Ojai Valley Guide Summer 2020

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Photographs: Gavin Schreiner

jai local Gavin Schreiner spent his high school years waking up at four o’clock on weekday mornings and driving to Ventura Point to surf a couple of hours before school started at eight. “That was one of the most special experiences,” Schreiner said. “The water would turn gold in the morning from the sunrises. It definitely stoked me out to become a surfer!” At 20 years old, Schreiner has been surfing for over half his life. He first picked up the hobby over many summers at Ventura Junior Lifeguards beginning at age nine – the same age he got his first board. He fell in love with the sport because it brings a much needed sense of motion to his life. “Every spot is gonna have a different wave,” Schreiner said. “Everyday is gonna have a different wave. Every set that comes in is gonna be a little different from the last set, and that keeps it interesting, always.”

How one Ojai surfer has kept his feet wet during lockdown.

In the summers Schreiner works as an instructor for Ventura Makos Surf Camp. The position combines his primal desire to ride with a passion for passing on his skills to the next generation.

by Dakota Cox

Photograph: by Abbi Bocchini

“It doesn’t even feel like work,” Schreiner said. “I just get to hang out at the beach, surf and get paid for it.”