throughout Kelowna, including swimming, dance, karate, sports, Mom & Baby programs and more. Davison Orchards Fall 2010 l 28

3111 Davison Rd. Open Daily May 1 - October 31st. Davison Orchards is a three generation farm which grows 70 acres of fresh produce, offers Orchard tours, and has many great activates for children including farm animals and the New “Crazy Cow Kids Corral” play area. Fresh baking, specialty foods, country gifts, & so much more! See ad on page 9. Kelowna Art Gallery Visitors to Kelowna can explore provocative and varied exhibitions of art in the spacious facility located in the heart of Kelowna’s Cultural District. Serving the Central Okanagan Valley with a variety

of exhibitions, the Gallery also offers a wide selection of public programs for all ages. Breastfeeding Clinics / Support La Leche League Kelowna, BC: First Wednesday of the Month, 7pm, 630 Cadder Avenue (The Parent Place) Penticton, BC: Third Tuesday of the Month, 10am, Penticton Health Unit Vernon, BC: First Tuesday of the Month, 10am, Vernon Alliance Church, 2601 43rd Avenue

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Resource Directory Rhea Taylor Photography Children and Family Portrait Photographer. Capture your precious smiles and love with Rhea Taylor Photography. Public Health Services/Nurses Kelowna Health Unit 1340 Ellis Street 250.868.7700 Penticton Health Unit 740 Carmi Avenue 250.770.3434 Rutland Health Unit 155 Gray Road 250.980.4825 Summerland Health Unit 12815 Atkinson Road 250.404.8050 West Kelowna Health Unit 160 – 2300 Carrington Road 250.980.5150 Vernon Health Unit 1440 – 14th Avenue 250.549.5700 Retail Angel Babies Kids Shoppe 375 Main St., Penticton, BC 250.493.8823 Calling mamas-to-be, parents and grandparents! With a great mix of consignment (maternity & kids) and new clothing, products & gear, Angel Babies is a must visit for young families. See ad on page 13. Baby & Me 1969 Harvey Ave., Kelowna, BC (across from London Drugs) 250.717.0556 I like to call it “4000sf of the best stuff for baby and mom.” The owners, Don & Nicole, handpick each and every item for its safety, value, style, and parent-tested practicality. The knowledageble staff is available to help guide parents in the right direction. Free gift wrap and gift registry. See ad opposite inside front cover. Bitsy Bird Bitsy Bird creates beautiful gifts that are sure to impress at any baby shower.Our themed diaper cakes, washcloth cupcakes and tutus make memorable gifts that are charming and practical. See ad on page 7.

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Bo Peep Boutique Bo Peep Boutique stocks fashioable and great quality clothes for children aged 0 -13. They also carry lots of fun toys, books and accessories for moms and babies. Buddies Kids Boutique Children’s boutique offering clothing, shoes and special gifts from 0-10. Buddies has been a unique place to shop for children since 2003. See ad on back cover. Chicken Little 4407 - 29th Street, Vernon BC Chicken Little is a great place to shop for your kids, grandkids, family and friends. For shopping 24 hrs/day, visit us online at See ad on page 5. Felt Fantasia Felt Fantasia provides creative wall designs for children’s rooms. These fun decorations will tell any story on a lucky kid’s wall. Shop online at www. Lalabee Bathworks Organic skincare for Mommy and Baby. Lalabee Mommy covers the three stages of pregnancy all organically! Our organic Bottom Balm is a fantastic cream that really works on diaper rash. Mountain Baby Serving young children and families for over 15 years, we offer outstanding products that encourage families to be fit, to be in nature, and to be together in every season. See ad on page 9. My Lil Package A unique selection of hard to find products for mom, dad and baby. See ad on page 9. Natural Belly and Baby 1331 Ellis St., Kelowna, BC 250.860.0307 . 1.866.763.7214 Offers customers a unique opportunity to select from not only the latest and most highly respected brands for moms and babies, but also introduces many yet unknown locally produced products destined to be appreciated. See ad on page 11.

Our Baby Impressions 250.769.8500 Preserve the actual size, shape and lines of your baby’s tiny hands and feet in a 3-dimensional casting, mounted on a classic antique style frame. Oak frames also available. See ad on page 5.

BC 24- HOUR Nurse Line Call: 8-1-1 Website: BC Nurseline gives you 24 hour, 7 day toll-free access to registered nursed specially trained to provide confidential help on the telephone. Available to answer medical enquiries free of charge - carecard required

Raspberry Kids Raspberry Kids is an online lifestyle store that features fresh, healthy & fun products for the little ones in your life. We cater to savvy expectant parents, moms, dads and gift givers. See ad on page 17.

BC Council for Families 204-2590 Granville St , Vancouver, BC 1.800.663.5638 The BC Council for Families works to help create healthy families in a healthy society. Our goal is to empower families. We provide educational resources on topics such as parenting, childhood development, parent-teen relationships, work-life balance, suicide awareness and more.

Usborne Books - Karen McGrath Guaranteed to be your children’s favorite books! Interactive, award-winning titles including fiction, art, science, puzzle and flap books! Host a home show or become a consultant today! Word to the Wall Decorate your child’s room with vinyl lettering and images. Browse online and call Tasha at 250.769.8500 to order. See ad on page 19. Sleep Sleep Sense Give you and your family the gift of a good night’s sleep with the Okanagan’s only licensed & local Sleep SenseTM Consultant. Call Pam at 250.575.6988 or visit See ad on page 15.

BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities 250.763.0899 Big Brothers and Sisters - Okanagan 151 Commercial Dr , Kelowna, BC Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Okanagan provides children and youth ages 7 - 12 (‘Littles’) with volunteer adult mentors (‘Bigs’) who provide a positive influence in their lives. Welcome Wagon 1.866.856.8442 It’s time to call your Welcome Wagon representative. She will bring new congratulations and gifts for the new baby and family. See ad page 22.

Support Services Aboriginal Infant Development Program 442 Leon Ave , Kelowna, BC 250.763.4905 ACHIEVE BC Toll Free: 1.800.514.0554 Website: Advice on prenatal care, nutrition and developmental guides. Parenting tips and information on stimulating your child’s mind and body through reading and play. Learn more about the services offered through the Government of British Columbia by calling the toll free number or visiting the website.

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Association for the Benefit of Children with Disabilities 250.763.4663

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EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE ABERDEEN HALL CAN MAKE FOR YOUR CHILD. Contact Admissions at 1 250 491 1270 or E-mail for more information

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