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Writing Learning Walks East Vincent May, 2014

Introduction • Learning walkthroughs were conducted to assess the level of implementation for

the Calkins Units of Study in Writing in order to inform next steps in professional development.

• Regardless of the “numbers” that follow, there is a collective strength across EV classroom that promotes an authentic and meaning approach to the teaching of writing grades K-6!

• The information that follows should be used for PD in the 2014-15 school year. • The EV staff should be commended for their efforts to learn the new program and to implement such quality writing instruction!

Writing Mini-Lesson Components 100

100 90


86 78





70 60

50 38

40 30 20 10 0 Connection

Teaching Point

Active Engagement


Jan-14 May-14

Writing Expectations, Objectives, & Resources 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0

100 100

100 94

78 57



50 33

15 17 Objective Explicitly Stated

Expectations Students Write Students Use Students Use Graphic Meet Grade for a Real Word Taught Skill in Organizers are Level Purpose Wall/Spelling Notebooks Consistent Expectations Resource Across Grade Level

Jan-14 May-14

Summary of Feedback Strengths • Growth in the teaching of the mini-lesson. • High increase in the linking portion of the mini-lesson. • Lessons are planned around and meet grade level expectations. • Increased consistency of lessons/graphic organizers across grade level.

Summary of Feedback Next Steps • Active engagement should get students started on how they can use the learning right away (using turn and talk, etc.)

• The link needs to be clear to students in having them state what they will try in the workshop “today” through turn and talk (this is not explicit in Calkins, but until students become more used to the Units we should implement each mini-lesson.

• Personal word walls should be part of every notebook and reinforced consistently as a tool.

• Be sure mini-lesson is “brisk” enough to get students applying learning in their notebooks/writing pieces during the workshop.

Writing learning walks may 2014 ev  
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