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...if i want to fly, i’ll find a way to fly. You do what You love, and fuck the rest . Dwayne Little Miss Sunshine 2006


> mind of collage& Japanese aesthetic _Taiwanese, 1986 _graphic designer _multi-track sounds player > mind of technique& organization

_industrial design SCID, TAIPEI _headpiece maker >mind of quirky & fancy _footwear& bag designer _dream fighter >mind of positive&energy _kid-accessories fetish _color-pencils illustrator

Olga Niescier “I prefer the absurdity of writing poems to the absurdity of not writing poems.” - Wisława Szymborska

A game of astonishment. Abstract plot of a twisted dream. Daring lightness, scrutinized sensibility. Peculiar subtlety, yet provocative.


Introspective emotional exploration of self, multidimensional, multifaceted. Unfinished, enchanting sketch of images and sounds… Oka, a talent, a joy of personal vision.

Olga Niescier Polimoda

Andrzej Lisowski Oka Lin has assisted us as volonteer during the Biggest International Menswear Show - Pitti Immagine in June 2013.

Her performance was much above any expectations. Oka worked hard constructing the stand and preparing the collection for the show. She was entrepreneurial and self-motivated. Our clients were absolutely besoted with her warm and charming personaity. She was able to write the orders and work with our clients without any previous training. She just knew what to do. Oka has a unique ability of understanding a real responsiblity. She does things that should be done without being told what to do. She is a great talent and a fantastic person. I am writting this recommendation letter with a big pleasure.

Andrzej Lisowski Delikatessen

Gianpaolo D’Amico Oka was one of my best students during the Master in Fashion Styling at Polimoda Institute.

She is always open to the most innovative topics and ready to stress the boundaries of her tech skills. We shared together the joys of Sound and Video Design. She gently told me she used to play the piano, then I suggested her to listen to The Books and Black Dice, because I’m sure she will mix fashion styling knowledge with her sonic attitude to create great projects for the future.

Gianpaolo D’Amico Polimoda




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:guardian of hell

Julia Shevkun photographed by Ruggero Lupo Mengoni makeup by Chiara MuscarĂ june 2013







:harmonized contrast

Prarthana Ravikumar photographed by Andrea Montagnani june 2013






:colonial fetish

Salvatore Zhi-Hao Cui photographed by Ruggero Lupo Mengoni june 2013




“What is the meaning of fetish?” At the beginning of project, I didn’t even know this English word.



While working on the theme “Fetishism”, I found something that really touched my heart - “Colonial Fetishism”. There were bunches of doubts popping up inside of me, during this master course at Firenze, I realize that the fashion field is a fancy world where everyone can enter to work, express and criticize. However what makes one’s work tough here is not the knowledge - but the root from earlier background of oneself. I felt ashamed that when I lived in my mother country - Taiwan, I did care about the politics and local culture, but I’d rather go abroad to explore the western “wonderland”. Therefore the decision was made immediately, though others talked about the fetish of the idea Fetish, though the professors let me go with worried eyes, even though it was a challenge every time I had to explain my concept of “Colonial Fetishism”. During the research, the more I surfed the history of Taiwan, from Holland, Spain, old empire of China, and Japan, the more I didn’t understand why there’s no Taiwanese digging the history toward fashion field.

in s p i re d b y S EE D IQ B AL E

inspired by Taiwanese movie text by Oka Lin jul 2013

the INSPIRATION Within 1895 - 1945, was the period of Japanese rule. Most of Taiwanese people still miss that time, for the reason that, the Japanese government brought us the concept of education, time, hygiene, technology, western modernity, also the aesthetic of Japanese culture. Although there were lots of massacre-slaughter events, we couldn’t deny the positive constructions Japan had devoted to Taiwan.

about how he was struggling between original background and step-mother Japanese spirit. At the beginning of the Wu-She Incident, Ichiro (the left one in Japanese police uniform) would fight against to the leader of his own tribe, rather than quitting his Japanese sword. The protagonist (the one has pointed tribal sword) said “ Are you going to be the spirit under Japanese God or back to our ancient heaven?”

“Seediq Bale” (in Seediq tribe, this means the real human) is a Taiwanese movie directed by directed by Te-Sheng Wei and produced by John Woo, based on WuShe Incident between Japanese government and aboriginals in central Taiwan in 1930. (Wu-She Incident English reference In the later era, to rule the Taiwanese, the colony government had the policy the Kominka Movement by education and annexation plus armed resistance, especially the aboriginal tribes in the mountains. There’s a character - Ichiro - one of the aboriginal Japanese police in the movie shown the result of brainwashed well-educated aboriginal under Japanese culture, there was a fetishism inside of him toward Japan. Below are some screenshot from the later part of movie, to give more clear impression

 He was extremely struggled, because he couldn’t assist Japanese government to fight with the tribe neither to help the tribe to kill Japanese people. In the dorm, Ichiro left his last words in Japanese calligraphy on the wall (usually

 After his wife (the same status like Ichiro Japanese-cutural-well-educated aboriginal) saying goodbye, Ichiro chose to end their lives first (both wife and child) and suicided by tribe’s sword but in samurai’s way - which shows the dignity and guilty of that he couldn’t protect the empire anymore. The interesting thing is he used the tribal sword, which was an essential symbol, in the tribe culture, given since one was born.

The faith he believed here was definitely a fetish, it was too strong to bear. A speechless beautiful tragedy.

aboriginals couldn’t write, besides they don’t have writing system in the language)

before he suicided himself. In this screen shot, he wears police uniform and outside with tribal traditional coat.



:purified error

Julia Shevkun photographed by Marcy Yi-Chin Lin makeup by Chiara MuscarĂ april 2013








Julia Shevkun filmed by Ruggero Lupo Mengoni styling by Chiara Muscarà & Oka Hui-Yun Lin video edited by Chiara Muscarà & Oka Hui-Yun Lin sound designed by Oka Hui-Yun Lin may 2013







:like a designer

Nadia Abdel-Malek photographed by Marcy Yi-Chin Lin & Andrea Montagnani may 2013




Nadia Abdel-Malek photographed by Marcy Yi-Chin Lin garment re-designed by Oka Lin may 2013


Nadia Abdel-Malek photographed by Andrea Montagnani garment re-designed by Oka Lin may 2013



:ruined fashion

Alexandra Marie Grant photographed by Snowy Zhang garments designed by Viola Fang-Hsuan Chou sep 2013






:styling on the way


CUISINE ma g a z i n e e d i ti n g p ra c ti c e

for TANK ‘Bambini’ magazine edited by Oka Lin feb 2013



s ty l i n g fo r Z o o e y p ra c ti c e

for TANK ‘Bambini’ magazine edited by Oka Lin feb 2013

Zooey Deschanel helmet/ Pro-tec protector/ Pro-tec dress/ Oscar de le Ranka fringe bag/ JJ Winters chelsea boots/ Church’s roller skate/




so und smel l

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tas te t ouch




self-portrait: me with me photographed by Matteo Rinaldi feb 2013

self-portrait: me without me photographed by Oka Lin

soundtrack @

feb 2013



Iris Tsagalidou photographed by Enrico Libutti: goldfish/flower & Sagarikaa Pillai: bird sound designed by Oka Hui-Yun Lin jul 2013




self-reflection: the flower photographed by Enrico Libutti headpiece by Oka Hui-Yun Lin

soundtrack @

jul 2013



self-reflection: the bird photographed by Sagarikaa Pillai headpiece by Oka Hui-Yun Lin

soundtrack @

jul 2013



self-reflection: the goldfish photographed by Enrico Libutti garment designed by Yu-Tan Chen sandals designed by Zehra Mustafa headpiece by Oka Hui-Yun Lin

soundtrack @

jul 2013