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a journal of the arts & aging


SPIRIT, GRACE & GRATITUDE A Journal of the Arts & Aging

Our raison d’être is to provide a showcase and

Edited by Karen Close & Carolyn Cowan

Work in the arts is not only a way of creating performances and products; it is a way of creating our lives by expanding our consciousness, shaping our dispositions, satisfying our quest for meaning, establishing contact with others, and sharing a culture. – Elliot Eisner, emeritus professor of Art and Education at the Stanford University School of Education Our aspiration behind this quarterly online journal, Sage-ing With Creative Spirit, Grace and Gratitude, is to develop, over time, an organic art piece. Our hope is this first edition will resonate with a broad population. We encourage you to not just read us, but also to participate with us. Whether you are an experienced artist, or just beginning to explore your own innate creative impulses, we urge you to join your voice with ours. This first issue of the journal is laid out in broad strokes. Each new issue will expand the content into unforeseen territory in the same way authentic art evolves organically from its seed of inspiration. We are a small grassroots group of volunteers compiling this first issue in September 2011. Our intent is to return quarterly, and to incorporate your responses – both critical input and creative expressions. Let us evolve together as we share and get to know each other better, trusting that the best in each of us will facilitate creative spirit, grace and gratitude for all of us.

number 1, autumn 2011 issn 1920-5848

inside this issue 2. Introduction and Statement of Intent 3. Sage-ing is Seeking 5. The Art of Sharing Karen Close and Sandy McNolty 8. A Band of Creative Revellers 11. The Gods, They Do Conspire Ruth Bieber 13. Breaking Loose Carolyn Cowan 17. Careful Seeking Sandy McNolty 21. Answering the Call to Create Karen Close a publication of the

OKANAGAN INSTITUTE available online at

venue for all ages to express their creativity.