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It's not easy to write about intimacy and things around it. With every word you add, IÂ think you make it less valuable. But there are some exceptions which you can find in LOVE ISSUE #8. They speak for themselves and are hosted by a grown up magazine that still needs your support to become better and wiser. Constantin Nimigean

OTHER STORIES by Karen Miranda Rivadeneira interview by Jรถrg Colberg



ccording to my research, the act of remembering is an unstable and profoundly unreliable process. The more we recall an event the more we are likely to change it with time. Departing from this thought, I began questioning the role of photography and its relationship to memory, specifically what it intends to preserve. Since 2008, I have been working on Other Stories/Historias Bravas, a project where I revisit events from my youth


that where never recorded. In this project, I re-stage scenarios taken from my memory and with the collaboration of my immediate family I recreate these memories. I chose to recreate memories that helped shaped my interpretation of the world and identity. These memories are either connected to local folklore or connected to my own family’s tradition (and sometimes inventions). Though, Other Stories (Part I) is an examination and re-enactments of personal memories, I draw from my bi-cultural

upbringing to address issues that are universal, particularly in relation to migration, identity/intimacy, globalization/ tradition. The contexts in which these reenactments are staged are not meant to convey a romanticized vision of my experiences; rather they provide a means for reflection and a search for truthfulness. Karen Miranda



BACKSTAGE DIARY by Mircea Albuțiu text by Irina Vasilescu



“Why are you interested in this?“, they asked. And I would tell them “there are so many pictures of dancers during the shows. Everyone is used to them and I am not going to pull them off better than any other photographer. But there is this other side, that even you are not aware of.“



THE LOVERS by Sophie Knittel interview by SVAR


UNE PETITE ROBE DE FĂŠTE* by Delphine Schacher interview by Constantin Nimigean *A little celebration dress





THE SLEEP OF THE BELOVED by Paul Schneggenburger represented by The AnzenbergerGallery 55

What happens to lovers while they are sleeping? Is it a sleeping just next to each other, each on his own, or is there a sharing of certain places or emotions? Is it a nocturnal lovers’ dance, maybe a kind of unaware performed tenderness, or does one turn the back on each other? Is there a conjunction with the other, with one’s self? Each picture of “the sleep of the beloved” is one long-time exposure. The exposing time is 6 hours, from midnight until 6 am. The room with the bed is in my studio apartment, I am at no time of the exposure inside the room myself. I just light the candles, set up the stage. Paul Schneggenburger



INTER ROGA TIONS by Donald Weber interview by Gabriela Pițurlea




by Dorel Frumușanu interview by Constantin Nimigean


WHERE’S MY HAPPY ENDING? After years of looking outwards I have begun to investigate my more immediate personal surroundings. I have become particularly intrigued by the ways in which my wife has begun to infiltrate the everyday environments and experiences that arise before my camera, lending narrative potential to the intimacy of this deeply committed relationship. Perhaps, after seven years of marriage, I am finally able to accept the richness of this partnership and all it has to offer. Saul Robbins



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